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I'm sorry I'm late, Laura Dern was blabbing my ears off and I go, I got to go talk to Tegan. Yeah, I have to confess.


Did she tell you I just got off the phone with her? Yes.


Yeah. Of weird. She blabbed my ear off to.


I'll tell you that now. This is don't ask Tig. I'm Tig Notaro, precisely the person you should not ask.


We are not. Nobody so everybody goes to. Today, we have Reese Witherspoon here to share her wisdom. Hi, Reese. Hi, Tag. How are you? I'm good.


I'm I'm happy to see your your mug on Zoom, and I feel like it hasn't been a long time since I've seen you.


But it has been it has been, unfortunately, too long. And I've been listening your podcasts. It's so good. You're kind.


You know, I'm I'm not that kind. I know you claim I'm really picky and I love your podcast.


Well, I love you. You know what you say. You're not kind. And I have to say, the first time I met you, you came at me, Reben me. And I thought, this is hilarious. I like this person. And you're making fun of a pair of shoes I had.


And you said to Stephanie, I can't believe you're married to this person.


We're in these shoes.


And and we were laughing. So I love to be ribbed like that. And then months later, Stephanie walked over to me with her phone and said, Would you look at the shoes that race is wearing, your exact pair of shoes?


You were making fun of me for really Birkenstocks. They were not. Stephanie wears Birkenstocks.


I can't I don't know how to pronounce this brand, but it's like a white kind of old lady tennis shoe. Trajan's Yes.


Yes. OK, I will say that I'm a convert. I'm OK. OK. I'd also like to say I'm looking for a sponsorship, they shouldn't give you the sponsorship. I was the one wearing them to I wore them to Jennifer Aniston's party. That's I was bold and I was out there really showing my stuff. And then you directly came over and attacked my shoes. You're right.


I'm like, why do you, even if I can, Praetorians at the holiday party, man, you want to step it up a notch?


Boom. Months later, you were wearing them on Instagram and we were just having a how dare you moment at our.


What I was saying is, where'd you get those treatments? That is not how it was presented or race. That was not so I believe I should have.


I beg to differ. Maybe you can beg all you want. You can bet. Beg away, my dear.


But I believe that I am owed the sponsorship because I boldly wore those Olgas blitzes on you.


I will take the whole thing. That's my type. That that's not a deal I'll make.


Reese, you're a movie star, a prolific Hollywood producer. You have your own line of clothing that I wear daily.


And it has all led you right here to this podcast. And I have to say, I'm very thrilled. I know you're so busy.


And I thought when I reached out to you, what did I say when you reached out to me? What took you so long? Yes.


Yeah, you do have that where you're a jerk. You walk over, you make fun of my shoes, and then I send you a little message and say, we do my podcast. And you say, what took you so long asking?


Right. So you have this other side to you, too.


I know. Well, the people I truly love, I just give them hell.


I hadn't even met you when you came up and attacked my my dainty little shoe leather.


Here's what people don't know about me, is I'm somebody's little sister, so I'm I'm always in my mind somebody's little sister. I'm pastie. Like, I'm like if I'm a little sister are you.


But I'm not going to walk over to Reese at a party and be like, why these shoes? And then turn to your husband and be like, so you're just married to someone that's wearing shoes like this? I'm really blowing your chance for a sponsor to show that you did, huh?


I would love you even more that are all right in our first meeting, you were so hysterically like familiar, you were making jokes, you showed me your clown horn noise. That is a noise. And I only associate with her because she knows that she's doing that with her mouth. That is not a clown horn that she's holding next to her.


Every single person listening right now knows that nobody at home is like, oh, my God, she has a clown horn next to her. I want to hear your version.


Well, I went home that day after I met you and I said to my children, we sit around. We always have family dinner because it's important for them to listen to how my day was, my therapy. And so we're sitting around. I was like y'all today.


I met a woman who made it like not just terrible shoes, but she had terrible shoes, but she made this perfect clown or noise with her mouth. And I couldn't figure it out how she did it. And then it was like, I can do a perfect air horn. And did you say, yeah, I can one up you with a five, and then my sun comes up and he goes, I know how to do the survivor noises.


Like, I don't know if you're a big fan of Survivor, but if you watch Survivor, they have these musical interludes between Reigo.


Never seen a survivor, I've seen like an episode or two in like nineteen ninety nine, is that when it's taken?


The deal is it's the only show you can watch with the seven or eight year old boy during a 14. I mean, my sons are so into it and we've watched 20 seasons, but they're not really surviving.


