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Let's talk about Pivot and how in this moment, especially historically, we're all being asked to make them and and how everyone's asked always in their lives to to everyone has a moment where they have a choice.


Hey, everybody, it's me, busy PHILIPPS Welcome to Busy. Phillips is doing her best to help me and say hi to Chinchorro Jackson in case the U.S. on.


Hi. Hello. Hi. Hi. So, guys, this is it. This is episode one of our podcast. I don't know. We don't know what we're doing. I just feel like it's going to be fine. I'm excited.


I love to talk, you know that about me, I feel like what happened in my ear, nose and Throat Doctors office earlier this week is sort of analogous to what's happening with the way that I feel about this podcast, which is that I've been having really bad acid reflux for two months. Almost everyone I know has been having terrible like something something that's not covid, but it's like eating away at them, you know, and and so mine has been this throat thing.


It's just been so weird. And so I went to see Dr. Sugarmann had to get a covid test before I went to the office. Everybody wore masks and and he looked in my throat and he was like, yeah, well, you know, we got to do this camera thing. We got to go go down your throat. And I was like, I that's fine. You know, I had sinus surgery a couple of years ago. I've Sherman's been my doctor since I was 20 years old.


I started seeing Dr. Sugarmann. And, you know, he's the kind of doctor in Beverly Hills. We're like his his walls are plastered with gold records from like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. And then they need notes. I'm not even kidding you. He took they took the nurse took me into the special SCOP room and like, hidden behind a corner, like truly hidden on the corner. No one could see it was white snake, like a white snake gold record.


And I was like, oh, poor white snake guy there. Funny. Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, so I went in and they put this numbing thing. He's like, so we do the scope up your nose and then down your throat to check out what's happening. And I was like, again I got this and he went up the nose. I'm like a professional and got down. He's like, Now start saying that. And I legit, like, gagged so hard that I and I was like, OK, I get out.


And he like, pulled it, pulled it out. I was like, oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. OK, ok, ok, ok. Let's try it again. I'm good. I can do this. I'm so good at this, I'm great at this. And he has started to do it again and the same thing happened. I had this like violent physical reaction. I could not let the camera get past a certain point.


And so after the fourth time when he changed, he changed the scope. He went for the kids side children's. He got the children's scope out and and he pulled it out. Meanwhile, I you know, I'm a sweater, right? Everybody know and not like guys, not like a cozy sweater. Like I sweat constantly and like a wet sweater. I'm a wet sweater and I wet and my sweater is on my face. God help us all when I go through menopause, you know what I mean?


Like it's going to be such a puddle. Anyway, back to Sugarmann on the scope situation. He fourth time pulls the camera out and I'm sweating so hard I'm a puddle. I'm on one of those like plastic chairs. There's like so much sweat under my legs. It's so gross. I know when I stand up, there's going to be two leg marks and and I just start I started crying and I was like, I'm I'm so sorry. I don't know why I'm not good at this.


I should be better at this. I don't know why. I just don't know how to do it. And I wish I knew and I'm sorry. And I think that I don't know what to tell you. He's like, you have to breathe. You need to breathe. How could you expect to be good at having a scope stuck down past your vocal cords? Why would you be good at that? You've never had that done before in these past almost twenty years that I've seen you.


We've never done this. Why would you be good at it? And it's not something that people can be good at. It's just it just is what it is. And I just felt this like. Insane pressure like that, I wanted him to think I was the best patient. Yeah, I wanted to be the best at it. And when I couldn't do it, it like. Paralyzed me and caused me to have kind of like a panic attack and breakdown, and I was thinking about.


I'm always trying to, like, tie in the physical with the emotional, you know, and I was thinking about like this week and we're going to record this podcast and the breakdown in Sharon's office. And my and I'm having throat problems, like when I've agreed to do a podcast and I was like, oh, it's because I might not be the best at it. And if I'm not the best at it, I want to have something to say.


Well, you know why I wasn't the best at it? Because I had these, like, throat issues. And so, you know, I wasn't I wasn't I didn't have full range of my, like, you know what I mean? Yeah.


So anyway, all that to say I'm putting it out there that I might not be the fucking best at this because I've never done it before and. It's new for me and there have been a lot of new things, and, no, I'm going to cry and I think that in life this is kind of what we decided this podcast should be more about than what we had initially had had sold it as because what we initially had sold it as doesn't exist anymore.


No, I just think there's value for all of us in this moment to remember that. Good things. Can come out of forcing yourself to change and to do things differently and to be open to what that is and what it looks like and whether it's on a big level, like maybe you change long held beliefs that you didn't even know that you fucking had or if it's on a small level like. Being an actress then became a talk show host that wrote a book that decided to do a podcast.


I mean, that's all kind of basically the same fucking thing, you know what I mean?


Or, you know, or if it's that you've been furloughed from your job and you've found yourself making beaded necklaces and you're really finding a lot of joy in that and selling them on Etsy, I don't know what it is. I just think that we need to all have. The ability to breathe deep in this moment and forgive ourselves for not being perfect. Right out the gate. Is that a good introduction, I think. I think it's a good introduction for you.


Thanks. No, but you know what I'm saying? It's like, yo, we just wanted to come on here and talk to people about what was happening in our lives. Maybe it's interesting because everybody's having that moment right now where we all thought we knew mostly where we were headed five, six months ago. And, you know, things have changed for a lot of people. Yeah, we all had plans. And I think that if we talk about it, I think it's important because a lot of people feel really alone just before all this happened.


And I think that this is a really good opportunity for us to acknowledge that we're all changing all the time. And then that's OK, especially if you had no idea, because like when you leave for college, you make a plan to change. Right? Nobody planned this at all. And that's OK. It's OK. It's OK. We're doing our best work. I mean, we're all doing our best. I think that most of us are.


And there are a few people that are not. And they happen to be the highest levels of government which are not doing their while that that is that they're not giving it their all in this moment. But, you know, also to be expected, I guess. Wow. Yeah. Yeah.


So G.A. you we met when you came into. Meat, yes, for a job. I'm busy tonight, Casey, and I called you in because we read your your packet, I felt like I knew you as soon as you walked in the door and Casey had seen you in the lobby and, like, loved your hat and your bank. You love your style and was like, I love this. Yeah. It was like one of those moments where you debate with yourself, like, should I tell this complete stranger that they look super cool or like, should I be less weird and just acknowledge it in my heart and move on?


And so that day, for whatever reason, I opted not to bother Charpentier and be like, hey, I really like your look. You look super cool.


