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A couple had gone out to dinner, they got home, an intruder shot and killed the wife, the husband, Thomas Randolph, shot the suspect kind of rushed up on me a little bit, and that's when I just pushed it. Well, it was clear there was a lot more to the story.


We found out Tom Randolph had been married six times and four of his wives were dead. He said point blank, I want you to kill my wife. These women come up to me and he comes up with money. Do you have guns or guns? Got one in your face and you had one in mind.


What is it about you and the women I love? We have to stop him, there can't be any more Sharon. There can't be any more victims. It's a completely circumstantial case. It's the second time you're facing the death penalty and they do want to kill you. If they don't like it, we'll kill you. I've been waiting a long time for this moment. There was the hardest thing I've ever done. Thomas Randolph gig is up. I will be acquitted.


I've told you this from day one, have I not? I did not put a gun in my head. Whoa, whoa, hold your hands on your head right now. Put your hands up. What did you do? They live in. Oh, talk to you real quick. Put your hands on your head right now. Put your hands up. I got it under control. Police arrested a man in Clearfield, a man who was accused of hiring a hitman to kill his wife and then of killing the hitman himself.


This isn't the first time the man has faced murder charges. Twenty years ago, he was acquitted of killing another. Why do you think that was a little rough there when I told you I didn't let go the door as open myself?


Thomas, you understand that I was there to arrest you on homicide warrants? Correct. Tom Randolph was arrested for the murders of Sharon Randolph and Mike Miller, Tom Randolph, new Michael Miller. He had met him out at a 7-Eleven store and he had him do some handiwork around his house. So he was very familiar with them. So we had a theory and that's this. Mike Miller had been convinced by Thomas Randolph to kill his wife, Sharon Randolph.


And then Tom Randolph double crossed Mike Miller, shooting him over and over and over again. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Zero right now. You guys drive safely. Get that.


Just looking at it was pretty satisfying and being taken into custody willingly or not, but it was pretty satisfying to finally see that happen, knowing the type of person he is and predator that he really is. It had been married six times and four of his wives are dead. It was a it was a long road to get there, to look at each one of those wives, each one of those marriages, you know, all of the traveling that we had to do.


We went to Washington, we went to Indiana, we went to Kentucky, New Hampshire, North and South Carolina, Utah a couple of times. So we traveled everywhere. And here we were. It finally came to a head and he was in custody. He was awesome. Within minutes after Tom was arrested, I was on the phone with Sharon's daughter.


Colleen, took them eight months to arrest him.


But yeah, when he was finally arrested, I actually had a party, neighbors and everything. That was good. Make him look this way.


My mom was the first person to call me every morning now that I'm. Every once in a while, you get this case that's just interesting that you want to be a part of it. And I thought, oh, man, that's such an interesting case. And this guy and all these wives. So we're not taking something, a trial, unless we know that he did it, but often times trials will make or break on one issue. You either believe he was a mastermind of it all and set up this master plan or you believe he's completely innocent and is a victim.


Is the second time you're facing the death penalty a big deal, a big deal? I mean, it is really not a big deal. I'm glad they made this a death penalty case. If they would know if I would have, I would have been greatly disappointed. I mean, this is definitely a death penalty type case. I would have felt cheated if it wasn't a death penalty case. I'm thinking about going to court and getting this all straightened out and get vindicated and then and all the just kick in their ass.


But that's why I want you here on all of it. That was my idea. And I wasn't swaying about whatsoever. The lawyers aren't in agreement with that. But I'm just me and I've done a lot of things I shouldn't have done. I mean, I have I wasn't I'm not no saint, but if you're going to get to know me, then you get to know me all the way.


I had just finished being part of the team that represented O.J. Simpson and Randolph wanted O.J. lawyer. I told him he had to keep his mouth shut. I've won most of my jury trials of a good 75 to 80 percent of them acquittals I've always rooted for the underdog. And criminal defense is the ultimate little guy. I had just finished being part of the team that represented O.J. Simpson in the Palace Station robbery case. And Randolph, being who he is, wanted OJs lawyer.


You have Randolph's file. He got arrested January 7th here in March, and the case is just getting started. The mother of all battles in this case is going to be the back and forth tug that's going to take place between the defense and the state with respect to Mr. Randolph's past. That is the monumental fight in this case. I've handled more than a dozen death penalty cases. Hi, how are you today? Hey, how's it going? OK, see you.


There's no cookie cutter instruction on how to do a death penalty case, but somebody who what did you want to talk to me about before filing?


Because I'm on the edge of filing this to set bail. Would you want to talk to me about. OK, for bail, I need to be able to help you. My files are in mom's house, in my attic, in mom's attic, in the garage, in a storage shed. Thomas Randolph loves to talk to themselves.


And I told him he had to keep his mouth shut statement because the state did not have a statement from him confessing anything or admitting anything.


This DA's office is notorious for putting snitches in people's cells, especially in this case, because their biggest problem in this case is that this case is completely circumstantial. They need you to say something to somebody. They don't have that. They need you to say, I hired Mike Miller. They need you to say that to one of their jailbird and snitches. I say it or not, they'll just say, I studied the facts in this case. It's such a house of cards, OK?


It's such a house of cards. As to that one specific issue that we have to deal with, which is whether, you know, whether you were shooting a burglar or an accomplice.


Police tell us that Sharon was shot and killed by the burglar.


Her body was found lying in the version of events that Thomas Randolph presented, which was he had gone out to dinner with his wife. They had gone home. He was in the garage closing things up. His wife had walked in, boom, a gunshot and the burglar shoots. The wife is right up here. Got the gun. I don't know how many times they shot. And Randolph luckily kills the burglar.


