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People get nicknames for a lot of reasons, and there's a good chance most of them stick with you for life. A lot of times they're endearing, comical or simple riffs on your actual name. When you hear someone's nickname, you usually have good memories, but sometimes nicknames come from a darker place. Our list today is the eeriest killer nicknames given to some of the world's worst murderers. Their names alone conjure up images of horror, bloodshed and demented minds.


Grab a blanket because behind each of these names is a spine chilling reason why.


Hey, all you weirdo's, welcome to Crime Countdown, a Spotify original from podcast, I'm Ash and I'm Allena. Every week will highlight 10 fascinating stories of history's most engaging and unsettling crimes all picked up by the podcast Research Gods.


This episode, we're counting down the top ten eeriest killer nicknames.


I think anyone listening probably has picked up on my nickname.


No way. I feel like I've pretty much just changed it and made it my actual name. Pretty much. You know, it's fine. I get called Ashkali to along. Yeah, that's from like one of my salon sisters, Ashkar Ashqelon, my nickname. I was trying to think about it and I was like, oh yeah.


My nickname through my life has been Peanut's, which is not intimidating and not awesome.


No, but it was thrust upon me by my softball team early in life. And it wasn't like a nice nickname either.


It was like yea small and dumb peanut. Oh you're not dumb. Yeah, I'm not that.


But you know what really grinds my gears, Ash, what's on the list this week?


And I'll tell ya here I am not killing anyone. I've been kill the soul. I've killed no one. OK, I get a terrible nickname that I'm stuck with for my entire life. Then you have these jerks who are just killing people willy nilly and they get mysterious and like cool nicknames that make it seem like they're cool guys. They do. And that's unfair. And it's projecting the wrong message, in my opinion. If you kill people, you get to be this mysterious person with a cool nickname.


Why can't we just name them what they are like BTK, let's name him the tap water.


Walrus tap water because it's a mustache. Of course I love it.


Or Ed Kemper, the coed killer. Yeah, that sounds cool. It does look like he's not cool. Calm the big guy who hates his mama killer. Perfect. Just do it.


Capture the essence. And we could call Ted Bundy the I'm a failed politician. Woman hater killer.


Yeah, it's great. And, you know, I call it how I see it. You do. Well, I'm glad that we've cleared all that up. But for the sake of this show, we do have to tell you the creepy nicknames that these turds got. So Elaina has five creepers and so do I, but neither of us know who the other has. Let's start the countdown.


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Ten, I'll start us off with the number 10, The Dating Game Killer. Tough break for the 70s Show, the dating game that this nickname exists.


But it happened because Rodney Alcala appeared on the show in 1978 and he won. Oh, but while finding a date on screen behind the scenes, he was in the middle of a murder spree.


This case is so scary. This is terrifying. So Rodney was bachelor number one on the dating game in 1978. Fellow contestants described him as a, quote, very strange guy with, quote, bizarre opinions.


So already no good. Bizarre opinions are opinions.


You never want that. No Bachelorette asked what meal he would be and he said, quote, A banana peel me once.


I know you feel like I'm not using you. Well, that's that for that was very strange. Well, she picked him. Apparently that was her thing, then turned down the date. So she picked him as the winner. But then she was like, no, because she said he was creepy. Yeah. You didn't get that from the banana. Joe said he's a banana peel her, but like, OK, it's fine.


It's the 70s. You're on a dating game, high pressure. But she was like, yeah, he's creepy in real life. I'm not into no thanks. He was a straight up monster. Oh yeah.


He often told young girls he was a fashion photographer and he would take photos for a contest to collect explicit photos of them. That's so gross. Yeah.


By the time he was on the show, Rodney Alcala had already killed four people. Wow. So when you watch the clip of him on that show, he's already killed four people. He's currently a murderer and he killed three more after the show.


That is so crazy. Blows my mind and was able just to, like, be on that show and act what he thought was normal, like us, totally fine.


