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Is this thing on?


Bonnie, who used to be a former.


Sex worker and now hosts the podcast Dumb Blonde. Most little girls grow up wanting to be doctors and lawyers and shit. And I was like, I want to be super hot, make a lot of fucking money, and be a rock star's wife. That was my goal as a child. And here we are. What's up, you sexy motherfuckers? Welcome to another episode of Dumb Blonde. Today we have Melanie Martin in the house, and I am so excited to sit down with her and hear her story. I don't know if you guys know.


Who she is or not, but you.


Will by the end of this podcast. How are you doing, baby?


Good, how are you?


I'm doing so good. Thank you for coming.


Thank you for having me.


Of course, girl, you've been through some shit, man, a lot. Like, I just want to hug you. I was doing a lot of research last night, and the shit that I saw and the things I read and just heard you speak about. I'm so happy that I'm able to give you a place where everybody can come and just listen to you tell your side of the story, because I really feel like that's what's fair.


So let's get into it.


Also, I just wanted to throw in there that we are in LA. So if you guys are looking around and you're like, what is this studio? This is a studio that we are recording out of in LA, and it's from third wheel podcast. So shout out to them for squeezing us in and letting us shoot the podcast here. So anyways, Melanie, where did you grow up?


I grew up in Orange county, but I originally am from Europe, so I came from Bulgaria and me and my mom came here.


That explains your exotic look because you're so pretty. Really explains your features and everything.


Thank you.


So how old were you whenever you came here?


I started kindergarten.


Okay. Yeah.


Gotcha. And how was your relationship with your parents?


My mom remarried, and then she's still married to my stepdad.




So we came here and we've lived here ever since.


And you grew up in Orange county? Oh, in Orange county.


I've never lived anywhere else. Just orange county.




Well, I lived in Lancaster with Aaron.


But tell me the difference between LA and Orange county, because I saw you corrected me on.


The other, and it's more family. More, yeah, it's just a lot more family oriented.


Tell me about growing up in Orange county. What was that like for you?


I'd say it was, know I was safe, had good people around. Never I stayed out of. She's like, I was a good girl.


I was a good girl.




All of us good girls grow up to be naughty. So growing up in Orange county and just kind of living this lifestyle, you grew up pretty much around, because I grew up in Vegas, so we grew up around, like, it was like nothing to us to grow up and go to the grocery store and see a celebrity at the grocery store and stuff like that. Do you feel like your life kind of like your trajectory for your life was already set just by living in Orange county, like, dating celebrities and so forth?




I've only had two boyfriends in my life, and I'm 36. I've only had two.




It was Aaron and my ex.


Oh, my God. That's crazy. Nobody would ever suspect that because I was the complete opposite. I was a hoochie mama. She's like, I've had two boyfriends. I've had two at a.




Okay, so you are growing up in Orange county, and what do you do once you graduate high?


Like, I worked at Nordstrom, like, cosmetics. I remember I worked for Chanel, makeup artists, did those waitressing, bartending.


Yeah, all of that.


So I did that kind of for a while. I mean, just right after high school.


So you started bartending as soon as.


You got out of high school?


And I did go to. I went to a community college, and then I have a beauty license, and I just was in the cosmetic industry.


Oh, awesome.


So did you go to school for hair or just cosmetology?




I think we all did in that era. I did finish.


Stick with that, and I want to continue doing that. My mom has a salon.




Got you the same.


So keep it in the family. Stuff like that. So when you are bartending and stuff like that, what were you doing before you got into your relationship with Erin?


So I was focusing just on know my goals, and I was just know full time modeling jobs. Never really looking for love. Kind of in that same groundhogs day, kind of sad, but also keeping myself busy. I was looking for someone that wanted me equally as much as I wanted him.


You had standards.


I had standards.


Thank you. You were like, listen, you want to fuck with this, you got to rise to the occasion. So you were just single living your life. And then how long did until you met Aaron?


After I met Aaron, a couple of days after Christmas, 2019.




And then till 2022, on and off.


Where did you meet Aaron at?


At his home in Lancaster. Okay, so how did you guys from social media? Out of nowhere, I saw something of him, and he was, like, being really sensitive. And I saw something in his eyes that connected me with him. And he was saying, I'm just looking for my wife to live my future with. And he's like with cooking a barbecue or something like that. And I just saw him say that one thing attracted me to him because I saw that he was looking for something and I was looking for that. So I really didn't think he would reply, but he. So.


So you slid in his DM?


I did.


You were like, what's up, baby? What do you say to Aaron Carter when you slide in his DM?


I'm your wifey. Here's your delete. I don't know why it's gone now. I wish I had it, but it's gone. I think I have a screenshot somewhere. But I said, your dog is literally so cute. I said, this is my dog kind of thing. And then we connected with that.


It's so innocent.




I love that.




So he replies back and what does he say?


It was really fast. He said, I would love to meet you first. We spoke over the phone like a couple of hours. So he wanted to really get to know me. And at first I was like, oh, wow, this is really fast. So then I gave him a chance, drove to him. Only it was like 2 hours from my house. And then we were.


It was like love at first sight. When he opens the door and you guys.


Yeah, he recorded me on his YouTube. I wasn't aware that he went online so much, to be honest, because it happened so fast. It was like phone call, then come over.


Did you know who he was before?


Yeah, I knew, but I didn't see everything that was. I didn't follow him for too long. I only followed him that instant when I saw that video of him. So I didn't look up anything about him.


Right. Got you. So you didn't know like the backstory?


No, I didn't know his backstory. His family. It was kind of based off of the. That's about it.


Got you early.


Two thousand s. Yeah.


So he opens the door.




And he was filming. And I guess I saw the video later because they uploaded it somewhere on YouTube. And he said, this is going to be my wife. So he said, is she the one? And he was like telling everybody in the camera. So I don't.


So take me on this journey with Aaron because it starts out so sweet and so loving. And then it just seems like as time went on, was he using whenever you guys first met?