It's that whole thing of there's a camera crew there.


They're not like eating or eating one cup of rice a day. Huh. And I'm telling you, if I skip lunch, I can't even I can't tell a joke.


You're not going to be able to climb a tree.


I mean, I'm in a bad mood if I haven't had exactly the right amount of coffee, I can't even I can't even be funny. Like, I can't.


No, I don't think you've had your coffee because your point is that that's what this tangent came from.


Do you realize that now? Now you are.


Honestly, it's a miracle I get anything done.


I have so many random thoughts all day long. How do you wrangle your thoughts to the ground?


I don't know that I do.


I mean, I think I just I think that's where standup comes into play and is helpful for me because I have ideas and thoughts and and I I just share them a lot on stage. And I think that's where I get it out.


And then because I can imagine you can make anything funny. Should we? Well, should we? Yeah, we could try. I want to ask you, though, about pipe cleaner, about pipe cleaner magnifying glass. I'll tell you about pipe cleaner.


This is we're so off track. But Stephanie, colonoscopy.


Stephanie orders things online and they always come in the wrong size, whether it's clothing. And when you said pipe cleaner, she ordered not a pipe cleaner, but something to clean. A very small even, let's say she wanted to clean, just draws something that small.


Maybe she was polishing tiny shoes. Well, yes, maybe.


But Reist you know, it arrived at our house, something that was two feet long. No. Oh, oh. Everything that arrives. It is a circus. We die laughing. I'm like, you ordered one and ten came. It's so out of control. And I always tell her, you have to stop ordering things. You have to see something in person and she will not stop. And everything is the wrong size and we have ten extra.


But does she make it work? No, no, she does not. I would spend the rest of the day trying to repurpose that item. No, it it our housekeeper gets our I mean, we can spray paint them green and make a tiny forest.


And then what I know now, aren't your kids too old to get excited for a tiny forest? No.


They all just think I'm I'm like the laughing stock of my family too, because I'm full of harebrained ideas and basically like the nutty professor like who never grew up.


But I come up with really good ideas. It's just like there every 12 ideas is good.


That's all you need, even if you just have one.


And my husband has a business brain. So he'll say to me, that twelfth idea was the one that you should stick with like it is. And he's like, yes, and here's how you should go about. And he's like, OK. And we did we did the sunshine together. And it was his idea really to him and his another friend of ours.


And I had this idea. I was like, I just don't I don't want to do a normal production company the way I did it before. And because they just put all my stuff in development, they never make anything. And and they were like, well, how could you engineer it in a way that you actually got more stuff made? And I said, well, it has to be independently financed and I can't take money from anywhere. And they're like, great, we'll figure it out.


And they helped me build a business plan so that I. Became this independent media entity. Yeah, that sounds easy enough. It's really hard, but but I but I needed someone to help organize that because I, I knew I was really good at picking material. Uh huh. And I'm really good at I can read a book and tell you whether or not it's a movie. It's so easy for me. And that's incredible, only because I've been doing this since I was 14 years old, I know reading I started reading at 14.


Yeah, yeah. Now, are you ready to help some people out there that have questions? Yes. All right. The first question, these listeners are very lucky that they get the benefit of your brain. All right. Oh, Lord. Oh, Lord in heaven. Oh, Christ Almighty. My advice always comes from some place of my upbringing. So it's like my super proper grandmother and my, like, kind of country mom.


So you're either going to get the super proper me or the real kind of country.


See, I have a super proper me, but I also have a very I have proper in country. My father was country and my mother was a debutante. There you go. You got the mix.


I did get the mix. And so I surprise people sometimes in that I know how to set a table properly.


Oh, right. Yes, yeah.


And I know proper manners, but I don't always abide by them because your country because I got some country roots and so you got to know the rules and throw them all away.


That's right. All right. All right. Let's get let's help the people.


We're going to help Sheldon. OK, OK. Sheldon writes, I just met someone I think could be the love of my life. They separated from their partner the day before we met online. I absolutely want to be with this person. What should I do?


Sheldon, you need to take a deep breath.


Would you agree? Race and just take a slow dip into that pool. I just put a toe in first. I would sit by it. Yeah, I just sit by it. Look at it for a minute.


Yeah. Yeah. Really taken it because I mean, this sounds cartoonishly like a disaster.


You met online a person that just separated. I mean, and I don't mean to be judgmental, because it's exciting when you connect with people, we are on a huge planet. You know, there's a lot of people alive, there's a lot of planets, there's a lot of outer space. We have found each other in a tiny little area on earth.


