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Well, hello, everybody, welcome to November 4th.


Twenty twenty and has officially been the longest fucking. Day in the longest year in the longest month, month of the longest decade, no, four years.


I don't know.


It's been it's been it's been like honestly, like six years. You know, I mean, six years. No, Janet, he probably been six years and in the making.


When did he first really I mean, he started looking at us in like 2012.


So he'd been around for a minute. He's been around anyway.


Hey, everybody, this is busy.


Phillips is doing her best the party election special, which I mean, gosh, you guys, we decided that we didn't want to prerecord the podcast because we wouldn't know the outcome of the election. And we thought, like, well, that'll be silly. We'll all be like nervous and, you know, we won't know what's happening. And so let's just hold off until we possibly know. But they told something. Yeah, until we know something and all we know now, I feel better.


I feel better that we're doing it today than if we did it yesterday. Yeah. I mean, today feels hopeful as opposed to yesterday.


Last night. It's like I don't know man. I don't know. Now I feel like I do know more. More. OK, you know what, here's what I'm going to do. Thanks, guys, for joining us at home. Thank you, Sean and Casey, for joining me. Busy Philipps here. Thank you. On this pod. Let's start at the beginning. All right.


At the beginning. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I just I just feel like I just feel like, guys, we're going to just do a little bit of like a processing.


And I think that that's how we can all do our best in this moment. Absolutely. And and also, let's talk about yesterday and our day and how we voted and what were.


Where we're at and how we're surviving and also where like where we think maybe we collectively need to go or because I know, like a lot of people have just left comments, like I posted this photo this morning, Berdy, that I took yesterday on our drive back from Philadelphia, where where we went yesterday and volunteered at the polls and with World Central Kitchen.


And I and I took a picture, Burty, in the car on the way home. And I just was like. I do have hope, I have hope because I see this kid and like I can't not when I look at her and all the things that she knows and ideas that she has and the future that she sees, you know. Yeah. Yeah. Um. But so many people on my Instagram said. Yes, but yes, but I'm incredibly disheartened by the numbers coming in, and I feel that so fucking deeply.


It's like why I've been very emotional for the last however many hours, national by the time you hear this.


And, you know, and by the time we're even saying this, I think we have to all take a beat. And I think we have to wait for those actual numbers to come in, because I've just been hearing so many things about like this is disappointing. And he Trump increased his his popularity with all types of different groups of people. And like, you know, I'm not a real you know, I'm not Miss Politics, boss bitch or whatever.


I'm just like, you know why you're not the why are you here? I just follow like a regular like a regular, engaged, pretty engaged person.


And what I know is that it is tough to beat an incumbent and it really takes everything everybody's got.


And so that is what everybody I feel like everybody tried to give it everything they had and tried to focus their efforts in the most effective places. And now we just have to count the votes and see how it turned out.


But I think we have to count all those votes even before we allow ourselves to be disappointed in ourselves. We can be disappointed right now. We can be disappointed in everybody that voted for Trump, because that is right.


I thought it. And I mean, like the thing, too, is that, again, I'll say it, we won. We have the numbers. It's the fucked up Electoral College that is built off of black people being three fifths of the person. Biden has won more votes than any president ever.


Right. Right, right.


So America is built this way on purpose. It's built for it to be hard for goodness to win.


And I think that everyone just needs to reconcile that white supremacy and whiteness is the norm. And then I truly believe that Obama was a fluke. Yeah, I think Obama was a fluke. And all the white people are finally reckoning with what I think a lot of black and brown people have been dealing with for a long time, like this is America, and we're barely scraping by, but we're barely scraping by. And they did everything they could for us to lose.


So I think that that is a thing that keeps me from being disheartened because they shut down all the polling places. They literally shut down a lot of the mail. Postal Service. Right, right.


We're still winning even though they're cheating, you know. Right. So that's where.


Well, the other thing is. I mean.


Yeah, I mean, the other thing that I sort of have returned to as well is that I don't know if Obama was a fluke, but I do know that what Trump has been successful at is empowering those who, you know, who deeply feel the white supremacy and the vibe of of that thing, you know what I mean?


Yeah. So those people are motivated to come out for Trump, whereas like before they, I think, thought that they existed outside of the system. And so they're like, why I'm not voting for I don't care. Like, I'm not going to vote for either of these people, you know what I mean?


And I feel like you just see we see the how his appealing to that thing has been successful for him in a certain way.


I do maintain obviously in agreement with you both. I think we have the numbers for good. I also think that this whole thing was by design there.


The Trump supporters are not afraid of this virus. They are not afraid to go to polling places on the day and cast their vote. They aren't afraid. They're not even wearing masks. They're fucking licking their finger after they touch the ballot fucking button.


Moshiri It's interesting that divide between how, you know, more liberal people were, you know, how how the Democratic side of things really encouraged people to vote by mail and to make it very easy.


And Republicans were pushing the whole time in person.


Voting is very crucial. And that's really interesting to me. And that's been part of why it's been interesting the way this is unfolding, because they, you know, and a lot of places, they counted that in-person vote at first. And so it's. Skewed so heavily wrong.


Yeah, yeah, and then now they're going to count these Maylin votes, God willing, and, you know, the courts are the courts are on our side, which is I know a lot to hope for because who's been, you know, putting judges on the bench, you know, for the past four years. So these numbers are going to come in.


And, you know, he already tried to say like these they're doing these vote dumps and they're changing the outcome. And it's like, yeah, that's how it happens. Like, you know, like that's why we count them because.


Right. And that and the and the the fact that the people who've turned out that the Democratic side made such a play for people to drop off their ballots, to vote by mail, to vote early, like in a way, you know, I got on a call last night with my the woman from the Biden team who I had been who I had worked with.


And she was like, is this what we were hoping for?


Not exactly. Was this one of our scenarios? One hundred percent.


Like we had a feeling that there was a version of this that went this way because we know so many people were going to vote early because of the pandemic. Things are just were just different. And but she's like but that being said, like the turnout is is going to be record breaking. Yeah. The suburbs are killing it. Like, fuckin look at my home state of Arizona.


I have never been prouder of those bitches. Did they say yet? I feel this. I mean, I always feel about Florida. Yeah. Yeah.


But hey, you know what, L.A.? I got to tell you something. I feel like we got to let her go. Oh, I you we got to let Florida. Can we. This is as honest as I can truly be about Florida. I have been voting absentee since I left and this is the first time I ever I voted in California because I and this is no discredit to the people on the ground in Florida doing the work right.


