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Wndyry Plus subscribers can listen to Even the Royals early and ad-free right now. Join WNDYRY Plus in the WNDYRY app or on Apple podcasts. A quick note about our show. We do a lot of research for our stories, but we also aren't your boring high school history class, so some details and scenes are dramatized. Today's story contains descriptions of pregnancy loss that some listeners may find distressing. It also includes some PG 13 language that could make a proper lady faint, so please be advised. It's the morning of April 12th, 1956, and Grace Kelly is sitting on the deck of a huge ocean liner. She's wearing a silk coat and a large white hat. Her poodle, Oliver, is snuggled next to her. She looks over at her parents and gives them a smile. But underneath, she's a big pile of nerves. Because when Grace steps off this boat, she's starting an entirely new life. She was hoping the eight-day boat trip would give her time to relax. But that's hard when there are 66 friends and family members on board with you, plus a dozen or so reporters who are here to cover Grace's every move.


A sleek white yacht pulls up next to the ocean liner, and Grace jumps to her feet. She scans the yacht until finally her eyes land on a handsome man dressed in a navy suit. Grace catches her breath as she stares him. The man salutes her and her family, and then he and Grace lock eyes. For a moment, it's like they're the only two people in the world. Grace can't believe how lucky she is. This man is her fiancé, and they're about to get married. But first, he's whisking her away on the open sea. This shit is basically straight out of a romance novel, if we're being honest here.


Yeah, I mean, who doesn't want to be saluted by their fiancé?


It's the most romantic thing you can do. We We all know that. But somehow it gets even better. Grace's fiancé is an honest to God Prince, Prince Rainier of Monaco. Grace carefully makes her way onto Rainier's yacht, dog still in hand, but she notices that something about him seems more stiff, more formal than when she last saw him. And then, instead of leaning over to kiss her, Rainier offers her a handshake.


That's what all the guys offer me when I try to kiss them?


I know. Just when you thought a salute couldn't get more romantic. Here you have it. I know. I mean, it's super awkward, but they are both nervous. It's been almost a month since they've seen each other, and in a lot of ways, they're starting over. Plus, hundreds of people are watching this moment from the decks of both ships and even from Monaco's shore in the distance.


It is absolutely ridiculous that on this ocean liner is the press. I'd be Get your own boat.


I know. It is really weird. But Grace tries to keep her smile demure, like the proper princess she's about to become. But even that is starting to get hard. Her ears rang as the ocean liner blares its horn, then a chorus of horns from other yachts in the Harbor chime in. And as the Royal Yacht enters the Harbor, ear piercing fireworks shoot off, followed by cannon blasts. Oh my God. And to top off the mayhem, a band starts playing the Star-Spangled Banner. Grace tries to relax her grip on the railing and look calm. But then, hundreds of red and white carnations drop from a plane flying above.


It's like, is this an engagement or is this just somebody marrying the country of America?


I know, right? Yeah, it's basically Uncle Sam's wet dream. It's very patriotic. Grace has never experienced anything quite like this before. It's incredibly overwhelming. She's used to various roles. I mean, she is an Oscar winner after all. But this, a princess, this is totally new territory. And as happy as Grace is to be marrying her prince Charming, she's starting to realize that this role might come with a whole lot more than she bargain for. But what Grace doesn't know yet is just how much this role will cost her, including her freedom, her happiness, and eventually, her life. From WNDYRI, I'm Brooke Zifrin.


And I'm Arisha Skidmore-Williams.


And this is Even the Royals.


Fancy champagne, let's go down.


This two-part series is all about the legendary actress and fashion icon, Grace Kelly. In part one, Grace fought her way from want to be performer to silver screen queen. Now, she's auditioning for the role of a lifetime, Princess. But unlike her characters on the big screen, this role is forever, whether she wants that or not. This is part two, Princess, Interrupted.


All that glitters is on gold.


