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Thomas Randolph took his wife out to dinner for Mother's Day. We had a theory that as they're walking together, holding hands, he knows within a very short period of time she'd be dead on the floor of the House. He groomed a person that would be willing to kill for him. We should tell you you're under arrest.


No, because if there was more that we needed to know about Tom Randolph, we're going to have to go back through every relationship we ever had. We went to Washington State, Indiana, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Utah. We've been married six times and four of his wives are dead. Becky was shot in the head.


We had to go in there and it's just like a suicide. She would never have killed herself. Police arrested Thomas Randolph on charges of murder. He said point blank, I want you to kill my wife. These women come up dead. He comes up with money. He's really a six inch hole in the ground, on the ground.


It's got me right in. Put a gun in my hand. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Put your hands on your head right now, put your hands up. What did you do with. Well, it's twenty twenty one, I never thought that we'd still be talking about Thomas Randolph, but it is definitely a story that needs to be told, I hope. Yeah, right here and Sharon's laying in the floor, it's rare that you come across somebody like a Tom Randolph where they've methodically map out how they're going to take someone's life.


And it's chilling. I thought it just seemed like a shadow or. Something over this way. I would describe Thomas Randolph as egotistical, selfish, a narcissist that cares for nothing and no one other than himself, Cher and Sharon, my partner Rob Wilson and I were investigating the murder of Sharon Randolph and Mike Miller.


We had every belief that Tom Randolph had met Mike Miller, that he befriended him, that he started grooming him for what eventually occurred on May 8th of 2008. As soon as she walked into this to this area here where her head was positioned right here, Michael Miller fired that shot as Miller started to walk through the garage door to leave with Thomas Randolph behind him, Tom Randolph fired the first shot the ambushed him from. I remember her showing up to my front door with him, and I was like, where did he come from?


You know, and then I heard about him coming from Utah. She really didn't say much about him. I didn't know how many wives he had, didn't realize that my mom was his sixth wife. There is a lot that I did not know in his past how really, really dangerous he was. Crazy, well, after we met Colleen, we learned from her that she had found a will that her mother had left the Tom Randolph didn't know anything about.


So my will was valid and his was no longer valid, which really upset him. His whole idea was to get everything. And that's not what was taking place. He saw his plan slipping away and that made Colleen very afraid. I never liked his whole vibe at all. I thought it was very strange, kind of creepy. There came a point in time where a colleague wanted to change the locks on the house. I was afraid to go by myself.


Should we go get your shoes? So Kelly went with me.


Just more or less, almost like a keep the peace move out type of situation here with me being here, the civil issue. And that's what it is.


We're changing out all the locks on the house so Tommy Randolph doesn't have access. Colleen came in and she saw the tape up on the wall and the blood spatter and things like that, she had more questions and I answered as many as I could for her this morning. That was my first. I heard of what exactly happened. I only had bits and pieces.


But that's this is very important to us. It tells us a lot, which is also consistent with she knew about Mike Miller being the one who killed her mother.


She just walked in the house, which doesn't make sense. Yeah. I mean, it makes more sense that there's a person in here waiting when your mother comes into the house. It's far, far more consistent with a person being in here laying in wait for your mother to cross over this this area and the hallway, I would think. And logically then why didn't Michael knew he was going to walk in the door next, shoot him the second he came in?


Well, and that's all that's all also consistent with. Michael being part of this plan to kill your mother. I'm looking for some sort of walking through the house and the front door was left open. Uh, Tom Randolph showed up. Randolph was standing right in the doorway, but this crazy look on his face. And I froze. Have you got a piece of paper that says, I can't be here? You know, that's what I thought.


So here's the question. My heart is still going pretty fast. It just scared the crap out of me. You could see when Colleen tensed up, I mean, quite a bit when when we knew he was there and he was immediately agitated.


Understand this, he felt like he could come in and start pushing his way around and and we were like, no, we're not having any of it. And Randolph looked even more upset that. I was with O'Kelley and you got a piece of paper that says, I can't believe here. That's what I thought, so I think I'll stay in my house. I mean, the here. This is my house address to actually move next year and make sure you get really hot.


I need to get my stuff on, you know, but I can't get my clothes on. You know, that's something that I work out here.


He's locked out because he can't get his clothes. And I'm not talking, touching my heart. Still going pretty fast. You scared the crap out of me. We get through some of this stuff, Rob and I had gathered enough information based on the crime scene and witnesses, video surveillance we had obtained to that point and had every degree of confidence that we had enough to arrest Thomas Rano. We're getting ready to go over to the district attorney's office and go over the case, go over what we have to at this point and see if we have enough.


I'm hopeful, but I'm doubtful. I hope I'm a little more pessimistic than Dean is. I don't, because I'm not sure we're quite there yet. We presented the case to Robert Discus and David Stanton, two of the very experienced district attorneys, we were hoping to walk out of that meeting with an arrest warrant. I thought, this is good that we have we have plenty. We have this home invasion that occurs on the 8th of May. We have a pretty good idea of when they got home.


We presented the facts that we had that we knew at the time. He lets her out.


In addition to some things that had come to light about Mr. Randolph, we believe that this was planned months earlier over the period of five months that.


Randolph befriends Miller, they're in daily contact with each other. They do all sorts of stuff together to include day and afternoon of the murder. They went out together shopping for jet skis. Dean believes that this was a setup by Randolph to use Miller as a pawn to do the dirty work. Then he got rid of the only witness that could tie him to this conspiracy. You both believe, without question, that Miller shoots her, shoots Sharon, and then, of course, Randolph comes in and plays the hero.