He was eventually convicted of five murders in California between 1977 and 1979 and two in New York in 1971. In 1977. Wow.


Jed Mills, who was another contestant on the show with him, told CNN in 2010, quote, The more time has gone by, the creepier it gets. That's so true. And they're still trying to identify people that he may have killed while he definitely probably killed more. He definitely probably did. And you know what? He's so dumb.


He does not deserve the dating game killer nickname, OK? What he should be called is Tinder would have been me killer. I love it because he's lame here for it. Lame. Nine. At number nine is the doodler oh, yeah, the doodler is an unidentified serial killer in the San Francisco area.


In the mid 70s, he became known as the doodler because he would sketch caricatures of his victims to get their attention. It was his opening move to pick them up before ultimately turning to murder.


Unfortunately, that's a good move because who doesn't love the caricature?


I hate a caricature. All right. Apparently asked a little of a caricature. I already have a big head.


I don't need it to be any bigger. OK, anyways, back to the story.


January of 1974 to September of nineteen seventy five. The doodlers believed to have been responsible for 16 murders and three assaults of men in the Bay Area LGBTQ plus community. Oh, my God.


Isn't up bananas. Wow. I haven't heard a lot about this one. I actually haven't either. Well, his M.O. was to hang out in a diner or a club and then quietly sketch his victims face from afar. No, see, that's not OK. So he wasn't even like, do you want me to draw you? And also, he's not like working as one. Like when you're just like at like an outdoor market or something. Like if somebody's just sitting in public drawing, you know.




He's just sitting at the table eating fries and drawing and there's a catch up stain on your photo. Well, so then he would use that sketch as an icebreaker to meet them like, hi, I drew you.


Oh. Then after their hook up, he would assault or kill them.


I feel like if somebody just like, walked up to me with a sketch of my face, I'd be like and I'm thinking now, like, I would be horrified. But then you think about it and you're like, but you'd be so caught off guard.


You're like, first go to is to be nice. And and it's also not an aggressive move. So it's like I can understand why they weren't immediately put off by that, you know what I mean? Yeah, most of them were probably like, that's just funny. Well, and also I could see it being, like, flattering.


And you wanted to draw me. Yeah. So I get that. We'll get this. Police actually have audio of an anonymous caller telling police they found a body and that led them to an actual victim, the killer himself.


I hope so. Let's trace it. Recently, investigators have put out age progression sketches with what the doodler would look like today. Plus a cash reward. We had to find him.


We do. And we also need to rename him. We do. And I've decided to name him the not cool enough for art school killer.


Love that. You're welcome. Deserved. Eight. Number eight on our countdown of eeriest killer nicknames is Son of Sam, David Berkowitz was in the midst of his late 70s New York shooting spree where he killed five people and injured six when he left a note at one of the crime scenes. In it, he declares himself the son of Sam Sam being his neighbor, whose dog Berkowitz claimed was directing him to kill. The worst part about this is the murder.


And the second worst part about this is that he nicknamed himself whenever they nickname themselves. I don't know why we allow them to when they nickname themselves immediately, name them something else. Rebrand. Yeah, it's like BTK.


It's even like regular people that give themselves nicknames. It's never a good guy. Just don't do it.


David Berkowitz began his yearlong shooting spree in July 1976 in the Bronx after more victims. He was dubbed the 44 caliber killer O, which is a cool nickname, unfortunately.


OK, I'm glad you said it because I was going to hate it so much. He does not deserve it now. On April 17th, 1977, he killed again in the Bronx. This time he leaves a handwritten note.


Hmm. What did it read you say? I did. Should I read it in his voice? Do it.


I am deeply hurt by your calling me a woman hater. I am not. But I am a monster. I am the son of Sam. I am a little brat. When Father Sam gets drunk, he gets mean. He beats his family. Sometimes he tells me up to the back of the house. Other times he looks me in the garage. Sam loves to drink blood, go out and kill Command's Father Sam. That will never get old.


That's so dumb, so dumb.