So I don't believe he was abusing his medications because he had a psychiatrist. I think he was being regulated. When I first met him, he was still on medication, but it wasn't to the level of what it was in 2021, 2022. And we can kind of get into there. I'm not really supposed to speak about his medications, unfortunately, because there is an active case going on.


Oh, okay. Got you.


But I just want to let you know there was a change when he changed. Doctors got you with his medications and the levels of medications he was taking.


I feel like doctors really just do not care about their patients. Some of them, in this case, it seems like. I just feel like doctors, because of people's statuses, will give them anything they want if they ask for it or whatever. And I know you can't speak on it, but that's just my opinion that I'm. Yeah, I like Michael Jackson. Like, look at what happened with him. And there's so many celebrities that end up overdosing or doing things on these medications that they're prescribed, but for some reason, it's like the doctors are just never getting blamed.


I've been watching a lot of shows about it on Netflix about that, so I've been keeping up, trying to do research on it a little bit.




So when you guys first got together, you don't feel like he was abusing drugs or anything? What was the relationship like?


2020 was the first couple of months. Obviously, people always say the first couple of months are always the best. It's like the love stage, but it really was. And we would get back to that level, but I would have to say that there was a lot of people involved. We can get into that more. That made it nearly impossible to get back.


When you say there was a lot.


Of people involved, do you mean like his friends? None of my friends are really involved. I kind of lost a lot of friends, but they were still there, but they understood what was going on and that Melanie's growing up, she's getting relationships, she's getting pregnant, she's busy with her job at home, the clothing company. So it was like a different I was stay at home mom for a.


Little bit while we're. We'll rewind, though, and we'll start talking about when you got pregnant and stuff like that. So in the first few phases of your relationship up, was it his camp around you guys?


No, actually, I want to get into that. When I first met him, it was just him and his one dog. He only had one dog? I had one dog, and he was going online, but I didn't see him arguing as much with people compared to later on. He cared more about the comments and stuff.


Do you think it's because he was more on medication?


Yeah, I think the medication just added to his paranoia, and I'll get into it. He was very paranoid all the time. He didn't know who to trust.


Even in the beginning?


No, it wasn't until I'd say, like, maybe two months into the relationship, that's when I noticed it more, and that's when we had our first fight. It was pretty bad.


Was he ever diagnosed with any mental illness?


Some sort?


So, no, he was never diagnosed with anything. But he's had psychiatrists, and when I was in the relationship, I did not see one psychiatrist come to him. But they were prescribing him all these medications, but they never actually physically saw him. I never saw a doctor come into our home or him go to an office.


Did he do, like, facetimes with them or anything?






So these people were just pretty much prescribing medications just over the phone because it was who he was, I believe.


In what you're saying. Yeah. Allegedly.


Allegedly. When you guys got into your first argument, what was it about, and how did that go?


So I'll remember the beginning. We were going to dinners, not staying home, because it was before COVID It was during COVID time. So I quit my job within bartending because it was too far away. And he was like, I just want you to stay home, work on the clothing company.


So he gave you that clothing company?


Yeah, he did.


What is the name of.


Push your mic out.


What is the name of that clothing company?


Our clothing company was the love collection.


And he specifically made that clothing line for you to be able to work at home?






Because I did read. I did read.


Some people were like, she took that from him, or, yeah, they don't like.


But then I have a lot of supportive fans too.




For sure.


But we just want to clear the air. That clothing line was specifically made because Aaron did not like you working.




And he wanted me to stay at home with him.


Right. Gotcha.


Which I didn't see that as, like, a red know. I'm just thinking, oh, my gosh, she wants to be with me all the time until later.


Yeah. Well.


And it's hard for anybody who's in that situation, because when you're first in a relationship with somebody, you want to be next to that person.




I was happy that I didn't have to work, honestly. At the bar, I got to stay at home with him and help him get his taxes in order. Help him. But I tried. I kind of got thrown into years of mismanagement from all of his people, on and off. And that was a job in itself, trying to fix everything.


Like, he just got thrown into a frying pan, literally. So let's circle back to this first argument.


I will remember the first argument was about a hairdresser, because he saw old messages of him being kind of flirty with me. And so he's like, oh, she's cheating on me. And he would say it publicly. It was an old message from five years ago. It wasn't even flirting. It was just like, you're beautiful. I'd love that picture of you, or something like that, of that sort. And he throws it, and I'm like, I've never fought with anyone like this before.


It was like zero to 100.




And I remember he made a whole scene about it and posting online, saying, she's this and that.


What was that like? How did that make you feel? Whenever he did take that first argument.


I thought it was completely over. After I left. Then I realized it was a pattern, that he would just find a reason for us to argue every couple of.


Weeks because he was. I caught on to the chaos.




That's what I'm happy. I don't think he was used to just it, being happy lovey dovey all the time from his family life. I think he was just so used to the chaos, unfortunately.


Did he ever talk to you about how he grew up in chaos?




And I feel like I couldn't read him exactly, and I didn't know if he was just saying that. And I wish I took him a little more seriously. I'll say that.


Yeah. So he did try to say, hey, I am the way I am because of the environment that I grew up.




Did he ever suffer abuse as a child or anything?


So this is one thing I can comment. When my mom first came to visit Aaron, Aaron pulled my mom to the side and was like, hey, I want you to read this book, because Melanie doesn't really like reading or he said something, but I'm like, babe, I've been trying to read it, but we got busy and it was called a child called it. And I don't know if you guys know what that book is. It's about a kid that was abused. He wasn't abused on that level, I don't think. But he was just saying, I just want you to see what abuse is when you're a child. And he tried to get me to read it, and I did read a little bit of it, and I'm, like, wondering, why is he trying to get me to read this book? So later on I understood why, but.


I know physical abuse or like sexual abuse in the book.


Mental, physical for the child.


Got you. I've never heard of that book. We'll have to check it out. So after you get in this first fight, you leave, you think it's completely over with, and you're just like, all right, this is it. We're done. What happens from there? Because obviously you guys had over relationship, so it wasn't over after that first.


