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Hello, my name is Lydia. Hey, Lydia, said soft voice My name is Soft Voice. Lydia was a 25 year old estate agent working in London to be successful. It was essential for Lydia to follow softhearted rules, wake up, make a gratitude list three to one cold shower structurally Cagle's lactic acid face plus the gum. Slow down. Stop taking it slow. Three freedoms ignore ignoring the you've earned a chocolate button, some folks had always been that Lydia, I'm like, boy, you are charged two million pounds plus two million pounds.


Is that for many of them? Correct. Would it be like to jump to. But then she she said she said stuff I certainly did good, give yourself a high five second day. Soft voice left. Q Code presents Soft Voice, starring Naomi Scott, Olivia Cookes and Bel Powley, created by James Blau. Subscribe now to Never Miss an episode.


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