And if you could just we did this at a live show in New York, and that's the voice. The lady used to be a loner. He deserves this lame ass dude. Yeah. Actor being caught in claiming a Labrador retriever was possessed by a demon telling him to kill. He underwent psychological evaluation, which is probably a good idea. In prison, he became a Christian who doesn't want to be called Son of Sam anymore. He wants to be called son of hope.


That's ridiculous. To which I say, how about son of. Nope, we love.


But you know what? He should really be called. Yes, because in another letter, he referred to himself as the chubby behemoth fitting. And I think he should just be called that chubby behemoth. Seven. At number seven this week is another selfish monster who nicknamed himself a name that has haunted us ever since the Zodiac Killer cool nickname it is the Zodiac is the everlasting mystery murderer who killed in Northern California from the late 60s to the early 70s. Now, he got famous by sending letters with cryptograms to the media and dubbed himself Zodiac in a three page letter to the San Francisco Examiner on August 4th of 1969.


You can't nickname yourself. Stop doing it. It's silly. So this is the Zodiac speaking was the catchphrase in his letters. Oh, my God. And that's me. Also silly because you're not speaking. This is a letter. This is the Zodiac writing. None of this makes sense. So the unsolved mystery aspect makes the nickname eerie. Not knowing who this person is means the name itself symbolizes the violent crimes. That's true. That does make it creepier.


It does.


He targeted four men, three women ages 16 to twenty nine, with two of the men surviving.


Zodiac himself, though, claimed to have killed up to thirty seven victims. I don't know if we should believe the guy that named himself.


I don't think we should, but I feel like his crimes were so scary that he probably did. Very true. The nickname Origin Theory is that it's the same symbol on the Zodiac watches. Now, the prime suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen, owned a Zodiac Seawolf watch saying hello.


We'll look at that. Another nickname, Origin Theory. At the time of the murders, potential suspect Ross Sullivan lived near a stationary shop selling Zodiac stationery. All right. So that we could have that. I'm going with the watch. I'm going with the watch. Clearly, Alan, nobody said that he bought that stationery. That's true. You know, the Zodiac, those seemed to vanish in the nineteen seventies along with his letters. He had to have died.


I think so. I also think that we should dub him the I should have tried calligraphy instead. Kilic.


I like that. Right. Six. Also on our list, at number six, the box car killer Robert Joseph SABERA Jr., otherwise known as the box car killer, lands here because if you know him, you hate him.


And he is terrifying in his unrelenting violence.


If you aren't familiar with the boxcar killer, let's walk you through why this nickname will haunt you from now on.


Oh, great. Because I'm not familiar and you're not haunted enough. Let's do a seriously. By the time Robert Silveira was 30 years old, he was a heavy drug user, a criminal, and had killed at least 10 people wholly. That's busy. Three decades of life, that is. He then joined the Freight Train Riders of America, which sounds cool.


Delightful. It does. It's a group that hops trains around the country, usually associated with crime.


So see, there it is, fun, fun. And then it's like you have to be a criminal. You whisper that last part real quick so he decides to join. Sounds great. He's going to hang out with a bunch of, you know, fellow train riders. All right. Well, he starts brutally bludgeoning to death other boxcar riders across the country. Those are supposed to be your friend. Yeah, these are your brose. He primarily did it with an axe handle your rock.


And most victims were asleep, so they were completely unaware of his attacks.


Wow. Arrau, the most vulnerable. That's not cool, man. Really scary. Now, before police know his ID, they nicknamed him the Boxcar Killer. But at the time, Silvana's nickname was Sidetrack or side Bob love it, a name other transients gave investigators.


So they were like, look out for side, Bob. Wow, love that one. Retired lieutenant says Silveira claimed to have killed a person in thirty eight states during roughly 15 years of riding the rails.


He ended up going to prison for life. He did. He certainly did. How? That one was scary. He's terrifying. And the boxcar killer reminds me of like the Boxcar Children series of books. And I was like, that's too delightful and wholesome for us to have for him. Yeah. So we're going to call him. That doesn't play well with others. Killer. I like it. Yes. All encompassing. What's your favorite so far?