No, I remember I went home and it was always him fighting back and forth and me trying to get, like he wanted me to always fight back. I feel like I caught onto it later that he wanted to argue.


But if you fought back, it would escalate, correct?


Yeah, but he wanted those games. I don't know.


Well, it's a toxic relationship. So, like we were talking about off camera, it's push and pull. He's going to push you away as hard as he can.


But he wanted me to fight back and win him over again. I realized that he just wanted me to, quote unquote, kind of like beg for him back to get back with him.




Almost like he wanted me to leave so that I could come back.


Was there cheating that went on in the relationship? Because it sounds.


Oh, there it was.


There was.




Because it sounds like somebody who would triangulate a situation.


Was kind of like I would see it later after the situation happened that he would try to find a reason to break us up or find a reason from. Oh, you did this on this day, right.


That's what I was reading whenever you were telling me about how he would pick fights with you and then want you to win him back. Because that sounds like what I went through with one of my exes before where it was extremely toxic, but he would always triangulate us and there would always be another girl in the situation. It's like he's going to fight with me, push me away, go hang out with that girl, but he wants me to try to win him. Yes.




That's exactly what happened with us.


Yeah. How often did he cheat on you?


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2024 well, he always tried to say that I'm the cheater when we would break up, even if I didn't physically cheat on him or anything like that, even just anything like going to see a hairstylist, he'd be like, oh, you cheated on me. And I would never defend myself online.


Because one you shouldn't have to. It's a private relationship.


Everything was online.


Crossed those boundaries. But technically, you really shouldn't have had to have gone online to protect yourself and defend yourself because this is your relationship. I actually think it's admirable that you didn't, because I would have gone online.


Yeah, I knew I was going to be recorded, and I'm like, I don't want to say something wrong because it's going to be taken the wrong way, and then it'll bring more attention to our fights. So I would just stay off camera.


I think that's so much more admirable. To be able to not say anything, especially when people online are attacking your character just shows a lot of strength, but also it shows where your head and your heart was at. Like, if you were really trying to capitalize off Aaron, you would have taken every moment that you could have to go online and make headlines by arguing with him.


Yeah, I never did any of my. I'm just waiting for him to get back to normal again.


So how much longer up the road did he start spiraling out of control? Was this before you got pregnant with Prince, or did he?


I noticed it was basically, I saw a big difference in him right after I got pregnant, because he was doing celebrity boxing, and I noticed he wasn't taking as many prescription pills. Just, I could even say. He even told me, hey, I'm going to go lighter on my medication. And he was like, I think I want to, what do you call wean off of it? He actually told me that, and I said, oh, I didn't want to say, you need to. I didn't speak like that because I didn't know how to go about drug addiction yet.




And I had no one to kind of help me put him in the right direction.


But I would always say, did he have a manager?


He had a bunch of managers on and off, on and off, on and off.


But is there anybody that you could.


They were pushing it on him. They were the ones giving it to him.


Wow. So when you would go to them, and I didn't mean to cut you off, but when you say no, you didn't have anybody to help you. I kind of want to zero in on that because when you're dealing with an addict, we have addiction in our family. Also, my bonus baby's mom is an addict. And just when you're dealing with an addict, it takes a village to really help that person. So you being just one person and his love interest, too, is really hard because it's going to cause knockout, drag out fights because you're the closest thing to him. They always say, you hurt the one.


I'm in the home. So it's nearly impossible for the. I was there to protect, to keep him better than him being alone. He couldn't handle being alone.


Was he like scared to be alone?


It wasn't that he was paranoid.


Got you.


But he just didn't do well alone. I just thought when we would break up, I was always worried, like, I couldn't sleep.


So when you say that his management kind of fed him drugs, when you would go to them and be like.


No, I have messages of it in my phone.


Really? Saying what?


Like, hey, I have this for you. I have that for you. Wow. And I met the manager that I met in 2022 after Prince was born. He was the one who went did a tour with him. It was like a mini tour. He wasn't getting, unfortunately, the right amount of people at his shows.




He's gotten a lot of support after he passed away, but before he didn't have too many people going to his shows.


People had written him off because he did become such an online know. And I feel like fans turn so easily. It's either they fucking love you to death or they fucking hate you. There's no in between when it comes to fans. And I feel like a lot of us failed know, because he deserved so much better that he was a child. He know Aaron Carter and he was a childhood star and people loved him when he was a then, you know, I think with a lot of child stars, like, look at Amanda Bynes beautiful girl.


That was his first girlfriend.


Was it? Oh, my goodness. I never knew know, but it's like everybody loves them when they're young and they're doing something for them, but then as they get older and they have that transition of not being a child anymore, it's like, oh, fuck them, we don't need them anymore.


He pushed away the good part of his family and team, I would have to say, because they wanted him to do better. I always wanted him to do better, but as a fiance, I didn't know how about to do that without losing him.


Right. That's powerful.




Let's circle back. So you said when you first got pregnant with Prince, he was doing celebrity boxing.




And he was like, I think I saw a change in him and I'm like, wow, we're finally getting it together. We're doing good. And he was not taking it, abusing his prescriptions. I had morning sickness and I was actually genuinely shocked that he would drive to LA every morning and go practice. I have never seen him do that. Like actually physically get up and work out and do something productive. I didn't see him be that way in a really long time.


Were you guys trying for a.


Mean. He told my mom, she know, why do you want to buy a house with seven bedrooms? Why do you need such a big house? And he goes, oh, well, we're going to have it all with kids. I'm telling my mom that, and she's a little shocked, but she loves being a grandma.


I love. He's so cute, too.


Thank you.


So freaking cute. Thank you. He's a gorgeous baby. He's going to be just gorgeous growing up, because both of you guys have amazing genetics. So you guys were trying to get pregnant. And tell me about the day that you found out that you were pregnant. What was.