You don't think there's any chance that Randolph shoots those? We don't believe so. They're kind of surprised. You're telling me that you don't think that, Randolph. Love to watch, but let's just walk through it from Randolph's version of events. They have this struggle in the hallway. There's a bunch of shots fired. He wants to make sure the guy who just killed his wife is in his house is dead. So it goes over and puts a couple of rounds in his head.


And his head actually thought that night. And Randolph says during the struggle, the mask comes out, pushed up a little. OK, and what does he say at some point that he takes it off of him? No. He said that when he shot him in the head, did he believe he still had the mask on? And there's no holes in them. There's no holes in the ski mask. There's no bullet holes. There's no blood on it day.


There's so much more to it. There's so much more to it. He's been married. He's been married six times. He had four wives are dead. Wow. Four wives are dead in my line of work, I don't believe in coincidences, obviously, at this point.


I don't know a lot of the details about his other wives both living and dead. They wanted some time to think about it. It was kind of disappointing, like, well, maybe I didn't say it right, maybe I didn't, you know, focus on the right things. But obviously, they weren't getting it at that point. They weren't feeling it. There were some very strong conclusions that you could draw, but they weren't absolute. Rob and I were frustrated, just couldn't say, OK, that's it, let's go, let's put the handcuffs on him and take him in.


This is mostly all of his stuff. This is the ammunition, two giant duffel bags. This is bullet proof that I'm going to be afraid, really afraid. It's a helmet. Roller blade. So how did your parents die and then all of a sudden everything is just so overwhelming, you're in charge of everything.


What do you do with it? You know. And. This is old man. It just feels I don't sleep good. I have some really strange dreams, nightmares, more involving him and. I know I've I pissed him off. Pretty bad by locking them out of the house and he's not been able to get his stuff for quite a while. We've been rooting through the house and seeing all of his things. I can see why he's so upset now.


Others, some naked pictures in here. We found some business cards, got a lot of attorneys cards. That's his stuff. He was extremely creepy going through his things, driver's licenses from his ex-wives. It's hard to swallow this crazy.


Here's a scuba gear. Get that bulletproof vest going on and don't know what you need that for it to was the bedroom, this was his side. There's he stashes all his drugs and medications and. This is mostly all of his stuff. This is the ammunition he had two giant duffel bags and bullets there, those hollow bullets that were. And I don't know. I'm going to be afraid, really afraid. Are you, sweetie? I took some control away from him.


I know he's a control freak. I really have faith in the police.


All the things that we were able to put together about him added that credibility to Colleen, fear that she truly believed that as long as Tom Randolph was free, that she needed to be afraid.


So as we were walking into that second meeting with the district attorneys, I mean, we were both hopeful that we'd be able to walk out of there with an arrest warrant for Thomas Randolph.


What a jury is going to know is he claims this intruder you startled, lucky for him, he gets a gun and the explanation he provides. Yes, I think a lot of sense, given the physical evidence against is it any wonder he can't remember exactly where he was when he fired that gun?


I was not happy. I remember sitting there thinking, I don't know how you're not seeing this. I don't know what the reason is.


And so, you know, when I look at it, I say there's no way given given that evidence that a jury conviction of anything without explanation. I think it's not that I tend to agree with Robert.


The most critical thing at that juncture is, you know, is there any evidence that's relevant and admissible to the current case? The dean's investigating if I'm a defense attorney.


Yeah, he's panicked. Oh, we got the gal in North Carolina that says that Miller told her that this guy was looking for somebody to kill his wife.


She's I don't know. He thought maybe he wanted me to OK. Is that when you say that that comes from Michael Miller. From Michael Miller, the robber. What's your thought about the the statements to Miller about him being solicited? Right. I mean, I don't think that's ever coming in. Yeah. I don't see any way to get her on hearsay. If we get Randolph telling somebody something, that person comes forward and we got a problem.


Just they told us we didn't have enough. They felt like there was a plausible deniability there for him and that the case just wasn't strong enough and they didn't want to take a chance of of losing it in court.


We had a lot more work to do ahead of us and. OK, well, we need to dig deeper. That means we're going to have to go back through every relationship you ever had, you know, and talk to everyone. And and and that we did there was a lot more that we put together, things that we absolutely never anticipated. And we were determined to keep going together as much information as we needed to put him in cuffs. So we wanted to know exactly what had happened to each one of his prior wives.


We needed to look at each one of those marriages, each one of those relationships to see if if that would have any bearing on our case. And so we started with wife number one. Hi, baby. Come on, come on. OK, do you know if you had an insurance policy on it? Yes, he did. After we left the DA's office, we had to just dig as deep as we could into Tom Randolph's life. They'd been married six times and four of his wives are dead.


First wife was still alive, she was married to someone else and was living up in Washington State. Arriving at sunlight. For dealing with a relationship that was it's pretty old.


Twenty five years old, Catherine. Hi, baby. Come on.


Come on. You OK? This was in the 1970s, like the long period in the. How did you meet Thomas Randolph? Um, I was in high school, I was a senior and I had a girlfriend and her boyfriend happened to be roommates. When did you get married? August 2nd, 1975.


