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Please be advised, this show contains adult language and explicit scenes not advised for persons under the age of 17. Dirty Diana is presented by Dipsy Desire is a fire to be stoked, connect with your sexual self with Gypsy and download the app today. Q Code presents Dirty Diana, created by Shana Feste, starring and produced by Demi Moore. So are we recording? Yeah, all said. Just so you know, I've always been into men. I have a boyfriend, we've been together for years, and we'll probably get married, OK, but my fantasy is.


They're never straight fantasies, they're always about women. There's something about the female body that turns me on like nothing else can. I mean, what am I going to do with a dick, you know? When my boyfriend and I used to live in New York, we lived in this tiny fourth floor walkup, there was a week when I got really sick, I think it was strep.


I could barely get out of bed. And I was so bored I'd gone through everything interesting on Netflix in the first two days, so I would spend hours watching my neighbors in the building next door. Just waiting for something exciting to happen. I was spying, really, and after five days at home, I knew them intimately, the banker who had wild drug fuelled parties and ordered in dim sum every night the sweet old lady whose face would light up every time the phone rang.


And directly across from my apartment was a young French girl with long hair and short bangs. She had such a beautiful body. Tall and lean, I named her Selene. She lived there with her boyfriend and they had sex about once a week right there. The window drapes open. Sometimes. I would watch them. And it was always the same missionary position with the sheets pulled up over both of them. I mean, even I was bored, but the best part was when they would finish.


After he fell asleep. She'd masturbate on her own. She'd turn away from him towards the window. And it was like she was looking right at me. Sometimes she even put on a night like which gave me a better view. I could see her face when she climaxed. God, she was beautiful. What's your fantasy? I think about walking over to her apartment once her boyfriend leaves for work. I think about letting me in, it's like she's been waiting for me to arrive.


She leads me to her bed. And slowly undresses. And puts my hand between her legs so I can feel her soft wetness, and then the minute she does this, I can feel my orgasm building its immediate. Nothing like when I'm with a man and it feels so far in the distance and I'm concentrating so hard, any rogue movement can throw it off and he miscalculated, dirty talk can literally kill it. But this it's right there for me, I'm the one trying to stop it for once, it must be what men feel like all the time.


So I lay her down on the bed and suck on her breasts. And kiss her between her legs and slide my fingers into her, seeing my fingers disappear inside her turns me on like nothing else has. She holds me even closer and kisses me deeply, breathes into my ear.


I know how good I'm making her feel. Better than her boyfriend ever could. And I'm determined to make her come, I can't leave her unsatisfied like her boyfriend does. But she wants me to come to so she starts kissing me all the way down my stomach and I feels like this is the moment. The only moment I've ever really wanted and now it's here and I don't ever want it to stop, but as soon as her tongue slips inside me, I can't stop my orgasm.


It's heading towards me like a freight train. And she lies back on the bed and I tease her with the vibrator, she hands me circling her clit and bringing her so close to climax and then pulling it away. And she kisses me with desperation with want, and she's kissing me so deeply.


And her breasts are pressed against mine and she feels so soft that I want to melt inside her. And when I touch her, she's so ready that it takes less than a minute. And she smiles. She smiles when she comes. And there is something so incredibly gratifying about it. It's like putting the last piece in a thousand piece puzzle. And then we hear the front door opening and I have to climb out onto the fire escape and we're both laughing uncontrollably like two teenage girls, and she makes me promise to come back the next day.


Promise me. God, it feels so real, that attraction, it's so powerful. So do you go back the next day glottal?


Siempre. How could I not? So this will be my last session with you. Oh, is that what you want? I'm just spending so much time in therapy. You know, Oliver and I are going once a week now, and I just don't think I can fit in another minute discussing me.


Does this decision have anything to do with what happened last week when we discussed your mother? I mean, yes, that was uncomfortable. Sure.


But, you know, I think that's that's really more your issue, isn't it, if you don't believe me when I'm being honest.


