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What's up, guys?


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Love ya.


Is this thing on?


Bonnie, who used to be a former sex worker and now hosts the podcast Dumb Blonde. Most little girls grow up wanting to be doctors and lawyers and shit, and I was like, I want to be super hot, make a lot of fucking money, and be a rock star's wife. That was my goal as a child. And here we are. What's up, you sexy motherfuckers? Welcome to another episode of Dumb Blonde. I don't like a lot of couple TikToks on TikTok, but there is one couple that I absolutely adore, and it's okay. I'm going to pronounce it right. Garik.




And Brittany.


Yes. Thank you for saying it. Right.


But I'm going to call him g. I'm going to call him g the rest of the podcast, because I don't know if I'll be able to remember that.


How are you guys?


Thank you for being here.


Of course.


Thank you for having us.


Thank you. Yeah, we're excited.




So if you guys don't know who Brittany and g are, I mean, you guys have millions of followers. You guys are huge on, like, I don't know how anybody could not know who you guys are, but you guys are fucking hilarious. And I was telling g before you came in here, you had to use the bathroom. That I love how real you guys are, because most of the couples on TikTok are like, oh, honey, and let's have matching pajamas. And I fucking ran into you guys on my fyp, and you're like, go fuck yourself. And you're just so funny. So I was just like, oh, my God, I have to meet them. Where are you guys from? I need to know. Nobody knows anything about you guys except for what you put on the Internet.


I feel like that a lot of times. That's why people, I feel like we deal with a lot of hate because people don't know us a lot. So it's crazy. We have talked about it on a podcast before, and right after we talked about a lot of things. Everybody was like, wow, much more respect now. And I was like, that's.


It's a family know.




It's crazy, though. You want to go first where you're from?


Yeah, I'm from the valley, san Fernando valley. I grew up there, but I'm armenian. I'm originated from there. I think that's what it is. Yeah, I think I got a little Russian in me, too, but, yeah, I love it.


And where are you from, baby?


Yeah, my dad is mexican, and my mom is swiss, and she's from here, so my mom is white, and I'm from the valley too. I'm from San Fernando valley. I grew up everywhere. I was always, like, moving to different areas of the valley.


Was your dad in the service or anything like that?


No, my dad was more of a gang member.


Oh, gotcha.


Yeah. So it was just always, like, everywhere. And my parents were like Bonnie and Clyde at one point.


So you grew up and lived that life?




Are you scared of her dad?


Oh, that's my boy.


Were you scared of him when you guys first got together?


Yeah, I was, like, getting ready to meet him. I was nervous and stuff, but I had to do what I had to do.


My dad is so nice, though.


I have respect for parents, so I went in there as all respect. I did a dodge it a little bit in the beginning to meet him because I've actually never met somebody's parent, a girl's parent, so he was my first time. She's the first girl I took serious.


How old are you guys?


I'm 21. I just turned 21.


I'm 22. About to turn 23.


I can't believe. How long have you guys been together?


We're about to be four years.


That's so admirable. I couldn't hold a relationship to save my fucking life when I was really his age.


Yeah, that's crazy.


Two or three years, and I was like, all right. Ready for some new dick, ready to move on. What else is out here in the. Almost called. I almost said, don't call me Garrick. I don't care. No, I'm going to call you.


I like how Garrick sounds too.


No, I'm going to call you G. So, g, growing up in an armenian household, did you grow up in a.


Strict upbringing or tell me about middle easterns. They throw knives at you sometimes when you do the bad deeds.


But, yeah, it keeps your ass in line, though.


Yeah. I really got humbled by my parents and my big sister, but there was, like, a tight turn in my house. I was, like, rich at one point. Like, not rich, but my parents had the money and stuff. But I was a kid to even know what money is.


Like that, right.


I just went to school and stuff. And then a traumatic issue happened, and then my sister started taking care of us. What happened?


Can I ask?


Oh, yeah. See, this is what I don't want to talk about, but I'll talk about, okay?


It's up to you. I don't want you.


I already talked about it on Jacob's podcast.




But basically we just got raided. My mom was like a drug lord. I didn't even know what a drug lord was at the time. But it's honestly cool now because my mom's back now. She's good.


I love that. Mom's a gangster, dad's a gangster. No wonder you two fucking get along.


She's a kingpin, actually.


What was she slanging? Cocalina.


It was like, pills.


Okay. Gotcha.


Pharmacy. Yeah.


So you guys got raided. Where was your dad? It was your dad in the picture, or.


No, my dad was in Russia.




Got you. Has he been around while you were growing up?


I think one time he came home and then.


I'm sorry.


I'm not trying to laugh. It's like. Yes, well, one time he went to go get the milk, and he never came back. I'm not laughing at your trauma, though.


Oh, no, it's funny. I don't really care because it's the past.




And my tattoo right here symbolizes that. Yeah, it's the three dots. People think it's like a game. Yeah. Just like, I got this to always remember where I came from. Yeah, it was actually crazy because the raid was insane, because I was a little kid watching kung fu panda, and literally, I remember that night, like, vividly. They threw a flashbang in my mom's room. Thank God she was also.


It was like, a raid.




Like swat? Like, everything.


Yeah. I actually woke up. I was like, yeah, it was traumatic. But I woke up, and there was a. I don't know if it was a fully suited up SWAT team guy.


Yeah, that's got to be scary as a kid to see something like that.


And then he also said, you said that you guys were supposed to go to SeaWorld the next day.


And I had a long talk with my mom that night. The night of.




Like, I was just talking to her. And we never go to. So, like, I've never been to Disneyland, too. When I was a. Yeah. So we were about to go to Seaworld, and I was so happy, so I went to sleep. I woke up with, like, an AR in my face.


A kid. They put an ar in a kid's face.


Yeah. They were screaming at me to get out the bed.


Oh, my goodness.


I thought it was a dream, actually, when I was, like, waking up, you're.


Like, this is not coming. Yeah.


I was, like, looking around. What if I grabbed the gun?


Yeah, I'm a kid.


He was right in my face, pointing it at me.


No. That is so traumatic. And so, what happened from there? Did they take your mom away from you guys? Did you guys get put in the state or did dad come down, like, navigate me through this?


Yeah, they took my mom and then they were counting a bunch of cash on the table, too. And we were just sitting on the couch and they were questioning us. And my mom always told me, you never see anything, hear anything, or how does it go?


Hear no evil.


Basically, ever since we were kids, she would always mention that to us, so we didn't say nothing. They were asking us questions like, do they hit you? They had us sitting on the curb. My mom went to the hospital because she knew they were going to take us away from her. We went to like a foster care and shit.


How long were you guys in foster care for?


I was in foster. Actually, three weeks. My sister took custody of us.


And how old is the sister?


My sister at the time, 28.


Okay. Well, God, thank God for her, right?


Or 30. Yeah. She's actually my second mom, actually. Shout out Lilo.


Yeah. We love you, Lilo. So having your mom taken away from you at that young age, how long did they keep her for?


She got sentenced for 14 years.


Oh, my God.


I was in the court. Yeah, my whole childhood.




How does that make you feel growing up? Your dad's in Russia.


Oh. They told him to come back or else he can't come back ever.




So he came back and they arrested him, too.


Oh, because he was in helping mom. Yeah, allegedly.


Yeah. He was doing business in Russia.


Wow. Oh, my goodness. That's heavy.


Yeah. But now that I'm older, so I'm okay with it. It's my know, it's the past, but she saved my life, actually.


I can't wait to get to that. Brittany, growing up and you grew up in a gangster household, too, having to move around. What was some of the shit you had to deal with growing up?


Honestly, I talked about this on our friend's podcast as well, I think for a very long time. As of what I can remember in a mexican household, even though my mom was white and grew up with the background that she did, my mom grew up very gangster. She'll not say anything. My mom actually watches you, so that's really funny. Yeah, I love mom.


Shout out, mama. Gangsters hang out with each other on the interwebs.


Yeah. My mom, even though she had this background, she turned into a like. For a very long time, I used.


To love the white girls who were cholas in my school.


That's my mom. My mom was like, my dad's like Bonnie and my dad was like, that's how they were. But I think everything just took a turn once. I think he was very young in the way that my dad grew. Had my dad lost his brother due to getting deported and stuff like that. So my dad was dealing with my uncle not being found in Mexico. So I think my dad went down a line that know he regrets, but he says it made him who he is, which I believe that as well.


Everything in life is a lesson.


Yeah, I think so. My dad is so well now, he has two babies now. And seeing him become a father to two babies makes me so happy because I feel like he can kind of redo it if that makes you still.


With your mom or.


No. My parents split up when I was around twelve.