And I think that I even, like, regretted it a little bit in the elevator up because who doesn't want to hear that? They look super cool, but I always want to hear it. Yeah, especially in the lobby at NBC.


Give me anything. The odds are I'm going to leave with nothing. So please, you see someone in a waiting room, give them a compliment. I agree with that. I also like I'm also I've learned and I and I have I've been doing so well in the last several years when somebody is like, I love your dress, I'm like, thank you so much. Me too. Like instead of like I got it on sale, like all that bullshit, like we've talked about this before, but like, I don't know if we have I feel like we know we have.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I always say that I give up especially for women. I always give like a running compliment because we're so trained to. Yes. It have pockets. Yes I got it on sale. Oh this old thing. I'm always like I love your blazer and I like run away.


You can't play like that. I ginger ginger. I just, I really, I really loved getting to know you on Busy tonight.


And I loved I always loved everything that you like brought to the it wasn't even a table. It was more like a very small desk that we all had to sit around. We were in tight quarters. It felt a little bit now in retrospect, like a sorority. What I would imagine a sorority was because I wasn't in one, but like we were like a college party firehouse. Yeah. It was like a fire as it was. There were two men who work there.


I love them. And they were they were in an office together. So it was so funny. But like, if you want to talk to a man, you have to go to the end of the hallway. Yeah. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. We can't help you. I, like, loved, loved the experience after my, you know, almost twenty years in entertainment, working with like mostly men to then going and having like those two guys who are very so nice.


Nice boys. Nice. And I was going to I'm not trying to like they just are not like the most stereotypically masculine men. And I just found the experience of being around all of the women that and people that we worked with to be so refreshing. And it was so boring and so fun. Had you ever been in a writer's room before that?


I had I had been in a writer's room before I had. But it was very small, too. It was like I had done some award shows, but then I did good. All my good old buddy, Curtis Jackson Curtis 50 Cent in the club. Jackson was my first boss in the industry. Fifty fifty fifty cent. Yes. Curtis Oh my God. I love. Is that fifty cent. It's like all of a sudden my turn into like a suburban mom.


Yes. He was my first chance. Yes, it was for people in that room and he was our boss. And what was that. What was it was fifty central on bet it was a sketch show lasted for one summer season. And the one thing that was the first time I ever hugged like a like a very famous person and he smelled so good. And then working on your show, I met other famous people and I was like, oh, I smell poor.


Like if you I don't smell bad, but like I, I was like, wow, you smell like something I have never smelled before that I know know where to find how you can smell.


Centera I remember very vividly like when Michelle. Like I was dating Heath Ledger, her, you know, we were like scrappy, living in apartment, living, and I didn't have any super fancy friends at that moment in my life. I was twenty three. And I remember we went to I think it was like Reese Witherspoon house. And why am I whispering? Because this is going to be on a podcast. And I remember walking into Rhys's who I'm friends with now and I adore and she's the greatest.


And, you know, she's she's she's I love her everywhere. She played a great, terrible white woman. I was like, give her an Oscar for that TV show.


I think I. Did she get it? I mean, did you get to know she.


I don't. We were really black. Twitter is currently still furious. Oh, interesting. Well, anyway, I remember going into her house and it smelled. So good, like and I was like, what, what what is that, what is that, Michelle? What is it? And she's like, I don't know, I don't know. Go into the bathroom, see the bathroom. And I went into the bathroom and it was like there were just these like kind of all over the place, but like not in a scary way, like candles that were just burning.


But they like seemed really well tended to like, can I show you my candles? First of all, what's happening here? I didn't even light this. There's not even a wick. That's a lot of just soot and grit. That's just gross. And like they always like all of my candles, like have like a layer of like film and dust and and also the stuff even I mean, blash, it's fine. It just it's not the same.


I don't know. We are fancy people get those smells from I don't know, I never smell anything like Curtis Jackson. And let me tell you something. They also say that about Rihanna. You know who you know who also smells the best.


And I've I feel like I've talked about this Marlon Wayans. Oh, yes. You said he smells literally delicious. He smells so good that I when I I mean, this is like kind of maybe inappropriate, I. Emailed him one year when Mark and I had just started dating and I was like, what is it that you put on your body? Because it's not one of your get it for my husband or boyfriend, I feel like he should smell like you.


And I got it. And I gave it to Mark and markets tried to wait on him. No, no and no, it never worked. And then at some point we ran into Marlan because, you know, I had done my checks before Mark and I started dating. And at some point, like recent or like not recently, but shortly after that, we ran into Malim.


And when he walked away, Mark was like, yeah, he smells real good. Yes. I think it's like a natural sent mixed with whatever, you know, there was like those weird dating sites. I feel like I've read about where people are like, you're not supposed to bathe for a day. Have you seen have you seen them just like that? Yeah. There are like these meet ups where people are supposed to come with their iPhone. Yeah, because like, if somebody smells good to you then it's like that's your fucking person.


However, I think that Marlan is just a person that objectively smells good to everyone. I actually don't think it was like because it doesn't make sense that logit, everyone who meets everyone on the set of which I like everybody is like this person smells incredible. Anyway, guys, I'm in the midst of a lot of different things that I'm juggling for the first time, including which but not limited to. I have been put in charge of the merch for Bertie's new school, whose birthday is today, 12 years ago.


Right now, right now, 12 years ago, I was trying to push that giant baby out of my veejays. Well, if this turns out half as good.


Oh, that's so sweet to you. Oh, actually, that is weird, too, though, cosmically, isn't it? It's kind of strange like that on this day. Wow, 12 years ago, I was I think I was pushing, but, you know, I wasn't no, I wasn't. We'd have to work backwards. I pushed for three hours. Oh, it was terrible. She was nine pounds, seven ounces. Twenty two inches long.


She was giant pantywaist. I know you had diabetes, too, but OK, I had a full episiotomy. Do you know what that is, Chinderah? Is that where they cut you from the root it to the tuda. That's right. That's my daughter. Louise would say definitely exactly what they did to me. Anyway, I, i Merche. Is it cool. What was it cool. Is it cool. Mirch, you want a school spirit wear or whatever.


Sure. Like t shirts. Well you have great style so you can't if your name's on it it's got to be fly. Well here's the thing. That's what I felt like. But also but also there's a lot of things at play. Like she's going into a program that's a public school program. Like a magnet type. Like a special program. Yeah. That's all about social justice and gender. Gender equity. Yeah, it's amazing. It's so cool.


And and so and it's a fairly it is a new program. So social and gender. Oh God. I just had deja vu. Oh. What does it mean, what does it mean? This is all good. I think it's all good. I love it now. If only I find a penny, then we know it's really good. You know my theory about finding pennies, right, Casey, I've told you this, I think so.