It's plenty of people doing the work. The Floridians did the work and they passed them in before. But there is only so much evil you can fight. Right. And they are evil and they cheated. And we're going to Florida is red. Florida is red. As long as Republicans keep doing whatever they want, as long as every former felon in the state of Florida, which is over a million, are not allowed to vote because of the fact that the Santurce created.


So I think that that is a thing, too, that really frustrates me is the idea that the South is a lost cause.


The south is blue, the south is full of black and brown people who vote for Democrats, but the South is run the way it was right in the fucking civil war.


Yeah. Yeah. But on that on that note, I do want to say let's just like let's mention a little bit of good news in California. Measure J passed, which is community investment.


That's part of like the Petraeus klores was helping with that one and alternative's over incarceration. Incarceration. Oh, no doubt that that out incarceration.


But I think today. I know. I know that was a joke also because you understand, I legit drank way too many.


Margarita's ate an entire package of cinnamon gummy bears and passed the fuck out.


Last night, New York elected the first out and gay for a Latino member of Congress, Richie Tora's Latino.


Who's registered Democrat? Whatever, that's great, yeah, we had a lot of wins, a lot of Oklahoma first non binary state lawmaker. That's great. Yeah, we had a lot of really impressive historic wins. And one thing I wanted to say hear about Florida is that and I want to say to all of our friends who are in red states who went out and voted your heart and for what you thought, you know, even though it felt like I'm in a red state, this is probably pointless.


It's not pointless. It's not pointless.


You're contributing to the popular vote. The the bigger the gap ever gets between the popular vote in the Electoral College, the more obvious it becomes that the Electoral College is an outdated and broken system. And so if Joe Biden should win, if the remaining states should go to him and he's he's got it. He's got it in the bag eventually, even though we're all exhausted, you contributing to the popular vote contributes to his mandate as a leader. And so it's not a waste all the hours that you spent waiting in line and all the trouble that you went to to make sure that your ballot was counted even though you lived in a red state, it's not a waste.


And thank you. Yeah.


I mean, Arizona is blue. Yes, officially. Yeah.


So they Wisconsin's blue Wisconsin squeaked in. And if we can get Michigan looks like that. It looks like Michigan is happening. Yeah. We need the thatta. I think we're going to I think we did it. Nevada looks like it's happening.


I mean, you guys, you know, I won't trust this until, you know, I want to try rest until I am surprised.


I thought Georgia and I thought North Carolina was going to be different. The suppression, though, and that's the thing.


That is the thing that really I think is frustrating, too, because the first thing everyone wants to do is be like, oh, let's get rid of Mississippi and let's get rid of Florida and let's get rid of Oklahoma. And it's like or we could get rid of the white supremacy that keeps those people disenfranchised.


And how about. Yes, how about that? Like, how about that's the conversation.


The conversation isn't that people in the South are stupid. It isn't that people in the south are lazy or that we don't need them. That's really untrue and unfair to all those people down here are down there who really want change. Like you, you matter. Nobody is going to get rid of you out of the United States. We're going to keep fighting so that you aren't disenfranchised because we know we know the truth and so do they. So I think so.


Yeah. I just get really frustrated when people get so mad at them and it's like, don't get mad at Florida. They did the right thing at Amendment four.


Get mad at the institution that created this mess.


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All right, so what I was thinking back from what G.A. was just saying is a couple of things. Number one. Yes, like I think dealing with the white supremacy issue in this country is something that we need to tackle.


I also think that dealing with toxic masculinity is something that we have to look at, because I do think like, OK, so on Sunday we were taking we to take the grocery.


It was just so I think was weird day on Sunday and we went to go pick up a rug.


Oh yeah. Range so hard. And I was soaking wet and I was not happy about it.


But anyway, we went to go get a rug and something else like in Brooklyn and so we took the car and we're good. You're going out to get on the West Side Highway or whatever. There was like all these police and what the fuck is happening? This is in Manhattan and.


There was a Magga truck, people fucking bullshit thing of these brose, you know, like in these huge trucks with the flags and they just these white supremacists, good dudes. And then there were sort of counter magga protesters on foot who like basically blocked them.


And then the police were there. And, you know, it was just like it was just like a mass and screaming and like it was just crazy.


And a lot of people, I'm sure, saw the video of the parade of mega trucks around Carmella's bus, you know, in Texas with it and and like just those scenes from all over the country.




And then, like, the thing that sort of comes through with all of the white supremacy fuckin bullshit of these dudes is just their toxic aggression and masculinity and their anger, their deep fucking anger.


I we need to, like, figure out how the fuck we talk to men.


Two things. No. One case. You're going to feel this deeply. If you are a person who has a child who has gone into temper tantrums like wild fucking temper tantrums, you know that the hardest thing to do is hug that child.


In those moments, but that is like truly what they're longing for is for like love and understanding, understanding of what their experiences and.


But it's the hardest fucking thing to even do, because they'll punch you in the face in that moment and then you're just like, well, I was just fucking punched in the face.


Like, I don't want to be punched in the face anymore, but they need to have that understanding now. I. Responded to this guy on my own Instagram, who has been like leaving comments on lots of my pictures, just like a random picture of a cute outfit, and he's like, was that outfit worth having an abortion when you were 15? Jesus. You know, he's been doing it for a long for a while. Yeah. And I haven't I haven't blocked him and I haven't like.


Because I just like I looked at his page and I was just like, what's going on here, you know what I mean? And like and so then I finally look over the weekend, I posted a photo of my nails and the guy's like and I said, oh, it's so it's so amazing to me that my daughters don't.


Know what that share quote means, Mom? I am a rich man. Yeah. You know, like they didn't even get it. They're like, well, what do you mean? And I was like, because people used to tell women that they needed to marry rich.


Birdie's like, why would they have to do that? Yeah. Oh that's right. They live that life.


Yes. Right. Right. Yeah. It doesn't make sense. Doesn't even make sense to you.


And he like commented. Like like something like it's devastating for the baby that you aborted when you're 15 will never get to know what anything means or something like that.


