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I think I might be actually Angelika Pickle's mom all day, baby Suzy Karmichael to the day I die.


Let's do it. Hi, you guys, it's a new me, it's a new year, it's a new life. It's busy. Phillips doing her best.


I don't that's not even the name of the show. It's busy. Phillips is doing her. But what is it? I don't even know anymore. Casey say on Shinjiro Jackson. Tell me, what do we call what it was? What is this show called?


It's called Busy. Phillips is doing her best. It's doing her best. I am doing my best to remember the name of the show, just all the pertinent details.


And also to just like we made it, we did we here cautiously optimistic that we've made it cautiously when there's work to be done.


Obviously, there's always work to be done. There was always work to be done. But damn, it feels good. To know that somebody's a grown up will help us. I swear to God we I ever say that theory on this podcast I heard talk about that. I don't know what theory, what theory. The kids that are out of control. Oh yes. Yes. OK, ok. So am basically there is a theory in family therapy that a child in crisis will continue to devolve and behavior.


And however it's it's coming like whatever's happening, whether it's like they're throwing temper tantrums, they're hurting themselves. They're like whatever it is, they will continue to devolve until the point at which they feel the adult in charge has fully taken control of the situation. My friend, the United States has been a devolving child. Absolutely. One hundred percent. And we have been waiting for a parent to come in and take control of the situation so that we can stop spiraling down into oblivion.


And that is what fucking happened on Saturday when the adults take over charge.


Also by this thing, like, you know me, I'm dead inside. But when, by the way, up there at the end of his speech and he was like, God bless America, God bless our troops, I was like, inject this propaganda into my mother fucking they give it to me, baby, kiss the baby. I was like, this is what I fucking need right now. I swear to God. I screamed, grabbed the picture of him with that baby on my phone because I was like, all I want is Joe Biden and that baby in my brain.


Like I truly and Carmela, I have to say, like, I think Comilla wearing white, like I immediately started crying when she walked out. Casey, did you cry? Yeah. I mean, you know. Yes. Who's not crying at that? I know. I cried on Saturday. I was just crying. I was so and also I was just like we talked about this in the podcast before. Like I was like, I haven't been crying because it's not over yet and obviously it's not over, but it's this is as over as it's felt like it's going to be a long time.


And I just cried from like I feel like I'm an inch taller. Like next time I do a Hollywood break, next time I do an audition, they ask me how tall I am. I think I have to say five, ten, because I feel like my shoulders have dropped, my spine got straight. I feel like we've been holding so much air. I definitely am taller.


Yes, I texted my mom that I was happy that she got to see a woman vice president in her lifetime.


I celebrated. I walked to the store and I bought a bottle of champagne because like I've been like this real white neighborhood and it was just a little too quiet. And I was like, go get some booze. This is the only time that I ever wanted to be in New York. Yeah. Either Chicago, in New York. And then, like I saw what was going on in New York and New York always makes me depressed and like we don't vibe.


But I was like, well, I wouldn't do to be on a fucking tonight in Brooklyn right now.


I tell you, it was like so I we I had had a morning already. I was like, bummed, you know, like had gone to bed. I don't know what you guys were like Friday night, but like I was it was weighing what I was pissed. I was like, yeah, let's do this. It was weighing on me.


I wasn't even like, I'm going to stay up and try to watch. I was just like, I'm turned the TV's off. Like, just turn them off. This is going to be this thing. This is the way this motherfucker has done everything. It's all going to be obscured. No one's got like we're not going to know anything for months, like no one's going to call it because they're too afraid of him, like because he's a lunatic and terrifying.


And I was like, fuck it. I was in a terrible mood. So the next morning I woke up Saturday morning and I, you know, a real flower bitch.


And I was like, I'm going to do something for for myself. I'm going to go buy myself.


I was at the flower market, so I walked quite a distance to where the map told me the flower market was and I found it and I forgot that I did not have a car and that I was going to have to walk home all of the flowers and faces that I bought.


So then I had to walk home it with, like, weighed down with bags and flowers. I got home, I arranged my flowers. I was like, you know what? This had put a little pep in my step. I do like these flowers. I am going to work out today because I've not been feeling I haven't been feeling like jumping around.


I went down to downstairs to like the kids, like the whatever the TV room where I'm working out right now.


And I went to pee because, you know, you got to pee before you jump on a trampoline.


Does that is necessary? Well, I have to pee all the time for sure. Yeah, but one hundred and fifty percent, because a lot of women ask me this, especially women who have had children, although we found out from that gymnast Caitlyn Ohashi when she was on busy tonight.


Incredibly, 15 gymnasts pee themselves, also sometimes pee themselves when they're jumping around because that is just pressure and gravity anyway. So I had to do my last minute pee before I started jumping. I sat down, my phone was on the sink. It buzzed. It was my manager, Kari Bilic, sending me a screengrab of I think was an MSNBC was the first one to call it. She sent me the screengrab.


I was like, well, and I feel like pants didn't even pull my underwear, like, ran out of the bathroom and was like like I got it.


And he turned on the TV and then Sarabeth, like, came out of her room. I think she might have just been waking up.


I don't know. She's, you know, basically a teenager.


She came out like, wait, what? And I was like they called it they got it. And then it like, whatever it was that Mark turned down, called it, and then something else called it. And then I was like, what do we do? Like we're standing in our apartment here. I'm like, what do we do? We have to go outside. I'm like, yes, I ran outside. And then I looked to the left and all the neighbors have run outside and everyone's just like standing there with their arms open.


And I'm like. And then all the cars started honking and people in the apartment building across the street started like banging pots and pans out the windows and people were screaming. And then Bernie came downstairs and she was just getting up and she's like, what's happening?


I was like, Bernie, they call that Joe Biden is our president. She's like. And then she, like, tumbled into the street screaming. And then I was like, well, I'm not fucking working out. Let's go and yell. We like, got are together and just like started walking around the city and people were like, I can't even it was it's like a movie.


It's like it was like I was jealous, I was so jealous. I was like I wish I was in a major city, that fucking party like a motherfucker. I was like I woke up and like, I'm a very good neighbor, truly. I'm a very nice lady. But at eight thirty I found out I fucking blasted fuck Donald Trump I, y, g and C Hussle. I was like these neighbors going get this music to play that song nonstop for our went to the grocery store across the street.


We're walking right across the street and also in this neighborhood, it's kind of hard to tell because like in New York, everybody is excited right here, everybody and excited. So I'm walking, trying to trying to see who's excited. Right. So I see across the street and this lady, she's very pregnant. She has two kids, ladies walking who are very pregnant are like, are you trying to, like, walk? So the baby comes.


I'm like, what survived this morning? And then I'm like walking and I like I'm clapping. And I just go, yes. And then she like, looks at me and then she screams, Yes, from across the street. And then I go, Yeah. So we're walking parallel with the four lanes of traffic and we're just walking and screaming. Yes. And she has these two little kids and this little boy just stops and screams no more Trump.


And I was like, this was worth the walk to the fucking grocery store.


We went to the grocery store. Everybody's buying champagne. We can't touch each other. We clinked champagne bottles and we're like, this is enough. It's enough to know that there's like 20 other hipsters in this Sherman Oaks right now.


By Sheppey, my son on the East Coast texted me and then I got to wake up my son that lives here. I'm so glad you got to, like, wake him up and tell him that. Oh, my gosh, Lincoln. He deserves that both.


You know, they both worked very hard on Hillary's campaign in 2016. My son was like basically ran the local Hillary for America office with another one of his high school classmates. And so I was so worried that they would just that that heartbreak would cause them to to, you know, just check out and be like it's too much because they really were heartbroken when that happened and they didn't they really rallied. And, you know, even as they're even as their favorite candidates fell through the primaries, they would like a line behind someone new.


So they're both really excited. My neighborhood was also dead quiet, except for one car driving around through the streets honking also.


It's like because if you look at the map here in L.A., the only two places that went to Trump were the Scientology building. And we were talking about that. And I was like, why Scientology? And I it has to do with taxes, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. They must donate a lot of money or something.


I don't know. Who knows? We'll never know. We might need to put that out so they don't come after us.


I just I'm going to say, you know, that when I was on Freaks and Geeks, though, you know, the Scientology Center on Franklin.


Yes. That's like across from like where UCB was.


Oh, yes, yes, yes. They're tricky, the Scientology Center, because they're always doing fun stuff. Like the last time when I was out in the streets, they were showing Hocus-Pocus on a big screen.


It looks so fun. And I was like, oh, my God, this looks fun as hell. And then you walk up to it in the Scientology and that's how they fucking get you.


Well, I'm not even kidding you. When I was 20 years old, I'm Freaks and Geeks, we were shooting at Raleigh Studios, which is across from Paramount, and we went to Bird's the restaurant birds, which like has been in that location on Franklin for legitimately for hundred years, that it is like the oldest restaurant.


So we go to birds and I get my barbecued chicken wrap sandwich that I loved and after work one night and it was I think it was Seagull and Linda and me and Seth. I know it was the four of us. And Jason who grew up in Los Angeles, fully fucking convinced me over the course of the meal that inside the Scientology Center was a ride that was like a tower of terror ride that dropped at the end from the top.


And I was like, I thought it was bullshit, but he was very convincing. And then also I was like, they are always doing fun stuff over there. And I was like, and it makes sense that they it's really, really very theatrical looking building. So, yeah, you know, it doesn't it doesn't not look like MGM Studios. Yeah. It doesn't not look like there's a. Hour of terror in there, but when you go by there in the middle of the week, like I also, I always almost getting duped by fun things from Scientology truly, because I was walking by and this was like when I right when I moved to L.A. and it was all like giant real Christmas trees.


Oh, yeah. Like a winter wonderland. And I was like, oh, my God, do I need to go in here and get a tree? And then I was like Scientology again. Every holiday. It looks to fun from what I know, from just literally watching that documentary going clear.


Mm hmm.


And from Mark telling me about the book on the podcast that you listen to, I think that you can kind of be whatever religion you want to be and that Scientology like exists sort of within that thing.


But you could just take the fun stuff. It's like it's like what Republicans do with the Bible. They take what they want from it. So like the Scientology Jews, they're like, you know what people like?


They like Halloween. They like Christmas trees you can take in. I think it's easier to get people to leave other stuff if they can take what they like from those parts of it. Oh, that's a good point. Yeah. It's like if you come someone someone like you can never celebrate Christmas again. You could be like, oh, no, Jehovah's Witnesses for me. But then if they're like, you can take whatever you want, you can be like, well, I get my birthday at Christmas, but I mean, I'm all for whatever makes you happy.


Yeah. I mean, and like, if you need a Christmas tree in your life and you happen to be Jewish and you also light a menorah, but like you like the lights and you want some sparkly things and you think to be cute, put up a Christmas tree.