I was 18. He was 20. And this was where this was in Clearfield, Utah. We were married at his parent's house. And I was very drawn to his parents. They were very good to me. He was very charming and witty person and very intelligent. And I fell over that at first. And you have two children were OK, justice. And Christa Randolph and Kathy had two kids. One, her son's name was Justice. We found that to be rather ironic.


I mean, he didn't he didn't hold a steady job for too long. The first sign I saw of things going wrong, I made him a bowl of oatmeal one morning and because it didn't have sugar on it, he picked it up and threw it against the wall and said, my mother always put sugar on my oatmeal. What happened after that? After you saw that first sign? Well, I think, of course, deteriorated from there. He just wouldn't quit harassing me.


He started seeing other women doing a lot of drugs. Started to do drugs, was arrested, but his parents bailed him out every time. Do you know if he had an insurance policy on you? Yes, he did. We actually divorced in April 7th of eighty three. What was the reason why he ended ended the marriage? He got really scary. All of you said not physically, but psychologically is very narcissistic. She didn't he'd like to control you, you know.


And then at some point you meet Steve. And how long after you started dating did he find out about the relationship? I think it was pretty soon. It was pretty soon because we've had her husband, Steve, had been friends with Thomas Randolph prior to them even getting married. His reaction was that it was like stealing meat from another man's refrigerator. You going out with his wife, but you were stealing meat from his refrigerator. You had a brief conversation with Detective apparently on the phone and specifically, I guess there was a conversation with Mr.


Randolph had initiated with you where he was asking you about what be willing to do for money or. Yes, I did. He had approached me and asked me if I would kill somebody for money, if I knew I could get away with it. And on several occasions, he did approach me and say something like this several occasions. So I would just not just once, but several times looking back, you know, I mean, I firmly believe that she was the target next to it shows a pattern, not just the approach, but just kind of, you know, he's around somebody for a while and then he'll just maybe put something out there and see whether or not they, like you say, whether or not they bite on it, you know.


Yeah. This is all fitting the pattern we needed to find out more. He was still out on the loose. And he was in town. I was very afraid. I knew he killed her. I think Colleen had every reason to be afraid. The only thing we could do at that point was just tell her if you thought you were under immediate threat, call nine one one. You know, make sure you protect yourself. And we had to tell her that because at that point, there was nothing we could do to restrict Tom Randolph's movement.


I just remember screaming and just dropping to my knees, begging, Randolph was Tom Randolph second wife. I said, is Becky? And she said, just come home. And I said, she's dead. She's just come home. At this point, with our investigation and now talking to Kathy and Steve, her husband, we're very interested in finding out what had happened with the other wives. Becky Randolph was Tom Randolph's second wife. They were married in nineteen eighty three.


When we first found out about Becky Randolph, we found that it was ruled a suicide. The initial investigation said there was a suicide. This detective wohlsen from Las Vegas, we wanted to get the information about what happened.


Was it similar to what we had?


So we had to follow the breadcrumb trail all the way back to Utah and talk to everyone that was still around that was willing to talk to us. Rob Wilson, Rosaria, nice to meet you, Rose Kelly, one of the first stops to be made in Utah was Becky's aunt Rosalie Alred, and she has some very interesting things to tell us.


Here's one picture. I think that was once she got married, Becky had confided in Rossley.


And so she was able to remember a lot of information telling her what you know about Tom roundoff and about their relationship.


I just didn't like him. I just didn't like the man. And they point to anything. He was just an arrogant, smart ass.


I just don't like you.


Did he ever talk to you about him or anything going to hurt him? Yeah, what will you remember about that?


She told me that we had a room down in the basement and he always kept it locked and he had another girl down there making the ground watch and have sex. And I, I ask, doesn't kill you and watch you do that with the other girls? Just the idea that I do it because he wants me to. What really kind of hit me the most is how raw her pain was. She's really a six inch. One of the things that stood out to me the most was apparently Tom and Becky were having a lot of financial problems.


Their lights were off, they're behind on their their rent. And at some point they go to rosily to borrow some money.


And for some reason, this popped up in my stuff.


And I don't know why she was able to find a receipt for I believe it was two thousand dollars that she had loaned to Becky so that they could get out of debt and he took took shirts.


How do you know that he used that money to pay for it? Well, she told me that Tom was betting against the insurance premiums to underinsurance, the life insurance.


Tom's major priority was to keep the insurance premiums for Becky Randolph, a perfectly healthy woman, keep her life insurance premiums up to date.


For him, that was a priority to keep your money free. I know. I'm sorry. He was the beneficiary of all. Her smile was. Infectious, you walked into a room and you could do nothing but be happy she was there. Becky is my first cousin. She's more like a sister, we grew up together. We were just all sitting around and she kept talking about this guy's name on this, she just really happy to meet him and how cute he was and all this other stuff.


So, I mean, he was a real smooth talker. I thought Thomas Randolph, when I first met him, was a show off. He was always telling people how smart he was. Tom was working for a law firm, trying to become an attorney. At first, they seemed like they were pretty happy. And then. Things started to get worse and. As the relationship got bad, I said, why don't you leave him and she would say, I'm so afraid of what Tom's going to do to me if I leave.


And she was at my house and she says, I need to run to my home in Clearfield just to pick up a few things. She never came home. She never came back. She was shot, she was shot in the head. And everybody kept telling me that she shot herself. I said, no, Becky didn't shoot herself. She would never shoot herself. And I just remember screaming and saying, you've got to be kidding and just dropping to my knees and crying.


My cousin told me to come home at work, told me to come home, and I said Mom and she said no.


