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Dateline NBC is supported by Grand Canyon University, an affordable private Christian university in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. Gcu's goal is to help you develop into a servant leader who makes the difference through finding your purpose. With 330 academic programs and over 270 online as of June 2023, GCU integrates the free market system with a welcoming Christian worldview into your bachelor's, masters, and doctoral degree. Find your purpose at Grand Canyon University. Private Christian, affordable. Visit gCU. Edu. Tonight on DateLine. Did you say he's dead? Oh, my God. I just tell my dad. He's dead blood everywhere. I'm trying not to freak out. I'm sorry. He said, Brad was my best friend the whole world. Please find out who did this to him. My mom's like, Uncle Brad is dead. I fell to the floor. Who would want to kill Brad? Exactly who would want to kill Brad. You start to see things like ramsack doors. Maybe somebody was there to rob him. He was working as a miner. Yes. How common is it to have gay guys in the mines? I think it's very common. I think Brad broke that barrier. He was having a hard trouble at work.


Anybody in particular? All of them. Was he murdered just because of who he was? He never pretended to be anyone that he wasn't. He got a text message from a lover that they were going to meet up. People don't want to get caught cheating. How do you not get caught? You lie. Two can keep a secret if one's dead. That's the point of the story where the wheels fall at the crazy train. It was the ultimate betrayal. Nine times out of 10, the person that killed you, loved you at some point. A killer who betrays not just one lover, but two. I'm Lester Holt, and this is Date Live. Here's Dennis Murphy with Dangerious Secret. The Ohio River Valley. For decades here, generations of men have gone underground. And in places like Belair, Ohio, population 4,000, it's still a way of life. Is it as tough as most people think to be a coal miner? It is. It's not for everybody. Super physical, demanding. Former mine foreman, Franco Pinachio. You're almost 2,000 feet underground, one way out, the gases will kill you, moving equipment will kill you, the coal falling will kill you. It's an unforgiving environment.


But with risk comes reward. In this case, a big payday for some up to six figures. Lurey men like Brad McGarry to don a hard hat and take their chances underground. The 43-year-old had risen through the ranks to become a foreman. A bit remarkable because Brad McGarry was not your father's coal miner. Friend, Melanie Roskovich. He was openly gay, never tried to conceal it, right? Correct. Was comfortable in his skin. Yes. He was being Brad. Yes. He was real. He never pretended to be anyone that he wasn't. But Brad was also a person with a secret. And a secret, and a secret—as we all know, can be dangerous. 911, where is your emergency? Oh, my God. My husband's dad is dead. A late Sunday afternoon in May 2017, on with 911, a distraught Cherie Kinney, who along with her husband, David, and 13-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, have just walked into an awful scene. We came to visit my husband's friend, and his back door was cracked open. He wasn't into his phone, so we came in the house, and he's in his basement. Okay. Oh, my God. Okay, calm down. Did you say he's dead? I think so.


Oh, my God. I think so. He's on the floor. There's one everywhere. What is his name? Brad McGarry. Brad McGarry? I was on just general patrol, driving through the town when I got the call. Veteran Bel Air patrolman Hank Martin was the first to respond and encountered the couple and the young teenager outside Brad McGarry's house. Highly upset, crying, shaken up. What you would normally expect of somebody finding a dead body. Officer Martin entered the basement to secure the scene. On the floor, sandwiched between a covered hot tub and piles of storage was Brad with an apparent gunshot wound to the head. I seen blood by his head area, and he was laying down and touched, didn't get any pulse. I'm trying not to freak out. I'm sorry. I can't not touch the head. I'm not supposed to see that there. That's all right. It's understandable. Understandable, because the Kinne family and Brad were as close as could be. David and Brad met several years earlier in coal mining training classes. We just took him and his family, and we celebrated holidays. We have a vacation and all of us are supposed to go on a week together with him.


