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A new horror movie with a promising young star. Three, two, one, action.


What the hell are you doing? I was just using the bathroom. Did you hear that noise? Yes.


And the power is out again to come in with such a phenomenal act. I mean, it was just insane. We absolutely adored her.


She definitely seemed to really nail it. She was so good, maybe too good at playing a killer.


I really had a strong inkling that that was her. Who was this talented young woman? I'm Keith Morrison, era Dateline NBC, we see a lot of people pretend not to be killers, but we've never had a case where the main suspect decided to play one.


Ready, actors action. Stop. Got our latest story will take us to a small town in Oregon where an actor who dreamed of marrying a Hollywood producer would get her chance in the spotlight. But where did the performance and reality begin, you know, in horror movies that goes around it or a story of secret identities and a family feud and how she could fire up a gun, this an inheritance?


I was going to adulterate the will with additional language that said that if anything happened to my family, he would be immediately disinherited.


That a protective mother who said she and her children lived in constant fear and terrorized, terrorized. I don't grieve for my brother. I am glad this man is dead.


And the young woman at the center who landed a killer role, I think should.


That's true. I don't want America to.


All I can tell you that a gun went off a killer roll a story with surprises even Hollywood couldn't have imagined. Subscribe for free wherever you're listening right now and join us for the first two episodes on April 13th.