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Please be advised. This show contains adult language and explicit scenes not advised for persons under the age of 17. Dirty Diana is presented by Dipsy Desire is a fire to be stoked. Connect with your sexual self with Dipsy and download the app today. Q Code presents Dirty Diana, created by Sean FSD, starring and produced by Demi Moore. Is this OK? It really helps with the noise. Sure. Yeah, of course. Yes. And maybe some more water.


Sorry. I didn't think I'd get nervous.


No, no, don't be sorry at all. I brought you a candle.


I have no idea why I thought I'd bring you a hostess gift, but I did. Well, I think it's really nice. Thank you.


Okay, I'm ready.


Great. All right. We're recording.


Would you mind if I used a different name? Sure. You can use whatever name you like.


I was always Liz when I played house as a kid because just moves to different especially the 80s when everyone's Jessica Ohala.


Well, Liz, it is. And if you could just tell me how old you are.


I'm 43. My fans, these borderline ridiculous. Well, that's OK. It's fine. Most of them are.


Okay. What's your fantasy? Taking the train to visit my sister in Cortland, I'm reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which always makes me blush. And as I finish the chapter, I can feel someone staring at me. I look up from a book. And I almost lose my breath. It's a young version of my husband, the man I met when I was 22, when he had a full head of hair and his eyes were filled with mischief.


He smiles at me like he used to when I knew exactly what he wanted from me. He invites me to the bar. And me. Scotch and that scotch in years. It burns down my throat. He smiles and wants me to drink it slowly. He tells animated stories about. What he's going to do with his life. Now filled with optimism and hope. Tells me more scotch. And then he lets his foot. Touch mine. And I feel this shot of electricity.


Phrase, because I'm married. And this isn't my husband. But he takes my hand. That leads me to. A private car with so much confidence that I feel like it would be rude not to follow. He tells me it's too early to go to sleep.


His eyes start to smile. He suggests we play strip poker. Five card draw is the first hand. And he takes off his shirt. And that's how I know one of those. But I do. Every and so I'm completely naked in front of. I know it's wrong and that I should go back to my seat. The games go too far. And that's when I surprised myself. Spread my legs. I take his hand. And I lead it towards my body.


He slips his finger inside of me. I don't remember the last time someone's done that. It's familiar, but different. And it makes me feel young. Membrey the man, and he smells like my husband's college aftershave. I mean, just things to me that I never let my husband to. Like one like. He sucks on me. Everywhere. Suck from my clit so hard, it makes me come immediately. Then he slips inside me inside of my ass.


It's a completely different wave of pleasure. A easy, easy.


It's six thirty, but if I don't take them early, my migraines are even worse.


Sorry. Of course, I'm so sorry. Oh, you're so warm. All of our words of fun is on my breath. No, no. Well, then what? Come here. Come on. I miss you.


You know what? Maybe it is your breath. Did you brush your teeth?


I just woke up. Have you seen me go to the toilet? How how the fuck could I brush my teeth?


Hey, sorry. Sorry. Well, Ella isn't here. We have the whole place to ourselves now. Please. I just really need to be close to you.


Maybe it is your breath. Yeah. OK, fine. I get it.


It smells like sick bradbourn go. Sometimes when you're getting sick your breath changes.


I get it. It's fine. Thought. Come on. Time to get up.


And you're really meeting too. Yeah. Yeah. You should probably go. Wouldn't it be easier just to record this? What do you mean, instead of taking all the notes? You know, if you just recorded it, you know, on your phone or something.


Does it bother you when I take notes?


It doesn't bother me when my psychiatrist takes notes. It was just a suggestion to make life easier. It's what I do. Make people's lives easier sometimes. Maybe not lately. I don't know. And Oliver said, what feels right to talk about today? You know, I was thinking that I might need a stronger prescription. I mean, technically, my daughter could be taking the amount of Xanax that I mine. It's like I've outgrown this dose. So, you know, I'm feeling more overwhelmed at work and the Xanax.


I don't know. I barely notice a difference when I take it. Okay. I still want you to feel things, Diana. As long as those feelings aren't getting intrusive. They are.


They are very intrusive. Which thoughts are intrusive? You know, the just like the everyday ones. Can you be more specific?


I am not asking for a heroine me here.


And I just want to help you articulate why you want a stronger dose. OK. You mentioned Oliver earlier.


Things are the same with Oliver. Last week you said that he felt more like a roommate than a husband. Yeah. You and Oliver been intimate recently? No. Not recently. Do you miss the intimacy? No. Actually, it's been so long. I've just gotten used to the feeling and the Xanax helps a lot. That's why I'd like a higher dose.


