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They say love makes the world go round. The Beatles coined. All you need is love. And Einstein said, life without love is not worth living.


But when it comes to today's stories, no one said it better than Beyonce say. And I quote, Your love's got me looking so crazy right now. Love's got me looking so crazy right now. This week's crimes are both crazy and in love. It's the top 10 fatal romances.


Hey, all you weirdos. Welcome to the podcast Original Crime Countdown. I'm Ash and I'm. Every week will highlight 10 fascinating stories of history's most engaging and unsettling crimes, all picked by the past cast research gods.


On this week's episode, we're counting down the top ten fatal romances. Who?


I have a couple of doozies before I managed to lock John in. Yeah, you really did. Yeah, I had to. And, you know, I had to like actual like long term boyfriends before John and both of them brought a unique brand of crazy.


One hundred percent. Yeah. And you know what? The thing about love is? It makes you fall for crazy shit. It really does.


Like, I look back on the things I let fly, especially with my last ex. And I'm like, who? Who is that person?


Like, breathing blinders. Come down. Let's go. I'm horrified. I really am.


So speaking of that funny story, I got to chat with the girl that my last ex-boyfriend cheated on me with. You remember that? Oh, I do. It was a very eye opening experience. Yes. I suggest anybody going through the same thing. God chat with her. It's great. It'll make you see how you like nuts. Love can make you. Oh yeah. 100.


So love makes you believe stupid things.


And I think it's all kind of rooted in like jealousy. Yeah, for sure. We've all felt it. It's like the most base in dirtiest of human emotions. We we've all felt that way. It reminds me of that movie with beyond, say, a guest.


Such a good I just watched up the other day. Look at Beyonce. She's making a come up in this just down on it. And you know, what is that other. There's another movie. It's like Fatal Attraction. Oh, you showed me this. It's like the like the swimming movie. Swim fan. Yeah.


Yeah. That movie is so good. That is a really good movie. It's perfect for this countdown.


Everybody pause and go watch some fan. Well, speaking of swimming, we're going to dive right in. But first, I do have to tell you the best part of this show, Olina, has five topics and so do I. But neither of us knows which five. The other one has. It's gonna get crazy. Let's start the countdown.


Ten starting off our list at number 10 is Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco. On May 19th, 1992, 17 year old Amy Fisher went to marry Joe but a Fuegos house to admit that she was having an affair with her husband after Mary Jo tried to end this conversation. Fisher shot her in the face with a 25 caliber gun. Dude, this is every human's where state.


I feel like Amy just could have gone anywhere else that day. Well, it's like some teenager shows up at your door to tell you she's sleeping with your husband and you're like, well, this is madness. I'd like to leave now. She shoots you in the face. It's like, what did I do here? What? It doesn't make any sense to me. Well, Mary Jo, as you know, survived the attack. That's crazy. She had to have emergency surgery, obviously.


And she was left deaf in her left ear and she had partial facial paralysis. I feel so much rage for her. I do, too. So much rage because it's like, hello, I'm the victim in so many ways, literally did nothing except marry a jerk.


Well, speaking of that jerk, Joey Buttafuoco was picked up for statutory rape on Amy Fisher pretty soon after the attack. Gross, because she was only 16 years old when they started their affair.


He is a literal garbage human like garbage. He's the adults in the scenario. This is his fault. Completely. Oh, 100. Completely. Totally.


Well, he was the one who told the police that Mary Jo's attacker probably was Amy Fisher, which is real nice to see that bus. Let me just throw you right under it.


Tuck and roll. Amy, go. Right. I know you're in love with me, but I got to go. What a dink. He also denied that they ever had sex with each other. Of course he did. Because, I mean, obviously. Yeah.


But he ended up pleading guilty when receipts placed them together at a motel and people kind of put two and two together.


Honestly, it's like go after your mistress has shot your wife in the face. The jig is up.


The jig has been up for a while. I see a load of food go. And I always think this is something my ex would have done.


Like, definitely sidepiece would have shot me in the face and he would be like, Olina, you weren't shot in the face, you know, Olina.


I don't know what the ringing in your ear is. What if it's like me? Not OK.


You're so right. Who are these men? Who are they? Well, Fisher became known as the Long Island Lolita. Have you ever seen that movie? I have. And that nickname is Just Primo. Oh, the best chefs kiss. But that it went like right to lifetime or like right to DVD served is such a good. But it's great. It's so good. She ended up getting five to 15 years for assault, not even attempted murder assaults at hand.