What you share about your mother strikes me as a very lived in my. A survival technique for past trauma, and that's your opinion? My opinion is that my mother was wonderful. And the truth is I just don't have time for all of this therapy. All you've paid for the hour, I mean, might as well use it. I don't know why you're so fascinated with her. I mean, look at my life right now. My marriage is failing.


My daughter probably hates me.


Is your mom right now? She says she's buried in a cemetery.


I have been doing this for a very long time, Diana. So have I. Where's your mother right now? She's dead and she's tired of it. This is Oliver. Leave a message and I'll call you as soon as I can. Hey, it's me. I'm waiting in the never ending pickup line at school, and I was thinking that maybe I'd surprise Ella and take her to Pinkberry just for a treat. And I don't know, maybe you'd like to meet us there.


Might be nice for her to see us together. OK, so just call me when you get this, OK? Hi, Mrs. Wood. I was waiting in the office. Why is she OK? She's fine, but there was a woman here earlier that wasn't on the pickup list, and she said that you asked her to pick up Ella for you, a woman. Did she tell you her name? She said she was Ella's grandmother. Oh, God.


Yeah. Dr. Stevens was going to call you, but the woman left peacefully. I'm so sorry. Just make sure your mother's on the list if you want her to pick up. Yeah, of course. And thank you for enforcing the list. It won't happen again, I promise. Look, I remembered my nephew show up at Ellis School again. I will go straight to the police and charge you with kidnapping. I mean it. You have crossed the line again.


Hey, yeah, sorry, I could only get a dozen pills for the week. Well, why Williams usual guy? He disappeared. What happens if you don't take them? Nothing. Yeah, I've had a rough day, right? I just like them, you like them a lot. Here's the fallacy we should be good for the weak.


You know, I like seeing you, Diana. I never know what to expect, expect this this is what will happen from now on. You give me the cash, you upload the fantasy, you ward off the ad and any questions?


Look, I don't know what you're going through in your life, but whatever I could do to help, I will.


I want you to know that there isn't anything you can do for me. Come on. It's just this. And I'm sorry if I haven't made that clear, I can make you feel good.


I can make you feel good. Diana. Look, I know I'm younger than you, but I'm good at what I do. All right, I can make you feel good if you let me. I have to take this. Hello. Hey, can we change therapy to tomorrow? I have a 15 hour run this afternoon and if I miss three of my time training, so I'll be all right.


Yeah, I guess I can call and ask. Oh, is that all? Yeah. You mean. I mean, is that that way you were calling. Yeah. Oh OK. How are you. I've left a couple of messages. Yeah I'm good.


I'm getting a lot of work. But you know, I'm trying to say see you tomorrow, right? Yeah, sure. So maybe.




Uh, well, I was over that table 37. Hi, Eric. And the midnight hour while she cried. More, more, more, more.


Ladies, my life. Oh, wow. They're switching it up. I am. Are you the usual.


Why mess with perfection. Eric coming up.


Thanks, Eric. Thank you, Eric.


Yeah, I wouldn't fuck him after all. I see what you mean, Diana. He's too is to need. Yeah, he's sweet, but a little too young. Excuse me. I am not that much older and I still think his penis would smell like lettuce cups. Thank you for reminding us about that. Yes. You know, I used to wait tables and the smell of a restaurant isn't very hard to get off of you.


Fascinating. Mm hmm. But don't worry, ladies. I brought the hot gas.


Well, we were very concerned.


Oh, no, don't you worry. Remember Renee. Yeah. Yes.


You know Lucas with a K? Yes. Yes. OK, so she did like a husband swap with Jane and Jane's husband, Mark. Mark with the C? Yes.


Hey, how do you know that? Rene told me it went totally. S Jane's husband ended up enjoying Renee a little too much. And Jane is pissed.


I think they're swingers. Supposedly they do it all the time. Why did she tell you, please? People often tell me.


They open up to me. They do. But you know what? There's always been something off about Renee. And now she's a swinger. Did die in the 70s.


I mean, would you ever let your husband have sex with someone else in front of you?


I thought you said they swapped like it was more like an orgy.


Oh, gross. I mean, what is the difference? I couldn't do either. It does not turn me on.