And I don't right now judgments about anyone wanting to, like, go to the flower market, weigh yourself down anyway. Wait, so back to total, not total.


What is it? Back to Four Seasons. Total landscaping, which we did.


Oh my God. Yeah, you never got to it. The celebration was too great. I almost like didn't even didn't even need that that I had on a hat. They bought it yourselves. They bought it themselves.


But it is also like very indicative of the entire administration. Right. Which is that like someone clearly fucked up. I don't know how, but instead of just saying like, oh man, someone fucked up, it's actually going to be over here. They were like, no one fucked up ever because we're fucking perfect.


Well, you know, but I'm always so paranoid that I'm like, they did this on purpose to distract us from something so that we'd all be laughing all day about four seasons, total landscaping, while they were like running out the back door with bags of money or something.


They're so stupid. As someone who, like, has a journalism background, I'm like, oh, it's it's starting like Fox News cut away from Kayleigh McEnany. And MSNBC was like, that's not true. We're stopping. And I was like, this is the beginning. And then I don't I think it was Laura Ingraham. I have to send you guys a link. But there's like she it's very nineteen eighty four. She's like talking directly to him.


Yeah. Through the camera. She was like, it's OK. No matter what your legacy will continue on.


I was like this for the audience. Tomorrow she'll be like, you're getting very sleepy. Yes. You're like busy.


I was like Zorro Room went away and she was just talking to him and I was like, well, but anyway, who cares? That fucker is gone.


You know me until something's happening, until someone sitting on the throne they're supposed to be sitting on, I'll maintain nervousness.


It's the advice that I give people who are starting out in the entertainment industry and they talk about projects that they have going, oh, you don't say to them, you cannot tell anyone about your projects that you're starring in and or have created and are writing until you are sitting in the theater and the end credits have rolled.


And only then are you able to text people and have your mom post on Facebook. It's just like I totally get it.


But what I mean by I feel confident and Biden and and Comilla having it under control is that, first of all, I've learned a lot about Joe Biden in the last week, and I didn't know that he had run four times, which every network told me seven billion times over the last week. But then I like kind of looked into the story of it and that he really believed that running for the being president was his destiny and life. And, you know, I fucking love destiny.


You know, I love a found penny. And so this man has faced all of these things right. And he's evolved and he has changed his position on things because he's allowed himself to evolve and change and admit his mistakes in the past, which is like what you fucking want from a leader and anyone actually just a human. So that's why I think this is why I am not as nervous as others, because I think there's no fucking way he's going to let this get taken away from him.


One of the things that I really believe and I mean, like, obviously I'm not I'm not like a like a Joe Biden stand, but like I think that he believes, obviously, that it's his destiny. I think that he was done running for president like I his oldest fuck his kids are dead. His son is finally in recovery and he wants to be 78. Great. You don't think that he wants to spend the last few years? He's got I mean, just mathematically with his family.


That man is giving his fucking last years of life to save us. That man was on his way to eating ice cream, doing book tours, going on supermarket sweep, chillin, you know what I mean? And I think that people obviously have to have an ego to want to be the president, especially an ego to run that many times. But as a black, queer woman, I 100 percent recognize that that old ass man was like, look, I'm going to give you my last eight years.


That's a big sacrifice. He did not have to do that for us. That's I truly believe it that he was like, OK, instead of chilling, I'm going to try to do this.


I also think there was a I also think there was a real. Push from younger voters who are absolutely young voters of color, what young voters of color will stick around, especially in Georgia?


It's interesting because people keep talking about the demographics that voted. And I tried to sort of float this on Twitter to see if I could get like a mathematical genius to tell me about exit polls. But it didn't really people just started telling me there are theories. There are, you know, armchair theories which are the same as what I have.


But like I'm like, how can we rely on the exit polls when we know that in-person voting was so much smaller than it usually is?


So it's trying to, like, look into exit polls to see because it'd be really interesting to know just who we have to go after in the future.


They're also watching all of those white women lied when they got out of the polls and said they didn't do what they did in their. Fifty five percent of them voted for Trump. So what the fuck is an exit poll? What we need to do is make sure everybody is registered to vote, which is what Stacey Abrams did, because the demographic really is the one that we can 100 percent count on indigenous people, black people, brown people. You know what I mean?


Those are the people that, like we know, aren't lying to us.


The thing that really caught me with the exit polls, most demographics increase their vote for Trump. Yeah. Which I guess makes sense because he's an incumbent. I mean, it doesn't make sense at all. But, you know, in terms of history, it makes a little sense. Yeah, but the one that really got me is that like according to the exit polls, this is why I was like, you can't believe the exit polls. According to the exit polls.


Twenty eight percent of LGBT voters voted for Trump. That sounds right. That sounds right. Shocked I. I say this sounds right to me because this is truly I'm like really dragging white people whiteness. Is overpowers everything, oh, oh, handsome, not even the handsome, you can be ugly as fuck white man who is gay will choose their whiteness over their gayness because their whiteness gives them access to more even as a gay man. So if you are rich, that absolutely tracks.


So like that's what we look at, like what they look like. Like how do they identify? Because there's a lot you rarely see, like black gays for Trump. There's a bunch of gays for Trump and they are usually white because whiteness, it's the same thing with like women who take who like really connect with the patriarchy, you know?


I mean, that's what I was about to say. And here I was. I just power and. Yeah, your connection to power. So if you already are marginalized and you're white, you got to step up like a step up where you can be like if I feel like if I go in this room, I can pretend to not be gay, but I'll always be white and people do that.


I think that's true. And I also think that there's something to be said for continuing the work of making sure that every person understands privilege and understands fucking white privilege and, you know, understands the patriarchy and that we continue to, like, try to fucking bring all this shit down.


On that note, what can I say one thing to you on that, too? I mean, like we also that is so dependent on, like, people being willing to learn, which is what you talked about when one of the reasons we like Joe Biden is because, like, Comilla fucking dragged him in the debate and then he picked her for his running mate. Because you want somebody who will drag you that way, you don't end up like fucking a houseful of people who follow around in the sand.


TRUMP Right. So, like, I think that we have to we want to teach people. They have to be willing to learn. But like, if they're not willing to learn, that's what we got to get on that Voter's Rights Act. If we can just get everybody registered to vote, we can use our energy helping them instead of trying to because like, I'm sick of convincing people. Yeah. When I could just give them health care.


If we get enough votes, we can just be like, well, you can believe that. And then I'm still going to make sure you have food. Right. And I think that that's where the direction that we're moving. Right.


That's why that's one of the reasons I'm so curious about the exit polls.


And I want to see, like, when they're finally weighted or whatever, because I think that what Stacey Abrams did in Georgia was so smart and obviously she was very targeted. And so I would love to be able to register voters, just like you're saying, but in like a really targeted way. That's my wish for like when the Voting Rights Act is restored and that we just, like, really get on our game, like we have all this technology and all this knowledge at our disposal.


And to use it for good instead of like whatever Mark Zuckerberg is doing would be so he's fucking up and he's really fucking us.


Here we go, guys, listen, one size fits all, not a phrase that should describe really anything. I mean, truly just anything. Just throw it out, throw that phrase out, meaning we are all unique. It is a worthless phrase. We are unique individuals with unique needs and of all kinds. And that includes our beauty routines. We should have something that is tailor made to us. That's where functional beauty comes in. They get it.


They love it. The drugstore is not your friend. I don't know about you, but I go in there, I think. Sure I have that. Put it in the card. Yeah, obviously I also have that. Put it in the card. Then also I suffer from this, put it in the cart and then before you know it, I have a cabinet that's overflowing with products that I don't use and it's exhausting and everything is a mess and it's a real.


Just a pyramid of shame, yeah, pyramid of pyramid scheme, but functional beauty wants to free me from the shame and they do.


Yeah, we actually use it. We love it. Functional beauty is the world leader and customizable beauty. It offers one hundred percent custom solutions just for you. If you haven't listened to this yet and you want me to explain it, I will. You take a quiz. It is quick but thorough. You tell them what your hair needs, what your hair goals are. You can even choose a color and a fragrance. And then functional beauty team determines the right blend of ingredients, bottles, your custom formula to order.


They deliver it. It's personalized in a cute little customized bottle. They print your name on it along with pumps and stickers, and there's little gifts and a detailed instruction card describing your hair care regime regimen, not regime. Although it could be a regime.


You don't want a hair care regime? No, we want a regimen.


I like it because they never use sulphates or parabens or any harmful ingredients. I have one kid that is allergic to sulphates and wouldn't you know it, people like to put sulphates in a lot of different things. Anyway, it's amazing. What are you waiting for? Go to a function of beauty dotcom. Best to take your quiz and save twenty percent off on your first haircare order function of beauty dotcom slash. Best to let them know that you heard about it from our show because that's important.


We need credit and then you get 20 percent off your haircare order. That's a function of beauty. Dot com slash best friend.


Guess what, it's time to say goodbye to your problems, your. To my problems, I'm wearing one right now with Warners and Olga by Warners, you can have it all. You can have real solutions for real women. They've been supporting women for over one hundred and forty years and they really know their stuff. You know who I want to go to when I need something? I want to go to the people who've been making it successfully for one hundred and forty years.


So only occasionally, if it's like a tech thing, do I want to go to like a new guy.


But most of the time. I want to go to the company that's had success, knows how to make things for real women because Warners is led and designed and run by women. So they know real bodies and they know the issues that we face in fighting our problems. And they're not afraid to talk about everything from underarm bulge or cup spillage. They make comfortable solutions for it all. So support and comfort. Yes, please sign me up. Real life, real comfort.


I love them. Say goodbye to your problems and say hello to Warners and Ogleby Warners. You can visit Warners dot com today and find out where you're going to go get real comfort.


Well, I mean, it's going to be weird to think about what we could do with all the extra brain space that won't be taken up by wondering just where it is if our country is devolving into fascism.


Like I was talking to my therapist yesterday about how I think it will actually take a couple of years before we're able to have the ability to look back at this time and see what we were all sort of processing and dealing with. And obviously, people in marginalized communities or, you know, our will have different experiences than, let's say, like white man. Right like of this time.


But I think that, like living with that fear of what this has been for everyone has been really like a mindfuck, like a total. Our bodies have never like I mean, I'm not super old, but like not in my 33 years of life have I ever woken up with the feeling of existential dread about what the leader of the free world might do every day, every day, every day.


I think that's where my nervousness comes from, because they also say that people that come from like a sort of chaotic situation growing up get very nervous in when even at the suggestion of calm, if you are like kind of raised with a chaotic background, then when things are chaotic, you're like, oh, this is like my comfort zone.