I worry if I give you a stronger prescription, Diana, that you won't feel anything at all. Morning, Diana. Good morning. Megan, you know, someone parked in my spot again. Can you send out another office memo? Yay!


McKinnon Women. Allen wants these by noon.


You know, as a blue Honda this time. What was the car? They took my spot. You know, it's not easy finding another spot. With all the construction and the street cleaning. Right. Right.


Well, do you have receipts for these wonderful allans looking for you? Don't worry. I told them you're running late. Probably a child care emergency. I was at a client breakfast. Sure. Whatever. What did he say? What he needed? Not really. Something about the conference room on 14.


Shit. Sorry, I'm the first one here. I was terrible. Excellent. Diana's already started throwing the coffee. No, I didn't make that. Well, they want to thank you. OK. Of course, yes. Black. No sugar.


Right. All right, Settlin. Now, as you all know, Simon Rowling passed away last weekend.


He was a loyal and respected client and a brilliant man, except arguably for the fact that he chose to leave his entire estate in the hands of his unemployed, unmarried daughter, Petra.


Miss Rowling has not decided whether she would like us to Managers Day.


But if we're gonna make our numbers this year and if any of you in this room hope to bring home a bonus that won't completely piss off your wife, it is imperative Petra's money stays. Yes, sir. Yes, I'm meeting her for lunch at 1:00. Diana, you'll join me, sir? Well, we need a.


Oh, we need some of your energy in the room. Miss Rowling, thank you for joining us. We thought it was only right that we would come to your father's favorite steakhouse. Did you two come here together?


I'm a vegetarian, so no, but I'm sure the salad's delicious. Well, Diane and I wanted to start by saying how sorry we are for your loss. Your father was not only a client, but a dear friend. We had a great deal of respect for him. Yeah.


I didn't know him well, but we all miss him very much better.


We wanted to discuss your plans for the estate. And when you're ready, we've prepared some very exciting. But I wasn't his first choice. Scuse me. My step mom ran off with a trainer a year ago. Not only a terrible fucking cliche, but a terrible fucking timing. If she had held on for one more year and my brother hung himself six months ago.


So here we are. It ends up with me and I plan to get it all. Well, most of it away.


Two animals. Animal PETA. Animal shelters. I see my Reiki healer who always wanted to open a vegan restaurant. A friend needs finishing funds. Very documentary. Yes.


Well, listen, as you must know, restaurants are very risky investments, as is the entertainment business. Now, what we will do is we'll run some numbers. We'll walk you through them so you can understand your father would've started here.


I'm not living like my father. He was a deeply miserable man. Thank you for your time, Patrick.


We have some very exciting ideas to present to you. We seriously doubt that. We'll go after her now.


Yes. Now go, Miss Rawling. Petra. Your inheritance could provide you with an opportunity to do things differently than your father. I mean, we could protect you and help you grow your money. So you'd be able to make an even bigger difference. I know Alan worked very closely with the Rockefeller Foundation.


Do I smell like death? Sorry. I feel like it's all over me. I smell like cowhide from that fucking restaurant. Smelly dress. No. Okay. Maybe a little.


Do you drink company check. Oh, OK. It's different. Do you like it? I'm not sure.


It is amazing for the gut. Here, try mine.


I'm sorry about that back there. Alan's a great guy. Really?


Please don't. That that whole firm is archaic. My father was just like you guys. No wonder he wanted me to keep my money there. He knew you judge how I spend it. Same as him.


Do you think that he would have left you the money if he thought you'd squander it? I mean, maybe he trusted you more than you think. Maybe I didn't have any friends like you growing up. Too bad my dad isn't here to see us having lunch. He'd be thrilled.


What is like me mean together? Normal. I think that just not like me.


And what are you, impetuous, indulgent, romantic?


All the things my father was terrified of. He'd be. So habitus is sitting here.


Oh, well, thank you. I think this is theory. I forgot what it's called, but I remember reading about it in college. The gist of it is this. If you want to do something out of the norm, you find a way to be in the norm and you still do it like a pedophile gets a job working in the sex crimes unit. He gets his kicks by investigating crimes. He sees all the pictures. Hangs out another chat rooms.


But it's perfectly legal. He found a loophole. Well, how wonderful for him. You're far too interesting to sit at a tiny desk and crunch numbers. What's your loophole? I don't. I don't have one. I love my job. What could you possibly love about it? You sit at a desk and add up receipts. Well, it's it's not glamorous, but I find the numbers comforting their sameness. Sixty three times twelve will always be seven hundred and fifty six.