My kid's cold, cold, cold. Ryan Ulmer, Chief Detective with the Belmont County Sheriff's office, arrived on the scene to assist the Belair PD. They were very close. Best friends. Best friends. Now, meanwhile, what's happened to the daughter? She saw the body. There was no question. Yes. So you get her out of there, I guess? Yes. We don't want to retraumatize her, warn she already had been. The girl was taken to a neighbor's as police got the story from the couple. How are you coming out here? This is a fat right there. The weed eater is the whole plan. Okay. You're bringing the weed eater? Yes, sir. David told police they'd stop by to lend Brad a weed eater. I noticed that the kitchen was scattered. There was stuff all up. I told my wife and said, Cherry, something's wrong. There's something everywhere. She said, Just open the door and yell for Brad. David yelled, but got no response. He went down to basement and then he yelled, Call 911, and I ran down. I can't not believe that. That basement was now a possible crime scene. Tell me what you're saying. What we have is a garage/basement, and it's what I would call organized clutter.


There's a lot of stuff, but it's stack-packed and containers and whatnot on it. Cluttered, but no signs of a struggle. If you're just looking at a dead body in the basement with a head wound, you definitely got to look and say, could this have been a suicide? He had problems with depression or anything like that. He's not a bad. I think at one point in time he was, but I don't think it was anything major. But if Brad shot himself, something was missing. If it was a suicide, the gun would have to be in the immediate area and we didn't see it. I didn't see a gun. Now, it's not saying he couldn't have fell on it when he could have. A lot of times, if it's a suicide, a gun will fall underneath him or whatnot. There could well have been a weapon tucked under his belly. Sure. Investigators rolled Brad's body over. I don't see a fire a lot. No, I don't either. I don't see nothing there, guys. We didn't find anything. There was no gun there. So we had to go to step two, which was that it was a homicide.


You need to canvas the neighborhood? Correct. See if anybody's doorbell cam caught an image or something. Those are so helpful right now. Everybody seems to have got one in it. But at this time period, it was a novelty. Only one house on Brad's block had security cameras and stroke of luck. That house happened to belong to the Bel Air Chief of Police. What are the odds? That he would live on the street to have a camera that was operational? Sometimes things work out. The Chief's security video would be scrutinized for clues. Back at the house, officers were done talking to Brad Shellshocked friends. Go ahead over your truck. I know it's tough. You guys go home, rest. We will be in touch in a day or two, I shook his hand and he pulled me in to the truck window there and looked me right in the eye. He said, Brad was my best friend of the whole world. Please find out who did this to him. Please figure this out. Yeah. That's exactly what the detective intended to do, but he had no idea the secret he'd uncover along the way. Coal Miner Brad McGarry had been shot to death inside his Bel Air, Ohio, home.


The news blindsided friends like Melanie Ruskovich. So sudden, so shock-crying, huh? Yes, and so senseless. What did the town lose when Brad get killed? The town lost security. They didn't feel safe any longer. And those who knew Brad personally, they lost a dear friend. You're never going to see him again. Just like that. So quick. Just like that. Yeah, in a heartbeat. We were devastated. Mary Kay Millican and her daughter, Abby, thought of Brad as family. How do you find out, Abby? I was at school. It was my senior year, and my mom came to school. I got called down to the office. I went down there. I was like, Hey, what's up? And my mom's like, Uncle Brad is dead. I fell to the floor. I was a mess, just sobbing uncontrollably, and my mom had to take me home for the rest of the day. After a late night processing the scene, police were back on the case early the next morning. You got to get Brad's backstory in here pretty quickly, huh? Yes. We did a lot of interviews in a short period of time. He has many people that knew Brad because it's very important for us to get to know Brad.


I have a new Brad for almost 20 years. Mary Kay was one of the friends who spoke to police. If he were to walk in the door here, who would we meet? He's larger than life. He absolutely had the best personality, and he was friendly and just wanted to have a good time. Make you laugh? Oh, definitely make you laugh. One of the craziest things we ever did, we were at Walmart and we were just goofing off. And he was looking at fish and he wanted to ask some questions about the fish. We couldn't find anybody to help. So he just got on the intercom and he was yelling for help himself. Over here on three, yo. Yeah, somebody help me at the Fishies, please. Mary Kay and Abby met Brad before he became a coal miner. Back then, he was a professional hairdresser. The switch had been a head-snapping career change. I couldn't wrap my head around it. I still can't. Why do you think he made the change? The money. He was looking to make more money, and he just wasn't making the money he wanted in doing hair. To Abby, Brad was more than just an uncle figure.


