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Hey, everyone, it's Dan Semenovich, I hope you're all healthy, well, and staying inside and looking for new podcasts to listen to while you're there, if you are, I highly recommend checking out. The plot thickens. I'm still Peter Bogdanovich. It's a brand new podcast from Turner Classic Movies, and it's out right now. If you're a film nerd like I am, where you just love Hollywood in the movies, you're going to love it. I have a preview for you here.


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Peter Bogdanovich is a man of many things about none, which burst about the film.


McDonagh, which is best known as a director of films like Peter Bogdanovich, helped change the way movies were made, starting with his first hit in 1971.


The Last Picture show that you might want to go to Picture Show as well.


At age 31, he became one of the hottest directors in Hollywood all his life.


He's wanted to make movies, and he did his self-confidence. He knew what he wanted to do.


Now, this movie Van is a successful director.


His career was kind of the ultimate triumph of the film critic, film nerd, film buff.


Hitchcock interviewed side one leader, had interviewed great directors who came before him wrestling, and he told their stories to anyone who would listen. He said to me, Paramount Pictures made for me a torso made entirely of rubber. When you plunged the knife in blood, which for a while Peter had it all.


He was good looking, rich and talented, and he liked being in love. Peter and I, we were the first unmarried couple on the cover of People magazine. Oh, horrors.


You have her you have your pictures in a role. And people hated this. A guy has to learn to hate you.


But Peter's success did not last. I mean, a lot of mistakes, but we're starting again now.


I don't think it was an arrogant bastard. Maybe I was.


And just as he was on his way back up and she fell in love with another me, the happiest girl in the world, like Dorothy Scrat, he suffered an unspeakable tragedy.


Playboy magazine's nineteen eighty Playmate of the Year has been found shot to death. And finally, phone rings I answered, it was Haefner, he said two words, Dorothy's dad.


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