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Coming up on Dan Snow's history podcast on the 20th of November, the true story of the man everyone's talking about right now, Napoleon Bonaparte. From the dusty streets of Courseica to the grand mirrored halls of the Palace of Versailles, from the mud-choked battlefield of Waterloo to the rugged island of St. Helena, we're bringing you an in-depth look at Napoleon's relentless pursuit of glory and his spectacular fall from power. In my brand new series, me and some expert guests dig into his tumultuous youth, his sexual awakening during the French Revolution. We unpick the battles that made his name. We're going to dive into the love affair that consumed him and destroyed him, and.




Going to work out whether he really deserves the title of one of the most influential men in history. Make sure you follow Dan Snow's History Hit wherever you get your podcasts. Napoleon, coming on the 20th of November.


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