I know that, you know, I know how to do deal with this. And then so even the suggestion of calm has me being like, wait a minute, what's happening? Like what?


Because, you know, there's been to drop. We've been tortured. You've been it's literally psychological warfare that they ran on us.


So like there has been literally four years of you like waking up and being like, oh, God, what have we done? Like, as a country? But I feel really good. I'm really happy with Biden to president, too, because, like, OK, they don't want to transition.


He's not like he needs to walk around the White House and know his fucking way around, you know, and it's like, I don't I don't need your transition.


By the way, I was trying to tell Krake the what? Like, I was like, you understand the thing with Comilla, right? Like, this is such a big deal.


It's she's like the first woman that's going to be in this position in the White House. And it's just so incredible. Whatever. And she was like, Mom. You really are trying to tell me that no women have been in the White House? Well, because it's unbelievable. Believable. Yeah, no, but she meant like literally just like, oh, she understand what I was trying to get across.


She just was like, Mom, the presidents have been married.


My daughter got three women in the White House.


That's like when my friend Jesse heard that pineapple makes your vagina taste like pineapple appealing. And then she said she asked me, how much do you have to put up there?


No. I love that, I love that for her, she's like I mean, I've put like one of those like Spear five four. I put a spear up. I don't know what's happened. I honestly, I just think that maybe sperm tastes good for blowjobs.


Is that right? Yes, I. I feel like I'm back when I was, you know, in the business of blowjobs. High school.


Yeah. Pineapple is supposed to be good. We'll probably get some messages from some people with the science. Yeah. I can't wait pineapple's now which I'm excited about that. Yeah.


But you know what I did, man did his voice jump like three people. You know what I do love?


I do love some weird like spliced fruits like. Yeah. Have you guys had cotton candy grapes. Oh yeah, absolutely.


Trader Joe's has them sometimes once a year Trader Joe's whips out those cotton candy grapes and oh my God, you guys at home, if you have never tried a cotton candy grape, it tastes like like a little piece of cotton in your mouth exploding with greatness.


It is wild. It's so fun because I don't even fuck with grapes like that. And cotton candy is not even like top ten for my choices. I'm out of fair. But if you tell me that some type of thing is tasting like something, it's not supposed to taste like like grapes, all tastes like that. I had to try.


It is the best thing I've ever had. Oh my God. Me too. I love it. OK, wait so real quick, I feel like we've talked a lot about the election. We are not how we feel having this new information. Some of us are nervous, some of us are relieved. Some of us are still hung over.


However, we me. And now we can do I mean, do we talk about what we're doing our best? I feel like I've just been so shocked. So, Casey, what have you been doing your best?


And do you do you think you'd like to share with us today?


I've just been doing my best at, you know, just things like I took a little temp job to bring in some extra money.


So I've just been doing my best at getting the hang of that. This morning. I did my best and I was caught in a reply all maelstrom, that new company. And I did my best at not replying all. Are you fucking kidding me? Don't reply all. I think that was very that was very professional of me.


But I'm just going to stay right here. Don't reply all if so, if if anyone's listening, who has an email.


If you get an email, a company wide email or like a school wide email, anything. And it's thousands of people that are on, you know, that are addressed and you can see all their addresses, you absolutely do not need to click reply all to say thank you or to ask a question.


You never you never have to reply all unless absolutely everyone who's listed there needs to hear whatever it is that you're about to say.


I mean, it's a thing that I see and hear, does it? I don't know if that if if you are like fall victim to a reply.


All Oh yeah. One hundred percent. Everyone does it. I realized when I worked at Apple, somebody did a corporate reply. All and everybody from Apple, from Apple in Chicago to Apple into and Tokyo got this email and we were like, oh no, Apple did something. No one stopped it.


Oh my God. I know.


I almost made an error like two weeks ago before the election. I think it was because I was doing that Jamie Harrison fundraiser thing and I was sending out like a last push to a ton of people that I knew. Oh, my God. And I was like, Mark, will you just you know, because I'm not great at spelling and stuff, I make mistakes, guys. I don't have the executive functioning because of the ad is hard. So a lot of times I'm just like, Mark, will you just I also think just a tip.


It's great to have another set of eyes for sure, if you're someone with great executive functioning. Anyway, he looked at it and I was like, great. And so after you read it, you can just hit send. And he's like, OK.


And so I left the computer and then he's like, Hey, Ben, you didn't blind see see anyone? Did you mean to.


And I like literally almost sent out like a huge email with a ton of people's emails on it that would be like annoyed that they were.




Said and thankfully Mark caught it one time this entertainment company was that dealt with comedy, was sending out an email to every comedian in the world, every famous comedian in the world, plus me, to ask our addresses and like to send us like a oh, but whoever, like the assistant was didn't succeed.


And so every famous comedian in the world is on this email list. And of course, it's comedians. So everybody is like replying all day. But then it was so fun to see which comedians were getting pissed off and being like, guys, stop this.


Like, very important. You have to stop in which people are still having fun with it. But that was like seven years ago. And to this day I will pick up my phone and someone will have replied all to that chain just being like, hey, when am I getting my water bottle in?


We can you tell who was it? Who was? Do you have any names? You give us any names. You never tell us names.


I want to know who will work it out. Oh, I don't want to say who is a jerk, but I it's it's literally every famous comedian, though literally.


I didn't get one.


You were probably too young when it started seven years ago in college. I'm not going to get it now. I, I was like, who thought that they were to take it to the group. I'll get it later. Yeah. OK, it was guys of course men always take themselves too seriously. That's what I mean. That's like the dumbest thing that's of all time. Like in entertainment especially it's like dudes calm down. It's not rocket science, it's just entertainment.


Oh also and by the way, Casey, I want to just say congratulations on taking the job. It's maybe not your dream job in this moment. We're still working on our stuff. We have this podcast, guys. We're working on merch for you. I have my I put together those face masks and t shirts and all the money is going to a fair fight to help with the Georgia Senate runoff. That's a t shirt that we put that graphic of my messed up cross stitch, not cross stitch, whatever it was.


Right. So that's the links in my profile on Instagram. But we're working on merch. We're doing a lot of things. But I think that it was really great that you took this job, because I keep saying I said this to you seven times, but just just Christmas money, baby. Just like Christmas money. I love this money.


OK, Shinta, what are you doing your best shot this week? I'm doing my best. I finally we're unpacked. The house is done. The house is so beautiful. You have to stick around. Painters came. That was the last I wanted a little pop of color in here and we are all officially moved in. And if anybody ever looks at those pictures that Busia has been taking and you always saw a hundred thousand boxes behind me, the boxes are gone, baby, and it feels really good to also I like I had a really big problem with my moving company moving in here.


They're just like garbage people. And I called them like for thirty days and made myself heard. So when I'm famous enough, I'll destroy them. But I just, I just want to let you know that, like, if you're mad, it's OK to call a business every day until you talk to management.


Do you remember last summer, the last normal summer. Hot sun. Yeah. Hot Girl Summer. Yeah. Do you guys remember when I went to Chicago to do that talk and Kiki, my who does my hair. Kiki is like the most like you must know this about Kiki the Kiki. OK, so guys at home Kiki does my hair. You probably seen her my stories if you follow me. If you have it she's like sweet the best person funny.


She gives like a me inside I she gives like an attitude when it's necessary. She's also like, I have my own ideas about your hair, calm down and let me do my job. And then also turns out like roles in the biggest circles in the biggest is and like is just like yeah. I just took my. Like my friend and I just went on her private plane to like Aspen for the weekend, I'm like, what are you talking about?


Who's your friend?


And she's like, you know, like the air of this, like, I don't know, her dad invented a thing like just know. So anyway, I was Qiqi had lived in Chicago. And I as I was landing in Chicago, I was starving and I was texting with her and I was like, where should I go?


And she's like, Oh, Chavel to get a burger. And I was like, Yeah, but that place is impossible to get in on. She's like, give me ten. But anyway, she was like, give me ten minutes. I was like, OK, so ten minutes later she's like you're all set. They're holding a place for you at the bar. Like Here's the address. Just have your driver to take you there.


But like because I had been I was flying in for like a job thing, you know, they had booked my car. It wasn't like we had booked my car from the airport, from O'Hare to the hotel.


Right. And it was late already. I was like already like 9:00 something. So again, the car and I and I and I had texted Ray and I was like, make sure that the driver can, like, just stop at Chavel. I'll run in, I'll eat this burger. It'll be forty five minutes tops and then I'll go to the hotel. He's like, yeah, no problem.


So then I get in the car and the driver. Bucking patriarchy, he didn't like me. He immediately didn't like me, like, I think he just thought. You know, I was just like a girl who, like, knew what I wanted and he didn't like it, you know, like when you can do you know what I mean? Well, you can tell that somebody is like they want to fight with you and you're like, I don't want to fight with you.


I don't care about your opinion of me. And that makes him mad, too. I swear to God, he he was like fighting with me.


Yeah. And I was on the phone with Mark, like. I don't remember there was something going on, guys, this was years ago, who fucking knows anyway at this point. But anyway, so I'm like, get in the car. The guy doesn't like me.


He's like this real Chicago guy, like my dad.


Like, I fucking know these guys, you know what I mean? And and I'm like, so, you know, we're going to unravel. And he was like, yeah, but it says that we're going to the W Hotel.


And I was like, yeah, I know. But there should be a note in there that we're going to the thing.


And he's like, yeah, well the dispatch said, yeah, I mean I was like, all right, but can you just call in and see if there's a note? Because my assistant Raymond said that it's all taken care of and that there's should be a note in there. So just you make sure because we're going to this Aushev at this whatever address. And he was like, fine, OK, fine. And I was like, OK, thank you so much.


On the phone with Mark and Mark's hearing this whole thing. And we get to all Chavel. And I was like, OK, great, my luggage is in the car, my bag, my computer, everything. I was like, OK, great. So I'll be like thirty, forty five minutes. And he's like, well I'm just supposed to wait for you. And I was like, yeah, they said that you could wait for me and then take me to the hotel.


And he was like, I was like doesn't that, does that make sense or something like that. And he was like. Whatever he like, literally said whatever to me, I shut the door, I go into ashfall, I come out at 10, 30, he's gone. I mean, downtown Chicago, I don't know where the fuck I am. And like, the driver is gone with, like, all my stuff. So I try calling him a bunch.


The number just goes to voicemail. I call I finally calling Ray. I get the company finally. I'm like calling the dispatch.


And she's like, yeah, the driver said that you screamed at him and that you refused payment. You refused to pay him. Well, so that our policy is that like, you know, he's allowed to leave. And I was like, well, I was on the phone with my husband, so my husband heard the exchange. Like, if there was some miscommunication, like, that's not I don't I don't know what to say, but I swear to you, he just literally didn't like me.