Boom, boom, boom. But on the other side, you had the state saying he hired Mike Miller to kill his wife and then he double crossed Mike Miller and killed him so there wouldn't be any witnesses to what he had pulled off or tried to pull off. When I visit with Randolph here from our weekly visit, he doesn't see himself as the defendant in the case. He sees himself as the assistant lawyer in the case.


He really came off as a very overly cocky guy like he thought he was, even though he was sitting in jail in a jail outfit that he was running the show.


We need to bring this out so I can see if you want it.


Yeah, you want to hold on to it? I'm going to read some of it to see what they got. They found out that they had phone taps, yet they didn't they did not know. And that's the fact they got any other audio or video besides the ones we mentioned.


No soliciting guys.


All they got is just somebody saying this. Somebody saying that.


After the investigation of the other wives of Thomas Randolph came to light, we sought certain facts about Randolph second wife's death in Utah. And that's the case involving the death of Becky Randolph in the 1980s when Becky Ray Randolph died two years ago from a gunshot wound to the head, the Clearfield police called it apparent suicide. But today, police arrested Randolph's husband on charges of murder. Officers, did you start looking at the relationships between Becky and Thomas? And Sharon and Thomas and these life insurance policies.


Randolph is suspected of concocting an elaborate scheme to kill his wife and collect on her life insurance policy, and it's almost like identical. The only thing that separates them is different people and years. When you see how many lives have been profoundly impacted by one single man, do you you know that, A, he needs to pay the price for that, but be and almost even more importantly, she has to be stopped. But I remember when we were preparing for trial, David kept saying he'll find a way out of it.


We had a trial date set and then before the trial date, I withdrew about four months after I came into the case, although my withdrawal was based on the fact that Randolph had no money to retain me, Thomas Randolph never really asked, Oh, Gabe, can you please stay on? Because I think my withdrawal is the beginning of his possible plan to delay his trial as long as he could to sentence people who are represented. They understand. I need a lawyer.


The lawyers got to help me sort of navigate this jumble that I find myself in so I don't get eaten by the lions. Randolph wants to burn the jungle down. That is supposed to have their case together before arrest. Well, that's what we're going to argue, because you make a snake move on me, then watch out. Miranda has been in limbo now for over a year. He's been in jail, and so it's starting to take a toll on him and we need to move and know exactly how to prepare for this case.


Right now, we don't. In the spring of 2009, Thomas Randolph asked me if I would represent him. I get a little justice over there today. I see Mr. Randall frequently mean he's he's concerned any time you're in jail for an extended period of time starts to wear on you. We intend to to meet force with force. We're not going to be overwhelmed. We'll be ready. You can make sure that no matter what happens, we'll be ready.


The Utah case was a huge issue in Tom's case here, Thomas had been charged with murder of his second wife, Becky, to get insurance money. And Thomas was acquitted five and a half months, Randolph's case was actually sealed, meaning you're not supposed to be able to get into it. The D.A. down here wanted to bring in the Utah case, trying to allege that it showed, you know, the same motive, same purpose, same intent.


Always the goal was to keep the Utah case out there, trying to blame us on the fact that we won't allow them to unseal it up there, which, you know, don't want to have them do that officials to have their case together before they arrest me.


Well, that's what we're going to argue, because it's like you're still figuring it out. I don't know. Now I'm going to argue a lot of good stuff. We're prepared to go.


We have to ask for and obtain permission at a hearing to tell the court what it is that we want to get in.


Who's going to be testifying to it?


Hi. Good morning, Counsel. This is a state in Nevada versus Reno council. Thank you, Your Honor. Mr. Randolph has no criminal history of any significance. He has always fought all charges and allegations that have been levied against him, including the ones up in Utah that seem to be the problem. That is maybe holding things up here.


He's down here in Nevada saying, hey, we want these records. But this defendant in Utah is saying, I don't want those records released. And that's what's causing the delay. What have they demonstrated to the school? What facts or evidence, if they demonstrate it to this court, that the proof is evidence, the presumption is great that he committed this crime without the Utah type of evidence that they can keep spieling Utah, Utah, Utah.


And it was a too busy after the arguments. And you don't know whether she's going to grant the state's motion to bring in these other prior bad acts. So it makes it very difficult until you finally get the decision to know exactly how you're going to defend this case.


Because when you talk with the rapport I have with the D.A. and I try to have with all the opposing counsel, I try to get along with them. That's all I want. I mean, this guy I mean, at some point we got to try to take, you know that. I know. But Utah case, let's let's try it without ready to go. I'll say it. I try to get along with them unless I determine that they're trying to make statements on me.


OK, you make a snake move on me, then watch out, because from then on it's on baby. You know, just a little country law. You're going up against big polluters over there. There's no justice. There is going to be fun. You guys leave me alone, man. I've had a long day. OK, I got to get there. Yeah. All right, come sit over here with me. I was about five and a half months pregnant with Katie when my mom died.


Well, that's I think she looks a little like my mom, especially in the eyes I see my mom. It's been hard. I've had a lot of anger and anxiety over this. I you this is Sleep Tonight. I mean, I know he's guilty. I don't care the rest of the world believe it. I just want them to go, I just want to be done. I had a couple of thoughts. He wants to show I'm smarter than you, so they will kill you, Bill.


OK, let's put it all on the table. They don't like it will kill you. Breakfast of Champions is lovely, the flitter. One of the main reasons I became an attorney is because I have personally sat in that seat. Where the state is saying you're guilty of killing someone. Let me tell you, that's not a good feeling. Right, we're going to slow down right now. A while back, I was a musician at the time together for music.