Okay. How was that for you, though? Was that hard, too, to have to deal with such a kind of fast moving childhood? And then the two people who were your biggest role models.


Yeah. So back to my mom and dad were Bonnie and Clyde. And then my dad started going down a really harsh, um. Yeah, he know, just using. And that's when the cheating kind of started happening with my mom and me being like a daddy's girl. I looked at my dad as my king. I was like the princess. And my dad was like, I could see no evil in my dad ever. I remember certain times, I think my mom would try to tell me certain things about my dad, but I would just ignore, ignore, ignore, ignore. And then that's not until when I started growing up a little bit and seeing things from both sides, like both my mom and my dad. And for a very long time, my sister took care of us because my mom sometimes would go out and go with her friends and my stepdad came into the picture. And then my mom would go spend the night at my stepdad's and kind of either she would take my brother with her or leave him with me, and it would be like two days, and then I would watch my brother.


How old were you?


I was like 14, maybe younger. Like 13. I was in middle school.


So you had to take on a parent role at such a young age?


Yeah, but that's like normal in a hispanic household. So I think even though my mom isn't mexican, my mom grew up around mexican. We took in my grandparents, my aunts, everybody always lived with us. So we were very much like. I was raised by Mexicans my whole life. It's crazy. And so then, yeah, I think my mom still kind of used that when it came to me watching my brother. It was hard, though, because there was times that I wanted to go and hang out with friends and be sleepovers, but I would have my brother with me. And my mom was like, no, you can't. You have to watch your brother. And I was just like, I felt bad for my mom, so I did it because my mom was working, like a nine to five, so I felt bad for my mom because she would work a nine to five, and my mom didn't really have any friends like that, so when my mom would go out, I felt like she deserved it and she needed.


Heavy, though, to be a child feeling like that, feeling bad for your mom that she doesn't get to go out because she has to work to take care of you, that's heavy for a child to have to take on.


Yeah. I would never really complain or anything, but I think once I started getting to high school, that's when I started getting a little bit annoyed because I was like, okay, you're kind of going to my stepdad's, and I'm watching my brother, which I never wanted to make my brother feel like he was, like, a burden, because never. And I would just be like. I was like, hello, somebody wants me to sleep over. I was like, I want to go sleep over my friend's house. Three girls are going to sleep over, and I can't go. Or that's like when I first was in high school and I wanted to start going out to the parties.


You wanted to be a kid, and.


All my friends would go to the house parties, and I couldn't because.


Not supposed to be at a party, though.


Don't start your shit, g. I know. That's what I love about them. That's what they do on TikTok.


It's so funny. But I just wanted to, because my friends were going, and you only have high school once, so I was just like, I just want to see.


But you deserve that. And that was okay.


Yeah. And so there was, I think, like, two times my brother had this really cool friend, and the mom was super sweet, so I actually called the mom and said, hey, can you take him for a night? I was like, can you take him for a night? And I would have to make the arrangements, and she would come and pick him up, and then I would be able to pack my bag and then go with my friend. And it was just like, why do I have to take on this role as a parent when I'm not? But then they always put it in my head, like, you're the sister, like, you're the older sister, but I think that's wrong. I feel like older sisters are supposed to be there for you for when you're dealing with girl drama or when people are bullying you in school, but not when it comes down to taking on a parent role.


You're supposed to be a sister, not the parent.


Yeah. So I think that for a very long time, I didn't really see it as that. I was like, oh, I'm just helping my mom out. But I don't know. I think it made me very mature at a very young age. I think that's why everybody was super shocked when I was 21. Everybody was like, what?




Everybody was like, there's no way. It's because I had to grow up at such a young age. I had to grow up very young. So I feel like I've been 21 already. Yeah, I feel like I'm probably 25.


Well, because Chachi. Lay down, son. I told you he'd mosey on up here. Lay down. Lay down. He's like, I'm just trying to get to your girl.


Can't have her.


I know dogs you. I know. That breaks my heart for both of you guys because you guys both went through. Isn't it crazy that his sister, his older sister ended up taking him in, and then you're the older sister who also had to take care of your little brother.




Isn't that crazy, like, how the universe works, though? And we're going to get into that. I think one of you guys'biggest bonds is that there's something definitely there, like childhood.


I think so, yeah, it's crazy, but, yeah. My parents just split up at a. My mom just kind of had enough of what my dad was doing.


Did dad get sober or was he?


Yeah. My dad is a lot better now, but he went through a moment where he was just kind of living out of his tattoo shop.


Was he a tattoo artist?






He gave me tattoos, actually.




Is he a good tattoo artist?


Oh, yeah. He did the rose, and then he did the face.


Oh, dope.


And then he did the letters. This has faith on my hand. And then what else did he do? He did a medusa piece right here. A bible verse right here. He's good. He's solid.


What's dad's tattoo shop? But does he still have.


No, no, he doesn't. My dad works in construction now.




So he's always done kind of both, like, tattoo and construction. He was, like, in both. But when he did have his tattoo shop, my mom and him just split, and she was paying the rent and everything, so she kind of was like, okay, well, you have to go. And I felt so bad because there was one point where I was in cheer, and I remember this, too. And I think that sometimes when I tell my mom things she kind of doesn't want to remember, it's kind of like, I'll tell her, mom, I remember you doing this, and she's like, no. I'm like, mom. I'm like, I remember.


It's like that TikTok sound. It's like, oh, I'm sorry. You didn't realize that you caused me trauma, because it's just another Tuesday for you, but it was traumatic.


As for me. Yeah, so there was one time where I was in cheer and my mom, for all my practices, there was, I think, not one time that she came to watch me practice. And practices were so cool. I was a flyer, so I was always in the air. And my mom never came to practices. She would always just kind of drop me off and then go back home and then be with my stepdad. And even though that they might sit there and say, I know my stepdad and my mom are, like, our biggest fans, so they're going to sit here and kind of tell me, like, no, I don't think you understand. They were always in the room.




Always in the room. And that's what I remember.


Did mom have a habit, maybe. Were they doing drugs or.




Okay. They were just having sex.






All the time.


Got you.


They're probably going to be like, no, I remember. I have ears.


Well, I think that one of the.


I think that that's super traumatic also. I don't think a lot of people understand that when you're little and you hear your parents. Oh, my God, that is so traumatizing. I don't think a lot of people realize that. It's so traumatizing.


I've walked in on my stepmom and my dad having sex one time. I can never forget it. And the smell was horrific. I even said it. I walked in and I was like, two. I walked in and I was like, what is that smell?


Oh, my God.


It was putrid, dude.


Yeah, it was really traumatic. And then going from my mom and dad being together, and then now my mom, and hearing my mom with another person in the room, it was definitely hard.


Yeah, definitely heavy. That's a lot. You guys have been through a lot, dude, in your little lives. That's crazy. I never knew this about you guys. So learning this has just been almost fascinating to hear this story from you guys.


Yeah, I've been holding it because I don't know if my family wants me to talk about them. I'm not really blasting them. It's just like what I went through.


You're telling your truth.


One day I'm going to have to, or else they're not going to know me. I want them to actually know me.


Well, it's also your story to tell, though, too.


Yeah, that's what I said.


It's not fair to you to have to bottle that all up inside and not be able to share pieces of yourself with whoever you want to. So as you guys go through your journey of life, you guys are going to realize this more and more, and you'll definitely probably end up writing books or doing documentaries to write a book.


I've never read a book.


You've never read a book?


No. I think one time it was the red diary won't be kid.




And then that was my first ever book and I never read a book again.


Did you graduate high school? Did you continue to go to school while your sister took care of you?


I played football in high school, so I only went to school for football, so I didn't really like school at all.


Yeah, understandable.


I hated school, but I went to school. Yeah, I got my high school diploma, but I was on the verge of not getting it.


But you did.


Yeah, I did. And it's all because of my older sister that took care of me. She disciplined me. And one time I got this iPhone five s, and I just got in. The school year just started. I got a d, and she took it away for the whole year.




So after that, I'm like, okay, she's not playing, but it worked.


And you graduated. I mean, shout out for her, man.


She always pushed me. She made me graduate.


That's crazy. Did you hear what she said? She said she's your guardian angel.


She is.


He always says that.


She's an angel, I'm telling you.


Oh, for sure. Anybody that can step up to the plate like that when they don't have to, I really feel is just. You have to be an earth angel to do something like that. Did I just hear you say that he graduated in 2020?


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Code bunny B-U-N-N-I-E-I graduated Covid, so I.


Didn'T have a prom. I didn't have none of that.


Are you over here laughing?


