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Please be advised, this show contains adult language and explicit scenes not advised for persons under the age of 17. Dirty Diana is presented by Dipsy Desire is a fire to be stoked, connect with your sexual self with Gypsy and download the app today. Q Code presents Dirty Diana, created by Sharna Feste, starring and produced by Demi Moore.


No one cares, Diana. I've had the keys for months come in. No one's here. No, not for hours, huh? It looks different during the day, doesn't it? You can see everything that the music and the booze covers up. You know, those places that even after they've just been cleaned, never feel cleaned, like who knows what nasty shit is in these curtains.


But in daylight, you know, we're all the same.


You can see all the C-section scars, the bad skin, everything we can hide at night with makeup and good luck. So why don't we start?


I have to get to work soon. I want us to be friends, Diana. That's really not possible. You wanted to do this. I'm here.


Let's get it over with. Are you this rude to everyone who tells you their innermost fantasies, I'm recording in five, four, three, two, one. I am and I don't want to know.


I don't need you to introduce yourself. Just tell me your fantasy, OK? My fantasy. I get turned on just thinking about it. So I'm in the shower all by myself and soaping up my big firm tits and playing with my hard little nipples. And as evidence of my tight toned ass, I hear a noise. It's my neighbor and he's naked and he looks fine as hell. His huge cock is rock hard to stop and this isn't what I want.


No, it gets better. Yeah. I don't, I don't care. I don't believe a word you just said. I know how to get men off.


That's not what this is about, so what do you want? You know, we don't have to do this. I've already got another fantasy lined up. Why don't we just call it. No, no. I mean, you want something real. I can give you real.


I don't think you can. Well, we made a deal. Fine. Start from the beginning. Tell me your fantasy.


It's about this new guy, I'm saying he's different from the guys I usually date, he holds doors open for me. He asked me what kind of wine I want, like I'd have some real opinion about it or something. He gives me his jacket when I try and look all cute and wear something tiny and cold as hell. And he's hot. He's older, but, um, but not like grandpa old, poor old, like he knows what he wants.


He knows how to treat a woman. He knows how to fuck a woman. His name is I don't need to know his name. OK, so in my fantasy, he takes me away for the weekend. Just us, maybe Hill Country or the low somewhere really pretty where we have to drive for a long time. He loves listening to my music.


So I play Philly Eilish and he plays Radiohead for me. And we stop and we look at all the views. A tourist offers to take our picture because we look so happy and we get to the hotel, which is like made for couples, it looks out over the swimming pool and every room is expensive and has these really nice soft sheets. And he's called ahead and he's planned everything, so there is rose petals on the bed and like chocolate dipped strawberries and they folded the towels into like swans or something.


And he tells me for the first time that he loves me and. He wants to start a life with me because he's never met anyone like me. And then he takes off his clothes. And he's a runner, so, you know, his body is all lean and toned and and anything Oliver does to me.


I don't I don't want to know his name. Sorry. We straight make love. Like, he looks me in the eye and when he first goes inside me, his face changes and I love that moment, like he's almost shocked by how good I feel. And he wipes my hair off my forehead and he grabs my ass, which he loves so much and tells me he's never been with anyone with an ass like my. He wants to stay there forever.


I mean, he can come just by eating my pussy and when I suck, his dick is. Perfect fucking dick, he tastes incredible.


But we can go like that all night, just making each other come over and over again, and I never want to say, OK, that's enough.


I got enough. But I didn't finish, I got enough, I recorded you, it will go up on the site. We're done. We're moving in together. No, you're not. Ask him. Oh, shit. God damn it, son of a bitch.


You have two new messages. Hi, Diana, it's me again, Jodie. I just wanted to update you about Girl Scouts. Lila's mom is going to help out, so no need to call back. Also, um, I ran into Oliver at the movies last night. I wasn't sure I should tell you. He was with what I am assuming was his niece. Oh, God, I believe in such an asshole. Diana, it's your mother.