She only ended up serving seven years total because Mary Jo not only forgave her, but was the one who recommended that she end up being released early. Mary Jo is the real MVP here, A.J., MVP, wowsers.


Nine at number nine is the definition of crazy ex-girlfriend Jodi Arius, Jodi Arius murdered Travis Alexander on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008. The two had what's been described as potent chemistry. It was very toxic relationship. And it was a ticking time bomb. They always are. They always are. Now, Jodi was apparently, according to everybody, very carefree when they met. It seems like that didn't last very long.


That changed to drastic. I guess so. And Travis was a practicing Mormon. So they're very like sexual relationship that they had. Kind of like bothered him from the start. He wasn't completely comfortable with it. Right. Kept doing it, but he wasn't completely comfortable with it. Now, whenever Travis would try to sever ties with her completely, she did the whole I'm going to kill myself thing.


And then obviously, you can't leave. That's evil. That's a real need to do with somebody so manipulative.


And Travis's friends said that she would follow him to the bathroom and stand outside the door to eavesdrop on his conversations.


I mean I mean I mean, I did that once, to be fair.


When you think that something's happening. Yeah. And you know what? When I did it, I heard him having entire conversation with another woman in the bathroom.


So it was a pretty worthwhile trip down. It was more a day.


Yeah, it was very worthwhile for me. I have to say that now.


They did call it quits only about five months into dating, but they did continue that whole friends with benefits. They start they continued sending sexually explicit messages to each other for two years, which after that just doesn't work. That's still a relationship. You're still together. You got to sever the ties. Yes, cut them completely.


Now, things got bad when he started dating other women because obviously she got real mad, real jealous.


She would do things like slashes tires. I mean, these kind of things seem hopeless to me when this happens. It's like you can't get away from this person. She was listening to that Carrie Underwood song on repeat. She certainly was. How do you how do you escape someone like that?


I don't know. So Alexander was murdered when she stabbed him 27 times. Oh, my gosh. Throat was slit to the point of decapitation while his cause of death was blood loss. And she did this while he was in the shower. Are you serious? And there's photos of the entire thing because a camera felt like she had a camera with her. It fell and it was taking pictures during the thing. Wow. And she also tried to get rid of that camera by shoving it in a washing machine, by shoving it in a washing machine.


That's very clever. That's not demand. Jodi. Jodi.


Eight. Number eight on our list of fatal romances is Gwendolyn Graham and Kathy Maywood from Grand Rapids, Michigan. While in their mid 20s, these two achieve sexual thrills together from killing five elderly patients at the nursing home where they both worked in 1987.


Now, I don't want to kink shame, but like, this shit is not OK.


Yeah, that's. I don't even know if that's okay. Not OK. No, no, no. You shouldn't get sexual thrills out of that.


Definitely just shouldn't.


Well, at first, a lot of the attacks looked like the victims had died of natural causes because a lot of these elderly people had like Alzheimer's or dementia and most of them had been smothered. That's hard to detect.




Gwendolyn and Kathy are real jerks for real. I don't like them at all. Nope. Me either.


Not all my. None of my friends. I'm making a snap judgment right now. They both actually ended up bragging to their co-workers that they had smothered the victims and for some reason, their co-workers didn't take this seriously.


They didn't believe them. Who like who jokes about telling jokes about that and who doesn't take that as like real? Like, the answer is no one.


No one jokes that if somebody makes that joke, they probably really smothered someone and you should call an adult.


He's just gonna say you should call someone. Call someone.


I don't know who any call someone will at her trial would testified that Graham was the one who would smother the victims and she was just the lookout. Oh, come on. She definitely didn't know it.


Do you really think that anybody was going to believe that?


And honestly, if you have the capacity to act as a lookout, then you can definitely smiled while someone's smothering an old woman right. 10 feet away from you. You can definitely give them.


I don't believe it. But she would have been just as bad. Yeah. I'm onto you, Kathy. Yeah, well, the investigators definitely didn't believe this either.


They were like, guys malarky that Similac and they knew that she was downplaying her personal involvement. Of course, she was Catoe. Yeah. Does Kathy. She ended up being convicted of second degree murder and Graham was convicted of first degree murder. Kathy should have got first, too. She absolutely should. Well, even crazier, she was released on parole in January 2020 after her first eight parole attempts were blocked. I wonder why the 9th it was like lucky number nine.