And in the bar fight and I saw this bottle of beer coming up that I was going to clock me in the head when he came up, my wine glass broke on the beer bottle. And his carotid artery got severed, so they tried me for manslaughter. And I was acquitted by reason of self-defense and accident. I didn't go to prison, I'm sorry I get a little choked up here because it really was a changing point in my life and I'm sorry that the man lost his life.


I wish it hadn't happened, but it did. And I'm here now. It's like I believe I have a moral responsibility to do whatever I can personally for an individual that's in trouble and needs my help.


Since we have so many boxes, thanks.


Yes, Thomas Randolph is unlike any other client I've ever had. We've got to do, man. He's a unique individual. That's the way it works. I had a couple of thoughts, my thoughts on an opening argument. You got to try to explain to me what happened, what's going to happen.


Tom understood the law and Tom was a smart individual. I could see that Tom could be, if he wasn't handled right, could be a problem client.


I would think, if he just looked right at the jury and says, you know, we talk to you and this is really important and it's a big responsibility and you've been lied to here, just fluff. You don't mean nothing. This has no bearing on you whatsoever.


It's just fluff. So you want to start this damn case. I told the jury that they're fluff, that they're going to work.


It's almost like every time you go to see Thomas, it's like you're in a question in law school again, you know, he wants to show I'm smarter than you. I controlled this. You know, in other words, he's controlling the situation. I mean, we understand what's going on.


It's a death penalty case. You know, we lose this guy does. He's got the decision on this judge. He finally decided on these prior bad acts, whether or not they're going to come in. Lo and behold, she says, yes, so the judge ruled in her order that the Utah case could come in and that really is very difficult to overcome.


I don't know the judge come back with order because she is going to let these murders have come in and so it is going to make the job a little more difficult. It's not impossible. We've got a lot of work to do.


How do you go back and prove you didn't do something 20 some years later, especially considering most everybody's dead?


I mean, we knew this was going to go to one or two roads. I mean, it's not like the squatters completely by surprise.


So if the jury decides that I'm guilty of the Utah thing, will they kill me in Utah or they kill me in Vegas? It's insane. It's insane. This this is obviously a kick in the butt. But like I said, I have an advantage. I was there. I really know what happens. And I'm not a killer. I'm not a stalker or women, just the opposite. I love women.


But it was more conservative judge, you guys were filming the. And Tom loved the cameras. You're looking chipper. I mean, he loves the cameras. He loved the attention to the extent that often I'd have to tell Tom, hey, chill out a little bit. I've had several fiancees and six wives and so many girlfriends I can't remember. And I've slept with a gazillion women just because I can. But let's just hold off on that, OK?


This this is the state's theory. Four of six lives lost from day one. They're saying this and they're certainly telling witnesses against me this. So they will kill you with you. OK, let's put it all on the table. They don't like you want to kill you, OK? They're trying to do whatever they can do to make it happen. OK, that's true. Well, hopefully they can prevent it with your help, OK. And we're OK.


So let's kick their ass and forget about it or it. OK, what I'm talking about. We had a trial date. I was preparing to file a whole bunch of different types of motions and Tom had a falling out with one of the other attorneys that was involved in the case. Tom fired the other attorney. He fired me, fired the investigator, and that was that. Tom on his way when my way.


You asked me to be here alone. You are, you say no attorneys. That's correct. These lawyers are I don't get it. I'm it's like you came. I've been I've done a murder trial before, so I know how it sort of works. I don't have a problem with going to trial. I will be acquitted. I've told you this from day one. Have I not been absolutely adamant? The only thing that concerns me about going to trial is these terms for lawyers.


I'm curious if there's any secrets, is that on? Normally, I'd say, you know my secrets, I'm going to have to kill you, but next thing I know, I'll be getting charged with that to. We're here from Dateline. And I'm here to see and make. How long have you been in here now going on 18 months. Want your day in court? Are you eager to get that? Oh, yeah, yeah, that'll get done and go home, start doing something else.


It's never really have been worried about the conviction part of it. I just never have. I just don't see it happening. But dawned on me that this is Utah all over again. This is the Tommy show and now it's the Tommy Show live from Las Vegas.


I am I beautiful? I mean, you've been in jail here now for, what, three and a half years?


You know, it's hard on everybody. I want to go home. I'm the victim in this. I'm the victim in this. What is it about you and women? I love women. I love all women. Well, obviously, you know, there for a while, the man poisoned the cat again, and I know damn well I slept with both last night, I thought they wrote that about me. Ma'am, your wives, Kathy Randolph, Becky Randolph Lee, Leona Randolph, Gayner Randolph, Frances Randolph, Sharon Randolph, do you want the names of my fiancees to.


I'm curious if there's any secrets, is that on? Normally I'd say, well, you know, I'll tell you my secrets. I'm going to have to kill you. Next thing I know, I'll be getting charged with that, too. Oh, yeah. And we're not married. There's no insurance, so he'll be profitable with it.


What's up with your hair? It was this long last time I was here, it was just yeah, it was just back in a ponytail. I got to have a fair trial. That's all I'm asking for is a fair trial. All of my lawyers have said if the Utah case comes in, you will be convicted and you will get the death penalty. And then three years later, the Supreme Court will overturn it.


Kathy was my first wife. Just the first time I seen her, I knew that I was going to have a baby with her. She was beautiful. She looked like Farrah Fawcett. I had two children with her. Just this is my gift to the world and is my other gift to the world.


