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Consumed is a production of iHeart podcast and grim and mild from Aaron Maki headphones recommended. Listener discretion advised.


We've got this great purpose.


We've got this.


I mean, they're leading the league in even strength goals.


And you just miss Spooky by the legendary Dusty Springfield.


Damn it, I love that song.


Here on WLoS, tunes for the mountains of all Hampshires, New and old.


What? Old Hampshire? Like England.


Up next, a classic from the masters of rock.


That's just Hampshire. Shit. Not now, Alex. Hold on, I've got to put you on speaker. God damn it. Sorry. Hi. Hello. Sis.


Are you okay?


I'm fine. Hello. And good afternoon to you as well, Alex.


Yes, hi. Hello. Good day, blood relatives. Shall I send you a TikTok DM and we could just talk that way?


You don't know how TikTok works, do you?


Well, I stopped caring when those suburban girls made thousands off appropriating dance moves created by women of color and not sharing in those profits.


Millions. What millions they've made and continue to make.


So there you go.


Yes, but that's not all TikTok. You know what? We can get into all social media debates at Thanksgiving. Okay?


Actually, that's why I'm like, why you.


Miss Myspace so much. Oh, Jesus.


Are you okay?


Yeah. I almost just slammed into the biggest deer I've ever seen. Was that a moose? I have no. Jesus. Fuck, that was close.


A deer? Where are you? I thought you were in Boston.


God damn it. Rain.




Oh, yeah, about that. I moved out about three weeks ago.


You what?


Yeah, I was gonna let the fam know, but I had to pick up and go for this job op up in the great Bay National Wildlife Reserve.


You're in Maine.


Technically, New Hampshire, but right on the border.


Job op.


So, check this out. WNPs. You know how much I love NPS. Because you and mom better a local.


NPR affiliate than some of the stuff Spotify plays nowadays.


Okay, Boomer, stay on target. So, NPS announced that submissions were open for one of their producer positions.


But aren't they located in the city?


Will you let me finish or I'll go back and let that deer end me.


Go on.


So I decided that since spooky season was coming up, I bet there would be a ton of submissions and packages dealing with Salem and their witches. Right? But what if I track down some of these super old folklore legends up in rural New England, like, dearest sister, I thought you'd never ask. Have you ever heard of the succubus of Stratham. Hill.


The what?


The succubus of Stratham Hill.


Statham. Like the transporter two.


Strathum. And that's an odly specific choice, considering Jason Statham's uvra.


So you went up to the preserve to interview people. Did you bring a crew with you?


A crew? Okay. 2010. No, sister, I am the crew. That's the position media has since pivoted to one person doing the job of five for the same salary.




Well, luckily, with this trusty phone, a mic, and a laptop, I can write, shoot, edit, and submit anything from my car if I wanted.


Sarah, you know what I'm going to say.


Yes, I do. Get a real job. A real life. You know, sometimes I wonder if maybe I'm just a ghost to everyone, since nothing I do is real.


That's not what I'm.


The thing is, Lex, the picket fence, the mortgage, the property taxes, that's not for me. Sarah, you have a wonderful wife. I have a cat named Jonesy, too. Sarah. The thought of a cubicle is what I picture Riker.


Sarah, for fuck's sake, shut up and listen me for a goddamn.


Um. Okay, sure. So, what's up?


I'm sorry. I was calling because mom said. Tried to reach you.


Hello? Alex. Sorry. Sorry. The signal is real bad up here. You said mom was trying to call me?


Fell down the stairs I've been trying to take. She's in the hospital.


What? Wait, what happened? Is mom okay? I can barely hear.


And then Mr. Russ's pants ripped when he went to pick it up.


Honestly, I don't know what was more embarrassing, the rip or the tidy whiteies he was wearing underneath. Support comes in all shapes and sizes, mihoven principasas. We don't knock support groups, do we? No, we don't knock support for community organizations, do we?


No, definitely not.


And we most definitely don't knock support for the socks. So if a man needs certain kinds of drawer support, who are we to judge what kind of lease he's using? Settle down, Conrad. You'll learn that one next year. And remember, ain't nobody judging you for getting mayo on your grilled cheese.




All good. Hope you find your Nokia in time. My mom still has a Nokia. Now, granted, she's 73.


What was that about supporting?


I have to take this.


Hey, I didn't mean it that way.


It's okay.


She's been campos kitchen.




God damn it.


You know, I'm one of two people with access to our town tow truck, so you're mighty lucky I'm not out of town like buster is.


Seriously? Thank you.


What happened?


I almost got demolished by a deer about 10 miles back. And then the rain started, so I was on full alert. Which is why I think I must have overcompensated when I thought I saw another deer, but wasn't a deer. At least I don't think so. And then my sister. Oh, shit. I couldn't understand anything. She was. She must think. Do you have a cell phone?


Yes and no.




Yes, I have one. But as I believe you've experienced, there's only one cell tower, and it covers town center, about 20 miles west of here. And currently, it's out of order.


Fuck. I'm sorry. It's just that I think she was trying to tell me something about my mother. Shit. I'm sorry. I don't mean to.


I'll tell you what. By the looks of this, Axle, you came pretty close to having to be airlifted to Manchester. So let's enjoy that for a.


That, huh?


Germans. Bad tires, good seatbelts. Whatever deer you saw owes you a few grand, easy.




And there's more. Good news and bad news.


Awesome. Bad news first, always.


This is fixable. But only Buster can fix this. And as I mentioned, he's out of town, so I can tow this to his shop, but he'll be back tomorrow, and depending on the parts, you or your car may be stuck here for a few days.


No car, no phone, no home. How is there any possibility of good news?