She's out there. She's just existing somewhere. And I hope it's like nowhere near us. Don't love that. Don't love Kathy. No. There's also a book called Forever in Five Days that was written about them. Oh, wow. So the title comes. Now, this is gross. The title comes from the fact that they apparently wrote notes back and forth to each other and they would end them with I Love You Forever and X days. And the ex would stand for the amount of people that they had killed at the time.


Wow. No. Like, I'm out. That's your level.


That's not cool at all. Deep seated, deep rooted evil.


That's terrible. Seven. And number seven this week, we've got Pamela Smart, who, quote unquote, found her husband, Gregory Smart, dead in their home on May 1st, 1990. Six days before their one year wedding anniversary. Turns out the murderers were four teenage boys who Pamela had to kill her husband.


Oh, no. Yeah, that's not good. So barely a year.


Now, remember, barely a year into marriage, they were about to celebrate their one year in freedom.


Newlyweds. Pamela's husband did confess that he'd had a one night stand. Not OK, maybe not a good not cause for murder.


Definitely not. But like, not good either. So Pamela was a facilitator for school self-esteem program, and she got involved with a 15 year old student, Billy Flynn, who she had feelings for. So it does seem like maybe she had some self-esteem issues. All things go is tilting in a really, really bad direction for sure.


Now, after the murder, two of Billy's friends told a classmate that they'd been involved with the killing because teens are always going to brag about murder.


Who is going to say because their 15 year old just know that now.


No doubt that involving teens means they're going to tell all their friends.


So it's just going to happen. So they eventually turned themselves in and pleaded guilty after agreeing to cooperate for reduced sentences. Now they've all been paroled. Are you kidding? Hate.


I don't like this whole, like, parole thing. I don't going in the last two were like, P.S. the whole moral of this whole countdown is that everybody's out and you should all hide under your bed. Don't fall in love. Yeah. More on the story. So Lynn said that.


So Billy Flynn said that he shot Gregory Smart in the head and he did this. Well, another teenage boy just like dangled a knife in front of his face. That's, like, sickening. What's the purpose of that?


Just to be scary. Like, what are you doing? Stop. Well, they're fifteen. I mean, stop all of it. Don't murder someone. Bully. Don't do that. Now, Pamela ended up at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for women in New York.


And they've had a lot of other well-known criminals, including our number 10, Amy Fisher, Miss Long Island, Lolita herself.


They're hanging out in their. Six. Also on our list at number six is Suzanne and Michael. Carson, the self-described witch hunters who were convicted of three murders in the early 80s, witch hunters.


This gave me, like Sabrina, the teenage witch vibe, like very good news. Yeah, I like the new chilling. Not at all.


No, not the Melissa. Joan, her one. No. Suzanne and Michael met in the 70s. They got married. It was all cued up for sounds good. Settled in San Francisco of it. Then they started on dabbling in drunk and mysticism together. So, like, that sounds kind of nice. I mean, do what you do. Just couple things, you know. OK. They consider themselves to be vegetarian Muslim warriors. OK. And they believed witchcraft, homosexuality and abortion were all reasons to kill people.


So that's where it got dark. That's a lot to unpack. They started taking hallucinogenic drugs regularly together.


That can be a problem. That stuff can definitely lead to some issues. Certainly can. And where they were working on a pot farm together. They became convinced that all their old friends, all their acquaintances and any regulars at the pot farm that they came across were all witches and they were determined to bring evil into this world. That sounds like a really bad trip.


That's probably what it Whiley just long drawn out bad trip. I think that's where it all started. I think it is so. Well, obviously, it was up to Suzanne and Michael to end all this madness.


Obviously, to their first confirmed murder was the murder of their own roommate.


Karen Barnes, they bludgeoned her to death with a frying pan and they stabbed her 13 times. Woo! Can you imagine getting beat to death by a frying pan? No.


And basically. Well, and just for no reason. Oh, senseless. They also were convicted of murdering and mutilating two men named Clark Stevens. And John Helyar picked them up while they were hitchhiking. I always get really upset when people kill the people who pick them up hitchhiking because I'm like, you know, bite the hand that feeds you.