How was your marriage to Kathy? It wasn't good. It was my fault. Totally doing too much drugs and other women.


Becky was my second wife. What was special about back to you? What did you love about her? She was perfect.


Becky was whatever I wanted her to be. I could call up and say, I want steak tonight and I want you to dress up as a clown to serve it to me.


And she would say, ah, do you mean like a sexy girl clown or do you want me to have the floppy shoes of the Hong Kong nose? She didn't deserve me cheating on her. The last I talked to her, I gave her the ultimatum, said, I am so sick and tired of hearing about how you want to kill yourself. If you want to kill yourself, do it, do it and put it out. Everybody out of their misery.


And she's just bawling and says, you're mean.


And I had to do was just hug her, say I love you. Everything will be OK. I think and I said there's some rope downstairs from, you know, I rappelled and stuff, and so I think there's someone way my rope downstairs, maybe you just hang yourself.


When Becky Ray Randolph died two years ago from a gunshot wound to the head, Clearfield police called it apparent suicide.


And that's the last time I think back your life.


My third wife was Leona was Lee Bailey, so beautiful, she's part Guamanians and kind of reminds you of an island girl.


So how long were you married to leave for? About a year.


She likes to party sometimes. She forgets to come home on time. My fourth wife is Gayner Allmon, you married Gayner right away, I married him all right away because they all want to.


He was the dining room table and was cleaning the gun and I wasn't very far away from him at all and it went off.


You remember cleaning a gun, went past your head or into the floor. That's just such a story. My fifth wife is Frances. Did you love Frances? Oh, absolutely. I married her as soon as I could because she was wonderful.


Were you surprised when Frances died? No. No, she was. She was Frances was sick. She was born with heart disease.


I didn't do the heart surgery on Frances. So you had her shoot a video, Will. Why? Why would you do that?


Who does that? And I'm making the tape so that people will know what want. It's not about the money.


It's about custody of Rachel. Rachel thinks that you killed her mother. Rachel knows better. My sixth wife was Sharon. She wakes up in the morning and she's got a smile on her face, it's like the sun, the moon, the stars. It was just.


What is it like to come home and see your wife dead on the floor? When I first opened the door. I seen she fell. She'd been having some problems with her hip and stuff.


And I started to go to order some noise and come back down this gun chair. Sharon, Sharon has absolutely nothing to solve.


I was there. Mike Miller shot Sharon.


Every wife that you've had, one of the first things you've done is get life insurance on them.


Well, they want to know about your finances. You've got insurance money from Becky. You got insurance money from Frances. You got a wrongful death from Frances. You had several insurance policies on Sharon. Don't you think it looks fishy at all to people when you have.


It is sure in life somebody would take the time to sit and look. You think you're a narcissist? Absolutely. I am a narcissist. So do you think it's possible that because you're a narcissist, you're unable to possibly see what the truth might be if you're talking about the truth of me killing Sharon or having anything to do with Sharon's death or Becky's death, then no, because I had nothing to do with it. I'm telling you, Becky killed Becky.


So two different police agencies, two different prosecutors offices. I'm certain they're 30 years apart. They're all wrong. And these are both wrong. Yes, they're wrong.


They're there. It's all interconnected. I'm expecting to be acquitted. She thinks about them all the time, he's been given every chance in the world, and then three more, you know. Is he going to wait for all the witnesses to die? What's the deal? That was super hard going through all those years of having a trial date you're waiting for, you're waiting for it and then it gets close.


And they say no. So when is it going to end? How many times? Can he extend this? So, again, that's like another stab in the heart. Now, the year, the year and a year. Green is getting better. I'm seven years old and I'm in seventh grade. My birthday is September 17th and eight years ago. What's your favorite color? My favorite color are light blue and purple.


One favorite things are. And my first game with my family and your family.


All right. Yes, it's been eight years and still waiting for justice. Yes, and she thinks about them all the time and the moments that that were stolen, that should have been now. Obviously, he's been given every chance in the world and then three more and then that's the issue that we have, it's like, you know, is he going to wait for all the witnesses to die?


What's the deal? That's only because people looking for what they have for the autopsy, they didn't find the bullet. Hurry back. The whole house had been empty. Carpets tore up, replaced the walls. Listen to one of his jail calls right now. He's talking about that. You know, I think he's on his fourth set of attorneys and he's just been delaying the process. Each time the court date comes up, he does what he can to put it off.


It's frustrating to see somebody manipulate the system when you know that that's our intent. It was year after year after year. There was something that came out of multiple teams of attorneys that were fired, you know, got so routine that when when a trial date was coming up, we'd sit there and go, OK, what what's he going to do this time?


I'm like, how are we moving the body without me standing here? You know? I mean, this has consumed me like it has been. My life went on. If it wasn't for Dean, this case wouldn't even be prosecuted because it would have gone off as a justified shooting of a home invasion if it wasn't even for him from the very beginning, sticking to his guns, saying something's not right about this. We wouldn't even be considering this at all.


There would be no story and you wouldn't be filming me right now. He be a trial next week after nine years, I'm excited that the lawyers are still useless. Tell me the history of the representation. So so start from the beginning. You have the Yale Galanter, Gabe Grasso, Brent Bryson, Belinda Weaver, then Curtis Brown, Norman Reid, then Randy Pike and Clark Patrick. They tell me every homicide case usually goes to two sets of attorneys.


You went to ten. Well, there's three at a time.


Tell me why you are the most misunderstood man in America. I mean, how is how do they get it wrong?