He was a role model. I was about 15, 16 years old, and one day I just had an urge to tell him, I said, Uncle Brad, I need to tell you something. He said, What's up, little girl? I said, I'm gay. No way. Yeah, and he said- How did he swing with that? Girl. It was Brad Abbey turned to when she was bullied in high school. Would you get a hold of Uncle Brad and say, I'm having a really bad day here. Absolutely. I'd text him and be like, Uncle Brad, this and this happened today. I feel so low. Please, what do I do? And he would just tell me, Water off the duck's back, baby girl. You shine like a light in the darkness and don't let that crown fall because... Sorry. It's such a sweet thought. It's something that ought to be written out on a card by your bedside. I think about that message all the time just because that's really what pulled me out of the darkness. That's really what I was like, Okay, I do matter. I need to be myself. Who would murder a friend like that? Police wondered if Brad's killing was a random attack.


There were no signs of a struggle in the basement, but upstairs was a different story. All the cabinets and doors are open, there's stuff spilled out on the floor. Things scattered everywhere, especially in the kitchen. Had Brad interrupted a burglary in progress and paid with his life, his best friend, David, had shared this bit of information. I know he had guys here just last day and the last week putting in the fence. I said, Well, do you know if he paid him by cash or check? Or, Well, I think maybe cash, and Brad had cash around the house, and that drew up a bit of a red flag. Investigators were also pursuing another line of inquiry. We definitely had to look at this as a potential hate crime. Was this the reason that he was murdered? Just because of who he was? Friend and former mine foreman, Franco Pinocio, says that at work, Brad did not hide his orientation. In fact, he embraced it. He just didn't dress like the typical coal miner. All of us did. He took pride of how he looked, how he smelled, how he presented himself. Brad always wore safety gear.


But Brad always made a point to make sure his shirt was always unbuttoned three or four buttons down, show his chest, show his gold chains, spray his cologne. He would joke around, let you know if you thought you're good looking, compliment you on maybe how you looked in a certain pair of jeans that day or whatever. Now, Brad was dead, a bullet to the brain. Maybe not everybody found his joke so funny. Time to find out what was going on underground. He was having a hard trouble at work. No, not anybody in particular. All of them. Introducing Aquaria heat pumps from Panasonic, the more sustainable heating solution with easy to use smart controls that could help reduce your domestic bills. Because making a change counts. Panasonic, for a greener future. Find out more at panasonicheating. Com. It's Halloween at SuperValue with great special offers on all the big brands you love like selected goodies like Cadbury pouches, Tato Sharing, Hunky-Dories, Club and seven up two-liter bottles and a tree for four euro. Supervalu, Barnbrack now have price and money-off vouchers every week on the app too. So pop in for great savings in-store online this Halloween at SuperValu.


Speaking to investigators, Brad McGarry's friends were at a loss. What would be so bad that you'd have to shoot him over, you know? Did that make any sense to you? It did not make any sense. Who would want to kill Brad? Exactly. Who would want to kill Brad? Brad and I met in… Police continued to press those close to Brad for clues. Wendy Neubauer was a friend who'd met Brad years earlier at a wedding. What's your relationship to Brad? Oh, we were just best friends. Brad, it seemed, had a lot of best friends. This best friend talked to police about one theory they were already considering. His murder is a hate crime. He was having a hard trouble at work. Anybody in particular? All of them. Wendy, with her two children in tow, said initially Brad had no problems underground. It took a lot for him to get associated up there being gay up at that one plant, and he got settled and situated and they all loved him. Coworker Franco Pinochio agreed. Never did I ever see anybody give him a weird look or want to beat him up, so to speak. But after a recent transfer, Wendy said Brad was stressed.


Then they moved him down here and he just was miserable at his work. What was his struggle in the film? With all the people. Making him work over when he didn't want to, making him do this and that people weren't nice to him and that. To run down the information from Wendy, Detective Aller, along with fellow investigator Doug Cruz, utilized their own inside man. We looked at a former detective of ours had left to work at the mine. So we had a pretty good information pipeline into there and able to cut through the BS. So what was the real story? Had Brad been harassed or discriminated against? Anyone at the mines they should look at who may have had a hateful motive? Quite to the contrary, from everybody we talked to, Brad was very well liked by his coworkers. So there's nobody down in the pits that has it in for this guy, as far as you can tell. People in the coal mine and the small towns are much more accepting to different lifestyles than somebody in the bigger city would think. Since a hate crime didn't seem likely, police dug into their other theories, like a burglary gone wrong.