Repeat it for people who aren't me, Shinjiro, I've ever told you maybe, but I want to make sure that it's right.


I find pennies a lot. I travel a lot. I'm a lot. I'm many different places. I do a lot of things. I make lots of choices every day. I make choices about where to go and what to do. Obviously not right now, guys, because, you know, I would be in the house. Right. But Previously on My Life. That's the way it was. And. I. Would find pennies like. I would pull into a parking spot to go into a place and I would choose the spot totally randomly, whatever, and then I would come back out and there would be a penny that I, like, didn't see before just right next to my car door.


I feel like it's like a video game where you collect coins. I played Super Mario Brothers when I was little on like old school Nintendo. And I feel like in life, cosmically, the pennies that I find along the way are like my Super Mario brothers telling me that I'm like on the right path. Yeah, I don't know if that's true or not. It's just what I like. I like everybody has their own little side. I see Dragonfly's.


That's it. See your Dragonfly's or your pennies. If I see a dragonfly and I'm like, OK, this is where I'm supposed to be right now. And like because it's like it's not like a butterfly or like a bird. Like you see those all the time. Like dragonflies are like a little bit more like, oh dang, where do you come from. And when I see a dragonfly I feel like I'm on the right path. That's my that's my.


Well Casey, do you have one or is it just print songs. Because I've been with you. I've been with you when that's happened and it's wild. It's true. I'm a huge prince lover and yeah he just the song always a song of his always comes on as I'm walking into somewhere and I feel like it's a little like you got it. You can, you can hang with is here. Yeah. That's a good vibe. But once we were just walking through the lobby of a hotel to get to the valet in the back and it happened and we were like, what is happening?


Is there a better place to hear a Prince song than a lobby where that magazine. Yeah. Anyway, the pressures of like all this school stuff online school's back in session soon next week for kids. And here and in Los Angeles, however, not in person, obviously. So it's going to be a lot of zooming and things like that. And and just like taking on this whole new. Thing is wild as a parent, and I don't know, man, I'm I'm just trying to, like, juggle everything, I think that time isn't real.


It's a construct. And now even more so, it is never time has never been less real. Oh, yeah. Me right now. I mean, like I do have appointments and then there is a mini resume. But like if somebody is like, yeah, I didn't do that, you're like that makes sense because. Yeah. Tibs, not real right now. Yeah, I feel like putting on one sock and then like it's, you know, and then I remember to put on the other sock and it's like 40 minutes later.


Yeah. Like I got hit by aliens. But is that 80 though. Isn't that just added. I think that's it. It is an onslaught of from the pandemic because I too will be like let me put on a shirt and then I'll be like and then I'll put on some socks after lunch, like just Winnie the Pooh in it for half the day, just like nothing at the same time. Well, listen, I mean it probably it probably for some people it is an attention deficit disorder.


I mean, we know that for sure. But probably for some people we're just at an attention deficit right now because there's so much to pay attention to. Right. Like hardly half of it. Our brains can even our brains can even fathom it. So, you know, and we like in the beginning of covid had posted this. I don't know where oh is mainstream stories. I did a bunch of Instagram stories where I was like, oh, my gosh, I figured it out.


Everybody has new baby brain is the same thing that happens when you're a new mom, which is like all of a sudden a huge chunk of your thoughts, subconscious or or at the forefront is taken up by like keeping this tiny, tiny thing alive. And so you just are sort of in this fog because you are tired, because you're not sleeping great. But also you're just like always, always thinking of what could possibly happen and where like where the where the dangers lie for this.


Yeah. That you're you know, you have to keep alive. Haven't had a baby. Right. And sorry to my mother will not be having one. But that is a very interesting life because I don't have anything to compare these feelings to. But truly waking up like the idea of like waking up and being like, how's my baby? Like for me? I wake up and I'm like, what in America do?


Yes, it is. It is. And then and then I think like I think like George I think when I think George Floyd and then like, you know, the movement of the last three, I mean, I swear to God, if you told me that this has that, then I, I mean, no, but if you told me this has been a year, I'd be like, yeah, yes, it has high construction. Time doesn't I know time doesn't time doesn't work.


I think that we're all. Yeah. Parts of our brains that maybe have never needed to be used or have never been used before are now being activated in trying to like both keep yourself and your loved ones safe. And then also, you know, if you're a person with any sort of like empathy or concern for the rest of the world, like, I think it's incredibly overwhelming.


I mean, just you talking about, like keeping a baby alive. Like sometimes I'm like I have to eat again. Like, I have to be like I really do have to feed myself and like, it's just me, right? Like we have a rabbit at our house. And that's I think she she was confused. Were rabbit free. We have a rabbit. I know, but is it. Oh no. She can bounce around you. She has her own section in my house.


Her own room. Absolutely not. She could not walk around my house and chew up every chord that cost seventy dollars from Apple. I know my friends have my friends have a house bunny. My house rabbit. Yes. She and showbizzy. His name is Shoba as a boy and he hops around their house and he goes and uses like a litter box or something and then he our rabbit is she's a Dorsay. She is a powerful bitch and widespread divorce.


She said, OK, so before my partner got her, she was living with another family and there was all, you know, those all white rabbits with the red eyes. They're my least favorite. Yeah, I don't like them. Oh, she was technically like Bunny married to him and she beat the shit out of him. Oh, no. And she was like, this is not for me, I do not want this man in this cage with me and any time they tried to put him with her, she beat the shit out of him.


And then they were like most rabbits, like a partner, like they don't like to be alone. This rabbit was like, I am a free woman. Get this man out my cage. And she been alone ever since. You don't want. No, you don't want the man in her room. She's a Dorsay. I feel like I feel like Whoopi Goldberg said that exact same thing.


Yeah. She was like she did. She doesn't want a man in her house anymore. I mean, I don't either.


But, you know, I mean, I think no men in my house, I, I can't believe 12 year Birdie's 12.


We're doing this. Do we want to explain to people anything? Well, I was going to say we kind of have to back up. Speaking of being new at things, we got to have to back up and tell people what the dang podcast is about. Basically, after busy tonight, the late night talk show that I hosted for a little bit of time was canceled. Casey, who who was my showrunner and and partner in that show, and I went on to try to figure out what what was next.


And we had like a whole journey. And we actually we're going to do an entire podcast about said journey. And then covid happened. I was paralyzed. Casey was like, I don't know. I feel like I feel like it's unfair to you guys because we're being we're being like, weirdly, what's the word, guys? I'm my brain. Because what Kajiji vague. Vague. I feel like we're being cagey or vague about what the thing was that we were doing.