OK, yes, that's major, because I know it's I like about three people honestly in this world. Like, maybe maybe I have. Six friends. That's it. So if you find somebody who gets your weirdness or your your quirks and wrinkles, as my husband likes to say, because you're just your quirks and wrinkles are just getting weirder and weirder as you get older. They really do. Is cute when you're 20 is going to happen.


Yeah. Yes. I will say this is my mother's advice. Oh, this is a Betty.


Whether this is country, this is the home. So here comes a little country advice.


Yep. Four seasons. You need to spend four seasons with someone before you make any big decisions. Don't buy a house, don't give them money and don't get married.


OK, I think that's really good advice because if this is the one and you're really excited, then you have your entire life together. There is there's no rush. There's absolutely no rush. Nobody's pregnant. I would imagine you guys are online.


You met online right now.


There's something that you need to explain to take and I because. Yeah, I mean, we don't understand.


Yeah, I think that's really all I can tell you, Sheldon, is if this is the love of your life and you absolutely want to be with this person, first of all, make sure they want to be with you and also take a beat, sit by the pool, take in your surroundings and spend four seasons together. Stephanie and I spent eight seasons together before we got married. What about you and your husband?


Well, my husband and I spent four seasons because I have to say my husband, when we first met, wanted to get married and I said I called my mom and I'd only known him for six months. And my mom said, you have spent four seasons together.


So this comes from my this is pulled from my very real life think, OK, I'm giving you words of wisdom.


Listen, Stephanie and I wanted to get married immediately, too. I have never wanted to marry a single person. I didn't understand why people wanted to get married. And I told her a month in when we were at dinner, I said, I have something insane to tell you. And she said, What?


And I said, I feel like I want to get married to you. And she said.


Yeah, that's how I feel. Oh, I was like, oh, my God, I thought for sure she was going to be like, you need to relax. I thought she was going to be like, Listen, Sheldon, you need to sit down by the pool. But she was just like, yeah.


But we waited two years and, you know, feeling you have any feeling you have in the first three months is going to be a totally different feeling after 12 months is going to be a totally different feeling. After twenty four. I'm on year 11 of mine on eight. OK, it's just different.


And we've gone through so much together and we've had big ups and downs and it actually it's the best thing that I feel like we know exactly who we are and we've actually grown up a lot together, which sounds weird because I'm forty four but yeah.


No it's. Yeah I mean it's, you can't help but grow up even in your 80s and if you're out there dating in your senior years you're going to grow up and grow together with somebody. But there's no reason. I don't know how old you are Sheldon, but I'm excited for you.


If you're 80, you should probably just get married. Don't wait. The Four Seasons. No, that's true.


This is not the time when you're 80, especially in a pandemic, just like right into that. Yeah. In fact, you know what reason I will will marry. Will officiate.


Yeah. OK, all right. We really came around on that one. All right. Good luck, Sheldon. More questions after the break.


Reese, you're a book lover, which we've already established and which the world knows how funny that the world knows you're a book lover.


It's so funny to me that Instagram and create a book club and and that people all over the world I go into Barnes Noble sometimes and there's a table that says recent book clubs and I'm freaking out.


Why don't you do you have your own publishing company, your imprint?


No, because I don't want to seem like I pick favorites or anything.


I just read random stuff and I try to pick new authors all the time so that, you know, I want it I want to diversify my reading experience so that other people can as well.


Yeah, that's great. Well, I think your love for books will inform the next question. Justin writes. I live in a small town in rural Canada and our only bookstore closed recently. I'm considering opening an independent bookstore, but I'm not sure if this is the best way to serve our community. Is an indie bookstore an unnecessary indulgence that only book nerds like me feel is important? No independent bookstores are so important. Justin, you're singing my tune.


Listen to the pain and passion in this woman's voice. I'm sorry.


I feel this is bookstore closed.


I know it's so sad when that happens.


I was a little girl who my fun Saturday activity was going to the bookstore with my grandma and my grandmother read to me all the time. And I think it is it's more than community. It's a place where you share ideas. And Ann Patchett is a friend of mine in Nashville, Tennessee, and she has her own bookstore. And she's an amazing, incredible writer of wonderful novels. But she also is a community builder. And right now, it's so imperative that wherever you are, you're buying your books from your independent bookseller, because particularly like if you think about best sellers like Barack Obama's book, buy it from an independent bookseller, it's a make or break season for them.