They're saying that lightning struck twice. I didn't kill Becky. Unfortunately, Becky killed Becky. I didn't kill Sharon. Mike Miller killed Sharon. You've got to realize what they're saying. She shot in the head in the home and I find Sharon. Sharon. You know, I should be acquitted on this because the bottom line is who's going to say I did what they're going to say that you hired Mike Miller to kill Sharon, then you killed Mike to make it look like a botched burglary.


That's what they're going to say.


OK, who's going to say I did that? Other than the state, there ain't going to be anybody because that just didn't happen. There's just not going to be anybody to say that.


You can understand why people raise their eyebrows when they hear that you've had six wives and four wives are dead.


And this is the second time you felt that. That's the corruption in Las Vegas. I've never had six wives and four of them are dead. I mean, when you say that, you say that you don't have six wives. Well, I did when I saw four of them are not that well. The way they say it, the way they say it is, somehow I've caused their death.


I'm just saying the fact is the headline is, is that you did have six wives and four of those six wives are dead. That's true. So you just think you're super unlucky?


No, I'm one of the luckiest men in the world. I've had six wives, six women that loved me enough to not just give me their body, give me their sex. They gave me their love. They married. They trusted me. We took care of a lot of them didn't work out. Nothing to hide, and besides that, I want to make it look like a fool again, because that's just that's how I roll. He's got a jury about two o'clock this afternoon.


It's go time and we're ready. I am ready. I am ready. What's up? I don't know. His gig is up. Witnesses are flying in from all over the country. I want him to be found guilty on this one.


Scott Connolly is the one of the detectives in Utah who had dealt with Randolph for a really long time, knew him just from his interactions as being a police officer and a detective. Over the 10 years I've been working on this case, developed a friendship with Scott.


He's the Dean Kelly of Becky's case. Without him and without his memory, we would be lost.


Were you scared about his position in society? Yes. I think the most critical witness was Erik Tarantino. Just to point blank, I want you to kill my wife.


I know the first thing out of my vault, Tom Randolph had befriended him years earlier. He ended up starting to groom him to kill.


Becky Randall was very intimidating. He can intimidate you just by looking. Well, somebody wants to say hi not. He's changed a little in all these years and spoken in Arabic in some time, but there's still a special bond between him and I just kept alive the whole time much.


And that comes again, I think, because Eric wanted to write the wrong. You got a jury about two o'clock this afternoon and then we go in to openings at nine 30. It's go time and we're ready. By the time we got the case, we were in Tom's eighth, ninth, tenth lawyers, and the first thing you think of is this may be either a very difficult case or maybe a difficult client. Tom was pretty much both. It was our obligation and duty to do everything that we could represent him aggressively, legally, ethically.


I always thought this was a winnable case and. I am ready, I am ready, what's up? I still hear him here morning. Good morning. Let's the right. They have to stop him. There can't be any more Sharon. There can't be any more victims. There can't be any more friends. And I hope they brought the new clothes and or the different clothes or something is jig is up. Did they not bring new clothes? That's it.


I'm anal retentive when it comes to shopping. I must have a feminine jean because I love to shop. I love to take the women shopping. They think I'm such a gentleman because I buy these clothes. Well, it's just it's nice just to get them dressed up. What I like knowing I'll be taking them off later, you know. So it's like a it's like a win win situation for me, but I want him convicted so bad.


Just wanted and put away forever. And I was saying, thank God this is finally happening. Just one more night. Thirty five zero six six. Randolph, I'm warning everybody I asked David, who was lead counsel, I said, I want to do the opening. And Dave said, hey, knock yourself out. You go for a girl has a lot of work to do, opening argument.


All right. Let's bring the jury in. If the was president opening, thank you, Your Honor. Ladies and gentlemen, you work here, two stories of two men 20 years apart that never even met each other, yet their stories are the exact same. Their job was to kill two women, the wife of Thomas Randolph. And the only reason why Mike Miller is dead is because Eric Tarantino lived to tell the story and Thomas Randolph was not going to make that mistake twice.


You will know the who, the why and the how. And all of those roads will lead back to the man in this program. Thank you. At time, defense to present Mr. Beck whenever you're ready.


What we felt was most important was that they understood that his wife was a victim, he was a victim, and he acted appropriately. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the one thing they will always agree with as a state is it was Mr. Miller that came in with a gun and shot and killed. Sheriff, our strategy was to get the jury to understand that the case against Becky in Utah was irrelevant. We had that heavy burden that we had to do, and so we had to face that head on.


We are involved in facts and circumstances that have no relation, no connection to the Utah case. And the truth is that Thomas Randolph didn't plan anything. Mr. Miller didn't do anything that would spare him being charged with killing his wife. And you find him not guilty. At the conclusion of this trial. Thank you very much. It was just a few months into the relationship and he wanted to get life insurance policies and pick out his and hers matching funds.


Stay close, calling via. Colleen was critical because I felt like Randolph's behavior was very atypical. I felt it was inappropriate. It was just a few months into the relationship and he wanted to get life insurance policies and pick out his and hers. Matching burns, burns, burns. Like what you put creation claymation. He looked at me, but there is like. It was like nothing. He has no feelings. He didn't care. How was it that you found out about your mother's death?


A friend of ours called me. Did you call the defendant or did he call you called in when you called him, what did you say? So what did you do to my mother? What did he say? No, I didn't kill your brother. Michael shot and killed your mother. He hung up on me. There was the hardest thing I've ever done, this awful, absolutely awful. The state calls Alice Wolf good afternoon, Miss Wolf.