But essentially, I'm just going to like kind of try to give you an idea of it. But essentially, after all these years and the experience that we had on Busy tonight, I felt and Casey agreed and we came up with what we thought was maybe a different way to make quality high quality shows for people that didn't involve a traditional studio or network system, but did involve getting a lot of money from the wealthy, but did involve getting a lot of money from like directly from advertisers.


Yeah, to be clear, not a lot of money for ourselves, just money to make the project. We're not talking we weren't talking about millions of dollars. We were talking about enough money to pay people to help us make a fun thing.


That's it. We I mean, to be honest with you, I always tell Bernie I'm like, you're not getting a thing. So you better figure out how you're going to make money as an adult. No, I'm not leaving my kids up and knee. Not that I probably will have won at this point. But if I did, I'd find it and I'd say I'm on the right track anyway. So, yeah. So it wasn't we were asking we wanted to basically figure out a way to fund up to fund programming independently, but by calling on advertisers to help fund it.


And we but we needed like other partners that were not that were outside of the entertainment industry. It was just like a whole thing. And in order for us to focus on this and try to put it together, it was a puzzle because it also has kind of never well, hasn't really ever been done. It was something that didn't exist. It doesn't exist or didn't exist or it sort of has, you know, in some ways it has.


And we would take meetings with people. We had a meeting with a guy last fall who was the head of a very big. Agency, and he does like venture capitalism and stuff, and he was like, well, that's just that's ridiculous. You can't do that. You have to have a studio or a network or something. You have to have a service like, that's stupid. You can't do that. And I was like, the fact that you're saying that to me makes me feel like, of course, we have to do it.


And so, yeah. So I wait. And you want to tell everyone I told Shinjiro you want to tell everyone when our like are like big meeting was in New York. It was like when it was scheduled for them, it was like March, March 16th, 16th, wasn't it? Yeah, yeah. Everything shut down March 14th. That was the 16th. March 13th was my son's last day of school before they shut the school system down. So I just think of that as like we never left the house after that.


But we were supposed to fight.


You and I were supposed to fly to New York, New York, the have a big meeting and the meeting was the 16th that night to have that big meeting with big people that could have made this possible, you know, and then that just didn't end.


But whatever and poof, it like doesn't exist. OK, fine, because guess what, poof, lots of things don't exist now. So like everyone else in the world, busy and I have sort of had to, like, shift our plan. And, you know, and after like a few weeks of just sitting stunned in our houses and not knowing what was going to have two weeks, several months, we don't know. Time doesn't exist. Yes.


So we just sort of started to gradually, like, come up with a new idea for the podcast. And it seemed like since we were pivoting with the podcast and pivoting with the the big idea of what we wanted to do. Well, the big idea Pivot started was what was the impetus for putting the podcast? Yeah, but I know that there was like I feel like there was like some discussion at some point about just doing like a straight podcast, you know, where we just talk about current events and whatever, which is kind of what we are going to do.


Yeah, but it just it just wasn't quite right. I don't know, it just didn't feel quite right. Focusing on asking people about Pivot's and getting. There the times in their lives when they've like struggled and then things have turned or for better or for worse or whatever, what they learned, how they moved forward for me right now is like a very heartening thing to listen to.


And so I think it gets. I do think it gets lost so frequently. I think the people really just focus on the highlights and the successes and and the and those other points are sort of. Oh, yeah. And then there was yeah. There were like whatever it was like 10 years where where he didn't work. But, you know, he's fine. And then he's now he's a billionaire, you know, whatever the overnight success. Is that true?


There's nothing that happened overnight ever. A lot of nights. Yeah, multiple nights.


Well, because success is just a moment. It's not a continuum really. Especially.


Yeah. Say that again. I'm horny for that. That was good. I'm sorry. That is I had Siemering in my mouth. But that is your Oprah moment for the day. Please say it again.


Please say that again. Success is just a moment. It's not a continuum, you know. So you just have to. And it's really hard. It's really hard. You know, it's like the old thing. And I know this is true about you, but I think it's true about everyone. You can receive 1000 good reviews or compliments, but the one that you really remember is the one person who says that you look like a T-Rex, right?


Yeah, that that's the exact thing that the person said about me. Right. And I like to be. Yeah. And I'm sure a million people said that you're beautiful and wonderful and really dugu. But you remember the T-Rex comment back in the day, guys. Shinjiro, this is before your time as a professional performer in this industry. I am. There wasn't it was like before I mean, before social media existed, IMDB had like chat boards on it.


And I would like occasionally check mine to just see what people were writing about me because I was a young person. I was in my early twenties and I was new on TV and I was excited about making my dreams come true. And people it was like my first experience was like, oh, people hate me. Oh, these strangers, like, think I'm terrible. And the one that was sort of weirdly the one that has stuck with me these twenty years was somebody started a thread busy.


Philipps looks like a T rex and I don't know what. And then underneath it, it was like I mean, she looks like a dinosaur to me and I don't know why, but part of it was like, yeah, I do I yeah, I get it. I get it. I do look like a little bit like a dinosaur. And that's a reason to be mean to me on my imdb.


What anyway have a strong jawline.


You should never apologize for that. Chinta, you're my strong jawline. Is the dinosaur part er hot. Yeah. We're gonna make them hot. We're gonna make them hot. But anyway I just think that, that, that we remember our successes so infrequently in comparison to bad days and you know, we should really work harder to sort of flip flop that. Yes. So then you know, so then once we so once Casey and I started to get like an idea of how we were going to move forward.


What we wanted to do next in terms of like making a show or something online content, I don't know. I mean, I do now, but we'll talk about it at a later show. Then I was like, OK, we can think about doing the podcast again, like under the under the umbrella of like let's talk about Pivot's and how in this moment, especially historically, we're all being asked to make them and and how everyone's asked always in their lives to to everyone has a moment where they have a choice.


And Shinjiro and I had been chatting a bit and I was just like, who would you want to be join this podcast. It would be fun to have your millennial take also just your take as just her takes in general. I mean her while sometimes I would just like in the room. OK, I'm going to give an example of the story that I love, but we can't use the person's name. But anyway, a man was on busy tonight and he was fine.


I thought he was fine. Centura after his show. I've never seen you before or since you were like like crying blood. You were so angry. I was you were so furious at how he had treated me on the show. And I was like. I think is like fine, and you were just like. Fuck that guy. He was treating you like you were like some little pet like you, and I was like, who was he?


