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If the officials got a good head, guys, you just throw that fucker back in and let it keep serving, I don't know. My name is busy, Phillips, and this is busy, Phillips is doing her best. I'm joined by Shinta Jackson, Saint and Usual four college.


Well, guys, we made it through another week of life. Oh, Lord, what are what are we doing? It's so crazy, because here's the thing.


You know, that theory about like as you get older, years get shorter. Yeah.


Yeah, that's right. Like, OK, so everybody at home, you know that theory, right?


Like because you've lived the life.


I don't even fucking know what goes back. I close life. I know. But you like you're getting to the end of it. Well, it's that it's that you've already lived every year that you've lived. Whatever it's like when you drive to Palm Springs for the first time and it like feels like it takes forever, but then the 30th time that you drive to Palm Springs, you're like, oh, my God, we're already in Palm Springs. That's what life Palm Springs, everybody from L.A., that's like two hours.


But if the traffic's bad, maybe three. My point is that or like anywhere that you drive to the way home feels faster, even if it's the exact same amount of time.


That's what that's what years are like in your life. Oh, yeah. If you don't know that's what that's what we're talking about as you get older, years feel shorter. I guess they are sort of like there is some sort of scientific thing that they're like. I don't even fucking know that they actually are kind of shorter for I don't even know I don't I don't understand it. I'm not a quantum physicist.


Well, everything feels longer now, but this is what I'm saying is that, like this 20-20 was like such a like time ceased to exist in any meaningful way for anyone, for anyone and and like for some people, I would imagine. Talking to this lawyer, I had to sign these papers and like there it was, a husband like this sort of older couple and their husband and wife, like the husbands, the notary and the wife is the lawyers real cute.


And they were telling us about their adult daughters. And they're like, oh, we have we actually have some kids that live in California. Two of our daughters live in California.


They're saying one of their they're like.


Thirty two year old daughter is an E.R. nurse. Oh, God. In Orange County. Wow. And we kind of. Yeah. And I was just we were talking about it and they were it was it's tough, man, and like, overwhelming. And they were just talking about the trauma that she's, you know, been going through this year. And I was like, I I bet that for some people this has been. Like, I don't even I don't even know I don't know, actually, I don't know how you get through it like you're in, like war or you're in a fugue state.


Right. Like, you just I mean, you know, if they're like registering time, what are you touching?


Is this is I always sound like I'm making so much noise, but to me it doesn't sound like anything. But you guys are like, here's what I think.


It's the microphones on top of your zoom recorder are picking up every time you tity, which is like your you tie to your desk a lot.


Well, I do it because I have 8D and it's hard for me to just do one thing, i.e. talk. Yeah, I know.


I you got to get you like a fidget spinner or. I don't think that that's the answer. I'm almost positive.


I don't want that spinners. You know, for a minute when we first started the podcast, I was like, I would paint my nails. Do you remember that?


That's really hard. I can't quiet activity. It was a quiet activity and it was nice. Yeah. But now I don't need to do that because I'm on a show and I have nails done.


Anyway, my point being this week.


Felt like the longest week of my life. Yeah. Why, you guys, I can't well, because I well, it's weird we talked you guys a little bit later in the show.


We didn't do an interview this week, but we just got on the phone with each other and recorded it the day after the inauguration just because, like, we wanted to break it all down for you.


Inauguration special, baby, fresh off the top of our head, interviewed ourselves about the inauguration. And but like I had strep throat last week, I was very, very, very sick.


I had to stay home from work, which was wild, never in my career have I had to stay home and work. Maybe I talk about this in the middle of the show. Yeah, I think I do think you do.


And and then also, just like I don't even like a week a week ago. There was still another person that was the president. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's what I mean. This week just feels like it's like what the fuck this is. Oh, it's only been a wee surreal. It's surreal. Yeah. I think also, like, we were just so ready for everything to massively change.


And of course, that's not what's going to happen. Like, of course, that change takes time, as we were discussing. So I think, like, you know, we had this big buildup in this excitement and then it happened. And then like, we're kind of back to the same thing, you know, having strep throat and being home.


And my strep throat, I do think was a reaction to a bunch of stuff in the world, including. D.T. lead office, I think a lot of people have been holding a lot of crying, a lot of stress, your body takes care of you. I know that a friend of mine had the experience where, like, you have like a traumatic experience and then like your body's like, no, no, no, no, not yet. And then when you're on the other side of it, your body is like, yes, all the pain we stored for this amount of time.


You can deal with it now because you're in a safe place. And I think that that is going to be what a lot of people are going through right now, because their bodies have really been protecting them, have been protecting us as we lived through like trauma and terror.


And now that we have someone who is not terrorizing us, it's not over. It's like now people had to begin to deal with the feelings, the trauma and the emotions that we had during all that.


He terrorized, terrorized, terrorized. He terrorized us from the beginning. And it was really hard to because news outlets wouldn't say that. No, they were like, this is the day he became better. This is the day he finally hits like he's full on. What you're seeing here is that he's taking a much a tone that's a little bit tone of traditional. And you're like, what the fuck? And I think that, too, I think people are also going to be grappling with something that's really fucking making me mad is that all of a sudden we know how to criticize leadership.


Like all of a sudden all of a sudden, just like Joe Biden has a peloton and a Rolex and it's like Trump lived in a golden castle all of a sudden now you have the fucking gall. So, like, that's infuriating, too, because it was like, well, they don't want to do it. They can't do it. Their hands are tied. It's like, no, their hands aren't tied. They're literally full of shit.


Right. On Shinjiro, we talk about this in the middle of the show because we talk about the fashion. Oh, yeah. Of the inauguration.


But like, I don't care about money that people have and choose to spend on whatever they fucking choose to spend it on.


Yeah, I don't give it. Is it is it not both. It's not. It's not. Oh it's not OK.


No but I because I just saw that debunked but I like also like who gives a fuck. I don't care. I don't care where he got the Rolex.


He can relax. You want to know where he didn't get it from. Our fucking tax dollars. That's where he didn't.


You know what I mean. And I think that's what thing.


Like that. Like that. Like there's a way to be like there's a way to be a certain thing.


Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah. Bullshit. Well I think, I think too is that this is a thing about class that our media gets really bad and it's like I don't want my leader to have a Rolex. No, no, no, no, no baby. I want everybody who is being led to have a Rolex. Let's stop talking.


I don't need Joe Biden to come back. I don't need Joe Biden to come down to me. I need everybody else elevated. And that's the distraction. The distraction is about people with money doing with tax the fuck out of him. And if you tax him properly, I don't care what it does with this fucking money. Right. So, like, I think that that's a thing that people are missing and it's just like he's elitist. I don't give a fuck.


You want to know what? We should make a great equalizer. Give me enough money for a Rolex until you're talking about rising like raising people up. I don't give a fuck because he's been in the game forever. It's a distraction. So I think that that's the thing. Like also, I want my president to have a role because that's great.


As long as he didn't fucking rob a bunch of people with a fake college to get it, like I, I tweeted about this, but I once had the opportunity to break a Rolex watch.


I was saying I was like, everybody is talking about Rolex is when I work for Dave Letterman.


He received an antique Rolex as a gift from someone. And but it was like the time was stopped on it. And he was like, I don't I never I don't know, I never had a Rolex.


What do you do? Do you wind it? And I was like, I don't know, do you wind it? And I took it and wound it. And it sprang apart like a cartoon clock that in my hands.


That's terrifying.


And I was like it was like one of those moments where you just freeze. And then he busted out laughing at my face because I looked like I was like just filling my pants with poo.


I mean, that if you're an assistant, that's like, you know, that must fucking suck. No. One. Ray broke my necklace and then told me about it and you were like, oh, such an amateur move.


You should just go and not fix it. Just get it. If you don't don't tell her.


If you don't break it in front of the person as I did, then yeah. There's no reason to ever.


Have you guys ever, like, splurged on something really nice for yourself and then, like, immediately ruined it, you know?


But I'll tell you what, I did get a beautiful crystal. All from Tiffany, like a cut crystal ball from Tiffany as a wedding gift. I registered I registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but there were certain people that were guests at my wedding that felt that like I needed something beyond Bed, Bath and Beyond. Somebody gave me this very expensive cut crystal ball. And literally the second that I took it out of the gift box and was lifting it up into a very high cabinet where it would never be used, I dropped it and it smashed on the floor.


And I was like.


I was glad that I couldn't even get a hold of what was happening because the smashing of that crystal on the floor was one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen in my life. Like, I was so happy that I saw it. It broke up into these big, beautiful chunks.


Of course, that's all, like, amazing.


It was really amazing. And I was like, you know what? It was kind of worth it just did you drop it? But did you put the crystal, like in a jar or something? Somewhere like a vase? Yeah, I think I used it like a vase filler idea. I'm on board that I.


I always wanted to, like, you know, I loved I love doing like my hair and makeup or whatever and getting ready and that my first like house that I was like buying my own furniture for I this is before Mark and I got married. But like right before and my friends there, Shuter, who was is an interior designer and still is my interior designer still and still my good friend. But she was like, let's like custom make. She's like, what do you want for in the closet room?


And I was like, I really want like a vanity where I can sit and do my makeup. It's like my dream from childhood. And she's like, do you want an antique one?


Blah, blah, blah. I was like, I really want like an all mirrored vanity, like real Hollywood. He like fuckin fancy ass bullshit. So she's like, let's get it made. So she got this thing and it was it was expensive. But I was like, you know what, I'm going to like buy this. So, you know, big it was like had a mirror and it was mirrored the whole thing. I got it into my house.


It was so beautiful. And day one, I put my curling iron on it.


Oh, yeah, yeah. Just put that turn that curling iron on and just set it down on that the top.


Oh is it the heat. Your I this is and I said out loud this is why you can't have nice things Busi this is why you just turn that into a disco ball. It was unbelievable.


And Sarah was like what did you do.


I'm like I don't, I don't, I don't even want to talk about, I don't want to talk about it. We're just going to have to fix it. And this is why I can't have nice things. But I was like hysterical. Like, I felt like it was like like impugned my character. Like it meant something about me, you know what I mean? Like that I'm like, yeah, hairless and such an asshole. And I shouldn't have nice things like that, but we've worked whatever.


I just you know, I just guys I just got it fixed and it was fine and and I learned a lesson about heat.


I was going to say, it's good to know yourself, though, you know what I mean? That's what I feel like.


Shinjiro, have you ever destroyed anything brand new that you that you splurged on?


OK, I didn't destroy something for me. OK, this is a story from my childhood when I was younger, I got I got like a bike for my birthday. I think it was either a bike or roller blades. Either way, I used to have one of those things. And then at one point in time I had both. And I was like, you know what I got to do, right? I got to ride this bike wearing these roller blades, same thing.


So I was like, I got if I can do it. So my team had just graduated college, who's twenty two and everybody in the family got her a brand new Mazda, brand spanking new Mazda. And I was like, everybody was like, this is this is her car present. And I remember that I put my rollerblades on and I got my bike. And now that I'm older, I know I should have took the bike out of the garage and then rollerbladed out there.


I decided I was going to do both out of I didn't make it past the garage.


I fell over bike and roller blades, fresh, beautiful, brand new debt in this brand new Mazda. She had had it literally less than a week. But I had to everybody everybody in the family knew it because they bought the fucking car. I had my dad, my grandma, my aunts, everybody was like, oh, no, I got in trouble.


I was crying. I was like, I ruined the new car and the they never fixed it. Like she had that car for like eight years. And they just had that that in the back when they got rollerblades and or a bike and fell into a weak one.


So that we started destroying something really bad is, oh, my God, you know what you got to do?


You have to buy your mom's. One day I thought to myself there, OK, one day.


What do you think you took the pressure off of her, you know what I mean? Because there's something about that first dent, because we, like, bought a new Prius years ago and a kid from the neighborhood on the first day that we had the brand new off the lot Prius, which I mean, I know it's a Prius, like it's you know, it's your own stuff. Yeah. Brand new. This kid rode his bike up the driveway to come see if our kids could come play.


And he had, like, you know, how the grips on the bike, like sometimes they get punched through and it's just like a pipe is like your handlebar. Yeah. Yeah. The bear handlebar just scraped straight up the side of the.


I heard it and I was like, oh, man, Jack. And then his name was Jack, his name still is Jack.


He's an adult now, but I just was like, wow. Now, like, now I yeah. He took the pressure off the car has like the has been christened and I didn't do it. Some kid from a neighborhood.


Did you know how hard it is to go to a room full of grownups and be like, I am a baby. I did a bad thing. I destroyed a car. I was just like I did get in trouble. I got like grounded, quote unquote, which was like I couldn't watch five hours of TV instead of the 12 I was watching already.


But I they should have grounded you from your rollerblades and by I was in so much trouble because, like, my dad was like, you know, that was a bad idea. And I was like, yeah, which is why I was doing it. But no one was around.


And that's how I ended up walking into the car. G.A. But seriously, I too I mean, we're definitely roller skates.


I tried to roller skate while riding my new bike.


Yeah, but I rest. I fell off and broke my wrist down and then I was too embarrassed to tell my mom what I was doing. And she was like, this doesn't make this isn't adding up like this doesn't make sense that I didn't make that maybe I would have broke my wrist if that car when the broken my my stuff saved you life to save me came on.


Today's podcast is brought to us by Miles. That's kind of funny. I mean, I wonder if that's like a common thing that goes through kids. Kids are so dumb like you think the dumbest shit to do. It makes sense because I was like, I know how to hold this bike up. I know how to rollerblade. I feel like I'll go faster with more wheels. I was like eight dollars.


It's not like I was a fucking genius. So I was I was a I was like eight and I was like, whoa, I got two pairs of wheels. I got to do them at the same.


Why did why did you and I both have that exact same is really weird. I think. I think it's really weird.


I think I got at home if you tried to rollerblade and or roller skate and ride a bike at the same time, will you just drop us a line? Because it's I think it's weird that she a.. And I both did that. Casey, you never tried to do that, did you? I never did that. No, I never did that. Yeah, you're right.


But I you know, I probably I didn't have roller skates. I don't think.


There you go. We would have tried it. Yeah, I yeah. We bike only for me. Two things. No. One, anyway, guys, let us know if you if Yeah. If you if you did that when you were a kid.


OK, first of all, no one you know, I have told you that we're almost positive that Gina I don't know how this works. I don't know how it is possible.


But that Gina is our cat Verdell reincarnated.


Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah. OK, so because we don't know. But Verdell was a cat that we loved dearly. She was taken too soon.


She had a heart attack in front of us. Did, you know, count to have heart attacks? I did know that.


That's OK. Here's the thing.


That's not funny, but I anytime I hear something that is like so shockingly bad, my response to go, well, OK, the real story is so OK, so Mark and his ex, like they were going to get married like a long, long time ago, got this cat together or the the ex girlfriend wanted the cat, the fiance.


They wanted the cat. And so they adopted this cat Verdell together as a kitten, but then her grandma got sick or something out of town. And so like immediately as soon as they adopted the kitten, she, like split town for almost three weeks or something like two and a half weeks to go take care of her elderly grandma. They're in their twenties. And so the cat, like, bonded hard to Marc. So when they broke up a couple of years later, he was like, OK, but I'm keeping this cat.


Bella was four dollars. And then he was single for a long time before he and I started dating. Verdell was like his best little friend. And she was like, I didn't like cats at all when I started dating Marc.


And I did not like Verdell particularly.