I was like I took an Uber to the hotel. Your shit, my shit.


I'm like, where's my fucking shit? So I said that to her. I was like, I just want to know I'm in the Uber. I'm on my way to the hotel. I'm like, I just want to know where the fuck my shit is. This guy. I have my computer like where is my stuff.


She's like, I mean, I assume she's like I assume he dropped it off at the hotel.


And I was like, OK, this is truly insane. Why am I being punished for just being a girl who wanted a fucking burger?


I'll call you and tell you that he's leaving. Call you and tell you that he left and he dropped off.


If you're bad, that's fine. But like, where's my shit? You wanted to fuck it? No, he wanted to fucking teach me a lesson. I was, like, too big for my fucking britches because I was like a business woman. That's right.


I said it up. So I was going to get a burger anyway.


It was fucking nuts, man. And I tried to call back the next day and complain. And then I lost my nerve and I never talked to them again. And we never figured out where was my stuff. Was that that was at the hotel. Yeah. He did drop my stuff off at the. So then I guess I got my stuff and I was like and somebody sent a cheesecake and I was like, all right, well it's not the same people, different people.


It just really we're distracted by the cheesecake.


I got distracted by the cheesecake and then Kiki showed up the next day and she's like, that makes no sense. Then we got into like the number one restaurant in the country with, like, no problems because Kiki was with us and the like head chef came over and like kissed her and was like, do you know how amazing this woman is?


And I was like, yes, but how do you how do you know everyone all over the world keep their secrets? Yeah.


OK, so. I don't remember what we're talking about, we what we're all doing, talking about how she did her best complaining to the moving company, and then I'm bad at complaining, I reported them to the Better Business Bureau.


I know Barbara Philips smells. I like went full blown like Niecy. My mom is like, you know, how sometimes people's parents alike, like, really make a scene and you'll be like, Mom, please let it go.


And I was like, you know what? I'm not going to let it go. So I really just like called I reported that I called corporate. I like went full blown middle like middle aged mom who's seen some shit and knows how to make phone calls.


I think you're really advocating for yourself in all the ways. Thank you. It really felt good. I mean, like I did not get my money back, but I told him that I'm going to be mad at him for a long time.


That's what's fair. That's worth something that's not. Oh, yeah. But like, I already have a long life. Like I'm playing the long game, I will destroy him. I believe you are busy.


What are you doing your best at this week? I, I don't know. I feel like Bertie is thriving in New York. In a way that's like I think she's New Yorker to New York gal, maybe she's The New Yorker, she loves it.


You know, it's like this is comfortable anywhere. I think it's like a vibe. Is she not?


I don't know. She is not laughing at Chinderah.


Maybe she's like me because, you know, I want to die.


You know what Casey said about like the election and people who grew up in chaotic places or whatever and like how?


OK, so just this theory I just came up with, like Bertie's whole energy is like. Anxiety and chaotic and stuff, and there's something about this city which is totally dyadic and anxiety producing that like. Even her out like yams her down, she is like happy and thriving in this city and cricket is very overwhelmed by it. And I think it's because she's a kid who does not exist in like a chaotic or neurotic or anxiety producing way. Yeah.


And so for her, this city is like, why is it so loud?


Why is it so scary? Why are there so many people like why I don't like this. Like, it's, you know, it's just too much for her or something.


That is a good explanation for like because I do not like New York for all of those reasons. And I mean, like it's a city where like if something can go bad, if it will for me, you know.


Do you know what I mean. Like have you ever been somewhere and you've been like, yo, when I'm here, like I lose my wallet every time I come here, I got to stop coming here. So, like, that's how New York is for me. So the way that you just described it, the way that cricket feels exactly 100 percent. But we are also a cancer baby. Yes, I'm a cancer baby. Yeah. And it's too much.


The city's too much. The city is too much for her. And like she's little nature, she's thriving. Now, when we've been on the weekends upstate to visit, like she thrives in upstate, she loves it. But the city itself is just it's a lot.


She keeps asking if when we get to go home and like on Saturday morning, I was so sad.


Like she crawled into bed and she's like, these guys are just outside and throw out all the bottles around everywhere. And I was like, oh, my God, yeah, look at the garbage. Like Saturday, early morning, throwing the trash in and like, she could hear it in her bedroom and she just was like, bummed. So I don't know. I'm trying to help her adjust. I'm trying to help her learn how to speak up for herself.


That's not something she's ever been the greatest at. And like, I really think that. Teaching your especially all of your children, especially your girls, to advocate for themselves is important. This is not something that a lot of people put a priority on. I think in parenting, it's really important. Yeah, it's really important. I think we forget that people get so conditioned by their upbringing and that like and modeling behavior is so important. And, you know, I've also noticed it's really interesting.


I'm going to try to do better. I've also noticed, like, I feel like.


The tenor of the way that Mark and I talk to each other is not great again and like I feel like we're really just like the way we talk to each other is just like bullshit.


And I think our kids are picking up that and like they were talking to us kind of like that. It's just I don't like it. And I mean, the emotional component of all of that is like for therapy.


Right. But there is also just like a behavioral element sometimes.


And like you're stressed out and like for me, my default, because that was the way I was raised, is to go to that place of, like, are you a fucking idiot?


No, I don't know where your fucking phone is, you know, but that's like what my family was like. And then like ten minutes later, everybody's fine. And that's not normal or a great way to model behavior.


Right? I think we're all but I. Yeah, but I like I've worked literally since I was twenty three years old to try to break myself of that being my thing.


And I think just in this, especially like this transition and being so stressed and stressed about the election and stressed about living in New York and all this and the pandemic, I mean literally fucking whatever name a thing like I just worry.


I have to I have to raise everybody right now, all of us, every good, kind, decent person is resetting. We've all just been kind of survival mode. So that's really hard to go four years in survival mode. So now it's like boot. Who was I before all of this? I have no idea. I have no idea who I was. Well, that's that's the fucking thing, J.A. And I guess that's also like part of my I don't know, just like my journey this week and.


You you're on our it's like all I mean, there's a lot that I don't know, there's just a lot. There's a lot. But one thing I want to try to do, but I have identified and I want to really try to start to focus on is just that thing off of the way that we communicate with one another, because I just feel like it's affecting everything. It's affecting our kids. And I don't know, it's just hard.


It's just fucking hard, man. Also, you guys those people offered us again on our house. They brought another offer on our house. Mm. Well, you have energy to focus on that instead of the world crumbling. I guess I'm trying to do my best. I don't fucking know. Listen, we have a there are a few people that were we're not doing their best this week or we're doing. But I mean what's happening in the pop culture sphere?


Well, you know who's doing her best this week?


Oh, she put out Oprah. Yeah. List of favorite things I did show just today, though, right?


I think it was maybe like yesterday or something. I don't know. Here's the thing. It's not tied to the show anymore. It used to be tied to the show and it was like such a huge event. It's not the same as when she would give everybody in the audience everything on the list and they would lose their fucking minds.


Yeah, it was not it was really fun to watch. I always used to to watch it, to be like them. I wonder how you get on that show, my friend. Got to go on Ellen for Ellen's Christmas, like the when she ended up getting tickets, it was like when she was giving away all that shit and her mom was visiting and she got like a TV. It was like her mom lives in the suburbs of Chicago and it was like a fucking dream come true for like a mom from the burbs to come and just gave them so much shit.


And I'm like, that was nice. I wish I could watch a whole bunch of, like, middle aged moms win like free Tupperware. It's very cathartic.


It's very kind of the same as it used to be, you know, the same. But by the same token, it comes out every year. It's like a sign signpost that like it's a certain time of the year. So it felt good to me to see that.


I can't wait. You know, what was really good what made me really happy this week were those two little marsupial species in Australia that were just never nature.


That's ever because you guys are nature is healing. Sure, it's healing. Everybody was so everybody was so excited.


All of the all of the people, all the people that do that for a job, whatever that is. What about conservation, at least a natural?


I like to think that they found one in a pouch of the other. That's what I'm going there. That's my science. You know what they look like, though?


They look like Stitch from the movie Lilo and say, oh, yeah, they're like a little bit like a Furby. You guys. Do you think that these are like something sent from another planet? I'll tell you why not. I mean, why not? I'll take it. It can't be no worse than what we got on ours already. No, no, no.


They're so cute. They're much better than what we all are. Yeah, they're so cute. Do you know who else is so cute here? Our guest today.


Oh, yes. OK, guys, here's the deal. When we started the podcast in August, I was like, well, we got a book, Jordan First Man, because he is the only person who's managed to turn this pandemic into anything useful for his career. And I maybe that's not fair.


Maybe other people have as well.


But what Ceri said. Hello? No, you guys, what is she doing?


I don't understand. Can you hear this? Yes. Why is she talking to me? Stop, you guys.


I've never turned Siri Syrian. It's not I won't turn off. OK, you have to just throw her out the door. You know what I think? I think that it's I think that I'm onto something and I think that Senator alien theory and got too close. I got too close. It's too hot to handle Marcelli librarians. Yeah.


Like when Kelly and I were really stoned in her backyard and we're talking about Terminator three and then three helicopters, all of a sudden we're overhead and we were like, we're on to something anyway.


Jordan first man, he is a writer, a comedian, an actor. Not a model now and during covid lockdown, shut down No one. I found his Instagram account and the impressions of inanimate objects that he started to do to be like a small, bright spot in an otherwise never ending dull pit of despair. I was not alone. People like Ariana Grande and then millions and millions of others after that also found his impressions to be a little bright spot.


Truly, it was a real pivot for him. Let's listen.


Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulty is it's crucial in life. And health, and it's crucially business, so if you're in charge of hiring, it should be in every job description and we're all being called. To do it all the time right now, truly, we have to be resilient. So listen, indeed, Dotcom is the number one job site in the world because indeed, get to the best people and fast, unlike other sites, indeed gives you full control and payment flexibility over your hiring.


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Happy New Year.


OK, guys, listen, it is a time to never stop learning. That is what time it is. It's a time to never stop learning, never stop growing. You're interested in something. There's no time like the present. Take a class. Learn about the busy. There's a pandemic also. When can I do that? I don't know. Well, Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people. It's so cool, you guys.


You can you're interested in photography. You can take photography classes, you can explore new skills. Maybe it's fine art. You can deepen existing passions. Maybe it's. I don't know plants, I'm trying to learn how to have a green thumb here in this new apartment, I felt like maybe, you know, plants would be a thing that would help me feel cozy.


But I have never kept a plant alive. It's why I like cut flowers. But you know what with. Christopher Griffin, a.k.a. Plant Queen. I am learning how to take care of those plants, even that really hard one that everyone puts on their Instagram's the fiddle fig leaf, one that I have killed five of five. Have died, that's been taken out of my custody by. Gardening professionals, and they have said, you're not getting this. That is a true story.