I know when you said that because I'm class of 98, I didn't graduate. I got my good enough diploma, my ged, but I'm class of 98. So hearing that you graduated in 2020 is just insane. To know that you guys have built what you guys have built in the past three years is fucking insanity. Let's get into it a little bit.




So how did you guys meet?


Spend the bottle.


Yeah, there's more to that. Let's hear about it.


There's more to that, honestly.


Now I got to hear the spend the bottle story.


We talk about this. I think we've talked about it how many times? Like, three? Something like that. Yeah, no, we've done a. Yeah, we talked about it.


You go ahead.


Basically, we met, but we didn't know each other. We knew of each other, but it was because of a person.


You guys didn't go to school together or anything?


Oh, you did go to school.




We knew of each other because he was basically friends with the person that I dated.




I took his bitch.


Oh, my God. Mr. Steal your girl.


Yeah, he was not my. Yeah, he was weird. I could see. He's a snake.




We stopped talking right when we got into high school, and then after, when I started dating her, he called me on the phone. He was like, I thought you were my brother. I'm like, bro, you're not my bro. Because I haven't seen him in, like, three years.




And he just forgot about me. So why am I going to be his bro?


Dudes always want to get in their feelings when an ex is involved.


It's just like, I told him, let's fade. I'm down to fade for her.


What the hell?


He didn't want none of that smoke.


Okay. So how did you guys meet, though, besides him? When was the first introduction of.


So basically, I had gotten out of that, and then she said, I've gotten out of. I have gotten. I got out of that. And then I started going around my friend Susan a lot, so she's. The reason why we actually started dating was because of my friend. Like, I started going out with her, going and sleeping over at her house more, and so she hung out with his group like a. Like, I had basically started liking his pictures, and we just started liking each other's pictures, and then we started commenting on each other's things, and it was like that fling thing, the millennial love story.


Millennial? Or are you Gen? What is it?


I think we're Gen, right?


Yeah, Gen Z. Yeah, the Gen Z love story.


Yeah. I thought we were millennial. How do you say?




2001. Millennium.


Yeah, millennial.


Gen Z. Right. Damn it. I don't want to be part of.


Gen Z. I know.


I feel like you guys are kind of light years ahead of some of the Gen Z, though, because you guys are about your business, too, which is crazy, because I don't feel like a lot of Gen Zers are.


They're kind of like zombies.


Yeah, we're not talking shit about you guys, but we are. Okay, so, Susan, you guys are hanging out.


Basically, we just were giving each other the sign that slide my DM. Yeah. And so then my friend Susan, I was going to go hang out at her house, and she was like, oh, Garik said he wants to hang out. And I'm like, oh, okay. I was like, I'm down. So then I had text. I think I texted you or something. It was something along the lines, like, I was like, oh, I'm going to be at Susan's this weekend, or something like that. He's like, oh, cool, what should we do? And I was like, oh, we're down to kick it. Whatever you guys want to do. So then he had a fake id. So then I went and I stayed with Susan. And then the house that got raided, actually, nobody was allowed to live in there.


That was my childhood house.






And so we were trying to sell it at that time, and I had a key for it. I would always sneak in and be with my boys.


Bring hose.




Was there furniture in there, or was it just an empty house?


An ugly hose?


It was an empty house.


Oh, got you. Okay.


You'd bring ugly hose there.


It's crazy. Listen, they got to kiss a lot of frogs to get. They're their princess. Okay. I never heard of that. I just kind of flipped it around.


That is so good. Normally. Oh, my gosh.


Normally they say a woman has to kiss a lot of frogs to find her prince. But in this case, he had to kiss a lot of toads to find his princess.


I don't blame him.


I mean, look at you.


But you know what? I've heard that saying that it takes, like, not saying that the girls that he was with before were not women, but I heard that it takes a strong woman to change a boy into a man, which I've always heard.


I've always been a man.


No, but you get what I'm saying.


Yeah. Well, a man changes because he never used to take.


Yeah, I don't think any of the girls that he was with before he ever took seriously.


A man changes for who he wants.


You always want to do revenge shit to people, bro. She used to want to do the worst shit to people because when they.


Would do me dirty, I was like.


No, that's a trauma response.


Yeah. I was like, they can't get away with this. I was like, they can't I'm going to make them feel it.


Listen, I understand that to my core, baby, I can't even express to you. We kind of skipped over something I really wanted to talk about, though. When did your eating disorder start? Because that was one of the things I really love about you. Use your platform, too, is to really tell these girls that follow you, like, hey, I'm human. I battle with this.


Yeah. So I feel like I've really recovered from it. Ever since I got you high. Yeah. Literally ever since we started smoking. I think that really helped me. And I don't think a lot of people would suggest that, which I'm not suggesting.


Right. That's what works for you.


I'm just saying. Yeah, because there was a point for me, it was really low. I was 90 pounds.


When did that start?


I would say probably it's always been there, ever since I was little. And I think it was because my family always called me flakita, which is like, skinny. They would always just call me skinny. And they would always just kind of like, I don't want to say pick on me, but pick on me. And they would always say, like, you eat like a bird. Like, you never eat. Why don't you eat? Like, you don't eat enough and this and that. And it was like, I'm trying, but I don't get hungry, right. And I would really try and really try, really try, but I couldn't feel like I would eat, like one bite and I was done. I was like, okay, that's enough. So I was always really skinny. And I think the even worse part was that because of that is I didn't get my period until I was in 9th grade.


It was probably because you weren't eating enough, but it took a really long.


Time for me to like, right? And in school, all the girls had boobs and butt, and they were all on their period. And I was flat. I was flat. I still had a girl body, but I saw all my friends having boobs and a butt, and the guys were just always calling me flat. And they were mean. They would always say that to me like, oh, you're flat. Oh, she doesn't have boobs. She doesn't have a butt like this and that. All the time, even. There was this girl who one time she told me, she was like, because you're skinny, you're going to be really fat when you're older. And I was just like, what?


Thanks, Vetch.


She's so fat. Yeah. I was just like, what, buddy? Oh, my goodness. But, yeah, it was always just a constant thing. I feel like everybody was always, like, nitpicking at me. Like, if it wasn't my family, it was people at school. And even now, I still deal with that on the Internet because I decided to get my boobs done and get a b.


Body is perfect.


Thank you. Yeah, look at them now. And even now till this day. But I feel like I've really just grown to step over. I'm like, oh, that's how you. I'm like, cool. It's to a point where you just.


Have to fucking get dead to the noise because people just. Everybody's got a fucking opinion, and it's like, you can't internalize that because if you do, it's just going to ruin your life. And these people have never met you shook your hand, don't know your energy. Yeah, they don't. They literally move on to the next post to leave a fucking negative comment to the next person. So it's like, people are just who you are. Yeah. No matter who you are. Trust me. I got raked across the coals the past two weeks on TikTok for no fucking reason. And I had to have a realization of, like, why am I letting these people even affect my life when they wouldn't have that same energy in person?


Yeah, I say that all the time. You'll never meet a hater in person.


Or at the bank.


Yeah. Oh, that's literally.


I always say that. I'm like, I never see haters making deposits at the bank next to me ever.


That's crazy.


So back to you guys meeting. So you guys were having little house parties at your house that was being sold? Okay, so take me on that first date.


So we got, like, drunk and stuff, and then we got bored.


This is 2020 or 2020, right? Okay.


No, 2019. I was still in school. No, wait. I'm so confused. Yeah, one of those years end almost got you, but we got drunk, and then we got bored, and I didn't want to make a first move because there was a bunch of people.


We got bored.


I don't want to tell her. Let's just go to the room.


But on the floor, no mattress, nothing.


No, there was.


My bed was still there.


Okay. Gotcha.


I mean, I would have done it.


Okay. So me and my friend Susan. Me and my friend Susan, we had this game that we would play, and it was basically spin the bottle, but it had, like, a little trick to it, and it was like, truth or dare got you. So the end of the bottle meant that you were the person to ask whenever you spin it, like for your bottle, for instance, the bottom of the bottle is the person asking the truth or dare to the person that the bottle is facing. Okay.




So you've played that shit before?




Me and Susan made this up as you meet me. I don't know how, to be honest.


We had this game calling me a hoe.


No, I don't know how, actually. That's crazy. I don't know how. But we had made this game. Why does this just being brought up now?


He's like, I'm high. And I just thought about.


So basically, I had told him. I was like, there's a game that me and Susan play. And I was like, it's in the bottle. And I was like, all of us, let's play know. So we played it and played it and played it, and I think the night was kind of coming to an end, and he still didn't make a move. Crazy.


Were you scared?


No. I was texting my friend to dare me to do something with her.




Get on top of me and kiss me. I don't know. It was fun to be nervous.