And and she and she was like barely tolerated me. But also like like I remember like I would wake up in the middle of the night and she'd be eating my hair like she was just like, I don't know.


And she was she was really fluffy, fat and orange. And then like as time went on, she and I came to an understanding and occasionally she would let me put wigs on her and hers, which was cute.


And I have really good pictures of her. Like I'm like my, like, purple wig, like with the bangs to the side, you know, that that cat like to you because cats fucking hate that, you know, she.


Why can't we definitely came to an understanding and I like ended up really liking her and then I had Birdie and I was nervous about having a cat and a baby because I was afraid that the cat was going to suck the baby's breath out.


Isn't that like those old wives tale? Oh, yeah. But that bit that cat will smother your baby to suck their breath out. And my mom was like, you better watch it with that cat around that baby Elizabeth. That that's going to suck its breath right out like, oh, god, no, no, no. But it was like endlessly sweet, impatient with birdie.


And when Birdie was a baby, Verdell would let birdie, like, literally pull on her tail and, like, just chase her around. And wasn't like Verdell wasn't particularly afraid. She was just like kind of just like moseying around. Yeah. So anyway, this is the confluence of circumstances that led to Riddell's demise and also why I'm convinced that she has come back to us in dog form, as you know. So anyway.


Bertie was about to start preschool and Bertie and Verdell had gotten really close like they were they were buddies, like they really, really loved each other.


And so I think Bertie was like three and a half. Yeah. And about to start preschool and was very, very nervous, had a lot of anxiety about it. And all of a sudden one night, Fadell always slept in our room. And then one night I was like, Where's Verdell? And I went in and Verdell was at the end of Bertie's bed and slept there every night until Bertie started preschool and like, just calming Bertie down. Now, like a week and a half later, I was wearing these, like, platform heels and I stepped on the end of Fidel's tail.


Oh, no. Yeah, this is oh, I mean, this is it was.




And I felt terrible, like just terrible and like cried and cried. Del was not happy about it, and I was like, do we have to take her to the vet? What do you do is the end of her tail? And Mark's like, I don't think you do anything. I don't know. We've I've never taken her to the vet. And I was like, wait, I'm sorry. What? And he's like, Yeah, she doesn't go to the vet.


I don't know. Why do cats need to go to the vet?


She just says, I was like, Oh dear, I am pretty sure you have to take your cat to the vet.


He's like, I haven't been to the dentist in four years. I was like, wait, what? Like, wait.


We know that we have to talk about some things, first of all. And you had a child at this point. Yeah. So anyway, you know, can you see things moved fast and like, I didn't ask a ton of questions.


I'm just going to be honest, you know, like like literally the week before we got married, I said to Mark. So is it. I alvidrez t e i n or I e and here's like, you don't know how to spell my life, man, I'm just asking, I'm just double checking. I actually did not suffer.


OK, so anyway, so deli's so. I was like, well, I guess she doesn't have to go to the vet, but then, like, the end of her tail was like getting weird and I was like, oh my God, what's happening? And I looked it up online. And it's like no crop betha of the tail or something.


Like I killed the end of her tail. But it's apparently shouldn't have been a big deal. They just like. Lob off the end of her tail where I just hit her with a minor amputation, I feel. Listen, guys, I felt terrible. I cried. It was like horrible. I felt like such a fucking asshole.


I was also like, just wait. Just wait. I know. So we take so and Mark is like literally Verdell is not been to the vet since she got her surgery as a kitten. I was like, this is wild, OK, whatever dude.


Or maybe she had had like a urinary infection or at some point whatever. I don't know. So he rarely took to the vet. So I get find this vet. But she didn't have a vet, you know what I'm saying, right? So I found this vet, we took her down there that was like looking at her tail. She's like, oh, yeah, OK.


Well, this is like pretty simple, but like, you know, we are going to have to put her under and we will have to take off just it was like.


The end, it was basically like. The size of my pinky nail is what had to be taken off, OK? OK, two centimeters, I it. I'm not excusing myself. I feel really guilty about it was a mistake. And I whatever it was, an accident was an accident. OK, and then I was like, no, she was in the house ever again and that's why we never wore shoes in the house anyway. So then the doctor, the vet, the vet that we took her to was like but also like she had her teeth cleaned.


And we're like, well, no, I don't think ever she was I think she was 11 or 12 at this point, 12 maybe.


And she's like, well, we should really while she's under, we should really clean her teeth. And I was like, OK. And then she was like, oh, so she's got this like thing on her neck.


So basically the tiny little like tail situation became like she definitely has to have her teeth cleaned and there's like this lump on her neck that we need to just like biopsy or take out or I don't even fucking know. And and I don't know. I was just like, again, in a place where I'm like, OK, I guess, you know what's best, you know, when what I should have said is like, you know what, let's just do the tail right now and like, we'll come back later.


But I didn't Mark and I didn't they did all of those things to the cat. We got her back and she was like a shell of a human, a shell.


And she was just like shocked like she and and they were like we ended up having to like they had to extract like three or four teeth because no, they were right.


I don't even fucking know it was a disaster. And we had to give her this pain medicine. So she came back and had this, like, little biopsy.


It looked like they had like half her neck off. Do you know what I mean? Like, the stitches went from like like halfway around her neck. So I don't know what the fuck was going on, but, like, it wasn't great.


And she was really, really unhappy. And we're trying to give her her pain medicine.


She hated it. She was just like panicking. And the next morning, it was a Saturday.


I was like, I feel like we should take her back to the vet. I don't I don't know. And I feel like, weird about this.


Like, she's she's in pain. I can tell she's in pain. We were kind of like debating about what to do, and she fully started having a heart attack, a heart attack, and she was like sneezing and having this heart attack. And I started we did not handle it well.


I mean, I was like. The only thing I could think was like I needed Mark to leave because I didn't want him to see her die because it was, oh, no, I'm going to cry because it was like the like his cat.


And he loved her so much that I was like, oh, like, I'll give her mouth to cat, like, call the vet, like, call nine one one.


So I was giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation and like trying to like pump her little body and she just like died in my arms and it was so horrible. And I was like hysterically crying. And so then and then Mark came in, Mark was crying.


And then we were like, oh no, we have a three and a half year old somewhere child.


And then Berdy came in like Birdie didn't know was how we were.


Like I was like like we did everything. I did everything wrong.


I was like screaming. It was a disaster. But Illiana came over. Illiana is our kids long time nanny and never looked at that point like never worked on weekends. But I called Illiana and I was like, you have to come as emergency. Illiana came Mercanti. Buried the cat. In the front yard, new people who are listening to my podcast, because I know you listen to this podcast because you want to know everything that I say, even if it pertains to you.


Yeah, so the dead cat is buried in the front yard. But look at who just showed up. That's right. That's every yard, by the way, like my yard in Connecticut was like 80 percent animal skeletons.


Well, they've got Verdell and they've got two hamsters. And I think that's it. Fingers crossed. But so anyway.


But but yeah, so that was the saddest story of Verdell, and we were just like devastated and I especially was feeling I really felt I took it really hard because I felt like. I like I'd been so slow, slow to warm Dover, Del, and then right before she died, she had done this thing like where she had just given her comfort and her animal self to my baby, who was really nervous about going to school. And I felt so bad.


I loved her so much. I wanted her to know how much I, like, appreciated it and I loved her.


And for years I would hear her thump down off the bed like ghost thumps, like, do you guys have you ever like you know, so we'd be like it sounds like it's a very specific sound. It's Verdell jumping off the bed and we'd hear it for years. So anyway, we get this fucking dog, his dog is weirdly. Oh, and the joke about Verdell was that she was like a she was dog, but she was always she always acted like a dog.


She didn't act like a cat. And but some ways she acted like a cat. And this and so we get China and like, I don't know, week three or four. I was looking at her and I was like.


Burdell, is it you, I said you, and so we really have thought that this is Verdell and they make Jenah makes the exact same noise when she jumps off the bed.


Your baby, you can sit up here if you want. So then.


You know how she is like she was like a table dog, like she would always jump up on tables, remember when she was a puppy? Yeah, yeah, that habit.


But then today, I guess Mark came home. I went to work at 5:00 in the morning and the spoon that I had used for my coffee, which I put in the sink, and something else was like on the kitchen floor and he was like, oh God, she's jumping back up onto the like onto the stools and then up on to a counter and like, how what is she doing?


And so I got home from work tonight and he's like, I don't know what's going on, but genome's like we have to make sure that all the chairs are pushed in so she can't jump up bubble bath. And I was like standing there talking to him and then all of a sudden, like a fucking cat, she leapt silently and was standing on top of the kitchen counter and walked and walked to the kitchen sink like Verdell used to do. So this is a really long story to tell you that I'm pretty sure that our dog is reincarnated from our dead cat.


Well, she's a dead cat, stuff like bird wings, which I feel is like I feel like dogs. Like, that's right. Straight up bird wings.


Feels like to me, it's a great story. I think that cats are petty. I think that dogs are just like, I don't know. But I think cats are like, oh, you. I feel like Verdell like, look you in the eye and that on purpose. That's a vibe.


And I'll be back, bitch. So like, I really love the idea of Burdell being like you just fucking wait. I'm coming back in a nimble body that will be left alone often and I'm a new sub cat shit, but I'll do you some catch.


But also like but also like I love Gina so completely that like I'm getting I feel like Verdell was like, oh shit. I missed out on all the love, you know.


I mean, like, yeah, I feel like I'm getting to like give the animal the protective animal love fight though.


I think that it's petty and I'm I'm here for it because I love that to decide I'm going to make you watch me die and then I'm going to go back and I'm like, that is a cat that adores it and die. They don't want you to see it.


She looked me in the eye. It was like, I'll never forget it. I'll never forget it. And I was screaming, get out of here, you can see this. Don't look at it with breathing into her little nose and mouth.


Oh, the sad. Well, I'm glad she can't. I'm glad she came back to you. Me too. It's like a Bonnie Hunt movie. I am basically like Bonnie, I think, don't you think.


Yeah. So the so we can't have nice things but at least our pets come back.


Yeah. I mean she Verdell Verdell is doing her best to possess the body of your dog, Gina. I mean, yeah, I feel like. Who knows how nine lives work? Casey, here's my question. Do you believe that Gina is a Verdell reincarnated or do you believe that Verdell is possessing Gina?


Oh, no, I think it's reincarnation first. OK, because this is a really positive yeah. A positive connotation and one is scary.


No or not. Or like soul, the movie soul. It's not that scary. It's just like it is what it is. Another little soul just hops in there.


I mean, I do think that spoiler alert.


I don't know. Maybe. Oh, maybe.


Listen. Maybe. Animals. Maybe maybe a dog's journey is is is a true story. Oh, yeah, I never saw I never saw it. But isn't it just like about a dog that just keeps coming back to the same owner or the same owner keeps finding the same dog?


I don't really know what it is. I don't remember. Know, that's because, like, what's the one with Jennifer Aniston where everybody cries the dog when I'm talking about the dog movie? Marley is not that much Marley and me. I know. But like after Marley and me, there's just been like a lot like Marley and Me was so successful then we just got like hell a dog movies. Yeah.


Just like, how do we get this dog and this family forever. So like after Marley Me, I'm like, this is Dennis Quaid one. And then it's like, yeah, that's the dog's journey. Yeah. But then there's like another dog movie where like the dog is played a dog's life and. Yeah, it's a bunch of weird.


Yeah. I'm not trying to watch a sad dog movie. No one wants a sad dog movie. No. Let's just do that homeward bound life where everybody comes back.


Oh yeah.


Guys, guess what. Speaking of homeward bound, guess what is coming to us, but.


The cats, oh, that's exciting. You guys remember that we have cats?


Oh, yeah, I mean, probably not as much as you remember because we've never. Yeah. Your cats. You've never met my cat. No. They stay in the band. Right, because you're allergic, right? No, no. I just have never seen your cats in your house before because, like, they live upstairs and they never come downstairs.


They were just they were scared and yeah. They don't like people that much. We tried to you know what it was. You know what you know, it's like, you know, when you have a really everybody has this experience. I feel like if you if you have pets, like if you had a really great pet, i.e. Verdell, and then you're like chasing the dragon, you're like, get another really great pet. So we got these like two cats that are just like assholes and they hate and they like don't like us, I'm telling you.


Well, they're the white lady.


They're the ones who flooded your fucking house, right? Yes, they flooded our house.


They turned on the sink and while you're at work, flooded your whole house. So you being like people will be like cats are assholes. If a cat stuffed a bunch of sick and flooded your house, that's an asshole move. If you ask me.


I'm just saying like it's a true story. And I got like I don't even understand how it really happened at this point in my life. It feels like another like lifetime.


But those cats were really jerky and they really flooded our house. Yeah. And caused a bunch of damage.


And then and now there's an insurance commercial that's like essentially the same thing. But anyway, but the cats kids have really been missing the cats. And I don't know why.


It's not like they haven't really paid, but they say they miss them. And also, I think the kids just, you know, life, their lives and and and it's not really fair to, like, just leave our cats with. Illiana for the rest of their life. So there's this, like, cap moving company. We're paying we're basically paying someone to drive our cars. Yeah, people do it, yeah, because they're like anxiety ridden and also like, please, you can't fly, can't fly.


You can't you can barely carry a cat downstairs. You think you go put a cat on a plane and they're going, no, no, no.


So the cats are coming to us and. We'll see. That's true. We'll see how that goes. That's exciting for them. It's exciting for Birdie, I think mostly.


And maybe maybe cricket cares about. Probably mostly exciting for Illiana.


I think it is going to miss you things. I actually. Yeah, I think that she's really enjoyed having them. Oh, that's good.


But Eliade is actually coming here to visit. And she has to quarantine, you have to quarantine now in New York. It's if you get a negative test before you fly. Then you have to quarantine for four days and on the fourth day, you can get a test. Yeah, and then if that one's negative, then you're OK. You guys should you guys should buy her that helmet.


Well, that way, you know that helmet. Yeah, it's like a space helmet. All the cool people on Instagram pictures with their that helmet to helmet, if you sneezing it, it's the most disgusting thing in the world.


Yeah, I here is where how do you buy it? How much is it. I think it's like 300 dollars. I think it went up.


I think the price went up. Yeah. Yeah. I saw some people on Instagram posing with their helmets that they got just in case.


In case what. It's all these were like. I don't know, it can't get any worse than what it is right now.


Like not just in case, just in case you have three hundred dollars that you want to spend on it. If I bought your husband a covid helmet, would he wear it to work?


I don't know. That's a I don't think he'd be allowed to be honest. OK, well, then I guess I'm not getting it one now. Yeah, he's double masking it, but I don't you're supposed to now because there's a new variant of. You guys, what's happening in L.A. and why did Gavin Newsom reopen dining? I think he reopened it because all the Republicans in Los Angeles are live in Orange County and they're trying to impeach him.


Yeah, they're trying to they're trying to recall Gavin Newsom. He's trying to avoid being recalled. And, you know, the people that are trying to recall him are the people that think that it's a hoax.


So it seems like he's just trying to he's trying to run for president in twenty, twenty four while a bunch of other people in California are dead. That is Gavin Newsom. It's trying to do.


And it's really frustrating because it's like also the people in Orange County, you're so rich. Just hang out there and do your rich shit.


Then if you don't believe in covid like what the whole state of California, I don't know. And it's just like very disheartening to watch, like, because, you know, I trust no man. So even though I was like, all right, I think that he'll be OK. And now I'm like, see, that's why we trust Angela Bassett. I bet you she wouldn't fucking kill us.