Oh, yes, your mother. No matter how many times you've told yourself you don't have one. I do indeed exist and may not exist on your little list school or in your perfect suburban life. But I am living and breathing and frankly, I'm fucking pissed. Message deleted. God damn it. Are you kidding me? Hey, hey, excuse me, do you know whose car that is? No, sorry, I mean, this is my frickin space bummer.


Every day. So glad you could join us. Sorry, someone parked in my spot again. Are you going to make a citizen's arrest, Diana? Very funny. What did I miss?


We're just waiting for Petra. She finally settled on her first investment. Oh, Petra's here that she stepped out to take a call. Shouldn't be long.


OK, great. You know, whatever she's decided, I think we should all just keep an open mind.


Are you feeling OK, Diana? You look a little flushed. I'm fine, yeah. Thank you. That long morning.


There she is here. Allow me. Well, very eager to hear what you decided.


The decision was easy. Wonderful, wonderful.


Nice piece of real estate. We can certainly work that into the portfolio.


No, it's more tech. A company called Have a Good Word. It's an erotic website for women. Uh, I'm sorry.


I'm good. What is that? She's teasing Alan, obviously.


Oh, of course. That's right. That's very funny.


I'm not joking, Diana. I thought you'd understand that. It's a small business, Alan, that could be thriving with the right amount of financial support. What is it, pornography? Hmm. Maybe erotica.


I've never been one for labels, you know, I just wonder if there are other, more trusted investment opportunities. I like good wood. So you've heard of this style? No, no, no. Have a good one. Of course not. Well, and assuming it's legal, what level of investment do you have in mind? A million to start. Wow. Let us look into this company for you first. We'll see what we can find out.


Maybe first we dig into some of the other ideas we presented. You know, some incredible investment opportunities are here.


They didn't feel incredible to me. Well, you should look again, Diana. No, thank you. I know what I want. Diana, clearly you don't. Diana, thank you so much. Alan, nice to see you as always. You and your wife should really check out the site. I bet she could use it. Could come. Petra, what are you thinking? Please don't be mad. I thought you would actually be happy. Look, they're going to find out.


They'll find out and I will be fired. And if and if they find out, then everyone's going to find out. That's kind of the point, Diana. I just gave you an out. You don't have to work at this frat house anymore. We can work together. I can give you a salary. You can be your own boss. You can't just make that decision for me. How is that even a decision? Do you actually like working here?


Well, I like my life as it is. Being two completely different people. Well, look, I have done OK so far. Yes, seriously believe that, dear. You are literally coming apart before my eyes. What you picked up, what number are you calling from a friend's you screen all my calls. Look, you're not supposed to call me. We have an agreement. I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. What do you want?


John is sick. He's in the hospital. I thought you might want to know your stepfather's dying. What happened? He fell and he's 64, so you can imagine he went down pretty hard. Well, I'll I'll send him something. He might die, Diana. I might lose my husband. I mean, he's no Prince Charming like your father was. He's had his issues, but he's my husband. Lucky number three right now. I don't want to be that mother who doesn't want her daughter.


I don't want that for us. Well, then you should have behaved differently. Oh, what? I should have got to go. OK, I have to go. Oh, wait. Let me take the first step. I'll take the first step. I'm willing to be the better person. Honey, I'll come over. I'll make you a Shirley Temple and a grilled cheese with mayo. I'm sorry, but I have to go. Right, because it is ladies night and the feelings, right?


Oh, yes, it's ladies night. This is not the time.


Oh, shit. Oh, I'm sorry. Are you okay? She's fine.


On Makhzoumi tonight. I don't like seeing my ladies there.


That's sweet of you think you got. Could I get more pathetic if you had sex with him.


That would be worse. Look, this is normal. Diana, what you are doing right now, I mean, come on.


It's totally normal. How old is she? Oh, you know, like mid 20s.


