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Pushkin. About a year ago, I heard about this guy, a former FBI agent named Ned Timmons and Ned.


He had this crazy story. I almost couldn't believe it went something like this. Back in the 80s, and it was a rookie at the FBI. And one night he arrests a fugitive at this biker bar.


And I just lean up to his ears. They told me FBI and I was fuck you.


Turns out this guy, Toby, has some connections in the criminal underworld. And that's Neds in. He goes undercover with a biker gang, learns how to ride a Harley Groza Fu Manchu mustache and well, start spending a lot of time with his new buddies.


You don't make progress unless you do with sociopathic, homicidal, crazy people.


Ned's wife at the time was also an FBI agent and she started to worry.


Well, you hang around that long with the pinch, bad guys fitting in with them. Your behavior is going to change and where you draw the line changes. But this was just the beginning. Ned tells me he would go on to live his double life for years and eventually uncover a vast criminal conspiracy. It involves celebrities, the CIA, a dictator down in Central America. Not just that. Ultimately, it leads to a war. I mean, a full scale U.S. invasion.


We're gonna work this up right to the top. Our objective is to work up and kill the head of the snake. Skeptical here. So was I. And then I started doing a little detective work of my own.


I'm Jake Halpern and this is Deep Cover, a show about drugs, motorcycles and FBI agent and a dictator with a machete.


Well, you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to realize that we stumble upon something that was largescale and that it was international.


The story was way too big for the feds.


I would have considered them very polished executives. They just happened to ultimately be involved in smuggling.


You could smell the money. I was so much of that money has a very distinct odor. And there was just so much of it. You could smell it.


Terrible characters are our stock in trade. It's the criminals who know how to get around the law and get around all of the systems who can help us do our job.


You know, you don't have to choose that path. You don't have to choose to work a case in that way. You don't have to choose to go deep cover. You are who you are. You're just an FBI agent. You're not God at anytime. I could have gone to my bosses and said, I'm done. And they would respected that. Why didn't you? Because I want to make the case. Deep cover brought to you by Pushkin Industries and launching July 13th.


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