And also what I would say to you, because I also have retail businesses, so I'm going to put my retail brain on good God race and have some coffee or something in there or sell some cookies or try and have like dual purposes so that you have you know, that you're pulling people in for different reasons.


If you can and make sure the coffee shop has an outdoor seating area because of the Times and even a bookstore that's outdoors, you know, I don't know.


I mean, rural Canada might be tricky in the wintertime, but you can have a little area that's inside. But you've seen those outdoor bookstores that so there's nothing better than that is grabbing a book. And, you know, you know, here's what we can do. And I will fly out to where you are. We will personally sign every book in the store, even though they're not our books, right? Totally. Yeah.


I will not only send you all my books and I only have one, but I will sign them and I will send them to your bookstore because I have one book and I can contribute that.


Yeah, yeah. We will each send our book to your bookstore and I also this isn't part of the segment, but should we name Justin's bookstore. Yeah.


How about Justin's books as to say Justin's book Nook. Justin's book. It does rhyme just in time, just in time for books. Do you know my my son? Just my son's sorry.


I'm just I'm trying to tell you a little anecdote about my child.


Now, it does. It's awkward because the moment has passed, but I don't want to wedge it in there. It's important to hear this stuff about your son.


OK, I have my two sons. One of them really is obsessed with rhyming. He any time he hears two words that rhyme, he points it out. And he's right every time I love his little rhyming heart.


My other son thinks he understands rhyming and he doesn't. And it is the cutest thing. In fact, I think I've I made their lunch before I came up to record this, and my son Finn said that was cutting their avocado.


He said avocado and fin. They rhyme avocado and fin and it's right.


And then my son Max turned to me and he said, avocado and then don't rhyme. And then Stefanie's father said, Yeah, but let's let's keep that a secret for right now.


Let's not kill his dream. Yeah. It's as they say in the rap world, he's got no bars. Yes, they do say that and I learned that saying about a year and a half ago. Bars.


Well, if you want to do a deep dive on another fantastic unscripted television show, yes, rhythm and flow on Netflix is the I did not say that I have seen your home show.


The organizing show. Oh, yes. Stephanie's obsessed with that.


That was a bit problematic in our relationship.


It's deeply satisfying in the way that, like cleaning your executive is just deeply satisfying. Yes. Yes. Especially when it put your books in Rainbow Order.


We're not Rainbow Book Order people. But I'll tell you, it was a show was. No, but I've seen it. It's it's fine. It's fine for other people. It's not it's not Stephanie. And I don't please don't shoot me these luxuries. I'm telling you, our books are just mixed matched, but at least they're there. But Stephanie saw the show before I did. And I'm telling you, I would not stop talking about this show.


She wanted to talk about it.


She and I to release it was a problem.


And I finally sat down and watched the show with her.


We we failed to mention this, me being a bad producer.


It's called the home edit on Netflix no matter what. Check out this Rainbow deLites. Yes, delight, light in organizing dirty pantry's and in lives that are living.


Can you send them over to our house shirleys. Oh, would you like a second season. Do you want to be on it.


Yes, of course. We got to do this. They can organize all your ugly sneakers. I imagine you have more than one pair.


No, actually I only have one pair of that.


Take this thriftiness. I it's just so practical. Why are you wearing the gold?


Listen, I want you to show up and surprise Stephanie with your makeover show and just barge in the door and just organize the house. But yeah, season two counties in.


All right, Justin, thank you for writing this. We're a terrible team. Only on question two. We have two more to go.


Oh, my God, this is relentless. Ah. Our next question is about husband play dates. You're going to have to take the lead on this.


I got this. All right. Give me the ball. Give me the ball. All right. All right.


Question three Flow asks, my husband has no friends. Seriously, none.


Well, except that one from childhood who he sees every two years for lunch when visiting his home state. Is this weird? How do I bring it up with him in a productive way? I've tried setting up play dates and quotes with my friends partners, but they never spark anything.


Plus, I don't feel like it's my responsibility. I sense he's sad about it, but also can be defensive.


That is complicated, that's complicated because I assumed in the beginning of the question that he was all set alone just with his wife or partner and they're married.


So there's really nothing she could do. No, I'm just kidding.


And I I've seen this before.


It's hard. Does your husband have a lot of friends? Has so many friends, literally. And what's an answer for a bit?


I mean. Sure. This is it, this is not helpful because flow sorry, but I made sure you had friends before we began because my grandmother said, Oh, is this country grandma now or is this grandmother OK?


You can you can marry somebody for better. For worse, but not for lunch. And with that said to me, it's like you're not supposed to spend too much time with somebody. Now, wait a minute, did you really come from a family that had grandmothers that had these perfect bumper sticker quotes?