She's a dancer. Like a gentlemen's club dancer. Yes. Stripper, yes. How do you know? He told me. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You have to end this before it gets out.


If people find out about this, no one knows, OK? No one. Yeah. And no one is going to find out either. Lauren.


Well, I won't say a word, obviously, but word spreads and you already don't go to church. Hey, why don't you go with Danny and I this Sunday? That would make a statement show everyone that is a great idea.


Go on your own. People will see you there and that will make a huge difference. Then they'll blame it all on Oliver, which they should.


You know, I've never been to a strip club, but oh my God, I can just imagine the smell in there. This is going to be OK. You are going to be just fine. Yes. We just need more drinks. All right.


You know, it's it's not over me and all of her. Diana Ross.


It is. He is dating a stripper. You do not come back from that. No.


Guys were just on a break.


Oh, my God. None of this is normal. Why can't you see that Oliver is a pervert? OK, he's probably some kind of sex addict. You know, I bet this is not the first time either. I'm sure it never is.


No, no, I, I, I think this I, I think it's the first. Come on. You are too trusting Diana. God, this is not the time to be naive. And Oliver is clearly not the man you thought he was. God, he's disappointed all of us, to be honest.


Just just listen to me. Go straight home higher divorce attorney, take a bath and be there for Ella. That's all you can do right now. Well, it's nice of you to show up this time. I'm so sorry I'm late. It's not going to take me very long to to set up at all.


I'm joking. You're good. Trust me, I'm very used to it. I had five brothers growing up and my mom caught us by the wrong name. It's cool.


And I'm so sorry for canceling on you earlier. I don't usually do that either. Just something came up that I couldn't get out of.


Oh, shit. Diana Berro, are you OK?


Yes, I am, I am, absolutely.


I have a front and like, it's fine, that's truly fine if you're not OK. Like, it's you don't have to be OK for me.


You're so sweet and I appreciate it.


But this is about you, not me. Did you pick a fantasy?


Yeah, I did. OK, well then let's record it. Oh, oh, you know what you want, huh? I like that sometimes. So what is your fantasy?


It's about my first time, but like not my real first time because I was just fucking horrible. But, I mean, the first time in my head. Now, that was like in the movies. So tell me about it. It's my graduation night and it's all going down with the quarterback of the football team. Oh, my gosh, he looks like a fucking 90s heartthrob. Tim is his name. And, you know, of course, if he's the quarterback of the football team, then I'm obviously going to be the head cheerleader.


So Tim and I, you know, or the year for all of high school and really saved ourselves, you know, for this me. And that's hard because this man, 63 size 12 foot, like. I know. I know he's packing.


So we've been saving ourselves and we're finally fucking ready because we're both leaving for college the next day. We have no idea for ever fucking see each other again. Tim's parents are finally out of town and we have like the whole house to ourselves and like we're both teenagers by this man. He makes me dinner like something from like a recipe book. And then I go into the bathroom, you know, so we can go take a bath and I open the door and there's everything he got blunts, roll music, drinks, food, everything so we can be comfortable.


He beats me and he lets his guard down and he lets me bathe him. We call it to his parents back together. I am so small in his arms and I lie there imagining. What our life could be like together. Like, if we just finally just like fucking each other.


Even the darkest stuff, you know, something probably like in your life, like all the, you know, pictures on the nightstand, like I like of the, you know, kids or whatever.


It's totally fucking normal domestic between. Sonia. Girl, Oh, God, no, we fuck like we fuck each other's brains out all night long. Tim gets his shit right. Just crazy, insatiable sex everywhere in the fucking room. He sets a tone when his dick is rock hard and you see the veins and it's fuckin throbbing for me, like me. He's choosing me. I don't know if it hurts or if it hurts. So good. But he strokes.


They're his own like and sometimes they're fucking fierce, you know. And hey, it's cool. You know, I like I like a little bruised from time to time and other times, you know, they're like really slow and gentle, whatever it is like we get in a lifetime of fucking that night.