He was. So he was posting it everywhere, telling everybody in his entire phone. He messaged everybody in his phone.


He's like, guess what?


Melanie's pregnant.


That warms my heart. How'd that make you feel, really?


I mean, I saw a change and I was ready for it, too, being 34 or 35, I think 34. You look great.


You're gorgeous.


You too. Thank you.


I appreciate you. Okay, so he was excited. He's going to celebrity boxing. Did he ever fully not take any medication when he was with you?


No, only for the times that he would run out.


I would say, did he go through withdrawals?


Yeah, he did.




And then he would say, he's having Heidle hernia. But I knew it was just withdrawal, from not taking his medicine, from not having any medication. And he wanted to tell people about his symptoms, I think. But he never fully, because he was in denial.


So he never considered himself a drug addict?


No, but, I mean, I look at old interviews from six years ago, and he would physically say in the camera, I am a drug addict. You can pull those up.




But to you, he would not say he's. No, but maybe he said he needed.


His medication for his anxiety, which they prescribe. Xanax as that.


I used to have a Xanax addiction, so I get it.




Do you think maybe he loved you and just didn't want you to judge him? So that's why he never could admit that to you and come out and just say, hey, I'm a drug addict.


Maybe I hope he loved.


Aw, I'm sure. I think we know Aaron definitely loved you. Let's talk about the baby shower incident. You had talked about this just so that people can get an insight. And I want everybody to know we're not here to bash Aaron. But it is important that I feel like the media does such a good job of blaming the women that are with the men, and it's never the men's fault for some reason. And it's like, I think everybody deserves to tell their side of the story, and that's what we are here to do today. Well, I want to tell you what you were saying. So let's talk about the baby shower incident.


So this is kind of where I saw the most spiraling was from after the baby shower. We never got it right. There was too much not trusting each other, and then just events after events made it harder to get back to where we were from 2020, where we were a little better in our relationship.


Well, I don't think so much trust had been broken.


There was too much. Yeah, from both sides. Because he would take everything personal with me. He'd be like, oh, you talked to a guy when we were broken up. Like, he would consider that cheating, even though he had full on girlfriends living in the house.




But it was okay for him to do that.


So you guys would break up, and he would move girls into the house for, like, seven.


I call him 72 hours hoe. Sorry.


You're such a gentle spirit. So to hear you not even want to call these girls hose, I think, speaks volumes.


Well, no, somebody made it up the other day, and I'm just like, oh, kind of funny.


No, it's great. So he would move these girls into the house when you guys would break up and then get mad at you.


He would say on his instagram that this is his new wife. There was, like, a couple, not too many. I'd say that were, you're a better.


Woman than I. I'd have been tearing that house down with a baseball bat.


I mean, I know I tried the first time, and then I caught on to what he was doing.


Right? And you're like. Like, just, I'm.


I'm not going to entertain it because he's doing it on purpose.


Kudos to you, woman. So this baby shower incident.


Sorry. No, you're good. First of all, he calls her, and I never knew who this woman was because I never saw her messaging him. He goes, this is my old assistant. And he goes, I want you to meet her. She's really nice. You'll really like her. And I'm like, okay. So I get to know. She seems like a really nice girl. I didn't know later on, because they both let me know that they used to be in a relationship. Not a relationship, but more than friends.


With benefit, whatever they were fucking.


Yeah. Okay. Got you. Okay.


He would never go for that, though. If you tried to bring it.


Yeah, that's the thing. I wasn't even allowed to see a hairstylist that I sent a photo of my hair in a cute outfit that was considered cheating to him that I had to cut off. A hairstylist who did my hair correctly made me look the way I wanted to look.




Things like that.


But he was allowed, and she was being dishonest to me. And he was being dishonest to me.


What were they being dishonest about?


By not telling me in the first place that they were hanging out. Got you for a long period of time. On and off. On and off. Before you? Yes, before me.




So then I didn't know this. I'm like, oh, this girl seems, like, really nice. I feel like looking back. I am super naive to not think you're super sweet.


You have a gentle.


I get it that I was naive. I'll call myself that. I 100% was. So I didn't know anything was going on because she wasn't really his type. Like, he had a type.


What's his type?


Girls like, I don't know. Barbie blondes.






He had his type. So then she comes out to go to the baby shower. When I'm seven, eight months pregnant, he just randomly decides that he doesn't want.


To go to his own baby shower.


Yeah, to our baby shower. She and another girl that was Aaron's friend didn't go either. So it was just my friends that went. That's when I noticed. I'm like, this isn't real. I cannot believe this is happening.


Yeah, that's hurtful, too, though.


It was a starter. Like, he wanted a family so bad, but then he doesn't show up to his own baby shower. I don't understand.


Was he under the influence really bad? That probably jaded his decision making, I'm sure.




So that was when I noticed it never got better after that. It was just on and off. He could be normal for a few days, but then he'll go back to his same behavior.


There was a clip that I came across online where I think it really highlighted where your mental health was during this relationship. And I know a lot of people might have taken it. Everybody on the Internet tries to find negativity and things where I actually kind of saw the deeper meaning behind it. But there was a video where you're like, I cheated on you again.


And he was like, you cheated on.


Me and was kicking you out of the house. And you're like, I need to go to the hospital. I am not okay.


Yeah, because he was stressing me out, like trying to say that I'm cheating on him when all I did was talk to another male. That's it.


Were you pregnant during this time or was this.


It was when Prince was three months old.


Okay, got you.


Because the reason why I kind of think I was just rebelling because he was speaking to other girls and I'm like, you know what? I finally had his child. I'm thinking, you know what? Let's see how it feels when I literally changed my entire life, settled down with you and you're going to sit and talk about me bad to your fans. And I found somebody sent me a message of him flirting with another girl when we were still together. And I got really upset.


So you guys were just in a toxic relationship. It was tit for tat, but I.


Didn'T really do tit for tat until after just Prince one day. I wanted to leave him. I'm like, I'm not going to deal with this. I'm going to raise him on my own. Yeah, I wanted to raise him because I felt like I deserve better than that.