Yeah, he was scared.


I know.


That's good. That means you make him wake in the knees.


No, but I didn't want to, in front of everyone, pull a move.




I wanted to be natural. It would be cooler and a better story if it's natural.




I'm like, all right, tell her to get on top of me, to kiss me. And then it actually landed on me.


And, like, you manifested it.


Yeah, because if it landed on someone else.


No, it didn't land on me and you. It landed on me and Matt. Matt asked me. He was like, truth or dare? And I said, dare.




And then Matt asked me.




And then I looked at both of my friends.


So if it lands on one of.


Them to do that, I look over, and he's on the bed, ready. I swear to God. He was, like, on the bed.


And everyone is just staring.


Like, he slowly creeped up to the bed. Like he knew he was just, like, on the bed.


Listen, this is his time to shine, baby. He was waiting for this moment.


Like, I looked over, I was like, where? And then I just look over. He's literally on the. But it was just crazy. Like, I looked over, and he was just there.


Were you excited to do the dare? Were you wanting to hook up with him and just wondering why the fuck he wasn't making a move?


I never thought about that.


Not really. I wasn't wondering why he wasn't. I understood why he was nervous because his friends were there, and then my friend was there. Right.


So it's just kind of like, whatever happens, happens.


Yeah. And I think because. How old are you? Like, 16, right?


No, I was 19 or 18.


I said, how old? Oh, yeah, I was. Oh, I was 17.


Yeah, I was 19 and she was 17.


But you were still in school.


Yeah, because I was first grade.




Got you. Yeah.


Well, I mean, you've just been through a lot of shit.


It sent me back for a reason, though. Yeah, I got set back because I guess I was in Armenia for six months, and I missed, like, half the whole year.




So I came back, and they're like, now you got to stay.


That sucks, dude.


But if they never did that, all.


My friends that were in first grade laughed at me after that.


But look at you now. Yeah, fuck them, right? So did you guys end up kissing? Did you crawl on top of them and kiss?


Yeah, I was like, the ballsy one.


I believe it over there.


I walked over there and I was like, oh, this is what you guys want to see? Well, you're going to get a show.


While we're kissing, too. I gave everyone a hand signal to.


Get out the room.


Thank God they understood.


And then you guys ended up banging.


We ever mentioned this ever before? My friend actually walked in, and I was, like, giving him head. Nice.




Manny walked, too.




It was my friend and his friend. Like, they walked in, and I was.




Get the fuck out.


And then they were just like, oh, yeah.


They're like, oh.


We never talked. We had such like, susan is, like, one of my really good friends that they don't care. I feel like any other person would have been gone to school and been like, she's solid.


Yeah. That's amazing. Is Susan still around?


Yeah. I feel like because I'm so busy with social media, this is one thing about me that is so hard, is I wish I can. I want to go with everybody still, but it's so hard because literally, every single day we're filming, every single.


I believe it. It get I.


And I'm with him every single day.


He's your best friend, and it's hard.


We check up on each other once in a while and stuff here and there, but I feel like, yeah, I'm literally with him every day. He's with me every day. We run errands. We have our dogs that we take care of, and it's not, oh, I love my dogs. Oh, my God. Having three Dobermans and one little wiener dog.




That's a lot like kids.


No, literally, you guys have a family.


That's what's happening. They all have their personality. They all just like, oh, yeah, look at this one.


I love this guy.


He's all dick and balls, but he doesn't have any balls, so he's just all dick out.




I tried gold plating my dog's balls, but.


You tried what?


Gold plating them.


Oh, no. I keep them forever, but didn't work.


They said no.


He's like, can I see them? And the guy was like, what? You asked the nurse, right? You're like, you guys. Like, he had.


Not being weird or anything, but that would be cool to gold plate them and hang them up.


Yeah, just have them hanging from the fucking dashboard while you drive.


Put them on the back of the Escalade.


Yeah. Unlike the tow hitch. Balls just hanging. So after the night that you guys hooked up, you guys just decided to be together from there?


No, I think Covid. Oh, this is like when all the fires were happening.




Ever since that night. It was kind of like a hookup that night. And then we kind of were never.


Going to see each other again.


No, we probably were. We were going to be like, fuck.


I didn't.


Did g put it down?




I gave him the words.


I knew I had to, like, add a was. I was in my football.


Susan even knows this, too. I actually couldn't walk. Like, I couldn't sit.


Goodness gracious. I couldn't sit.


She was 90 pounds.


Yeah. We never talk about this, but literally, I love it. It's great. I remember me and my friend, literally, I went to sit down on her table, and I just sat down. I was like.


Did you know you'd put it down like that?


Oh, yeah.


He was like, boys.


I was like, yes, of course. Because he was knocked out after I put him to sleep.


There you go.


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You guys had planned on just being a hookup?


Yeah. And then from there, we would text, like flirting and stuff. Like, oh, when are we going to do it again? This and that, shit like that. But then I think that, I don't know, we just started. We were just like texting and stuff.


The fires were happening. And then I texted her.


I had posted something.


Would you post?


Because this is when evacuation started happening with all the fires in LA. And so I basically posted, like, I have an extra room for anybody who might need it. And he swiped up and he's put. He was like, me. And I was like, are you going through a fire? I was like, are you being evacuated? He's like, no. And I'm like, okay, then I should.


Have said, I know that was your perfect opportunity to be like, yes, I'm homeless right now.


Yeah. And then from there, he started like.


Kind of, I feel that Loki.


It's okay.


But then he started texting me more and I started to see he liked being around me because there was like, one time I went to go get my nails done and he wanted to take me and I was like, this isn't just because you know you're going to get some shit after this. I knew he knew he was going to get something, but I could tell.


He genuinely liked, just wanted to hang out with you.




Did you want to hang out with him, too?


Yeah, I enjoyed his company, actually. He came and he sat down next to me when I was getting my nails done and just like, sat there.


No, I know, I heard that.


And so I heard him. He was just there next to me and it was just like, no, some guy would have been like, example would have been like, I'll pick you up after the nails and just wanted to have sex or something. But he was just like, no, I want to take you to go get your nails done. And he sat next to me the whole time. And then we went in and we ate after that. And then. Yeah.


You guys decided to be in a relationship.


Yeah. But I started to realize, like, how.


Did I ask you out? Do you remember that?




It was in the car.




He already thought it was Valentine's Day, right?




Okay. It was Valentine's Day and I was going to make her like a basket and shit, but to be mine.


So she's the romantic.


Yeah, I was pretty romantic.


Yeah. But he already thought I was.


But I've never done that stuff before, so it was cool to do it.


He already thought I was his girlfriend.


Yeah, I thought we were, like, dating already. But then what did you say when I dropped you off on Valentine's Day?


I forgot you had said something.


Oh, you asked me.


Yeah, I was like, are you going to ask me to be your girlfriend or what?


She straight up just said that to me and I was like, damn. And I just told. I was like, hello, you be my girlfriend. What did I say?




You're like, will you be my girlfriend?




I was like, yeah, I love it.


We were already, like, kind of dating.


Yeah. But still, it's always good to have confirmation where you guys stand. So take me on this journey. When did you guys get on TikTok? And when did you guys start blowing up on TikTok and take me on that journey?


Okay. So I started working at a Mercedes dealership, but it was the porter where I have to pick up cars and take it around and stuff. And I was actually doing TikTok at school while I was, like, before her too, a little bit too. I had like, 180K, but I was just doing funny stuff, like cartoon characters in my school, and I was pointing at random kids, and then it blew up, like, millions of views, but I didn't really take it serious. And then she had a TikTok account too, at the time, and she posted, like, the Pornhub sound. And then her brother looked at the camera and that got like, millions too. Her mom was in it too, so she had thirty k and then I had one hundred and eighty k. So whenever we were dating and stuff, I'm like, why don't we make a couple's channel? I saw pal and Fabio. This is our friend, they're our friends. They're not dating anymore, but they were a couple at the time and they did some funny shit. I'm like, yo, we should do this.


They would do things like, us too. They didn't do like, well, it wasn't cringey. Yeah, they would do the funniest shit ever. They had this one TikTok where it was like they were basically going off on each other. And she's like, oh, fuck, I forgot what it is. She's like, at least I don't have metro. Piece of shit. And then he's like, at least I have my dad. That one's like the most viral.


Yeah, I think I've seen that one.




So I was like, we should do something like this. We're always arguing and it's funny.




And then she's like, I don't know. And then we didn't really think of it. And then I put down my phone one time. It was on my channel. It was called, like, g curls. It was something else.


I said, let me see.