Who I don't know. What's your favorite like? We renamed them so far. I always love calling Son of Sam the chubby behemoth. I do, too, even though, I mean, he called himself up. I like that.


And the art school dropout. Well, thank you for thanks. I'm not cool enough for art school. You're not? Because he wasn't. I can't wait to rename all the next five people that we have. Who's coming? I don't know what's coming up.


The bike. I just don't know.


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Five. All right, let's jump back in with number five on our countdown of eeriest killer nicknames starting off the second half of our list, The Night Stalker.


Real name, Richard Ramirez.


His nickname sort of sounds like a comic book villain, but Ramirez was named the Night Stalker during an editorial rump session at the now defunct Los Angeles Herald Examiner.


This happened after authorities revealed a string of home invasion killings were tied to one suspect, too cool of a nickname for him, way too cool.


And it really does sound like a comic book, doesn't it? And it was already it was used. Yeah, it was second hand nickname. He deserves that. He does. His crime spree occurred from June of 1984 until August of 1985.


So a good spree right when I came into the world. Oh, yeah.


And this happened in the greater Los Angeles area and then later in the San Francisco area.


So he was traveling. He was his crimes are straight up nightmarish. Shonali became so chaotic, like we always say, anybody who is going to break into your house and not know what they're going to be met with is terrifying. And it's chaos, absolute chaos, chaos.


So other possible names out the rump session included, quote, the walk in killer. Wow. Like a walk in closet and the screen door intruder. That one is the best. Why didn't we go with the screen door? Should have gone with that one. I love that. And they wanted to call him not because he was really able to get into these homes super easily.


Yeah, the screen door intruder. I think we should have done that.


He was also called the Valley Intruder by the press when he attacked Maria Hernandez and Rosemead, California, but she managed to escape. Good for her. Good for her. Serious. Can you imagine living with that? No. No way. Yeah.


You know, the Valley intruder didn't stick because after he killed victims in San Francisco, the moniker just like went away. Yeah, the Night Stalker was a nineteen seventy two movie and short lived series featuring a Vegas newspaper reporter investigating murders committed by a vampire, a vampire, a vampire.


You say Ramirez cultivated an interest in Satanism, which became a calling card for investigators at the crime scene. So maybe he liked that show, wanted to be like a little Satanist vampire. You go, he's just a TV watcher. And, you know, we've already dubbed him something completely different. Sure. We call this guy Stinky Chop's Ramirez stagey chops Rivera because people that he attacked said that his breath smelled like didn't they say it smelled like wet leather, wet weather picture that grows you.


For. Landing at number four this week is Death House Landlady, a.k.a. Dorothea Pwint. She looked like a sweet grandmother. But in the 1980s, Dorothea ran a boarding house in Sacramento, California, where she murdered her elderly and mentally disabled guests before cashing their Social Security checks. Her total count reached nine confirmed murders. Wow, what a monster. She's the worst. It all began April 1982 with the mysterious overdose, but officially ruled suicide of her friend, business partner and then roommate Ruth Monroe.


So she was super close to this. Yeah.


Dorothea then gets caught drugging and stealing from four elderly guests and served three years out of a five year sentence. See, that's always what happens.


They get a good amount of sentencing and they only serve a little bit.


And it's like you were drugging and stealing elderly guests of your boarding house. What? And that's the other thing. She'll got five years. That's insane. Well, her post prison boyfriend also disappeared and his body didn't get identified until years later.


Oh, no. Don't get involved with Dorothea, guys. I guess not. I know she seems like a sweet, spicy old grandma, but stay away so you won't end up well for you. But social workers loved Dorothea because she took in people who were considered tough cases because she's like, I can handle that now.


She's like, I got it. I'll take care of it. Then investigators start searching for Alvaro Montoya, a developmentally disabled man with schizophrenia who was missing. Oh, great. This is going to ruin me.