Yes. Platitudes? Yes. My no bumper sticker quotes. That is incredible.


My mom has them, too. It's really interesting. I know you have your.


But, you know, let me let me deal with flat. OK, I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I get distracted because I you to help. Oh, please.


You want to talk about distracted press rewind and this entire episode and listen to yourself.


I don't know what you're saying. I have some because you're not listening. That's why you don't know what I'm saying. All right. Let's let's help Flo. You're right. I don't know what to do.


You said you've seen this a lot of times. Who have you seen this with? And I'm not going to name names, but I do have a friend whose husband does have it. And also, this is the subject of a Paul Rudd film.


Him and Rashida Jones are married and he doesn't have any guy friends and she just starts setting him up on guy play dates.


And he's so dorky and embarrassing.


Oh, my God, I have to Google it because I don't know what the Polaroid movie is called. I love you, man. It is so funny. So just this is what she should do. This is it. Eureka. They should watch this movie together. Watch how Paul Rudd resolves this conflict began.


How does he resolve it? He makes one really good friend because they bond over their love of some metal band and it's it's really sweet.


And then they kind of break up and get back together.


But it's like about guy friendships, you know, that's a really good idea. But I do have to interject that a friend of mine who is still very close with her ex-husband was talking to him about this new friend he made. And he's been going out to lunch with this guy regularly. And my friend realized, she said, Jason, this guy is gay. He's asking you out. You've been dating this guy.


And he didn't go.


No, he was like, wait, are you serious? You think he's gay? And she was like, Jason? Yeah. He's asking you out for lunch and he's asking you out for dinner.


And now he's more clueless. He's more clueless than you tag.


I think I would be on to if a if a guy was asking me out to lunch now, I wouldn't know. Guy's going to ask me out to lunch. What am I saying. What are you talk.


But that's a that's a great thing when you guys get to lunch all the time. When I go on tour in Middle America, sometimes guys will flirt with me. Yeah. And I'm like, I don't understand how somebody how this is what a man wants to get, you know, have a piece of why you're wrong.


Funny. The most attractive thing on Earth, I think. All right.


Funny trumps all. It is up. All right. We're both married. OK, now I know that question well enough.


I feel like I do your job. I know.


No, I feel like that's a really great idea. Actually, there's another thing they can do. This is very Betty, my mom all like men. Well, not all men, but a lot of men like to go to sports. And if you buy him like pairs of tickets and say, find a friend to go, they're going to naturally bond. Oh, man. That's your mother's advice.


Well, my mother's advice is if you want to find a man, go to go to a sporting event or Home Depot. Mm hmm. So that's why I don't go to either you don't get that like I don't know, I look like I go to Home Depot, but I don't I really I don't make the rounds there.


Right. Right. I head over to Lowe's. That's my place. Well, I felt flow.


I feel like for Lowe's, I'm looking for sponsorship. Now that you stole my shoe sponsorship.


The Lowe's is a great organization.


Well, why don't you get on the horn and make things happen for me? All right.


Hello, this is Rachel Reese Witherspoon. I represent really sponsorships for Praetorius and Lowe's. I can't believe you.


You figured out what shoe it was that you completely attacked because I only wear two kinds of shoes and one of them St2.


How long ago did you start wearing those?


Maybe it was I think you're an influencer because maybe I still have the one. You and I was like. I think that's what happened because Stephanie, truly, like very soon after, it was like, look what she's wearing, I think I did.


I think I copied your shoes.


I think you did, too. And you know what? You put it on your Instagram and probably got the company trillions of dollars. And it came from this 50 year old lesbo over here that was wearing little gardening shoes to a big Hollywood event.


Next time I wear them in an Instagram post, I'm going to tag you. Well, thank you and nobody will know what the flow. Good luck finding friendship for your husband.


I think Reese really is on to something with the with watching that movie. That's really great advice. All right. We have a we have a final question. It comes from Emily. Emily says, My husband and I are about to be parents. And one of our main hopes is that we can raise a kind and empathetic person. He thinks one way to accomplish this mission is to limit holiday birthday gifts to one item. Only race is scrunching up her face.


No, I'm just contemplating that because that actually I'm like, hold on, should I do this? This is a really good idea.


Well, she said, I disagree with this and would love to hear your thoughts. So you think that's a good idea to have one?


I mean, I like having one gift, even though that's not what. We do here, but I do think that sometimes it all gets to be so much and too much for her, but I don't think that that's a direct line to kindness and empathy or lack thereof.