Okay, Arisha, we're going to turn back the clock about a year to before Grace Kelly ever met Prince Rainier. So it's May of 1955, and 25-year-old Grace is in France. She's been here for a few weeks for the Cannes Film Festival. It's technically a work trip, but escaping the US for some sunshine in the south of France has been just what she needed. Winning her first Oscar was a triumph, but it didn't immediately solve all of her problems. For one thing, her family still sucks. And now, more than ever, these roles and awards don't mean much without a partner to share them with. Grace could have any man with a snap of her perfectly manicured fingers, but she wants something more serious, more permanent, and she has yet to find that person. Today, she's driving through the winding hills of Monaco on her way to a publicity photoshoot. So in case you haven't seen a James Bond movie, Monaco is a tiny country just an hour up the Coast from Cann. It's known for its casinos and colorful buildings on the water, which sounds like an amazing place to visit, it, but Grace is not having it.


The photoshoot today is with the Crown Prince of Monaco, but she'd rather be anywhere else. For one thing, this photoshoot wasn't even her idea. An editor friend from Paris Match magazine asked her to pose with the bachelor Prince Rainier as a favor, and Grace said yes. And on top of that, Grace has already had a rough day. You know the day where just everything goes wrong?


Yeah, a day that ends in Y for me.


Exactly. It's the day's Limp Biscuit was talking about in that banger hit. So first Grace woke up late, and then the electricity went out at the hotel, so she couldn't dry her hair or iron her clothes. So she headed to the palace with wet hair and the only non-wrinkled dress she has, which, of course, is her least favorite one. Of course. And then the car she was in got into a Fender Bender.




The accident wasn't a big deal, but I mean, really, how much can one girl take for the love of God?


Yep, just adds up.


Yeah. And the icing on the cake, when Grace finally makes it to the palace, a butler tells her that Prince Rainier is running late. Not for a valiant reason, like saving kittens from a burning building. He's hanging out with friends. Grace, of course, is pissed. She's like, Excuse me, I have places to be. Who died and made him royalty?


I love the idea of just being I'm completely honest. I'm just hanging out with friends, or I'm just sitting on my bed in a towel. That's why I'm late.


Honestly, that's picarisha behavior, I think. If we're going to say it.


You're not wrong.


Grace agrees to take a tour of the palace's rooms while she's waiting for the prince, but after an hour, she wants to leave. She's used to being the VIP. I mean, I hate to keep bringing this up, but she did just win an Oscar.


Wow. Should we start taking shots every time you say that?


Please do. Plus, The word is that the prince is a, quote, stuffy fellow anyway. So just as Grace starts looking for an exit, the prince strolls in like he's not an hour late. Grace and Rainier's eyes meet, and she can't help but notice that This guy seems far from stuffy. In fact, he's young and handsome. He's got dark hair and a sleek mustache. But Grace pushes these thoughts away. Screw dreamy dark pearls. She's pissed off right now. A photographer snaps a picture of the two of them, and Rainier holds his hand out. Grace hesitates. She wishes she could give him the cold shoulder, but she's too well-trained. She's got to perform for the cameras. So she shakes his hand and gives him a small smile. To Grace's surprise, Rainier looks away like he's intimidated by her. He's acting almost shy, which Grace wasn't expecting. Rainier offers to show her around the palace. Grace is like, Been there, done that. So he offers a tour of the private gardens and zoo instead. And Grace is like, A zoo? I'd love to. Then she pushes him to the ground, frees all the animals from their cages, and rips off her mask to reveal that she's me in disguise.


Has this been approved? Apparently. I was like, You mentioned zoo. Brooke's going to go off her rocker.


No, Grace doesn't care. She obviously agrees to go. And on the walk, he tells her funny stories about the monkeys and the lions he's collected.


Oh, no.


I know. I hate it. But Grace is into his stories. And when she laughs, she's not acting. He's actually charming. And then Rainier reaches his hand inside a cage to pet a tiger. And Grace has to admit it's hot. She could not be me.


I was going to say, hot? Touching a poor wild animal in a cage? I know. Raise your standards, Grace.


Yeah. Now Rainier and Grace keep sneaking little glances at each other. Even with the cameras around, she catches herself leaning toward him. And judging from the Prince's smile, he's pretty excited to be with her, too. They finally say goodbye, and Grace turns to leave, but the Prince stops her. He says he'll be coming to visit America soon and asks if she'd like to meet up. Grace smiles and is like, Sure. She figures the Prince is just being polite, but the thought of seeing him again makes her feel gitty. When Grace gets home, she writes a letter to say thank you for the visit, just like her mother taught her. She figures that'll be the end of things. But then, a week later, she gets a reply, and it's long And so is the letter.


