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So as long as there have been siblings, there's been dysfunction, petty fights over toys, personal space or their parents attention, but we don't cover family fights that end with apologies or time outs. Today, we're counting down sibling dysfunction that turned deadly brothers and sisters that turned on each other out of jealousy, power struggles and greed. The stories you're about to hear are gruesome and disturbing and will make you think twice when you scream over your sister simply borrowing your clothes without asking.


Yeah, Elena.


Hailu Weirdo's, welcome to Crime Countdown, a Spotify original from podcast, I'm Ash and Emelina. Every week will highlight 10 fascinating stories of history's most engaging and unsettling crimes, all picked by the podcast Research Gods.


This episode, we're counting down the top ten deadly sibling dysfunctions.


OK, I actually have to, like, totally change what I was going to say. Do you remember the time that I wore your sweater to a new Eve party and you got so mad at me because I returned. It was like a huge hole in the back. I'm still mad at that. But anyways, I don't really think I'm at liberty to say how dysfunctional our family is that I was. That was not cool.


I'm still mad about that sweater. I'm sorry. I don't. The whole back was open. It was all ripped apart. But we can't get into it. And you know what? I agree. We probably shouldn't talk about how dysfunctional our family is. But I will say when I hear other people's stories, it makes me realize that literally every single family is dysfunctional in at least some kind of way. I know that's so true.


I mean, luckily, I don't know any families that are as dysfunctional as the ones on this list, because like you said in the intro, some of these are very disturbing, extremely like I may have fought with my siblings over, you know, eating my leftovers, which you all did all the time.


But I definitely never took it this far.


I was going to say, like, spoiler alert. That was me that left. All of you did it. You said it for all of you listening. You did.


Yeah. I mean, I'm like the Kimie Jibla of the family eat everybody's leftovers. But on a serious note, it always acts like a deeper level of sadness when crimes like these happen amongst siblings. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Because I think it's like the whole psychology behind it is like family is supposed to be your safe space.


And when it's not, it's kind of hard to understand, you know, what's what who to turn to, who you can trust. I mean, if your own family is coming after you cause your safe space.


Exactly. Well, Elena has five deadly siblings and so do I, but neither of us knows which sister will bring the most chaos to the countdown.


Let's start the countdown.


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U.S. only void where prohibited. Ten, I'll start us off with number 10 and Nevilles own Ronald DeFeo Jr., who murdered his family, then strangely blamed his deceased sister for the murder. Ronald DeFeo Jr., who goes by the name Bush, was convicted of the 1974 killing that inspired the book and film versions of The Amityville Horror after being convicted of murdering his entire family. He attempted to blame his sister, Dawn, who he had also killed, an excuse that clearly did not stick.


Why didn't it stick? Well, you know, I don't understand. Seems foolproof. Yeah. You know, again, well, Butch was the oldest and had four siblings. The family has been described as loud and quarrelsome, but he was definitely the most troubled kid out of all of them. The evening of November 13th, 1974, which ran into Henry's bar screaming that his family had been shot. The truth was that he actually killed them all roughly 15 hours before he ran for help and he killed everybody, including his nine and 12 year old brothers, 13 year old sister and 18 year old sister, Don.


Imagine how much he had to muster up that kind of method acting. You run into that place and act like you know how hard it is to fake cry. Yes, like that's a lot. Yeah. Well, it's been reported that Dawn appeared to have been awake when the attacks happened. It's horrific. So it's like she knew what was coming. Oh, yeah. In the decades after the murder, Bush has had various excuses and stories about that night, including being possessed by Satan, because I feel like everybody just has to throw that in there.


Yeah, I mean, you got to try it. I guess the worst thing that he did was say that Don was the shooter and that he and Don's friends committed the murders together. That's horrific. He really had, like, some kind of vengeance against her, killed your sister, and then you blame her for killing the entire family. Like, what is wrong now? Ronald DeFeo Jr. or Butch was sentenced to 25 years to life.


That's right. Nine number nine on our countdown is Belgium honor killing victim Sadie Ashik in 2011, Sadie is Brother Mutasa was the suspect in Belgium's first honor killing trial after shooting his sister to death for dishonoring the family and then admitting to trying to kill his other sister.


Whoa. It's a lot to take in.


