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That's Etsy et s y dotcom gifts, datelined listeners you're about to hear a preview of Do No Harm, a new six part original podcast from NBC News and wonder if it's a shocking, true story about innocent children and the adults who are supposed to keep them safe. Stay right here to listen to the preview and to hear the first two episodes and get the entire series searched for do no harm wherever you're listening right now and subscribe. It was half past five on a Wednesday evening in Tomball, Texas, LeVar Jones pulled off the highway.


Put his car in park and sent a text to his boss, just an update. I'm waiting on law enforcement to meet me at the residence. As he would later testify, LaVar was worried about how this night might play out. I do believe that they will give me a hard time. That's why I have not initiated yet.


So I'll wait and play it by ear. Two hours later, he was still waiting. The police back up he requested wasn't on the way and LaVar decided to go it alone. I'm going to go ahead and attempt to initiate. He drove north on a tree lined country road, passing pastures lined with white fences. Then he turned off into a newly built subdivision where all the trees were chopped down. But the streets are all named after them. Right, turn on pine trees, drive left on Hickory Lake, right on Black Birch.


He pulled up outside a two storey brick house with big glass windows, a small square of lawn, one of many that looked almost exactly like it, the home of Melissa and Dillon Bright.


He was here because he believed that these two might harm their children, that they might already have harmed their children. That's why he had to act tonight.


LaVar was nervous as he stepped out of his car and walked towards the front door inside the house. The brights had reason to be nervous to. That's why they planned to record everything that night. OK, it is seven thirty September 19th and they are meeting with LaVar.


We've just been told that LaVar didn't know, couldn't have known that he was about to walk into the toughest fight of his career, a scandal that would rock the government agency where he works and raise serious questions like who's really looking out for children? And is this what it takes to keep them safe? Very kind of calm down. No, it's my children. Calm down. We're not going to do that. I said we can't see our children until they show my son.


You are taking him from my breast. You are responsible for taking my child away from my friends. Search for do no harm wherever you're listening right now and subscribe to the entire series, new episodes every Tuesday.