No matter what. That's enough. Oh sure. And my family. Of course. My husband. My daughter. You know, I. I was a fine arts major in college. And you can't exactly make a living doing weird art installations that are only meaningful to you. I'm glad we did this, Diana, but we both know that I can't keep my money with your friend. Why not?


I don't see eye to eye with your partners, but maybe you could work with me, honey. I don't see the difference.


How'd it go? It's it's a work in progress.


We don't have time for progress, Dana. Just get it done. Yes, sir. There's a limb here to see you. He says, you know what it's about. Should I let him back? Yeah, sure. He's my car wash her.


You know, one of those mobile things.


Yes. Thanks so much, Emily. Yeah.


What are you doing here?


Be honest. Who's a better system? Near Emily Cleon.


You can't be here. You know, this isn't a drug deal we're making. It's totally legal to record women's fantasies and sell them on a Web site. You're like one notch more risque. Model. It's like I got it.


I got it. And I know that. But the people I work with are more conservative, OK, than I'd like. No shit.


It's like a Masonic lodge up there.


Okay, look, don't put this fantasy up until I tell you. Promise.


I promise. Well, only if I can listen. Please. Please. Pretty please. Come on. You want me to listen? Hey, stop. Come on.


Okay. Please. People can hear you. Oh, sure thing.


Bruce Wayne. Okay, look, I made a deposit in your account this week and it was a very good week. We got tons of new listeners. So just do your thing. Keep him. Keep them coming. Hey, I'm Shauna, the creator and director of Dirty Diana. And I want to show some love for our partners for this series Dipsy in the process of creating the show. I thought about what types of stories I felt were missing, honest stories about women's sexual desire.


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Oh, I'm Eric.


And I'll be your server tonight. Well, hello, Eric. I'm Lauren. And these are my ladies, Diana and Cathy.


Hello. I want you to get too crazy on me tonight. Are you? We can't promise anything. We can't.


Well, how about I promise you some two for one margaritas. Well, it's still happy hour. Sounds delicious. Perfect.


He is adorable. Oh, my God. Speaking of adorable waiters. Did you hear about Kelly Wall to Morgan's mom. Of the divorce?


Oh, I heard so. So. No, no. Not the divorce, please. That's old news. The underwear.


What? Apparently. Ever since the divorce, she's been going to the Capital Grille, the one down on Cresson and sitting at the bar every Friday night. Okay. And and flirting with a bartender. It seems they had this thing going on like an affair. Well, it's not an affair.


If she's divorced.


Okay. Well, I mean, is she sleeping with him? How old is he? No, not. Not sleeping together. But they have this agreement. And every night before she goes, she leaves her panties for him and in the ladies room like her dirty.


I don't know how dirty they were, honey, but yes, the one she was wearing. Oh, watch.


How do you know this? I just know it. Well, maybe we shouldn't know this. I mean, maybe this is just some rumor people spread to make a divorced woman look bad. Well, are you. Are you okay? Diana was supposed to be funny. I think it's funny. Okay. It looks like you owe me these more than me. Bottom.


No, no, no. It is funny, but maybe she just doesn't want everyone to know. Or maybe she's reeling from her divorce.


Hey, Diana. Please, please don't make this into a big deal because it's not. And, you know, you're you're amongst friends. What? And don't blame Oliver.


I mean, he never thought Danny would tell me to tell you what. But you guys haven't had sex in over a year. What are you talking about? Oh, don't be mad. We know how private you are, but but we love you and we want you to be able to talk to us. That's that's what Ladies Night is for.


You have always had such a perfect marriage, Diana. I mean, we have been so envious. And this doesn't mean you still don't look every marriage struggles. Oh, gosh. You're married.


No. No, I'm not mad. Just ahead, just never expected Oliver to share something like this with you two.


Used to go at it like rabbits. Even I wanted to have sex with Oliver. Sorry. I just meant what happened.


I don't know. I mean, you know, it's the more time that passes, the less I want to. I mean, last night, he actually said, please. Was it ironic? No way. He used that exact word. Please, Jesus, it's like having sex with a polite toddler.


I'm sure that we're gonna figure it out. We always do. I just feel like I lost him. I feel horrible even saying it. No, Diana. Don't feel bad. I don't think you're supposed to want sex all the time. I look at it like this. Cars were gas. Marriages run on sex. And even when you don't want to do it, you do. Or your marriage runs out of gas.


I make myself do it every Thursday. Cue up the bodyguard, have sex, then reward myself with an episode.


I think about all the calories I'm burning out.


You have to mix it up. Okay, this is gonna sound so crazy. I actually heard it on Dr. Laura. This group of girlfriends randomly takes each other during the week with a directive like sex or oral sex. And whatever the text says, you have to do it with your husband that night.