Yeah, that was Saadia defied the family by refusing an arranged marriage with a cousin living in Pakistan who she had never met. She then moved in with another man. So on October 22nd, 2007, Sadie agreed to visit the family in hopes of just making peace when her brother Mutasa shot her three times. Wow. During the trial, Moodies are surprised. Everyone, even his own lawyer, which I'm sure the lawyer appreciated, is like she thinks by suddenly confessing to the attempted murder of his second sister, who was also on trial.


What he said to that sister, quote, I left you for dead.


What I don't even understand just bursts out in the middle of the trial.


He just had a moment where he was like, I need to say conscience. You know, his lawyer was like, really? Like you chose now to grow up. Really, bro. SADIE Parents and sister face charges of attempting to arrange a marriage, but they denied involvement in the murder. Like we definitely did that, but we did not do this. Now, those are two very different things. They claimed her brother killed her in a fit of rage.


A jury sentenced the father to twenty five years, the mother to twenty years, the brother Mutasa to fifteen, and the other sister to five years.


Great job, fam. Wow. Way to get it. I'm surprised he got so much less than his parents like he's the one that did it.


Shocking how that's wild. Eight. Number eight on our countdown of top ten deadly sibling dysfunctions is Cleopatra and her siblings were throwing it back to our Royal Killers episode when we featured Cleopatra as a ruthless killer. But her story also featured some sibling dysfunction on another level. Sure did grab a pen and a paper to map this whole thing out. Oh, yeah, you need that red string you do.


When Ptolemy the 12th died, he made his daughter Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy, the joint rulers of Egypt. The siblings then married, but it was a common practice among royals. But Ptolemy's soon ousted his sister, wife Cleopatra, who fled. She was not happy yet. No Cleopatra. Sister Arseneau stayed in the good graces of her brother and sort of proclaimed herself as the new queen of Egypt.


I mean, you got to do what you got to do. That's like figure if there's a little spot, you got to just step into that. Well, you can't turn on your sister like that. Well, she's gone. Wow.


Good to know what you would do. So an angry Cleopatra, like I would do teams up with Julius Caesar and the Romans to fight back and reclaim her throne. Cleopatra sibling husband who ran her out of Egypt is then killed in the civil war. Her sister are sent away like sort of fights back, even embarrassed Julius Caesar. But imagine being Cleopatra's boyfriend, though. I can't even know. So I got so confused for a second. I was like, who's what?


I told you to get a I one. But Cleopatra back in power kills her sister on the steps of a temple, a violation of the temple sanctuary, by the way, which was a scandalous act in Rome. I love other like don't do it in the temple steps, which, by the way, is not allowed. That's not OK. Now, then Cleopatra also married her younger, only living at this point brother, but eventually had him killed to secure her son's chance on the throne.


The son fathered by Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, did what she needed to do. Yeah.


Is there a red string all over the place for a dead sibling? That's all the dead siblings. Seven.


At number seven this week is Connor Betts and the 2019 Dayton, Ohio shooting August 2019, 24 year old Connor Betts opened fire in a popular bar and nightclub area in Dayton, Ohio.


He killed nine people and injured at least 17. One of the first victims was his 22 year old younger sister, Megan, which raises a bunch of questions about his actual intent.


It's difficult to talk about these shootings because the casualties are so high. But there's always the question of motive, too, because it's always crazy.


This one doubles down on that question because now it's a mass shooting also involving a family member who was killed first. I feel like that doesn't happen a lot. So this is weird.


Surveillance video shows Betts with his sister and their friend in the area before the shooting even more gross that he was like hanging out with her.


Yeah, that's scary. It makes it weirder and it makes it seem more like this was intended.


That's then goes back to his car, changes into a black hoodie and body armor and retrieves his gun text messages.


So he also knew where his sister and her friend were going to be just before he started shooting. Oh, man. So he was like linking up, trying to figure out where she was. I mean, hello. Here it is. Right. The shooting lasted just 32 seconds.


Connor Betts was also killed by police that night.


So we're not going. That's a thing. So you never get answers, the Associated Press reported. Investigators have radically different views on whether Connor Betts targeted his 22 year old sister Megan, two hours after they arrived with a friend at the popular strip of nightclubs. So now it's just out there. Now it's just like what it seems to Hlinka. I mean, I feel like it seems to be pointing in one direction, but.