It's like, hey, I just did you a solid. And that's just me. It is like it's like Ed Kemper used to pick up hitchhikers and kill them. And it's like that annoys me, too. Obviously my annoying murder in general annoys me, but like, it's a good pet peeve to killing the person that's nice enough to pick you up. It's like.


That's mean. I agree. I like it. Wow. So so far, we have a lot of angry, scorned women. We definitely do. We have a lot.


I was really stoked to get the Long Island Lolita because that's like one of my favorite cases. Oh, yeah. That's yours. Absolute. When I saw that, it wasn't on my list. I think it's got to be on Ashley's list. I was so happy to have it. Well, I think it's only going to get crazier from here. So far, so good. I was beyond say says I bet we're in for some good stuff.


Let's do it. Five. All right, let's jump back in with number five on our countdown of fatal romances starting off. The second half of our list is the murder of Air Force Captain Marty Thear on the night of December 17th, 2000.


Marty and his wife Michelle dropped by her office where she was a clinical psychologist to pick up some documents. But on the stairs leading up to her office, Marty was shot five times and killed.


Whoa. That's a bad trip up the stairs. I would say one I'd like to tell.


Prior to their marriage, they had a long distance relationship and they fought a lot when they were together. So maybe they shouldn't have gotten married. Yeah, I feel like maybe look at that and be like this probably won't get better.


We're not meant for each other. We're not great apart. We're not great together.


Now, Michelle met Army Sergeant John Diamond in a Yahoo!


Chat room, and there was a thing. Oh, yes, it was. I've never heard of a Yahoo! Chatroom. Get a girl. Get on it. You sound like more A.I.M..


It was like during a I am, I think. Oh, OK. Well, they begin their affair in this Yahoo chat room, though. It's just so romantic. I imagine many romances. Forget it. A Yahoo chat room.


Maybe that's where all the great romances of our time began. Now, shortly after the shooting, police arrested Diamond, who is now serving a life sentence without parole for the murder of. Real nice. John should have used Google Hangout. Some saying, yeah, you know, definitely should of. Yeah. So military court convicted Diamond, but couldn't go after Michelle because they had no jurisdiction in cases involving civilians. Police found suspicious items in Michelle's apartment.


This included books on how to get lost in America and how to change your identity. What she wanted to be like the next.


Where in the world is Carmen? San Diego. Yeah. It's like it seems fine. That's all she was looking for. How would you find that way? You're like, oh, I just love tales of people, you know, changing their identities and purposely going off the grid after committing heinous murder. It's like kind of my thing. Yeah. It's just it's like reading light reading. Michelle thier ended up fleeing because I think she realized like oh I'm going to get caught because she really studied those books on how to flee, did and lost and Shige after three months of hiding.


So they did something.


She was found. OK. So she didn't read. She didn't finish till the end of the book. Should have read more books.


Rachel when they found her in Florida, she still had laser burns on her face where she had altered her face and skin tone with plastic surgery. And she had also dyed her hair a different color. Oh, my girlfriend committed to this new identity. She did. She read the book. She followed the instructions. She did it. Laser burns. That sounds horrific.


Yeah. I don't know what she was doing there. Billy, they're back in North Carolina. She was indicted on first degree murder and conspiracy in the death of her husband.


So makes you light on Michelle Biy, we found your.


For. Landing at number four this week is another wife turned killer, Myra Morton. Myra admitted in a Pennsylvania courtroom that on August 5th, 2007, she shot her bigamist husband twice in the head with his own gun while he slept. Wowsers.


Yeah, starting to see a pattern here. Me too.


There's a lot of cheating husband. There's a lot to unpack on this. It's making me feel a lot of things. Yeah.


Well, at first, Myra said the killing was the work of an intruder. She did not do this. I give it a shot.


Girl, I guess we all need excuse. Someone gave it. Obviously, that was not the truth. No. But let's give you a little background first. So Myra and her husband had converted to Islam.


And while polygamy is illegal in the U.S., it is still practiced by some Muslims in other countries. And it is legal under the circumstance that the first wife agrees to the husband having more wives.


OK. I mean, that seems like the rules are there. The rules are there. Seems legit. Sign the permission slip sign. So Myra's husband met a woman while he was in Morocco. And Myra gave them her blessing. She signed the slip. She was like, you know what? Go right ahead. I'm kind of tired. Morocco. Sure, it's fine.


It's beautiful place. So she allowed them to get married. It seems like she was pretty chill.


