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Please be advised. This show contains adult language and explicit scenes not advised for persons under the age of 17. Dirty Diana is presented by Dipsy Desire is a fire to be stoked. Connect with your sexual self with Dipsy and download the app today. Q Code presents Dirty Diana, created by Sean FSD, starring and produced by Demi Moore. I like the lights on. Oh, OK, great. No problem.


I guess most people are too embarrassed to look at you when they're doing this. Well, sometimes they can share a fantasy online for a bunch of random strangers, but they can't look at the person right in front of them. I mean, it's weird, right? It's it's a little weird.


So we can start whenever you're ready.


My name is Lux. I'm 22 and I've been thinking about my boyfriend more and more. He's he died three years ago. A 16 year old Apsley had to send this important fucking text and he was dead a few seconds later. Our car. I'm so sorry. Yeah. Flip four times. He he died my arms. He bled to death. Well, I held him. Oh, wow. Yeah. I had I had blood on my lips when the ambulance came.


I couldn't even go to the funeral. I was so messed up after. And it's not just that I couldn't move on. I mean, I have I mean, I've I've slept with a bunch of guys. I've had boyfriends since then.


So what was his name? Jordan.


He wasn't he wasn't anything like me. He was in law school. His parents had money. He went to church on Sundays. I mean, I bet I bet you did not expect that someone like him would like someone like me. Actually, I, I can. So what's your fantasy? It's not really fantasy. It's just something I like to think about when I go to sleep. My son, my neighbor's going up the Reynolds's stuff. These Raisi haunted houses.


I mean, they had teenagers and the mom was a production center for movies, but they would start decorating like a month before Halloween and people would drive from other towns just to see what they did. And it was like some kind of weird tradition. Their house was like something you'd see in your nightmares. The first year my brother and I went. He promised to hold my hand, but we got to the door. He just ran right through.


So. I went on my own and I was fucking terrified. But I knew if I didn't do it, my brother would never hit it goes. The whole family was dressed up and they would pop out at you from behind his homemade fog. And there were fake spiders and mummies that came to life. And Mrs. Reynolds was dressed it decapitated, screaming, old lady. I mean, I was eight years old and it freaked me the fuck out.


And at the end, one of Mrs. Raynald sons was lying in a coffin wearing a face mask, of course, and.


And as you passed him, he would sit up and pretend to grab you. It scared the shit out of all these kids. And it was my turn. I got closer and closer and he just popped up at me and I screamed.


And then I just froze. And then something happened, which is I'd never felt anything like it. I mean, I was hot and wet and I was scared out of my fucking mind. And he was just this scrawny kid, like 13 in a mass. But I ran all the way home crying.


His mom made him come over later to apologize, but I wasn't really scared. I had my first orgasm. So sometimes at night now I go back to that same haunted house and I'm walking through and everything is the same, except I'm not a little girl anymore. And even though I know whenever he is going to pop out, I'm still terrified. When I get close to the coffin, at the end, I held my breath and I can feel my body search quiver.


I get closer and I can see there's something in the coffin. Man. Still in the Jason mask. But he doesn't try to scare me. Instead. He he reaches for my hand and. I let him take it and. He pulls me toward him and he presses my hand down on his jeans. Show me how hard it is and and then he keeps pulling me closer and closer until I'm sitting on top of him in the coffin. And I.


I spread my legs around him and he can feel what I am. But he doesn't say anything. He just starts kind of touching me very gently. He just started touching me everywhere, like my face that my breasts. He reaches between my legs. All I want is him inside me. But I'm also nervous because, like, what if a kid walks in to the haunted house? But. But no one does. And it feels stupid to stop.


And I. I scream when I come. It's loud enough for the whole house to hear. And after we're done, I, I take off his mask and it's Jordan and I'm sorry. It's just supposed to turn people on.


It doesn't really matter what it does for other people. This is about you. So what happens next? I lie down with him in the coffin and we've shut it over us. It's dark and he smells like Halloween candy and we make love over and over like we barely move. He's just inside me and I just want him to stay there. I mean, I'm sure that's unsexy, make love to a dead guy, you want people to jerk off to the site.