I said this is a package. She said, just come on. And I said, she's dead and she's just come home. She was dead, the depth of her grief was so profound, it was very clear that justice had not been done in her mind and that there was no peace.


We are finding quite a bit more, and it was painting a clear, clear picture of who we're dealing with in Colorado. We need to meet with the people that were involved in the original investigation of Becky Randolph's death.


Still, a lot of things that, you know, was a red flag to me just by looking at it. You she'd have to be on their head now for taxpayers to pull the trigger. There was no way that could happen. That should be police department. We're at the Davis County Justice Center to speak to Deputy District Attorney Steve Made.


The goal is to find out everything about how Baccy died.


We're going to take you back many, many, many years, many years ago. He was at the scene.


And when he looked at it, I mean, his impression overall was that it was a suicide.


I remember going into the house that was a it was a newer house at the time when we had gotten into the house, she was upstairs in a bedroom and there had found a suicide note or what we thought was a suicide note on the kitchen counter that she was upstairs in the bedroom. She was lying on the waterbed. She was covered up to the top, just below her breast with a blanket, literally. I think we all walked in. We had to know we had her of the bed.


We had a gun in her hand, gunshot wound to the head. We're saying this is like a suicide, you know. So from that point, basically how we started treating thing has been a suicide. We also met with my counterpart, the lead investigator in the case, Dick Martin. There were a lot of things that, you know, was a red flag to me. Sirtuins position in the fans is the gun sale.


He felt uncomfortable with calling it a suicide, that there are things about it that trouble him. He related to us about his concerns about the positioning of the gun and how he felt that it was odd because the way her head was like this with the how you think of the impression probably reversed some of my sights here. So here it's totally abnormal. So now like this upside down, like this didn't happen just by looking at it. She had to be on her head and protect her bulletproof.


No way in my mind that could happen.


He went back to the crime scene. He went back to investigate further. It was his understanding that the scene had been secured. I was really upset when I went back to the house. I was under the impression that the county attorney's office had locked the house down.


By the time I can get my law in order to get back in new things, everything that I want to do, we go. Thomas Randolph had come in and basically scoured the place clean out of walls, painted, you know. Becky, Randolph's death was declared a suicide, so now Tom Randolph not only gets to go on with his life, but he also cashed in on a life insurance policy close to half a million dollars. Becky's death remained a suicide for the next couple of years until Lieutenant Scott Connolly from Ogden, Utah, got involved in the investigation.


So we needed to talk to Scott Connolly. So we went to Ogden Police Department. Detectives with the Las Vegas metro area have finally I'll never forget the day that my phone rang, I was a lieutenant with the police department at that time and it was Las Vegas PD and they wanted to know about Tom Randolph. And I thought, holy hell, here we go again.


I first heard of Tom Randolph in the detective division, and this guy wanted to be a major drug player in the Ogden area. Everybody would tell me this guy is so enthralled with the Scarface movie that he demanded that they all call him Tony Montana. This is all your stuff. Yeah, it's awesome. I have been to this stuff in a long, long time.


And he had all this information about Tom Randolph, same man, the same kind of same look. He developed a huge case, by the way.


He got involved in the Feki Randolph investigation is that a woman told him that her husband had been approached by Thomas Randolph about killing Becky. Her husband's name was Eric Tarantino. Tom Randolph had befriended him years earlier. He ended up starting to groom him to kill Becky Randall, Eric and I started off on a conversation about what had taken place. He and Tom were really close. Eric started telling me of the different plots of to to take Becky out that he had Becky.


And sure, Tom and Eric had developed by four or five different plans of, you know, taking her out, basically killing her for a profit. Because there was such an important person and Becky Randolph's murder investigation, he also became important to us because of the similarities between Becky's death and Sharon's death. After talking to Scott Connolly, it became very apparent that we needed to talk to Eric Tarantino. There was little innuendos here and there, and let me just point blank, I want you to kill my wife.


This is exactly what he said. You know, way too much to say no. So what you. Eric Tarantino was somebody who Tom Randolph befriended and over a period of time had groomed him to kill that Randolph as they got a seven forty five flight on Thursday.


And so it was very apparent that Eric Tarantino could play a major role in moving forward in our investigation. This sucks. I hate flying the whole time that we're trying to gather information, we realize that Tom Randolph is freaked out and able to do whatever you want to do. My partner, Rob Wilson, I end up getting on another plane and we're off to New Hampshire to meet with our Trentino. Really appreciate you coming to Rob Wilson, my partner.


He's kind of a wise guy kind of character. How do you know Thomas Randolph? I met him, he was the foreman in a cabinet shop that I worked at Tom and I had become good friends while I was working. We remained good friends after initially. It was an admiration type of thing. And then he kind of fell into that. Trap the. Thomas Randolph probably lead for him. It started with him coming up and having more jobs go by the house and shovel the driveway and, you know, come in and have dinner.


And I started getting to know his wife. Some of the some of the jobs that I did for Tom was collecting money. He dealt drugs to everybody. He dealt drugs to police officers, individuals on the street. I'd go and collect money for them when they didn't pay. What kind of drugs? Everything like pharmaceutical marijuana, cocaine, Valium, things like that. There came a point in time where he's talking to you about killing. Somebody had said something about that.


Once you go back to that, how did all that transpired? Describe that for me. Just, you know, little things here and there about killing somebody for collecting insurance. You know, what? Would I be capable of shooting somebody? It was just one thing after another was little innuendos here and there, and then just to point blank, I want you to kill my wife when he talks to you about killing his wife. Tell me how that took place.