It's a GMB account right now. I put it down while we were arguing about a spider, like, on the roof or something. And then we were arguing, and then I set up the phone, and then we were just arguing about who should kill the spider. And then she smacked me, and I fell off the bed. And then I literally just posted that randomly at, like, 11:00 p.m. I'm like, fuck it. And then it blew up to millions of views. And I'm like, look. I showed her. I'm like, look, we should do this. And then she kind of got interested into it. It was for fun. We weren't making any money or anything.




And then our second biggest video was we were fighting over a charger.


Yeah, we were fighting.


It was that one hilarious, though.


No, it was two different videos. It looks the same because it was in my room, and I had the led lights, so it looks like the same video.


The other one we were fighting for over a charger because he would always.


Yank my chargers out, and at the time, I didn't really have money like that, so I'd have to ask my mom for chargers, and she would buy me, like, cheap chargers on Amazon. And you had to hold them sometimes a certain way. Oh, yeah. He would yank them out, and then they would break. So we argued over that, but we were having an actual argument over the charger, and he just set up the phone, and I was like, you keep taking the charger and you yank it out, and then it just blew up from there.




I forgot what he had said. I think he had called me something or he had said something, and then that's when I would slap him.


Yeah, that was our thing at first.


Yes, slapping. I do remember that. But also, when he yells at you, it is the funniest shit ever because he doesn't really yell, but then when he does, he gets all hyphy, and.


She only makes me yell.


I'm telling you, it's so funny, though. Even if it's staged or whatever, you guys do it so well because you know that it's really you guys. It's really just best friend banter back and forth. And I think that's why everybody loves you guys so much, because that's how relationships are. So what you guys have. You guys have definitely capitalized off what everyday couples go through.


Yeah, I feel like a lot of people, too. I don't know. A lot of couples, they'll sit there and say certain things. They're like, oh, I would never say this, or, oh, I would never let him call me this.


I promise you, relationship. It's arguments.




But even just the.


For instance, I enjoy it, honestly.


He'll be like, in the beginning, for instance, because he's armenian. So in the beginning, when I would say bitch, like, bitch, he would always tell me he's like, don't call me that. Yeah. I didn't understand it. I was like, wait, what?


We just started dating. All right, let's wait a little bit.


Yeah. He was, like, armenian, so he was just like, don't call me that. But then I explained it to him. I'm not calling you like a bitch, like you're a bitch. I was like, I call you bitch. Like bitch.


We call our girls like bitch.


So then he caught onto it. And so I think that's why now a lot of people get very confused when he calls me, he's like, bitch in our videos. Or he'll be like, shut up, bitch. Or something like that. He doesn't really mean it. Like, you're a bitch.


Because I use that term loosely in.


Our relationship, because I can tell when he's actually calling me like a bitch.


By the emotion behind it or something like that.


I'm like, what? But I feel like when I could tell, it's like, the tone. Absolutely.


My husband will say in press interviews, he'll be like, that bitch is hilarious. Or he'll say something like that. And people are like, did you hear what he just called her?


A lot of people, they have their boundaries in their relationship, which I understand.


But I respect their relationship.


Yeah. I always say that that's your relationship. Maybe you don't. Yeah, maybe you don't allow it. Maybe you don't like it. But I hate when people try to come and comment and try to tell us what to allow each other not to do and what to do. And it's just like, I get we post our relationship on social media, but we don't post our relationship on social media for you to have an opinion about what we allow in it.




We post it so that you guys can laugh, so that you guys can be like, oh, my God.




This is the funniest shit ever. This happens between us. But I feel like a lot of people, they're just like, I would never do that. I would never allow this.


I'm like, well, that's knowing damn well they don't even have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Leave a comment. They're living in their mom's basement and shit.


Yeah. A lot of guys were more angry at the fact that I got my body done than the women.


No, I get more hate online from men than I do women. Why? My girl game.


So weird.


Amazing. The men are just fucking. They come out of left field and you're like some dude yesterday, it was the day before, insulted my husband, and I went and I looked on his page. The dude had a fucking forehead up to here and a hairline back here. I said, you look like a hybrid bird, bro.


Oh, my.


What are you fucking talking? You're on my page talking shit to me. And you fucking have probably never touched a pussy in your life for you. No, this dude was a little bit older, I think. I don't know. The hairline made him look older.


Yeah, it's crazy. There's a lot of things. Like, for example, I know a lot of men who won't allow their significant other to get plastic surgery or whatever.


That's crazy to me because a woman's body is her own.


You don't own the female.


Yeah. Ever since we met, I want to make this very clear. Ever since we met, I have always said from the beginning, I want a BBL. And it was because of my eating disorder, because I was so skinny and I wanted a big butt. I saw big butts everywhere and I was like, oh, my God, I want a big butt. And that's just like, what I liked when we met. I told him, one day, I'm going to get a BBL. Actually, I didn't really want my boobs done. I wanted my. But that was after I started gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight. Then my boobs. I explained this in my video. They literally look like I breastfed and it was losing weight, weight and then gaining weight and then losing.


Because you're in love, too, so you're also eating. And we would have a lot of.


Arguments, like, real arguments. In the beginning, we fought a lot.


Like, in the beginning, because I don't.


See what neat her friends tried budding in.


I don't think we really talked about this either. In the beginning of our relationship, we were very.


We're toxic.


Very bad.




Look at where you guys came from.


Yeah. Now we laugh about stuff, like arguments. It's fun to me now, but back then, it was serious.


Well, nobody showed you guys how to love healthy.




It's crazy that you guys are this young. And even realizing that and being able to have such a healthy relationship now.


Four years in living together helped a lot.


I'm proud of you guys.


Told you.




I feel like as soon as we moved in with each other, it kind of started to settle down. And after we moved in with each other, I started to eat a little bit more, and so that helped me a lot. But when I lived with my mom and my stepdad, my mom would sometimes leave food because I lived in the back house. My mom would sometimes leave food at my door, and I wouldn't touch it at all. I would sleep all day. I went through a really bad depression.


Moment during COVID I suffered from an eating disorder. Also, eating disorders are a form of control. So because your life was so out of control while you were growing up, even though the comments and the stuff like that from your family also contributed to it, you had zero control. And that was the only thing you could control was what you ate and when you ate and you kind of abused your body because you didn't feel, I don't want to say dare say loved the right way or you weren't getting the attention that you deserved from your family. So now that you're in this healthy relationship, it's allowing you to kind of fall in love with yourself as well as him. And you're eating more and you're nourishing your body more because you feel like you deserve it now.


Yeah. And I feel like when I lived with my mom and everything, I would not eat. And then even when I would eat, I felt sick because I hadn't eaten in so long, and then I would not be hungry anymore, so I just wouldn't eat. And I think a lot of it had to do with my depression. I went through a really bad depression.


Thing, and she was going through while we were dating.


Yeah. So bad. I got so skinny.


I think you were looking at the comments.


Yeah. This is when we started doing TikTok.


When she would smack me and stuff, and they would comment, like, why are you hitting him? And it would get to her a lot. It got to her so much. Where we were arguing and we were about to stop making videos, we were going to break.


He was just telling me to ignore it, but it was like people were saying things because I didn't have a Butt and I was still a lot smaller, but people would say things like, oh, I think the one hurtful one was like, oh, if my girl was as flat as that, I wouldn't let her hit me. Or some things like, it was just.


Always, they always, which is not okay.


Yeah. So then I was like, you know what? I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing, and I'm not going to eat.


And she didn't tell me you would just continue to make the videos. And I didn't really see it until we would get into arguments. I'm like, why don't you want to film? Because she would get annoyed sometimes. So I'd be like, I wanted to talk to her. I'm like, what's bugging you so much?




And then she broke down and she told me she was crying and stuff.


I'm like, do you think this is nice? I'm like, look at what they're saying. It's not nice.


I didn't know because I don't look at the comments.


I think it's so good that you guys are talking about this, though. People think because you're on a platform sharing so much of your life that it's okay, that it's just free rein to fucking bully people. And it was really affecting you to the point where you weren't eating and you were internalizing it. You weren't even talking to your partner about it.


That's real life.


That's real shit that's going on because of the online bullying. Yeah, it's not okay.


So then from there, I told him, I don't really want to smack you anymore to begin with. I didn't really like doing it, but he would tell me, he was like, babe. He's like, babe, they love it. They love it. And I was like, I just don't want to do that anymore. So I talked to him. I was like, can we please change the way that we do things? And he was like, then what are we going to do?


Because at that time was like, once you do one thing, it was your niche. That was your thing. So I'm like, you know what? I have an idea. I got, like, that light bulb. I'm like, you know what? Don't smack me anymore. But let's still.


We argue, argue. So then that's when I think we would argue and I would insult him so bad.