Can I come in all around so late? I just need to be next, you know, I really have to go.


So are we not going talk about this?


Oh, about the stripper that you're in love with?


No, not that about us. Let's just get through this day. I'll be armed. I.


Yeah, but I'm sorry. Just say we have lunch on the 14th.


Just cancel it.


No, I can't disclose it. I'm so close and I need the permission. Please.


Oh shit. All over. Sorry. Sorry is ok. You can save some.


How. They're practically dissolved.


Actually Diana. What are they. They're from my migraines.


I look them up that practically horse tranquilizers.


Well then why ask me what they are if you already know. OK. They're my anxiety. Diana. I'm sorry. OK.


What does it even matter? OK, they're gone. And now I'm late.


I said I'm sorry. There she is. How are you? Oh, sorry I'm late turn sparky my spot.


Are you serious? Meghan, did you know about this? Had them towed A.S.A.P.. Thank you. Miss Rowling is waiting in your office, Petra, for me. She wants to work with you and only you. That was her agreement. Go get a Diana. We all believe that.


Petra, hi. I brought this for you. It's a money plan. Get it?


Well, that's so thoughtful. Of course, I assumed you'd have a window office. I'm not sure it'll stay alive in here. It's really nice of you. Thank you. How do you work here? Well, it's cozy.


It's claustrophobic. Can I get you anything? Water. I keep thinking about you. If I'm being honest. Have you read The Awakening? I don't think so. It's about this woman who's trapped in a loveless marriage. She meets a younger man and he awakens her sexuality. Sounds interesting. You should read it. How does it end?


She walks into the ocean and drowns herself. And you thought of me?


I just wanted to come by, that's all.


Well, have you thought more about the estate?


Yes, Diane. I came all the way over here to talk about my money.


Well, it's what most people talk about when they come here. I already told you I have no interest in keeping my money here. So what would you like to talk about? You know, I think we just did that.


I think it's your voice. I keep hearing in my head what telling you to think about the estate.


Know the sound of your voice. It's so familiar to me, but I can't place. Well, I'm afraid that I can't help you with that. I wish I could say Petra.


I honestly have no idea why my voice sounds familiar to you. Maybe I sound like an old teacher of yours, and I'm. I'm sorry. I've got a meeting that I completely haven't prepared for.


Have you ever been with a woman? Diana. Excuse me. I have. As always, with other men. But I enjoyed it. Kissing especially. A woman's lips, I can never really commit to a full time, but it's fun to think about. Have something on your cheek. It's probably just pen. I'm always doing that to me. I. I can get it. Come here. I don't bite. Yeah, just pan. Thank you.


Thank you. And I'm sorry, but I really do have to prepare for a 10 o'clock.


What are you looking for? I have my medication. Sometimes one falls to the bottom of my person. I don't know it. What do you take? It's just an anti anxiety medication. You know what's great for anxiety? What? Honesty. Right. Either I was going to say fucking right that to. See you later. Diana. Watch where you're going. Sorry, sorry. Pick up, pick up, pick up, Leon, pick up.


What the fuck? Everything OK? I've called you three times. Why aren't you answering?


I have other jobs. Diana on a busy manchild. Fine. Sorry. Look, we're getting more subscribers, which is great. Yeah. Twelve percent last week. OK, good. Right. And as we're getting bigger here. Pun intended, please. Liam, this is important. Sorry. OK.


I'm feeling like as we expand my voice, like maybe there's something that we can we can do, like some kind of effect that would make it harder to tell that it was me like one of the bank robber voices.


No, listen, something subtle. There's got to be, I don't know, like a filter for that. Right. But isn't your voice part of the whole thing? No. Seriously, the first person to tell you, they sound like a phone sex operator. Your voice is sexy as hell. People like the fantasy's, but I think they like imagining what you look like just as much.