The purpose of calling in Sharon's friends was that they saw the relationship between Thomas and Sharon.


How would you characterize the state of their relationship? It was just madness. Did you have contact with Sharon on the day that she learned that the defendant had a life insurance policy on her? Yes. She was extremely, extremely upset. Did the two of you go to get paperwork together to make a will? Yes. What were the directions that Sharon gave to you to do with the. Well, she said to me, if anything happens to me, give this to Colleen.


This doesn't seem to be really greatly affecting, you know, that's this is me. Would you give it all back not to be standing trial right now if all what all those wives I'd certainly give Becky and Francis and Sharon back then, they'd be alive. Of course, that's like a give me. Really, Miss Sharon, assume for a moment you're convicted, right, and then they say guilty and then the week mitigation hearings and they say, all right, he's sentenced to death.


Good. Yeah, good. I'd hate to do life in prison notifying. The next witness, please. Is that Scott Connelly? It is your relationship with the jury.


You're about to hear testimony from Scott Connelly and what he was involved in. I wanted I wanted eye contact with him.


I wanted him to know probably the anger.


I have the status introduced evidence of Mr. Randolph as a previously charged the killing in Utah. In nineteen eighty eight, Mr. Randall was found not guilty of the offense by a Utah jury.


There are facts that occur in Utah that explain the behavior and the facts that exist. And Sharon Randolph's death in Las Vegas.


Were you able to determine that there were insurance policies taken out in the case of Becky Randolph's death where the defendant, Thomas Randolph, was the beneficiary? Yes. Was it an arrest warrant issued for Thomas Randolph for the death of Becky Randolph? It was. We're going to call your next witness, Mr. Tarantino. It was just little innuendos here and there, but let me just point blank, I want you to kill my wife.


During your friendship with Mr. Randolph, did the defendant ask you questions that you thought odd or made you feel uncomfortable?


Yes. He told me that he wanted me to kill his wife.


Did he discuss with you why he wanted to kill Becky the money from insurance policies? Eric Tarantino is the prosecution's star witness.


Eric Tarantino lived to testify. And in our case, Mike Miller wasn't afforded that opportunity. What Randolph learned in Utah in the 1980s, he applied to Nevada in the 2000s, and that is don't leave anybody alive.


We discussed having a burglary. I was to go in, grab a couple of things, rummage through some drawers when she came home, shoot her and leave. I said, I'm not doing this. And I left and I got on that plane and ran.


It was important for the jury to see that because I think it it allows them to get more into the mind of Thomas Randolph. I was the last witness for the state I back cleanup. I've been waiting a long time for this moment to testify. Detective, what was the total number of life insurance policies for what was the total value of those policies? Three hundred and sixty thousand dollars. Was there a common beneficiary? Yes. Thomas Randall. So Mark Bartlet, incredibly, incredibly important because we needed to establish this time frame.


I knew I had to be like one of these houses right here across the street because it's was like boom, boom. We all heard it. And on that evening, at precisely eight thirty three, did you happen to have a telephone conversation on your cell phone with a friend of yours?


Yes, I did. I was on the phone and I heard gunshots, three rapid gunshots. We were able to look at his phone, find out when he heard those shots, and then compare that to the time that Thomas Randolph actually calls nine one one nine one one emergency, my wife and shock.


So, all told, how long do you think it took from the time you opened the door for you being on nine one one to three minutes, maybe two or three minutes time? What was the time stamp coming through when the defendant makes connection to nine one one twenty forty five eight forty five p.m.?


So we're talking about 12, 13 minutes difference between the time that Randolph said that he got home and when he got on the phone with neighborhood, Randolph had to be damn sure she was completely dead before nine one one was called before the police ever get there. That video in the hallway and that nine one one call to me, I thought were really damning, damning to him.


I've been waiting a long time for this moment to testify. They're certain detectives that are really good on the stand. I think juries naturally like them, want to hear from them, believe them. Dean Kelly is that witness. They would call Detective Dean Kelly. So when you first fire, he's right in this area. Yes, probably maybe maybe a little more that way. Maybe a little more this way. You in the walk through video, spent several minutes going over with Mr.


Randolph, the positioning of Mr. Miller in the hallway trying to lock Mr. Randolph into the position of Mr. Miller to determine for myself Mr. Randolph was not telling the truth about where he was when those shots were fired. And I just I shot, shot, shot and shot and shot with the amount of rounds at Mr. Randolph said he fired from the hallway, would have expected to see more cases in the hallway. All of the evidence that you found relative to a shooting and the injuries that Mr.


Miller suffered were found there in the garage. Save for the one cartridge case.


We needed people to understand, Mike, and all of a sudden this relationship with this guy named Thomas Randolph, who comes out of nowhere and then basically almost a dopp 70s with them all the time from February up until May eight of 2008. How many phone calls were you able to locate between the defendant and Mr. Miller?


I found two hundred and eighty three phone calls to show you what's been demanded. Is 14 a do you recognize was contained there? Yes, this is the black ski mask that was at the scene adjacent to Mike Miller's body on the floor.


From your observations at the scene, did you look for whether there was any other bullet defects or anything associated with the head gunshot wound on that mask? We didn't see any such defects. That seemed odd. It certainly indicated that it was not on his head when the rounds were fired through his head. Detective, what was the total number of life insurance policies insuring Miss Randolph's death at the time of her death? The ones that we were able to locate was for what was the total value of those policies?