You start to see things like ramsack drawers and noticing that there's a lot of stuff in the house that maybe somebody was there to rob him, was spooked. Maybe there was a confrontation and a shooting. And there was a lot to rob. Brad was a collector. Oh, he had lots of toys. He liked his antiques. Oh, antiques. That was his thing. That was his thing. That was his cabinet. That was his cabinetfor sure. His house was filled with all antiques and country things. He had a cracker-barrel house. His house was like a cracker-barrel? The decor. Kind of woody and rough and... Yeah, it was really nice. So that's the joke that we have about cracker-barrel. Has to do with his home decor and the way that he decorated. I know he had guys here. Investigators remembered what Brad's best friend, David, had told them. Two workers had recently installed a fence. Had they come back to rob the place? It was a lead detect as followed, but they were having little luck in tracking down those workers. We would have to try to find some contract or something when you have major work around your house.


No such contract was found. We were looking for a ghost, in other words. And a closer examination of the upstairs gave police pause. A ransacking. It was too neat. Articles were taken out and dumped. It was like in one particular area instead of being strewn. Valuables within easy reach? There was nice televisions. There was iPads, iPhones, high-dollar items, things that a thief could sell pretty quickly. The burglary scenario was scrapped. Police now wonder if Brad's murder wasn't about plunder or hate, was it about love? Nine times out of 10, the person that killed you, loved you at some point. So you always look towards lovers, family. Of particular interest to investigators, Brad's most recent romance. The Kinneys had provided a possible lead on that, too. He's the last relationship he was in. It was pulled off and he hasn't been with anybody ever since. He's my best friend. How long ago was that? I couldn't even tell you. Who was the girl? Who was the guy? He was in with a guy? Yes, sir. Okay, who was the guy? Scott something. Brad had a relationship that had soured in the past couple of weeks with a man named Scottie.


So this is a recent relationship that's come to an end? Yes, apparently. That's interesting. Absolutely. And at that point, we didn't have a whole lot to go on, so we were pretty interested in that. They needed to track down the recent love interest. Where was he the night Bradd was killed? And investigators were about to learn that Scottie was not the only man in Brad's life. It was insinuating that they were having sex. It was romantic. An investigation still underway into the death of the man who lived at this home on Wagner Avenue. As word of Brad McGarry's murder was echoing through the Ohio River Valley, investigators were busy digging into Brad's love life, trying to locate a recent ex. Scott something. Scottie. First name, Scottie. Nobody seemed to know what his name was off the initial conversations with people. Pretty quickly, though, police were able to utilize social media to identify Scottie as 22-year-old Scott Ray Butler. His dad was a friend of Brad's from the Coal Mines. Brad met Scottie at a Butler family party. They were on and off. Is that the picture you had? They were a hookup, yeah. Wasn't going anywhere serious.


No, it wasn't going anywhere serious. When investigators located Scottie, he was willing to talk. So what is Scottie's story? Scottie basically says that he and Brad were on again, off again, and it had cooled off. Did your people say, Scottie, we got news for you? Yes. How did he take it? He was upset. I'd say devastated. When the investigators informed Scottie of Brad's passing all the appropriate indicators were present. There were no indicators of resentment or anything where Scottie wished bad things upon Brad. Scottie was cleared in Brad's murder, and not just because he showed genuine affection for Brad. You see, Scottie had an ironclad alibi, as in Iron Bars. He was incarcerated at the time of this homicide. Scottie was in jail for a probation violation on a prior burglary conviction. So he was in-house and accounted for in the county jail when you believe that Brad had been murdered. Correct. It's a pretty good alibi. A very good alibi. But Scottie wasn't the only love interest detectives were hearing about. We're cousins. Brad's my first cousin grew up together. All right? Okay. Brad's cousin, Schuyler Strausser, came forward with a story and for investigators, a tantalizing new lead.


She tells you about a Sunday brunch. Family's getting together. What's her story? So the night before the murder, Bradd went to a family wedding and had spent the night there. The next day there was like a family brunch. We were at Grammys on Sunday. At Grammys, we... Me, the cousins, most of the cousins. During this brunch, Brad tells his cousin, Schuyler, he got a text message from what she took as a lover that they were going to meet up in a little bed to take a nap. He made a joke about he said, Tisha, which is one of the other cousins, calls it taking a nap, and it wasn't taking a nap. He was insinuating that they were having sex. It was romantic. So he's getting this text message a couple of later, huh? Correct. And then he leaves the family gathering. Is that what happens? Yes. We ate, and he just left. He just left. I don't even think he stayed for dessert. A trist with a lover on the very day Brad was killed. This becomes a person that we want to reach out to immediately. This is somebody that we need to know because they obviously are going to have a piece of the puzzle that we're missing.