And I just was like, buddy, you have to stop harassing me. I'm sorry that you're upset by my decision. I'm not going to block you because I think that, like, one of the great things about this fucking country is that we're all able to have our, you know, express our opinions and our beliefs. But your belief, if you believe that, like abortion of a fetus is murder, OK, I can't I'm not going to change your belief in this moment, but I believe something different and your belief is based on faith and this country in this country, we're not supposed to oppress people who believe different things than us.


And we're certainly not supposed to take away their rights based on our own religious beliefs. So I just am asking for you to like try to deal with why this makes you so angry, and because I don't think you're going to get what you want from harassing some random celebrity online. Right.


And he continued to just be like rotten and miserable.


And I mean, I don't know whatever, but there was so much anger, so much anger. Yesterday, I was phone banking for nothing. Rowman and I got a guy on the phone and he was like, What?


I don't what is this? And I was like, OK, hi. I'm just I'm a volunteer. I live in your neighborhood. And I'm just like calling you to make sure you voted and to just ask if you have a plan and if I can help in any way. And I'm working with my friend Anthea Raymond, who's running for city council in our neighborhood. And he's like, I don't I don't understand what this like. He was like yelling at me.


And I was like, OK, I'm listen. He's like, why? How do all these people have my fucking number? Like, what the fuck does that?


And I was like, you like screaming, you know, screaming at me and was like, Yeah, dude, my phone's been ringing too. Like, it's it's hard. But, you know, the good news is maybe after tonight it'll be over for a couple of years. Right.


And and he was like, it's just it's like impossible. And I was like, I know, OK, it's fine. You know what I can't do? You know, whatever. You know what? It's it's like I in a lot of times are like, just hang up the phone.


Right. Like someone screaming at you. But for whatever reason, like his like energy was so aggressive, but also like I was just like what I needed, you know, you know me like I needed more.


Yeah. So so I was like, well can I mean, OK, I just you know, I'm trying to just help. And that's and I'm a real person and I really live in this district and like that's all. And he was like, it's just I'm trying to deal with my mother's funeral. My mom died.


So I was like, dude. I cannot do much for you in this moment except to tell you that I'm so sorry about your mom. And I have a button on this computer, and you won't get another call from this campaign, so I'm going to put that on and I hope you just like really are able to take care of yourself and and take a deep breath. And I'm really sorry. And he just was, like, quiet and then was like, OK, thanks.




Hung up the phone. And I just felt like those two things, like kind of. Illustrate this this thing that these fuckin dudes have I haven't read Michael Ian Black book of like they're so angry. Well, I think the thing, too, is if he voted for Trump, I don't care that his mom's dead. That's where I'm at. Fucking. Well, no. And fuck him like that. I don't care about their feelings. I don't want to help them.


Fuck them. Fuck them. That's where I'm at. I don't give a fuck about these people anymore. I'm tired of having to care about them. And if he voted for Nitya Cool and if he voted for Budded, I hope that he feels better. But if he voted for Trump, I don't give a fuck about his dead mom. I don't give a fuck about him. And I hope we put this on repeat for everybody to know I don't care about these people anymore.


And I think that I don't care about them and I don't have to and nobody has to care about them. I don't care about these people.


I that's why I'm bringing up. Yeah, I think you're you're bringing up an interesting point, which is that it is. I hear the exhaustion in your voice, you know, and doing this anymore.


I'm not doing this anymore. And I understand that people people do like people are doing it. And I appreciate their and I appreciate that. But people also need to fully understand that you don't have to give a fuck about them.


They're bad people. I hope you guys fuck him. I hope I don't care about any of these people anymore. That's why I'm mad. And then somebody is going to say that I'm an angry black woman and that I should have empathy and sympathy. But you should remember that empathy and sympathy it's used from your oppressor so they can impress you, they can oppress you, and then you get to feel bad for having actual feelings. But listen, I don't I don't have empathy or sympathy for these fucking dudes.


I just think that we have to, as a society, figure the fuck out how to deal with it because it will not get better.


You will not get better. We had to come for our own people.


That's the thing. Is that like a.. It shouldn't be your job to empathize with, especially like, say, a white guy who is, like, just oozing toxic masculinity.


It shouldn't be anyone's you know, it should be my fucking job to deal with that guy on my fucking Instagram. It's 100 percent true.


But that this is what I'm saying. I think that, like on a societal level, we need good guys to speak up more and to show that they are strong guys.


And, you know, it's like you guys have been you guys have been like dragged online by like a group of whatever, whether it's like, you know, super far left guys or super far right guys.


You guys have all we've all experienced it.


And it's always women jumping to another woman's defense. And it's hardly ever a man who, you know, every once in a while you get a D.M. from somebody being like, oh, I saw what happened, are you OK?


And I'm like, don't do this to him. Get out there. Yeah, get out there and tell this guy to shut the fuck up and to leave your friend alone.


And that's, you know, two women. Yeah. Something happens. I don't want to fucking D.M. from you, especially if you're not going to say anything out loud ever again. The amount of times I've gotten like, oh my gosh, I can't believe that happened. What are we going to do? Don't do that. I don't do that for me.


Here's my question then. Guys like I bring this to.


The red table, I don't know, I gave a red table in my room right now. I love that. Bring ourselves to the red tape where I'm bringing myself to the red table.


What the fuck are we supposed to do about. This thing like the misogyny and the toxic masculinity and the white supremacy that exists, I'm not saying I'm truly Shinjiro, you know, I'm not fucking saying we have to have empathy for you fuckers. I don't have empathy for them. Yeah. I don't think that they get to be abusive and racist and fucking horrid humans.


But what the fuck do I do? I have one hundred percent says before and I believe it. I just believe they need to get the shit kicked out of them. I like I'm tired of us like all this non-violent shit. They come up. If they show up at your house with a fucking gun, everybody should go get one. I'm on board. I'm going to go get one. I'm not fucking kidding. There's an all black gunshop here and I'm going to say where it is.


But I'm going to go because this idea that's also the thing.


It's like these people are violent, they're shot up and they are harassing us and ripping off our masks and chasing us in trucks. And the idea that we're supposed to help the police, it's the police. So like I'm saying, like the next time some crazy white woman pulls your mask off, she deserves to get an open slap to the face. That's why on that, because I don't I honestly don't know what else to do. I don't know what to do.


That's non-violent. I mean, I don't know either. And like I do know that. Especially well, yeah, dude, I mean, I, I moved across country. Yeah, you know what I mean. Because. I want to protect my family and like, I just. I mean, we don't have the answer, and that's OK, too.