Oh, no, brook.


No, it's obviously a long letter, and she's surprised to hear from him. But the real surprise is, Grace can't wait to write him back. So before we keep going with this blossoming romance, Ariesha, I'm going to hit you with some Monaco facts. Okay. I know you're excited.


Yeah, I can't wait.


So the country is right next to France. But unlike its bigger neighbor, Monaco has a constitutional monarchy, a. K. A. Their royal family holds some political power. Monaco sits along the Coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and it's super tiny. When I say tiny, I mean less than one square mile.


Oh, very tiny. Yeah.


It would basically take you about 2,000 steps to walk across the whole thing.


So no one's getting their 10,000 steps in Monaco, are they?


Yeah, exactly. So at the time of Grace's visit, Prince Rainier is desperately searching for a wife. He's almost 32 years old and has only had one serious relationship so far. But the pressure is growing for him to produce an heir. Because of a 1918 treaty with France, Monaco will actually revert back to France if his bloodline ends. So he's got to keep this 700-year-old dynasty going.


It's a lot of pressure.


Yeah, this may have been on his mind when he met Grace because like, jeez, nothing like carrying the whole weight of the country on your shoulders.


On your sperm. My God.


Right. Yeah. But when Grace visited the prince, finding a future king for a husband was definitely not on her bucket list. Grace is looking to settle down, but who sets their standards at royalty? I mean, come on. But expectations aside, Grace is happy to have a prince as a pen pal. At first, it's just polite correspondence, but the more they write, the more they get to know each other. Rainier is a great writer. He's funnier and less shy on the page. Screw a crown prince. I mean, you got to have a guy who's funny.


You can say that again. Even Marilyn Monroe says it.


Yes, exactly. And pretty soon, Grace is writing about emotions she usually saves for her method acting. None of these letters actually exist anymore, but I imagine they were the inspiration behind the greatest love story of our generation. Twilight.


Stop it.


But there are still a few things Grace keeps to herself. I mean, remember, it is the 1950s. Women are supposed to be uncomplicated, so basically the same as now. But even with her good girl act, these letters feel real. In everyone, Rainier tells her new things he loves about her, and it makes her feel truly special. He calls their letters a secret treasure garden, leading him to the woman he's been searching for.


I mean, I got to say, the way men talk about women back then versus now makes me long for the simpler times.


I know. Now it's like, Hey, you up?


She got that fat ass. Just doesn't roll off the tongue as well, you know?


Yeah, really doesn't. Now, Grace starts to wonder if maybe Rainier is the person she's been searching for. She's had boyfriends, ones who would have wifed up in a second, but none of them were good enough for her family. They were either in the wrong profession, the wrong religion, or too poor. But a prince? That couldn't possibly disappoint the Kellys. In December of 1955, Grace gets a phone call that makes this princess idea feel a little less fantasy and a little more real. Grace is heading home to Philadelphia for the holidays when she gets an unexpected call from one of the Prince's associates. He tells her that the Prince of Monaco is coming to dinner, to the Kelly's Christmas dinner.


Honestly, love it. It's a hallmark holiday movie, literally. I know. The Prince who's Coming for dinner.


Oh, yeah. Grace, of course, starts feeling all the feels. She's stunned, excited, terrified. But for once, she's less worried about what her family will think. She's more worried about what Rainier will think. Now that she's going to meet the Prince again, and this time in her hometown, the question is, will he still like her? It's December 25th, 1955, and Grace is anxiously waiting in her family's living room. Holiday music is playing on the record player. Mrs. Kelly is setting the table for dinner. Everything is in its place. Now, Grace just has to wait for Rainier to arrive and pray that for once her family behaves.


That prayer does not get answered in that household.