She has, like, the easiest comeback.


No, I know, and it's fucking hilarious, dude. Some of the times that I would watch it, I would be like, holy shit. She's a fucking savage, dude.


She's crazy. I think it had to do with the fact that I had to raise my brother. So when a little kid say the most bizarre shit, they don't care. They have no filter. So I think I had to deal with a lot of my brother and my family, too. I dealt with that a lot. And also, I think in my household, like, my mom did the most of the parenting, I would say my mom has just, like, a very strong presence.


Yeah, you'll love her, mom. You'll get along with her so well.


I think so, too. She doesn't mean to call you dumb, but she's like. She'd be like, are you fucking stupid?


And my mom, she's literally another Britney.


Yeah. My mom doesn't mean to call her kids stupid, but that's the way she talks. Are you fucking stupid?


She's very blunt.


Yeah. And she doesn't see it as, like, an insult. My mom just says that.


Well, because our generation, that's how we grew up. You just tell it like it is. And we didn't have to worry about people fucking getting their feelings hurt because even if we got our feelings hurt, we still had to suck it up and keep fucking going. So I think that's where your mom came from, too. Not that I'm excusing the behavior. I'm just saying.


Yeah. So I think that growing up with my mom and my mom always kind of saying things like that also helped my comebacks.


I will never beat her. I've tried beating her.


No, there's times where you're so defeated when you guys are arguing. And it is the funniest shit ever.


Even in our real arguments, like, in real life, she's a verbal sniper. Yeah, he'll.


No, but some of those videos are real because I'll just pick up the phone and start an argument with her.


And then she's like, it's go time. Anytime.


She doesn't care about filming, right. She won't pick up the. Like, I need to tell her, let's make a TikTok. She will not. So I'm like, you know what? I'm just going to bug her to where I get a reaction out of her. And I'm actually going to try to argue this case.


It's not that I don't care about filming. I have so much that I do. I'm a mom.


She's an iPad kid.


So she just goes on.


But you know what? I know all the trends, and I do all the trends.


She's very good at transitions and stuff. Yeah, I'll give her that.


Your guys'views are fucking insane, dude.


Yeah, you guys never get by the grace of God.


It's crazy because I get pretty good views. You guys get insane views. But every time TikTok fucking updates or something, I always get fucking affected by it. So my views will be like, super high, and then they'll get shot down. And I'm.


Same with us, though. Yeah.


Does that happen to you guys, too?


The algorithm? I don't know what it is, but.


We can't fucking figure it out.


He's really good with this type of stuff. In the beginning, when we were blowing up and stuff, he was the brains.


Behind, which is I would watch Robert Benji or something.




I don't know, Benjamin. I would watch his algorithm tricks and stuff, like what hashtags to use, what time to post, and I really looked into know, and we weren't making no, like, there was no creator fund.




Or nothing of that.




When TikTok first started, it was.


Yeah, I was just trying to blow up. I was trying to keep going. We had a talent. So I'm like, you know what? This is cool. And I didn't have money, so I'm like, you know what? Maybe later on we'll make money together and I'll be cool to make money with my partner.


Yeah. So basically he learned the algorithm and I knew the trends.


We worked as a team.


We would both come up with ideas. And. Yeah, he actually had a whole notes, like, sometimes before I have the notes right now. My stepdad was so hard on me. Not like dating. I don't know how to explain.


My mom, intelligent.


Yeah. He's a doctor.


Oh, nice.


Yeah. So he was like, why is she out so late? And my mom was like, you need to be back home at ten. And it's crazy because as soon as I moved out, my brother was out till 01:00 a.m. And my brother had just like, he's in the second kid.


Always gets it easier.


No, he's not the second.


Well, you know what I'm talking about. The first one always gets shit on. And then all the kids after that always have the easier life. That's how it was with me, too.


Yeah, she got so many siblings. I feel like my older sister had it pretty hard. Like, my mom was like, you need to get a's. Like, you need to do this. And at one point, I think my sister did get a c, and my mom had a talk with her and was like, no, this and that. Me, though, I would get like, ds and s and my mom was kind of like, but my mom was so hard on me about other stuff, about watching my brother and stuff like that and going out. She wouldn't let me, but my brother, no, she's like, he's the baby? Yeah.


How many are there of you?


No, nine.


All from mom or just kind of split throughout?


Yeah. So my dad.


There's a birthday every week.


Oh, goodness.


So I have two older sisters, one from my mom, one from my dad, and then me. But I think I'm the baby, right? Even though there's babies actually in the picture, I'm the baby. I think I always say I'm the favorite.




I don't know why she is for sure. I don't know why. I think it was because my mom and dad were at such a good place. I want to say maybe when they had me. I feel like my mom.


You're made with love.




She's a loyal person.


Yeah. And my dad, I don't know. I feel like my dad, he sees a little bit of him and my mom in me. He's just like, this is like another little person. I think that's how my dad really looks at me, is like. He's just like, this is like my baby. Yeah. And that's how my mom looks at me, too. My mom, I think I'm her baby. I'm her favorite. I've already said it. And she's like, yeah. But even though they took it very easy on my brother. Yeah, I think I'm the baby. So me then, my little brother, Gunner. My little brother is 16, and he is a pain in my butt, but I love him. That's the one that I took care of. That's the one I took care of.


Yeah. You guys probably have a bond. That's just amazing.


Yes. I'm pretty sure he's probably going to end up moving out at 18 with my dad and move in with me. Yeah, he says it all the time. He's like, just live with us. Just live with us. Move in with us. I'm like, my dad doesn't let me take him.


I'm like, do you love her? Like, do they all love you?


Yeah, we have, like, a bond, vice versa.


Each families love each other.


They know my family, too. It's cool.


Are you guys going to get married?


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I already proposed.




Did you guys set a date yet?


No. Oh, my God, it's so hard.


Yeah. We haven't even started planning because we're so busy.




So I don't know, maybe next year.


I was going to say what are you guys thinking? Like the next year or two? Are you guys going to have one of those like five year engagements?


I don't know, to be maybe next year or two?


Yeah, maybe two years. Just because, I don't know.


We want to make it perfect.




And they're fucking expensive.


Yeah, they are. The wedding. Weddings are for other people. They're not for you guys.


I know, literally you're just there to.


Throw on a party so that everybody can appreciate you. But it's really for them. What about kids? You guys going to have kids?


We always go back and forth, to be honest. I feel like a lot of our viewers stay tuned.


No kidding.


I feel like a lot of our viewers see us. They're like, no, they don't want kids. And then a video will make a joke. Like he'll be like, I want to be a baby daddy or something like that. We'll make a joke or something. Like we'll just do a joke.


But then we sit in bed. We're like low key. We can't smoke at 04:00 a.m.. Anymore.


Yeah, you'll be up changing diapers and stuff.


So we're like, should we wait a little more? Have fun more?


Yeah. But recently we got our little weenie dog and he's, I kid you not good with him. I kid you not. He's literally like a little like a baby. He's like a newborn when he came to us.


And you guys have plenty of time. You're so young. I mean, you can have kids in your still live a full life and be great. Enjoy the fuck out of your think.


My biggest thing with kids is.




Don'T want to be like a repetitive schedule. I don't want to be a repetitive parent, which is like school.


I'm going to make sure I know what he's like.


Yeah, like school pickup dinner bed or no shower bed again. I want to do something new every day. I want to do something. Yeah, I want to do something cool every weekend. And I don't know if I really want my kid to go to public school or even to private school, I would want to actually do a home school so that I can actually possibly take my kid all around the world with me, too. To see this and to see that and to travel with us. I think that that's something super cool that a lot of parents I know that do they take their kids with.


Them everywhere, give our kid the world we didn't have?


That's the beauty of having your own children, is you get to dictate how you want to raise them. Nobody else can get in that way. So whenever that time does come for you guys, do exactly do the childhoods that you guys never got.


Yeah, we might have to stop cussing. I don't know.


I cuss with our daughter, and we're very open with her, and she's the coolest kid ever. She just texted me the other day, and she's like, hey, mom, I forged your signature on a piece of paper. And I'm like, okay, why? And she's like, I just want to get out of class early after midterms next week. And I'm like, okay. That's the kind of relationship you have when you're just open and honest with your kid. They don't feel like they have to.


Oh, my God. So we were talking about this.


Thought about another Brittany. Oh, my goodness.


Yeah. So we were talking about this, and I was telling him, because he kind of has, like, that strict mindset with the child.


Well, that's because of his culture he was raised in.


Yeah. Which I totally understand, because I feel like I would be very strict, too, in certain areas.


Yeah, absolutely.