Well, this is what one would call country hospitality. You're welcome to come use the landline in my house. Our house, where my wife, son, and puppy named Misha live. Make whatever calls you want. And if needed, you're welcome to stay in our guest room.


Thank you. But the real question is, what kind of puppy?


You can't talk to them like that.


I understand. Bob.


Kid gloves. This whole woke generation, totally. One complaint to their parents and they'll sue our pants off. That means you're out of a job.




And I think that should worry you.


Boss, I'm very sorry, and it won't happen again.


You need to be more focused. Or quite frankly, Alfonso, I'll have to start looking at my options. All right, I'll seat them. Just take out the trash and make sure the takeout station is stocked and cleaned up.


You got it, boss. Right on it. Descraciado. Poco de mietaria. Sacartecon. La vasura bao so calvo. Mama. Whoa, slow down, ma.




Yeah, I'll be home at 02:00 a.m. Comosianpre and Mr. Shaw wants me back at 08:00 a.m. As usual, Cc. I know. And yes, I won't smoke a cigarette. Okay. Okay.




Oh, sorry, Mama. Better fuck you, Tod. What?


No answer? Also, I can't believe these phones still exist. They're slowly becoming obsolete, just like good and honest people. I love it, though. What a beautiful home you have. Thank you so much for letting me spend the night. Oh, you can thank Jack. It was his idea. Of course. Avery, why don't you go get washed up and hit the hay? But it's only 1015, ma, we have guests. Oh, please don't put yourself out on my account. Avery. Now.


All righty. Here. Carr's over at Buster's. I left him a note, and as soon as he gets back and assesses, he'll give us a call. Is everything Rima?


Good night. Good night, dad. Miss Simmons. You know what? I could just head into town tonight and find a hotel.


At this hour?


It's only 1015. I think I could Uber.


Uber? I'll make you a deal. If you get a signal out here, get me one as well.


Fair. I'm just sorry to have to put you out.


Don't sweat it. Sorry for my wife. We've been having some issues with our son. Nothing Major, just teenage years. But she's taking it a bit hard.


Been there. Been one. I'm sorry.


That's fine. It'll be nice to have someone else here. I'm sure she'll feel much better in the morning, and we can all break fast and head into town.


Totally. Just let me know where the guest room is. I could absolutely use some sleep. Preferably 12 hours.


Oh, we're right next to the Beacon farm. So unless you want to go wrestle the rooster over there, you'll have the world's oldest alarm clock singing you a song at 06:00 a.m.. Sharp.


Of course. Well, then, good night.


Ola. Aaron, is that you? Yo, who's there? Aaron, is that you? Look, I didn't mean it about the. What the. Hello? Fuck this. No.


All righty. What day is this? Tuesday, October 11, 2021. No, 22. This is Sarah Simmons, and this is audio blog entry 437. Or as I like to call it. How many days since my last job? So, last we heard from our intrepid explorer. That's me. She had been gallivanting up in the frozen tundra of Stratham in search of the supposed succubi that has haunted the town for. Ugh. Intrepid. Who is your audience, Simmons? Fans of uncharted. Okay, okay, you got this. What? Hello? One more time. Back to the succubus shortly. But on the 7th day, something unexpected happened. After crashing my car and according to the local who came to my rescue narrowly escaping brutal injury, I found myself stranded in a small town. Or rather on the outskirts of a small town with no reception, no car and nowhere to go, I had little choice but to accept an offer to stay in what feels like the oldest and least insulated home ever built. Wow. As if on cue, you could sleep in a life size block of swiss cheese and it would be less breezy. I mean, who made it part of the New England way of life that we had to be as cold and wet as possible in the winter in order to appreciate the 14 days of perfect weather in April?


It's October 11 and I'm wearing two sweaters to bed. Oh shit. I did it again. Sarah, stop going off topic. Stop living in a dream world, Sarah. Find a husband, a job, a house. Be more like me, Sarah. Be like shit, the wind just blew.


The goddamn window open.


What is that? Danville police. Lines being recorded. What's your emergency? Hello? Danville police. What's your emergency? Tana, is that you? Alright, listen up, idiots. You know we can trace this, right? Hello? I can hear you. Okay, I'm hanging up unless you have something to say. All right, it's happening.


Consumed episode one Predator written by Carlos Folia editing and sound design by Trevor Young. Starring Rachel Rosenblum and Arturo Castro. With Ruth Connell, Sam Rod, Genevieve Padalecki, Benjamin Stockham, Charlie David Newell, Mike Corich, Anna East, Fairweather Junior Alavi, Alma Martinez, Tracy Martin, Laura Shine, George Vincent and Raphael Corkill. Directed by Alexander Williams assistant director Trevor Young casting by Sunday Bowling, CSA and Meg Mormon CSA production coordinator Wayne Calderon. Music by Carlos Folia consumed the season one score. Available now on Apple Music, Spotify or wherever music is streamed. Executive producers Aaron Mankey, Carlos Folia, Matt Frederick and Alexander Williams. Supervising producers Trevor Young and Josh Thane. Producers Noemi Griffin, Jesse Funk and Rima Ilke Ali. Recorded at this is sound Design Studios, Burbank, California engineered by Ross Aroneau. Eastside Studios, Austin, Texas engineered by Austin Sisler and Eros Creative and Sound, Ohio, California engineered by Ken Eros. Consumed was created by Carlos Folia. Inspired by the novel by Aaron Manke, consumed is the newest chapter in the Bridgewater universe. To learn more and catch up, visit slash Bridgewater. Learn more about slash consumed and find more podcasts from iHeartRadio by visiting the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.


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