Oh, me neither. No hard pass, as they say. Well, what would turn you on? Oh, Diana, no, no, I mean, what like what what turns you on?


I mean, you know, the usual stuff that's a little personal, isn't it, not to be weird, but yeah, you're right.


I'm sorry.


Why haven't you RSVP to my roaring 20s night, by the way?


But I haven't. If you need a costume, I bought three, you can wear the one that looks worst on me. Oh, wow. Thank you. You're so generous. No, I mean, they're all nice and you don't have the hips. I have. So everything's going to look good on you and you can come by yourself.


Well why would I come by myself?


Well I wasn't sure if Oliver would make it or not. Well, why wouldn't he?


Well, he moved out, didn't he? He got that apartment. What apartment? Oh, I thought Dave ran into him at soccer pickup, he rented a loft downtown. You didn't know. Oh, no, I knew, I just forgot, you know, he was staying at a hotel and then it must have gotten too expensive. And right now, of course.


Yeah, absolutely. How does it feel living apart? It's you know, it's temporary and we just haven't decided what we're going to do well, decide quickly because he is so damn cute, you don't want any of those divorce moms thinking he's on the market everyday here, she'll probably run right over herself. This is Oliver. Leave a message and I'll call you as soon as I can. Hey, it's me. I was just it drinks with the girls and they told me that you rented a loft.


Um, I'm confused. Why didn't you talk to me about this? Can you call me I don't want to talk to you just in couples therapy. I mean, is that what we do now? Oliver, please call me back. The hotel was too expensive, that's all in the long run, this was cheaper, long run. Well, you you know what I mean. Can you describe how you're feeling right now, Diana? Well, confused.


Did you sign a lease?


Yes. It goes month to month after six months where you signed a six month lease. Mm hmm.


How long did you imagine I'm going to be? Well, we talked about a month, not six months.


I honestly don't see. The difference is you wanted to take a break. Diana was saying what this is.


How can you even afford a loft? I quit my job. You were right. I was miserable selling houses.


Oh, wow. OK, OK.


So and well, do you remember that old farmhouse that I've been helping Tony restore that finally sold for a fortune and he got me in and we're going to work together full time now and we actually already bought our first property.


Oh, OK. So you're what, a carpenter now?


Well, it's just like you've been telling me for years to find something that excites me. Turns out I like working with my hands and it was time to make a change. I know you're both undergoing tremendous change right now and there are going to be big feelings about it. What does this change bring up for you, Oliver? Honestly, I'm angry because I'm angry and disappointed with Diana, but, you know, at the same time, I'm really, really grateful to her because I mean, like, this is where I need to be right now.


Yeah. I mean, and she's helping me get there. And what about you, Diana? I'm sorry. What's happening right now? Diana, do you hear? What Oliver is saying. Are you feeling hurt by him? No, no, I'm feeling good, too, I mean, like all over so many. Emotions at once, and I think this decision was the right one.


Definitely, definitely I needed the kick in the balls.


It's like I needed to be shaken back to life. I wasn't happy. Yeah, neither was I. Have you two talked about the rules of your break? It's very helpful when couples set certain parameters, so no one is unclear. I don't think we need anything that formal, do we?


What about being intimate with other people while you take this break? Has this been discussed? Well, I don't think that's applicable. Right. Um, I think it is. OK, if it comes up and I'd like to be with other people. Diana, Diana, is this something you're comfortable with? Other people. Yeah, sure. In. Of course. Hi, this is Tess, one of the producers of Dirty Diana when we decided to team up with Gypsy for this show.


I knew it was the perfect fit.


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That's dirty and talk space dotcom. Oh, I don't know if I can do this, these kind of women never like me. What does that mean? You'll say?


OK, so if it's awful, we'll go back to the bar. OK, you've been cut off, which is a sentence I never thought I'd say, oh, I can handle my alcohol. Oh, thank God, thank God, thank God you're here. I was getting worried. Oh, and you brought a plus one. Yes, this is Petra. Sorry I texted you.


Oh, my God, Diana. I'm getting second hand drunk from your breath. What have you been drinking? Chianti. And the bartender was very generous.


