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Pastor nick Hackney and his wife, Dawn, seemed like a match made in heaven. Faithful, friendly, and committed.


They had a real, what seemed like a chemistry between them. Just a cute couple.


And then the day after Christmas came a fire in their bedroom while nick was away. Dawn died. It was ruled an accident. There was.


No indication that there was a concern that this was nothing more than a house fire that resulted in the death of a young woman.


It would take years for truth to rise from the ashes, and when it did, it was stunning. The story has the trifecta of true crime. It's got sex, religion, and a murder. Our latest podcast takes us to a small church outside Seattle for a story about prophecies and premonitions.


She said, I'm ready to go. She said, If I were to die, I'm ready. And this was what, a day before she passed.


A story about a seducer who used God as his wingman.


He felt like God wanted us to be together intimately.


And about a criminal trial, unlike any we've ever seen, where a jury would decide whether prophecy could rise to the level of proof. Do you ever have a stranger case than this? No, no. You answered that very quickly. No, never. In the end, this is a story about good versus evil.


There is God. There is also a devil.


And this was the devil. Yes. I'm Josh Mankowitz, and this is Mortal Sin, an all new podcast from Dateline. Beginning Tuesday, December fifth, you can listen to the latest episode of Mortal Sin each week completely free. Or to begin listening now, subscribe to Dateline Premium on Apple podcasts. Subscribers get early access to new episodes and can listen to all date line podcasts ad-free.


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