And were there, you know, covered in like sweat income and three minutes after a climax, he makes me come again. And I promise you, I could I could die with a smile on my face because, like everything, everything I've been waiting for is actually worth it.


You know, every girl thinks about her first time and has, like, such high hopes, like you plan it all in your head, like how it's going to go down.


And then you're like, wow, that was it. So when it happens, you know exactly how you trained it. What are like are when you feel so horny for someone and you imagine how perfect sex with them will be and then like it actually is.


Girl, that's the definition of a fantasy. Well, maybe that maybe that exists for someone. This maybe be I mean, I, I hope it would for my daughter. Oh, yes, smiling. I like that. Pena. Diana, excuse me, sorry, sorry. Thanks for saving me a seat. All over. Yeah, I, I think I think our daughter's the worst one. You think so? Stop, stop, stop it.


My name is. It's your mother's voice, by the way. Yes, and my mother sounds exactly like that.


Yes, exactly. And so does she leave. Sorry. Hey, hey, hey, hey. You remember caroling with her last night? You remember. Oh, gosh. But she was she's so confused you lyrics. But I was trying to sing louder just to try to drown her out.


Yeah, I heard you. And we all know your voice is, hey, it is better than our all the way back than labor. How about race pizza after this.


Yeah, sure.


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Make sure to use the code dirty to get 100 dollars off your first month and show your support for the show. That's dirty and talk space dotcom. I can't believe the car still looks around. I know, it's amazing. Thanks for carrying her up. You know, I always hate waking her and for good reason.


I remember that concept to just.


You remember that which one? When when she threw up in her booster seat and it smelled for years.


Yes, exactly. That one, you know, but I was thinking more about when we make the mistake of waking and our sweet little four year old angel started yelling, what the fuck are you doing?


Where the fuck am I?


Oh, my God. I was so embarrassed. I thought she had the voice of that girl in The Exorcist.


You remember? She cursed us.


Oh, my God. Everyone was staring at us.


I mean, what four year old talks like that? I mean, they must have just thought I was the worst mother ever. Well, who cares what they thought? You're an amazing mother, you always have been. Thank you. Do you want to stay and have a glass of wine, politicians training? Right, right. Yeah, of course. Hmm.


Well, I have a good night. Yeah, you too. This was fun, right? It was, yeah. You know. That's not the only trip to Charles, but I remember the trip we took right after our wedding. I still think about it. Hmm. I remember that night snowstorm. How many times did we have sex? What are we doing? Oliver, how many times, how many times I think it was like five or six, we just kept going.


I mean, I could come and get a holiday in minutes.


Why are we talking like this? Because I like remembering that night. I like remembering us that night. I love her. I still miss you. This is not easy for me. I still I still think about you, I think about you, too. Oliver, I need you to ask me, ask you what I want. I want to thank you. Oh, God. I feel so good, how sad I can say it. Oh, crap.


Oh my God. You feel like we disagree with some of our thoughts on our. I love you. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah, oh, fuck. Oh, wow. Oh. Ms. That was so nice. Hmm. Your body. Well, it feels really different. Hmm, yeah, it was nice. Can you stay tonight? Um, I have a very early runs, so I think I mean, I think I told you let me just, you know, just grab a quick shower and.


Yeah, yeah, of course. Hey, you know, I think I might know someone who could take over your lease for the apartment watch.


Yeah, he's looking for a better space and he has money to spend. Wait. I like my place. Well, I don't blame you.


Well, maybe we hold on to it for a while and make it our little escape.


That's not what I meant. I meant I. I don't want to move.


Well, of course not this second. But, you know, when you come back. Hey, I'm I'm sorry, but I'm. I'm not coming back. I don't want to move back in time a. OK, um. But what about what just happened? We got carried away. I mean, I got carried away. I I'm I'm sorry. You said if there was anything left, any kind of spark, we could work with that. Yes, I know, but you know what?