Go ahead. It broke my heart hearing that clip, though, of you saying, yeah, he made me say, he made you say, I need to go to the hospital.


No, he was like, oh, the cheating part?




He's like, you're talking to a guy. And I'm like, it's just platonic. It's nothing crazy.


But I feel like that was reactive abuse. I feel like you were just finally like, yes, I cheated on you again just to get it over with. Because when I was in an abusive relationship, my ex would poke and poke and poke and poke until you finally are just like, you know what? Yeah, I fucking did it. What are you going to fucking do about it? Because you just get to the point where you're just like, you just want the arguing to stop, but to hear you say, like, I am not, well, I need to go to the hospital. That broke my heart because stressing me out. But that's you crying out for help. And all people can take from that clip is you saying, yeah, I cheated on you. And it's like, really? You guys need to see the bigger picture here of what's really going on. You can tell in that clip that that is reactive abuse and that you are just to your wits end with that. So that really broke my heart with that situation. Take me back to where when prince was born. How was he? Did he come to the hospital?


Yeah, everything was great after the baby shower incident. The girl finally left. His assistant finally left. And then I remember him calling me as soon as she left. Things were okay.


But while she was the same assistant.


Yeah, while she was. I was on my mom's couch, eight months pregnant, uncomfortable while he's on Instagram, live all day with her, and for no reason. It's just crazy.


Now that you think back to it, you're like, dude, what the fuck?


I can't believe so nice to that girl. The abuse she put me through by entertaining him, knowing that he's just going to bring me back in the house when she goes. She could have just easily went home and let me be back in the relationship.


Tell me about the situation that happened when you were seven months pregnant with his mom.




His mom was saying that he deserves better and that he can find someone else and that she's just using you for your money. Even though there's public media information about Aaron's finances as a child, how he lost all of his money due to not proper tax filing, et cetera, all that. So she always tried to put it on me. I saw old messages of her on Facebook from ten years ago that are on Google of him, of her harassing one of her son's wife, things like that. It's a pattern I saw.




The same thing that she did to his wife, to me.


So it's almost like she's like, projecting her ill will for her own kids onto the wives of her children.


It would have been nice if people that knew her personally would have warned me. That would have been nice.


What happened when you were seven months pregnant?


They were chasing me down the stairs.


Who's they? Him.


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[00:43:08] Bunny, her and Erin.


Why were they chasing you down? The.


Were. I don't remember the reason. Some kind of argument? But.


While you're seven months pregnant, just chasing you down the stairs to try to hurt you.


She was saying that I was put in Aaron's life from someone to make his life bad. I was a plant.


That is just crazy.




So is she paranoid? Like, how he is? Is she a drug?


I mean, I don't really know. All I know is she has active alcoholism.


Gotcha. And do you feel. Did Aaron ever talk about his relationship with his mom?


Well, when I first met him, he didn't even speak to her.


Right. And then she just came around and poked her head in when she wasn't well.


I saw a video after he passed away of him and Aaron on Instagram, live, in a car, and they had an argument, and he told her to leave. And that was right before he met me.




So she probably held a grudge because you guys got together right after, and she feels like you took her son away from her.


Yeah, but I didn't see her reaching out to him.


Right. So they just had, like, a serious toxic.


I didn't meet her until a year later.


I feel like all the relationships in his life were just constant toxicity, and just like, that's really all he knew how to do.




I feel like it's just he couldn't live with just a normal, steady life.


Who picked prince's name?


He did.




He wanted it.




His legal name is.




So we changed it to Princeton. We had the name as Princeton.


He's literally Aaron's twin.


I know.


Thank you.


He's so cute. Like, he looks just like little baby Aaron moving forward. Aaron always fought with you online, and I watched a clip of the live that he did before he passed away, and you're blowing up his phone, and finally one of the last things you say to him is, you are going to die.




I hate thinking about why did I wish I knew how to handle an addict better?


But, I mean, to me, I didn't take that as you trying to be hurtful. I took it as you saying, like, you're going to die.


It was kind of like, honestly, I would have to say I didn't know how to handle it anymore. And I just wanted people to know that what was going on because I was scared.




And I wanted people to possibly help.


That's what I took it as. I took it as your, like, I.


Didn'T know what to do anymore. I think I was just so tired that week and so exhausted from all the craziness that was going on. I didn't know how to handle it. Can you tell? I think my body just shut down because. And my brain. I didn't know what to do anymore.


When you're in those types of relationships, they consider the trauma that gets caused to your brain, like brain damage, because it's like years of brain damage, especially being. Not calling Erin a narcissist, but being in a narcissistic relationship or toxic relationship. It causes brain damage to you because it's that hurtful. And just the whole toxicity of the relationship takes its toll on you emotionally and it's not good. Can you take me in to the last week of his life? What was that like? Were you guys.


So we. I'll never forget. It was Halloween and unfortunately I was there. I had to go to my mom's home to see prince. So I would drive 4 hours just to see my son.


Let's circle back. You guys had lost custody of prince. Can we touch on that situation? What happened with that situation?


Well, we had an active case because the fans were calling and he was live all day and they were wondering what's going on. He's smoking in the house.


So because he would be on live all day long showing you lives. The fans called cps and were like, you need to do an.


Mean just as far as never. He had drug tests. And I remember it was Halloween day and I'm like, babe, you have a test. Like, you need to go. And I have to go see prince. It's been a couple of days. Like, I miss him. I'm going to go see. We just got back from a show that he did with his manager who was giving him. So. And we were, um. We went to Minnesota, went to mall of America just a couple of days.


So they had taken prince and given prints to your mom. How long did your mom have prints for?


For a couple months.




Gotcha. So they didn't give you a choice. They were just like pretty much like, hey, we're removing him from the home.


Yeah, they said he couldn't live at Aaron's house.