No matter what you lose, you lose what? You lose the game. I got this text from Lauren three nights ago.


I'm so tired.


I mean, I was out of bed and my thoughts.


I woke myself up and, you know, I had sex with Danny. And once we got into it, I mean, you know, I mean, it wasn't.


Oh, my God. It's all over. Oh, okay. One second. One second.




Hello. Oliver. Oliver. Oliver. I can hear you. Oliver, pick up the phone.


How is poker? You look pretty diverse. Like you, I like that. Did you win anything? No. 20 bucks. Not my night. Diana, we used to have fun, didn't we? How much did you have to drink? Just a couple of beers, maybe three. Can I ask you. Do you still. Think about Mam. Where were you tonight, Oliver? Why tell me where you are? Poker. Tell me the truth.


I just I just said poker. Come on, tell me the truth. Oh, for fuck's sake. Just say what you want, Diane. It's late.


Well, you called me or a stripper's ask called me. The music was so loud that it was hard to tell.


The fuck are you talking about? I heard the entire call. You said, I think you're taking advantage of me.


Well, of course she is. It's her job.


It was a strip club. Wasn't it? Yes. Do you ever play poker? No. We don't keep secrets from each other. Oliver, we don't fuck each other. It's so humiliating that I even have to bring it up. But, you know, I touch and cringe. I don't cringe with them.


Why don't you wanna have sex with me anymore?


Because you have to ask that question.


God, Oliver, don't you realize how completely unsexy that is?


How can I be more sexy? Then tell me why she's. I don't know. OK. You have to ask. I don't know the answer to that question.


Joe, I think I'm in love with. Oh, the stripper names, Amanda. I don't give a shit what her name is. You should answer that. No. Fine, then I will. Give me my phone.


Give it to me. Seriously, Oliver, just give me the phone. Fine. What does it say? What does it say, oral? Whoa, wait. Where you going?


I have a meeting at midnight. Is it up? No. I wanted you to hear it first. I wanted to make sure that you liked it.


I told my husband, really care. We had the best sex we've had in years. Wasn't even angry.


I couldn't help but think about your life, my life. Your husband must love what you do. A wife who makes porn at home. It's like every man's fantasy.


Kay, ready? You've chosen Liv. This is a 43 year old wife and mother from Garland. Her fantasy involves a train and a chance encounter with her husband. Oh, my God. So I'll let him take it further. And I'm on top of them. And its hand inside me, but it's not him. I tell him that I love it. Used to say. I tell him I love it over and over again. I was pretty intense here and I repeat it to myself and I love it even more.


And what about now? It makes me want to touch myself. Just the thought. Do you want me to touch my. Yes. Are you touching me too? No, I just. I just want to watch. Pike. Yes. Thank you for this thing to live. If you liked your story. Be sure to enjoy our other fantasy's here and have a good word. Dirty Diana stars Demi Moore as Diana Clay Spang as Oliver Carmen, Ejogo as Petra, Betsi Brand as Susan.


Dolly Wells as Lauren. Penelope Ann Miller as Kasey. Andrea Riseborough else as Jasmine. Mackenzie Davis as Amanda. Jon Tenny as Alan. Max Greenfield as Doug and Rhys. Wakefield as Liam with additional performances by Max Marshall, Amy Doyle, Caroline and Neil Lewis. Created and directed by Sean FSD, written by Sean FSD and Jen Vesser, Executive produced by Demi Moore, Sean FSD, Jen Besser, Rob Hurting Dave Henning. Bryan Cabinet, Jones and Friedberger.


Produced by Tess Ryan and Sandra BUGLING. Original Music and Composition by Darren Johnson. Audio Engineering by Ryan Walsh and Ben Melchor. Edited by Millie. Yeah, true. Ryan Walsh and Ben Milch of Sound Design by Katie Haliday. Additional sound designed by Justin Davey and Ryan Sullivan. Mix and mastering by Ben Milch of sound design and mix, consulting by Matt Yocum, casting by Chelsea Block and Maricel Ron Colley at Atomic Honey. Music Supervision by Andrew Kahn and Eric.


Such a good ear music supervision assistant director Lynn Deanne Gona.


Script supervisor Moochie up here, assistant engineering and editing by nearly afternoon production coordinator Honor Basha Yocum, coast coordinator Rachel Yahn over Dirty Diana is a cue code of production. Dirty Diana is presented by Dipsy Dipsy takes a mind first approach to sexuality. Drop into an immersive and erotic world with dipsy and download the app.


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