I'm mad at you. I am. And I still fucking feel that. And I can just tell you, having sex one random night hasn't fucking fixed it. I'm sorry. OK, well, let's talk about it in therapy. No. I need a break. We'll break a break from. Therapy and. Break from your. Wow. What do you mean, wow? I mean, did you really think having breakup sex was just going to seduce me back into a broken marriage?


Did you think I'm that easily swayed? Really? Did you I mean, do you think you have some kind of magic fucking vagina?


You know, you don't have to be shitty all over. Like, is this about Amanda? Is that what this is? It's not just about Amanda.


I am seeing her. So she's part of it. But it's just. You're seeing her. Yes. But you're still married to me, Oliver. I'm still your wife. OK, so what will I tell Ella? Are you going to take her to one of Amanda's shows, huh? What are you going to tell your friends? We're her to a dinner party.


I don't give a shit what they think. She's a fucking stripper and looks like one bimbo. Can you hear yourself? Can you? I'm done with this conversation is not healthy. OK, so so what happens now?


I don't know what happens now. I am angry and I just want to stay that way. Fucking angry.


OK, angry then what? I just said it. I don't fucking know.


OK, well then how long do you want to be angry for Jesus Christ Diana. I have no fucking clue what is going on. Why are you all of a sudden fighting for our marriage.


You are done with me. Remember, you didn't even want to fucking touch me, remember? What are you even doing right?


Look, I know we have issues. Yes.


But I'm. I'm here and I'm ready. No, you're not. I don't think you are. You're not ready because this is your ego. I'm the one who's leaving now. And you can't take it, can you? It just hurts, doesn't it? I've pursued you our whole fucking marriage. Well. You don't control the narrative anymore. Jesus Christ, Diana, what happened to you? Oh, I'm fine. I'm having trouble sleeping, that's all.


Now, you look like my wife after watching it. This is US Marathon. Anyway, the team looked into this. Have a good word, Dotcom.


Did you bury mom and pop deranged fantasies recorded by a cat lady? Petrol will lose every penny.


Really? That that bad, huh? Oh, hey, we back on good.


Would the guys and I had a good laugh over it. I tell her about the mask girl.


You mean the mortician who wanted to screw her dead boyfriend. That's the one getting that poor guy a restraining order. I don't care if he's dead. You know, maybe. Maybe it isn't for everyone.


Look, you know, I've never watched porn myself, but I would imagine the allure would be seeing the actual act, you know what I mean? Not listening to lonely women cry about it. Yeah, right. I mean, some of these women just. Yeah, they feel sorry for them, but have a good word.


I don't understand. It should be called no. Good God. Yeah I, I get it.


It won't make any money but make money. It's hemorrhaging the thirty bucks of production value it has already.


Now she'll lose every cent but let her do it. I don't care. We gain her trust in the process.


If you want a good laugh you should check out the site yourself. Diana. It's like, it's like listening to a car crash.


Oh, shit, oh, god, God, God, oh, shit, you hit it pretty it ran right in front of me.


I mean, I didn't I didn't have time to stop. I mean, did you see that? No, it just practically ran into my car. Oh, shit. Stupid fucking cat.


It's just a stray woman down the block feeds them. There's almost 50.


Well, 49 now. Hello, Diana. Fuck. Oh, how how did you get in here?


My granddaughter let me in. You you thought Ella. Oh, relax. I told her, I'm your new secretary. Where is she? Your babysitter girl took her for a long walk, but we had a very lovely chat. I wasn't surprised to learn that she thought her grandmother was dead. Hmm. How did you kill me off? I hope you gave me a sexy demise. You need to leave. No place to go. What? You can't stay here.


You've been crying, oh, that's news fest finally left you, didn't they? I ran over a cat in your car. Yes. Did you kill it? I think so. What do you mean? You just left it there to die alone in the street? I think it was dead. Think and know are worlds apart. Diana. Oh, how could someone I raised be so cruel? Well, you didn't raise me. Oh really. Oh did.