Oh, God, I feel like I was oh, I thought I was really hot under the you were so hot. And just in that moment, I was like, I think that's a generational difference. I think that, like, I was so trained when I got into this industry that like. You know, anything goes really. And I'd like to me like he was the like he was such a mild case of that toxic, masculine energy that I've had to deal with since I was 19 years old on sets.


And he didn't, like, try to grope me or get my phone number. So I felt like it was a win. And you just like the way he spoke to me, was unacceptable to you. And you were like, I wouldn't take it. I wouldn't put up with it. You shouldn't have put I was just like, wow, that's a new way to. And I will kill him. You I mean, I think he's going to let you go anyway.


It's like I'm going upstairs. Yeah, you want to, like, leave? You are so angry. And I appreciated it. And I really was like, I'm going to really think about this and why I wasn't as angry. Like, why didn't why I couldn't process in that moment that it was really because it was my fucking show. Like he was coming into my home and treating me like that was so I was like, that's my busy and you do not talk to me.


Well, anyway, so yeah. So we thought like having that perspective is interesting. You know, you are a dynamic performer and comedian and you're really funny and you always make me laugh. So we have fun. We do have fun. We have laughs. We have fun. So yeah. So we're going to be talking to some people in the middle. We'll put these interviews in. We're going to talk to some really amazing people. I'm super excited about the next few weeks of interviews that we have lined up.


So who are you going to tell? Who are you going to talk to today to start the show? I felt like because I'm so obviously clearly nervous about this, I felt like I should go with someone that I've already interviewed four hundred and seventy three times. And so we asked my very good friend IRL I barenholtz to chat with us about Pivot's and his life and we had a really great talk and there's a lot in there, so I hope you guys enjoy it.


Mark and I were just talking, actually, he's like, how many times have you interviewed? I was like, I think every time between you and Seth, it's like it's two close friends of mine who I've just asked me so many questions right now. So it's all you're our Tony Randall. Oh, my God. My dad is my dream. That is my dream. You just come running and you're always there for us. Always there. Gary Busey sic.


Tony Randall's on the way. He's in traffic, but he's on. I would love that, actually, I would love it if you were just my only guest ever. I love my show. Ever done that as a show ever had just the same guest every night, a lot of them co-hosts. I think that what's the Scottish dude who used to have the show? Cape Verde said, I feel like Kristen Bell was his only guest.


So Veronica Mars. Let's talk about Veronica Mars is on so much. I love her. It was funny, but I was like every time I was to be hurt, I'd be like. And then one time she was hosting, I was like, is this her show?


Maybe. Maybe it should have been. But no, they had to give it to another white guy of to another another white man of Scottish descent who now is like they're like give Ellen's show to him. I'm like, what is why? What Chris Ferguson is hosting. Ellen, I just I need to know, is he keeping both shows? I don't think this is really happening because the scenario is. Yep, yeah, yeah, yeah. To me, it's the only way it works.


It's so insane. It's like let's you know what, fuck diversity. I know we've talked a big game in the last month and a half, but let's give that guy to channel.


Giving someone giving someone two shows is diverse in itself. No one else is doing that. This is true. It's up.


But I mean that that is Steve Harvey irrigation. Yes. Twenty show twenty shows on at the same time. He's the only person, he's the only person who will not compete. You'll be like ABC. Let me do it.


NBC we do Harvey's on twenty shows and every one of them. There's two qualities. He is hilarious and he looks absolutely amazing.


So Isaac Barenholtz as a close personal friend if I do say so myself. Yes, I feel like I've seen some pivot's in your life. More than one couple. Yeah, couple had to. What do you want. What, what, what sticks out to you in in thinking about that, I, I thought about it and to me it actually kind of was pretty clear. So as, as we discussed before, I was on Mad TV, you've got on multiple flights by proving that I had moved to L.A. and I had been busy and Mark and for a year and a half or so I was I was really struggling and a busboy and trying to just get hired.


And eventually I got hired to Matvey and it was so exciting. And I was like young and I got to, you know, do sketches and stuff. It was really, really, really great. And when you do those shows, you had a five year contract and I had come to the end of it and the end of the fourth year, I met this woman who is now my wife. I was there and he was literally there. I was literally there.


And in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, guys. Yeah, we're trying to think of a better story. Tell our kids you're out of your mind. It's like we met at the UN. We were both at the U.N. and your mom was in the hard rock casino, hard rock, you know, eating those like delicious nachos, the best the best chicken nachos. They were so good. Anyway, so I met her and she was living in New York and I was on a TV show and I convinced her I was like, you got to move out to L.A. I got to go do my show.


She was a great let's move to L.A. and she actually said, I'll do it. And I said, wonderful. And so my contract was up a man TV. And I was I remember, like, you know, I was like, well, I talked to my manager and I was like, obviously I'm going to, you know, let's see what the offer is, what you know, whatever it is, this is the number I want to come back at.


And their offer was nothing. They literally were like, no, there's no offer. You're not we're not coming back. And they were like, thank you for your service.


You you know, we're I think the show at the time is really running low on money and they whatever.


So Michael McDonald got all of it. They gave it all to Mike. It was a very structured time. If you see his house, you understand that. But I remember at the time, too, it's really funny because I was like my wife. It was for my birthday. Her and my parents had teamed up to get the trip to the Food and Wine Convention in Aspen. So we were in Aspen. My wife and I stayed in like Four Seasons in June and it was really beautiful.


And that night we had signed up to go to a dinner that John George himself was cooking. And it was insane. It was insane. And he loves food. I love this is his thing, so. I got the phone call from my manager, like before dinner. He's like, yeah, so it's not happening. And just right away, you're just like, I have no money. I went from making a pretty good living to zero dollars.


So I was really like freaked out and kind of pissed off. And I was like, OK, this is cool, this is great. I can just get a job on a TV show. Very easy to get regular. It's very simple. I've seen lots of people do it. I have friends that are doing it because he's doing it. And when I was doing it, I can do this guy couldn't do it, couldn't get shit, wouldn't they, would not hire me.


And then I realized that I don't know, I made TV, they made fun of a lot of other TV shows and that I would try to audition to be on other shows created by people shows. So maybe that was part of the awesomeness wasn't good. I had been testing, you know, how to test for shows that I tested for guys audience at home. And if you're not familiar in millions of Hollywood in order to break Hollywood, break in exploitation, break in order.


I didn't know this when I obviously started in this business in order to get on a television show as a main character, they make you do something called test. It's like a screen test, sort of. And so you go in and there's usually like one or two other people up for the same part. And you do the scenes. It used to be really bizarre. They would make you go in person in front of the executives of the networks and studios.