So I was living back and forth. So I'm in my head all the time. Is my kid okay? Is Aaron okay? 2 hours and I'm like trying to find. I even bought an rv for him to live in next to the house so that I can keep an eye on him, basically. But he always wanted to stay at the house. It was really hard.


My heart breaks for you.


Thank you. I really did love Aaron. And I'm sad that he didn't see how much I loved him and how much I wanted it to work out.


I think he knew. I really do think he knew. I mean, you guys, the only two people who really know what went on in that relationship is you two. It doesn't matter what any of us on the outside think at know. And I think that Aaron wouldn't have had a child with you and kept going back and forth with you had there not been some sort of love there or him knew that you loved him. And I think he might have hurt you the way that he did, because it's the old saying, you hurt the ones that you love the most, which is fucked up, but it's so real.


He pushed away everybody that was actually beneficial in a good way in his life.


It's really people. But his team let him do that, and you didn't. You kept coming back.


His team wanted money. Aaron was really manipulated. Like, he would just give money away to people. It's really sad.


That's a Sagittarius spirit. That's how my husband is, too.




He would just give expensive watches to people and his managers, and he had really slimy assistants, male and female, and they would always get paid way more than they should, and they would take his money when he was under the influence. I even found, after he died, a signed paper, but not authorized to be executor of his will by an assistant. He was this creepy. Yeah, but it wasn't finalized. But Aaron signed it. But it wasn't finalized in his computer. He was only 34, and he was trying to be his executor of his estate. I have that in my phone, too.


I just feel like he didn't have anybody around him that loved him. Where was his brother in all of this?


I'll have to say that I think that they had boundaries from years of dealing with what I dealt with and that it's their choice. They had boundaries on what they wanted.




You have to have hard boundaries with.


When they had children and stuff to.


Protect, which is completely understandable. That's how I am with both my sisters. I have to draw hard boundaries with them, because if not, it's always just some weird shit. It's never a normal situation with them. So take me into this last week, and I can tell whenever you started talking about it how much it hurts.


You, because, I mean, there's so many things I wish I did differently.


I hate that.


And I blame myself almost all the time.


I'm sorry. That makes me want to tear up, because I just can't imagine. I couldn't imagine losing not only the father of my child, but the man that I really thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. So I just want you to know my heart really aches for you on that.


Thank you.


So take me into this. Last week, you guys were together or you weren't.


Well, we were together Halloween. He passed away November 5. So technically, I saw him.




That would be six days before he died. I left to go see my son. I wasn't on instagram because I was spending time with my son. I even went trick or treating. But I think that was the night that he did something that I had never seen him do before. And he went to rehab for it back in 2017. It was for inhaling this thing called air Duster. And you can die from it. It can give you brain damage. It's really bad.


Huffing anything.


Huffing anything. Yeah.


It's always scared me. I had friends that were huffers when I was growing up, and I never understood.


I never knew what that is. I've never seen it before. Aaron told me he would never touch, but.


So he did have a problem with huffing before. Went to rehab for it. You and the whole relationship had never seen him huff anything?


I've seen him once before. He did it the last time he passed away. When was the last time? So he did it a month before he passed away. And his manager was in the house, and they kicked me out. They didn't want me there. There was actually a video of me saying, you need to go to rehab. And I came to the house, and his friend was, like, trying to kick me out. They put an article saying I was stalking the premises, trying to make me look bad. But then Aaron turned off the camera because in the video, I said, you need to go to rehab, please. And his manager was like, get out of here. The late manager of him, that was, like, providing substances for him. And actually, on the autopsy of his death, there is a pill bottle of his name in the autopsy found in the bathroom.


The manager. Why hasn't the manager been charged with anything?


I don't know. I don't even know how to comment on that because I don't know.


It's just crazy. I don't know. I just feel like not only did the fans and the people who are around Aaron fail him, the judicial system is still failing him, even after his know it's just going to happen to.


More people if they don't fix this.


Make examples of people. Absolutely. So you saw him huff the month before.


It was almost like a cry for help. I noticed.


What do you think triggered such a.


Brutal spiral from getting prince taken away? I almost feel like I wish I could help people in addiction that lose their children, because I feel like some people can't handle losing their children, even though they lost it in the first place because of their addiction. But I wish that the CPS didn't treat him. They treated him pretty poor, really bad. I understand he wasn't doing what he needed to do. And I even stated that online, I'm like, you need to finally do this. Get sober, please. I've even said it before, would he.


Not go into rehab? Did you ever draw a hard line in the sand and be like, yo, if you don't go to rehab, I'm going to leave you?


I said, do you really want my mom to raise prince and then me have to live somewhere else in an apartment with your son? And then this is something I have never stated. But his mother told him, guess what? Aerosmith got his child back when he turned 18. He got lost custody. You can just do the same thing. That's the advice she gave him instead of, no, you should straighten your life out and you should do what you need to do to get your son back. Get your life. You're only 34. Instead of being positive and saying, you are only 34, you have so much to live. She said that.


Keep doing.


Of course he's not getting a good. I couldn't just be the only person giving him advice. He needed a whole team of people to help him, not just one person.


And the people he kept.


And then I had to deal with him getting mad at me for talking to him that way. Like saying, you're doing this wrong. You need to go to your drug tests and then stop babying me. Stop bossing me around.


How was he getting around these drug.


Tests if he was still using? Is it because they were prescription pills that he was?




I don't know. They wanted him to go. I don't even know. I was reading emails between the lawyers and stuff and they were telling his. The CPS were saying, hey, he needs to get off of this stuff like that. And they never did anything. I don't know.


That is wild. It is so wild to see how many angles of people that could have stepped in and changed this boy's life. Like, granted, he is a grown man.


He was a grown man, and I get that.


But even grown men and women need help.




I just wish that it was easier for addicts to get their kids, like, not just push them away.




And just make things worse. So can you take me to the day that Aaron died, where you're at?


I was at my mom's house. And were you guys fighting at this time?




Because he basically said, it's too late now. We can't get back to where we are. Like, we're not going to be a family.