I did. Oh, don't be dramatic. I need you to leave. We have an agreement. I'm sick of that agreement. I'm thinking I finally need to be around family. I'm getting older, I don't want to be a cat that you just run over and leave for dead in the street.


Where is that snooze fest? Don't call him that. Well, that's what he is. His dick put you to sleep, didn't it? He's out of town. Perfect. I'll take his room. I'm assuming you sleep in separate bedrooms. I'll call the police. You really want a cop car pulling up to your fancy neighborhood? I'm a screamer, Diana. Did you forget and you know, I love putting on a show. Why are you doing this?


Why? Because I don't think it's healthy. All this lying. It's a cancer, Diana. It'll eat you up inside. And I think it's time that people knew the truth. No more hiding the real truth. Even if you feel ashamed, you're you're dead to me. No, Diana. No, not anymore. I am very much alive. And this little cocoon you created, the pretend like you're shit never happened. Well, I'm going to blow that the fuck up.


Well, you're too late. What are you talking about? You're too late to blow up my life because I already did. OK, I fucked it all up. I'm living a lie that you can't come back from. I've lied to my daughter. I lied to my friends. I've lied to my husband. I've lied to myself. Even the fucking horse pills I take to numb me to make me feel less perverted, to hate myself less. They don't work because I look in the mirror and I see you.


And my husband supposedly put me to sleep, really left me because he saw me for this shitty person that I actually am, and even though he didn't know Thalys, he knew there were lies and they were suffocating us. And now my mother, my dead fucking mother, who wants back in my narcissistic, vindictive, sad fucking mother once back in my life. And I know there's only one reason it's not to help me. Or comfort me, God forbid.


No, no, it's not to help me while I'm spinning out of fucking control.


You're here to expose me. Well, guess what, you are too late. So what else have you got? What else have you got? How are you going to blow up my life when it's already shredded to pieces?


It's scary, you know, being in a love like this. When someone can make you feel this way, they can block out the entire fucked up world and maybe. This isn't the sexiest thing in the world, but it's all I want right now. He makes me feel safe and for the first time in my life. I'm not scared of flying, I called Petra. So I love the. I'm in. Let's really do this thing, let's blow it up, grow the business, all of it.


You've got to be serious and laugh. Oh, yeah, I am this. Dirty Diana stars Demi Moore as Diana Place. Mackenzie Davis as Amanda Babygro, as Carmen Ejogo as Petra Matchwood, Leslie Ann Warren, as well as Laurel Penelope and as Cassie, Max Greenfield as Doug and John Tenne as Alan with additional performances by Max Marshall, Carmen Tornero, Neil Lewis, Lauren Weissman.


Debbie Dary. Barry Claire. Margaret Collette. Ryan Walsch. Created and directed by Sean Feste, written by Sean Investing and Jen Bessler, executive produced by Demi Moore, Shauna Feste, John Besser, Rob Hurting Dave Hennen, Brian Cavnar Jones and Friedberger, produced by Tess Ryan and Sandra Yeagley Original Music and Composition by Darren Johnson. Audio engineering by Ryan Walsh and then edited. Sound design, Arkady Haliday, Additional Sound Design by Justin Davey and Ryan Sullivan, Mix and Mastery by Ben Nelson.


Sound design and mix consulted my local casting by Chelsea Block and Maricel one column at a time of music supervision by Andrew, Khanh and Eric, such a good music supervisor, assistant director Linda Sangoma, script supervisor who Chiapas assistant engineering and editing by nearly afternoon production coordinator Ana Batia Yokum.


Post coordinator Rachel Jenova, Dirty Diane is up to code production. Dirty Diana is presented by Gypsy, Gypsy takes in mind first approach to sexuality, drop into an immersive and erotic world with Gypsy and download the app to.


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