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Hey, Kyouko, listeners, this is Kyle Chevron, creator of the new action comedy Unwonted. I'm so excited to share the trailer with you.


Check it out. But. The search continues for a convicted murderer, Shelly O'Keeffe. She's a cold blooded killer in the U.S., a lady with a knife in your back and she's on the run. I want to cry when I say that. I don't mean tomorrow night after breakfast. And but it's going to take more than the police to bring her down.


Pizza bagels are ready to lead Ben and grant their two DeGeneres, who is more Tom Brady. You tell. You know, I'm more of a Danny Glover kind of guy. Luckily for us, fate has brought them all together.


Oh, yeah?


What was that? Are you OK, ma'am? No, I'm not all right. You just hit me with a piece of shit. Hey, we don't need a judge. So far, little did they know she's worth a lot of money. Authorities are posting a reward of one million dollars for any information that leads to the capture of al-Qaeda. Oh, shit. That's the lady you ran over earlier. Look, I want in a. But if we're to cash in on this, we.


They're going to have to bring her to justice. Good luck with that one. Now it's time for them to take the law into their own hands. We can't trust the cops. That's like movie mistake number one on the line. And this is a robbery. I'm going to get yourself killed. Oh, sure, Lambourn, Boris and Billy Magnusson, please come out with your hands up.


Just kidding.


It's the mailman store in Kyle Chevron's action comedy classic on Going On Wanted. We can come inside the house just in a porno. How could she have gone? She's a lady for crying out loud. Listen, pal, I don't think you know who. On the planet unwonted, subscribe now to never miss an episode.