But once again, detectives didn't get a full name. Though Schuyler told police the relationship had been going on for years. The cousins just knew him as DJ. That mean anything to you? No, at that time, no. We don't know who DJ is. Brad's friend, Melanie, had heard a lot about DJ. You knew him as DJ? Mm-hmm. What did DJ mean to Brad? He was absolutely in love with him. There wasn't anything that he wouldn't do if DJ needed anything. Brad was right there. He would literally rearrange anything in his life to be there for him. Brad thought he'd met the love of his life the way you're describing it. Was it being reciprocated? From what Brad had shared with me, he believed that DJ was in love with him as well. The love of Brad's life, just one problem, a big one. One of the things we learned was not only is he married, but he's almost living a double life because while he's dating Brad, he's betraying himself to everybody that he knows as a happily married man. A married man with a secret? Was it a dangerous secret? Detectives needed to find DJ right away.


Turns out he was someone they'd already met. I didn't even know his name until I went on Facebook to find it out. It's Halloween at SuperValu with great special offers on all the big brands you love like selected goodies like Cadbury pouches, Tato Sharing, Hunky Dories, Club and 7 Up 2-Liter bottles, and a three for four euro. Supervalu, Barnbrack, now half price and money-off vouchers every week on the app too. So pop in for great savings in-store online this Halloween at SuperValu. Thinking about talent development for your business? At Skillnet Ireland, so are we. Whatever sector your business operates in and whatever skills your business needs, contact one of our 70 Skillnet business networks for training and development that's industry-led and can improve your business success. Visit skillnetireland. Ie for upskilling and reskilling supports to develop your team. Skillnet Ireland is a business support agency of the government of Ireland. Investigators were running down their most promising lead, a married man who was having a long-time affair with Brad McGarry. One who had an intimate Rendezvous planned with Brad on the day he was killed. A guy named DJ. I didn't even know his name until I went on Facebook to find it out.


I knew who he was. Brad's cousin had already done some detective work for the investigators. I guess they call him DJ or David Kenney. David, the guy who was at the house? Yes. With his wife and who'd found the body. Dj is David Kenney. David Kenney, Brad's best friend from the mines, who, with his wife and stepdaughter, had found Brad's body. I was crying, I had to freak out. I'm sorry. David, the guy on the scene who had sounded so devastated, so willing to help. I know he had guys here just last day and the last week, put in the fence. Known to friends and family as DJ, short for David Jr, had he lied about the true nature of his relationship with Brad. All right. David agreed to speak with Chief Detective Ryan Aller voluntarily and to bring along the cell phone. We had already told David we're going to need copies of all the text messages you have with Brad because he was one of the last people to talk to Brad. All right, give me a couple of minutes and I'll buzz right through this. Yes, sir. He's turned it over to you without an issue?


Yes. Here it is. Knock yourself out. Take a look. Correct. We have the ability to, while Detective Aller is speaking with Mr. Kenney in one room, that I can literally take his phone, walk down the hallway in our forensics lab, and process it in real time while he's talking to him. And talking to David, it seemed his grief was still raw. I'm sorry. It's okay. He's the first keeps me in a cry in his room. I know, man. I've just been crying so hard to.... I'm so sorry. Okay. It's all right. Down the hall, Detective Cruz was using a forensic software program to retrieve text and photos, some deleted from David's iPhone. What I'm finding on the phone is pretty clear. These guys are way more than friends. They're intimately involved. David, you should... You should stuff on your phone. It's a little... A little questionable. Yes, sir. Confronted with the evidence on his phone, David changed his story and admitted to being more than friends with his best friend, Brad. Did you guys have sex together? There's a few times in the past where he's attempted a lot, and we've moved around a little bit in the past.


