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Cookout presents a new audio drama from now. This is a live look at the shuttle, and it's simply quite unexplainable, as you can see, the ship appears to be the famed USS Hope that went missing 35 years ago in twenty twenty five. The USS Help is currently escorted by 10 fighter jets over Flagstaff, Arizona. Say, I'm trying to make direct contact with one of the crew members, Lieutenant and Edward Frigidly and broadsheets, which many are calling to make contact within the half hour should everything go according to plan.


We have just had confirmation that emergency teams are already prepping for their arrival.


Turn it up, would you not, until you eat your protein allotment later.


Just call it meat, for Christ's sake.


We might have strip mined resources, but at least you still have cows. I can hear the news. You're content.


Time is in for another two hours. Who gives a shit linguist's?


Hunter, you really need to consider the power of words and those words. I knew it.


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