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Hello? Anybody in there? See, what did I tell you? Did you see anyone in the closet? No. Now get some sleep. Can you please keep the light on, buddy, you're getting a little old asleep with the lights on, don't you think? Night night. There's nothing in the closet, there's nothing in the closet, there's nothing in the closet. Is someone there? And watch. All day and all night, the night before that is when the.


What do you want? I want to tell you a story in exchange for your fear. Dread and terror is my. I am very frank. Every week you keep your gun on the suspects and you do what I say, these people are innocent, can hurt them. One of them is it. I will tell you a story. Each its own terrifying new tale and strings must never take another show. If you bring it back to your conservatory, countless more will be lost.


Allow me your own. Mr.. To guide you through the dot. How did you wind up here? I promise it will be right. Were your eyes. Are you ready for a story? OK, then pick up your ears and listen well and please feel free to be very afraid. Kyouko presents Bad Vibes, starring Justin McElroy, created by Jake Emmanuel and Willie Block, subscribe now to Never Miss an episode. You can also learn more aquacade media dot com or by following at Kickout Media.