I know. When the doorbell rings, Grace straightens up and tries her best to project cool and collected starlet. Moments later, Prince Rainier steps inside the Kelly's house. Grace hangs back and tries not to stare. They know each other so well in letters, but they haven't been in the same room in months. This could be super awkward. Rainier makes a bee line for Grace and gives her a warm smile. He bowes, and Grace can feel herself blushing. Rainier keeps his attention on her, even as he meets the rest of her family. For once, Grace is the main attraction in the Kelly living room, and it feels great. When the introductions are over and they all sit down. Grace is careful to keep her composure. But as the evening drags on, she starts to melt under the heat of the Prince's stare. She's smitten. And thankfully, so is her family. Jack Jack Kelly offers Rainier's escort cigars. Grace's sister Peggy makes everyone laugh, and her mom plays the perfect hostess. She refreshes drinks and fusses over the food. Later that night, they're sitting side by side on the couch, and Grace feels Rainier's hand close around hers.


It feels sturdy and comforting. Grace never thought there could be anything bigger for her than being a movie star, but now a way bigger role seems possible. Princess.


I'd stick with movie star.


Honestly, same. So that Christmas, after just four days of romantic walks and stolen kisses, Rainier proposes.


Well, when you know, you know.


I know. It's super fast, but I mean, they've been writing letters for months. Plus, she's 25, and this is literally the plot of most Netflix Christmas movies, so who can really blame her? Yeah. You Yep. Grace, of course, says, Hell, yeah. And for once, her parents also say, Hell, yeah. And the engagement is on, which is exciting, but also means she's about to make some headlines. And Grace isn't sure if her European fiancé is ready for the Hollywood press machine. It's about a week after the engagement, and the happy couple are back in the Kelly living room. But this time, they're snuggled on a love seat, surrounded by dozens of reporters and flashing cameras. The news of the engagement is going to get out eventually, and it's best to control the narrative. Grace calls on reporters one by one. The questions they ask are fluffy stuff like how many kids they want and how they fell in love. She happily gives the press her rehearsed answers. Grace is used to this attention, but when she looks over at Rainier, he's visibly glaring at the cameras, and his body is super tense. She hears him mutter something like, I don't belong to MGM.


Now, this is not the calm and gentle guy from his letters. He's clearly pissed, and it didn't take much to get him there.


I mean, is it me or is it giving Ben Affleck and JLo? You know what?


It is, actually.


I don't mean that as a slide. It's just like Ben is very much like, Fuck this media. And JLo is like, I'm going to use it to my advantage. Can't beat him, join him.


Exactly. Yeah. And much like JLo, Grace does her best to keep a smile on her face, but inside, she has to wonder, who is this man she's about to marry? And considering she spent all of two weeks with this guy, it is a reasonable question. It is.


It always is.


Yeah. But Grace knows that pretty soon, headlines about her engagement will be all over the country and the world. There's no going back now. Weddings always have roadblocks, but a royal wedding is a whole other level. Dealing with the press isn't the only hoop Grace has to jump through on her way to the altar. And her problems are bigger than a flaky DJ or, if you're me, a pool with only 30 floating candles blown to one corner.


I knew that was coming.


It's always going to be coming. So first, there's a dowry, like in the 19th century, and it's not a small one. Rainier's team is asking the bride's family to pay up a cool $2 million, which is roughly $20 million in today's money. And apparently, the dowry is a long-standing tradition for Europe's aristocratic families. But either way, it's nuts.


It's ridiculous because they're royalty.


They have money. I know. That's how they stay rich.


Yeah, they steal it from these poor brides. Yeah.


Then the prenup is intense. Grace has to sign a paper that says, If by some chance she and Rainier get divorced, her future children will stay with the royal family.


Oh, that's going to be a no for me, dog. Yeah. I don't even want kids.


I know, seriously. It's extreme, but Grace isn't too worried. She has no plans to get divorced. Divorce in the 1950s is rare. Plus, Catholics tend to mate for life. So dowry, check. Children legally bound to the royal family, check. Now, there's one final hurdle to clear, and it's keeping Grace up at night. It's her virgin humanity, or lack thereof.


Hey, I'm Arisha.


And I'm Brooke.


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Now, to be fair, some people aren't born with Hymens.


Okay, coming in as a learned doctor.


I am a learned doctor.