So, of course, they just sidle right up to Dorothy, their little girl. Hey, girl, good to see you again. We got to talk.


Well, investigators noticed disturbed soil, so they were like, what's going on there? So they dug it up and they found the corpse of Leona Carpenter and then they found six more corpses on the property. Whoa. So they found disturbed soil. And then we're like, let's just look in here. And they found seven corpses.


That is more than you bargained for. That's a lot more than you bargained for. That is crazy.


In the trial, victims were called shadow people because they were marginally homeless and didn't have people in their lives who would notice if they went missing.


The call, which is the shadow, the saddest thing I have ever heard.


Yeah, that's horrible. Calling these people shadow people. Oh, they don't have anyone like that breaks my heart. So what is her modus operandi, you ask? Do you want to know what she did?


I know you're going to tell me, but I'm a little scared to ask. Whoa. Sweet yet very terrifying. Dorothea would drug her guess to death. So she works in, like the poison department. OK, then she would bury their bodies in her yard and just cash the checks. Wow. I mean, I want to say the nickname is Ernes, but I think it's too cool for her. What did you give her instead? I think we need to call her grandma.


Bummer, Grandma. Bummer. Grandma Mimi face.


Yeah. How about your mom. Bummer.


Three. Number three on our countdown of eeriest killer nicknames is Grim Sleeper Lonnie Franklin Jr. murdered at least 10 women in Los Angeles, generally sex workers who did not get police attention. The murders were often mistaken as drug overdoses. And the Grim Sleeper nickname was coined by L.A. Weekly because Franklin allegedly took a break from nineteen eighty eight to twenty two between murders. That's crazy. Rare. That is a very long break. That's a BTK ish break.


I was going to say that now the Grim Sleeper name is eerie because it conjures up that expression, beware of the quiet ones.


I don't like that at all. I hate that one. Lonnie Franklin did not fit the usual profile of a serial killer because over 80 percent of serial killers are white and he was black. He was also a friendly, yet generally quiet man known for chatting with like passer bys while working on cars in his front yard. That's even creepier. So he was literally just like that nice dude from the neighborhood, just that neighbor. The scary part is that the gap in his murders may not have been as wide as investigators actually suspected.


I wondered that.


And it's also against the serial killer profile. So it's like maybe we do need to pay attention to that. Yeah, because usually they want a ton of attention.


Exactly. Lonnie Franklin was also a husband, but he was unfaithful. And he often told his wife he was going to go out and get donuts, but actually he was just searching for the sex workers. Wow.


What a weird like excuse. I'm going to go out and get some donuts. I got to go get a doughnut. Like, eventually you have to be like that. Your health is going to suffer. I know, but darling, don't keep going out to get doughnuts.


She's like, get me strawberry frosted. How about I hope he brings them home.


He better at least. Yeah. Many knew that he hired sex workers who would pose for his homemade porn collection, but they did not know that he also killed them. That's terrible. It really is. The police ran a so-called familial search of the database to find a DNA match with the Grim Sleeper's. And Franklin's son was incarcerated because of a felony weapons conviction. So his DNA was in the system and that led to the capture of his father, who I have dubbed the knap man, the Nathman and then Oppermann.


I love that.


That's like the original Night Stalker. How they caught him. No, it's the exact same thing. Golden State killer. Yikes. The Grim Sleeper is way too cool of a nickname major cities are, but the Grim Sleeper is like, oh, we also could have just called him Donut Man. Oh yeah. Doughnut man. I'm sorry. No, just name. No time to get the doughnuts, man.


What a clarion call. I like it. I got to know who's coming up.


You do know one of the people that I need to know who's number one, though? I'm thinking of one person that hasn't been on the list, and I'm hoping you have them.


I wonder if it's the same person. And then we're gonna have to yell at the Perkasa research gods. Let's see what's coming up next. All righty.