OK, but Niira. Not for long. Not for a long time at all. Oh, Myra. Because then she decided to up and lose her cool when her husband announced that he was going to Morocco to get his second wife pregnant.


I love it. It's just like PRB have to spread Mercede real quick.


I'll be back. You know what? I'll be back and I'll be right back. I just have to impregnate by other wife real quick. That's not how it works.


I wonder how he wrote that in his planner PRB get second wife pregnant spread to seed. Real quick. Well, my robe isn't necessarily upset about the fact that she was sharing her husband, but it was the new fortune that they had come across. They had just received a reported eight million dollar medical settlement. Well, in 2005 when unfortunately their daughter passed away. Oh, that's really sad. She didn't want to divorce her husband over the matter, but instead wanted to bar the new wife from coming to America.


Wow. That's so that's an impressive level of petty. It really as well. So is this because she went to a new level? She wrote the U.S. State Department in hopes of getting that done. Wow. She was like, I am going to make sure that you do not get over here. Wow. My. She was intense. She was real intense. Well, the new wife was not having not. And she filed a lawsuit against Myra Morton for ruining her reputation in Morocco.


And this case is still pending in Philly federal court. Oh, man. No, I want to know what happened. I know and isn't following this. Will everyone hold on to your butts about that one?


Three. Number three on our list of fatal romances are the Ken and Barbie killers. Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, this husband and wife and partners in crime, terrorized a Canadian suburb before being arrested in 1993 for multiple murders.


This one is a rough one. This is a crazy one. We covered this on morbid and. Wow. So Paul Bernardo was already a terrible rapist when he met Karla Homolka.


And she just encouraged the behavior, which is mind boggling, saying the fact that they ended up meeting each other.


It's just like, how did that evil even happen in this world?


And it's like they're made for each other. But also, you're like, oh, no, that much evil shouldn't be in one couple at once. No.


You have been far away on separate wavelength only gets worse.


They would videotape their tortures and rapes that they did together. Yeah. Like they videotaped them so they could watch them later. That's real nasty. A lot. So their first murder is one of the scariest things I've ever heard.


It was unplanned, according to them, but it happened when they drugged and assaulted Carla's younger sister, Tammy, who Paul was obsessed with.


That's why I feel like it was not unintentional. I feel like Karla had a little more to do with this.


Yeah, we always said that, that because what happened was Paul was obsessed with Tammy, who was younger than Karla, and he would openly say this to Karla. He would openly ask her to dresses Tammy, which like fucking with their sexy time. And I think Karla was jealous. I mean, yeah. And she's an evil monster. So it makes sense. Right. But not don't go as far as to kill your own sister. I absolutely don't do that.


So Tammy regained consciousness during the attack and choked on her own vomit. Her death was ruled an accident. Now, she had this, like, massive chemical burn on her face that they explained as rug burns.


And it still bothers me. I don't know how they looked at that and were like, oh, yeah. Redburn Massive chemical burn.


Whoever said that had never, ever, ever seen a rug burn in their life or a chemical. I was just gonna say over Nover thing, the fact that it was ruled an accident is unbelievable to me.


So one of their victims remains were found on June 29, 1991. That's a very special day because that's the day Paul and Karla gotten married a whole queue and they were married, not in this little backyard wedding was happening. It was an extravagant ceremony near Niagara Falls.


And, you know, they loved that all that hundred percent that Durham police were found on when they were getting married.


That's so nasty there. That gross after they kidnapped and killed 15 year old Kristen. French police connected the murders and the couple's friends started to talk.


So now the couple's friends are going to police being like, well, there's something weird about going.


Paul might be a rapist for like a long time until we you're always been a little afraid of him. They're both very aggressive and scary. Yeah. Carla has very scary eyes. That's what I would say. Go to direr like her eyes.


Tell you she knows a story that you don't want to read it when Homolka left her husband in 1993 after he beat her with a flashlight. Now, those pictures, if anyone's seen the pictures of her, what, at the police station, when she goes to, like, tell them that he beat her with a fancy horrify, her eyes are swollen shut. Black like Paul Bernardo is one of the devil. Yeah, well, when she did this, his DNA was then matched to the rapes and he was arrested.


Right. So she kind of sunken ship at the same time.


She did well. And on top of that, her plea deal, because she made a plea deal, she got out. Whoo! It makes me so angry. Basically, like scot free. Scot free. Her plea deal was called, quote, the deal with the devil.