Three hundred and sixty thousand dollars. Was there a common beneficiary in all four policies? Yes. Thomas Randolph. Thank you, have a lovely day. You're excused. When I got off the stand and walked out of the courtroom, what I had hoped is that I conveyed enough to the jury. What we knew about what Tom Randolph did, your Honor, with the conclusion of Detective O'Kelly's testimony, the state of rest. All right. Tom, protecting himself, protecting his family, protecting his home, took the necessary action and killed Mr.


Miller. We weren't going to hold back on anything. She didn't take it in his attorney sock. I keep trying to explain it. There's more to do with it that we don't need to do that. We made our point. What? Dealing with Tom's personality was challenging for us. He didn't ask the questions, you didn't take it just because he wanted to run the show and that we should just do whatever he said.


I think the case for whether or not it was ethical or sound legal strategy or something that we thought needed to be done in this stuff, it's unbelievable.


All we want from you today is to look through this, see what the truth is. And they can't prove this case without smearing him with a, you know, a red M murder where he got away with it before Gyptian, Your Honor. Objection, Your Honor. Objection, Your Honor.


So you continue objections that you object to any admission regarding the events in Utah, correct? Yes, Your Honor. I don't think the Utah case should have come in at all. It was completely irrelevant to what was going on in the case here in Las Vegas. We had to fight that tooth and nail every step of the way. Do you have a recollection that there was gunshot residue testing on the hand of Becky? I do not recall that, to be honest with you.


And in this case, it was processed as a suicide. It was.


We had to tell the jury it's nothing. It's gone. It was not proven. Let's deal with what we know about this case. Look at this evidence.


Sharon, Sharon, Sharon, the walk through video that Tom did, that was another hurdle that we had to overcome. It was clear that when he did it, he was very intoxicated on the pain medications he was taking when it was time and my date of birth.


I'm going to call your witness. Thank you. Good afternoon, Joe. You know Tommy. Yes, my brother and older, younger, older. His brother had to drive Tom to the house to do this walk through video.


I didn't feel like he should drive. OK, and that was because you felt that time was under the effects of the medications. Yes.


Just kind of didn't know what to do and just didn't think it was a good idea for Tom to do the walk through that night.


No, if you're going to have a nice day. Does the defense have any additional witnesses at this time? It's a dangerous thing to put your client on the stand and be cross-examined by the prosecution. We advised him not to testify and he agreed with us. The defense will rest. How's it going? These attorneys suck. You think so? I know so you're not happy with the way things are going. There's so much they could do is just keep.


I keep trying to explain it. There's a way to do it that we don't need to do. We don't need to do that. We made our point. What? I'm not happy. Not in the least. This is now back in session. All right. Is the state ready? Yes, Your Honor. Thank you. Thomas Randall has had a lot of secrets, some of which date back to over 30 years ago. But those secrets back then and the secrets leading up to May 8th of two thousand eight have exposed him for exactly what and who he is.


And that is someone that is willing to kill those closest to him for his own monetary gain. Thomas Randolph's gig is up. She is, Don. Tell him he's done by finding him guilty of the murder of Cheryl Randolph and Mike Miller. Thank you. Whenever you're ready. Tom was assaulted by a masked intruder, a home invader in his house, an intruder who had just killed his wife. Tom had every right to defend himself, to defend his life, to defend his home, no matter where he shot Miller, no matter how many times he shot Miller.


And you should come to the same decision that jury did in Utah twenty eight years ago. Not guilty. It's not over completely, but feeling really good. Turns out they've been out since nine a.m. it's now 1:00, so we're on our floor waiting for a jury's verdict is the worst. I don't think we could have done anything more.


I don't think we could have done anything different.


I go through every aspect of my closing argument in my head. And what could I have said more. If I would have said this, they would have been already back by now.


And today, too, if it goes into day two, got a hold out.


So are you concerned right now? Yeah, I mean, I'm always concerned it doesn't matter how solid. I mean, I've had solid cases with confessions and I'm still a bit nervous.


As it went on, we thought maybe we had either a hung jury or that we actually had won the case every year for as long as they stay up there actually thinking that it's OK to just send us a tax verdict. We'll be back in around 11 to 11, 30. I'm nervous. Why the first trial didn't go so well.


I'm hoping they come back with a guilty on this one, which is going to say I would be extremely disappointed in this interview on her way to trial. And Randolph, OK, bring the jury in, please. It's sad I had to wait nine years to get here. I wanted to see his face. Miss Foreperson, would you give the verdict to the marshal, please? There's this noise when the jury is about to come in and the door opens and that clicking noise, to this day, a chill will run down the back of my neck.


I wanted to see his face. I wanted to see if there was any trace of remorse, any kind of real reaction.


All right, Miss Foreperson, would you give the verdict to the marshal, please?


We the jury in the above entitled case find the defendant, Thomas William Randolph, as follows count one, conspiracy to commit murder, guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, count to murder with the use of a deadly weapon. Sharon Randolph guilty of first degree murder. Count three, Michael James Miller, guilty of first degree murder. All right, before the verdict is recorded, does either side wish early Herzen pop out of my chest? It was very intense.


Exciting was good. The first time they believe they're close witnesses on. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, the jury, this is the penalty phase of the trial. The jury had to make a decision. Is Thomas Randolph going to live out his life in a closet sized room or is he going to die by execution? Thank you, your Honor, the state calls Rachel Gaskins, Rachel Gaskins is the daughter of Frances Frances Thomas's fifth wife.


Did you ever see him be physical towards your mother? Yes. In what ways? She went and got Burger King one time in Burger King, put mayonnaise on the sandwich and he slammed it into her face. He slammed the sandwich into your mother's face because it had mayonnaise on it. Yes.