Well, now a Skillshare, I'm going to I'm going to get that green thumb, guys. I really am. It's pretty incredible. I also like super fun, so it offers membership with meaning, you have so much to explore, real projects to create and the support of fellow creatives. You'll meet people. It empowers you to accomplish real growth. It's a great way to refresh your creativity.


If you're feeling like, you know, I feel like we had a letter a couple of weeks ago with somebody who was feeling like her job is great but doesn't feel superficially fulfilled.


Yes, like this is the perfect thing for that. Skillshare is the perfect thing for that because you can go break up, out, break up. No, you can break. Yes, break up your routine. You could break up your routine, break up your routine with spontaneous acts of creativity and you can explore workshops. And maybe you're like, I really want to macrame and you can do that. Like you can search for all of these things.


They have new live classes. You can experience real time inspiration with popular teachers along with new members. Most classes are under 60 Minutes and they fit any schedule. There are no ads. They're always launching new premium classes and it's less than ten dollars a month with an annual subscription. I can't recommend this enough. I think it's so cool to be able to be anywhere in the world. And you can like I want to learn a new thing. I'm interested in getting some creative juice out, like I want to do this.


Well, that's where Skillshare comes into play. So explore your creativity as Skillshare dotcom slash best. And the first 1000 people to use our link are going to get a free trial of Skillshare premium membership. That's so exciting. That's what I have. I have the free trial right now of the premium membership and I love it.


So I'm going to probably sign up when that's done. So receive free access to thousands of classes for a limited time. Be one of the first one thousand to sign up at Skillshare dotcom slash best. I promise you, you're going to find something that's going to be super fun and you're going to love it and. It's really going to be a good thing for all of us. We're at a new time, we're turning a corner, and you deserve that.


You deserve some of that. Re-engage your creativity. Let's do it.


Jordan, how's it going?


I'm OK. I'm a little tired, but I'm going to get the energy up at some point.


Welcome to my life. I'm constantly tired. I mean, we all are.


I'm feeling that the last I've been really like I've been firing on all cylinders for the past little bit. Yeah.


We really have talked about a pivot. There's a lot happening in the life of the first man.


Tell me what's happening. I'm so like first of all, I'm thrilled that you're here chatting with us.


And you were actually like one of the first names that when we sort of pivoted and decided what this podcast was going to be about, as opposed to what it initially was supposed to be about, you were one of the first names I brought up because I was like the pivot that has happened for you specifically during core has been like a real monumental career changer, I think.


What is your bet? So that's my hearing. I just I'm like, sorry. I'm like I'm like a mom from the 80s who has to, like, take off her big earrings in order to talk on her big cell phone.


And you're doing it because I like Angelica Pickle's and mom. I am Angelica Pickles.


Mom, it was you. What was she was like she was like was like a business woman. Oh, right. And she had the Zack Morris phone. So she was like even in the cartoon, she was like a bad bitch.


She was like Madonna, right. She looked like Madonna. Yeah. She was like blond and had. Yeah. I think I might be actually Angelica Pickle's mom. I think we just discovered that.


I mean, I'll go out there, Susie Carmichael, to the day I die.


I hate to like say I'm the lead, but like I do feel like a pickles you.


Oh my God. You see the babies, you would leave the babies and they would follow you. And then I would just every once in a while, I would be like, how are you doing? So I guess that makes me Chuckie Chuckie a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. And and when they grew up, Chucky was so cute.


Yeah. To have the best outfit. Mhm. Did they ever do the live action rugrats.


Oh no they should, I don't like to do it but what if I like Riverdale.


What if it's dark and oh fucking I love it and someone's been murdered.


Oh yes. They're doing a dark fresh prince. I'll send you guys the, the preview. The trailer. It's amazing.


Oh nice. It's amazing. Philadelphia vibes. It is.


It's here in Bel Air but it's like a dark version and like truly make your own content. It's this kid who made a trailer because he was obsessed with Fresh Prince. He made like this dark version and it got picked up for two seasons. It's literally really worth it. Like I watched it and I was like, yeah, give him a thousand shows. I want that. I want to watch that there.


Make trailers. You should be making trailers every day. Yes. You know what though?


Here's OK, so here's here's what it is. How do we let's let's let's get into it. I love you so much. So we've known each other for a long time. Actually the beginning of core.


You very sweetly sent me a pick me up of some chocolate chip cookies that was very well needed and was like an act of kindness that was like just really lovely.


Thank you.


Thanks. Yeah, I just knew you liked cookies. And then I got accused and I was like, I'm going to send these cookies to busy. And now it's kind of the whole story.


That's it. That's where at the beginning, middle and end, actually you did more than most people because a lot of people think about it and never follow through. So the follow through, follow through everything is everything. So, yeah.


Be about it like generosity. I think I like to think of myself as a generous person and as I begin to be able to take care of myself financially, I like I like giving gifts to my friends. That's fun for me.


I love that I'm also the same way. And my therapist and I talk about it because sometimes I get a little miffed if I realize that I'm doing it in order to get a cookie in return, like if I'm doing it or if I'm just genuinely doing it. And so I've had to, like, learn how to identify the what it is.


Metaphorical cookie, a metaphorical cookie, not a literal cookie, because you, Jordan Forsman bitch. That's a real literal cookie. That time got to give to give.


You can't give to get right. Exactly.


That's right. But anyway, so let's discuss it. So Jordan's a performer and a writer.


I knew you as a writer mostly who would like dabble in some performance. Yeah.


And I.


How long ago is that Instagram post about a career setback that you had that like I reached out to you and was like, can we talk?


I'm feeling this real hard. How long ago was that?


It was January. January interesting. January twenty twenty. Jordan first man had basically a fucking heart break your heart to heart breaks back in the course of three dates.


Oh man. Oh my God.


And it was actually like I won't I won't go into it too much to protect the other person involved. But I on a Sunday night, I broke up with my boyfriend for a very long time. Major relationship.


Like the whole point is the whole twenties. That was that that was I was like all the friends were the same, the work was the same, everything was overlap. Like that was my life. We had spent four years developing a movie together that was like just about to get financed. So we broke up. So that project got killed four years gone. And then like my one thing, I was like, OK, I have my show and I have been working on this show deeply personal, deeply personal.


That had been through like a million set backs and set forwards and like everything in between. That was another four years of my life. On Tuesday. That Tuesday, the network called to kill the show.


Diane after like the week before, I had met with them and they were like, it's happening. Right?


Which is always like, can I just tell you? Because obviously I've worked in this business for twenty years. Mark has worked in this business for longer than twenty years because he's so much older than me.


But, um, but that is the thing that has happened to both of us multiple times where you're told this is happening, I hope you're ready to go to Vancouver or whatever the fuck they say, you know, and then the rug gets pulled out from under you and, you know, and and in those moments, to me, it's always the most devastating.


And I just when I read your Instagram post in January about and it was specific to that project, I my heart was just breaking for you because you could see, like, every ounce of your creative person had been poured into this thing and you were like you just you just saw it.


You this was your future. This was what was going to happen. You were going to be in production in March on this show and it got the rug got pulled.


And you were just like a I mean, just this is my impression of it. And but it felt like you were just like, I'm at a loss. I'm out of fucking loss.


Yeah, well, it was my whole life. It was it was every aspect of my life was gone in the course of two days. So it was like, I don't I don't have a partner anymore. I don't have any creative everything creatively that I've worked on for the last four years is dead. I don't like I don't know if I have an apartment. I don't know if I have friends. Like it was everything. And I really thought, like, I was like, oh, boy, here we go, this is going to be a bad year, like this is going to be a bad year.


And then almost immediately, it was then that Friday, that Saturday of that same week was the indie Spirit Awards, where I wrote the Laura Dern song.


Right. That was incredible. That was like I felt like my first sign of like, it's going to be OK like this. Like you have this, like you're OK, good things are coming. This this will like you're not going to die and then it's the rest of the year. I mean, it's obviously been an insane year for a million reasons. But just like my spiritual growth, my my professional growth, like my personal development has just been on such an upward trend.


And like, I just I was like, I feel like I was like in a slingshot and like those those like tethers I had. And like the show, even though I cared about it so much, like it was creatively and emotionally holding me back because I only cared about it.


See, let's speak to that for one second, because this is like really good for people to hear.


Talk a little bit about how putting all of your focus on that thing kind of prevented you from other exploring other avenues.


Well, it was it was like the way I perceived my life. I was like, OK, I've put in this is everything I have to say to this point as an artist, this will come out and my life will be what I want it to be. And like, this is the thing. This is the first thing. And it the thing I learned just in general about art, and it's kind of like the gag of Hollywood, but like in order to get anything made, you have to put all of yourself into it.


And it has to be so fucking good. I mean, if you want it to be good and a lot about about some people don't care about that.


But it's true, it's not on the agenda.


But the thing like I had to learn about art in general and creativity in general is that like it it will never love me back. Oh, I like I, I, I loved it so much and like cared about it so much. But at the end of the day it was like pages of a script and it didn't love me back and it couldn't protect me like I did everything in my power to protect it, but it couldn't protect me back.


And it's like letting letting go of that was was really major for me. And like it is it's it's just life. It's like you have to try and you have to be willing to get hurt. It's love. It's it's more love than it is life. It's the same as love where you have to put yourself in it fully and know that you're probably going to get hurt somewhere along the way. But you just do it because that's what you have to do.


That's why I always say that, like I love what I do. But until the money's in the bank, not even the cheque being cashed. I had a friend who got a check and they spelled his name wrong.


So even if you get the check, even if you even if you get the check, you know, so having the hope that, like, it can still happen, so many people put what they do before who they are and it really ends up really fucking them, but really loving yourself hard that way. When the check comes and your name is spelled wrong, you could be like, OK, yeah, I love that.


Well, that's I mean, that's the other thing I learned so and such a big way this year is that like. I am all I have and like I watched everything get taken away from me and like instead of being less of myself, I became myself a bully. Like, I was like pushed back on myself in such a huge way. Yes.


And so this is really interesting because I know what has happened to you since may I relate so deeply to because it's essentially what happened to me.


Yeah. Four years ago or whatever when Instagram stories started four years ago already.


Yeah, that's fucking nuts.


And and like I just have seen this summer, like the trajectory of what has happened, because for those of you who are listening at home and you don't follow Jordan on Instagram, first of all, what the fuck are you doing with your lives and why?


I feel bad. I honestly, I feel bad for you. But secondly.


Starting in May, that was the first one, right, like banana bread. It was the first one. It was the first from April 10th or something was the first round.


