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Hi, guys, it's me, it's busy PHILIPPS And this is my new podcast, Busy Phillips is doing her best. Joining me are two friends of mine who I feel like are always doing their best, especially now Casey St. Onge, who is my showrunner on Busy tonight, Heidi. Also joining us will be Shantaram Jackson, who was also a writer. I'm busy tonight. That's how we met. I'm busy. Tonight was my late night talk show that I had on the cable network.


E we had a great time. We felt like it was incredibly successful, both creatively and culturally, however, did not feel as though we were commercially successful. Although I disagree. It's like when I supposedly didn't win class president junior year, I won. The guy just didn't want me to be the president because, you know, I did drugs and went to raves and was like in theater. After the show, Casey and I really tried to figure out what was next.


And we came up with a plan and we were working toward that plan. And then, I don't know, whatever. Did the world change? What can I tell you? And like and then along with the world, like, our priority has changed. So what we wanted to do is talk to people that we like about maybe some pivot's that they've taken in their lives and careers and see how that's worked out for them.


But also, we do want to talk about Ben Affleck not being able to wear a mask and always holding his Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.


We're going to talk about how we're doing our best to, you know, pursue projects together and separately and, you know, talk to our celebrity friends. But also, yeah, we're going to talk about other people who are doing their best. And sometimes that means not being able to stay in your house like Ben Affleck. That's his best. And I admire that. Every time I see a picture of him with his girlfriend, she's laughing.


I know some jokes. Too bad I like to live. I like to laugh as well. Shantaram I like to laugh, too. And that's what you can expect on busy. Philipps Doing lots of laughs. So guys, be sure to subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. I don't know your life. My what you're into.