She like, no, no.


But it is it's a bummer because. Yeah, I mean, I get it like I get that businesses are having a hard time. I just feel like we're stuck in this forever because we have successfully you have this you have to show that you the thing is you have to give people money.


That is the answer. Money literally is the answer for everything. And I think one of the things about this country is that we hate poor people so much that white supremacy. Right. We would rather people die than not be poor, which is literally what's happening because people are not poor.


This doesn't happen.


But it's like if we give everybody money, then like we can exploit their labor, oh, let's let them die, which is like also way you cannot exploit their labor if they're dead. Right. But like, give everybody fucking ten grand, shut it down and then we get a lot more people get to stay alive.


But they we rather people be poor than alive, which is fucked up.


I am curious, even if they gave everybody ten grand, I wonder if people would lock it down.


I wonder if people would be like, I got ten grand, let's give them airborne B I think that that's the thing too, is that we're punishing the majority based on a minority, you know what I mean?


And that's the thing, is that thing where it's like, well, we're giving people six hundred dollars. That's more than I make it my job. And it's like you should be upset at your job. You shouldn't be upset the people who are getting six hundred dollars and that's the same.


Instead it's like, well if people have money I won't be better than them anymore and we can't have that. And I think people really need to look like if everybody is getting money, why are you upset that somebody who's not working is getting money? That means that you really think that the value of life is based on money and that's fucked. So go think about why you're mad.


It's so weird to me that they're opening dining like that, you know, because and people keep saying like, well, you know, it's good for people, it's good for the restaurant and it's good for the workers in the restaurant. I'm like, what about looking at a person in a mask with a visor over their face? Serving you food with a terrified look in their eyes is appetizing to you.


If these people had enough money, they would not do right.


They don't want to give you fucking tacos, you know what I mean? Like they want right home. So I think it's really interesting that also they make the least amount of money, which is why I really would love for like the minimum wage to be raised, but like cut just like give people money so that they don't have to pay.


They don't I mean, like shout out to the like, old order from restaurants, shut those restaurants down and let those people go home.


Right. Then tell everybody to learn how to fucking cook for two weeks.


Like, I don't want to rat this person out, but somebody in my life that I am close to who is a restaurant server also made the point that most of the people that will dine in in a restaurant now are not great tippers.


No, they're not great tippers. And they're also not what people want because they're like the it's kind of like a Venn diagram of like people who don't think the pandemic. Yes. Is that serious. And they're like, you know, they think like, oh, you're back to work. You're getting money now that you weren't getting any before. So it's just like a Venn diagram of people that never were good tippers to begin with. But now it's like those are the only people that are being served in dining.


Yeah, I hate people that aren't good tippers. Yeah, it's not great. It's great.


It's fucking bullshit.


It's like the whole system is silly because of like, you know, it's like below minimum wage server's like two dollars.


Right. Yeah. Yeah. And so they depend on tips and then you know, if you're in like a cycle where people aren't tipping and like when the economy is bad, people skimp on their tips and, you know, it's just one of those. Again, where because it's not a rule, it's like the honor system where you're like, you know, you decide how much you want to tip based on the service you feel you got. Here's what's customary.


But so many people are like, yeah, but I think I feel like seven percent is good.


And, you know, it's like it's not great because people aren't making a living wage as it is.


It exploited exploitation of labor. This country is built on the exploitation of labor. Literally, slaves were exploited.


Labor people who work at restaurants are exploited labor because they make less money to been I mean, other I mean, obviously enslaved people in this country. But like beyond even that, it was always beyond I mean, because obviously enslaved humans is a fucked up situation.


It was always like the work of like building the railroads and and the and the infrastructure and all of that was always like whatever immigrant population was like last year. Yeah, yeah. Show up. And they were and they would get paid the least. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Or like like so they would pay like nothing.


The people that like built the fucking rail system across the country got paid like you know nothing. Yeah. Yeah. Nothing. Yeah. And that's essentially what they are doing with minimum wage at this point. Oh your entire country. Like it became like the greatest country. You're exactly right. It became the greatest country in the world at exploiting people by exploiting. And I don't like that. Yeah. Even like I think about, I think about like our like 40 hour work week.


Like there is a me and my partner talked about this. It's like we're not supposed to be working this much like people are alive to do work.


And I think that if you want to be a doctor, if you want to be a teacher, if you want to be an actor, if you want to be a writer, that's fucking great.


But there are some people who are just supposed to, like, hang out or maybe like there are some people who are like I think about like Michelangelo and like how like there used to be people like rich people who commissioned art.


And it was like his job was to like hang out and then fuck with the Sistine Chapel, like that's what he was built to do. But now there's people who should be doing Sistine Chapel shit fucking working at McDonald's for not enough money because we exploit so much labor and don't let people make a decision about what they want their life to be. We it's like if we like go to work to make money, to pay for housing and to pay for food.


And it's like food and housing is a human right. We should have it already. That way people can do what they want. If you want to be a doctor, fucking great. If you don't want to do shit, that doesn't mean you're not worthy of being alive. And that is the fucking the trick that gets you. It's like if you're not working, you're not worthy of anything homey.


If you don't want to do shit, that makes sense. We're supposed to be doing all this shit.


Well, that's all we that brings me to this, which is so crazy.


So I did I can't remember if I talked about this when we talked you guys. I can't remember anything anymore. I literally.


What is time. What all right. This time. Last week, I got strep throat and I woke up and I was like, oh, God, I don't know what to I guess I'll just like I don't know what to do. Like, what if this is covid?


Obviously, that's immediately what I thought I was pretty sure I had covered. And so I called the second aid and I was like, I feel like I shouldn't come to do the testing at work because if I show up, whoever I come in contact with then is exposed and his eye is fucked. Yeah. So well they'll have to like sit home from work no matter what.


Right. If I'm positive, so I'm going to pay for myself to go get like this rapid PCR test. And make sure that I don't have yeah, covid and then if if I if I'm negative, like my call times, not till this afternoon, I'm like I feel really sick.


I'm pretty sure I have strep throat, but like, whatever we'll see. Previously in Hollywood, Hollywood break. I have I worked through everything, we did talk. I worked through everything. Yeah, we did talk about that. You talk about this. Yeah. This episode. Yes. You worked there. Everything under the sun because you work there. I work exploitation, baby. That is wise. But also can I just say, like I got back to work.


So this part we didn't talk about because we couldn't have so I got back to work. Yesterday and everybody was like, oh, my God, are you feeling better? So I missed an entire fuck, almost an entire fucking week of work. Yeah, and they had to rearrange shit. And like, this Thursday, they have to pick up all this stuff where it's like just my coverage on things and whatever. But they're like making it work and it sucks, but like it is what it is.


And I'm better now.


And everybody at work was like, oh, I just have to tell you, it's so great that, like, this is the way it should be. Like if you're not if you're sick, you should stay home until you're better. No one else got strep throat on the side. No one else got sick. Like, everybody is fine. And I'm totally fine now. Yeah. Like, it just is so crazy that we've just created this culture of of with this idea that, like, you can't ever give yourself a break.


But more than that I felt. Horribly guilty about it. Yeah, t like that I was like I had, like, fucked everything that I could have leave exploitation works.


Here's here's the thing.


None of us are doing brain surgery unless we're brain surgeons. So, like, what are you doing if you're a teacher, a bus driver, a restaurant worker, anything. Even if you're another type of doctor that's not a brain surgeon, you're not doing brain surgery. Someone else can take it for a day. But also, while you don't want my brain surgeon to have strep throat. Yeah, exactly. If you don't you don't want to get strep brain from a strep throat brain surgeon.


It's it's wild. It's wild. But I'm glad that everybody was so understanding about it because. Yeah, well, as we said, hopefully this will be like a change in attitude about illness and taking time off.


I mean, I hope so. But also we're still handling it very poorly. So I feel like one of the things that's been very interesting about just the country in the last year is that there's more people understanding what's going on, but like very little being done. Right. And I think that this has been an instance in the world where, like more people are like them, we should definitely not be going to work when we have cold thing. I guess everyone should have enough food and money to live.


And then it's like we finally got to the bare minimum agreement. Now we have to figure out if somebody will help us. I mean, like, that's the only thing that I've been thinking about for, like, the last year or two is like like is who's going to help us? Like, I feel like we're all like we could definitely use some help. Right.


Like who who's going to do that? Who's going to help us? Who do I ask for help. OK, I ask those people for help. They're not going to help us. OK, like what are we doing? I feel like the main thing for me constantly is just like I think we need help.


Like train. That's it. The word help. Help us please. Well help is hard to ask for. Oh yeah. But we've been begging for it at this point. Right. I feel like we've gotten over the hump of even being like I'm scared to ask now. People are like government. Officials well, people we voted for and then whose after that, when they say no, right?


Well, you got to help yourself. Well, I mean, you know, people are, you know, to go funny because and like, everybody is trying to just, like, spot help people out, you know, just like our our friend Yashar will constantly be like, I'm going to just put money into people's accounts like you, PayPal's Venmo. So if you and people are so sincere, it reminds me of like it's a wonderful life where people are like, I need a part for my car to get to work.


It's twenty seven dollars. Could you if you can get twenty seven dollars, then I'll be good. Like I can get back on my feet. And so when you realize like those amounts of money and like that, he's just doing that all the time. And I'm like, you are just doing this like he's not a foundation. He's not. You know what?


We've all collectively one of the things that like we've talked that talked about me and my friends and the like, a million other jobs I'm working, is that like we collectively as a country have gotten us as far as we are. It's like literally thank God for the Internet because go fund me and Vilmos and up I've seen people go, hey, I've been evicted from my house, can somebody help me? And they get twenty thousand dollars in 24 hours because of fucking Twitter, you know what I mean?


So, like, I feel like the ability to help each other is what's gotten us to this point, because they're it's really bad. But like, imagine if there was no like they always want to talk about big tech companies or whatever, but like fucking Venmo and Cash are saving people's lives right now. Yeah, we're saving each other. Like, I there's this comedian that I've never met, but like the comedian Improv Circle is pretty small. You either have a New York one in L.A., one in Chicago, one, and they blend and this kid is sick and in New York.


And they were like, he needs seventy five thousand dollars. And it was like every name you can imagine, five dollars, one dollar to everybody who ever fucking took a class with this kid. And then it's like every once in a while, like somebody got famous and they'll be like two thousand dollars. The next person will be like some kid from UCB level one drop in five dollars. And it's like a collective group of the broken people ever.


Comedians don't get paid shit. Got this kid like 75 grand and it's like that is what America is. We're getting each other through this crisis and the government has failed us.


Yeah, it's really it's interesting. This is sad. This is too sad for the podcast. Early in the pandemic, a friend of my son's died. He died trying to help someone else. And his family just shared a go fund me because they didn't have money to have a funeral. His family shared a go fund me and I put in a small amount of money myself and shared it on social media. And straight up, I won't name the person, but a famous person who followed me just paid the whole thing.


But that's what they did. Yeah, it's always like fifty four people who, like, have no money and that all of us took one class with like one famous person and that person. Yeah. Like I'll do it.


You're like and like I just don't even know just like must have come at the right moment because this person doesn't know, doesn't even know my kid really I think and doesn't even know me super well. So didn't know the kid that. But it just came at the right moment when that person was like, I can do this, I'm going to do this, I'm, I'm going to take care of the whole thing.


We're helping each other out, man, and every little bit helps. So shout out to all of us. I know that we're all like, sad and really fully grasping that the people who are we are paying our taxes to to help us are failing us. But I feel like the government is failing us, but we are not failing each other in a big way. I feel like the communities that we've built over time, like even if it's an online community or in your local community, that we are taking care of each other in a way that I think that we didn't fully grasp before.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Just like I also think that there's something like I think that there is something to that. There was a period of time. I hope this is my hope and we're going to then we're going to get into our inauguration special.


But my hope is that if anything, this time has really illuminated for all of us that, like, you can't just sit idly by until it's your turn.


Absolutely. Know, I mean, like, you have to, like, actually take initiative and step up before it gets to you.


It gets to you.




And like, I don't know, I have hope that that is happening more and more and that people are I do I do believe that there's there's goodness and that like for sure.


And do what you can, you know. It doesn't. It doesn't. Yeah. And that's like that's the thing to like with go fund me. That's so amazing. Why I do love it so much. Is that like you really do see. I've posted things for different organizations and for different, you know, people, and they've reached out to me and told me like. Like the the median donation was pretty small, like ten dollars, but like from that we raised fifty thousand, like, you know, it's like that's amazing.


A big deal and makes a big difference. Right. And I think people had been sort of in a place like where they thought like, well, if I only have five extra dollars like that, I'll just buy a Starbucks like that. Five bucks isn't going to do me right, but it really does. Yeah, totally does.


Once you see that, it makes it makes it like changes your your we've all had a paradigm shift.


But I just want to say, even if you don't have five dollars like we something that we all have if we're on social media is like a little bit of social capital. So you sharing it to like 50 followers. If five of those 50 followers have five dollars, then that's twenty five bucks.


You know that everybody can do something. Everybody can do something, no one can do everything, but everyone can do something before we get to that and to our like a day after the inauguration special, we should just say real quick what we're doing.


Our best shot this week. How about you, miss? Did she go? I thought, sure, she a. what are you doing your best shot this week? What am I doing my best at this week? I think that I like am really I feel like the holidays are over, my surgery is over. And then like I am, you know, like when we're not in school, I'm not. But you the week back from school, we were like, OK, I'm taking everything seriously now.


It's like, OK, like I'm planning out. There are no more two weeks off for a while. It's like. Right. I'm really getting my schedule in order is hunkering down and focusing on things that are important. So I think that that's one that is just being like I'm doing my best at getting out of holiday mode. Yeah. And usually you get out of holiday mode like January 4th. But there was an insurrection in the president who was terrible.


So like everything got moved, just got pushed. And I think this is officially the first Monday where I feel like everything that was stressing me out, I truly can like like holidays are over. That stressful time is over. And like, this is the first Monday of the year, not before. So that's where I'm at.


I'm doing my best at like, yeah, I think everybody feels like that. And interestingly, if we were still in college, this would be when we were coming back from winter break. So I think that's like that's in our blood.


Maybe I feel like I'm back from winter break now. And it's like the next holiday is like what? Like Memorial Day or Labor Day or something like we have a long time before we get another break. So that's where I, you know, really celebrate St. Patrick's Day that much.


That is not for me. That is where my black ass days in. First of all, I live in Chicago for almost a decade. And let me tell you, oh, boy, you don't want to be out in that snow. St. Patrick's Day is a day where I stay in the house, not in New York City either.


St. Patrick's Day in New York City, you will one hundred percent slip in green vomit.


Oh, absolutely. Also, I used to work for the Apple store at the Apple store for a long time. And you want to know what two of the worst, worst days ever to work there is the day after Saint Patrick's Day in the day after Fourth of July, because everybody's a fucking mess and they break their phones.


Everybody loses their anybody gets so blasted on St. Patrick's Day, they lose their phone. So the next day is just like a million drunk dudes being like, I ran over it. And then Fourth of July, the day after, it's like I dropped it in a grill. It's like a bunch of fucking dumb dumb idiots the day after those holidays fucking up their phones.


I think Bizzy wants to go last. So what I'm doing my best at this week is I just have been vacuuming like crazy. I got a cordless vacuum for a Christmas gift, which it was from my mom.