Why did he say that?


Because he knew he had to go to rehab.




So he wanted to just stay fucked up he didn't want to.


I don't know, try to fix things. I mean, of course he wanted to.




Did he have the willpower to do it? I don't know.




I don't know if he wanted. I'll admit when he was off his medication, he almost was depressed. Like, it was like he hated being sober.


Well, your brain has to go through.


When I. Yeah, I remember when I.


Was getting sober and coming off Xanax. It is one of the hardest things you'll ever fucking do.


He knew that, too. He knows.


Yeah, it's hard. And I don't think I started feeling good. I got sober in 2017. I didn't start feeling better in my brain until 2023.




That's how long it takes. And I'm not here to sugarcoat shit. Sobriety fucking sucks. But it is the most powerful thing you will ever fucking do for yourself is to be able to stand in a room full of people and be like, I'm sober.


I know. I stayed sober because I saw the spiral and I'm like, I can't sit there and even have a bottle of wine, because then it'll set a bad example. And then one of his assistants, the many assistants he had, was sending him wine. And the fans know about that, too.


That is crazy.


On doordash delivery.


You were sober the whole time?




I mean, in the beginning, we would have wine maybe once every six months or something, like, just out of nowhere, because we didn't go out that much. But I didn't ever pop open a bottle of wine. I would never order wine.


You've never done pills?


No, I've never been on prescriptions or anything like that. No. Maybe, like, during a c section, things like that.


I think that's mandatory. If you're getting your fucking body cut open. You definitely need something for sure. So take me to the last day of him being alive.


So, he was found. Passed away on the fifth. But we had a maid in the house.


Yeah. So I have some questions about the maid. What was the situation around her? She had been working for him for a long time. Or was she a new maid?


No, she was new. She was given by a publicist lady that we met in a group. I know it sounds really. She lived close by, but we met her in the local grocery store. And she just said, I'm a fan of Erin, and I'm a publicist. Here's my instagram.


So dangerous that you guys would bring people in, or he would bring people in like that, because you never know people's intentions either. He was so trusting.


I was too trusting, too.




I feel like I was naive, like I didn't understand I'm putting someone in the house. I should have probably done checks on people.


It's just you never know anybody's intention. I'm the complete opposite. I don't trust anybody. Ask my team.


Well, it's like, people try to, like, also, they know that he's a grown man. You know what I mean? But also, they know his problems, too.


At the same time.


So I don't understand.


I would have just been scared that somebody would have came in to try to exploit that or make a dollar off selling stuff to the tabloids or. You just never know where people's heads are at, especially in this day and age.




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So the maid was in the.


Stop. I think Erin told her, hey, don't talk to Melanie, because that's what he did to all his team. When he would be upset with me, he'd be like, don't talk to Melanie. But I was still communicating with the publicist. And I said, hey, is he okay? And I read old messages after he passed away that she went to the house and was like, I have food for you in the messages. So I'm really confused.




And then she didn't tell.


Like, she wasn't there, and she was messaging him, saying, hey, she wasn't telling.


Me that she was communicating with him. I think that because he told her, hey, don't talk to Melanie. So she abided by his rules.


Like, don't talk to me because he's paying her.




Or she probably liked him a little more than know because he's Aaron Carter. Even though she pretended like she had my best in know. She was trying to help me with him. But that week, she just cared about what he said.


How long was she working for him.


Before he passed away?


So she lived locally in Lancaster, and I think we knew her for, like, two years, maybe a year and a half.




Okay, gotcha.


And she was getting him a couple of jobs, but a lot of jobs got canceled because of the trolls and things like that. They would call the events and say, no, we don't want Aaron doing this celebrity event for charity. It was like a charity event, and he couldn't go, and he wasn't going to perform because the fans called. That happened. It's just like, one after the other. Everything just hurt him. But then he dealt with the hurt by taking pills, I think just going deeper into his addiction and drinking or doing whatever.


So that last day, was he still huffing also?


So I was asleep when it happened. It was 03:00 a.m. But none of the fans sent me the message or the recording of him. And it's so traumatized that he was.


Doing it that he was huffing online. Wow. I didn't even see those videos. I don't want to see those.


I don't really like to see anything from that week. It's just too hard for me because then I can't sleep for days when I see stuff. At this point, I don't know how.


You'Re holding it together as well as you are. That's a lot to go through and then to lose somebody so suddenly. So he's on live huffing paint.


He had an appointment to go to an intake for rehab on Friday, November 5.


So in his mind, he probably thinks it's like one of those, his last hurrahs before he has to go to rehab. Because you know how he thought about it that way. Maybe this is speculation on my part.


The guy messaged him from the line rock because I signed him up and I paid like a down payment for the rehab. And he said, hey, can't wait for our meeting in the morning on Friday, November 4.


Let's dive into that really quick. So many people call you a gold digger because of dating Aaron. And I've heard you say a few times during this conversation, I paid for this, I bought him this, I did this.


Or I had to save the finances with my savings account because he was giving money away to the wrong person. And to like, a random fan on the Internet when he know, and this.


Is right, mine, your own money, not.


Money that you got no money from before Aaron.


Right. So we just wanted to clarify that Melanie is not a gold digger. So he was going to rehab. And tell me about take me from there. From him going on live huffing to the phone call that you get from the publicist.


She let me know, right, that he's drowned.


She just calls you and says, how did she find out?


911. On a text message.


How did she find out from the maid?


She didn't even tell me.


She said, yeah.


And then I heard the 911 call from online. It's like they posted the phone call.


Of the maid calling 911, saying that she found him in the bathtub or whatever. And there's so much conspiracy around his.


There is a lot. And it's just like, you could go on and on and on.


Did you go to the house after he died?


I did, yes.


Did you see his body?




There's so many people that have said that he was in the bathtub a lot longer than they're saying. There are some people saying that there's no water in his lungs.




The autopsy says that he passed away from drowning. Xanax and Dior. I forgot how to say it.