So you'd be sitting in a room like looking at, you know, who's the guy who got canceled from CBS. I don't even remember these motherfuckers.


So like literally like like it would be like all these like suits and like ninety five percent man and 100 percent white and and in a boardroom and in a boardroom. Acting in a board. Yeah. And then you have to like do your weird comedy scene with a casting director. Normally, occasionally. If the actor was like cast for like the lead you would get to read with the actor. But that was very rare. Normally like I can't remember if this is.


No, no, no. Courtney read with me at my Cougar Town network test, but I think at the studio, I think I just read with the casting director like you do you two levels.


You have to go to studio first, and if you do well enough in the studio, then they'll send you to Net. And that's like the finals. It's the finals. And it really is like very stressful because, like, it's horrible, horrible. You're up there with all these other actors and everyone's like nervous and like like nervously pacing and like, you know, some actors are trying to like their headphones and they're not listening to it's just a very shitty, stressful situation.


I tested for twenty five shows. I didn't get one and then give anything, anything like anything that made someone like a huge star or anything that like was on the air, you know, like did you lose your No. Wylie on TRL or you know what I mean.


No I mean it was I wouldn't say no, not on the not on the best level. There were a couple shows that maybe went on for a year or two. But I auditioned for other shows like I auditioned for Chris Pratt on Parks and Rec. Oh, you did great. Yeah, it was really I think he figured it out. He's figured I know he's kind of disappeared, but I wish him well. But he's disappeared. I just haven't seen that guy since since Parks and Rec don't know what he's up to.


The joke at the joke is a joke. Anyways, I was kind of at this point where I was like, I don't know if I'm getting hired as an actor anymore. And I originally moved to L.A. with my friend Dave Stassen, another friend of Biz's. We text a lot and we moved out there to right to be writers and stuff. And I remember talking to him.


What was Dassin doing at the time? He moved out to L.A. and then three years in, he moved to Washington, DC. So that's right. I didn't know him. Yeah, because I had met you kind of after he'd already left. Yeah. Yeah. He was working on this classic TV show called Pardon the Interruption. Know if you guys are seeing it, it's like two guys yelling at a transgression. He was working on that. And I was like, well, I don't know man.


I'm not acting a lot, so maybe we should write. He moved back to L.A. and the pivot was, I'm just going to be a writer now. No one wants to hire me as an actor, which is fine. I love writing. It's like a joy when you're writing something that you love is the most fun job you can have. So we were just like, let's be writers. And we wrote a movie and it didn't sell, wrote another movie, didn't sell, wrote another movie sold.


And from that point on, we're like writers, acting's done, tried it didn't work full time writer. And that definitely saved my life. The kind of capper was after like years of just writing and not acting, I got hired by another friend of He's Daniel McBride to be on Eastbound and Down. And that was the. That happen, so you knew him or your friends were just, you know, it was crazy. I hadn't gotten. I don't know if I would ever.


Twenty five thirty shows. Never, never got ever. And I was like, OK, but then I got a call from my agent that they were like e found him down. Season three is starting up and they need your name came up. God bless Allison Jones, casting director. Wonderful human being like the best, the best person, the best at her job. And she brought me in and and I remember I remember it was for the catcher.


Right. First of all, first of all, I fucking lost it because that was like my favorite show at the time. I loved it so much. It was just like Danny just blew me away. I was such a fan. It was the first show that I was getting ready to audition for, but I was a huge, insane fan of OK, so I will never forget it was for the part of the catcher. Right. And and I was like his best friend, who's like a twin.


Jason Sudeikis ended up playing it. I'm clocking rehearsed it for so long, got in my car and was driving the audition. And my agent called and said, hey, flag flag. They already made an offer to someone, forget it. And I was like, I was heartbroken. I was heartbroken. I was like, OK, is there anything on any other part I'll do anything mean? It's like a line. And they're like, well, there's this part for a Russian pitcher, but it's like it's Russian.


Can you do a Russian accent? Like I do the best Russian accent. I could kill it. And my dad said, well, he's Ukrainian. I can't do a Russian accent. So I go home, I'm practicing on it, blah, blah, blah. I'm so nervous. I'm obviously not going to get it. And I went to the audition a few days later and there were real Russians in there who were like stacked giant, like jacked Russians.


And I went in there and I read with Danny and Jody and I, I just kind of started, you know, all those guys like to improvise and they like you did, you know, some people you go and you audition and they're like, stick to the script. Yeah, but Danny is like wants you to throw it out. And he just started laughing. And I left there being like this one pretty good. And then they called me and I, I was over the moon.


I was the first time, like someone really legitimately like that I loved and I thought was cool like me. I just want to be liked. Yeah, absolutely. That's all we all want. But the thing is, back to the pivot is that after we became writers and we sold a movie and we became established in the writing world as writers, I got this fluke job from Eastbound and Down, which Mindy Kaling saw was a huge she loves Danny, a huge fan of that show.


Follow me on Twitter. And so we became like, whatever Twitter friends. And then when her show, The Mindy Project was starting up, my partner and I had this kind of not argument. But for a long time he was like, I want to stuff on the show and, you know, like work and be on a show and stuff. And I was like, if I step on a show, then I'm for one hundred percent, not going to be able to act ever.


And it was like the perfect situation where we got hired on her show as writers. So it was the writing, it was pivoting to the writing that and then failing at that for literally many, many years that I think allowed me to get the but I still think is the best job I've ever had.


I hope you weren't failing as a writer from years. Shit. It just didn't get well before. About a year and a half. We wrote, like, movies that, like, did not sell. Granted, they were not good. We wrote a movie about like three friends who had time stamp for the movie. We wrote a movie like a comedy about like three stoners who are broke and they decide to go kill us. I don't know. That feels like that feels like in the world of literately.


I can remember now every executive, every I mean, like the thing is, we killed him in the movie and every executive said, what have you gets captured and killed before this movie comes out? And we were like, guys, he's gone. You're never going to see him again. He's gone.


And then like three months later, a bomb is like we got like, I have a question for you, because I think that you are such a unique talent and I think that you are. And I think that to me, part of the reason why you failed miserably as an actor the first time you tried is because you were, oh, my God, your own unique talent that you were trying to fit into someone else's bullshit of, like, terrible.


Yes. Network television show guys.


There was definitely during that period during that period, there was definitely a type of guy that was on every sitcom and he was super hot, like fucking hot and like Jack and and I quite don't fit that, you know, I just have a look. I'm forty three.