I think it starts with I think it starts with good people who believe that they're good, have to stop being polite.


Yeah. People that are actively trying to hurt someone else.


So that means not no more saying like, oh, I'm sorry that you have to sit with your uncle who's against LGBTQ ay a plus causes at Thanksgiving dinner.


He's from a different generation. Doesn't matter.


That means when you hear your coocoo neighbor yelling at someone who's black in the street because they think they don't belong in that neighborhood, it doesn't mean that you be quiet to keep the peace in the neighborhood. It means that you stand with that person who's being attacked and you say, and here's the scary thing. Like we all want to protect ourselves and protect our families. But sometimes you have to. Sometimes you can't. Sometimes you can't. You got to risk it.


You know what I mean? Like, that's the hardest thing. Like as a white mom of white boys, like in our house, we you know, I always was like, listen, don't let your friends walk anywhere alone tonight, you know what I mean?


And like, there's always a list of rules for my kids where I'm basically like and my friends are telling me, like, are you fucking crazy?


You're telling your kid to, like, step into harm's way, you know what I mean? Like, that's the advice that you're giving them. Like, when shit goes down, don't bug out, stay there. And, you know, at the very least, witness it so that there's a witness. And it's it is scary like.


But can you imagine how anyone else who doesn't have a white boy kid feels? Can you imagine how scary it is for them? I mean, I know that, like, it's very common and I think it's been coming up often in this year, like the talk that black parents give their kids. And I think that a lot of people don't know it. But like I mean, like my mother and my father when I was like eight, nine, ten years old, made it very clear that I was to act a certain way around certain white people to stay safe.


That like when cops are around, don't move, don't look quote unquote suspicious like everything you're doing. It's not like you don't get to go have fun. You get to go outside and like, remember all the survival things that your parents told you when you go to the movies. Oh, OK, cool. There's a big group of people in the front of that movie theater. Maybe you should go into another door because when there's a group of black and brown kids, cops like to bother them.


So if you see that, make sure you go somewhere else. If you are in a neighborhood and you're walking by yourself, make sure that especially since I'm a girl and I do often look masculine presenting take your hood off and try to make sure that, like, people know that you're a girl less likely for something to happen to you. Like there are all these things that I was like told to be safe, you know.


So like the idea that, too, is like like so many people don't know that, like, oh, we're already in danger all the time.


And I'm just asking you to like to be chill. Right. Right.


That's a thing to but cases but to cases point.


Yeah. The conversation that black parents have to have with their children should be had by it. White parents, yes, we don't like what she did with her kids and like what we've done with ours, which is like you fucking stand up for what you believe in, even if it makes you unpopular, even if you lose friends over it. Which party has experience now? And like, I don't give a fuck because fuck that, but whatever, you know what I mean?


Like, she felt pain because of her, like taking a fuckin stand for what's right. And I'm proud of her, like so fucking proud of her.


And and it's not always easy to, like, get that message through to your privileged white kids.


Just FYI, I'm saying this for the audience, not for U.S.A. Why you so just so you know, just but for people listening so you have to, like, keep repeating it. It is not a conversation. You're a.. I am going to take a fucking leap of faith here, but I'm going to guess that your parents did not tell you one time how you needed to protect yourself.


I know that the older it was an ongoing conversation that the older I got, the more things I was made aware of sometimes, unfortunately, because I had to ask them, but then they would give me precast. Right. So like so so.


So my white friends at home with your who were parents and who are listening to this, let's just like let's just understand.


How about that, that like this is a conversation you keep having with your kids about how how they help to protect others, how they have to start to use their white privilege in order to make sure that all of their friends are safe. It's not enough. This is what Bertie said. It's not. And this is the whole fucking idea. It's not enough to just be against something you have to be actively anti, right? Yes, we talk about when we talk about how.


People are just like, what, I'm not I'm not racist, I'm not racist, I'm not racist, that's fine. I'm grateful that you're not racist, lady.


You need to be anti you need to be actively. Doing things and living your life in such a way that you are like protecting, helping and not protecting him like a you know what I'm saying?


But like. Yeah, like you would protect anyone, you would protect anyone you have fucking willing to stand up. You have to stand up and look.


And you're right, it's fucking scary because, like, look at the you know, look at like there are there are, historically speaking, in the last four years, cases of people like standing up and getting fucking killed, like, you know, like in the Midwest and in Seattle, like those, you know, like it has happened. But you have to just know. I don't fucking know, the majority of people standing up are not getting killed, so, you know, so that's what we have to remember, is that in that the more people that stand up, that is how you get over.


That's how you overpower.


And the more that you show your bravery, it's like confirmation bias, the more that you step out of line and say, no, not in front of me, somebody is going to step up behind you and be with her.


That's why you're so smart and I love you. We have to take a break. All right. Let's do an ad.


Listen, guys, making sense of the passage of time this year has been. Almost impossible. I'm not going to lie, doesn't exist. Time doesn't exist in.


I cannot I literally can't believe when I do that thing. Oh, my God.


When I look at the pictures from last year, this is like this day last year, I'm like, I'm so sorry.


That was three weeks ago.


That was not a year ago. Like, I feel like I haven't done a podcast in six months. And it was just the other day. It was less than seven days ago. What? Oh, my God, seriously, it was less than seven days ago yet understand time.


I don't understand it. This is what we're saying.


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Ray tested his his ovaries.


And you guys, Ray has been just everything that's come to the house. I feel like he because I asked him, I was like instead of just like shipping everything to New York, like open the packages, take pictures of it. I mean, is that too much? Maybe. I don't know. He's he's staying at my house. Take pictures of it and then I'll decide if, you know, if I want you to send it to me.


Here's what I think might be happening.


He was like, I'm interested in my and my hormones on my hormonal health. Yeah. Well, you know, he's living his best life. He really and he also got my glasses on.


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Best modern fertility dotcom slash best. Listen, Guiles, it's time to talk about boobs again.


We love our boobs and we love one and Gobbi one ours is that it's not your best jingle at the back of the bus.


But still, I appreciate the spirit in which you delivered real solutions for real women. Warners and Old by Warners have been supporting women for over one hundred and forty years. They really know their stuff. Scroll back on my Instagram and see my Q ad that I did for them. I was in my bra. I never felt better. I loved it. I had no problems that day.


You just working it into like into your dialogue. Now I'm trying to make problems happen.