Where where were you? What were you doing? Do you remember we were shooting guns? I want to say we were. He had a twenty two with a silencer. We shot it a couple of times and he said, I don't want you to kill my wife. And you know, the first thing out of my mind, we've gone through so many scenarios when he actually said who it was and I said no, it was real simple. And this is exactly what he said.


You know, way too much to say no. So what you her I wasn't ready to die, so I played the game as we listen to him tell his story.


Yes. The similarities with what we knew about Michael Miller restriking, I mean, you can almost envision Mike Miller. Sitting across the table from us in the park instead of Eric Tarantino from there, it was kind of like being in a hostage situation. The minute I said no, everything in our relationship changed. I didn't trust him anymore. I became fearful of him every time he showed up. I didn't know if I was going to be dead. Like I said, I'd walk into a room.


He'd put a gun to my head. Loaded or not, I don't know. All blow away, I guess. It was loaded. I walked into his house one day. He walked up behind me with chloroform on Iraq, grabbed hold of me. And, you know, the next thing I know, I'm laying on the floor and he's standing over the last I did whatever he asked me to do. I mean, we went out so many different times practicing just firing guns.


So you practice in an accidental shooting where she would get killed? Exactly. You know, if we were to camp and they were in the tent, you could get up and go to the bathroom. I'd be sleeping in the blades or not the truck in the neutral and it rolls over the tent and rocks are kills. Pushing her down in a canyon with a raging river. Shooting accidental on accident, just walking into a hole or sliding the rifle into the case and it goes off.


We did put off the fire scenario that was discussed for over a month, how it could be done. You know, when she was sleeping, where it would start in the trailer was almost like a battered wife syndrome. He was scared. He was afraid on any of these. He was afraid and rightly so. Tom Randolph's a dangerous person. There was nobody to tell. You know, the police officers. He knew judges. He knew lawyers.


He knew everybody that I would have turn to to say, OK, this guy's out of his mind. I'm going to get me out of here. I never had the attention that. He developed a relationship with Becky Randolph. He started to care about her, that she was a human being. He couldn't see himself doing it. He couldn't follow through.


And that brought him to the point where he knew that he had to tell her. So he ended up calling her and said, Becky, look, I'm going to kill you. He's got life insurance policies, bottom drawer of his bureau at his mother's house. I've seen them there under a yellow sweater. I knew when I made that phone call I had to run or I was going to be dead. I just packed up and ran. My wife called me, I want to say a year, a year later, she didn't say hi.


She said she's dead. We saw the arrest on TV, we're all just thinking that they have to find Tom guilty, obviously these guilty.


How are you feeling? Wonderful. When Betty Rae Randolph died two years ago from a gunshot wound to the head Clarefield, police called it apparent suicide. But today, police arrested Randolph's husband on charges of murder.


Scott Conway brought it back to the forefront and was able to get it to the point where Randolph was arrested for Becky's murder. Talking with Eric Tarantino, I basically confirm that what Tom's plan is, what's his involvement in? I want to right the wrong that this wasn't a suicide, that this was a homicide.


Officers took Thomas Randolph Jr. into custody after a new evidence implicated him in the shooting. We saw the arrest on TV. We felt joy, finally, Tom's going to be paying for what he did to Becky. Finally, it's going to come to the light that he did kill Becky. I was pretty excited, I was hoping for the best, I kind of relieved that maybe justice would be done. Randall is suspected of concocting an elaborate scheme to kill his wife and collect on her life insurance policy, Eric Tarantino is the prosecution's star witness.


Randolph knew that Tarantino is the key witness against him. Everything for the Utah case hinged on Eric Tarantino's testimony. And Tom, of course, knew that, and so he hatched a plan to have him killed. He end up having a conversation with what he thought was a hit man, but it ended up being an undercover police officer, Darren Teno is in protective custody.


He says his life is in danger for testify. Tom is on trial for killing Becky while at the same time he's under investigation for trying to have Eric Tarantino killed. The attorneys in the case paint vastly different views of this trial. The defense says it's suicide, not murder, but the prosecution says it's more complicated than that.


This trial began in April of 89. I was in the courtroom. I remember listening to them going through the trial. We all knew Tom killed her. Becky would never have killed herself. Never. The prosecution also referred to this man's testimony. His name is Eric Tarantino, who told the court that he and Randolph rehearsed ways to kill Becky and make it look accidental. Tarantino, a former friend of Randolph, claims the murder defendant once jumped up on a bed and began singing along with a Rod Stewart song.


The lyric says, Or should I act quite cold and deliberate or maybe blow out her brains with a bullet?


We were shocked. I just remember feeling so much hate, you know, with Tom sitting up there. Just so much hate. The 34 year old Randolph testified for more than two hours and in a long and rambling narrative, described marriage to a woman he said was disturbed, depressed and dependent on drugs. It was horrible because, I mean, we knew Becky was addicted to drugs, but we knew it was him that got her addicted. You got her there.


You're the one that got addicted to it. You know, she didn't commit suicide. You know, you did it. You. Michael Robertson is standing by now with details of tonight's verdict. And finally, Michael Fletcher, we were just informed a few moments ago that the jury has returned a verdict. We're outside the family and we're just all very tense. We're all just thinking they have to find Tom guilty. So obviously, these guilty. And just waiting, waiting, and then we get called back in there and.