I can't be recognized. Liam. I can't. Who's going to recognize you? I've seen your friends. They're listening to the good lord. No. Good, good. So take one of your chill pills and embrace your voice. We needed. There was something about his car. It was like so big, it couldn't quite stand up when he got hard. It was like so. Heavy, like over burdened. I mean, you just don't worry.


Sorry, I was just asking what I get something cold to drink. I'll have a I'll have an ice tea. You got it. I'm actually. You don't. Can I have a glass of white? No, I mean, actually, just just.


He's fine. Come on. Go for the hard stuff. Can I have a listen. What. Whatever you listen to your whole face lit up.


Must be so good, you know. Sorry. My my husband just walked in. Matthew, you've seen. I'm fine. I just can't be here. Maybe that's it. Let's pretend just for now that you actually enjoy my company career. I don't need to pretend he's here. He's here. I thought he was bringing his wife. Yes. So did I say I had to be here?


Hey, Oliver. Hey, did you really pick this place out of all the places downtown? Really? This place.


But wait, so you tried the oysters. I'm ready. Good. Good. Yeah. Looks like a little like a shit box. OK. No, he's not. No, no, no. We, um. We can go somewhere else if you want to.


No, no. It's fine and it's fine. I'm already. But that's good. And where's Lydia? Oh, she didn't. She didn't want to come in.


OK. Okay. Well, this is my wife. This is Diana. Well done, Oliver.


It's nice to meet you, Diana. I'm the one making your husband's life hell trying to close on this house. Forgiven.


Hey, hey, listen, good news. We just need the geological inspections and we can move forward.


What do you do, Diana? Do you do something cause you actually have that glow of a woman that doesn't do anything. So Oliver's probably keeping you pretty good right now. I'm in finance.


I'm sorry.


I need a drink. Can we get some more drinks, please? Brady's in advertising, so. Well, someone's gotta convince kids to buy cigarettes. I'm kidding. They pens are where it's at. Everyone knows that.


Your wife doesn't think I'm very funny, Oliver.


No, no. But. But I think you're really funny. So, I mean, do you come up with campaigns or is that the company who hires you? Is that.


I come up with it all. Listen, I'm sorry, I this just isn't making any sense to me. Oliver, you're a really great guy. But Diana, you're so fucking far out of his league.


Yeah, same same league. I promise.


Did you brainwasher. That's what's going on. Is the Stockholm syndrome. I mean, you're fucking gorgeous, Oliver.


Maybe we should just order. I mean, what's he going to do?


Come on. Forget about him. He needs the commish. Hey, hey, listen. All right. All right.


I mean, what I would do to your wife, Maggie. I mean, one night, that's all it would take. One night, Diana. You would be a changed woman forever.


Oliver. I didn't think, Judy, I would appreciate the tenor of this conversation. What do you say?


I mean, Lydia, whatever. I'm sure my wife's attracted to plenty of other guys. It's only natural that I want to fuck your wife.


Did you just kick me, bruh? Sorry.


You just fucking kicked me under the table like a fucking five year old.


Is that what you did, Oliver? A waitress. Can we order, please? Hey, listeners, it's Sharna. The creator and director of Dirty Diana. And I'm back to tell you about her presenting partner, Dipsy, while the show's developed through my personal experiences. I also wanted to change the way sex is portrayed through storytelling. And that's one of the reasons I love the experience with Gypsy. Much of mainstream pornography is about as titillating to me as an anatomy lesson, and far less is designed from a female perspective.


Dipsy throws away the outdated notion that women are less sexual than men and instead asks, What if we gave women the tools they need to feel turned on and empowered? Gypsy audio stories are as much about chemistry and connection as they are about sex. And you can hear that in our character's fantasies as well. So go check out Gypsy and tap into your sexuality on your terms. And for listeners of the show, Deepsea is offering a 30 day free trial.