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Contact your local Land Rover retailer today to schedule a test drive Land Rover above and beyond. To. We're down to the final two spots on our countdown of eeriest killer nicknames at number two is the killer clown, a.k.a. John Wayne Gacy.


Gacy assaulted, tortured and murdered at least thirty three young males in the 70s. His victims either worked for his contracting company or he promised them work and money. But then there was also Gacy's alter egos. Pogo the Clown or Patches the clown. Tell me why I find Patches the Clown to be the most terrifying nickname. Because it sounds wholesome patches. It sounds like that little air of white patches the clown. And he also had like patches of dead people in his basement.


He certainly did. Thank you for that. It's so scary. It's terrible. It is.


Well, Gacy had an abusive childhood and claimed dressing up as a clown allowed him to be a child. Should have stopped at that.


Exactly. Just dress up as a clown and make kids happy. Have at it the end. That's fine. Love it. Get it. Reclaim that childhood. Do it OK. Not how you did it, though, John. Not the right way. Don't write a how to. He would make his victims beg for their lives. I hate that it's horrific. His psychiatrist suggested this was a way of roleplaying, as if he was his father and they were him at a young age, which gives us the darkest.


This case is like three onions in one.


Oh, and really rotting onions. It's just like the darkest stuff because the psychology involved in this is just like too much real early.


One story involving John Wayne Gacy was a cop, drove by Gacy's neighborhood, saw him in full clown Rogala, covered in dirt and digging in a side yard. Oh, OK. You pass an officer.


Nothing to see. Imagine seeing they exchanged some banter and jokes and then the cop just drove off. Oh, wow. OK, I'm going to throw a pro tip out here. So everybody ready for a little protest? Yes. Always, always get out of your car when you find a clown digging in a hole.


I'm not getting out of the car. I'm speeding away. That's a horrible thing to do it. Let's go find out what's going on. Don't put the pedal to the metal.


Got to know and then you got to tell me about it. While in prison, Gacy created a series of paintings, many of which were his clown persona and really creepy looking.


No, thank you.


Johnny Depp actually owns a John Wayne Gacy original painting and other owners remain anonymous. I love that Johnny Depp is like, yeah, dude. He's like, hello, my name is Johnny Depp.


You know me. I have one of those make sense. I always go back and forth with this stuff that I'm like, would I want one? No, kind of no. Is it terrible? Yes. Am I going to buy one? No, probably not.


No, not. Probably not. Do not buy one. It's a constant struggle in my brain when it comes to this stuff. No, but sokurov until his death of lethal injection in nineteen ninety four, he maintained his innocence, which is ridiculous.


I don't know where those bodies came from under my house. Absolutely ridiculous. I just don't know. He told a reporter, quote, Why would I want to kill these boys anyway? I'm not their father. Why would their father want to kill them? Sir Chargin OK, ok, goodbye. And you know what?


Let's get rid of Killer Clown, because that's way too like, I can't. Yeah, yeah. Let's just call him what he is. Scary, greasy Mick. Punchable face. Love it. The killer see make punchable for greasy Mick punchable face serious. Call it like a scene.


Imagine reporting that on the news. And tonight we have greasy mick punchable face in for arraignment.


I love it. I love it. One, and that brings us to number one on our countdown of the top ten eeriest killer nicknames. Giggling Granny, get right out of here, OK? Her name is Nancy Dos and she is nothing to giggle at. No, she killed four husbands, two children, two sisters, her mother, a grandson, and her mother in law between the nineteen twenties and nineteen fifty four. She really cut down on that Christmas table.


She did. Nanny was dubbed the Giggling Granny because police were taken aback at how much she laughed during her confession to 11 murders. I cannot even put myself in the mindset to be in that room listening to this old lady laugh her way through, telling you about how she murdered her entire family. She is just lolling so hard. Wow. So in the early twenties, Nanny's first marriage to Charlie Braggs was a rocky one. Don't say Charlie's mother lived with them and they had four kids.