She was just so powerful. And when she was talking, you could hear a pin drop. Your mom needs to go in for a surgery, is that right? Yes, ma'am. After he goes into the room with your mother and comes back out, what does he tell you in that she had passed away and he was crying. He got down on his knees and started hugging me.


During the time you lived with your mother and Tom, did a custody battle ensued between your mother and your father being Jesse? Yes. Did the defendant tell you to say certain things to the judge so that he and your mother could keep you? Yes, I should say that my dad was a pedophile, so I wouldn't be taken away from him. Did you tell the judge that? Yes. But today you cleared your dad's name.


In the 20 years that you weren't able to clear your dad's name, has that haunted you? How you.


Our whole mission became to save Tom's life. His life does have meaning to many people.


My name is Dorothy Arlene Randolph. This is where I should be as a mother today to support my son. You and.


Since 12th, I've been a cowboys as I got older and started becoming a fan of football, it gives me comfort that even here. I have never had a defendant walk into the day of his death penalty case where he gets to address the jury wearing a football jersey. I think that pretty much sums it up. That was a few to everybody in that courtroom to include the jury being the judge. In my opinion, yes, we would call Chris Dorando.


How do you know Tommy? He's my father. My dad was a terrific dad. He was loving. He was always there for me. He's a great grandpa to my children. He's loving and caring, spent a lot of quality time with them. He's just an excellent grandfather to them.


Your dad's life still have meaning to you, of course. Atun. Is it justice next? Yes, Justice Randolph. This is kind of absurd to me because I think that this is a question that you have my doubts. This reality is so different from my reality growing up with him. I mean, he was somebody who was just a great father to me. And that's valuable to you, wasting valuable. Your Honor, at this time, the Tommys, I'd like to make an allocution, the allocution is when the defendant has the right to give a statement to the jury.


I'm so sorry that all this happens. You've heard what you've heard and you can't imagine how much I miss Sharon and how much I miss Frances. I don't want to spend the rest of my life on death row and I don't want to spend the rest of my life in prison, but for my mother, my children and I suspect for me. But, yeah, I, I it's going to be hard on my family more than anything. So I don't know what else to say.


The record will reflect the presence of the jury. Madam Foreperson, do you have a 30? We the jury in the above entitled case, having found the defendant, Thomas William Randolph, guilty of murder of the first degree of Sharon Randolph and Michael James Miller impose a sentence of death. Justice, finally, after nine years, it's really, really hard years before it's over. Yes, it's going to feel better. It's going to get better for me and my family.


Oh, yes. Well, it's it's just the next step. It's no it's no big deal, really. I just it's sad I had to wait nine years to get here. We should have already been through the appeal process. And now it it's just a matter of three more years and we'll get a fair trial. I'm sitting at work, email comes in, see the title line of Randolph decision, I couldn't believe it. This guy is a psychopath, Porkchop's.


All of my lawyers have said if the Utah case comes in, you will be convicted and you will get the death penalty and then three years later, the Supreme Court will overturn it.


I've never even thought about any other thing other than acquittal. I'm the victim in this. I'm the victim of this.


It's no big deal, really. I just it's sad. I had to wait nine years to get here. We should have already been through the appeals process. And now it's just a matter of three more years. We'll get a fair trial. This is the time set for oral argument. In the case of Randolph Hearst State. The only way this state to get a conviction in this case was to portray Thomas Randolph as a serial killer. The prosecutors said about to require the entire case involving Becky's dad and showed the evidence in that case against Randolph, in this case involving Sharon's death by suggesting that Randolph also had probably killed Sharon as well.


This is a man's life we're talking about, but the evidence should have never come here.


Mr. Stanton. Do you think he could approve this case without this prior?


I'm not sure whether or not I've ever assessed that this case in that way.


And I'm sitting at work, email comes in, see the title line of Randolph decision, pull it up and then read it. They're going to give him a new trial and disagree that the evidence from Utah should have come in, they conclude that it should not have. He's still remanded in custody. He doesn't get to get out, but he's going to get a new trial. I was I couldn't believe it. I can't say what I said on a know on TV, I was just flabbergasted.


This guy is a psychopath, all caps, and that's why he is, in my opinion, you can't find a more dangerous person in the community than this guy.


I've started to get back to normal. Well, not right away. The trial brought bunch more emotions back up. My kids are my focus and they are my joy. I was about five and a half months pregnant with Katy when my mom died. My baby girl. I was seven years old when I was eight. Katie's 12. She's so grown up now, she's so beautiful. It's crazy how much time has passed. I wish she could have met it, grandma.


How I would sum up the Thomas Randolph cases, it's like a movie, how it plays out, it's almost unbelievable until you believe it. And his mother, you know what she said about you after you were acquitted in the case, he's guilty. And he's just going to kill somebody else's dollars. That's what she said about you in the 1980s. His mother, I hey, maybe maybe she's psychic or those. I'm just elated. I'm hoping for bail because the only one I'm a threat to is is married women.


So I pose a threat to nobody, no married women, nobody I have insurance on. We start back at square one. He's not convicted of any charges, he will stand trial for the second time. There's no guarantees in any trial. Yeah, he could be found not guilty and walk out of the court a free man. I only ran across probably a half a dozen people who when you're sitting, you just sense that there the darkness in them is your wife, you.


You see that they did they not only killed that person, they don't regret it, but my beautiful.


And if they were able to get out, they would kill someone else. I shot him again and he just lay in there some noise. Tom Randolph's real sentence will start when he takes his last breath on this earth and it'll be for eternity.