And she said, I normally like to give something like a little more personal. But I heard you mentioned that you were one day hoping to have a cordless vacuum cleaner. So she got me that. And it's a real life changer, you guys.


Oh, my gosh. You know, for you, you're one of those shark ones. It's not a shark. It's a Dyson.


I mean, OK, I bought a pelican, a vacuum cleaner.


I bought myself a Dyson last year for black. Every Black Friday are like every two years. I get myself something on Black Friday. So Black Friday, two years ago, I got a TV because I moved out late. I did have one. And then this last year I got myself a fucking vacuum. And let me tell you, when you fucking clean it out, you're like, my house was fixed and I'm a clean, so satisfying.


It's so satisfying. And like, you can just not vacuum for one day. And just like I'm like I know I vacuumed yesterday, but I'm just going to vacuum today because it's like so fun now that I'm living the cordless vacuum life and it still fills up the whole thing. And it's so satisfying to empty.


Yeah. Like, I don't know what is happening. I don't know what's creating so much mess in my house. I mean, dogs and like obviously, you know, people. Yeah.


But I'm happy for you to say thank you. Is everyone that dirt? I mean, like, you know, the the world is made of dirt. Pretty much the world is made of dirt. Yeah.


OK, ok. I thought of two things.


OK, that I'm doing my best at number one. Is it I finally went through since October and I deleted. Junk and emails that I just hadn't looked at nice and responded to some things and it was almost 30000 emails, I thought, oh, wow, wow, wow. Mm hmm.


And. Probably enough, but also I feel like I'm doing my best. Having like. Conversations that I need to have this week with people just like meeting it head on, all of it life. Liberty, the pursuit of happiness. That makes me glad I'm glad for you. Me too. Me too. Yeah, you really have to hone in on that. There's like some days when you're just like, I will do this email thing and you really have to, like, set yourself up for that.


Yeah. Like, I did that once and I mean, I probably should do it again, but like, it's so satisfying. It's the most immediate.


It's like it took a long time to do that. But I took a long time. I literally see the results and it pleases. Yeah, yeah.


Zero. It's a zero on the end but that's okay.


And you know what else I did there is it was it's real cold here. I'm not going to lie. I've been really missing. It's cold in L.A. know it's cool.


It's cool right now. It's not enjoyable. So don't bother missing it right now. Yeah, it's cold.


OK, but I like you know, we're in this rental.


There's a fireplace.


It's not like gas to make a fire.


It's yes, it's yes, it has this remote control thing.


And boy, for the life of any of us, we were like, OK, we don't know how to do that.


And I was like, surely they left instructions somewhere, but no, no instructions. And then I texted the homeowner and I was like, hey, how do you do this? And she's like, Yeah, I don't know. You just like point it and turn it on. And I was like, that's not working. And you know what I did? I thought back to covid days.


Early covid days, and I looked on YouTube, yeah, there you go. I was I looked on the back of the remote for the fireplace and I the like thing was worn off.


But I read, like, what was imprinted on it and Google the name of the device.


Nice. And then found it and then found a thing on YouTube and then found a how to and watched it and I made fire.


Yeah. I mean I just like watched, I just watch like five minutes on YouTube and then learned how to if you press the two buttons at one time and I'll just start or not. But I was impressed with myself that my friends Birdie's Birdie's joined iBOT.


Do you want to be Harbord.


Everybody very close some lanes to my mouth. I don't know. Why do you want to say anything? I'm going to go to our interview you and you're doing an interview. Say please enjoy. Please enjoy the recap.


The recap. The day after of the day after the inauguration. There's not the day after the inauguration, the recap, just say please enjoy the recap, please enjoy the recap of the day after the inauguration.


That's it. That's how you did it.


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Hi, OK, guys. Hi, this is it, this is our inauguration check in special. I'm reporting live from my bed the day after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in the day after. Forty five at the beginning of the rest of our lives for the next two years, his. I mean, guys, first of all, but start can we just can we just do this, can we just do this? Can we start with just the first thing which is like taking out the trash?


So first off, I woke up sobbing yesterday. Anyone else? No, I didn't wake up OK, but I was I did wake out without excited for the first time in a long time.


I actually feel like, you know, how when you, like, do all your school finals and then you, like, come down with something always the second that you. That's what I felt like.


OK. So not surprising. Guys, this is Thursday. I did. I had strep throat. Sure. And I got my culture back officially today, but I've been on antibiotics since Tuesday evening. We talked on Monday and I was getting sick.


That happens to like. Did you get it after your massage? I got it after my massage. I also just think that, like what Casey is saying, I would not be surprised if all of us like if there's like guys be real careful in the next couple of weeks, I mean, especially because of the covid thing sweeping. Yeah, but I do think that there's something about like we I know from. Oh no, I'm going to cry.


Oh no. I know for myself. I've just been holding on, holding on for four years.


Like, like I didn't get sick. Did I get sick one time on busy tonight? I don't think I did, did I? You and I both got really sick. Oh. Oh, that's right. That doctor. Oh, my God. Hilarious that they had like a hot doctor in to give us an idea what?


To check out an IV and check us out.


Good looking. He was like, yeah, you're sick. See you later. I hope he's well.


Anyway, I feel like in in these past four years, I've been like almost like in fighting shape, like, yeah, yeah. I'm not relaxing. I'm not stopping, like I'm just powering through. And so then yeah, this week was the week and it fucking hit me. I went down super hard. I was so sick.


And yesterday morning, inauguration morning, I woke up, literally woke up sobbing and I had missed the evening before the inauguration where they did the like sort of memorial. Yes. Fur coat, covid and yeah. 19 and all the people who have passed away from it in the United States. And but I had but that was like had been weighing on me really heavy earlier in the week.


So I was like really, really, really like, like I was like wailing.


I was really going for it on Wednesday morning. And then Mark was like, oh my God, look, it's snowing. And I looked out the window and it was snowing. It was so beautiful and like, just stunning and and it was just for like ten minutes. And then it disappeared and it just looked like a had rained and I would have missed it if I hadn't been, you know, sobbing and and then Mark was like, you know, that they announced that its wheels up at eight a.m. Eastern.


And I was like, What? And he's like, Yeah, that's it, dude. Eight a.m. he's fuckin out. He's gone at eight a.m..


And so then I was like. Oh, wow, I'm going to get to watch this in real time, because I'm not on the West Coast, I'm here, you know. Yeah. So I went downstairs and made my coffee and just turned on the TV and then just waited and was like.


It was really cathartic to, like, watch it live, like watch. First, they brought out these, like, boxes I Instagram to and then like whatever, and then they left and I imagine you guys probably watched that bit a little bit later.


Oh yeah.


And yeah, he left the YMCA cease and desist till the end while that and he said have a nice life, have have a nice life, we'll be in touch.


And I was like the thing that was so.


Fun and also wild and also like where has everyone been for the last four years, in a way, I mean, some of some of these reporters have been and some of them have really been like trying to hold the president accountable, but like how hard they were going with making me even like I couldn't even swallow because my strep throat was so bad yesterday, but, like, was making me ghafar like like just before he even came out of the White House, before they even exited the White House, just like, wow, this is I mean, it's unprecedented in the level of disgrace and disgust that that the entire world feels really at this presidency.


I mean, certainly he wanted it to be historic. It will go down in history as just the biggest shit show that anyone has ever seen in American politics. He is disgraced then like it is just it was like they were going so hard. And then I did put this on my Instagram, too.


They finally walked out and like Jake Tapper said, well, like everything in his presidency, he's done this all wrong and then cut like, you know, asked the woman reporter who I'm blanking on her name, like first impressions.


And there was a pause. And she's like, he just looks so small.


I like the way she said it. Anyway, then his speech was insane. Oh, yeah.


The helicopter took off and then it landed to Gloria, which is like, again, why do I love that song? I don't know. But, you know, her days state is birthday. Yeah. As they should be like I mean, I can't imagine one of the village people village people are upset. The guy who wrote it was like we have because like there's this I was talking to my partner about this. I also read the whole list of cease and desist lawsuits to my dad because he thought it was funny.


He was like, who else? And I was like this.


All the dead people who said no. Right. And then I read the list. But like, I genuinely believe that, like, no disrespect that the village people just didn't have enough money to keep fighting him to stop it because it was like the other people on that list are like Rihana, the Beatles, Prince, Adele. And then it's like of all the people that he could probably get away with, I think he was like, they don't have enough money.


There's only like two of those guys who can fight him. But like, Rihanna was like, fucking do it again, I'll kill you. And they're like, what's a band that we could maybe push this with? I genuinely believe that that's what I have.


Here's here's the thing, though. Two things about using YMCA.


First of all, the village people, well known as like a gay singing group, and that's a gay anthem like. Yeah. Been so bad to the gay community. Why would you take a gay anthem and use it? And I know it's like a party song, but it's just so silly.


Like but it's but it's also not it's not like that one. It's not like. Chat it up and now twist and shout, it's not like he it's not like twist and shout or something.


It is like so specific to our gay community, like AA plus family that it is I think it's on purpose, obviously. But I think it's like I think he was like, I'm coopting this. It's fine.


The second thing about using YMCA is, you know, that bitch has never been to a YMCA and is like, oh, no, no, never.


A lot of people I don't think have I said I was my I had a gym membership to the YMCA in Scottsdale when I was in high school, but then also in Los Angeles, the Hollywood Y was like a fuckin C and guys, it was a vibe. It was so bad.


But I know Donald Trump has been a private golf club, health club member for his entire life and has never set foot in a YMCA.


You know, he's like actively avoided YMCA his entire life. That is absolute percent true.


Well, OK. So technically, as they were leaving, they're not supposed to ride on Marine One or Air Force One anymore. It's supposed to immediately switch over. And he basically threw such a baby. Fit about it, that I imagine it was probably like the Biden transition team were like, just let him get them out of here, ride in the fucking plane. And so that's why they rode in Marine One and then Air Force One.


But technically, it was supposed to be up on the other, like generic United States private aircraft, you know what I mean, Lord. But he was like such a fucking baby about it that they had to give him one last shot. The other thing, this is the last thing wheels up on Air Force One after he was like, have a nice life, will be in touch was to my way. Was Frank Sinatra my way?


Just like definitely did it his way. It was so fucking surreal. And then I don't know if you saw when they landed in wherever the fuck they are in Florida and Melania got off the plane wearing the full Gucci like like Italian.


And I'm like, truly, you guys have to see this vid.


If you haven't, please look it up. Like he stops to, like, wave and talk to the reporters and she fucking walks so fast. She's like, I'm done, she's done. She's out. She's fucking done. All right. So enough of that trash boo. I do want to say I loved the Kaftan Hoochie. I hate everything about her.


I think she looked like shit and everything. Fuck her for the rest of time. She looks like a Nazi bitch and everything she wore if she wore what Michelle Obama wore, I'd say she looks like fucking shit because she's so evil. I fucking hate her.


That's right. OK, listen, everything she a. definitely holds that. And I.


I will give her no fashion, anything. I even say. She looked good in it. I just said I love the chi. Here's what here's what I'm upset about is that I feel like I would have killed that kaftan. I feel like that would have been a major fashion moment for me. Any one would anyone would look amazing in that.


Well, and it's like that shit in it.


It is new to get our friend Chrissy Teigen again was getting kind of dragged on Twitter because she was like, I will say this for Melania. She did have some good fashion game. And most people are like a.. And like fuck her father fashion.


You want to know what she looks good in? Nothing. I never want to see her in the fucking nothing.


OK, well, this leads us this leads us right into what I would like to start talking about the inauguration of. Oh yeah. Biden and Kamala Harris. Oh yeah. I want to start talking about the fashion, if you don't mind. I took notes. I took notes. I took nothing. I just want to say that like Republicans dress like shit. I'm petty enough to say that I'm looking for I want my world leaders to dress better than me.


I want you to go to France and talk to fucking Marco. And I want to be like, yeah, that's my fucking vice president.


I want you should look better than me. I'm a regular bitch. You are the leader of the free world. Wear a suit that fucking fits. That's really interesting. So can we talk about one thing before we get to the good fashion? Yeah.


How did you guys feel about Bernie Sanders going super viral for wearing his Vermont costume?


I think white men get to dress like shit on inauguration. Garth Brooks hat on fucking jeans. What the fuck's going to happen to show Obama with the Greens, you guys?


I was first of all, with. What's his name, Garth Brooks. Yeah, I don't know, he a little bit like that's I do feel like country singers get like a he wore black jeans to be fair, with the. What was OK. They were creased. Yes. Well, because that's like that's like my dad. But I will say this, OK, he's he's a country singer, right.


He's a country singer. Right. The chicks, they show up in jeans.


Are we cool with that? If fucking you know what I'm saying. They never married. Yeah, they never would. You know what I mean. Carrie Underwood. Carrie Underwood was singing shows up in jeans. Are we like. That's a country thing.


Absolutely. It's a man thing. But here's I'm going to say. OK, I'm going to answer this question first and then we're going to. OK, first of all, Bernie's re Bernie Sanders, it's to me it's an eye roll. It's a real eye roll. Bernie Sanders in your Vermont costume.


OK, I get wanting to be warm. I get that he's like, I'm old. I don't want to get covid. I get that. He's like, I'm not paying for a stylist. And like, I'm not spending money on fancy clothes.


But that being said, he must have a nice coat in that it is nice car.


I did I did do like an image search to see if I could find him ever wearing, like, a coat with buttons, raincoat.


And I didn't find one black maybe just get like a stitch fix account for like a month and have them send you a little coat for inauguration.


The other thing is, though, don't you guys feel like Bernie at this point is like so hip to the fact that he's like, you know, normcore that like he is like I'm the kids are going to think this is cool.


Yeah. You know what I mean. Yeah. Yeah. He had to know what they were doing. We talk about this a lot. He plays to his base, you know what I'm saying? In his base, Michelle Obama plays to her fucking base. Barack plays to his base.


And I am not Bernie Sanders base. Now, there are a lot of black people contrary to whatever he fucking believes.


So he played his white boy who wear shorts in the wintertime, flip flops to your graduation base and in Iraq base his indie rock band. He played to his base and that's fucking good for him. But I also saw a tweet that, like, it really hit me. And it's like, oh, man, people talk about like Bernie like Bernie would have won or whatever.


And it's like it was Joe Biden's inauguration. The most popular meme is a Bernie Sanders. So it's not about his popularity. It's about his politics.


And you fuck with him and who's stuck with them and also about like restoring respect. Yeah. And, you know, Biden's going to, like, show up. And Ralph Lauren like an American made designer, you know, Dr. Jill is going to look sharp as ever, wearing an American up and coming designer and Jimmy Choo shoes, female, founded, own fashion line, blah, blah, whatever.


Like, you know that they're going to turn it up. They're the Biden grandchildren. Naomi then again, Natalie turned it up. They looked beautiful. I mean, they were Rodarte with Air Jordans at one point in during the last two days.


Mazey is an icon, obviously. And like, you know, they were actually by the lawsuit, the. Oh, well, that's okay, Ashley. Biden's tux is a real. People are really excited about it. Yeah. Real man will be looked great.


You know what else I would like to mention, which I didn't know before. Ashley's middle name is Blazer.


Yes, that's true. It is true that I'm obsessed. Yeah, guys, obviously, Kamala and Doug Ginger's boyfriend, Doug, you know, I like it. You know, I fucked with Doug here real well.