The jury ruled Becky Randolph died from her own hand and not her husband. I just need to thank the jury for being so attentive when we heard not guilty. You can't even explain how that feels. It was. It was horrible when that came back that he wasn't guilty. That was tough. And then to be so arrogant about it, it was even tougher. How are you feeling? Wonderful. He's evil. He's truly evil. He's a smart man and he manipulates people to to see my mom break down and to see my grandma and and Becky's mom.


It was just devastating for everybody in the family. I think it's very unfair and unjust. He's guilty. And he's just going to kill somebody else's daughter, so beware. When that verdict came in, I mean, it was like your gut just dropped out. Tom Randolph walked out. He basically give me the middle finger like, you know, hey, I'm going home free. But I knew I had the ace in the hole. You know, we had the conspiracy to commit murder charge, you know, against Eric Tarantino, where he wanted Tarantino killed for testifying in the case and he wasn't going home for he ultimately pled guilty to it.


After Tom had served his time, he went back into the Tom role. Randolph decides to sue Davis County, Clarefield P.D. and Ogden PD for libel and slander. So the decision was to pay them off to gain monetarily off the whole, you know, event settlement came and then he was gone. That gut feeling comes out again. God, if I to stop doing the first time. What I'd done different, you know, why and if I was bringing me to tears, thinking how we destroyed so many lives and how many lives have been affected since then.


You were at one time married to somebody by the name of Thomas Randolph, is that correct? Correct. He was cleaning the gun and I was very far away from him at all and it went off. The jury ruled Becky Randolph died from her own hand and not her husband. After Randolph was acquitted for the murder of his second wife, Becky Randolph, he met his third wife, Leona, they ultimately ended up moving to Indiana. We don't know a lot about her.


They were only married for about 11 months, then they divorced.


She died approximately a decade later from cancer. Then it wasn't too long after Leona that he met his fourth wife, and that's Geena. We are going to Nienaber Indiana to talk to Dana Randolph's only other surviving wife. What are you doing? Are you doing? Yeah, yeah. You were at one time married to somebody by the name of Thomas Randolph, is that correct? Correct. OK, how did you meet Tom Randolph do and how they think the newspaper.


OK, so there's a section in the newspaper for people to kind of just before the Internet. Correct. We went out for a period of time. Of course. I mean, to see it was very nice flowers and all this kind of stuff. And then the next thing I know, I'm stupid enough to marry him. All right. And you mentioned that there was an insurance policy that had taken out on you. He said that he was taking it out within a month or so.


She told us it wasn't long after they were married that Randolph had gotten involved in a bar fight that resulted in a shooting with a couple of people wounded.


I just remember a phone call from the police department saying that he had been arrested. So she had a friend of hers on the police department that knew a lot of the history relating to Randolph, and he was communicating some of that to Ghana, they had told me because they were asking me all these kind of questions, that they had dug up information and asked me if I'd taken out my life insurance policy on me. And I told them, yes, that he had.


And then they explained to me about an incident that happened in Utah that he had been under suspicion as far as murder their wife.


And I had no knowledge of any of that. Now, all of the warning signs are going off in Geithner's head. And then shortly thereafter, as when he was cleaning again and it had gone. All right. So can you tell me about that, how that happened? He was sitting in the dining room table and was cleaning the gun, and I wasn't very far away from him at all. And it went on about how far do you think you were between?


As far as I would say, it would be the distance between you about three feet.


And it went up and it was just, you know, away from me. It was a hole in the floor. And he said that he didn't realize that it was loaded and it went off. What did you do? Well, I mean, of course, I started yelling. I was scared. And it wasn't too long after that that he went to work and I packed up my stuff. Laughs God, I mean, I went to hiding basically tears.


Real smart for getting out of there. As a matter of fact, we learned that he approached a man, somebody he befriended and then ultimately popped the question, would you be willing to kill somebody for money? And we ended up going out to Kentucky and speaking with that man.


And that was Glen Morrison. You were describing earlier that he was kind of into guns and things like that. Yeah. Do you ever see these guns that he had? Oh, yeah. OK. And where did you see him? At his at his house. Had something to say because of the briefcase, the car.


He mapped out everything that Tom Randolph had planned. And it was an exact match to what we had in Las Vegas with Sharon Randolph. Because to making money of the car. Well, I'll give you a car. Do you want your money? We're talking about his wife. My wife. I got an interest way to shoot her and shoot me, a 30 year old man that I'm thinking this could be.


This is the same conversation that Tom Randolph had with Mike Miller. I'm sitting here looking at Mike Miller across the table from me. If I understand correctly what you were explaining to us about this whole plan that he had, that he proposed to you, he was trying to make it look like a robbery where you came in and forced him to open the safe. And then you had shot the wife during this run, this robbery, and then shot him in the leg here.


And then you stole the car, right, as you were leaving. What do you say? If he had to go in there to if I did get shot me if she shot me to be perfect alibi, which is what he related to us as.


The plan that he had with Randolph was an exact match to what we had in Las Vegas. Thanks for your hospitality. Thank you. But Glenn Morrison wasn't he wasn't buying it.


He believed that Tom Randolph would double crossing, probably prevented himself from being the Mike Miller. Oh, you know what I mean? Because he figured it out. You're smart enough to see it further ahead than Mike Miller.