Like, not that I'm keeping track, but it was April, but it was such a huge leap, like it happened so fast that I'm like, yeah, like I know what April was like and I know what it's like now.


Right. So. Right. So you go from this place where you're kind of just like broken and then you're just left with yourself.


And you did the thing that I did, too, which is like turned the camera on and you're like, is this thing on? Yeah. Is anybody out there? And Jordan started doing impressions. But how do you describe the impressions for somebody who's maybe never seen the impression?


I I would say that their impressions of ideas like simply but I guess they're not impressions of like a celebrity or a specific person and sometimes they are, but mostly they're like impressions of thoughts that I have.


Right. And so it's like the impression the first one the first one has to be banana.


Brad's publicist right now that was like that was like the major blow up. But they're OK. OK, there was a bunch. You were there before that. Well, are you.


Excuse me, sir. I've been there for ever.


So and also like the aforementioned very sad Instagram post of January twenty twenty was therefore reached out to you directly. It was like, hey, can we get on the phone like I need to talk. I like literally was like I need to connect with you. What can we do. I want to make this better. Yeah. But luckily I did not because it brought you to your impressions. What was the first impression?


Do you remember? The first round was like the guy who is addicted to saying that his life isn't that different and why aren't you.


That's right. I love him. Oh. Like the the like parent. That's like forcing her kid to microdots before school every day. Like I've done a hundred and twenty, you know, in the last six months.


Oh my God. I love how they're so specific but so subtle but subtle is the wrong. It's about like a subtle situation, a subtle and specific situation. But then what you do with it is so funny that everyone's like, oh yes, I've been that person.


It's very right. Exactly. It's super relatable because of its specificity. Yeah.


And and it and it obviously just came from a very genuine place of like, you know, you your brain. Yeah.


It was literally just my brain and after like what what felt so good and like honestly what has felt so good about this whole thing. And it's actually kind of shocking to me is that like the impressions are one thing and like that is that is my brain and like that's what I think is funny. And people just like, got it. And after being told like no from networks for so many years, I was like, OK, like, I know I knew the whole time, like I had something to say.


Yes. Like and then people were listening. But even like beyond that I thought like OK, well now they only like me for these, like very broad funny impressions. But then I like still posted my slut pictures and they accepted that and talk about God and like spirituality and they accepted that like and I feel like I'm like truly being accepted for like so many multitudes of myself. And like that to me is the biggest shock. But I think it's such a good lesson, like when you do just be your complete and total self and don't just give people like the thing you think they want from you, they'll they'll show up and like they will accept you.


Yeah. That's so important. Yeah.


I think certainly in this industry I know that my own personal journey, it's also just like sort of the message that the industry tries to give you to keep you down in a way, you know, which is that like I always was trying to conform or trying to guess at what would resonate and what they would react to in order to give me the ability to show more when the truth is you just now we have this direct line to to people and you just show what the more is.


And you made your own trailer own translator make your own trailer. That's right.


It's also so strange because we're you know, we're making these things for this, you know, this strata of people that are such a small sampling of the, you know, who our work is potentially going out to.


Well, Casey and I talk about that all the time. It's also like a very rarefied sampling, like they tend to be well. They tend to have their way. Yeah, and they're white men, you know, and whoever. And so, like when when I sometimes hear like, oh, I don't think that people are going to respond to that. Like, I'm like at the point where I almost get excited about it because I'm like, well, people like you are often wrong.


So I feel like I'm really on to something also. But that's not who is people, you know what I mean? Like, we have to specify there's seven billion people in the world. The average television watcher is not the average television executive, you know what I mean? So who are people? And I always say this because busy in Casey hired me for busy tonight and I couldn't have been more myself in that interview if I tried because it is so hard.


Like, let's say you get hired and it goes six seasons and a movie, you have to pretend to be that bitch. You pretended to be in that interview for six seasons in the movie. Then it's going to be hard. You're not going to be able to remember all the shit you made up.


Sorry that you like friends is so fascinating to me. And like that show works so well because like after like three episodes, they just knew the actors and knew how to write for them. And then that whole story about them, like demanding a million dollars per episode, it's like, yeah, they, you are using mice, you're it, you're using my personality. You have like this is not the character anymore. This is getting at us. Then these are my quirks.


These are like my is how I speak. And so it's like they do deserve to be compensated for being themselves because the world tuned in for them, right? That's right.


OK, so I have a couple of specific questions. Oh, OK. Whatever, this is just a fact.


So between just I just want to backtrack a little bit because I'm very curious about this. So you break up and then you get the bad news from the network. You know, you break up, it kills your movie. Then you get the bad news a couple of days later from the network that your show isn't going to go. And then there's like a span of time before the Independent Spirit Awards where you had like an upswing. So during that time, what you must've I'm assuming you kicked into like some kind of like barely survival mode.


I, I was like a Phoenix, right. Like exploded into the world. Like I say, every single person I made eye contact with, I had sex with, like it was it was it was truly like instantaneous freedom that was like so apparent in my spirit.


And I felt like I was like roadrunner like I was going so fast. I was the happiest I had ever been ever. Wow.


I that is not what I expected you to say at all, what I expected to be feeling. But it happened. And just like the like the boys were endless. The everyone love being around me. I was so happy. I was so positive, I was so free, I was so funny and like it was just like I was like we're doing this like let's go. I'm free, man.


You're like Conan O'Brien. When Jay Leno took his show back, there is something to be said for giving zero fucks. Yeah. You know, and like, I think that when you when you get that kind of when everything gets sort of stripped away at the same time, it's a rare moment that that happens.


I feel lucky I feel lucky to have gotten that moment because then all of this has come after. So just let's like sense. I mean, April, right.


The impression started and then May the banana bread publicist was just really that was a viral sensation.


I remember. OK, here's when I first because I was like loving the impressions from the beginning, obviously.


But here's what I noticed.


I was like, is that really Ariana Grande day that liked that? Like, what the fuck is happening? What's like all of a sudden I was like, oh my God, this is like I had already felt like this is a thing like I knew this was a thing.


But when I saw I think it was Ariana Grande Day, I was like, wow, OK, this is like another level. And then it just like exploded. Yeah. So since since then, Jordan, I just want to just give you I just want to give this to you since then. Let's look Vogue dot com w magazine dot com star of Instagram. Twenty twenty Jordan first been on coverture covetous ten most influential people online. Backstage how Jordan first met and his impressions became the breakout star of the pandemic.


I mean so many. Then here's your Grindr profile.


Jimmy Kimmel.


You know Advocaat. Like countless, countless articles and press and people wanting a piece of you and like, what do you like?


How do you where are you? What are you where where do you go?


What are you doing? Flaunt magazine, Wall Street Journal. Come on, guys.


There's been some press.


There's been a little bit of us, which is like another weird thing that, like, you think, you know, I like always thought I was like, I'm going to be friendly with like I'm going to like I'm going to fucking slay the press, like all have things to say about everything. And then like you're doing. And I had a really bad like I was in a weird emotional state. And I guess honestly, like, I just redid my apartment and it's like you can't go in there without doing drugs.


It's just like built for the job. And so, like, I had like to add, what am I allowed to say in here?


You can say anything I like had two big coke weekends in a row and we love and like coke fucking is the devil coke. So I'm like so anti coke now.


But like I was in like I was having a really bad come down, like full association, like I was like, is that a wall. Like where am I. And I'm so anxious and like everything is bad, I feel bad. And then I'm doing press every day. Oh my God, I'm doing so.


And yeah. And I had like it was like two weeks where like for some reason the press just like all was set up in that like two weeks. Yeah. It was just like preaching about like because I had all these platitudes that I had already been talking about and I was like positivity and expansion and our like all this shit. And then I'm like, I want to die like this. And you read it back. You like, you're like, oh, I used like all of those things you name.


I had it read like I carry that copy that. Well, to be fair, neither have I.


So I'm sure that miss things about me. But yeah, it was like it was just really it was weird and like the whole thing, like I it was bad.


We would have known about it if it was, if it was bad. You got some phone calls you would have got to drag and we would not be interviewing you.


Right. I didn't say anything. So, so controversial. The Phoenix could also fall and there they were. They would attract a beautiful fire wind back down to the ground if you fucked it up. So no worries, baby.


I've been drugged down like I've I have like a couple moments and all of this. I have flown too close to the sun and I have been dragged down. And that's that's an important thing. Like, I, I definitely have the propensity to fly too high. Yeah, well, like at the end of the day, life always like finds a way to make me a fool, which I'm like really grateful for. I think like my my cosmic joke is that like I'm constantly searching for like the biggest life and the most meaning and like the like the most of everything.


And then like something will happen that's just like you're an idiot like it and like you did, you made a fool out of yourself and you are a fool. And only if you're not a God, you're a fool. The universe could keep you humble.


Yeah, I love the concept of hubris. I think it's like the best thing that the universe does is addressing hubris. I feel like I feel like the same thing happens to me too. So I strongly identify with what you please.


I've been smite it myself. Jordan, what is your astrological sign? Are you a cancer?


I'm a cancer, yeah. Yeah. So I'm saying when are you going baby.


I cry. Cry. Oh yeah. I'm a cancer baby. I'm also a cancer in the eastern. Astrology too. I have my to read so I am. I'm cancer all over the world. Cantopop.


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And I'm so I'm like, really I really have loved watching what has happened for you career wise in the last several months.


And thinking back to our conversation in January when you were just so bummed creatively, now, where do you feel like you want to go next?


I feel like I have it. I feel like I do. This whole thing has it's actually made the path going like a million different directions, which I'm sure you experience like as well. Yeah. Now so many random ass opportunities are coming that I'm like, yeah, like that's like sure.


I'll like be a model now like what are you modeling.


I like, I mean like it's like, like, like an agency raised. I was like can you model. There's like a couple of fashion brands that want me to like do some stuff. Yes. It's like not is like huge stuff but it's like OK that. And then there's a book person and then there's like the like like now am I making money from Instagram by doing ads on Instagram. Like we're figuring all of that out right now. And yes you are.


I should write, you should do it now while it still exists, because I have like a weird feeling because of Facebook and stuff that it's going to like disappear.


OK, OK. I thank and like I do have like a little bit of, you know, it's just like I feel a little weird about it. But at the same time I like I put out so much content for free that like I would say, that's like my form of payment. If I do a couple I.


OK, so obviously I'm very open about like, you know, I do tons of brand deals and like work with brands and stuff. And this is just if you want advice, I can give it to you. Yeah. And if you don't, I don't have it. We can just move on.


I'm very good talking about this right now. OK, so here's what I feel like as artists.