We love to see it. Now, Grace grips the edge of the sink. Rainier knows her really well, but he doesn't know all of her. Rainier is in love with the side of her that projects purity and innocence. That's who he wants to marry, and it's definitely who he wants as the Princess of Monaco. So there's a lot hanging in the balance for Grace, but she has a plan. She clears her mind and steps into a character she's played many times before. Sweet, never horny, Grace Kelly. She calmly runs through her line for Rainier's doctor. My Hyman is not intact. It broke in high school when I was playing sports.


Yeah, rugby will do that to you. I I've heard.


Yep. Grace smooths her skirt and walks out of the bathroom, down the hall, and into her exam room. Showtime. So, Ariesha, I don't know if you were nervous or not, but I was not surprised to learn that Grace actually passes her fertility test. She puts on an Oscar-worthy performance, and those gullible men believe her virginity story.


I mean, any guy that's like, I have to test to see if this woman is a virgin is an idiot in my book, so it can't be that hard to fool them.


Yeah, that's fair. And speaking of the Oscars, the press has been speculating about whether she'll keep working once she's a princess. They ask Rainier or Grace whenever they get a chance. Mgm wants to know, too. Grace plays it coy. She tells reporters she still has a contract and that she always honors her agreements. But behind closed doors, Rainier's little comments to Grace make it seem like he thinks being Princess of Monaco is a bigger deal than a silly acting career. Despite his jabs, in January 1956, Grace and Rainier head to Hollywood so she can film her new movie musical, High Society. But when Rainier sees how comfortable she is on set with her suave co-stars, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, he's like, Wait, this is definitely no place for a princess, much less my fiance. And then a few weeks later, Grace opens the paper to find a surprise a quote from Rainier. It seems the press caught him off guard one day, and when the reporter asked him if Grace will keep acting, the print said, No more movies for Ms. Kelly.


I would demand a retraction. Same.


Grace is stunned because they did not decide this together. But it's clear to her that Rainier's mind is made up, so she decides to go along with it for now. She's confident that Rainier will chill out eventually, and when the right film comes along, she'll get back in the game. But until then, she's not entirely sad to say, Smell you later to Hollywood. Because sadly, aging in Hollywood can be scary if you're a woman, particularly in the 1950s. Grace doesn't want to be the one who gets called early to set for extra makeup, because from there, you're basically put out to pasture, which she's not wrong, but keep in mind this woman is only 26.


I know. That's what's so absolutely Absolutely ridiculous.


I know. It pisses me off because she's gorgeous.


God. I mean, based off that, we need to head to our nursing homes.


I know. Seriously. Now, that seems like a young age to be worried about retirement, but 26 years old in 1956 is definitely not the same as 26 today. So I guess we can hold off on the retirement homes. And since Grace is already worried about aging out of Hollywood, maybe it is time for plan B, marriage and motherhood. And on April 12th, 1956, Plan B becomes official. Grace arrives by ocean liner with her family and a boatload of reporters and steps onto her fiancé's yacht. This brings us back to the moment where we started, one that from the outside seems so romantic. But the arrival is anything but, considering how many people are a part of it. Six days later, the wedding is more of the same. Hundreds upon hundreds of guests come ogle at the newly married couple. But with rings exchanged, Grace is now a princess, and she won't be able to escape all the bejouled baggage that comes with it. Two months later, Grace and Rainier return home from their fabulous honeymoon, a seven-week cruise around the Mediterranean on his yacht.


Oh, my God.


I cannot even fathom. I know.


Seven weeks? I'm so jealous.


Me too. But Grace has a hard time settling into palace life. Rainier is busy with his princely duties, which means Grace spends a lot of time alone. She tries to find ways to be helpful, like re arranging flowers in the palace. But her help isn't really wanted or needed. Monaco's palace is a finely-tuned machine, so she has to find another way to pull her weight. Grace sets her sights on becoming Monaco's perfect princess. She spends hours in the library studying people like Queen Victoria. She starts her own charity, and she channels her 1940s style of acting, the one where she hides any ugly emotions and is just the smiling armpiece. And it works. Grace charms the people of Monaco and even the French President. But as we've seen again and again on this show, being a successful princess really means one thing above all, making babies, of course, the most important.


Oh, I'm so surprised.


Yup. But Grace gets started on ASAP. And less than a year after the wedding, in January 1957, Grace gives birth to a healthy daughter. The whole country celebrates. We're talking a 21 Canon salute, billboards announcing the birth Earth, and free champagne for the people of Monaco.