Listen, we I have to say, Kamala, the whole weekend, weekend, whatever, what are we calling it two days from today is the inauguration week.


It was the end of something.


Yeah, it was the end of. End of it all and end a previous time is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Of course it is true.


OK, so this isn't during this dawning of the Age of Aquarius, a.k.a. inauguration celebration, Carmilla exclusively for emerging black designers, which is incredible on her person. She also wore my friend Irene Neuwirth, who made a custom pair of pearl earrings for her for inauguration night, which is very strange for Irene.


It's super exciting for Irene. Comilla has warned Irene a couple times. I think she owns a piece of Irene herself. So she's like worn it repeatedly. And I haven't gotten the full scoop from Irene on how it all happened.


But I think that they they reach out and and Irene like, did some sketches and put together like. What she thought would be appropriate for the new madam vice president and they picked it, I mean, it's really exciting for my friend and those earrings are insanely beautiful. You can look at Irene's Instagram account. They'll be 4000 pictures of them.


But obviously, the Imhoff family, Ella stole the show and her mom.


Oh, my gosh. She looked like she she just like was off the planet like that. She just looked like it was a moment. Yeah. She was just playing a different game than the rest.


Here's the thing. If you are if you are like I didn't see it, I don't know. She goes to Parsons School of Design there. There you go. You fucking get it. Oh, wait.


She was in Mumu. She's in Umu.


I think she looked like a super cool American Girl doll meets glamorous kick ass member of Dynasty.


I also I'm just going to say this. Maybe she should be an American girl doll. That would be amazing actually. Authoritarian. Ah but OK. She was also underneath the mumu.


She was wearing Batsheva, one of my faves.


I have several Batsheva dresses and Batsheva from New York and she is an Orthodox Jewish designer and I just really respected all of the choices that I made. And here's another thing I respected Dugs ex-wife Kirsten Imhoff, who was in attendance with the kids taking proud photos. We love to see it. We love to see a healthy divorce. And now she's healthy and blended family, a blended family in which, guys, I love this woman. She's literally like taking pictures, smiling, happy to be there, no shade.


Her ex-husband is now married to the very first president.


I mean, that would be good. Yeah.


You know, I'm like, you must see, like, that guy loved me and like, he he has good taste.


You know, I was literally talking about this this morning because, like, you got to like that could go all kinds of wrong, you know, because especially when you break up like I'm the type of person I'm like, I hate whoever you hate. The enemy of you is my enemy. Who do we who are we met it. And like, you know, that her girlfriends during the beginning of that whole process being like, no matter who he's with, don't worry, because, like, no one will ever be better than you.


And then you're like, she's good. She's like a good one. Like she's a producer.


Oh, I was like she she was showing up and like so many of my friends feeds on Instagram, like, oh my gosh, it's so exciting to see Kirsten Imhoff at the thing.


And I was like, is that is that Doug's sister? Like, I didn't know who I am.


I am a lawyer. Right. He's an entertainment lawyer. Right? Yeah. OK, so she's a producer, founder and CEO of the production company Pretty Bird. Under her leadership, the company's films have won Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards and Cannes Lions, where she personally won a news and documentary Emmy Award in 2012.


So, guys, she's doing great. That's why she can smile at the inauguration. Yeah. Oh, my God. Totally. Yes, she's she's great. OK, then. Wait, guys, speaking of. Garth Brooks and his jeans, did you see the woman directly behind Garth Brooks in his jeans wearing like the hot pink scarf over her head and the really colorful mask? I did not. She was on television a lot.


And I was like, who is that lady right there? Front row seat for?


She must be important. What's happening? Oh, it's our friend Ben Cooley's mob guys. What? My friend Jenny Connor, my very good friend, her ex-husband, also a great divorce. And she has two kids with him. And they have been their co parenting partners for many years as they've been divorced.


Ben Cooley's mom and. Kamala and Maya's mom, who has passed, became like Piaf's at Berkeley. They were like best friends and and I think that it would be it's like Emily Beebees mom, basically. Oh, yeah. To me. Wait, right? Yes, that's right. It would be like Emily, his mom to know No.8. No, it would be my mom's best friend. Wait, hold on. How would that work. It would be Emily Beebee to my girls.


OK. Right. Yeah. That makes sense what it is.


It's like it's your play Aunt who's it's the it's the woman who's not related to you that you call auntie and is invited to everything and you know, their mother passed away. And I know that's, you know, been I'm sure that has been hard for them because she was such, you know, by all accounts, such an incredible, brilliant woman. And so I think it was really lovely that Carmela wanted to have her mother's best friend there.


Oh, no, I'm going to cry sitting sitting there to to be able to be with such an amazing moment of all.


Yeah, but she loves, like, very Berkely, you know what I mean?


I love that with the staff, she and Bernie. I wonder if she alinejad it because they would have make a good pair.


They were definitely like where they were. You know what. They were not there to be cold.


No, no.


They were just like I like this evening when Tom Hanks was freezing. Oh, all right. We're getting there. We're getting there. So then when did you guys first cry?


Other than like I know, I cried in the morning, but when did you cry at the inauguration? I cried until I heard the baby later, the baby crying when I heard the baby crying because there was like a moment when it was all over and you can hear a baby. And I was like, there's the baby there. There's our president can hold a baby. And that's when I cry. When it was all over and I heard a baby and I was like, Oh, that's what I got.


I didn't I didn't cry during the inauguration. But I'll tell you when I cried later. OK, wait, wait, wait. Can we get through a little bit more fashion?


Sure. Oh yeah. For people. I love it. OK, what that was like, I mean like my I'll tell you my highlights. My highlight. OK, sure. Are Michelle Obama, Meena Harris's husband Nick had on some of Jordan ones. Right. Which was like really cool shout out to sneaker heads out there.


I saw them coming down the stairs behind. Yeah.


Someone went yeah I saw them and I went, Who's wearing Jordans? Look, just like that was my initial reaction. Did you see what Mina said about it? Yes. I really appreciate that. Yeah, it's cute. Tell everyone what she said. So she just was like.


So I know Mina Harris because she interviewed me in San Francisco for my book at the Wing at an event I did at the wing. And then she has now two of cricket's favorite children's books, the first one being Maya and Carmella's.


Big idea, which is about her mom and aunt when they were children and about being like persistent and getting your even though things are hard, if everybody pitches in, we can make it happen. And then her new book, which just came out this week, is called Phenomenal. And it's about like it's encouraging, especially girls, but all kids to not listen. If somebody tells you that you're too this or too that and you want to be ambitious and you want to be and it explains like what the words are and everything.


But she didn't tell me this personally, but she she said that that they were leaving to go to the inauguration. And he was going to ask her, like, should I bring my Jordans or should I wear dress shoes? And then he was like, you know what? I'm just going to do it.


And he brought the Jordans and like, it was the right call. He made the right call. Yeah. But it's also like a subtle thing to Jordans are like just so black.


It's just like that's just like a black thing like white boys or sneaker heads for sure.


Like to ride into like a very black thing. And it's like yo like up on that stage. It's just like a young cool dad. And Jordan's like, this is what I want to see, you know what I mean? I want to see myself reflected on that screen. It's like I got a pair of pink Jordans in there right now and it's like, oh my gosh. Like somebody who thinks the same things as me has the ear of, like, the leader of the free world, which I knew was really cool.


I am going to piggyback on that and say that I watched later, as Biden did, the official swearing in of all of the people that are going to be working in the administration, not all of them, but a lot of the almost thousand people that would be working in the administration.


They would take the oath or whatever.


I don't know if you guys watched that, but he said, like, my main goal and Kathy knows this, I don't know who Kathy is.


But plus, I think she, like, works at the White House and stuff is that we wanted this to be a reflection of America. We wanted this administration, all of the people who work here, everybody who are in cabinet positions, big and small, to be a reflection, a true reflection of America and. We made that happen, and so like to your point, when you look at that podium.


You see a lot of white faith, I'm not you see a lot of rich white faces, guys, I'm just not going to lie. You do. There's a there's still a lot of rich white people up there.


But what you also see were a lot of different. Kinds of people represented and different ages of people represented and different religions represented like it, I don't know.


To me it was really almost like took me aback how inclusive I, I it it like just the just the optics were, you know, I think that it's so beautifully representative, but even if it wasn't as representative as some people are hoping it will be in the future, like that's a hell of a start, you know, compared to what we've been seeing for such a long time, it's a real good start.


Well, look, we have the first transgender appointee for a cabinet position, which is incredible. You know, I think that, like.


The choice has been made to make sure that there's. Representation all across the board in many, many different ways and like that's obviously. A departure. Yes, from what we saw. The last four years, which felt like a lifetime. I mean, it's so interesting, like how. It's been over a thousand days of this, you sit down and think about like the night that he who shall not be named, became the leader of the free world.


He. It that night, just being like, OK, let's get through these next thousand fucking days. We did this for over a thousand days, you guys, that is bonkers, right? So, like, be really proud of yourselves. We should be really proud of ourselves. And, like, you get to like. Talk about fashion today, because you want to know why we can talk about it is because Joe Biden is not going to try to fucking kill you at three o'clock in the morning on Twitter like like so I'm enjoying this.


I enjoy what the cabin looks like. And I also also like Hella Imhoff on Twitter. People are like, shout out to the Jewish girls with curly hair. Yes. I was like, yes, everybody can find a little bit of something. Yes. On that stage. And I think that's really cool. Well, that's right. That's I mean, it just hasn't like, oh, I'm sorry, guys, but like, you know, Jared Kushner doesn't cut it.


No, he doesn't.


I did see a little commentary. And it's interesting. It's it's worth mentioning a little commentary online where people were like, oh, all anyone anyone's talking about or what the women were wearing. And I get that.


I get that. But. I feel like we can't be so rigid that to automatically assume that ever speaking about what anyone is wearing is misogynistic. Well, you know what I mean. Like, yeah, yes. So I think that it's OK to speak about the way someone has dressed themselves when it's obvious that they went to a lot of effort because they are going to be seen by a lot of people going to be in historic photographs. It's OK to express joy at the way that they express themselves through clothing.


And it's exciting to have women who are very important women wearing these outfits because men's outfits are normally pretty boring.


But also but also in the case of like Mina's husband, Nick, like those Air Jordans chanteuse, those means something to like. And here's the other thing I want to say about fashion, because I get real heated about this.


And Carla Welch, you know, is my stylist for a long time, and she's a fucking badass and like a social justice warrior herself.


Fashion can mean things. It can it has symbolism, like fashion is art. And and the things that we like choose to adorn ourselves with or choose to not adorn ourselves with can mean things the way that you present yourself into the world. You think about Melania Trump's. I don't care, do you? Four thousand dollar jacket, you know what I mean, think about that fuckin jacket and like, you know, for me it like turns my stomach like just like to think about that message being so clearly and then and then feigning ignorance because, of course, I can't take responsibility.


But then you see Carmela making sure that everything she wore had pearls and a nod to her sorority from, you know, her school and that they always wear pearls.


What is her. What is her. What is she.


She's she's AK AK. I don't know. Sorority is guy. I don't know. I don't know the Greek alphabet. I say, well, it's like four, there's like two really big black sorority. So there's K and the Deltas and she's a a.k.a. from Howard. I also was not in sorority. I have who was a delta and then my cousin was OK, but I was not in a sorority. It is like a a familial thing too, like a lot of people whose like parents are raised and stuff like my cousin's mom was Delta and then it was kind of a big to do and she decided to be OK.


I was not gonna do this, but my mom didn't go to college and did not was not in a sorority. None of my aunts who, like, helped raise me were in a sorority. But she's OK.


But like but but the symbolism of her of Carmela making sure that there are always pearls of wearing purple to honor Shirley Chisholm, which also Hillary Clinton also wore purple and Michelle Obama wore an aubergine platform.


A purple plum. Yes.


Which like that outfit was looking. Is what she doing? How is she? She was fucking hot to begin with.


And now it's like on another fuckin level.


I said, I think it's just like her kids are out of the house and she is like she has time. She's like, chill. Like she has no yeah. She is like has time. She works out, she does what she wants.


She's like, you know, I saw this black Twitter remains undefeated. I saw this tweet. I was like, and here's Michelle Obama with her husband, bring her with her husband, escorting her up the stairs. And I was like, honestly here for it. She looks so good. I really love. But like also if you see what she wore to the inauguration. Yes. In twenty seventeen. Yeah. Hair pulled back. She was like, I'm not in the morning time.


We are here today.


I want you to see my face. I do not like this. She came with her hair pressed late, ready to go. She came there like she was on a runway. She was like We can be bad bitches now. We did it.


Yeah. You know, it was like just the makeup section for law class.


You know, it was just so good.


And she knew it was so good too. She was like finger guns to Carmela Cumulous clutching her heart.


You know, it was it was very much like and you said, who made that entire outfit, which is so beautiful. Is a black designer American?




Angela's also know if you go see the pictures of when that was on the runway, Michelle made it a pantsuit. It was not.


Yes. Oh, I love that she wore pants. Yeah, I love that, too. I love that too.


But that's also like she is not the first lady anymore. And I think that, like, when she was first lady, if she would have come in a pantsuit, we would have never fucking heard the end of it.


I think now the first lady, if Joe wants to wear fucking pantsuits all day, nobody cares. But when the first black first lady, like we would have never heard the end of all the guff, you know, so I really love that she's like, I can do what I want now. I do not belong to you. When Michelle Obama when Michelle Obama was first lady, she was so conscious of her fashion. So she was very conscious of always mixing high with low.


I remember that, you know, just wearing wearing things that were. Yeah. J.Crew very available and affordable and always selling something out online or whatever.


I remember she would always just be wearing like affordably priced pieces. And so I love that she can kind of just like bust out and she wants.


Now, I do feel like the turning point was on her book tour when she did the like Follett's Yaghmai high, like Balenciaga Boots and was just like, here I am, this is me now world.


And I loved that. I love it for her.


My favorite moment, if you ever go watch the video of her, it's it's when she walks out, there is an audible gasp from the entire stadium. There was an audible gasp when she walked out in those boots. And I was like, that's what I'm talking about. I love that. Just walk out and people go, is great, go watch it, it'll make you feel good, or maybe I'll make you feel bad. I don't know your life.


I know it's a fun. It's a fun moment. It's something that I remember as well.


And I do feel like I don't like the thing that happens where it's like I know whatever, you know, I'm a fucking feminist, but I don't like that thing that happens where it's like these women have more to talk about than their fashion. And it's like, yeah, OK.


Except also especially now American designers have had such a rough fucking year, like it's been so hard and to even stay afloat.


And these are like really important major moments. The whole world is watching. And I feel like everybody was sending very specific messages. And that was the honestly. Democrats just do it better. We do we dress better, we dress better and funnier, better. Here's what I have missed.


The pop star in the White House, I guess, Art in the White House. We got Jaylo, we got Lady Gaga, we got Garth Brooks. We got a beautiful poet laureate all in the same hour as soon as we got rid of that fucking piece of trash. Like, seriously, you guys, it's the people's house. And the people's house has been devoid of art for over a thousand days, like I imagine. Yeah, that was the point I was going to make.


Is that like. Fashion is art to you guys. Well, yeah, of course. And so that's the thing we haven't even had we haven't had that either. All right. And so while it would be sexist for a reporter to go up to the new vice president and say, who are you wearing?


Nobody did that.


She wasn't talking about what she was wearing. We were talking about it and enjoying it. So, you know, it's there's.