No, but I will say that consumerism and like children don't appreciate things if they get too many things. You know, like my girlfriend said, if you have a toy basket, you have to make toys. Oh, wow. Yeah, because how often do you go to the bottom of the basket and trust me, when I my first kid and everything, but you get to the third kid, I was like, kid, I don't know, find a stick or rock to play with.


I don't know how to play with the basket.


Play with the toy basket. That's your toy.


I have a friend who has good advice about this. She says at Christmas time she's Christian and she said, Jesus only got three gifts, kids only get three gifts.


What did Jesus get? Gold, frankincense and myrrh. From Three Kings. Come, all right. I'm not a religious person race, but I'm just saying there's somewhere between what I have assumed it was a loaf of bread. Jesus got a loaf of bread and a diet goblet of wine.


I will say I think kids get too much stuff and then they don't appreciate it. And it's all a lot of it's just junk anyway. It is junk.


And then I think all the birthday parties say, I have a I have a carve out for I don't like to buy kids a lot of stuff that grandparents get to buy and whatever they want to, because that's the joy of being a grandparent.


Yeah. I mean, we we try to limit things to some degree at our house, but of course, more than one comes and they're all the wrong size, as I mentioned before, because Stephanie does online shopping.


But but so you're you're you're with Emily. You're with her on this. She's saying, oh, you're you're with her husband.




And by the way, let's just talk about deals, because every every choice that you make like this in a relationship is just like a little bit of a negotiation. Right. So his opening offer is one gift. What is her what is her counteroffer?


Oh, you know you know, the counter offer could be how about on Christmas Eve we open because Stephanie's family have a tradition where they open a book every year.


I love on Christmas Eve.


Or you can open an ornament, a new ornament to hang on the tree.


I love that I have a special those are some traditions from our family that we can pass on to Emily and her husband that way. The present that you open on Christmas Eve has more maybe substance to it. I like something a little deeper, special thing to it. And then Christmas morning can be something more Lego style, something that I despise the kid because they're going to wake up at four thirty in the morning.


Exactly. You got to have something to build that and then something for independent play. Yes, because yes. It's too early in the morning. Yeah, that's why Stefanie's father just moved in with us and and we call them the triplets, our sons and her father, because they are just constantly building and playing and rolling around on the floor. And so he's kind of an early Christmas present.


That's all you have to get your children for you. Really this year is a grandpa. We got your grandpa. You're welcome. Ask him all your questions.


Yeah, and they do. And he answers and.


Oh, that makes me so happy for you all. That's so lovely. I grew up with my grandma and my grandpa. They took care of me after school every day. And it I think it truly formed you. I am. So to go back to go back to Emily's question, I think you're having a question about values in your family. And this is probably one of the first questions you have around having a kid. It's like, what is our value system around this?


So I think that's worthy of a long conversation and and a back and forth and listening to each other and compromising.


Yeah, it's a great opportunity to have that kind of conversation. And also, you have to really be open because it seems like this could be a topic where people could be rigid on this is what I see. This is how I feel. And so I don't know, maybe also I'm secretly hoping you'll use our Christmas Eve tradition in your family. Emily Reese, we did it. We got through all four questions. And before we go. Do you have any incredible advice that somebody told you that changed your life?


Can I tell you that that's so crazy that you said that because I wrote down this quote this morning is Ralph Waldo Emerson.


And to quote, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived this is to have succeeded. That makes want to cry. Does that make you cry? Yes, breathe easier, like that's not a big heavy lift. You just help someone breathe easier. It's it's so nice and I've shared this a million times, every time I talk, I always tell people the best gift you can give anyone is a is a well lived life of your own.


And it reminds me of that of breathing easier. Yeah. Because if, you know, somebody is happy and thriving and living a good life, you're free. Everyone's free. And so, yeah, I live I try to live by that. I love that. Tag, you're the greatest. Raise your second place. I didn't realize we were forced ranking each other. I do really, really adore you.


And I and you are the person when I walk into a party or an event and I see who I really am, like, this is going to be fun to be a good well, not this year, but I'm coming for you next year.


All right.


Well, when I see you again, I can't wait. And I. I really, really appreciate you taking the time to do this.


I can't believe it took you this long to, well, raise to say hi to Stephanie and give those kids a big hug and grandpas.


Yes. The triplets. All the best to your family. And thank you again. And I will see you soon. I can't wait for our sponsorship deals coming up.


All right, Firuzan.


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