So there was a lot going on in that house and Nanny drank to cope with it. Oh, and that's never good. It's not going to end well. In nineteen twenty seven. There are two middle children died of food poisoning. Did they. They did supposedly. Then Charlie left with the oldest child and left his mother in Nanny's care. Why did you do that, Charlie? I don't know. And no surprise here. She died soon after.


Yeah, I could have told you that, Charlie. Seriously. Nanny said husband number two. Haralson was an awful drunkard. So the coroner put down acute alcoholism as the cause of death. Is it just because the nanny was like he drank a lot.


He took her for words like alcohol. Can you imagine the medical examiner just shows up in the air like he drank a lot and he's like, OK, you know?


And they're just like, well, cause of death. All right, I'll sign off on it. I'm going home early tonight for supper. All right. I'll put my John Hancock right there. That's fine. Well, in reality, Nanny put rat poison in Harrison's corn whiskey. Oh, right. Isn't that so gross? And it would be many years before she actually admitted to that.


Well. Laughing Well, all yeah. Now, Harrelson was buried next to his two year old grandson who had apparently died of asphyxiation. How?


I don't know, two years old. I think it was on. That's horrific. The cutest. They seriously I don't know how you do that.


Oh, now, she soon killed more husbands and her own mother, not just her husband's mother, though she was adamant she only poisoned people who deserved it. Oh, OK. It's like, OK, sure. Your kids. Absolutely. Your husbands, their nanny, your mom, everyone.


And obviously, she was doing this for insurance money. Greedy Gus, her husband, Samuel Doss, another husband was murdered with arsenic and allegedly had two floors. He was painfully frugal and boring. There you go. So he deserved it for being boring. We get it, Nanny. He didn't laugh at her jokes. You know, Nanny loves to laugh when you're funny, you're funny. In court, she joked and laughed about the sweet potato pie that she laced with arsenic that she had used to kill this man.


OK, that's terrible. That's so scary. Sweet potato pie is awesome. And he was probably so excited. I would be psyched to eat that. And that is not right.


And then you would not be so sick. No. Well, nobody else left with Nanny, so obviously she put them on her list too. But she did go to prison for life, so that's good. Good. Get out of here, Nanny. Seriously. And I'm going to name her the failed Robin Hood. Yeah. Because she says she's killing people who deserve it, but she's failing, but none of them deserve it at all.


What a countdown.


The giggling granny is chaotic, chaotic, and she earned her spot at number one. Wow, I would say so. And all of these have like good creepy, like eerie nicknames is the right way to say it, because they're all eerie. Because you like I feel like the Grim Sleeper is probably one of the areas. Oh, yeah. That one.


The Night Stalker, of course, is just like way to model for him, I feel. Yeah. But I think there were a couple that I feel like we're left out. I agree with you. Can I say mine first.


Yeah, you can say yours, Mr. Cruel. Yes. Australia, you're right.


That one is really cool and really terrifying. Yeah. Mr Cruel. That's like one of those eeriest nicknames I've ever heard.


That's the eerie nickname that's all encompassing because it just shows you what he's all about. Cruel. It's cruel. Yeah. And then of course, BTK, you have to have it on there because he named himself. He named himself. And that's a pretty eerie nickname. When you break it down.


Do you remember the other nicknames that he tried to name himself? Yes. And he was like, you can pick from these nicknames.


Like he came prepared like these down four. I've written these aliases that you can choose from, rip them up, put them in a hat and choose the Wichita hangmen, silly the Wichita executioner, silly the asphyxiates. And my favorite, Jerry the Garrotte Phantom. The Garrotte Phantom.


I so wish they stuck with that. They really should have. But instead they went with BTK bind, torture, kill. But, you know, those were left off.


So guess research goes. What's up. Hello. What's up. We both got you this up.


We did. But either way, this was a really, really awesome we love you anyways.


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And we hope that you keep it weird until next Monday, but not so weird that you go had a nickname yourself.


Not so weird that you earn a nickname.


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