OK, don't mean girls make you see it's happening.


I believe in it. Casey, maybe you need to say goodbye to your problems.


I said Venet water problems.


You know what I mean? We're talking underarmed bulge cups, spillage.


But Warners and old guy by Warners has the solutions for the issues that are voiced by real women.


And Warners is led and designed and run by women.


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You don't start. That's all you want.


You don't start a company and eighteen, eighty one and you stick around to the hellish year of twenty twenty by making something that's not great. You know what I mean. Yeah, they're great, they're great.


And I love them and I loved working for them and my bra is full of them and I've really been able to kiss those problems goodbye. And I'm going to keep same problems until up until it happens.


Until it enters the lexicon. Yeah.


So you guys, if you want, visit Warners dot com and you can find real comfort today. You also probably a store that you frequent a lot. Maybe you buy a lot of other stuff there, they probably have orders. I'm just going to say it's not going to name the stores, go to Warner's dotcom.


But there is a lot of there are a lot of stores.


A lot of us are out a lot. Is that a good is that a good way to say I don't want to make it mysterious, but I don't think we're allowed to save like big like a little mystery?


I always do, especially when I'm talking about because you know what I mean? No. Busy, no. Anyway, I do love my Warner's support and comfort.


We can have it all. It's real life. Real come for Warner's brothers. I'm not just the spokesperson. I also wear them.


Um, I'm not no, wait, sorry, I can't hear what I was just going to say, like something nice.


I want to say something nice to you. I want you to say something nice first. OK, go. OK, this is like kind of weird, but I got an ear infection.


I went like swimming and there I saw that on and I heard either very small baby ears to my ears are so small. Any time I go to a doctor I'm told to things. I have perfect blood pressure, perfect blood pressure in very small ears.


Yeah, me too. I have I also have small ears. I can't wear ear buds. I have perfect blood pressure as told by the media nurse. And what is it?


I'm one 15 over like I don't need 70. I don't even remember what it is. But yesterday, because it's like I was like, I don't know. They're like when I went and got a endoscopy, that's when you get scope.


Yeah. When I.


I couldn't do it. Oh yeah. Yeah. And I cried when I, when I was getting it done, when I was falling asleep. The nurses go, her ears are so small and I was like oh my gosh. And then when I woke up they were like you have perfect blood pressure. And I was like do for two baby. So yesterday this is the thing that sounds weird, but I have an infection. I've had them. I always growing up with my usual small, but I woke up and I was like, I have an ear infection.


I'm going to go to the mini clinic and like really advocate for myself and like, tell them what I know, what is wrong with my body and get what I need and then fucking go home. And that's what I did. And I was really proud of myself because it's really hard, because I know like a lot of women, when they go to the doctor, when they go to anything, they're always like it could be this, it could be that obviously it could be.


But like I knew what was wrong with me. Yeah. I went in and I told them what was wrong with me and it was confirmed.


And then I got what I needed. And even though my ear hurts, I feel really proud of myself for advocating for my body. Good for you.


I feel like I love that because I'm so doctors and I will, like, avoid going to a doctor for, like, the dumbest thing. I just think that I'm like, you know, I convinced myself that I had, like, you know, some deadly ear infection. So I'm so proud of you for getting that done.


And I I'm to feeling a little better.


I also feel like, Shinjiro, you're on a real journey of owning your body and your health this year.


And so if that was your decision early in the beginning of the year. Yeah.


So this year might be like garbage in so many ways. But I also want to just echo I am proud of you for seeing that goal through.


And I feel like you've really taken control.


And let's get rid of this. Your infection. Your infection.


I got some amoxicillin, baby. Let's go. I have some business.


What do you want me to tell what I did my best. And then you go or which way do you want to go? Either way, why don't you go? Because I talked a lot less section.


OK, so I actually did something yesterday that helped me get through the worst part of the election and I was kind of proud of it and it was kind of fun and silly. And just all of a sudden I have all this stuff on my plate. I have way too much stuff to do. I went from having, like, zero things to do to just having, like, committing to way too much stuff. That's fine.


But like, do you remember when, like, the Girl Scouts of America did, like a celebratory tweet about Amy CONI Barritt being crowned.


Everyone was like, that's bullshit.


The Girl Scouts of America, she's going to oppress women.


But anyway, I did a joke tweet saying, like, what if I started a club called the Women Scouts? And people were like, I would so join that club. I would totally do that.


And people were so enthusiastic about it. I was like, OK, here's a Women Scouts email. If you want to join a club, like, let's test this out, let's flip this balloon.


So like one hundred and fifty people emailed me saying including like a couple of men who are like, could I be in the women scouts? And I was like, oh, women scouts isn't just women. So anyway, however you identify a baby come out right now. Yeah.


If you want to be in the women scouts. Yes. Join up.


So anyway, and it's probably like totally illegal to call them the women scouts will see if I get sued.


But anyway, yesterday I did that embarrassing thing where I emailed everybody without booking them and they are like a an exploding tech reply I'll chain, which was kind of a disaster.


But then someone nicely suggested, hey, why don't we do a slack channel? And I was like, I'm not really experienced in setting up a slack channel, but I did it. It took like five minutes and then all like 150 members just were on that slack channel chatting all night, reassuring each other that's telling each other is going to be OK, distracting each other. It was really cool and it was really nice. And I just am so grateful to everybody who was like, yeah, this is what I'm doing tonight.


Can I join the women's golf? Of course. We're holding you in the women scouts. Yes. Well, are we?


Is there a leader, is it. Are you the leader? I mean, I guess by default, the leader because I started it. But so many people have emerged as leaders, so. Yeah. Oh, that's cute.


I like that people have emerged as leaders. I'm in it for the badges.


Yes. We're going to we're working on badges. And I feel like we could do like an Instagram. Like last night we were joking that our badge was getting through.


November 3rd is the badge that we earned.


But I think like maybe we could do like little Instagram badges that people could post on their stories and then that.


Would you like to be also level let's just be like, hey, I got to to a..


Oh, yeah, I'm going to.


OK, we're in. We're in. OK, OK.


So can I talk about my can I tell you my my good story about yesterday to Election Day. Yeah.


This also is going to tie in several things that have been touched on already today, so.


I was like, what the fuck are you doing for Election Day? We had no point. We didn't know what to do, you know? And I was like, I would like to volunteer somewhere.