Well, good. Pre partying with Petra. I love it. It's Petra. Yeah, Petra. Oh, sorry, Petra. The more the merrier. Mom, are you. I'm no one's mother. God. So how do you two know each other? Diana makes porn and I'm just a massive fan. Excuse me. She's joking. It's a joke. Oh, that is hilarious. Totally. Oh, I like this one. And it's perfect because Petra can be your sexy new lady.


There are three very single men out on the patio, and I want you to flirt like crazy with them all. Oh, God, why would I do that? Because it'll get back to Oliver and he will be insanely jealous. And then you should pass all over a note that says, Do you like me? Check one for yes, two for no, no, don't do that. But do it. Well, I, I, I really just came to say hello.


Oh come, come, come. I'm sorry. No, no come on.


I, I. Oh Lauren. Where are you taking us. Where are the single men. Are all the rent. There you. Did you tell her about Philip? Hi. Hi, I'm Kathy. Whose mom are you? I'm barren. Oh, my God. She's teasing. She's teasing, Kathy. Oh, OK. So did Lauren talk to you about who is that?


Philip there in the top hat? Yes, I'm going to say yeah. Yeah, I'm going to say no to Philip on Danny's behalf.


He has a stunning beach house.


He kept it after the divorce. Well, I don't even know how to flirt anymore. What about Quentin? Oh, no way. Ellis had a crush on his son since third grade. Oh, my God. Like The Brady Bunch. I love I love that you guys are committed to this flirting advice. But the only way to get all of his attention is to be bold, to move on.


OK, with who? With me. For now. What did you just say? Come here. Oh. What is happening right now? I don't know. Spread the word, ladies, are you OK?


Yes, I, I, I've just had a really long day.




Was there was now seeing scenery?


Oh, that didn't just happen, did it?


Are you ready for some actual advice?


Did I just kiss you in front of the entire PTA? I think I kissed you. It was nice. You're not ready to move on and you are definitely not ready to move on with me, go to all of us house and talk to him. You want him back? Of course. So let's put on your hottest Patagonia thong and Harry and me are going to drop you off and Oliver's. You were married for way too long to let it end this way.


Hey, hey, ho, hey, what are you doing here? Um, what's Ella?


Oh, she's she's at a sleepover with Katie.


I didn't know you were coming over. Did we talk about that? Did I give you this address? Yeah.


Yeah, I addressed it. Is it is.


Oh yeah. I need to talk. I hope that's OK. Yes, you yeah, can I just take a quick shower? I just got back from the gym and. Yeah, yeah, come on in.


Yeah. Wow. This this place, it's it's nice. You like it. I do.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I like it too. Yeah. The views on the balcony if you want to check it out.


Yeah I can.


I can see you've been enjoying the view. Yeah.


That was a friend. We was just having a glass of wine which I gather you have two. Did you, do you need some food. Do you want me to. Do you want to meet a lot of areas around the corner.


No, no I'm fine. Why don't we meet the shower. Go ahead. OK, well, you can just wait in the living area if you want to. Well, it's all one room all over. There's nowhere for me to go. Yeah, OK, sorry about that.


So just go wherever you like. Just give me five.


I like the furniture, is it all rented? Oh, my God, I haven't seen this picture of Ella in forever, all of her. Oliver. I was using again here. Hello, who is that? What was that? I did not know you were coming over. You should have called Diana. You should. You thought you would just have a shower with her while I'm in the next room.


I came to tell her so. Oh, fuck. You know, fuck. Fuck you. Fuck you. This is allowed. You said you're OK with it.


It's been about 30 seconds, literally.


Hey, let's talk about this in therapy. Diana, I'm not doing this just with you. I'm not this to talk to. Fuck. Sick, toxic. Toxic. Yes.


Hey, Diana. Jesus of Diana. Wait a second, you showed up here, you left me months ago, Diana, I wanted nothing more than to be close to you for years.


