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OK, and Larry Woodcock hadn't seen or heard from their grandson, J.J. in months. We had no idea what was going on.


Nothing. We know nothing.


It was worse, J.J. Worse. J.J., worse. J.J., where was he called the police. I asked them to do a welfare check or anything about police department.


Are you? This is a big mess. I just talked to the guy.


So JJ would be where and where was his sister, Tyler?


Her car floating in the ball blue.


And why the day after did their mother, Laurie, disappear into thin air?


That's when we got involved.


Dateline NBC. We started an investigation.


And what we found, it has to be heard to be believed.


She had told me that Charles was already dead and that there was a demon living inside of him.


Did you think she was just that she lost her mind?


This story is about a woman and people around her dropping like flies.


Either they're the most unlucky family in the world or is all around Lori. Four deaths, two missing children, one fringe religious group, she said to me, you know, Melanie Chasez, Satan, he's a good one. I thought, that's that's unusual.


This story takes us to Lacey Beaches in Kauai, the desert in Arizona, a frostbitten pet cemetery, and to a small church group with wild and dangerous beliefs. The basics seem to be preparing for the end. They believe that they were part of the one hundred and forty four thousand came to go down to exactly that, they were part of that and they were here to gather the other members to join them at Lori's family. They were in danger.


And she said that it was made known to her by the Lord that her family would not make it because of the tribulations that were going to come crazy. And the world stuff will make people behave differently. That's true. Fair. Hang on. It's going to be a wild ride here on behalf of Mr..


She entered a not guilty plea to both charges from the people who brought you the thing about Pam. I'm Keith Morris and this is Dateline, NBC's newest podcast, Mummie Doomsday. My siblings are gone. Charles is gone. Alex is gone. Chad's wife is gone. The kids are missing. How much worse can you kind of get subscribe for free wherever you're listening right now and join us for the first two episodes on February 16th.