We we are in the business of selling stuff and that that lesson for me was learned at age 19 when Twenty One Freaks and Geeks was canceled because our ratings weren't high enough. And I was like, well, what does that even matter? And they're like, well, because they can't charge as much for the the ad buys on the show. And then I was like, this is just about advertising. And and I was like, crutched like we're making like a beautiful fucking show.


And this is about selling soap.


And and then I realized that, like, this is how artists get to do what they want to do and how they do what they love is that a lot of times it involves selling soap.


And so the trick becomes, first of all, being able to, like, be the one to sell the soap yourself and get all of the money from it is kind of incredible because you're cutting out people who previously were just making money on you.


And secondly, you decide what makes sense and like what feels right to you in terms of the kind of soap you sell.


So it's not always going to be every offer isn't isn't taken. Like you have to be a little bit discriminatory in terms of, like, the things that you like.


For instance, I always try a thing like if it's a product and I haven't and it's not something that I personally use or love, I'm like, well, OK, can they send it to the house? I'll let me try it.


And if I and if it's something that like truly I'm like, oh, this is disgusting.


I'm not going to sell it. And the only time Casey knows this, I went against this one fucking time. Shinjiro knows it too. I said no. Back with more money. I said no again. They came back with more money. It was now an obscene amount of money.


And I was like an obscene. And I was like, Guys, I guess I'm just going to do this. I'm doing it.


I do. I'm doing it. OK, right. Like I'm doing it. And it turned out to be a total fucking shit show. And then the president of the company got mad about something I tweeted, and they withheld literally one hundred and fifty thousand dollars from me that they still have not paid me. And they refused to pay me because the guy was like a fucking baby and was like that about a he was he was acting like a jilted boyfriend.


He was acting like he was my boyfriend. It was the craziest I mean, like every every tweets, not about, you know, the day or the thing.


I did the whole thing. No, by the way, they scrapped the whole thing. But but the moral of the story is if your gut about a thing is like I don't feel like this is a product, I want to put my name behind or like do something with.


Go with the gut because it's always going to serve you. Yeah, that's good advice. You owe 10 percent of what you make now, 15 and now. Yes, and now I would like 10 percent of your commercial earnings.


As for BP oil.


Jordan, can I ask you a question? I want to go back a little bit. So OK, so break up movies. Killed Show is killed by the network. You rise from the ashes like a phoenix. You felt like you're funnier than ever before. All of that. That's when this comedy started. That's when. Can I ask, like what you were thinking? Were you thinking like, I'm just bored and I'm going to do this to entertain myself?


This is for my friends. My like my five friends are going to laugh at it. Like, what were you expecting or hoping to happen? Or did you have any expectations would be impressions?


I had absolutely no expectations. I like posted them on my stories and I got a couple cry faces, a couple hard, a couple calls.


I was like a hard cry. Face heart. Yeah.


And like it was like it was not an overwhelming response, but people were like mildly gagged. And so that like we were like, I'm going to do one of these every day for a week just as a creative exercise, because I had been being a full on pornographic horror on Instagram.


What, like, I love whores and I'm like, that's that's what I needed to do post breakup. Like, I needed that for myself. And my I like my body was looking really hot and like I had never liked my body before and not break up bad man about the breakup bad. And I was like, let's show this to people. And there's a pause in this house.


There was yes, there was one big whore in this bill.


It takes one. That's so.


So you were just doing it as a creative exercise just to, like, warm up a little bit or just like there was literally no motivation, no intention.


It was just like, oh, that's funny. And then I posted them the first, like, dumb or the first season. And now that I call them, then I'm like seven, seven in one pose, OK, like that. It was like they took off like immediately.


Yeah. Like what was the moment where you were like, oh shit.


This is something like literally like two hours and it was like had gotten more likes than I ever gotten on anything and it is being shared a ton. And I was like, whoa, this is something's happening. And then I just kept doing them and the second round are on them and like then it was like after Ari found them, it was like that. It was just like a pile of like just crazy thing, like a month and a half.


You and Ari are like on first name basis because now you guys are friends because of the Internet. And she's the fan, right? Yeah.


We do them sometimes, like in a huge computer. So it's like it's not every day.


Yeah, she's busy, but there are people that like if they tweet, it will change your life. I think like Chrissy is one of them. Arianna Zendaya. Yeah.


She posted a a selfie and it got two point one million likes. It's like there are people out here that can like really change the game. You're just like liking and admit it. And I also love when people aren't too cool to like something like Ariana Grande. They don't have to like she does not have.


And she reposted my impressions every time I posted them for less than five weeks in a row, like like every week she would post, like, three of them.


Now that's worth ten percent. It's just a lot of money I gave her. All right. She owns the house. You live in a chocolate chip cookie. Said you sent her chocolate chip cookies.


I have. I don't want to, like, ask for her address, I guess. Fair enough. Do you talk to Arianna more than she talks to her brother Frankie?




But, yeah, it was Ari and then Mike and the like.


Both Katy Perry and Chrissy Teigen posted it to their grid like that, which was like what that was when I was like, what is actually the fuck happening like? Right.


She has Twitter followers of anyone. Katy Perry. Yeah, Katy has a lot. But like for Chris, he got me the most, I would say. Yeah, I think she gets the most traction she has. Like, loyalty is like real loyalty. Think.


Yeah. When Chrissy says something, people are people.


Listen, when I was looking at their their grids and it was just like all all themselves and their projects and I was like, I am the only thing that is not Katy Perry on her grid right now. It's incredible what's happening. And I think it was just like everyone going insane from covid and like needing needing a bit of laughter.


I like one hundred percent. You delivered it just. When you needed cookies, I delivered, I gave, I gave and I expected nothing in return, but I got some stuff in return.


Just some stuff. Just some stuff. I think that. Like what?


At least in my own experience and what I feel like I'm hearing from you and you can speak to your own experience.


But one of the things that I like opened up everything for me was realizing that leaning into a thing, whatever it is, if it's something that, like, feels right to you can lead you places that you weren't planning on going. You really thought this TV show was the thing like I and and and now you're like, I could be a model. I could, like, do brand integrations. I could like Beyonce and I could, like, do whatever, you know.


And I think that, like, keeping that part of yourself open is the secret to success.


Totally. And like. Yeah, I mean, like just having so many. And it made me realize, like, I thought I was like on this path of being like a TV writer and then TV creator. And like when the show got killed, I was like, I'm not going to act anymore. Like, I don't like I don't need to like, act anymore. Like that was my last thing. And then this happened. And it's like now now I'm front facing and like people people know the face and they know the cadence.


And like they're like they like they like what I'm sure started a thing you in like you came up with a new thing that now has become a fucking thing.


It's so dope. No girl like they like impressions of inanimate objects. I see everywhere, everything I like everything is personified now. It's like a beast that can't be tamed, like they're going to take what they're going to take and like, but you got credit and we're big credit bitches here.


And to get credit for something on the Internet who Lord nearly impossible. Yeah. They were still trying to get that young woman who invented on fleek her proper credit, although I know it's been over four years and she still hasn't gotten her. Do you. Who invented Honfleur. You just young black girl Thul. You know that they stole it. Credit for it. It was like really, really. Nobody acted like they thought of it.


Yeah, but there's like a video store.


I really think I thought of the Braves, you know, I started doing them in eighth grade.


I thought I did because eighth grade nineteen ninety or whatever. Like I was breathing. Yeah. But you know, I think that was just like a lot of people were coming to abramovitz at the same time.


I feel like there is, there is such thing as a collective conscious and I believe that like things, like people find things at the same time.


But there should be a catalyst a lot of times as a catalyst for it to be a boom. And you were the catalyst and that is.


So what are you looking forward to like what is something like that you're looking forward to achieving that we can enjoy that's maybe like a little beyond the Instagram impressions.


Yeah, well, I like I feel like I cracked the show the next show and it's so it's so major and like, I think it could I think it could be just like so, so special and big.


It's like about so much and it's so expensive. And it's like I thought with Call Your Father, my old show was like, this is everything I have to say as an artist.


And now I know you literally wrote This is everything I have to say as an artist.


That Instagram post now being in this show, I'm like, oh my God, that was like one out of a million things like the scope of this new thing. And what has happened to me in the last year has like made made my thought patterns different. I've also been experimenting with some psychedelic, you know, other egg.


And so that's kind.


What like what are you doing? Like the you know, I mean, I'm a huge ayahuasca queen. Done it seven times. True.


And growing up, I can throw grow up as it feels better than coming. It's the best thing.


All right. Are you throw up your throw up. Because my friends who did it in Peru, they were poop their pants ones. So I think you do both. Some people. Yeah, some people poop. So we're bleep up.


I don't like girls as good, but. So what have you been doing, mushroom's.


I've been the first like April and May. I was micro saying LSD like in the right way, like the right, the scientific dose every three days and it fucking slams it like it was. I mean, I credit a lot of it to the impressions, the nuance in which, like my brain was working, was very acid vibes and I kind of like took a break. And like, once I got into the format of the impressions, I feel like now I can you know, I know what they should be and I know how to expand or retract or whatever I need to do.


But, yeah, it's been it just made me feel really connected to the world and like see it and it's fulness and like that's made the idea for the show really solidify. And like this show keeps getting. The reason I know I'm on track with this show is that it keeps getting bigger and smaller at the same time, like more succinct.


Yeah. And I'm just so fucking excited and like it all the right people are there doing it with me now and it feels like it has to. I feel such good energy about it. Call your father was always fraught. It was like right from day one. It was a fight. It was like, it was like me being like I'm going to make this happen no matter what. Yeah. With this project, like everything has come so naturally and like all the right producers came naturally.


And it's like moving in such a like, like a it's like an Alex Mack puddle like it's just like yes. It's like floating out and like I don't feel, I don't feel this wall that I was like every day with the other show, I was like, there's walls every day when you let something go, like you grasping so hard onto one thing.


And when you finally let something go, like opens your hand, like your hands are open to receive so many you and great things. And like I think that we always have to remember that. And then you get to be on this how you do it.


It's just I feel like I just feel like it's an important thing for everyone to hear, myself included, which is like I was pushing to, like, fit the square peg into a round hole and then was devastated when it didn't fit. And now I'm like, oh my God, I'm like, thank God it didn't, because now I'm over here and like, things are just makes so much more sense and there are no pegs and there are no holes.


I mean, unless you want there to be anything, there might be some pegging and there might be some holes.


I'm sorry, I'm eating my rice bowl. Casey hates it when I eat, when I'm doing it.


But I think the majority of Americans hate it when I'm not chewing into the microphone. Now, I don't mind doing a good job.


You're doing your job. Honestly, if you tune into the microphone, we'd probably get some ads for that. Yeah, people are the majority of Americans hate it, but the minority who loves it gets a real boner for chewing into a microphone. So, you know, OK, well, I'm not chewing into a microphone, but we are guys.