Well, we're not going to know. I mean, the fact that he had like clothes to change into and everything and that he, like, kind of like triangulated her location. Yeah. And this bizarre.


Six. Landing at number six is Catherine Sue, who manipulated her brother into becoming a killer in Chicago in October of 1987, Catherine Seus mother was mysteriously murdered. Catherine, who was 18, was given guardianship of her 13 year old brother, Andrew. The siblings inherited eight hundred thousand dollars from their mother's life insurance. A lot of money, but not enough to keep funding Katherine's extravagant lifestyle. So now what? So now what?


Well, after her mother died, Katherine's boyfriend, Robert, moved in with them and Katherine became extremely influential on her younger brother. He was smart. He was a focus student, and she made sure he knew family obedience was everything. She was like kind of like a mafia boss. You never turn on the family. Never. Well, Katherine also loved very expensive things. She drove a Jaguar and she shopped in high end stores. It's like you're going to need more and more money, girl.


Yeah, that's not going to last year.


On September 25th, 1993, the 31 year old boyfriend, Robert, is shot to death in his garage. Oh, soon after, Andrew confessed. So Katherine convinced him that Robert was beating her and stealing money and Andrew needed to stand up for his family. Oh, that is so manipulative and awful if it's not true, which doesn't sound like it's true. So Catherine flees to Hawaii, where she quickly found rich boyfriends with the money to fund her expensive tastes.


You know, we got to keep up your appearance, girl. Yeah, you're used to it. But eventually, I guess the guilt got to her and she turned herself in. Good. She obviously did it for the cash, but both of them ended up in prison. Wow. That's so messed up. I know this big sister ever.


That's almost reminiscent of the cinnamon brown case. A little bit. Yeah. Like family convincing family man.


Oh, that last one gave me, like, a yucky feeling. Yeah, you don't do that to your to anybody because it's like she was like the mother figure, you know, and then she's telling him, like, this man is like hurting me and stealing money and like he's just trying to protect his older sister. Yeah. She loves you. Yeah. I don't love that at all. It's only going to get worse.


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Five. All right, let's jump back in with number five on our countdown of deadly sibling dysfunction starting off. The second half of our list is brothers Robert and Michael Bever in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. These two brothers decided they wanted fame and notoriety, and the way they'd get that is by becoming serial killers to kick off their murder careers.


They decided to start with their own family. But even as they're attacked, the siblings make sure to fight back. This one's really sad. Yeah. July 22nd, 2015, the Beaver Brothers decide this is the day they become killers. They know their first victim will be their sister, 13 year old Krystal.


My God, 13. It's horrific. And your sister, your 13 year old sister, what are you doing?


Well, Michael lured Crystal into a bedroom. Roberts slashes her throat and Crystal fought back even as Robert continued to stab her slashed throat, being stabbed and she's fighting back. The mother tried to intervene, of course, which horrific, but also she gets stabbed.


Meanwhile, Krystal manages to get away and wants to protect her younger siblings.


That's her first thought. My God. Wow. Robert and Michael then murder two other siblings. And their father wants their younger brother, Daniel, locked himself in a room and called 911. But Daniel is really young. No. And Michael managed to convince him to open the door by pretending he was also being attacked. These kids are evil.


Daniel has been attacked and killed by his older brothers, which that, like my heart, just dropped. Oh, my God. It just preyed on his innocence. Crystal is still holding on, by the way. Oh, my God.


She's still there. She's still there. And then the brothers decide to attack her again, but the cops begin banging on the door. Daniel's 911 call was a success. So he saved his life.


He saved who he could write. The brothers then ran out the back door into a wooded area. But police canines track them down. A good two year old sister, Adam, survived. There was a two year old in the house, but this time many years old, she slept through her brother's murder spree.


Thank goodness. God and Crystal also ended up surviving the attack. Yes. And she testified against her brothers.


OK, so still, this is no what? This is number five. Yes. OK, where are we headed? Because. So. Wow, Krystal.


For. Landing at number four this week is Ambriz Lucila, after marrying young Lucila, became an empress and was initially a very powerful and influential woman who co ruled Rome with her husband until he died. Then she found herself in a deadly cat and mouse game with her own brother for who would rule the Roman Empire.


Geez, I love these ones.