Okay. When was the last time you guys did do anything together?. It's been a little while. Weeks, maybe months. A month max. Brad's intent to- But what about that take a nap date Brad told his cousin about? Investigatorsays estimated Brad's time of death to be between 3:00 and 3:30, close to that planned meeting. So Detective Uller wanted David to account for his whereabouts around that time. Where were you and your wife at Sunday afternoon? We went Chinese restaurant, got some lunch after we hung out at the house. Then David said he drove alone to window shop some trailers for his truck before heading back to his house in Brilliant, 30 miles north of Brad's Place in Belair. I was back home. I think it was like three. I was back home about three o'clock. Three o'clock, near the approximate time Brad was killed. But once again, David's phone told a different story. The GPS clearly shows that at the time we believed that Brad was murdered, your phone was there. David's story suddenly morphed again. He wasn't Brads after all. I went to his house. He was not there. I stayed and I hung around for a little while, and that was it.


David insisted he left before Brad got back from his family brunch. But remember, the Bel Air police chief had a home security camera just down the street from Brad's. It showed David and his wife, Cherie's car, heading toward Brad's house just before 2:00 PM. We see David drive by Chief Kavolik's house. Then 56 minutes after that… You see Brad drive down the road and then about 15 minutes later, there goes David leaving. David? Look at me. It's not starting to look- Yes, sir, I know it is starting to look pretty messed up. Listen to me. As the evidence mounted, David's story took another left turn. I didn't shoot you. Even in that- I'm going to tell you. Then who did? Tell me what happened. That's the point of the story where the wheels fall off the crazy train. David said, yes, he was still there when Brad got home, but said when Brad arrived, he wasn't alone. He had another guy with him. I don't know who he was. I don't know his name. He starts telling me about, Okay, I was at the house. Brad pulls up with this dirty-looking guy I've never seen before.


He went in the garage. Okay. It's okay. David, look at me. Look at me. Look at me. You're not allowed to behere. You can tell me what happened there. I was so scared. What happened? You heard a gunshot? You heard a gunshot? Yes, sir. So there's a mystery man who arrives with Brad who then ends up killing him. Yes. But detectives knew there was a problem with the third man scenario. We see Brad and this guy pulled in with the BEMER. Yes, sir. Brad's front seating the BEMER was full of stuff that he brought from a wedding. Yes, sir. He didn't have a passenger. Look, here's a picture of the car with all the stuff there. So where did the mystery man set? So mystery man is now gone. Mystery man is out. So now he's got to explain what he's doing in the basement with the body of his best friend. In a quiet voice, a now subdued David began yet another version of his story. Brad didn't want me to leave my wife for a while. For quite a while. For what we gleaned at this point is Brad felt like David was taking advantage of him.


He wanted to be with David. He wanted David to leave his wife and be with them. They'd be a real couple. According to David, he arranged to meet with Brad that Sunday afternoon, not for sex, but to end their years-long affair. News, David said that Brad didn't take very well. Let me flip out. Yes, sir. He hit me and smack me around a couple of times. He said, This has been going on for too long. You need to leave your wife. I told him. I said, I'm done. I'm not doing this with you no more. I'm done. That's when, according to David, Brad pulled out a Deringer pistol. He kept waving at me, so I grabbed it. Okay. What happened after you grabbed it? I pushed him. Okay. Then what happened? I shot him. Detective Aller asked David to demonstrate. Show me the word. In the top of the head right there. Top of the head? Yes, sir. Investigators had a confession and a claim of self-defense. David Kenney was arrested for the murder. How would his self-defense story play for a jury? And how would the whole story play for his wife? I can never look at you.


Should we worry? David Kenney admitted shooting his best friend and secret lover, Brad McGarry. I was like, no way. There's no way. It could be him. No, it could not be. Why not? Why rule him out in your mind? Just because of how close him and Brad were. They were doing everything together. Their families went on vacation and holidays. I could not picture him doing that. David's admission meant the horrible shock of finding his friend's body had been an act. I'm not supposed to see that, man. Question now was, had his wife, Cherie, been acting too? My kid's gone, uncle. Did you have a sense of whether the wife knew about this at that point? We were awful interested in that. You could come up with a narrative where she's the wrong person in the trash and the gun's in her hand. Yeah. It's not hard to get there, it's a story. It's really not. David told investigators, Cherie knew nothing about any of it. But when David asked if he could be the one to break the news to Cherie... What the hell is going on?... Investigators kept the camera rolling, keen to see her reaction.