See, now that's a country that loves its people.


Exactly. And then Grace has another baby the following year. This one is a son, a. K. A. The long waded heir to the throne. So they celebrate even more. 101 Cannons, which, I'll be honest, feels a little overkill and unfair.


21 to 101. Tell me your gender is less important than another gender without telling you that.


That's a really good point. And luckily for Grace, she has done her birthing duties perfectly. And Rainier is over the moon to be a dad. Between the baby making and her starlet beauty, Grace becomes the It Princess in Europe. With that status comes a lot of press. Some of it is great publicity for Monaco and boosts their economy, but a lot of it is invasive. When Grace had her first baby, photographers planned to bribe the ambulance to slow down on the way to the hospital so they could get a picture. What is this, America?


Seriously, that's awful.


In the end, though, Grace and Rainier opted for a private birth at the palace, so no ambulance needed, thankfully. But the public attention only gets worse as their kids get older, not only for the family's privacy, but also for her and Rainier's relationship. Grace and Rainier start to fight a lot and over everything, like how to raise the kids or about her hair. One day, he blows up at her for getting her hair cut too short.


He probably also blew up because he was like, How are you so good at sex? And she's like, Sports in high school.


Yeah, rugby will teach you that. Now, Grace quickly realizes that the Prince is moody and has an awful temper. And when he isn't having a fit, sometimes he ignores her for hours. Grace feels like she has to walk on eggshells around her husband. Eventually, she starts avoiding Rainier and his outbursts. The worst things get with Rainier, the worst Grace feels. She loves her kids, but her marriage is not the fairy tale she signed up for, and she misses acting. Plus, she ended her career just as she was really getting going. Then, worst of all, Grace suffers two miscarriages in a row, which throws her into a deep depression. She starts sleeping a lot and avoiding company. But then, in 1962, six years after her last Hollywood film debued, Hitchcock writes to Grace and begs her to come out of retirement for a movie called Marnie. The role is gritty and a little risque. Grace would kill to do a challenging film with her favorite director. She thinks Rainier will never let her, but she asks anyway. And she's shocked when he encourages her to do it. Rainier is a grumpy bastard, but even he can see that she's miserable.


Grace starts packing her bags for LA. She can see her future again. But that future is about to go poof. A few months later, Grace sits at a desk in her room at the Palace. She's writing a letter that's now stained with tears. She crumples up the paper and throws it toward an overflowing garbage can. She's wasted a lot of paper this afternoon, trying to explain to Hitchcock why she can't do Marny anymore. Grace's role as a princess has once again come between her and her craft. This time, thanks to the people of Monaco. When they got wind of the film, they were furious. They do not want their elegant and pure to kiss other men on screen.


Listen, they should worry less about what someone else is doing with their lips and more about that free champagne they got.


I was just going to say, you think they'd be a little looser? Yeah. All buzzed on champagne.


Yeah, they need more campaign, clearly. It's like, this is one of those things I don't want to be a princess, but I would be a princess just to spite people. Be like, Oh, you don't want me to be in this movie? I'm going to be in this movie 10 times harder now.


We love a petty princess. Thank you.


That's what What the world needs more of is petty princesses.


Exactly. But Grace is not petty and has to make a hard choice. She always thought she'd make it back to the screen, and she was so close. But now she has to walk away. Giving up acting this time is so much harder than before because now, Grace knows it's permanent. She wipes her eyes and reaches for another piece of paper. She writes a few words, puts the paper into an envelope, and carries it out of the room. Now, the only roles left for her are wife, royal baby maker, and perfect mother. But even these jobs won't last forever. Five years later, in the summer of 1967, Grace, now 37, wakes up in a bed that isn't hers. She's been on vacation in London with her family, her husband, her oldest Caroline, her son, Albert, and now a third kid, Princess Stephanie. Plus, Grace is 20 weeks pregnant with their fourth child. She tries to sit up, but she feels a sharp pain in her stomach and has to lie back down. And then she remembers where she is, the hospital. Oh, no. I know. Grace's mind has just one terrifying question. Is the baby okay?