It's like almost Cleopatra esque. So this story is so old. It takes place in the hundred and seventies and hundred and 80s.


Oh, back then, that's even just like hard to say it is, but the sibling tea is still piping hot. We love that. Once listless husband died, she was stripped of all power, which is bogus. That's because she lost her Empress title. And like everything else, then her younger brother Commodus took control. Lucila begrudgingly remarried, but her new husband doesn't carry nearly the clout her dead husband had or the clout she thinks she deserves. So, needless to say, being a private citizen in Rome would not cut it for Lucila.


I don't blame me either. At the same time, her brother is sort of spiraling naturally, not a wicked person, but had become a cruel leader whose behavior was disturbing. So Lucila plots a coup to kill him, replacing him with other family members. But her nephew screws up the assassination attempt when he burst in the room to stab the brother he first pronounces. Here is what the Senate sends to you. The guards then overtake him, and all the male members of the plot to kill Commodus were immediately put to death.


Lucila was then exiled to Kapre, but Commodus later ordered her execution. I mean, can I blame him? Not really.


She tried to have him killed.


Yeah, but like, he shouldn't have got on the plane with it. Well, and just let him let her be exiled. Yeah, I guess. Goodbye. Three number three on our countdown of deadly sibling dysfunction is real life, Cain and Abel, Joe and Tony Solino, Joe and Tony Solino were hard working farmhands as well as close siblings before they became deadly rivals over the same love interest.


That'll do it always. It culminated in the death of Joe on September 2nd, 2016 in Damascus, Pennsylvania.


I'm not going to I thought this was way older when I first read this.


I think it was the Cain and Abel Awori old vibe. And I was like, oh, 2016.


This same thing happened to me when you just said Tony and Brooke met when they were young. They have a little boy and they start living a happy life, you know, in love.


I hate when it starts off like this because I know where it's going and crash and down. Well, at some point, of course, things go south. Now, Tony, Tony's jealous.


He's verbally abusive and extremely controlling of Brooke.


So Brooke takes their son and she leaves them. Good. Good, Brooke. Well, in swoops, Tony's brother, Jo Jo tells Brooke he'll help her get a new place to stay and get her life in order. OK, this is not not a good look. You know, this this screams weirdness. Just move on. This smells bad. Tony soon sees pictures of them together.


And the death threats begin on September 2nd, 2016. Tony conveniently passes Joe and Brooke on the road. He follows them to a dead end. Joe tries to hide to keep things calm. But Tony is in a rage. And he's not only in a rage, he's armed with a 22 caliber pistol.


Oh, he's knocking on Brooke's window to roll it down and she's refusing.


Oh, no. Joe comes out of hiding. Brooke takes off and calls 911, and Tony ends up shooting his own brother in the chest.


Are you serious? This is so messed up. Tony was tipped off to Joe and Brooke's location by his own mother the night of the murder.


No matter what. What like what did she think was going to happen?


Those are you those your sons. What do you do that's like that movie? Let him go. I'm horrified. Wow, that's crazy.


Wow, OK, with this list, Joe and Tony, wow, yeah, they just took the cake and your mom did, too, and that was when we had Lucila right before them. It's like what is happening. I felt so bad for Lucila, who still had a time. Yeah, she really did.


She just got the crap end of the stick. She truly did. I'm excited to see what's coming up next. I know you have number one and I need to know who takes the cake.


There's been a couple that I know off of this list, but there's been a couple I haven't. So I'm like, show me. Show me. Show me what? I don't know. All right. I will.


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To. We're down to the final two spots on our countdown of deadly sibling dysfunction, at number two is sister killer Barbara Burns. On August 15th, 2004, Barbara Burns shot her mentally disabled sister Debbie, and then went on the run for eight months, all because Debbie spent their inheritance money on Star Wars memorabilia. This is horrifying. And my heart just stopped. The fact I got this one is really ruining. Yeah. So Barbara had taken care of Debbie her whole life and she was resentful of the fact that her other siblings got to have the life they wanted and she didn't want one of their brothers passed away.


He left three hundred and fifty thousand dollars for Debbie's care. It was really nice, but it didn't go to her care. It went to things like travel, a pinball machine, computers and Star Wars memorabilia. Then on August 15th, 2004, the two sisters go out to eat, have some drinks. They argue about money, as they always did. And then back at home, Barbara claims that she's blacked out and doesn't remember anything else next.