There's areas I think that there's I think that torture and terrorism, like one of the things that I wrote down in my notes over here is the importance of art for culture and in and the importance of art in politics and education.


Because, you know, the entire world became infatuated, rightfully so impressed with Amanda Gorman, the young poet laureate from Los Angeles in her Prada coat, which is sold out now. And she was wearing a birdcage ring from this jewelry company I've been stalking online for years now called a rare origin.


I knew it as soon as I saw it because I've been thinking about getting myself these birdcage earrings. You know, I love birdcages birds, you know, the whole thing. But her ring was a gift from Oprah.


Mm hmm. And oh, my gosh. To her gift to my.


And my angel. Mm hmm. And yeah. And a No-Match to Maya Angelou. Also symbolic. Yes. And Jaylo, like, look at all of the superstar performers that performed both at the actual inauguration and then that, you know, yeuk last night at the. The celebration, celebration, socially distant to feel like we were in the future celebration. This is this is the thing, the values. Of caring about others, of empathy, of.


Being able to like want to give back and to help others, those are the things that drive artists, it is just very rare that artists, true artists, the most talented artists are driven by greed. They're just not there.


And, you know, Lady Gaga or Kid Rock, you know what I'm saying?


You make the choice, guys.


You may make your choice of who you think is really putting out the art. You know what I mean?


One of my favorite moments, and it didn't make me cry, but when Gaga was singing The Star-Spangled Banner, I just love that Mike Pence had to be so close behind her giant poofy skirt.


I'm furious that he gets to see her alive. And all the guys missed out in 2020. A lot of people said that.


A lot of people said that. I feel like I just wish she had, like, turned right around and made eye contact with him, like, uncomfortable eye contact.


But no, she didn't. I know it's true.


She might have, but I loved the drama of her dress and I loved the drama of her performance. Yeah, I thought I was like, yeah, that was like one of the best national anthems I've ever heard. Like, I was. Well, not Whitney. I mean, it's not Whitney. Yeah, Whitney. I mean, nobody's going to ever no one's going to be Whitney also love that.


That's where I want my fucking drama. OK, I want more drama in the Star Spangled Banner Banner. Now go find some EOS for me. That's what I want. I that's what I want. I want drama from Gaga, not drama from Bible. Speaking of executive orders, who really, really, really hit the ground running.


Yeah, because yesterday our pal Joe Biden signed. 17 executive orders. That's a good number. The first one and the and what was what's so interesting, I was like super into finding out what they all were because I didn't do, like, a ton of whatever guys, I've been busy, so no.


One was the hundred days masking, which is. Yes. Federal law. Yes. A federal mandate.


All those Republicans have to go into Congress wearing a mask. It's also like so fucked up that during the insurgents, like two or two or three or more Democratic members of Congress and Senate contract covid from Republicans because they refused to put their fucking masks on. It's also really good just because it's clear. Everybody remember back to the beginning of covid when I don't even know for what reason they were telling us, like, we don't know that masks work yet.


Masks might actually be harmful and like, was it to protect the supplies of.


Yeah, it was that they knew that they didn't have enough. They were afraid of people doing a run on masks, which happened anyway. And so they the government decided and the and the health organization decided to release a statement saying that masks didn't prevent the spread and it just fucked everything from there on out, which I mean, I just remember thinking at the time, like, if masks don't work, why does everyone in a hospital have a mask on?


Why does my dentist wear a mask when he checks my teeth? So I just what I appreciate appreciate about that executive order is the clarity of being like, here's how it is and here's how it is for everybody.


There are so much clarity and so many of the executive orders that he signed. There's also this restructuring, the federal government coordination to the covid-19 pandemic. We rejoined the W o the World Health Organization. Thank God.




They extended the eviction and foreclosure moratorium moratorium. Sorry, I was like my memoria moratorium's the continued the pause on the student loan payments until September 30th.


Also, we could just get rid of them. Out of that, we rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement. Ted Cruz is such a fucking slime ball tweeting that thing today about like he cares more about the citizens of Peru.


And it's like that's where the dream meeting is. Oh, that's where the meeting is. You don't do students where it was signed.


He's not that's not dad is not dumb.


He went to Harvard. He went to Princeton. He thinks that people will actually believe that the Paris accord only helps the citizens of Paris. Yes. And that's fucking insulting. Well, guess what, though?


Well, I bet you a lot of people believe that the Paris accord just helps the people of Paris.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, a lot of people believe that Joe Biden is a lizard and a lot of people believe that I sold my kids into sex slavery. So, yeah. So, you know, there you go. There we go. Let's get back to the executive orders, yes, fuck Ted Cruz and the Keystone, did you guys see? Wait, wait. Did you see Seth Rogan's tweets with Ted Cruz?


I like that. Where he was Ted Cruz, like, tried to drag Seth Rogen and he said something about like Hollywood liberal elites and you know nothing about you don't know about hardworking union members, blah, blah, blah.


Everyone in Hollywood isn't a union, guys. Hollywood is 144 percent million percent. All unions. You cannot do a job in Hollywood if you do not belong to the union. You can't even work as an actor. You can't work as a director, a writer. You can't work as a grip, a makeup artist, a hair person. You cannot fucking deliver the food. If you are not a member of the food delivery union for film and television, everything is a fucking union.


We are the most unionized end. And can I just say this because the Screen Actors Guild I know a lot about like our union is one of the largest unions in in in the United States and most of the members in the Screen Actors Guild union are not making, you know, over a hundred thousand dollars a year, just working class people, just working class people. So it is so fucking insulting to.


Say that the people who work in Hollywood are not working class people because. Oh, whatever. And also more over what's insulting is that you just fried your lips off the ass of a reality show star.


Yeah, I was president, so don't talk to me about how Seth Rogen is all Hollywood, OK?


Also, we're just going to keep going. And did the Keystone pipeline.


That's amazing. Revokes oil and gas development at National Wildlife Monuments. Remember when Trump put that in? And I was like, oh, my God, I'm going to throw up actions to advance racial equity through the federal government? That's a big deal. Yeah, it's a step.


To count non citizens in the U.S. Census, again, some of these are just a course correction, executive orders that are like fixing things that Donald Trump signed just undoing on doing a match number 10 is important because it strengthens workplace discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity.


This is a big deal because the Supreme Court case against discrimination for sexual orientation and gender identity. And then today on Twitter, weirdly like the.


Bad guys, can we just start calling them the bad guys or not? Sure, we're not sure that no. I mean, they are bad, bad guys. We're trying to spin it to make it be about erasing women. I yeah. Very confused. Oh, turfs.


Yeah. They're like, yeah. Turfs. Right. What is turf stand for.


Trans exclusionary radical radical feminist. It's like feminists who do not believe that trans women are women are women.


Literally what it is, they're terrible but they're terrible also. By the way, you're not a feminist. So what's your name?


Harry Potter. Oh yeah. Oh, I like J.K. Rowling is in fact a term.


Yeah, she is. She's not joking about it at all. Oh, no, no, no, no, no.


She's a real asshole, OK? Oh, we ended the Muslim travel ban, Fantome Day permanent, and one of the things, too, about the hypocrisy of the bad guys is that a lot of them have been like, oh, Biden just got in and he's all. What about unity? If he's doing all these executive orders, that Muslim ban came on day seven of Trump's fucking presidency.


So get your head out of your ass, OK? We won and we get to do what we want.


One that's defended DACA Dreamers program for the undocumented young Americans, which is great, stopped the border wall construction. Oh, my God.


Keep protections for a group of Liberians, right? OK. All right. Freezing last minute Trump administration regulatory actions, great freedom. Yeah, that was the last one was to formulate an executive branch ethics doctrine, which there were just people promising not to be bad.


And now we have to put it in writing. We have to codify it because we see now if someone wants to take advantage, it was all the honor system.


But yeah, I'm really excited for everything that Biden's doing, which is it's so funny.


Like I think about what he would be doing because those 17 executive orders are primarily to reverse all the evil from the last presidency.


So, like, he hasn't even gotten started on what he would like to do. He has to undo. Everything that this evil man did, so I'm looking forward to day 101 when we can see what he wants to do that's not overturning a bunch of evil shit, not clean up.


Yeah, well, what about you? Let's talk about that a little bit. Like, yeah, I know that we all felt a lot a great deal of hope and excitement and. Possibility, yes. What what are some things that, like you would hope to see in this administration and with this now?


Oh, that was my faith, that was like maybe one of my favorite moments from yesterday when Comilla had to preside over her own Senate seat replacement replacement, and she laughed and was like, couldn't believe it. And I just felt like, oh, my God, humanity, joy, humor. Yeah, yeah. So because now we've got. It's not exactly a control.


I mean, we have control, we have we have control, but it's not like but in terms of like getting votes for things, it's a little bit more complicated because there are some pretty, pretty conservative Democrat Democrats.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


For me, this has always been something that is of utmost importance to me, is I want every American to have access to health care.


I myself have lived without health insurance because of the nature of television working in television. You don't just get health insurance from your employer when you're a freelancer, when you're not permanent. And so and there was a time when my kids didn't have health insurance because of the nature of our employment. And that's why I'm so grateful to First Lady Hillary Clinton, because she made it possible for my kids to be insured when my family was not. And so I never want anything like pre-existing conditions to prevent anyone from being able to get health care.


It just because here's the thing. It's not just health care. And I know sometimes when people are like, who's going to pay for it?


Everything, you know?


And people get bogged down in the details of like whether it's Medicaid or Medicare for all or universal health care or whether it's like fixing Obamacare, whatever it is.


I just want the situation to be improved because it's not an entitlement.


It's what allows you to be your best American, you know what I mean? Like, it frees you from taking onerous jobs where you're mistreated.


It frees you from losing your home and not being able to pay your bills and going bankrupt because you had like a catastrophic illness or whatever it just like psychologically frees you from the constant worry that a lot of people are going through right now.


And so that's that's the main thing for me. It's always been the main thing.


Yesterday, I went to the pharmacy because your girl has occurred and I'm getting a new prescription. And I went to pick up my prescription in the line so long it was like eight people deep. And I finally got to the front of the line and the lady was like, Oh, what's your name? I told her and she went to go get me my prescription. And then when she didn't come back with my prescription, she came back and she goes, Do you know how much this cost?


And I was like, oh, shit. Like this got to be like crazy. Like, how much is it? And she was like, this cost sixty seven dollars. Do you want it still. And I was like in my now I have lived my life for sixty seven dollars. I would say absolutely fucking not, I can not take this, do not give this to me.


But for a pharmacist to see medication, if I'm at the pharmacy that means a doctor prescribed it to me. I need it. Right. So for a pharmacist to have to come back to people and say.


Do you know how much this cost because six, because she is accustomed to sixty seven dollars breaking people, right?


And I saw that line being so long and I was like, do you know how much more efficient this would be if these eight people could walk up to these pharmacies and just get their medicine? I don't think people understand how inefficient the world is because we make everything cost money when it shouldn't. Money is fake, borders are fake ginner. Gender is a construct. And the idea that we have the science to help develop medicine to keep you alive, that we coincided with fake paper in order for you to stay alive is nonsense.


So I think that that's that's I totally agree with you. But that was a moment for me where I was like, I'm really grateful that I have sixty seven dollars so that I can get my acid reflux under control. But for her bold assumption, for her first instinct was to find out if I could not whether or not I needed it. You know, it's fucked up.


I've definitely been behind more than one time. I've been behind someone in line at the pharmacy where you know how when you're in line at the grocery store and that sort of thing happens when the person in front of you realizes they don't have enough money and they're like, put this, this, this and this back. And I'll just take this, this, this and this. I've seen that happen more than once at a pharmacy where somebody is like, I'll take these two.


They're the two most important and I'll just have to, like, try to come back for these two. Oh, it's unacceptable. It's it's not conscionable. Like, it's not it's just it's so fucked, and especially now, I think, after facing this pandemic and knowing that, like, people are going to have preexisting conditions, we don't even know what the long term effects are for people.


Even people that maybe had very mild being alive is a precondition. But like, if you if you survive the last four years, you have to survive like you have like what's it called pre-existing condition. Existing condition. You have a but it's also just time for the hypocrisy to stop, because a lot of the people that are preventing everyone from having health care have Cadillac health care. They will never have to worry about it. Their families will not have to worry about it.


And they're making it so that we have to worry about it.


And it's time for that to stop, I think 100 percent, because we should be able saying alive is not like. You don't get to say that I don't get to live because I don't have any money. That's fucked up. It's a human right. Right. So, like, that is one that I'm also, like, really on board with. I as someone who has zero student loans, I want people to be able to go to school for free.


I think that the Republican Party is so afraid of people being educated, because when you're educated, you you realize how evil they are and you see how Ted Cruz has gone the fucking way to go. Princeton and Yale, where do you go? Harvard, Harvard, Harvard, Princeton, Harvard and Princeton.


So, like, he can go there, but he doesn't think that you should go there. And that is something I think people should really think about. You know what I mean? Why would you do that for yourself? But you don't think it's good for me. So I want people to be free from student loans. I think that that's a really big, important thing because it's destroying everyone's lives.


I really want that. So I don't know.


I'm just like, really what I want is for Democrats to show the fuck out. We do not need Republican approval to fix things. I think that the first two years of Obama's administration was him being nice. We are so fucking nice and we shouldn't be nice anymore. And also, when I say we shouldn't be nice, we should ignore Mitch McConnell and give people health care. It's like when Democrats talk about being mean, it's like we do mutual aid for 300 million people and they say that we're assholes.


Yeah, I just want us to.


We won. We fucking won. Act like winners. That's what I want. How about you?


What are you looking forward to, Bazzy? What are you hoping for? I'm hoping for those things. I'm hoping that the women's. Health Care Protection Act Wepa Yes, and get passed. Um. But I'm also, I guess. I also am just like hoping for. Just like a return to empathy and. Generosity of spirit and like. I was kind of surprised after watching the inaugural speech that some of the like right wing takeaways that I saw from, like the quote unquote legitimate news sources were just like so they, like, made it seem like it was so divisive and like Rand Paul did you see I fucking bullshit Rand Paul with.


Oh, my gosh.


Well, they're racist. The beauty of it is that Joe Biden said there's a lot of white supremacy and racism that we need to take care of. And the Republicans said, how dare you call me a racist? And it's like, yo, homey, and nobody fucking say you. You said you. So it sounds like you think you are racist. I know. Well, yes. Yes. It's like that's the guilty person, right? Yeah, right.


Like, I think the.


The thing that's been missing, I get all the science right, like I get I get my friends who are super, super liberal saying.


You know, let's fucking ride them as far left as we can go, whatever the thing is like, I just.


I do want to say, like people are entitled to like having differences of opinions on like where money should be spent, who exactly should be taxed and all of these things.


But there are certain inalienable rights that, like not just our country was founded on, but also like what other countries have done successfully. We have the science, we have the money, we have the medicine ball. We have right.


We have the we have the maternal mortality rates of a developing country.


Yeah, we have. Yeah, we have. We don't have a great we're not doing great. So the Women's Health Care Protection Act is is incredibly important as far as I'm concerned. And we need to we need to figure out. I think we need to figure out. Yeah. Like universal health care but also like universal child care. Yeah. And yeah. And like and I think that just more.


It's just so interesting to me that there are entire swaths of people who don't understand who who like were fed a thing by like Reagan era Republicans that services and help engender people to be lazy as opposed to like what services and help actually do, which is which is help people, help people and engender people being able to.