The reason why I say this is because my mom, for a very long time, my mom allowed me to be open and honest with her, but she said that it has, like, it snips to her own butt at certain times, because then you kind of go over boundaries.




And I understand it. But I do want to say that me being open and honest to my mom helped me a lot more with my relationship with her and just all around everything, because I feel like when you are more strict, you create a sneaky kid.


Absolutely. I was a sneaky kid.




Okay. But if you allow it, then they're just doing it.


There's a fine line you have to walk. I ran away from home at 14 because my parents were so strict, and I never went home. So there's, like, a very fine line that you have to walk. But you guys have so much life to live and so much more to learn on your journey. If kids are in the cards and the universe wants it to happen, it's going to happen. But until then, you guys just fucking have fun and gain your wisdom so that when you guys do decide to bring a baby in the world, you guys will know how to raise it.


The best that you can.


Yeah, definitely. I feel like I try to tell him, too. I was like, it's not just a baby you're bringing. You're bringing them toddler.


I feel like kids make you age.


Faster, too, because they grow up so quick.


Dude, it's wild. Yeah, for sure. I don't have any of my own, but I have my bonus baby. And I never wanted kids, but we've had full custody ever since she was seven, and she's going to be 16 in May of next year, so it's been a wild ride watching.


That's crazy that you're a step mom, practically. Thank you. Yeah. My dad was dating somebody for a very long time, and she was like a stepmom to me, but she recently passed. Oh, my gosh. And so it breaks my heart, because last time I had talked to her, I told her I would call her back, but that week I had gotten so busy and packed up, I didn't get a chance to call her back. And then I woke up with the news that she had passed and it ate me alive.


Don't internalize that, though, because you didn't know.


That's really nice. That I don't even want to say nice. That's really beautiful that I appreciate you guys because she had such a good heart. She just looked at us as her own kids, literally.


I love that. I'm glad that you got to experience that, too.




So what's next for you guys? You guys are doing YouTube. You guys have fucking millions. How many followers do you guys have on TikTok? Between all accounts, I know you guys together? Yeah.


I don't know. What's nine plus 918? 18.


No, you have ten.


No, I have 9.4 on the GMb account.


And then her I would just round up.


It's like 8.117 million.


Yeah, that's a lot, dude.


And then you guys have your 8.2.


I'm bad at math, by the way.


It's okay. I can't do shitty. The only fucking kind of math I can do is counting money, so I get it. Yeah.


Counting money out.


When it comes to money, I do not fuck around anything. Ask me a fucking algebra equation, I'll never be able to tell you anything.


What are we learning x.


Plus, we'll never use that in life, ever.


I would go home and be like, what is this?


Yeah, it's not loading.


Almost 20 million. You guys have almost 20 million on TikTok.


GMB. Our hashtag, GMB on TikTok has how many?


5 billion views. Almost 6 billion.


That's wild. Jay and I have almost. We are at a billion, right? So I couldn't imagine. 6 billion. Like, you guys are a household name. Have you guys ever thought about doing, like, a reality show or anything?


Oh, my God. We were just talking about this yesterday. That's crazy.


We'll start off with, like, a little documentary.


Yeah, we were thinking about. Because we were traveling when we were coming here from our house and we were coming to Vegas, we were, like, laughing in the car, and we were.


Saying some funny stuff.


We were just saying, like, funny vibing.


And we weren't recording.


You guys were having special moments. Not everything has to be recorded.


Yeah, but I was just like, dude.


That'S something to commit to, though.


I would always see people. For instance, I would always see people. I don't want to seem like I'm bragging, but I would always see people traveling in the back of a cadillac, and they would be traveling here and doing this and then going to a business meeting and doing this. I was like, wow, I can't wait to live that life. And even till yesterday, I would always think that way. I was like, damn, that person's always on the go. They're doing this. But then I think it was because I smoked. It literally opened up.


When you smoke, you think about a lot of my ideas, actually.


Yeah, I literally opened up my mind, and I was like, holy fuck, I'm in that right now.


That's your life.


I was like, we're traveling right now to Vegas to come to the podcast and then the Cadillac thing. But it was just like. Because I would always see people in the back of a Cadillac, and I was just, wow. Like, that's crazy. Imagine the conversation that we are having and somebody's just in the backseat recordering. Absolutely. And just, like, having our family members.


Just blogging your everyday life but making it sort of a documentary because you guys both have amazing stories to tell from your childhoods, and I'm sure there's so much more in depth that you guys could go than we did on the podcast. And I think that that could reach a lot of people because a lot of people look up to you guys. Our younger generation doesn't have a lot of couples that they can really look up to. And you guys are actually thriving, and it's a beautiful thing to watch. And I know if I would want my little girl to watch you guys, because I think you guys are fucking great. You guys came from the depths of hell, childhoods, and literally made a fucking brand together. You guys were broke together, and now you guys have money together.


That's the best feeling, that all the time. And a lot of people think we actually came from money and stuff.




Someone commented, she's only with you for money. You're like, bro, you make money together.


People say that about me and my husband, and I've been with my husband for eight fucking years, and I've always made my own.


Even if she has 3 million in her account and I have three hundred k, I don't care. Yeah, at the end of the day, money. I don't care about money.


Yeah, for sure. But being on this journey, love money.


I'll never let money get between me and her.


We've always said this. We've always put this down. Even in the beginning, when we first started TikTok, he has always said, let's please not ever let money get in between us. And every day, not every day, but every now and then, we'll still say, we'll never let money get in between us. And I think the reason why is because we've seen money get in between people and even family.


Money is evil.


And I've always said, at the end of the day, it even says in the Bible, at the end of the day, it's going to be you and your wife. Even when you have kids, it's going to be you and your wife. And I told him, if this is wrong for me to say, I'm like, then it's wrong for me to say, at the end of the day, I'll always choose my husband. Like my husband first and then my kids. Because at the end of the day, my kids are going to go with their significant other, build their own family. Because now the family that they create is more important than the family that they come from. At the end of the day, we're going to be in the bed together.




Me and him. At the end, you guys got to.


Fight the wars together.


It's a king and a queen. It's not the prince and the queen.


Or you got to deal with it with each other.


No, you got to find somebody that you can slay dragons with. That's what my husband and I always say. You have to literally be able to just slay dragons and take the armor off. When you're at home, like, when you guys go out into the world, you guys are fighting battles, and then when you come home, you guys get to take your armor off with each other.


The world is not a safe spot.


It's not, but your home is. And that's what you guys have figured out at such a young age and considering everything you guys have been through, which is, fuck, when I was your age, I was snorting reels off strippers asses. I was a stripper. I was not as intelligent as you guys are, and I think that's really fucking cool. Again, I'm so proud of you guys.


Thank you so much. I think the reason why we might be like that is I was literally telling him, I think my biggest fear was not being who I actually want to be.




And I don't want to say failing, but failing, that's my biggest fear, is fear of failure. That's just a scary place.


But sometimes you have to fail to.


Be able to go back up seed. Yeah.


So don't ever be afraid to fall.


Because there was a moment for us. We had just moved into our apartment. We had just moved in, and our rent was 2000.


Oh, yeah.


Our rent was 2000.


It was 2400, right? And TikTok, we just started getting paid from TikTok. So we're like, let's move in together and let's keep going with this.


That was our only income. And he just quit his job.


I quit my job because I was like, fuck you guys. Yeah, literally, it was bad. So we got an apartment, and then I quit my job. So we were making good money. I'm like, yo, we can afford this apartment. Let's go. And then I get my credit on and everything. We got approved. We were so happy. We moved in. We got shadow banned because TikTok doesn't like. We're still not verified. They have beef with us. I don't know what it is, but.


I had to fight to get verified. I had to get signed by an agency in order to get verified.


Yeah, we got signed by an agency and they told us, we'll get you guys verified. Never got verified. And so they would tell us, like, oh, yeah, we're going to get you verified. TikTok said no to them about us.


Yeah, they wouldn't pay us for, like, four months.


So they shadow banned your account and then his account.


They shadow banned the GMB.


I feel like the creator fund does that to accounts I don't get paid on TikTok. Still, because I'm so fucking scared to fucking put anything on. On there because they pick and choose. Yeah. Every time I put turn the creator fund on my views tank, I get videos taken. Fucking. It's just crazy.


I might get off that because I.


Feel like I can get more views now. I'm so big on TikTok that it just kind of fuels the whole thing. And I make money off Facebook and other social media. So it is what it is. But, yeah, so you guys moved in and then you got shadow banned.


And we were making.


We got shadow banned and then our views were ass. Like, we were getting millions and we started getting forty k. It was bad because I knew for a fact we were gaining, like, insane. And then we just stopped at 2.7 mil for like, how many months? A month. A month or two.