And, you know, because I have physically volunteered with World Central Kitchen several times at the border in Tijuana for the asylum seekers who are there living in shelters.


World Central Kitchen has set up, you know, a bunch of like along the border, a bunch of different outpoll bills.


Prizewinning, right. Did he win the Nobel Prize? That I was Andrius was Andrius. Yeah. Yeah.


He's incredible for feeding the whole fucking world. It's amazing. Yeah, he's incredible. The organization is incredible. One of the things I love the best about it. Oh, no.


Am I going to cry is. That his entire idea is that, like you feed people, that's also why the pandemic has been so hard, right? Like, you know, share meals with people, you share food with people, and it's from a place of love and it's like delicious and fills you up or makes you feel a fucking way. Right.


And then when people are like literally going through the hardest moments in their lives, when people are homeless or on housed or when people are displaced from natural disasters, FEMA shows up and gives them like a block of cheese and a Ziploc bag and.


Jose Andres was like, no, let's give people comfort with this, like let's give people dignity with this food, let's give them something. So, for instance, this is how much thought is put into it, just so I can kind of explain, it's kind of amazing.


For instance, in Tijuana at the border, they are doing their best to serve a bunch of different shelters around Tijuana that are housing the asylum seekers who are trying to get here.


And they are sort of like split into different groups in the shelters, like depending on what country of origin they are from. Right.


Like there are or Haitian immigrants that are being held in Mexico and Guatemalan and, you know, people from Honduras and like all of these different places. Right.


And they all they sort of go to different areas. And so when World Central Kitchen prepares the meals, they're like, oh, well, today we're serving like these three shelters and this is the Guatemalan. So we want to make sure that it's not too spicy. Guatemalan people typically don't like their rice and beans with you.


They like it with salt and not too much extra spice like they do. Or if it's Haitian, they're like, we're going to we've taken this recipe from this person who you know what I mean?


They like you because they're nothing worse when you're hungry and you just get something that is like your what is, you know, just not it's not for you.


You're like, I don't like the way this tastes so thoughtful. That's like another layer of like just beyond thoughtfulness.


Right. So that's like I just want to explain that because I think a lot of people have seen the World Central Kitchen online. Maybe you've donated maybe you've just seen in some of the work that they've been doing during covid, during, you know, the fires, during hurricanes, you know, they show up to areas.


They're really thoughtful. The chefs that travel with the teams and set up are incredibly thoughtful about the people that they're going to feed. And they really want to make it like a nice experience, a nice meal. So they started this Chefs for the Pools thing, which was for early voting polls and and day of the election at polls. They picked poll polling places in certain areas that, historically speaking, have had long lines. People have had to wait.


And their idea was like, we'll bring we'll hire local chefs.


That's who most of the local shops and restaurants in our country have really suffered in the last six months. Yes. So World Central Kitchen using their monetary donations that they receive, pay them these restaurants to prepare a little like catered delicious meals.


That's amazing.


And and then they have volunteers like my little group, which is me and Mark, Sarah Birrell's and her boyfriend, Joe Tippet.


And then Jay, who was with something I can't remember what organization she was with, but World Central Kitchen, like, had her hooked her up with with us.


And then and then we went to the Hank Gathers Youth Center in Philadelphia.


So I, I missed the part.


I'm telling my story. Sorry, I'm a little scattered today, but. But anyway, so when I was thinking about, like what I wanted to do and I wanted to volunteer and I was like, I mean, New York is kind of fine. And I looked at World Central Kitchen online and they had all of their sign ups for volunteers. And it was like all full in New York. Yeah, too. And so I texted Chef Tim Kilcoyne from World Central Kitchen and I was like, Hey, dude, do you oh, Mark was like, you know, Philadelphia's only like an hour and a half away.


I was like, What?


I do not understand the East Coast, everything's driving distance. Everything's one train away, you guys. I'm from Arizona. It took it takes you six hours to get any into any other state, at least six hours from one time.


Scotsdale I one time accidentally drove into Delaware for Chase Bank and I was like, oh, this is where it is. And it was like, welcome to Delaware. And I went on the bank and did a U-turn. So like it goes, wow, I straight up just ran into Delaware one thing. Yeah. So yeah, I've been like I'm in New Jersey. What by the way, we went I started in Manhattan. In New York. We went through New Jersey.


We ended up in Pennsylvania all in like an hour, 15 minutes while.


And if you're up, it's like you're right. And I was like, oh, we, we could go to Pennsylvania. It's like, oh, OK. So I so I texted Kim and Kim, Tim. And I was like, Tim, what about Philly?


We could go and he's like, yes, we need people in Philly. Great. And I asked Sarah and her boyfriend if they wanted to join us. They're like, yes. And I was like because we didn't know what the tenor of yesterday was going to be or the city. And like everybody's boarding up like their businesses around here. I was just like, oh, boy, oh, boy.


So we decided to take Sarabeth, Tomberlin and our girls with us to protect you, to protect us.


We like that. I didn't I just I was like, I don't think we should be an hour and fifteen minutes away from our kids. Yeah.


You know, but but also, I understand their threshold for volunteering.


And Sarabeth was like, it's very cool because, you know, Schmeer, my friend who's a singer and has the new album out. That's incredible. Have you guys listen to Shania Yoshimura?


I haven't I don't know them, but still to me and everybody just here. OK, well, first of all, you're going to fucking love schmeer anyway. Schmeer lives there and wants to hang and we go to the park and have a picnic. I'm like, perfect. So we get there.


We get the food from Chef Sophia from a restaurant called El Mercury in Philly. She provided so many meals yesterday to all these different polling places. And we were set up at the Hank Gathers Youth Center and. There were more volunteers than there were people waiting in line. Well, listen, here's what I must say, though. Oh, but also the night before we left, Mark was like, is it safe to go to Philly? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


Like, you know, they've had all this stuff and did it at a time. Like the student it I don't know, whatever.


Yeah. And I was like, dude. This is the point, like, it doesn't matter. It doesn't fucking matter, like we're showing up, like we're going it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if it's safe. He's like, but people like Paul Intimidators, I was like, yeah, and guess what? We'll be there like. So this is why we have to do this in this moment.


This is why this is so important to me. Right.