Convenient. Yeah, it always works out that way. What she really did was shoot her sister in the head and wrap her sister's body in a shower curtain and a blanket. Then she turned down the AC to mask the odor of decomposition, hung dozens of air fresheners and poured potpourri on the blanket covering Debbie's body. That is seven. That is that is something that is seven. So on October 1st, Barbara just leaves the house and doesn't come back.


Eight months later, when they came to repossess the home, the body is found. What, like I did not see any of this coming.


I have never heard of this case. I haven't either.


Wowee. Wow.


Now, Barbara only served 12 years in prison before being released on February 8th. Twenty eighteen. I'm horrified. Like what?


I also need to know if this was like she saw seven and thought it would work.


That's just insane. I mean to me, horrified. How do you poor popery on your sister's dead body. No, I mean how do you kill your sister. No one by.


Oh. One. And that brings us to number one on our countdown of the top ten deadly sibling dysfunctions.


Kevin Madden in Vampire Boy, which already yellow, setting a scene number one already. In November 2003, Jonathan Madden's body was discovered stuffed in a crawlspace in his family's Toronto home. Oh, Jonathan was the victim of his own brother, Kevin Madden's rage and his friend's vampire fetish. He had been stabbed 71 times by Kevin before being left for dead. What?


Yeah, and his friend has a vampire fetish. It's number one for a reason. OK, let's unpack this. Kevin Madden had two accomplices here, including Timothy Ferrymen, nicknamed Vampire Boy due to a vampire fetish and a self-described fondness for drinking blood.


Just played with Pokémon cards like everyone else. Yes, seriously chill. And it's like, you know what?


You want to be a vampire. That's fine. Just go with the aesthetic. Yeah, you got to like. Yeah, you don't have to go this far. I'm already I lost. I'm upset.


Kevin told his friends his plans to kill and vampire boy called his girlfriend and filled her in on what was going on.


I don't know, maybe call the cops next time.


Yeah, hopefully there is no next time. Wrong person to call. Maybe she should have said wrong number by do over its 911 one. Well, she was concerned, so she called back and recorded their convo.


Oh, wow. But when she called police, it was too late. Oh no. During trial, Kevin allegedly stated, quote, People who did not know Jonathan should not be concerned about what happened to him.


What I'm sorry.


What put him away forever by throw away the key. Well, being 19, Kevin was sentenced as an adult. Good.


So life in prison without parole for at least 10 years. The judge noted the credible evidence that, quote, he suffers from a deeply entrenched psychological disorder and psychopathy. You don't say Garlick. That goes without saying sister. Now, Timothy, the vampire accomplice, received two years at a youth detention center and three years probation. That's a bunch of B.S. to vampire boys girlfriend. Well done on this. See something. Say something thing. Yeah, like way to go.


She tried. She like I mean, the fact that she recorded the conversation, she really she put in an effort that was smart. I feel so bad for his brother. Horrible. And just say that like if you don't know him, don't care if you don't know him then you shouldn't be concerned with what happened.


I'm sorry. This is a very concerning situation.


Is that a rule anywhere? Ever. What? That was certainly no one that was definitely involved, like actual vampire, so, yeah, that definitely is number one. But this list was horrific. Yep, very early. Yeah, I would definitely say it's a terrible one. I can't think off the top of my head any that I left off that belong in the top 10 more than these EU.


Yeah, I feel like I was definitely, of course those other ones. But I feel like these are definitely I mean you got Amityville on there, Robert DeFeo. You had to have. Yeah, he was definitely he had to kick it off. Yeah. And you know, Connor Betts I remember that one. We got like the Beaver brothers there. Yeah. That one I was waiting for.


So I was I was definitely thinking that was going to be high.


Had you ever heard of no one before this? No, I hadn't know. Me either, which is shocking. Wow. Good job. Research, Godse. Well, thanks for listening. We'll be back next week with another great episode. Remember to follow Crime Countdown on Spotify to get a brand new episode delivered. Every week you can find all episodes of Current Countdown and all other Pahlka shows for free on Spotify.


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And we'll see you again on Monday. But maybe in the meantime, go hug your sister and brother.


Please do. My Crime Countdown is a Spotify original from podcast.


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