You're not seeing the zoom, but we are on a zoom. And so I had to apologize to my friend Jordan because I'm pulling the microphone away and chewing and that's OK.


So wait, I want to talk a teeny bit more about Elzy before we have to let you go. Are you still using LSD?


I've been using it a little more recreationally recently. OK, like the first the first couple of months, it was like I was I was writing a script on it, like I was like I was like really working every day on it. Yeah. And like now I kind of like I have my little dropper and when I want a little feel a little funky.


But yeah, I'm like I think it will, it's like in my life right now, I don't think it will or should be there forever. But it's it's working for right now. It's expanding my mind in the way it needs to be expanded. It makes me feel good. Like the movie. It just like the my mood, the days I would do it was just so much lighter, so much better. But you're not high. It's like such a small dose that you don't feel high.


Yeah, I think people really clutch their pearls about it because in America obviously we've been taught to fear hallucinogens. But it's really fascinating. I did some research work on a project that centered on micro dosing LSD. And it's really it's really, really helped a lot of people with intractable depression or who have had, like, unspeakable trauma in their life. So it doesn't surprise me that that you had such a great experience.


Yeah, I love I love drugs. Like, I. I love drugs.


I think that, like, there I want to be part of the next wave of like normalizing like positive drug usage because like I feel like in media, the only depiction you see is negative. Like No one, you never see a TV show where they do drugs and it only is good. And as I said, I think that you're right, though, like with anything, the more that people can talk about it and realize that share their own positive experiences with certain things, you know, the less it becomes this shame and hidden and like I think that all of those things lead to the issues, you know, and obviously people have real fuckin problems with drugs or their family members have.


And like we're in the middle, still on top of the pandemic and fucking global warming and all the rest of it. We still have an opiate crisis in this country.


And like to me, the pharmaceutical industry in and of itself, it's like it's a working disaster.


Yeah, but that's it's like I think just like an openness about the reality of all drugs, because, like, I don't think you're going to be hearing like like meth changed my life for the better. Like like there are certain drugs that like do have really severe downward spirals.


Heroin helped me write my script. Yeah. But it's like then there are certain drugs that like are on the same level as that, which is all the psychedelics, and they really, really help people. And like this is a goddamn miracle. And like you do have to seek them out to find it like they are like if they're for everyone, like who knows what would happen.


When I was working on that project, I did look, I was just curious where people were getting their LSD. And I saw on Reddit someone very authoritatively said, you don't find LSD.


It finds you when you're in L.A., you can find it. I don't even know where to find it. It's a 15 year old in Arizona, 14, 14. I always loved acid. I always loved mushrooms.


I've always loved psychedelics. I haven't done them in years. I was like talking, sorry. Now I am going into a microphone. I was talking to those earbuds because I was having all these issues and he was like, well, we really would. I'd love to start doing with you as like some mushrooms. I'd love some mushrooms. And I like legit thought he meant that I was going to like microdots and he meant like, like mushrooms. He just like that t yeah.




Like, like whatever that woman's name is like moon juice. Yeah. Like he was like moon juicing me and I was like I'm down.


I'm like here. How much are we doing. Something like well I mean you can get it. So if there's a ticket everyone I like I got my or I have or haven't hired you.


But I also was like but yeah. Like now that you said the word mushroom, it really made me laugh so hard I had to mute. I'll just give you some mushrooms every day.


You'd be like, fuck, yeah, I was. So that's not I mean they sell them like chocolate bars like online now.




Like how is that possible. I wonder.


I always wonder how is this happening. But it's like I think it's just super like they don't care anymore. So you're like they just aren't looking for it.


I guess I still scared device buy bath bomb online. Oh my God. Case. Well I remember when we were at the airport and I had a bath bomb in my luggage and the lady was like, man, what is this? And I was like, it's a thing that you it's Fizi when you take a bath. And I was like, Ma'am, is it a bath? Ma'am, I do not want to say that word. I was like, I don't want to say that word.


And she was like, you can say bath bomb and how can you not be here?


Well, I'm super excited to see what the next bit of time brings for you, but then obviously for all of us, because we get to enjoy the fruits, the fruits of your labor and first spinning.


Yeah, I think I think like I think this show could be super important for people. And like, it's also like I don't want to talk about how shitty the world is. I wanted to talk about, like, how beautiful life is and like how many things that there are to experience and like how we have an amazing inner life that is so unexplored. And like, I just I really I've been liking making people laugh and bringing people joy. I'm like not not bringing negativity into the equation.


It's like it feels so good. And I think it's actually kind of punk, like I think especially in comedy. Yeah, you're not going down, you're out like you're not going like you're not fucking like digging the job, digging into the ground, making fun of people, shit talking, then you're like, scene is not funny. But I'm like I think I'm daring the audience to be able to laugh at silliness and positivity. Yeah. And it's working and I think it's scaring some comedians.


Good. I'm so tired of them. Yeah. Oh, we're rooting for you.


You Bungay. It's going to have big feelings, big messages, big laughs. We're going to do it all.


I can't wait for you. We love you. Congratulations. I keep putting the best stuff into the world because honestly, I can't tell you how many times in the last six months it has, like, lifted my spirits in times to, like, chill out to an impression of, like, God leaving the faucet on fire injured.


Thank you so much. Thank you.


Bye bye. Oh, my God, I love Jordan first man, he's so fun and nice. That was really interesting. Yeah, he was really interesting.


He is a guy is I speaking of which, I need weed here. I don't know. I know he's like, I need to get I need to get like a good weed hookup here because it is not like L.A. where you could just go to the store.


And I am bummed I hear something like that in New Jersey.


Yeah. Is it.


But I'll be right back for I don't know the rules yet though is they like to call or is it for everybody. I don't know. I am happy to get a like happy to see one of those weirdo doctors to get a medical license.


I had one in California.


I saw them after they legalized it in New Jersey. I like the Google search for how to roll.


A blunt was like increase like, oh, like two thousand percent for last night when because we were like talking about the house in Los Angeles and like what we're doing and where we're going, what's happening in our everything.


And I was like, you know what? I got to get stoned anyway. The answers come to me with such clarity is what I'm stoned.


It's legal in D.C. a friend of mine, I guess. Did we go on a couple of dates?


Maybe a friend of mine from from high school?


Is Owens, the first black owned dispensary in D.C.? Well, give me the address. When we go visit Mark's parents, I will say hello. OK, there you go. Also, get weed.


Hey, guys, we have very exciting news for you. Get your beer, opium. What we are announcing, Casey, G.A. and I are going to host a live virtual magic show with magicians Harrison Kramer and his friend Adrian Lacroix.


Yeah, think Roy Lacroix here to Lucroy Fortune.


I don't know. But maybe. But anyway, the night before Thanksgiving, your Thanksgiving Eve treat to yourself, maybe you maybe you're a person that is going to go see your parents and you can't go to the bar and see your friends from high school, but you can go into the front bedroom and use the Wi-Fi and come be a part of the virtual magic show.


We're going to talk about holidays. We're going to have spread some a little bit of little cheer, little cheer, little joy.


And there's going to be magic. There might be a song or two from someone we don't know. We barely have it planned out. But if if I can guarantee you one thing, it's going to be super fun for us. So and hopefully I might do. Well, I, I was I was going to say, like, I think it's going to be super fun. Here's the deal, though, guys. The magic will be interactive with the audience.


It won't just be like you're watching a show that S.A. and Casey and I are doing. It's like. You could be like you could do a trick with the magicians, so we have to limit the number of people that can be in there, be there, can enter. So it's limited to it's just a little bit under a thousand tickets are available. And I already know my mom is going to text me like now busy.


Am I expected to buy a ticket or did you. I'm I am. I am. Did you get any comps? Can I get some comps, by the way, already just FYI, I'm doing these T-shirts for charity and my mom already texted me now busy.


Am I supposed to buy these t shirts or are you sending me some, like, mom fucking buy a t shirt to support the Fair Fight Fund anyway? All right. Speaking of which, it's going to be fifteen dollars. The tickets and a portion of the proceeds are going to a charity, although we hadn't decided the charity yet. We'll figure it out. We'll figure it out.


Yeah, but a portion of the proceeds will go to some worthy charity, which will let you know. And it's 8:00 p.m. Eastern, 5:00 p.m. Pacific. I don't know where you live. You do the math. You swipe up link in our stories, right? Yes. We can all do that. Now, put it in my bio. And the link, if you just want it right now, is side door access dotcom slash artists slash my name Busi Philipps.


But spell it correctly, it'll be us. Why? I like peeps. I know it's tricky. Anyway, I'm really excited about this magic show. We already told Girls Five that I have to be out of work early.


I got a magic show baby and she gets water available until Friday. Justifiably sorry. OK, that's ok. So tickets go OK. So tickets go on sale this Friday the 13th at 9:00 a.m. Pacific. You're going to need a deck of cards, maybe a coin. And there was something else, a quarter, a deck of cards, which you'll be at your parents house. There's like there's a whole drawer full of. Yeah. And coin and and batteries.


You may need a battery, too. We don't know. Everybody's been asking about merch from this podcast. We have been working very hard. It's coming, I promise, not this week, but soon. We love all of your suggestions. We love your feedback. We love you. What else? Anything. I think that's it. Just that we love them. We love you.


We really feel grateful that you choose to spend an hour and a half with us every week. And even if you put us on that times too fast forward, we still really appreciate it.


I know some of you doing that. I get it. I mean, and you know what we would do? I would, too, regardless of how your how you're taking the podcast. And we really appreciate it. I've gotten so many nice messages about how people are saying, like, you guys are helping me get through this wild time and, you know, all through this pandemic and all through the election, really, really nice messages. And I just want to say, you guys are helping us get through it as well.


So thank you to all of you.


Thank you guys for being such a great community and also for sharing the podcast. I really think I saw the most shares of this last week of the election podcast, in part because Shantaram really had, you know.


I was hurt, you upset, but you had reason to be and I feel like people, they felt to hear hear it, they needed to hear it and they needed to feel it.


And I'm happy that it resonated and continue to share it, guys, so that other people will maybe listen.


And I don't know. I don't fucking know I'm bad at this part. I don't know you. Whatever you want to do, you know, like it's hard for you to end things. I feel.


But honestly, though, Casey, that feels like way too that feels like it cuts too close to the core.


I'm just saying at this end of the podcast, like it's hard for you to end it.


No, you said it's hard for you to end.


Thank you, guys. That's going to be a whole nother podcast to unpack all of that. I'm sorry to explain sometimes.


What do you say? What it is? You know, it is.


Mercury's out of retrograde for a little bit. I'm going to go find some weed in New Jersey.


Guys, I love you. Have a great week. Thanks. Bye.