I think what makes Thomas Randolph stand out is the calculated nature of grooming his victims and grooming his accomplices. He uses people and when he's done using them, he tosses them aside. That's who he is and that's who he will always be. Now we need to look into Tom Randolph's fifth wife, Frances Randolph, and in many ways is one of the creepiest it was one of the most difficult to stomach. You just said, can you give me and your mom a minute, I left the room and like forty five minutes later he came out and told me that my mom passed away.


What's the chance that she passed away in the time that I was out of that room? You were at one time married two, we're working down this list of Tom Randall's wives, both living and dead. You mean everything has been consistent so far? We're getting this just this pattern of finding women, marrying them, getting insurance money on them, and then after a period of time, he's finding somebody to kill the wife. We were racing against the clock, in our opinion, because Randolph was free.


We've got to get this guy in custody. Now we need to look into Tom Randolph's fifth wife, the fifth wife was named Frances, we knew that Frances was dead.


The question was why? How did that happen? Her sisters lived in Edinburgh, Indiana, so Rob Wilson and I went there to speak with them. This is taking us the final to the final destination on the left in point, three miles, we are in Edinburg to meet with Carolyn and Helena. Hello. Hi, how are you to this is my. How long before Francis and Tom were married?


Catholic pushed her into marrying after she married and he wanted to get married right out of. She had to get a divorce. It was about six months after I left I and what we learn was that Frances had a heart condition. It was serious, but not so serious that it would require immediate surgery. But Tom Randolph convinced her that she needed to get the surgery. She had surgery to come out recovery and was doing fine. Laughing and talking. And then something went wrong.


My mom was my best friend. She always was right there on my side. My mom was well short, really pretty. Sweet, the sweetest person you ever met. My mom moved in with Tom and Taylorsville DNA, and we stayed there until we moved to Clearfield, Utah. He seemed like a picture perfect dad, put me in gymnastics, put me in cheerleading, taught me how to skate. He was like the role model dad to me. But my mom would slowly start fighting more and more.


She had her heart surgery getting a valve replaced, and she came out of surgery and seemed like she was doing OK. She was doing fine for I don't know how many days. And then one day Tom asked me to leave the room. You just said, can you give me and your mom a minute? And I left the room in like forty five minutes later, he came out and told me that my mom passed away. And then right after that, he held me on his knees and he was booing about not another wife.


I can't lose another one. And then the doctor came in and asked if he went to autopsy. My stepdad said, no, he didn't want my mom cut up into a bunch of little pieces and then he had her cremated. Nothing was right. He should have an autopsy. What's the chance that she passed away? In the time that I was out of that room when I was just in there talking to her in thirty, forty five minutes when she was just.


They don't make sense. He told me she died on the operating table. Francis's death was ruled not suspicious, it was considered a medical death that occurred in a medical facility post surgery, and even though it was not ruled suspicious, Francis's sisters believed it was very suspicious.


My sister was dying before she ever went into surgery. Her face was swollen. And I just think she was being poisoned for sure, Renee. And I don't think she had a chance.


There's no way for us to go back and look at maybe like your suspicions of her having been poisoned or drugged or anything of that nature. We can't go back now and do an analysis to cremate.


You had her cremated and they seem like everybody he's ever around. These women come up dead. He comes up with money. He actually profited not only from life insurance on her, but also he sued the hospital and was able to get some money from the hospital that way.


Also, we don't know the exact amount, but we heard from from Frances's sisters that it could have been up to one point two million dollars in that second bomb.


Whatever he got, he got so say every time there's money, he's always getting money. Francis sister produced a videotape in that videotape was of Francis basically given a last will and testament to show us what you have. I've never watched this because I can't I just feel like I can't bear to watch it. Right. This is what they tell me. Those that have seen it and make it kind of hiragana in the background culture. I did watch that tape and it's obvious that Randolph was coaching Francis Francis, the late Randolph.


And I'm making the tape so that people will know what I want for Rachel, for myself. So away I would like for Tom to right Rachel. Because that to her and Tommy, I hope we never have to look at this tape. We call how we do it and put it away. I love you too much. Thanks so much. What do you want done with your cell phone number? I would like to be cremated and put them out time and place.


I don't want to be separated from the public space because I know what my father who does that, setting up a video camera and having her sit there and explain what she wants done with her body. Who would do that? So now we've gone through all of Tom Randolph's wives, both living and dead. We were very, very hopeful that we would be able to get an arrest warrant and make an arrest in this case. I worry all the time about my safety and my kids, it's the moment of truth.


All right. Chasing someone like Thomas Randolph. It is satisfying. But there is a level of fear that he could get away, that is a huge fear when you're conducting these investigations. We finally felt we had enough to get an arrest warrant for the murder of Sharon Randall. Today's date is September 9th, and we are heading up to Dave Stanton's office to discuss the completion of the affidavit and our being ready to submit the case at the moment of truth.


All right. Tarantino said that he and Randolph practice having an accidental discharge with a rifle. We told him about what happened with our meetings in Utah when we were able to talk in depth about conversation with Eric Tarantino, Glen Morrison. And it was an exact match to what we had in Las Vegas with Sharon Randolph. He talked about Randolph wanting Miller to kill his wife. Flat out, that's what she says. Yes. Know, one of the things I wanted to talk about today is talk over some strategies about pulling the trigger when we do grand jury versus prelim.


The complexity of the case primarily was the reason that I decided to take it to the grand jury. This was going to be something that we needed witnesses from several different states to fly in.