And it was just going to say it absolutely was. Absolutely.


It allowed her to plead guilty to manslaughter and get 12 years in prison to testify against Paul. She is out now out and about on Canada, will make her life a living hell.


Oh, yeah. Because she has kids and she's tried to volunteer at her kid's school before. It's like, nope, please just go. Oh, yeah.


All the parents were like, no, Punti not. No, no. I haven't got my kids reading circle. We don't need half of the Ken and Barbie killers. We all said things are, though. You murdered your little sister who was like a child, right? No. How are Carla and Paul not number one? I don't know. I was blowing my mind. I don't know who is number one. You have no way. I know.


And I'm still shocked that I'm not number one. So do you disagree then? Are we going to arena? We'll talk about it later.


But I'm feeling Paul and Carla. I mean, they're scary. They are scary. And I'll talk about why later. That's true.


To. The runner up spot for our fatal romances countdown takes us back to the 14th century. At number two is King Pedro and I, Nestor Castro. When Prince Pedro was set to become king in Portugal, he went to meet the woman that was arranged to be his wife and queen. But instead, he fell in love with her maid. He still married his new queen, but carried on an affair with the maid. It all ends in murder.


This is so salacious, to name it.


And I feel like we I don't know if we're gonna be on the same page at the end of this one, but I'll tell you what I think in the end, OK? Pour the vintage t o I where I'm going to spill the hot vintage here. I feel like it's lemon tea. I don't know why I feel that seems fancy. I like it.


Well, during their affair together, pager would send us love letters through a pipe that carried water into the town where she lived. This is her room.


It's OK. OK. I think we're going to events. I think we're gonna.


OK, good. She also she only lived like less than half a mile away. So I feel like he maybe could have just sent someone with a letter so much more. Ramon. Exactly. So much less romantic for him to send someone. Yeah. But, I mean, the pipe is more romantic. I agree. I got to hand it to him, too, because that's a pretty crafty way to do it. It certainly is. I want to know how he figured that out.


He's Patra. Well, he is.


Then his wife died during childbirth, which is really, really sad. That's really sad. And that's when Pedro Neinas, as a fair, went public. So he was like, cool. This is awesome. Now we can be together publicly and like everyone, we'll be fine with it, obviously.


But his dad, King Afonso, the fourth was like, no, you're not getting married to this woman or making this public.


I'm not about it. There's always a dad, always a dad.


There is no one for not improving. But you shouldn't stop a fatal romance. You shouldn't. It's step number.


They'll run away together. They will maybe kill you. Absolutely. That, too. Well, the king forbid them to marry, but they ran off together anyway and supposedly got married, meaning that their children were the rightful heir to the throne.


So now King Afonso was even more angry and he sent his men to kill Lyness a Fonzo.


What the hell? What's going on? Do. Like, why are you so mad about this? I don't like that. She's just a sweet made man. He's being judged. I'm rooting for them. I was too.


Well, Pedro was so upset over the murder of his wife that he wanted to go to war against his own dad. Good for Pedro. Like any good mama, his mom. And the king's wife kind of quelled everything a little bit. Boo. But after the king died, Pedro hunted down the men that his father had used to kill a NES. And he had them killed.


I am literally so on King Painter's side right now. Like I'm rhyder or die for King. Right. That is like living out of vengeance. Yes. This is like a beautiful fairy tale. It's so much not so beautiful, except all the death that Dracula like. Don't read that, too.


Well, once he became King himself, he crowned Diana as a queen, which made her the first and only Portuguese queen to be crowned after her death, King Pedro. This is the most romantic story. Like, my hand is over my heart actively right now. I am like swooning. I'm like tearing up a little bit. So sweet.


He even went as far as to make sure that her royal title was visible on her, too. And he ordered that when he die, his tomb was to be right next to hers so that they could be together side by side for all eternity. Stop it. I know King Pedro and Queen.


I know who have the love story. We don't deserve. We don't deserve this. I'm so glad that we agree on this because I thought you were gonna be like, well, he was like cheating on his wife.


No, it's not cute, but it is really because I was arranged. They did that. It was like forced in the beginning. Yeah. There is no love there. Yeah. And he was like, no, I love her now. And as Pedro that's love. Oh, I love it. One. And that brings us to number one on our list of fatal romances, the notoriously bad duo, Bonnie and Clyde. Oh, OK. Bonnie and Clyde were famously shot to death by officers in an ambush in Louisiana on May twenty third, 1934, after one of the most colorful and spectacular manhunts the nation had seen up to that time.