I'm glad you brought the kids. One of the things when I was living in Chicago, we were like shut down Michigan Avenue after Laquan McDonald was shot. And I'll never forget, we were like standing in front of a Gucci store because we were like, nobody shopping today. Like, you need to, like, recognize what's happening in your city. In this woman walked by with her son and the little boy goes, what's going on here? And that woman said, nothing, don't worry about it.


Let's go.


Oh, my God, my God.


And I think that one of the things that's really important is that, like, when you decide to go somewhere, you can bring your kids, bring them. Yeah. Let them know what's happening. Yeah. Let them see what this country is doing and what they are capable of doing starting now. So, like, I really I hope that that encourages people because that really encourages me.


I mean, listen, I wasn't going to ask them to sit there for three and a half hours and hand out just showing.


But just but they were like doing. Yeah, they came and they saw they they came and they saw and then they went on a picnic with Auntie Shamir.


Yeah. That's what I like.


But them just knowing or even just knowing where you were going and coming with you, I think so many people think that kids know a lot and understand a lot. But if you don't tell them there's some little asshole in their class, who is going to tell them Santa Claus, right? No. Let's talk about civil rights. Some kid is going to go in there in class and be like, you don't know about the Electoral College or telling them something wrong.


So I think it's like the same way you were mad at somebody for telling your kid about the tooth fairy. But the game is the ante has been upped in 2020.


It's night is for sure. That's for sure. They're talking politics, baby. So take your kid. They are. And they should. And they and they should know those things. So anyway, so here we are where they are at the polling place.


And we saw we made friends with some of the other volunteers that were standing around.


There were there were some lawyers that were there that were poll watching, making sure that no one was sort of, you know, being turned away or whatever.


Right? Yeah.


The poll workers were lovely women from the lake who lived in the neighborhood, who had been working at that poll for years. They were very sweet, anti older ladies. Yeah.


They were very cute and would come out and talk to us for a bit, make friends with this guy kind of who was there just like voter support, like if you need anything.


What was I can't remember what organization Kevin was with. And then there were like a bunch of, you know, I call everyone kids. They're not kids. They were like younger black men who were all wearing shirts that say, like black voters matter. And they were sort of like holding signs up, like you would like to let people know this was the polling place, you know, and they're like playing music and and like, they were cool.


And I am like a dorky white mom, you know what I mean?


I like and I get it, like I get it. And I'm fucking weird, you guys, you know, I'm like I'm like, well, like whatever. And so I was like, I want them like I want to talk to those kids. Like I'm standing over there like why can't we be friends, you know, because I like just feeling like so I had we had offered I had offered them some of the like tacos to Quito's and stuff before and a couple of the kids were like, no thanks.


It's like we got food. We're good, we're good, thank you.


I was like, oh OK, fine.


So then everybody's like taking shifts throughout the day, you know, so like some of the kids left and then another group of kids showed up and the kids, again, I'm talking about kids that are like on an early twenties, young call everybody kid to everybody. Not like these kids. Right.


But I don't want it because I'm like but because I am a white woman, I don't want it to seem I don't want it to seem like I'm being I mean, the word kid boy are very different.


I'm all right. OK, yeah, that's true. So I want to you don't you don't want to minimize anyone. Yes. Yes, that's right. That's right. They are young men. They are young men. Yeah. But I think too there is that thing where like I used to teach like improv. All right.


Me and like they'd be like people who are like fifty in my class and I'd be like my kids. So yes, the same way I like I don't know, like yes, I whatever anyway. How to feed someone, you're like, that's my baby. Exactly, exactly, jinta everyone santeros baby, if you're not, look out.


Yeah. So give you snacks. So anyway, so so in the new some of the new kids who they like went inside to the rec center to, I don't know, whatever. And as I was like, this is my chance when they come out I'm going to like make them engage with me.


Such a fucking weird mom. I Mark's already so embarrassed. He's like on the corner like your mom thirst is. So it is palpable.


I don't think I just was like I had already chatted with everybody else, like I knew everyone else's stories I wanted in.


You're not a regular mom.


You're a cool mom. I know I did have a moment where I was like in my head.


I was like, they probably think I'm like a teenager, too, right?


And then I was like, oh, my gosh, you definitely have cool mom attitude there.


Anyway, listen, so so the three kids come out and I was like, hey, guys, are you sure you don't want to go like, whatever, like just like try and they're like, no, no, we're good.


Thank you though. Thank you. I swear we're good.


OK, ok. Well just let me know if it's so good. Oh and and I like this to the guy is like kind of looked at each other and like this one kid got stuck with me.


Right. And I'm like his friends totally fucking left him like you know, like how when you're just like well buddy you're the one that's standing closest you are.


So that's good luck to you. We go out. I'm always the one who's like, I'll talk to the host. Right. Right. Like but it was just so fucking funny. Like they just all were like, all right, well it's on you, dude, like you doing one for the team.


So they walk away and I'm like trying to get the kids to love me because that's like what I just want everyone to do.


And I'm just like chatting with him about shit. Like what I don't even I don't even fucking know. And then and he was kind of looking at me, I could tell, even though we're both wearing masks, like, what the fuck, who is this person?


Weird lady, OK?


And then he was like, I don't know, man. I mean, I just think this is like the wildest simulation.


And I was like, oh, shut up. What did you just say? I was like, Mark like did what I was like. He just said I was like, dude, that's my thing.


That is my thing. And then he started laughing like you couldn't even help himself. He's like, you're fucking crazy.


I know. So then I was like, So who's your player in the simulation?


Are you leveling up? And he's like, what do you mean? And I was like, well, like, shit.


Are you frozen or are you just being.


I'm just you're just OK, you guys. Shinjiro was just so still right now. I was like, oh no, she froze.


No, I'm just I'm like, you guys, I have small ears. I have to focus.


OK, so anyway, so then I'm like, well, because in my version of Sims theory, like, we all have different players and depending on like how good your player is, you can level up like for instance, like I'm essentially like one step away from white trash right in. And I'm from Arizona. I'm like, you know, what's her name from a good place.


I was like, but I'm doing pretty well. I think I have a good player who, like, leveled me up. Right. And he's like, oh, I get it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I think I'm leveling up. I definitely think I'm level or not. I was like, that's amazing. I was like, so what do you do?


And he's like, well I'm a junior in college, but college is like all messed up now because of. Yeah. You know, whatever.


Dovid I was like yeah yeah I got it. And he's like, so we're zooming but whatever he's like, it's so weird.