And that would take months. Nine months pregnant, going on 40 weeks, I am short tempered. Lost patience and losing faith. I just I worry. I worry all the time. About my my safety, my kids. He's a crazy man. I think he was desperate. I think he's got a real hate for women. He's free. There's arguments over the property, ultimately there's decisions made and agreements made between Colleen and Randolph as to what property he can remove from the house, he was allowed to come and get just his personal belongings.


I did not go. I did not want to be present for that, even though I knew the police were going to be there and the lawyers and it would have been safe, but.


I can't see him again and watch him taking things out of my mom's house.


My husband went to homicide detectives, my attorney, his attorney. We need to be careful. We're there to keep the peace. But we also knew that Tom Randolph traveled with guns. Both parties are here now, so there still could be weapons in the house. And so we just got to we got to keep keep an eye on this guy while he's getting everything out of here. Well, we're we're looking at a man who's planned months and months in advance to kill somebody when Randolph came to the house.


We had a surprise for him. We're in the grand jury for two counts of murder. I'm serving him with a marcom. Notice it's called a mark on notice. It's a notice of indictment.


It is the formal procedure that is based upon Nevada law to give the target of the grand jury notice of our intent to present the case to them.


I'll need to talk to you for a minute, Mr. Randolph, to me, and serve with the notice. We're indicting you for two counts of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. But this is a notice that we're seeking. And so we'll be going to the grand jury later or at the back of the vehicle. And my reaction was pretty much, all right. I just need your signature right here. He was allowed to leave. I mean, we have having additional contact with Randolph, all we could do is wait.


Oh, I got the feeling. Katelyn Beier. On September 17th. How can zero four weeks today, huh? She was born on Wednesday. Oh, little piggy. That actually hit me the day after she was born, my mom was so excited to have a granddaughter. Start. She loves being a grandma. She was really hoping for a girl, so it was hard. It's very hard. This turned out not having her here. Mr..


So it took several months for the grand jury to come back and is now early January, eight months after Sharon and Mike Miller were killed and we finally got the the arrest warrant for for Tom Randolph. I'm telling you, I don't think the ink was dry and we are on our way to jump in the car and and and drive up to Clearfield, Utah. Thomas Randolph was living with his mother up in Utah, and so we reached out to the local police department up there and got some detectives on board.


That was a long drive. We drove up almost basically all night, turn here, it's freezing cold, I remember that she was telling me to turn here. There was snow and ice all over the ground. Located the residence. I'm excited, man, I'm also kind of nervous, you know, cautiously up and just right now, we're late and having some breakfast right next to their field. Right after we get done with this, we're we're getting some things in place and getting a team together that is going to take him into custody and get him booked into a local facility.


Do you want to sit on it at all and try and wait and watch? If not, we'll set a perimeter and go in the boys and get him that one parameter. Rob and I kind of stayed out towards the street. It didn't go as smoothly as as Tom Randolph probably would have expected. What's that don't door. Hello. Can I talk to you? OK, put your hands on your head right now, put your hands on your head out of your head, keep on watching what you come out.


And you could see that he kept his right hand behind the door frame and he refused to show his hands, but on the ground. I got a picture of me on the ground, on your hands behind your back hand. Well, are you still here? You're under arrest. Are you standing there all the time? Oh, Jesus. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, my. Stand up and walk. You shoot. Oh.


Get them out of the house. Walk the walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk it slow. Let's watch. Oh, Jesus. Oh. Oh, yes, off lot. I still can't keep a Taser on, so Tom Randolph was arrested for the murders of Sharon Randolph and Mike Miller. I loved Rob and IRA. I was so glad that it went the way it did.


It was pretty satisfying to finally see that happen, knowing the type of person he is and predator that he really is, which is. Show me your hand, brother couldn't let go, you stupid.


I tried to tell you that I couldn't have made it much plainer, could I? I'm disabled. I can't let go the door. OK, we're going to run him to the hospital getting medical clues because he says I can't walk free from the arrest. We're going to cover. See, that's we're going to get the medical release real quick at the hospital. After we get that, then we'll go to the jail. So I do remember his mother coming out.


She she approached the vehicle and she seemed very confused as to what was going on. And he refused to show his hands when he was ordered to do so and to put his hands on top of his head.


I think that was a little rough there when I told you I couldn't let go the door, I was holding myself up. Thomas, you understand that I was there to arrest you on homicide warrants, correct? I mean, you seem to speak pretty good English right now. Yeah, you understand I was there to arrest you on a homicide warrant, right? I don't remember me resisting it. Are you a gun enthusiast? Do you have guns? Of course I've got.


OK, you got one in your face. You had one in mind. Thomas, I'm not taking any chances when you won't show me your hands. When you don't show me your hands. When I tell him I was on the door, your left hand was on the door, your right hand was behind the doorframe. And I don't know if you have a gun in that right hand. That's what happened. That's why you were tasered and that's why you were brought out the way you were.


You failed to follow instructions. That's what happened. You're jerking me off my feet, but that's OK. That's how they all do it. My safety is paramount. You understand? It's a completely circumstantial evidence. Why did. Put a gun in my hand so they didn't go away. That's just somebody saying, let's say it's got to happen. She has to be stopped. This is the Tommy Show flight from Las Vegas where the. There was a lot of women, a lot of Web site, good morning, council removes this guy, does nothing to hide.


That was view to everybody in that courtroom. And that is. I will be acquitted. I've told you this from day one, have I not?