You got you've got to have Bonnie and Clyde on. Yeah. Like, by default, they have to be number one. Now, they both came from poverty and were determined to establish their identity and just break free from class. They wanted to rise above the ranks. So from a young age, Clyde was always in trouble. Of course, it was a bad boy. He's. That's why Bonnie loved him. And nobody could tell me that Clyde was like a good kid.


And that was it. Definitely not.


He was arrested as a 17 year old for stealing chickens. A serious offense, Alina. Very serious. Big deal, Clyde.


He's coming in hot already.


Now, he became suspected of numerous killings and was wanted for murder, robbery and state charges of kidnapping.


So it got a little more elevated than chicken stealing.


It's kind of a quick rise.


Definitely definite the levels there. Bonnie met the charismatic Clyde in Texas when she was 19 years old and her husband. I don't know. A lot of people don't know. She was married when she met Clyde Blue. Even more scared.


He was married when she was 15. I mean, it was the time back then. Yeah. And her husband at the time when she met Clyde was serving time in jail for murder.


Oh. So Bonnie had a type. She certainly has the type.


Yes, definitely. She was just like, oh, you'll do. You'll be next. Thank you.


After they stole a car and committed several robberies, you know, everyone's first.


I was just going to say I'm the perfect first date. They're really building up. He was like, what's your, like, ideal first date? And she's like, as long as we steal a car, I'm good.


And he was like, would you like to commit several robberies as well? And she was like, Dream boy. Dream.


Dream boy.


Bonnie was actually caught by police and sent to jail for two months after that. So, like, not a successful first date she got caught.


Not good. Over the next two years, the couple teamed with various accomplices to rob a string of banks and stores across five states. They were doing the day Ms. Naif went from their first date being, you know, stealing cars, committing several robberies. Bonnie has to go away for a little while.


Then they get excited to see each other. And then all of a sudden they're like, let's just commit a ton of crime over five states together. Let's travel. Let's see the world. That's the next stage in every relationship. Obviously, we travel together now. Their fame increased by the fact that Bonnie was a woman, and by then they posed for playful photographs together, which were released to the media. Their photographs really are like you're like, well, shit, that's a great but like intense.


It sounds like it's Bonnie and Clyde, like beautiful cup. It's exactly what you think it is. Goals. And it sucks cause you're like, I want to hate you and you do hate you. But that photo is great. On May twenty third. Louisiana and Texas lawman hid in the bushes along a country road and opened fire on their car. They killed the couple in a hail of bullets. So they went out in a blaze of glory together.


I'm just picturing that Jay-Z and Beyonce, a song where they like they are Bonnie and Clyde. And all I can picture in this scenario was Jay-Z and Beyonce. It's exactly what Beyonce really has a place in Moscow. She really does. She's just all over. I know.


I mean, how did I forget Bonnie and Clyde when I said that? Well, that's the you know, I because when I first read this list, I was like, oh, Lola. I thought of Paul and Carla. I thought of the law. You didn't think of Bonnie? I didn't think it didn't.


For some reason, it didn't pop into my head. And I was like, how era?


As soon as I knew that they weren't on my list. I was like, oh, it's because they're number one. And Aleena has number one. Yeah. I think I'm ready for it.


And Bonnie and Clyde, I get that. I get why they're number one.


You have to put them on number one, mainly for name recognition. And just like the sheer theatrical elements of their romance, they definitely deserve it.


But in terms of brutality, I feel Carla and Paul are really number one.


I agree with you because theirs is like way more disgusting and brutal and brutal when you look into that case.


It is it is clear that they have the most fatal room. Yeah. That case, like, ruined me.


But if we're talking about sweetest, fatal love story ever. King Pedro and Queen. I know.


I was gonna say, if you say Bonnie and Clyde, I'm getting up and leaving the room. King Pedro and Queen, I know you're sweet. This love story the best. Yeah. My my favorite was King Pedro Hamidou mean. When I read that, I was like, wow, this is so cute. Absolutely. To feel like they forgot anything. These gods. No, me either.


It was all here. I forgot something. So they were on it. So you can't call them. I can't call them out this time.


You did a great job. Good job. Gods damn it. Well, thanks for listening. We'll be back next week with another great episode.


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