I would have done anything for you, Diana, or would anything. So. Ask her to leave and let's talk just you and me. I'm sorry, I can't come to that right now. Oh, right, right. I'm sorry, I really am sorry, I wish I could become. Nine. It's nine. Shit, shit, shit.


Diana. But do you need a ride? No, my car's around the corner. I'm fine. I'm sorry. I mean, I know that was awkward. We mostly just talk all over and I please don't we can be friendly. We don't have to be mean to each other.


We're nothing to each other. We don't even know each other. I know you or I mean, I feel like I know you. Well, you don't.


Dana, wait. Does Oliver. No, no. What about your little side hustle? Good night, Amanda. Oh, so he doesn't know about the site. Wow. I mean, I didn't think so, but of course, you know, I never brought it up. What are you talking about, Nadia? Nadia is a friend of mine from work. She recorded with you last time. I do not remember her. She's tall, black hair.


Her fantasy was about getting fucked by a fireman while her house is burning down. What do you want? I'm not going to tell him or anything. Thank you. But I'd really like to do. I told Nadia to call you, actually, but then she lost your number and and then you showed up at the club with all of her, which I mean, life is crazy that way, right? Yeah.


You know, I'm I've already got all the fantasies scheduled right now. OK, so just add one to the schedule. Why would I ever do that?


Because I'll tell all of her if you don't. Don't fuck with me, you don't want to go down that road, I'm not fucking with you, I just have a really good fantasy and I want to share it pretty. Please. Fuck you. I'm not trying to hurt you, Diana. Are you down there? Fine, I'll record him after I get the fuck out of my face. Are you home? Yes. Can I come over? Yeah, yeah, sure.


I want to forget someone, just maybe forget him. She said, I can do that. Take off your clothes, James. Look at me like, Hey, Diana, look at me. This is for you. Oh, you can see how you make me feel right now. I want you so fucking bad it hurts. Just fantasy. Yeah, why is it on? I was listening to you before you came over. Can we listen to it?


You want to listen to it? Yeah. Yeah. Why are you touch me like that when my. Yeah, so you come here across the way and I fucking shoot her boyfriend to the bed and she doesn't have sex with him. Yes, and it feels like we're watching each other. And we lock eyes and my orgasm starts to build, reminding me that it's always been the. Ready? Heading towards me like a fucking freight train. And thank you for listening to Chaytor.


If you liked her story, be sure to enjoy our other fantasy's here. Have a good podcast. With that, with the dirty Diana stars, Demi Moore as Diana place as all of us. Rosa Salazar is Jada Carmini Drogo as Petra Mackenzie Davis is a man at the Leslie Anwari as Jane everywhere, Betsy Brand as Susan Ghawi, well as Laura Penelope Ann Miller as Kafia Tyulkin and as James and Lili Taylor as the marriage therapist. This is with additional performances by Max Marshall, the Up Here and Steven Moltmann, created and directed by Sean FSD and written by Shauna Feste and Jenna Best Executive produced by Demi Moore, Shauna Bestie John Vesser, Rob Hurting Dave Henning, Brian Cavanaugh Jones and Friedberger Charles produced by Tess Ryan and Sandra Youngling Original Music and Composition by Darren Johnson, Audio Engineering by Ryan Walsh, and then also edited by movie actor Ryan Walsh.


And then No Child Sound Design by Katie Haliday. Additional Sound Design by Justin Deigning and Ryan Salimbeni. The Trail Mix and Master run by Ben Melcher. Separate Sound Design and Mix Consulting by Matt Mulcahy. Casting by Chelsea Bue and Marisol Roncalli at Atomic Share Music Supervision by Andrew Kahn and Eric Such a Good Year Music Supervision Assistant Director Lynn Dango, now the script supervisor, which he up Green Assistant Engineering and editing by Meely after Meet Media Production Coordinator Ana Batia Yocum Post Coordinator Rachel Vanover Dirty Diana is a Q code production.


Yeah, yeah that's right. We don't know yet. And pay for the free parking space freed up and make them pay. Dirty Diana is presented by Gypsy, Gypsy takes in mind first approach to sexuality, drop into an immersive and erotic world with Gypsy and download the app to.


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