Like not even supposed to be here today because my school is actually I live now close to the school and it's like forty five minutes away.


But my mom still lives around here and and I forgot that I had rented these lights in downtown Philly that I had to return and they were due yesterday.


So I came in and then my mentor, who has the organization as I plant the seed, Ryan, why we're all here, he called me and was like, Oh, I'm so glad you're in town.


I want you to to come with you are like go out with us tomorrow to help, like, get out the word at polling places so that people know that this is like where they need to come to vote. So, yeah, like I wasn't even going to be here, but I just we were like, yeah.


And I was like, huh, that's so crazy. So wait, why were you returning lights?


And he was like, oh, because. I I like want to be a filmmaker, and I was making a movie and whatever, and I was like.


Oh, motherfucker, did you just level up? Yeah. Guess what we all do and he's like, what?


And I was like. We work in the fucking entertainment industry. So anyway, at this point, he's like looking at me and truly, I think things that I don't even know what he thinks like. I think he's like, OK, white lady.


All right.


And then I just was like, how old are you? Whatever.


And he tells me and because he had said that he wanted to move to L.A. where, you know, and I was like, well, Quadir, like, when you are ready, whatever, like I'm getting your information and I want to, like, help you out in whatever way I can. And he is like, that's awesome. Like, that's amazing. That's so cool. Thank you. Whatever. It was a great line. Send me your movie.


Whenever I was like I could still tell. I was like, he needs I was like, OK, do you know.


Like I said, I was like I was like, what kind of movies do you like?


And he's like, well I love like big comedies. I tend to want to make more suspense movies, but I love big comedies.


And I was like, did you watch White Chicks when you were in every black person, every black person to see white chicks? That's our.


Of course, I love white chicks.


And I was like, Dude, I'm Karen and I love my man down.


And his like his whole face, he was like, oh my God, it's like I didn't he's like, I truly didn't think you were full of shit because why would you just lie about that to me, like, you know, whatever. But I was like, but now I know someone that works. I was like, you can look me up like whatever you say anyway on the dance.


But anyway, my point being Khidir is going to be an amazing director someday.


He's going to thank me when he wins his Oscar.


I want to see if even like I don't even know, maybe I can get him hired as the P.A. on this show that I'm doing because his school is all Zoome for the rest of the year.


That's really helping you out.


That's the universe making sure you are where you're supposed to be. And all those people out there who take one for take one for the team, for your friend group, it sometimes it works out, sometimes it's a laugh.


This is what I'm saying. But I also just feel like when you talk about, like weather, I don't know, just like all of those decisions that you make in your life, all of them.


Can have impact on other people's lives and an existence at some point, right? Yes.


And so. I don't think that all of those guys are want to be filmmakers. It was just him and and he was where was supposed to be. He was where he was supposed to be. And I was where I was supposed to be, like our team was where we were supposed to be, you know, like two pennies meeting up on the company's mission.


And I was real bummed that I didn't find a penny yesterday at all. But I found a human penny and a human penny found me. So that's amazing. I love it.


Guys, look for the look for the silver linings. Always look for the hope. Look for the fuckin pennies. Show up, keep showing up. We don't know your best. Yeah. Keep doing your best. We don't know what's about to happen. We you know, we're all just sending our energy like our positive vibes because it can't hurt.


Right. To just, you know, just keep in keeping somebody said set your face on Twitter, you know what I mean? And I was kind of like, yeah, set your face and steel your spine. And I was like, OK, that's what I'm going to do.


It felt right that your face like like a game face. Yeah. Kind of like they were like, if the way your face looks now makes the other side feel good, then don't give them that. Set your face and steel your spine and like, yeah, that feels good to me. That feels right. You know what else. Like I did cry a lot. I'm not going to lie.


I haven't cried. I haven't cried. Probably will you kind of just did on this podcast.


Yeah. Why didn't you cry today. I feel disappointed. No, she kind of did. She got like so angry.


She was on so many tears. But I am probably going to cry later. We talked about this before I, I cannot mourn yet. I can not mourn yet. So when Biden wins I will cry.


Yeah. It's just yeah.


We're just setting aside time to to cry in one of a variety of ways by the way.


Yeah. I medevacing. That's how I want that. Here's the other thing I want to say to everybody.


This is a marathon is not a sprint. It has never been a fucking sprint, not for any one of us.


Even if we thought it was you're not going to win fucking everything that you want all the time. You're not going to get all the progressive things passed on the ballot. You're not going to get all your candidates through. You have to build the world you want to see bit by bit.


It's like fucking arduous and long and a process and and it is exhausting and and some of it's not your fucking job, Chinderah, you know what I mean? Yeah, you're right.


But some of it is other stuff is and like we're going to do it. And so like as a job everybody. Yes.


And they can do and just know your role and then whatever is good for you emotionally, physically that you can sustain. Go for that.


OK. Crickets, crickets. Favorite children's book of the last six months. And I read it to her every night as Carmela and Maya's big idea. And it was written by Carmella's niece Mina Harris, who started Phenomenal, which is an amazing organization. We should talk to her, actually. Yeah, she's amazing.


But in the book, it's really well written. It's a really great children's book. If you haven't gotten it yet, please get it.


But in the book it says at the at the very end, Kamala and Maya knew no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Yeah, that's it. And that's fucking it, guys. Yeah. Yeah, and even in losing, you are I hope that people really take this to heart, if you worked for something so hard and it didn't turn out the way that you wanted it to turn out.


I mean, I've worked for Jamie Harrison for over a year, and Jamie Harrison cleared a path that Jamie Harrison made a dent in an undeniable. Yeah. Situation. And so Jamie Harrison will. He'll get them next time. Yeah, he really well. He really fucking well.


And, you know, Stacey Abrams, she made a huge difference in the outcome of Georgia, whichever way it goes, you know, 100000 people registered to vote.


Yeah. And so in losing, she didn't. Stacey Abrams didn't lose.


You know, by the way. I mean lose. Yeah.


By the way, it's like she not only literally did it. Yeah. Yeah.


But, you know, but she she is out there and she's still and you know, and and that's a huge example for all of us to like. She didn't get the things she was going for and she was like, OK, what's the next thing you know? So just have courage.


We believe in you. I believe in your chance to go to work. All real job.


I love you. Take care of that era, you guys.


It's small but mighty almighty.


We will talk to you next week. Deep breaths, deep breaths. We love you.


And bye.