She reaches out for a hand to hold, but there's no one here. Grace asked Rani the air to stay back at the hotel with their kids, so now she's here all alone. The doctor enters her room, but his presence is anything but comforting. The doctor looks serious and nervous as he tells Grace that she miscarried.


Come on.


Her heart shatters. Her baby is gone. Grace has had miscarriages before, but she knows this one is different. The doctor goes on to tell her that she miscarried weeks before today, but her body's hormones got confused and kept mimicking the signs of pregnancy. And then the doctor gives Grace more bad news. After what happened, she can't have any more children. There's a high probability that this would happen again. Grace feels numb as she watches the doctor leave. Her children have been her light through all of the issues with rainy air and having to walk away from her career, and now she can't have anymore. Grace has always been able to find a way to get she wants through hard work, sheer will, and a little luck, but no more. There's nothing she can do to change this. Now, all Grace can do is hold herself together for the three children she has left. Over the next seven years, Grace is determined to be a good mother for her prince and princesses, but the loss of her fourth child always stays with her. She becomes softer and more indulgent with her kids and extra protective. The kids can't even sleep over at their friend's houses.


Don't tell me she doesn't even leave them money for pizza.


No. She has to eat apples. Meanwhile, Rainier's temper has gotten out of hand. He's even taking his anger out on the kids now. Like, he'll scream at his son, Albert, when he loses a tennis match. Grace responds by being submissive with a lot of cold shoulder thrown in. By the early 1970s, Grace and Rainier have grown even farther apart and eventually start living separate lives. But they stay married. Remember, Grace can't leave. Her children belong to the Monaco Royal house. So if she walks away, she has to leave her children behind. And she's not going to do that, no matter how hard parenting can be. It's a summer day, and 44-year-old Grace is stretched out poolside at one of Monaco's luxury beach clubs. The The sun is shining as she shakes her blonde hair out from her updo. Her flawless tan almost makes her feel like a movie star again. Grace needs this relaxing afternoon because forget about being a princess, being a parent to teenagers is stressful. Grace's oldest daughter, 17-year-old Caroline, is rebelling like a typical teenager. Stuff like drinking and going to clubs. But unlike a typical teenager, her behavior makes headlines.


Of course it does.


And Grace knows she's made plenty of mistakes trying to keep Caroline in check. Lucky for Grace, she gets one more shot. She scans the pool looking for her youngest daughter, Stephanie. Grace spots her and says a quick prayer. Thank God for Stephanie. Grace doesn't have her career or a loving husband or a perfect family, but she feels so grateful to have this little girl. Maybe third time's the charm, and she can avoid some of the stress and scandal. Stephanie walks along the edge of the pool toward Grace. She marches up to her mom and hands her a flower. Grace smiles as she takes it and sniffs. Then Stephanie pauses and asks, By the way, can I have a hot dog? It's a smart move on Stephanie's part. She knows they're about to eat a fancy lunch, but even at nine years old, Stephanie has learned that a little compliment can go a long way.


Smart kid.


And she's right. The old Grace would have said no. Stephanie shouldn't spoil her lunch. She might even be annoyed with Stephanie for asking the question. But being strict didn't work on Grace's older daughter. Maybe a softer touch is the way forward with her youngest. But no matter how many hot dogs Grace gives Stephanie, this fiery little girl is going to become one hell of an angsty teen. And Grace's last attempt at being the perfect mother is about to meet its match.


No, I want a hot dog.


Eight years later, Grace is paced rising in the kitchen of Rocagele, their country house. It was once a haven for the family away from the press and public, but today, it's a nightmare. 17-year-old Stephanie is giving Grace dagger eyes from across the counter. They've been fighting over Stephanie's newest rebellion all weekend. She wants to pull out of fashion school and become a race car driver. Oh, the horror. I know. And she wants to move in with her boyfriend, who is also trying to be a race car driver. Grace is at her wits end with Stephanie's antics. It seems her gentle parenting attempts were perhaps too gentle because Grace's once sweet daughter has been nothing but trouble as a teen. Stephanie was even kicked out of one of her high schools. Grace had her own wild moments as a teen, but ditching a prestigious fashion school to become a race car driver, this is beyond anything she can handle.


It's funny because both careers are not not super secure.


I know. But race car driver is dangerous. I think as a mother, I'd be like, Oh, God, I'm scared. You know?