I got it.


I think my manager reached out and they had beef with us. So we were making nothing anymore. So I was freaking out. I'm like, what are we getting?


Our rent was coming up. He had just quit, and our rent was coming up because TikTok, we were doing kind of like a paycheck to paycheck thing when we pay our rent and we were making, like, how much? That amount.


Right. It was the first month of creator fund. So we made eight k the first month, right?




And then we didn't get paid out, so we still don't have the money. And then we started making nothing for like a whole month. So the next month we're not getting anything.


Basically, yeah.


So then I had the bright idea. I'm like, you know what? Let's post on your account. She had thirty three k. Yeah. So she didn't post on her account at all?




Oh, yeah, she had sixty k. And then I'm like, you know what? Let's do the same exact stuff. I'm like, let's still post on GMB, but let's make other stuff similar to that on your page, your perspective of stuff, like her getting on me or something. And then GMB is mostly like me.




So we made a video. It was the Uber series where a drunk girl gets in the Uber, the backseat of the car.


You have to test him.


I have to test my loyalty if.


I would flirt with her.


So we made that video for her account. It got, like 10 million views.




So her account started skyrocketing when we got on shadow banned. So we were getting money from both accounts.






You guys figured it out a way to trick the algorithm. That's what I did. I have both my backup. I have my backup and my.


But it was scary because we had.


Literally just should bleep that out.


We had literally just moved in.


But you guys are survivors and you figured it out.


But YouTube is our main source of income, and I love YouTube way more than TikTok. Even though we were so loyal to, you know, they give you awards like TikTok. I haven't gotten one reward.


Yeah, they don't care.


No plaques, nothing. YouTube is like, they actually send you a letter. They care about you.


I mean, YouTube has even commented before on our videos, and we've gone number one trending on YouTube.


That's amazing.


They support us.


Yeah, they comment on our stuff.


Instagram's cool, too. I mess with Instagram.


I feel like Instagram is such a dead platform now.


I feel like evil platform, too.


I feel like Instagram is more like you, though.


Like, you post pictures, right?


It's more of, like, if you really want to know me, go to.


Yeah, yeah.


I just feel like Instagram is so negative all the time.


That's how I feel about TikTok. TikTok and Facebook, man.


YouTube's the best.


Yeah, YouTube is.


I don't know, I feel like I get the fucking haters, but I do love my YouTube community. Like the shorts and stuff. I do all that now.


No shorts I don't know about. I don't read the comments on shorts. I do long form videos. I read the comments, like, barely any hate.


Yeah. Oh, that's good. What's next for you guys? Now that you guys are just building your whole empire and stuff like that? What can we expect from you guys in the next year or two?


We're working on a brand, actually.


Yeah, we're working on our brand.


Of each of us. Yeah. Very soon.


Yeah. So I'm working on a brand. He's working on a brand. And then I think we're going to make a podcast as well.




So we're going to make a podcast.


We were going to stream on Twitch, but someone leaked our ads. I was streaming. We have, like, twitch. We were going to do gaming, videos, playing together.




Maybe we might do it on YouTube. But it's fun gaming with her. And we're funny. We argue with each other while gaming. Someone leaked our address. And then I'm like, what the fuck? I stopped from that.


Yeah. They're like, I could literally raise you right now.


Yeah. He's like, I could have Swat coming your way.


And the one thing that is really scary with that is the fact that I was telling you, I have a dog who is not friendly at all.




And imagine, and my other two, if it comes down to somebody trying to really come in, I know for sure they would do something. So that scares me.


They'll kill your dog.


They'll kill your dog.


They think you got stuff in the house.


They're going to call and say, not just that, too. It's just like they see an aggressive dog coming towards them.


Like, they raided my house. They threw a stun grenade in my mom's room.


And imagine if there's a dog in there.


Or like two.




Back then they were probably like, I don't think they'll do that now. If you get rated. I don't know.


No, but they do come in with guns.


People on the Internet are so crazy.


And then I want to protect her.


How did they get your address just from streaming?


I have no idea. I think you have to have a VPN while you stream. But Loki, that computer stuff, that streaming stuff is like a little. You got to know about that.




So I tried learning, watching YouTube videos. It's just like, really? I got to put my whole focus into that.


Yeah, but after that, hire a company to shield your VPN and stuff, because you guys are big enough now that you don't want to worry about somebody doxing you or doing. But it was just crazy.


It was scary because literally it made me want to get off the stream immediately and just kind of, like, kind.


Of bummed us out. I'm like, yeah, how do I end this now without being sad?


Yeah. I would just be like, I'm really freaked out right now because somebody's a fucking weirdo. I got to go, guys.




So you guys are working on your brands and what else? You guys just going to keep working on your. When you say working on your brands, what do you mean?


Do you want to say, come on, spill some tea?


We won't say the names because we're working on trademarks.




Actually, mine's in the middle of getting trademarked.


You don't have to.


Yeah, you don't have to say the name, but you could just say what.


It'S going to be like. What?


It's going to be closed.




Mine's going to be closed. Hers is going to be a beauty product.


I love that.


Everybody loves her lashes.


Yeah. She's a cutie pie.


Thank you.


Stay tuned, guys.


I love it. You guys, thank you so much for coming on the podcast. I want you guys come back and visit me, like, yearly and I want.


To do yearly updates all the time.


Yeah, no, but I want you guys to come back and check in. And if you guys ever want to come to Nashville, I think you guys on Broadway would be fucking hilarious, dude.


Let's do it.


GMB, take fucking Broadway. Oh, my God. It would be so great. But, yeah, I want you guys to come back, shout out where everybody can find you if they don't follow you already.


If you don't follow us, guys. TikTok, GMB official. Her TikTok is Brittany official, and then her Instagram is Brittany official, and then mine's Garrick two official on Instagram. YouTube is GMB official.


I love it. I love it. Thank you guys so much for coming.


Thank you for having us. Yeah, we had a great time.


I don't really talk to people after what happened to my parents. Their friends set them up.




I really don't trust people at all. And she knows this every time she meets people. And if we meet other influencers and I don't like their vibe, I will never. I'll vibe for the moment because I see her vibing, but I can see through people, and I could really see her genuine.


I appreciate. He's like a shield.


I'm a shield, and I'm like, I'm.


A very outgoing person. I'm like, hi.


I could see someone doesn't really fuck. Not fuck with us, but they're not real people.


Isn't genuine.


Yeah. Kind of like what I saw when I was a kid growing up. I could really see life really differently. I don't know.


Oh, yeah. No trauma does that to you. It makes you very aware of your surroundings, because you learn to read people at a very young age. And how he is with you is how I am with my husband. I'm, like, always protecting him. I'm the one who fucking goes to bat for him.


But you know what's crazy is he won't see things that girls do. He's like, babe, what? And I'm like, I don't ever say anything. I don't ever, like, really.


I'm never around girls.


I never really care. I won't say some shit or try to start anything. I know how girls are. I know that girls are only doing it because they want to get in on something and they want to be the hot topic or something like that. I know that they do it for a reason.




Like, to, one, try to make me mad or try to make me go off, and then they get that clout, and then they're able to go on social media and talk about if I'm insecure something. I know how they are, so I never really care, but I'll tell him. I'm like, babe, that girl was really weird. He's like, what are you talking about? One time we went to korean barbecue and the waitress was only talking to him. Only she wouldn't look at me, she wouldn't conversate with me. Like nothing. You are babe. But I didn't say anything.




But I was just like, it's a respect thing. It is. Yeah.


I don't give into them, though.


I get it.


I'm like, nonchalant with them even sometimes.


You got this right next to you, so you don't have to worry about that.


There's even some supporters that will only come up to him and talk to him.


No, but they've done that to me, too.


They're like, yeah, they have.


I only want a picture with her.


They'll say that you guys are a know.


I'm like, whatever.


Yeah. I feel like we've met a couple disrespectful people in real life, but not haters. We've met disrespectful people.


I put them in their place, though.


Yeah, well, because we're all in the same industry, so you're going to definitely. Especially being in LA now. You guys are going to run into so many fucking influencers out there.


Yeah. I like staying home.


Yeah. This guy is the biggest homebody. I am too, though. Now.


That's good, though. At least you're protected there and you're safe. This world's fucking crazy right now. It's insanity, literally.


I know.


I'm going to let you guys go eat dinner and I absolutely adore you guys and I can't wait for you guys to come back.


Thank you so much.


Excited to come back.


Super excited. Thank you so much.


Thank you. And thank you guys for tuning into another episode of Dumb Blonde. I will see you guys next week. Bye.