The huffing stuff.




Which I will add that days prior to him passing away, we went to a no jumper interview, which is another podcast.


I know Adam, 22 and Lena was just on the podcast.


Okay, well, I don't want to speak bad about it. Because it's not nothing to do with them, but Aaron's manager came by with a huffing can, and I was, like, taking photos of it, and I'm like. I was like, I don't know why he brought this. Like, why did Aaron know to the took photo? I have photos of it. I took photos in the studio, and I'm like, why are these people putting this around Aaron? Like, they take no. Like, that's the kind of people Aaron was hanging out with. He chose to be with people like that.


I don't understand why, after being a father, not being charged for some sort of.


He's quiet. He doesn't speak anymore. And he was bashing me after in a car, on video. And he was like, aaron didn't even love her. There's literally a video of me and Aaron together on his Instagram right before, like, in the car on the way to his show.




And he's like, oh, they weren't together for months, and he hated her.


That's part of the triangulation thing. Sometimes it's not always with another woman. Sometimes it could be with a different person where they have that. It's that third person that they can always go to. And he'll run to his manager, talk shit about you, but then come to you and tell you how much he loves you. And that kind of seems like that was Aaron's forte of trying to turn people on each other. I guess.


He listened to me that day when we were in the studio, and I said, hey, I'm leaving, and you're leaving with me. I don't want to be around this.


And he listened to you?


He did, actually. I'm surprised.




After a minute, though, it took me a minute to kind of tell him, hey, I'm not okay with this, and we shouldn't be around this.


So how did he drown? If they're saying there was no water in his lungs, was there water in his lungs?


See, it says no water in his lung. I feel like the report never changed from the beginning of when he passed away. It said the same thing from the first day till the end. When it came out six months later or whatever. I read it, and it said everything that was in his toxicology.


How were you feeling whenever you found out that he passed away? What was the emotions going through?


Like, I don't know. Every minute I think about. It's crazy to always think about that.


I couldn't imagine. How was his relationship with Prince? Did Prince know who he was?


Well, he says, dad still, because I know that when he had his time with prince in the office for the social worker, they took photos and stuff, and he was always saying Dada after he died and stuff, he'll still see TikTok and he'll say, dada and pictures, and then he goes, dada.


Is he old enough to know, like, daddy's not here anymore, or have you told him that?


No. I know me and my family talk about it. We're like, when are we going to.


Start telling him that his daddy's not here?




So, moving on, what does melanie do now? Now that Aaron has passed away? Take me into the next few weeks of just your life after Aaron passed.


Away, just trying to get back to focusing on getting my finances back in order and finding a job to take care of me and know something that will be stable for me. And always maintain his legacy. And bring awareness to child exploitation. Yeah, bring awareness to. I know why they don't put kids in tv, and there's been a lot of documentaries about also, we were just.


Talking about Jojo Siwa. Like, she's going through it, right? Like, forgot about her going from being a child star to now a woman who's. She still identifies as a, you know, that's transitioning and is into adulthood, but know is lesbian. Is she lesbian? Is a lesbian now? So it's know these kids go know these childhoods of being in the spotlight, and then it's like, once they turn a certain age and Hollywood doesn't have.


Use for them anymore, they just kind.


Of toss them to the side. And it's like these kids are just having to pick up the pieces to learn how to be an adult after they've lived such a fantasy life as children.


It's easier to help kids with their mental illness at an early age than later. You know what I mean? So I feel like 30 years ago, they didn't have so many people talk about mental illness, but now people are recognizing it more.


They are. But we just went through something with my 15 year old daughter, and when we were looking for mental health for her, any place to help her with her mental health, it was impossible. You would be floored at how much there is not resources to help children with mental health. So I think that's a great thing for you to get into. I would love to help you if you ever do get into that, because I don't know where to start with that, but I would love to help children have a place to go when they need to reset. That doesn't medicate them that helps them heal their trauma.


Well, I found out that he was taking medications when he was a child.




I didn't know, and he never told me that. He told me he started when he was in high school. I don't know if this is true, though, because everything is always so back. But I was just told that he took it for stage fright because he was seven.


I couldn't imagine giving a seven year old a fucking Xanax or a was.


I was told this information after he passed away.


That is crazy. So what does Melanie do? Like, what does the future hold for you and prince?


Stay with my son. And I'm just having, like, getting to go places with him and just seeing him grow, and he's going to be like his daddy. He's got his personality and his looks.


Would you ever let him be in the entertainment?


No, I decided not. I was advised from people to not do that because it just showed too much has been done, especially what you.


Just fucking went through. Have you gone to any sort of therapy?


I did after he passed away with prince and everything. But I feel like that's the next step, is to go into therapy.




Take this time for you and to just heal. And what you just went through is not normal, and it's very hurtful. And if you don't take care of it now, it will affect you later on in life, so make sure that you do. If therapy is not your thing, just some form of healing, even if you get into meditation or just trying to work through the trauma that you've just been through, because sitting here, I've seen you kind of, like, choke up a couple of times, and you fight it and you push it back, and that's so not good to do. You got to let that shit out somewhere.


Yeah, that's probably what happened to him, is he just masked everything every day, and then more and more bad stuff happened, and he's just masking it. He's not taking care of the problem.


I'm sorry for all you've had to go through, and I can't wait to see how you turn this into something. Know, I don't want to say productive, but something that's healing. And I can't wait to see what you do with Prince these next few years.


Thank you.


Why don't you tell people where they can find you?


Miss Melanie Martin on Instagram or Miss Melanie xx on TikTok, I think.




We love TikTok. The old tiki talkie. Thank you for sitting down with me. I really appreciate you. And I want you to check back in with me in the next couple of years and come sit down and I to hear about all the things you're doing.


Yeah, I would like that.






She's like, yes. We just had the most emotional conversation. Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate it having me. Thank you guys for tuning in to another episode of Dumb Blonde. I will see you guys next week. Bye.