Do jobs and to the best of their abilities and not actually end up in the hospital with with some horrible infection because they didn't go for or die of meningitis or whatever. Right. It's just like. It's all ridiculous, it's so ridiculous, do you think that Jeff Bezos works very hard every day, or do you think he earns a million dollars per second, like probably just sitting around shooting the shit at this point, the whole like a classification of people as lazy, that people are, like, cheating the system.


It just it doesn't exist. It's never it's never existed.


It is just a fairy tale that we've been told.


So, yeah, we just we need to take care of each other well along the way that obviously our country is so rooted in white supremacy.


A lot of that comes from what traces we attach to those programs. Right. Right.


Because statistically, white men are the highest, but they're the highest percentage of people on food stamps. And in America, not black women, not young teenage mothers, adult white men. Right. That is who is on food stamps. And there's nothing wrong with that. Right.


That's the help.


But when you tell the story that it's welfare queens, that it's teenage mothers, that it's black and brown, people take first of all, it's my fucking money. Give me my money. You take so much money in taxes, give my money to them.


I don't give a you know, I just feel like people don't understand that. Like, you never know when you may need social services. Like, you mean you don't you never know when you or someone you love may need that unemployment. And I do think that there's been a shift in perception since covid. I do think that, like, there's been a national reckoning with like people who thought that like, oh, I'll never need I'll never need food stamps.


I'm good. Like I work my whole life. I pulled myself up my bootstraps. These are white, privileged people that I'm talking about who like, yeah, OK, fine, you didn't you had boots and you had socks and you had like multiple pairs of boots, all access to the guy that fixes the boots, but whatever.


And then this pandemic hit and the whole world changed. And then all of a sudden they've now for the first time found themselves in this position of need. And so I do think I'm hopeful that that some people will be able to because we had what we had.


Were these people like spinning need into anger? Yeah. But I'm hopeful that this administration and and. The Senate and the and the House being the way that they're structured right now, will be able to help. Turn this more into empathy so that people really understand, like there by the grace of God, are you able to do any of this?


I also like me personally. I don't give a fuck if you care, like I don't care of any of these people have empathy anymore. I just need the people in charge to do it right. I need those 51 people that we voted for to be on board. We have been trying to convince people to vote in their own best interests. We accomplish the goal. We won. Now do it where the majority and the majority of us want people to have housing, people to have food and people to have an education that health care and health care.


Right. That's what we want.


So, like, if your uncle and your sister and your cousin think that it's stupid that I don't give a fuck, I want to give it to them and then tell them to shut the fuck up and go to the doctor.


But I mean, I do think that that's all valid. The. I had one more thing to say about that I know. Education, yeah, that's that's I want to see some I mean, Betsy DeVos is back on the yacht, so. Yeah, peace out to her yard.


Which which yacht she's on the on the biggest one. On the big one.




Because there's so fucking many could have sold one. I also educate the voters right at the John Lewis voters right act. We have we.


That's the thing that's so frustrating. We have two years like. If people can vote, if people are allowed to vote, we can get all the stuff we need. So that's what I want. Yeah, and I mean, and we got a bad Supreme Court balance on our hands right now.


So what are we going to do about that? I don't know.


I'm not I mean, it's it's interesting because for as much as I've been fearful, I think that John Roberts has showed himself to be like he does seem to follow the letter of the law even when it doesn't agree with his politics. And, you know, so, again, like I was saying about Republicans in Georgia being like, listen, we don't like it, but here's the way that these elections went. The same thing with the Supreme Court.


We've seen conservative justices being like, this isn't great, but it they you know, they have a legal point. You know what I wonder about Roberts. You know, they say that old people go one of two ways as they get older. Mm hmm. They either they either get, like, crazy and. More conservative, right? They doubled down. Yeah, or sometimes they go the other way and they become like they have like perspective and they become super liberal and they're like, none of this means shit and let's do the right thing.


I wonder if Roberts is getting more liberal. I wonder.


I don't know. I'm always nervous because I'm always nervous that he's just like just playing ignorant, buttering us up to lower the boom on something big. Me too. Me too.


I think it's ego thing because like Roberts, just I think about Sotomayor too, like actually deserve that job, like based on their career.


And I think that there's something about. You've all worked with people and you're like, why the fuck do we have the same job? Oh, why? Interesting. Why this theory? Why do you think at any moment ever that Justice Roberts looks at Brett Kavanaugh and thinks that they are the fucking same? Right. If that was me, I'd be furious. Right? I'd be furious, not angry about the fucking cares too much about us. I do think he cares about the law, but the pure audacity.


To share the same title with these two people who have just been added, I feel like I'm I'm a petty bitch. Yeah. And I think he's petty.


I think that's a really interesting theory and one I hadn't thought of.


If you work so hard, so fucking hard your whole life to do this thing, some shitty frat boy gets your job search theory. But I think that Justice Roberts is petty. Just petty. Yeah, I'm a petty bitch. That's my theory. He's.


OK, wait, wait. Baktir are just real fast inauguration. Yeah.


We didn't I know all about the night program. I didn't watch the whole night program. I would never come on. So I'm just going to be honest.


After all I needed to see was them get sworn in and nothing happened to them. And as soon as that was over, I went back to work.


And it's worth watching. It's worth watching because it was mostly really well done. There were a couple poor lighting choices that was hilarious.


The three the three ex presidents standing in complete like backlit.


Yeah, it was very. Would they do that? I don't know. I just feel like whoever was shooting it didn't just didn't have the guts to be like, hey fellas, step back ten feet. So, yeah. So that was like a weird lighting choice for the three former presidents, but it was really it was a fun like variety show. Tom Hanks was freezing and like his, everybody was even very concerned about him.


Yeah, he was he was a popsicle. Heynckes DAKHIL No, I just why couldn't they get him a heater?


I don't know, I mean, like who knows, maybe there was like no outlets available, you know how that shit goes. Like, maybe I can't maybe like a truck is too noisy with a generator or whatever, you know? And I'm sure Tom Hanks was like, don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. I'm sure he was at the same time what I learned this week from having strep throat and because it's covid being forced to stay home.


Sometimes doing things the hard way in entertainment is fucking stupid. Yes, like. OK, this is what this is all I was thinking about. This is the text message I sent to my showrunner. I've been having a really hard time being homesick. They wouldn't let me go to work because I had strep throat, which is contagious. You guys, I have worked on television shows with strep throat in the past. That's bad. I have wait, here's all the things that I have had that they've been like.


The show must go on because. Well, that's bad. Well, you know, correct, Shinjiro. But I'm just saying, because of covid, everybody is like all of a sudden like, oh, wow, you really can't come to work because we don't want anyone to get sick or whatever, blah, blah.


But I've had I'm having a really hard time because I'm like, this is unknown territory for me.


We're used to powering through when we're in, you know, this industry mode.


Yeah. And so I like my my showrunner, Meredith. Who created the show and she's, you know, works with Tina. So I said, I'm so sorry, I just really hate this. I hate this and.


Here's what I've worked through, I just need you to know, since I was 19, many massive sinus infections, multiple flus, multiple colds, tooth infection, like an abscessed tooth, I worked two whole days with an abscess tooth because I couldn't get time to go to the dentist to get the it was like I had gotten a filling and the guy didn't cure the filling properly. And it was like obsessing. And I felt literally like a crazy person.


For two days, I was on Cougar Town. I did that stomach flu, which was insane. I dislocated my knee on a Friday night and I was back at work on Monday and they just changed the blocking around so I didn't have to walk mastitis in my tit, which if you've ever been a breastfeeding mother, it is the most painful, horrible thing.


Yeah, once I had pinkeye and I just went straight from the opthamologist back to set and, you know, and the and, you know, there's just like all kinds of things that I've worked through, including like diarrhea, like all that stuff and. Four weeks after giving birth to cricket, still wearing a pad to Bleadon, I went back to shooting.


So like staying home for strep throat is like insane. My only point being, it never would have occurred to Tom Hanks to be like, hey, I might get like pneumonia. It's freezing. Can we do something?


Because he's like, no, bowering, stop. Kacie, stop it. You can't get pneumonia from being too cold.


You can just ommaney cold from being too cold.


Maybe he but doesn't it. Well OK, here's here's here's the way that it goes.


You can get very cold and you can certainly get like say hypothermia from being cold and maybe that like theoretically wears you down to the point where you'd be more susceptible to an infection.


But you can't get a cold from being tired, you can't get covid from being upset. You can't get pneumonia from being in the cold weather.


Just just you have to have like a virus or a bacteria to get you sick.


But I'm saying I think that one of the things that I have learned from covid, first of all, shout out to mask.


I'm going to be a mask wear for the rest of my life, for life. I was. But I think one of the things that I I think has been really important as an American is for us to finally realize how fucked up this country is. Right. So many people have been like, I didn't get a cold all year. As soon as I said I wasn't feeling well, they gave me a week off. And it's like, right.


That is not something to be celebrated. We celebrate things that are abnormal when they should be the norm. Right? Right. And I think that we have people just being like, oh, people should have to pay for school. Most people don't have to pay for school like school supplies. Think about that. Right. You go to your children's public school that is run by the richest country in the world and you have to pay for your child's school supplies.


You shouldn't have to do that. You shouldn't have to go and spend two hundred dollars on a trapper keeper. We have made that the norm. If it's publicly funded, that means that the money comes from the government. The government should buy toilet paper for the school. So we have become accustomed to things that we should not be accustomed to. And like I even think about, like I've been so sick and they make you feel bad about it.


And it's like, oh, like before any of these things, before you're a writer, before you're an actor, you're a human. And they took away all our humanity and replaced it with being American. And that's not the fucking same thing.


Whoa. I want my back. I was always the same as you.


Busy, like working through sickness and you know. Yes, again, like I think it's the show must go on. When I was that watch what happens live, we were forbidden.


If you had a sniffle, if you had a slight cough forbidden to come in. And I always felt like they were doing me a huge favor and I'd be like, oh my gosh, thank you for understanding that I don't feel well. And one time Andy Cohen was like, I mean, like, you're welcome.


But also it's just good business. But we can't have you in here starting an epidemic that rips through the staff. We can't have you here making me sick. We work very closely together. And I can be at, say, sick either. Maybe. Exactly. I don't want to rat you out. Busy.


Didn't you get someone important sick one time? But here's the thing, everyone's important, that's it's true, it's important, and I think that one of the things that's wild is people are like, oh, like we don't want the president CEO to get sick of McDonald's.


And it's like the people who fry the fries deserve to not be sick either. Right. That is an American thing. Being an American is fucking wild. And if you really think about things that are inherently American, it is rooted in commerce and money, which is also fake, right? Oh, right. Yeah. Americans always work twice as hard. And it's like, here's the thing. You don't you shouldn't have to do that. They should hire they should hire a second person and pay you a living wage.


Yeah. There are some things that are inherently American that when you really take a look at them, it means that people are suffering. Yeah. So that's where I feel. I just want everybody I would like American to be inherently connected to treating people well like world around the world. We're known as selfish, ignorant when people say, oh, you act like an American, we all know that.


A good laugh. I do love, though. I feel like I feel like the world. Side took a giant sigh of relief yesterday. Yes, and I do feel like it's it's like a new it's a new chance. Yeah, yeah. And I loved, personally speaking about setting the tone.


Right. Like. You're the person who's, like in charge sets the tone, you know, they always say like the expression. Yeah, I've always loved the fish rots from the head down guys.




And I don't know if that's true, but does it ever so efficient also thrives from the head.




If it has a good head, the fish if the fish has got a good head, guys, you just throw that fucker back in and it keeps moving.


I don't know. I don't know where we're going with this metaphor. But I do know this, that yesterday, like I said, I kind of I've been sick.


So I was just like watching TV all day, glued to the screen. And I watched that thing where Biden swore in the the all the people who are going to be working in the administration.


And he said a thing that was like, so rad. Did you guys see it?


He referenced something like when he was vice president, like some sit down with some leader. I don't fucking know. I don't remember. But he asked, what is it that you love about America or whatever? And he's like, I can tell you in one word. And that word is possibility. And that's the word that I hold onto today. And that's what I'm seeing when I'm looking at all of you is possibilities. And that's what we have to bring back to the American people possibilities, all American people, not possibilities.


Only if you're born in a certain place or you have a certain color skin or you're born of a certain religion, possibilities for all. And then he said my favorite thing toward the end, which is was like such a boss ass move. He was like, this administration is about respect. I will have respect for you. We can have disagreements about the way things should be done. We should never have disrespect. And I will tell you this right now, if I ever hear.


Someone speaking to someone else with any kind of disrespect, anyone who works anywhere here, if I hear it, you are fired on the spot. I don't care who you are, you're fired on the spot. Everyone deserves respect. We speak to one another with respect, and that is what I have committed myself to doing. And so if you are not going to commit yourself to doing it, you are out of here.


And that's why I can't be president, because I can't respect all these pictures. I can't respect all these because I know I can. I know I can. That's why I'll never be the leader of this country.


I'll never, ever do it. Well, I I'm not going to be either well, busy, I would like to say something, because earlier I said that I didn't cry during the inauguration, but that I tell you, when I when I did cry and that was during the celebration at night, they had a little video with Yo-Yo Ma that I love him and love him.


And he said, I'm going to cry now. He was talking about how when the pandemic first started and he started to go online and play the cello every night, and he said, I just thought, this is something that I can do now.


And we all have something that we can do, you know.


And he saw in that moment that like this thing that he does for money and does for a living, he could also give and that it would have value to people in this time when we when we needed something like that.


And then, sure enough, like a few minutes later, Chef Jose Andres showed up and he's like an angel on Earth.


And he is taking, you know, this thing that he's made a great living at and that he's gotten a lot of fame and acclaim for. And he's doing what he can do. And I know I love to bring it around to Prince. When Prince used to perform, he would ask the audience to sing along with him and he would say, everybody can do something, like everybody can do something. And so I just feel like when you're saying, like, should I volunteer?


You know, I think a lot of times we devalue our abilities as Americans because that comes along with being like, listen, you got to go to work sick. No one gives a shit. If you can pay for college, then next thing you know, we're thinking like, well, what I do is an important it's not a big deal. So, like, writing jokes, whatever, like it might be fun, but it's not important.


It is important. It is important. And if you can, like, make a living at it, that's great. If you can find a way to also use your talents to help other people, everybody can do something. And, you know, playing cello is just something Yo-Yo Ma could do. But I know that every single person listening to this can do something.


I love that. It's also one of the major themes of Comilla and Maya's big idea. Yeah.


And she attributes that to her aunt Carmela saying. No person can do everything, but every person can do something. Yeah, and. And yeah, I think that that's really emotional and like incredible and I even think about our friend Anthea Raymond in Los Angeles, my friend who ran for L.A. City Council. And I'm going to cry again. Who won in a in like. Unprecedent, no one thought when I say underdog for this L.A. City Council race, guys there at home who maybe don't live in Los Angeles like it was a fuckin long shot for Nitya.


And she is so smart and so qualified and so determined and so inspiring that she motivated all of these people to volunteer and to go door to door and to make calls. I fucking phone banked. I phone banked. I did a bunch of stuff for nothing but like phone banking, which is kind of wild, but. Anyway. Nothing like was able to motivate so many people to help with the campaign that now in Los Angeles she's put out the call to the email list and has asked for basically like a citizens task force of volunteers, what can you do?


