Transcribe your podcast

Are you wearing a police badge necklace?


Oh, no, it's a dog. No, it's a bulldog.


I would have already given you a citation.


He never takes it off. That's nice.


I just love him so much just because he's my best friend. A lot of times, I'm not great at human connection. I really feel like someone who just understands me on a feeling basis. It just feels good to have someone in your corner.


As if we're not his friends. Yeah, I know. As if we don't give a fuck about him.


As if we're fucking chopped liver.


He's like human connection. I felt like a genuine soul behind him. Then at the end of the sentence, he winked at me. Am I being emotionally manipulated by you?


I don't think you're being emotionally manipulated. I think maybe I'm just having my guard up a little bit, and maybe I gave in a little too much to you. I gave you the wink to like, Oh, yeah, he is a bad guy. That way you don't get too much in because then we're going to become best friends. We're going to be hanging out all the time.


Then you're going to get stuck on the podcast like I did. Look at Taurus. I'm literally changed to this bench.