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As a listener of this podcast, you can get one hundred dollars off your first month on talk space to match with a perfect therapist. Go to talk space dot com or download the app. Make sure to use the code dirty to get one hundred dollars off your first month and show your support for the show. That's dirty and talk space, Dukkha. What did you want? I wanted him to come to my defense. I want him to fucking act like a man.


I mean, to actually say something. There was something about kicking him under the table that was just so unattractive.


What does that mean to you to act like a man?


Well, it means not allowing another man to talk about how much he wants to fuck your wife over lunch in front of your wife.


What do you think it means to all of them to act like a man? Look, I know what you're doing to get me to empathize with you.


You must have felt very alone.


Will you please just call in a new prescription?


I am feeling very anxious to get to that, Diana, but I would like to stay on all of it for a minute what that feels like.


I feel lonely. I'm married, but I feel lonely all the time and it feels like shit. Is a woman at work, and I think I might like her. And that scares me romantically. Yes. So. She declined. Hopefully, I mean, well, maybe not. Hopefully. Diana, last week we started talking about duality. I don't I don't remember what I said. You said you felt you were trapped between two people and if the two people ever met.


That they would despise each other. And I'm sure everyone feels like that sometimes. I remember when I was young, constantly feeling like staying out of trouble and getting into more of it. And now I just have days where I wish I could just meet myself in the middle. Look at that middle version look like. I don't know. It probably look like all my friends. And what would happen if you chose sides, if you leaned into one version?


Depends on who I choose. Let's say the riskier aspect of your personality. I'd probably be fired. My husband would most likely leave me. My friends would be horrified. I can't I can't think about it. I'd like us to try Diana. And I would like us to try out. That's OK. I really hear you. And I definitely agree. I do. And I won't need them once work comes down. But I just don't think that right now would be the best time for me to stop Diana.


It's important that we can access this version of yourself that you're afraid. She's unfamiliar. She's unknown. She's not known. She raised nothing. Nothing. You know, you are right. You're out of refills, ma'am. I told your assistant that on the phone.


Right. Right. Of course. And I and I would be out if I had taken my last one. But my husband knocked them over and they started to go down the drain today.


There's nothing I can do. See your doctor getting a prescription and I would do that. But I'm on my lunch break. I have been taking these pills for three years. Nothing's changed. Please.


You're holding up the line, ma'am. Next. There's a 30 minute limit. We've known you for an hour. OK. Sorry, sorry. Diana, what are you doing? I'm just taking out the trash. No, you're rummaging through the trash. I just disgusting. Oh, there's nothing that. Someone had Harton. Can I can almost make a pill, but he's been the garbage. Does that bother you? What was. Oh, you have.


You're right. Forget it. It's just. I'll help dry. I've got it. I've got to. Don't worry. No, let me. How I've got it. Really, I have. Last night, I can't talk about this anymore. What's he doing? I don't know. You do. I don't. Yes, you do. Something's changed. What's changed? What's changed, really? Don't you love me anymore? Sadly, I do.


No, I do. I love you. So you just don't want to touch me. That's a. It's not that simple. All I think about is you. I fantasize about you. I choke off to you. I think you're the sexiest woman I've ever met. And we used to we used to have great sex. Did we? I never had to beg for sex.


Well, I don't want you to have to beg. Believe me.


Can you tell me, is it. Is it about the money? Do you. Do you want me to have a better job with that?


No, it's not one thing that can happen. And then unhappen, it's years of things.


But we need to fix this. What can we do? I mean, John, are going to therapy is a. Diana, what do you like about. The stripper. Amanda, what do you like about her? Why do you want to know about her? You're spending time with another woman. I want to know about her.


Well, she's. Pretty, OK? And she thinks I'm six. You peyer to think you're sexy. No. No, I I actually think she really does think I'm sexy. How do you know? But is it Kendra's? Tell me how you know I can feel her. Can I can I can feel her. Get excited. You're allowed to touch her.


I don't know the whole so fuck. So maybe not. I mean, she makes it. Well, I want to meet her. I don't think that's a good idea. Why not? Are you serious? We can't just go to our work and show up. And I mean, we can't just.