What are you good at? How can you help? Our community is because our communities are desperately in need. And I just feel like this thing that's happened in government and especially like even in local government, but also the federal government where it it has been held by these like, you know, precious few white men. Right. And and it's a little bit like like late night television. Yes. Casey, you know, they're like, this thing is so hard.


Oh, you don't want to do a show five nights a week. That is it's so hard. You have to have gone to Harvard and and then after you've gone to Harvard, you have to like, you know, work really hard and have to do the twelve thirty show for ten years and get the eleven thirty shows.


It's just too hard.


You don't want to do that. You you should just do like a sweet easy daytime show, whatever.


My point being that politicians have like. Turned politics into a thing that, like only they are privy to, they have made it confusing on purpose, they've made it exclusionary and exclusive on purpose. And the fact of the matter is, weirdly, and this is going to be fucking wild and everybody hold on for it, those insurrectionists had one thing correct. That is all of our house. Yeah. When they were like going through, they're like, this is our house smearing shit on the walls.


Now, listen, I can't I don't smear shit on, but that's not what we want to do.


That's what I know in my home. I've never had a child that has smeared shit and just never that's never been our issue. Yeah, but they they actually aren't wrong. Like and and so it is the people's house, it people's people's house.


But like, we are at this, like, pivotal fuckin moment where the problems are huge and we cannot count on the precious few who've been elected to just show up and solve them. Like we have to get involved. We have to like stay in contact with Wrap's. We have to figure out local government shit. We have to run for fucking office. Someone out there who's listening to this podcast right now run for office.


We have to and I say this with no shade, but you have to pay attention. You have to pay as much attention to what? Our elected leaders are doing that affect all of our lives, as much attention to that as you pay to The Bachelor.


Yes. OK, you guys, we've talked for way too long. Yeah. I don't know any final thoughts. I don't I like never been a huge fan of the Katy Perry song Fireworks, but then I just was fucking into it and loved it. I loved that moment. But then I was like, it's too many fireworks and I'm scared. It was like it was like, are the dogs scared? You guys finally scare me. They are scary and, you know, there are quiet fireworks, I know they're not as impressive, but like we've all seen it, you know, we've seen and now we have, like, the drones that you can fly in formation and those are quiet.


So why don't we just, like, invest in drone spectacular technology? Also, like, I hate balloons popping. Like, I don't like to loud noise, like balloons. I'm just very sensitive to it. People are kind of getting mad at me on Twitter because I was like too many fireworks. They're like, it's never enough.


We should blow up the sky. This is like also one of those American things where just like showing that we have good production, like I think that is one of those things where they were like, we are going to show every aspect of how competent we are. We are competent at fireworks. We are well, we need to steal the whole inauguration budget again.


Guess buy some fireworks. Yeah. So I think that that too is that we've spent so much time being ripped off that this administration was like whatever it was before, twice as many fireworks show them that we know how to organize an evening of television. That's not completely a mess so that they did overkill.


I do believe it was like very big, but they were like to show them we didn't steal the money, but.


Well. I give this inauguration eight out of 10, eight out of 10, that's where I'm at two points off because it was a pandemic 2.0 because you know what? You got some shit to fix. So let's see what happens. Maybe the next inauguration will be attempted. But you know what? It's probably not anything. I can never give the government 100 percent. So but I'm going to say eight out of ten for me how I'm feeling on day one.


That's how I feel.


All right, well, I I gave it I am giving it the same as I. Oh, I give it a 10 out of 10 for an inauguration. Now the administration. We'll see.


We'll see. We'll see how it goes. Yeah, they got to earn that. Also, like, before you start screaming on Twitter, like, why aren't they? Doing this this way, like actually just look into it like look into what the rules are, look into like what the the history is of, like what everyone's job is and what they're entitled to do in their job, what their powers are just like get to know it a little bit.


It's interesting. It's every bit as interesting as The Real Housewives. Just think of it like The Real Housewives, you know, love this advice. Yes.


With with with deadly consequences. Yeah. Yes. So just so I know, when you wonder why someone's not doing something that you would do if that was your job, look into it.


Happy inauguration, everyone.


Hey, guys. Happy inauguration. Happy inauguration. We did it.


We did it. Let's do it.


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Go back. Remember the the joy and the fun and the outfits. Bipasha. Oh. Let's go listen, I feel like.


I don't know what you know, I'm so tired, I had if I had to be up at 5:00 this morning and I have to be up at 5:00 tomorrow morning and I know what I'm only ever allowed to talk about with this show or not.


My my vibe is always nothing. Yeah, I God, you know what I always think? I think that when they send you something to post, that's when, you know, I don't trust these hos. So like, until the day is cashed, until not even you can fucking sign a contract. We've heard about people ripping up shit after the contract signed. So send me. Yeah. No, send it to me. No, no, no, no.


I'm with you on that. But this like I just mean like I don't know, there's like there's so weird all these companies they like this is this is where I get like it's such a fucking eye roll, you know, like guys who fucking cares if I say whose guest starring on the show this week.


Do you know what I mean? Like who? It'll ruin the surprise. It's like the world has changed. Yeah. Gives a fuck, you know what I mean? Like it's like between Twitter and Instagram, if anything, like talking about a thing makes it more appealing to the people who are your fans.


I used to work on this one show and the network would always ask us to make teases for the show. And one senior person on the show would go insane because they were like, you're spoiling it like everything.


And I was like, no, you're trying to like, tease it. You're trying to get people to be like, Oh, that looks funny. I'll tune in to watch the rest. But this person just lost their mind every week over how we were ruining the show and spoiling everything.


And I feel like a lot of these networks and stuff like they are, they feel like they've lost all control. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And so they are trying to get it back by making just arbitrary rules. Like whatever I talk about on this podcast needs to be like run through a legal team. I'm like, come on guys, good luck with that.


Getting me good luck with that.


And I'd be like, well, just let me talk about girls. Five of arguably going to be one of your favorite television shows and certainly one of the weirdest things anyone has seen in a while.


So good and so fun. But after work, after working my full day, I did have to go to a very special athletic thing to learn. I had to learn how to do some athletic stuff. I don't even know what to say. I'm trying to keep the secret.


Yeah, yeah. You live in that marvelous baby and I can't wait to see what you do a little bit like. But then I also was like I also like went back into like body shame vibes because I just feel like whatever dude fucking cares.


See, this is this is where I go. Like immediately I'm like, who fucking cares? Except then I have to like Beyoncé. It's just fucking hard.


It's hard now I'm just swearing too much because I'm too tired to say, hey, listen guys, here's the deal.


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Guys, what's going to happen? Things are going to get better and we'll be better, and the fashion, if anything, the fashion will be better.


We're just trying to, you know, wait it out, get those vaccines. If anything, Christmas will be better at the White House.


Oh, hell, yes. Yeah. You mean the first lady won't say fuck Christmas? Because we definitely, definitely skipped over that part.


I mean, trauma, trauma. And, you know, but like fucking saying happy holidays is like an affront. Like, come on, guys, I don't.


Right. But I mean, really. But really, the hypocrisy of it all, the hypocrisy, it's like a load of hypocrisy, hypocrisy.


And as you were saying earlier, stand here. And now everyone's found their voice to, like, critique very minor things. So I would like that hypocrisy to stop as well. I know. Listen, journalists, I know you got a journalist. I know you got to put something out and say something, but like, I'm I'm just not here for you being like, this is the worst thing.


This watch this peloton bike, you know, just come on, come all the shit.


I think it's just like I'm so sick of everybody being full of shit, myself included. Do you know what I mean? I'm sorry. It's like I just want to let it fucking go. Guys, I hope you enjoyed that.


You guys, we love you. We do love you. I, I don't think there's anything else exciting happening, is there now. No.


Shinta has to go. All right. Just wrap it. All right. I have to go. OK, I love you guys. Love you. Bye bye. Well, we say goodbye to you in tears now.


I guess this is just the slow. March the saying goodbye to each other. Yeah, just, you know, I want to go take a bath, I guess maybe. OK, all right. Well, I do enjoy those. If anybody out there wants to. Advertise on this podcast and you have to take that money.


Yeah, or, you know, or if you want to try and Epsom salt bath yourself, you know, on the recommendation of busy, maybe that's something nice you can do for yourself this week. And we will speak to you next week.


We will. But just wait. Just a tip. Use a lot of the Epsom salts. I know they're just used a lot. That's that's the best way to really get the benefits. I'd like dump more Epsom salts in there than you think you need. You're going to be you're going to like it. There you go. I promise. There you go.


So when we talk to you next week, hopefully a huge percentage of you have taken a very salty Epsom salt and and reach out and let us know if you ever roller skated rollerbladed whilst riding a bike and what the outcome was for you. Did you hurt a Mazda? Did you hurt yourself or did you break your wrist? Like, did you succeed? Did you succeed?


I don't know anyone who succeeded.


I do think it's insane that both she and I did that. And I'm going to learn my lines and go set up my coffee station for the morning. Which is something that I found, guys, maybe this is like I'll leave you with this little helpful hint. This reentry waking up early business work vibes, maybe some of you were just doing that now. I don't know. You know, people have to go back to work. Fucking God. But one thing that I found helpful when I have to wake up super early is that I preset all my coffee stuff.


I guess that's why people have those coffee makers that just automatically do it, huh? You set a time. That's what. Yeah, that's what we do. Well, I make poro. Yeah, you do your you do your pour over and I do everything the hard way, you know. So Yeah. Yeah.


But you know what it would be maybe I know it would be nicer to just set a fuckin clock and have that coffee made.


You're not alone. You're not alone. We did pour over four years until we were like, this is stupid.


I think I but I actually think I legit think that this is the moment where I was like, oh, this is stupid. I'm just going to be like, why?


Why am I going to stand here pouring over my coffee when I could just get a machine to pour the water?


Why do I do that? Explain it to me. Do we know?


I don't. I'm going to hook you up with my husband and you guys can talk about why you like to do things the hard way.




Because he is you guys are like, so similar in that way, then he'll be like the second after he completes something really complicated, he'd be like, oh, you know how I could have done the same, though?


The same.


So yeah, I think it's because you like to jump into something and like throw your whole self into it and then, you know, you're like really dedicated to it. And then like as you're doing it and figuring it out, you're like processing a possible easier way that you could have done it. But the the pore over coffee is like a ritual thing and, you know, and it feels fancy and like you're doing a thing.


But then he realized it tastes yeah, it does taste good, but then you realize it's exhausting. You know what, the best coffee in the coffee that someone else made. No, I disagree.


I think coffee tastes so good when someone else makes it. And then when I make coffee for my husband, he's like, this coffee is amazing. I'm like, yeah, because someone else made it. Now Mark tries to make my coffee for me sometimes to be nice and I'm just like, please just let me do it like I it's so I don't even know why it doesn't taste as good. I do it better. Oh but that's also just me.


That's now we're in a hole now. This is a spiral.


This is a spiral. It's like a whole that's a whole other podcast of just like. Yeah I just am I have a real issue with letting people do things for me and I feel like I'm the only one that can do it correctly. And yeah, I'm fun to be, but I think I'm fun to be around.


Yeah I, I think everybody is like that. I think marks like that. I think I'm like that. I think my husband's like that. I'm sure Santeros like that. So you know, let us know if you're like that as well.


Let us know guys. All the stuff you're the only one is like in combat below. OK, just you know what guys. Hey guys. What are your plans this weekend, guys? You know what I love? Warm blueberry muffins straight from the oven.


What's your favorite recipe on a cold winter day comment below you, Mr. Garlic.


Just like I just like any time somebody that I follow on Instagram is just so clearly trying to, like, boost engagement and engagement like, yes, fucking Christ, are you kidding? I'm not going to tell you what I like to cook on a cold, wintry day. All right. Fuck you. But also and I just this is I'm sad.


Change here is going to miss this part, but I just have, like, a tiny little bit of.


So there are there's there's two people I follow. I don't know if I currently follow them, you know, I go in and out sometimes.


I didn't even know for sure that I follow and follow. I it's great. I Muite. But there there were these people that I was following, different, totally different people, different spheres of. Celebrity, but whatever, and both like and it was it was not a hate follow because I don't believe in that, but it was like infuriating sometimes, like their posts should infuriate me because it was like that kind of stuff, like I was just saying.


But then also just like kind of like nonsensical, like I didn't get it. And I know both of the people sort of in real life. And I was like, I don't understand. Like, this isn't their personality. Like, I don't get what that's happening anyway.


And then I found out this week that they both use the same company to do their jobs, which is like, again, talk about doing all the things the hard way.


You know, I don't have anyone do anything for me, for social media. So, like, I'll literally be on set and Ray will text me, like, remember, I need you to post that those three stories and the caption by noon. And so here it is. And I'm like, oh, Jesus fucking Christ. OK, I got to come on, like, you know, figure it all out. So it does make sense that people some times like pay.


Yeah, but then it leads to you looking at like this weird dystopian social media post being like, what the fuck did this person's brain follow? It's so crazy, though, like, don't think this is what I don't understand. Like, they don't go look at it. They don't. Yeah, well, wild, I know exactly what you're talking about.


And sometimes I'm just like, oh boy.


I mean but like, truly, I just feel like if it were me I would want I don't get it. I just don't get it. I think you never hear it because.


Yeah, I just I don't know. Social media is supposed to be personal and that's why, like, you do it to like to really engage with people. And so when people are like, what's your favorite winter recipe or whatever, you know, that they don't really give a fuck what your favorite winter recipe is.


So that's not like that's not authentic engagement. And then also, when you find out that someone's just paying someone to do their social media posts to engage you, then you kind of feel like a fucking joke, right?


You feel like cheated. Like I feel so embarrassed if I ever like that. I ever comment like like who are the people, you know, like you just like have been talking to, like the hand inside the puppet or whatever.


It's a little like, it's just like twenty six year old girl, you know, like maybe or maybe it's like a person who's like super expert at it and they like know more about it than anyone else. But it's still not who you thought you were talking to, but which is like you're not entitled to talk to anyone.


So, you know, it's fine if people want to do it, but it is just a little it's a little weird. And sometimes I am just like what is happening with this person? Like, it's just it seems like a weird, like, performance art.


Well, for a minute, but not that rude of me. And I thought that this person was doing like a weird performance art. And I was like, this is the next level. Like I fucking down when I was a wild.


Maybe that's what I'm going to do next. Maybe that's my next move in social media because I feel like I'm reaching the end of whatever it is that I do on social media.


I feel like I'm just like it's like I blow it up because people were people were getting rid of their blue checks on Twitter this week.


And I wanted to talk about that. I saw Yasser. Do last year. Yeah, Yasir Lester got rid of you check and then Morgan Murphy did it and then Morgan Murphy did it.


I feel something today just like that. But then I was like, I shit.


I do so much brand stuff. I thought maybe I would like. Yeah, with my business as nails.


I didn't do it because I when I had a book come out, the publisher's publicist got me the check and she worked really hard to do it. So I will never let it go because she really had to beg them to give it to me. So I was like, oh never.


I did give my real name. For like years ago, it was somebody somebody else had it and it and mine was just like and so I was busy. Philipps 25 for like literally like I think it was just in the last two years that I got about three years.


It's so strange.


Well, guys, you listen, if you never can land the plane you like, if you think you know who I'm talking about, tropical, I'm who I was because that's what the celebrities Instagram account that you're pretty sure is run by bots coming in like and subscribe.


And I'll let you know in the comments if you're right. But I don't know. Is that how it works? Maybe.


Maybe we'll we'll talk to you next week. We love you. By.