I'm very. Comfortable and interesting face, you know what I mean, like the teeth in this just I didn't look like, you know, Jeff Stoltz was the guy that I would always see the hottest guy ever. So I at that time, that was kind of like now I think now they're kind of looking more for like exposure for comedy. They just want to do that or just funny and weird, you know? I mean, but there is definitely like that was the type of guy that I was always kind of go up against with and never, never get.


Although I do remember one time I auditioned to play Bob Saget best friend on a sitcom, and I never forgot the three people who were testing were me, Mark Curry.


And if you guys know my career, hang with Mr. Cooper and mark your time. Yes. And Jerry Burns. Amazing. A very dear John. But he was on Breaking Bad like I love him. He's amazing and he's fantastic. So the three of us are auditioning to play Bob Saget best friend. So it's like me, like a sixty four year old white man and like a six foot eight forty five year old black man. And I remember Jerry Burns comes in and looks at me and market and goes, Are we all here for Sackets friend?


And I go, Yeah, guys, at least they know what type they're looking for. So whether was was to what you were saying, because I think yeah. I think at that time I was trying to fit into my kind of weird round head into a square peg and it just wasn't it just wasn't working.


But I just wonder if in me in like letting go of the idea that you were going to work in that space, it gave you like. The freedom of being like, fuck it, and so you were just yourself moving forward on any audition? Hundred percent, 100 percent. I really like that to a certain point where I was trying to like just like you said, I was trying to make those like moves, but not really still trying to do it my way.


And that didn't work. And then at a certain point I was just like, I'm just going to be myself. If you want to hire me, great. I'm sure there's other people. But I, I think everything I do is a version of of of me in some way. I'm just not one of those actors who can kind of chameleon and, you know, you're not a Michelle Williams.


And you know what? I'm not a Michelle Williams and not, hey, I want to be a Michelle Williams.


We love like speaking for the black community. We have to Michelle Williams in this world.


We live with both of them and we do what they do. We both we fuck with both Michelle Williams. And it's real hard to find you a black and white, the same thing that everybody on black Twitter fucks with. We love seeing it. Michelle Williams and we love and Michelle with no cap for both.


Love them both equally different.


I'm right there with you.


I can I ask you a question about when you were, you know, making that pivot from acting to writing? Did you almost ever quit?


There was there was definitely like a moment where I kind of.


Thought I just thought maybe this won't work. Maybe this won't work. I try not to get there too much just because at that point I've been doing it for so long. I have been in show business for years that like the thought of really kind of giving up. I'm sure there was a couple of moments where I'm like, hey, if this if this doesn't work, then I'm done.


I have like, maybe this is too personal. You should tell it. Cut it, cut it.


I OK, I remember very clearly if you'd gotten married to Erica, I think this was just after you guys had been married and you were like teary about work. Yeah. Oh yeah. And you were just like I she just I got a I got all these be so fully realized at my wedding. By the way, what a good audition. No, no, no. You just were like it was the gist of it was essentially we were probably I was pretty drunk.


The gist of it was essentially like I like I have to do right by my wife and my. Yes. And I think you said I just don't want her to feel like she bet on the wrong horse.


Oh, my God, she's OK. And and like and like you were just like I just I just it's not it's not even that I need to be famous. Like, it's not I just I need to like I just have health insurance. I need to like I can't I she moved here, she had a job and moved here for me and like I need to do this like I got to do this. Yeah. And I just remember being like, so oh you're going to you're going to do it.


But I think you'll be finding a job for everyone.


I do think it's important for people listening just to know that there are those moments in even like people who you look at, you're like, oh yeah, that guy was on Matvey TV. And then he was then then he had like, you know, was with Amy Poehler in that movie and he wrote, you know, and he writes these movies on The Mindy Project. That guy, like, he was great. He's like been working all the time.


Like there were real moments where you were unsure if moving forward in this business was going to work for you because you're and you somehow found was it helpful to work with staff?


And do you feel like partnering with partnering back up with him helped, like, keep you both going?


I do. I think when you have if you're fortunate enough to find someone who is above all, you agree on taste together, you have the same taste. If you have that person and you're willing to work with each other, then you just know that you guys, you might argue about this or that. At the end of the day, if you made a movie that was good, they would understand it was good and vice versa. If you can have that, that person just kind of pushes you, you know what I mean?


You just kind of has a natural kind of like because there's days, many days where I did not want to do anything except for like watching, like, Old World War Two in color videos of my dad.


What are you doing? I know. I know. I'm the weirdest. So I just turn the History Channel and just sit in my bathrobe and like, drink coffee and smoke and watch. Like, goddamn Rommel was a genius. He just looks so dumb. But but but to have that person who you're kind of like, hey, you know, we're working today. Come on, let's go. It's it's good if you can find that. Hold on to it and.


Oh, hold on. I'm going to hold on.


You are great together. And I think that like that that bit always gets sort of glazed over when the end result ends up being like a lot of success.


You got you know, you wrote and directed your own movie last year. You're still you know, you're selling stuff all the time like you're asked. You're offered things as an actor all the time now. And I think that it's leaning into your weirdness and who you kind of really are is the thing that ultimately helps people find success.


I think that's the most important thing is one take away. It's like do what feels good. Do you do it right? If you're writing something, what feels funny to you? Any time to ever try to write to what we think the town would like or this one person would like, or if you're acting and you're going to do this one thing because you saw another actor do it work for him or her, you probably won't end up working. And if it does, you'll you'll feel it's not as deep as if it's something that's just you being you like that's we're living in a good age now where people like Vive la France, you know, I mean, people want to see fucking different people and they want to see weirdo's and they want to see they want to see something other than we've been seeing for the last hundred years or so.


I think it's a very good time to embrace because it's a good time to embrace who you are. I always say this. It is the thing you say the most. It is love your curves, you. No, my tension, right? Well, I think you are truly my favorite. What a joy. What a joy. What a delight. This is my forty seventh interview with Ike bearing home the Tony Randall of Busy. I am honored to be here, Tony Randall.


All right. I tell your family I love them back at you. Bye bye. Thank you. Bye so much. Thank you, guys. Bye.


OK, guys, listen, that was a delightful chat with Ike Barenholtz.


I love him. I'm so glad he was the first guest today. So hopefully we'll have more episodes that Casey sometimes I like looking and you're just like looking at me like I'm trying to tell you with my mind what to say. Don't why don't tell me with your mind what to say. You can just jump in and say your own fucking shit. That's why you're here. You're actually not producing from behind a camera. You're actually a part of it.