And I think Grace is most mad because she worked really hard to get Stephanie into this fashion school. And it doesn't help that menopause has hit Grace like a ton of bricks. So her hormones are going crazy, and she's put on weight. And, Alicia, I know we've said this time and time again, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Faces. But Grace has been known for being that slim Hollywood starlet her whole life. Her conventional beauty has been a suit of armor she could rely on to get through life. But now she feels like she doesn't even have that. And recently, she's also been dealing with chronic splitting headaches. So basically, Grace feels like shit. So she can't have her daughter adding to the shit pile. After they've yelled at each other for hours, Grace lays down the law. She basically tells Stephanie that if she wants the family's support, she has to go to school. Remember, the girl is 17, so I'm sure she's pretty dependent on her parents, financially speaking, at this point. Right. Stephanie finally agrees to at least go to Paris. She hasn't given up on what she wants, but she's done arguing for now.


Grace lets out a sigh of relief, but she also remembers what it felt like having to go along with what her parents wanted when she was young, and she's seen how that hurt her relationship with her parents. She doesn't want the same for her and her daughter. So tomorrow, she'll talk to Stephanie again, and everything will be better. Aresha, trigger warning. Tomorrow is Anything but better. Oh, great. Stephanie needs to head to Paris today, and Grace decides to drive her. She usually hates to drive, but she wants to talk with Stephanie before she leaves for school. Grace waves away the chauffeur and gets behind the of the car. The two make their way down from Rocagele. The road is super steep. You're basically driving next to a cliff. But Grace is more focused on her daughter. She wants Stephanie to know that she's loved. And this is where our story gets incredibly sad. Grace and Stephanie don't make it safely to Paris. Grace has a stroke in the car and drives off of one of Monaco's steep cliffs.


Oh, my God.


I know. At 52 years old, Grace dies from the crash. Communities all over the world grieve, and people are shocked. Grace Kelly was the picture-perfect princess, graceful and elegant. Someone who seemed to have it all, at least from the outside looking in. How could she have died in such a tragic and random way? The world mourns a princess interrupted and taken far too early. But Grace's legacy as Monaco's leading lady lives on her films and her philanthropy. And to honor her memory, Prince Rainier created the Princess Grace Foundation, a charity that has supported emerging artists for over 40 years. Now, as for Stephanie, she'll survive the crash, but it'll take her decades to come to terms with those final hours. Made worse when false reports blame her for what happened. So, Arisha, next week, we're actually going to pick with Stephanie's story and what happens to her after the car accident.


Okay, so we're not done.


We're not done. But before we do move on, let's obviously talk about Grace. What are your takeaways and thoughts?


Well, this should shock you, but as soon as you said getting into the car and driving, I definitely did not go on to Wikipedia to see how she died because I was like, this is too ominous. We're towards the end.


I know. I know. It does seem like a very abrupt ending. Yeah.


Like It's like a car accident. They are abrupt endings. Yeah.


This story makes me sad. It just because she was such a movie star in the era of movie stars.


Just hearing Grace's story and the fact that her family just didn't support her ever and until she found a prince. It's that stupid fairy tale that we get fed as kids where it's like, Oh, happily ever after with a prince. I'm not saying you can't want that for yourself, but I'm saying that shouldn't be the end all be all. That shouldn't be what it takes for her family to be like, Yeah, this kid's all right.


Especially because, and we've talked about this so many times before, but the movies about princes are never similar to real life. No, they're not. They're never Or not. It's such a happy ending. It's ridiculous. And honestly, I can't wait to tell you Stephanie's story. I think it might bring some much needed closure to Grace's story. And it does take some unexpected turns, like global pop star and circus groupy turns.


I don't even know what to think with those phrases. I don't know where the story is going, but I'm excited.


Okay, well, hold on to your butt. It's going to be good. Follow Even the Royals on the Wendery app, Amazon Music, or wherever you get your podcasts. You can listen to every episode of Even the Royals early and ad-free right now by joining Wendery Plus in the Wendery app or on Apple podcasts. Before you go, tell us about yourself completing a short survey at wondery. Com/survey. This is Princess Interrupted, part 2 of our two-part series on Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco.


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