He flipped out on me. And he grabbed the 22-day picture. Before he even did that, he slapped me around a little bit after I told him this was it. Okay? You are. Listen. No. I can not look at you. The shock that just goes over her because he doesn't come out and say it, but he's clearly walking up to it. He came at me with that gun, okay? He came at me with that gun because I- Oh, no. He wants me to leave you guys. I told him that he come at me with that gun. I had a tie of thought. No, Dave. It comes across very honest, very raw at the moment that it is going on. We believe she definitely reacted appropriately, but what is that reaction? What are our kids going to think? You and our kids are my whole world. So much to absorb at once. Her husband was Brad's killer and Brad's lover. She had an affair with him before and now. I want to know what happened between you two. Before. I want to know. I want to know the last time. It's been a while. It's been a while.


A while. A while. It's not a while. Trust me. Our heart broke for any one of those things was enough to break anybody, but to get all that news at once. It's a lot. It was a lot, yeah. And there was more. Perhaps the most painful realization of all. I just need to- Oh, my God. It's just me and our daughter there. I know. I know. I didn't know what else to do. Mr. Kenney took not only his wife, but his stepdaughter, a child, to a crime scene where he knew, he knew that there was a dead man inside. I mean, there's just no other way to describe it other than disgusting. This guy brings his stepdaughter to a murder scene and she sees everything. Who would do that? I think he felt really backed into a corner and his mind was going crazy at that point because there's not a sane person that would involve a child in that way. We would ask, however, that given his record- David pleaded not guilty to aggravated or premeditated murder. With bail set at $1 million, he remained behind bars to await trial. When Bradd's friends got wind of David's self-defense claim, they thought, no way.


What do you think happened here? I think that Bradd gave him an ultimatum. And I think he said, If you don't tell Cherie, I'm going to. You see this as premeditated. He came there with murder on his mind. Absolutely. So that the truth would not come out about their affair and his fear of losing his family. Law enforcement agreed. Either we're going to be amicable and reasonable of this, or one of us is going to walk away because two can keep a secret if one's dead. In January 2018, David went on trial at the Belmont County Court of Common Please. Prosecutors were ready to rebut David's claim of self-defense with their own smoking gun. Forensics they revealed showed that Brad was shot from behind in the back of the head, not in the front, as David had initially said. What's more, the jury heard that Brad had been shot not just once in the back of the head, but twice, which didn't exactly sound like self-defense. Your Honor, we have the decision that Mr. Keeney will not testify to this. David never took the stand to explain that second shot, but jurors were shown the police interview with Detective Baller.


We shot him once he's dead on the ground. Why did you shoot him again? It just happened. After just four hours of deliberations. We, the jury, Julian, Camelie, and Swarton find the defendant, David Carl Kenney, guilty. His sentence, life in prison without parole. I'm trying to try to get this to happen and I wish you'd go. I could take it all back. And then all the apologies and the world will never bring you back. I want you to not treat me and sorry for it all. It doesn't bring Brad back. No. Nothing's going to bring back the laughter that we had and the tears when something would happen. And that way we were always there for the other. Cherie Kinney, now divorced, has done her best to move on. She told us she's found a new love and is focusing on raising her three children. Bradd's friends are left with the notion that the hairdresser turned coal miner faced a much darker and more sinister peril above ground than he ever did below. It was the ultimate betrayal. It could have played out another way. Do you know what you think? It could have. He could have come clean to his family, talk to his wife, let her know what was going on.


He was willing to kill somebody that loved him to keep a secret that I really honestly feel at the end of the day, nobody would have cared about. When do you miss him the most, Abbie? I miss him the most when I'm feeling sad or anxious or unsure of myself. Sometimes I go on Messenger and I just message him his account. I know nothing will come back, but I think that he got the message up there in heaven some way. Uncle Brad to Abbie, close friend to so many others. A man comfortable in his own skin, be it cutting hair or bringing up coal. Most of all, they will remember this companion they met along the way as someone who liked to tease, love, and of course, laugh. I have gotten some feelings that he's just enjoying the attention. Oh, he would like this. He absolutely would. He loved attention, so he's absolutely smiling up in heaven somewhere and looking down on us. That's all for this edition of Dateline. We'll see you again Friday at 9:00, 8:00 Central. And of course, I'll see you each weeknight for BBC Nightly News. I'm Lester Holt for all of us at BBC News.


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