So you could just jump right the fuck in. But that is the look that you would give me on busy tonight when you when I things would be going awry and you'd just be like, you've got it anyway.


Anyway, I love I I love the success that he's had in his career and his family is incredible and wonderful. And I'm so glad that we're such good friends. And he always just is such a delight. And I'm so glad and grateful to him for being our our inaugural guest. Thank you. OK, thanks, guys. Uh. We're going to let you guys get on with your lives. This is probably been too long. Anyway, I want to say that in the future, if you want to talk about a pivot that you're currently taking, maybe due to covid or or maybe you were, that you're considering a pivot that you're considering maybe due to covid or, you know, becoming aware and motivated for social justice issues, for black lives matter, for voting for the candidates, whatever, if you're in your libation that you just want to change for for no other reason.


Yeah. You want to pivot and you're nervous about it or you want to talk about it or whatever. We do have an email. It's busy doing her best at Gmail dot com. And you can write in and in this last little bit after we talk to our guests and we like sort of wrap up everything we will. Maybe we're going to go through some of those things and we will. I don't know if we'll end up talking to you. Maybe we will call.


I don't know. Maybe we'll just try to give you some advice, even though we don't know what we're talking about. And it's know our guess is as good as yours.


You know your best. Listen, I have to be I have to be honest about that. I think we do know what we're talking about. Yeah. I honestly think we have good advice. And it's just like when you watch those commercials for, like, weird medicines, because in America you can do that. It's like we'll give you the advice and you can take it as you see fit.


But we've lived a long we've lived we've lived lots of years, the three of us. But also we've seen lots of things. And we have friends that do all kinds of things. And I've personally I've seen lots of pivot's. And anyway, if you want some helpful advice, if you want to share, that line is open and we look forward to hearing from you about that. Oh, also, you know what I'd love to hear, if you like, had the million dollar idea that you didn't act on and somebody else did and made a billion dollars and was like on Oprah.


I want to hear about it. I'm fascinated by those stories of like, yeah, Diamanti, that kid who invented the the thing where you hang bacon and then you put it in the microwave and cook it. And yeah, we thought about that before she made it to Oprah. Definitely. I mean, I'm definitely on my mind.


It could have been U.S.A.. Speaking of which, I never had any good product ideas. That's not my that's not where I. I don't think so and I think so. So yeah. We want to hear from you. And also we have a second episode on Wednesday.


Oh right. This is important information. So we launched the podcast today. This is Monday, August 17th, seventeenth. It's Monday, August 17th. Who cares time am I right? But we're really going to our podcast date that it comes out. No release day of the week or release day of the week. Our podcasts release Day of the Week is going to be Wednesdays. So we thought instead of you having to wait a whole week and a half, we'll just do another show that'll be available this Wednesday, the 19th.


That's going to be great. And it's going to have somebody amazing on it. And then we'll go a regular schedule in a week, the following day. Humpty Dumpty guys. Also, you know what I think comes out on on Wednesday, the 19th when. The might, the Sarabeth Tomberlin, the skinheads in my house, her new EP and the video that I directed that Mark and I shot on our iPhones and he edited on his computer, also is released on the 19th.


You know, I love a white girl with a guitar and making me cry. That's my go to we shot in the hurricane. It was shot. I say shot. We were literally holding our funds. If there's rain in it, I'm 100 percent going cry. Oh. There is great doubt that white women in the rain with a good guitar you got me, that's it. Look at. So so there's a lot to look forward to this week.


Also this week, guys, I'm maybe going to finally get my toe fungus lasered off. Wow, wow, wow. That raffia that that pivo in my life has been brutal because. Oh, no. Right. You lost it. The first thing that happened was just a straight up toenail injury, which was due to not not cutting my toenails short enough and working out as much as I do every day.


I'm going to black out. Oh, great. Oh, we just wait. Casey, Casey, just. I'm sorry, Casey. Muite just muda just mean it. I'm serious. I'm actually serious. Just take just stop. You don't need to listen to this. I didn't know she couldn't listen to feed. I didn't either. I feel like that's a little harsh. I'm not even going to lie Casey. It feels a little made. I thought you can see fit.


I know you could. I was going to show you. I feel like I don't know anyway. I'm not buying. I'm not buying it. But anyway, so let me continue my journey because I think it's something that a lot of people and as as you know, I am I'm all about destigmatizing things that that people don't want to talk about. I feel like toenail fungus is one of them. So anyway, I had bruised my toenail so badly that it fell off, most of it fell off.


And then I guess what happens, which I didn't know until the podiatrist told me, is that when that happens, your toenail is very susceptible to fungus. So you should be really careful. Like what if you got a nail salons and like what tools people are using on you and stuff? And so I guess I contracted a some type of toenail fungus. And so then it's just been the last like a bit of time. And then I thought maybe over quarantine, I could really like heal it with using homeopathic things and like spraying it with.


Lysol, I don't know, it wasn't it wasn't my fault, it wasn't like it was good. Oh, it was Listerine. No, it was Listerine. I like the like. Right, right. OK, it didn't work as it did the president's press conference. I'm damn I at work. I was taking a page from Trump. No, it didn't like the homeopathic like like tea tree oil and all that stuff. Like I did it all guys I read all the things don't just don't send that stuff to me because I don't I don't want your like this worked for me.


It didn't work for me. I did it all. And, um. And so then now I have this appointment so like maybe get a I'm going to try the laser which worked for Erica who did wardrobe on busy.


You just outed her out. I don't care whether you guys, everybody like this is the thing millions of people deal with. Here's what I'm going to say. That item that you're talking about, the thing your affliction is maybe it's like a small trade off for never smelling because you never smell. I don't have a natural odor, but I did contract toe fungus when my toenail fell off last year. It's a it's a bummer. It's a bummer. But it also speaks to guys, be careful where you put your feet.


Be careful what tubs you put them in. Be careful who's touching them, be careful where they go. Be careful where you put that big toe.


I feel like that's a great note. That's like just a great note for everybody to go about. Yeah. Weak. Yeah. I love you guys. I love you so much. I love you. I can't even tell you how much I love you. I really do. I'm sending you love. It's not weird. I really necessary. It's necessary. I really want I just really want everybody to have one fucking moment today where you just feel like.


OK. Just OK and know that somebody out there is sending you love and good vibes because Shinta and Casey and I are doing that to you right now and we'll see you. Um, no, we're not going to see you. This is a podcast we're going to talk to you on. See, already doing our business. Just doing my best, guys. OK, I'm busy. Philipps Cases in Orange and Shintaro Jackson and this is busy is doing her best by.