Yes, we can. Fine, fine. Yeah, great. Mr. Right. Let's go. More work. Hey, wait now. It's on the left, plus the guest this. I really don't see the point of this. I mean, what is this going to fix, Reilly? OK, so invite her over. Hey. Hey. Amanda, this is. Well, this is my wife, Diana. Hi. Hi. Is this all right?


It's perfect. OK, it was her idea. I love that. So what do you want tonight? What do you usually do? No, I'm not so sure about that. You know why I didn't want to do that? You know, just let's just start with a lap down. How about we just start slow walking like last time? For the likes, it's me. You like this show? Your wife is beautiful. Well. I'm not sure that's such a comfort to me.


Yes. Yes, on. I just can't. Oh, no. It's so hard. Oh, fuck. So we should stop now. Keep going. Yes, I do. Yes, I know. My God, you're so sexy. And make it so or donate. Well, how do I make you so fucking? Kiss me. I'll kiss you now. However, what? Kiss me off you. Yes. Can I kiss you?


Yes. I was just learning a little bit.


Are you all right? You know, I, I, I need some air. Diana. It's nothing. I just. I just need some fresh air.


No, no, please don't go. Diana. No, you stay. Okay, I'm going home.


I haven't felt like close to you in a long time. Please don't go. Just go back inside. No, please. Diana done. Just cover it. Oliver, can you look like a teenage boy? Oh, fuck. That all of her. I mean, look at us in the parking lot of this place. I hated what's happened to us.


We can salvage this. Just just please come back inside. I can't. I can't. I'm not going. This is just not me, Oliver. Okay. I'm not like that. Just just don't, don't, don't. I need you not to drive away. I need it as fucking stay with me. I can't. What do I do now? Whatever you want, I want to be in that in that coffin with him. I. Go there.


There. I'm with him again. And this is the sexiest thing about it is he saw me. For who I was, I was seeing all of me, every part of my body, and he still loved me. And now that he's gone, I don't know if anybody will ever feel that way about me again. Oh, someone will. And you want to know what the real irony of it all, this whole fucking story? That text for that teenage girl said the one that made her not see a changing light.


You want to know what it said? What if it's a. God, I want to thank you. Thank you for listening to Lux. If you liked her story, be sure to enjoy our other fantasies. Hear it. Have a good would


Dirty Diana stars Demi Moore as Diana Clay Bang as Oliver Kamani, JoCo as Petra Bessey Grant as Susan Lena Dunham as Lux. Mackenzie Davis as Amanda. John Tenney as Allen. Reese. Wakefield as Liam and Chris. Diamantopoulos as Brady with additional performances by Neil Lewis, my Aunt Botter, Carmen Tonna Rally Jordan Sympathique and Connor McCray, created and directed by Sean FSD, written by Sean Investee and Jen Bezler, Executive produced by Demi Moore, Sean FSD, Jen Besser, Rob Hurting Dave Henning, Brian Cavenagh, Jones and Friedberger produced by Tess Ryan and Sandra Yeagley Original Music and Composition by Darren Johnson.


Audio Engineering by Ryan Walsh and Ben Melchor. Edited by Millie. Yeah, true. Ryan Walsh and Ben No Chubb Sound Design by Katie Haliday. Additional Sound designed by Justin Davey and Ryan Sullivan. Mix and mastering by Ben Milch of sound design and mix, consulting by Matt Yocum, casting by Chelsea Block and Marisol Roncalli at Atomic Honey. Music Supervision by Andrew Kahn and Eric. Such a good ear music supervision. Assistant Director Lynn Dango in US Script Supervisor Loukia Peer Assistant Engineering and editing by nearly offering production coordinator Honor Basha Yocum Post.


Coordinator Rachel Yanov over Dirty Diana is a cue code production. Dirty Diana is presented by Dipsy Dipsy takes a mind first approach to sexuality. Drop into an immersive and erotic world with dipsy and download the app today.


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