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Hey, look, Glenn, I hope you enjoyed that Super Bowl, but that Super Bowl means 20, 20 is done. It's in the books. Thank goodness that football season is gone. We're on a twenty twenty one. I don't even remember it. I don't either. But this year, the Utica, it looked the presale, it's already going on. Are you going to get the ultimate draft kit? You can get it for the lowest possible price.


And this year, the Utica plus the new and improved mega pack, it's sweeping the nation. All the kids are talking about it. Do you have rookie fever? Well, in the Utica plus is our brand spanking new dynasty pass. And you can get in that thing right now. The content is available right now. Go check it out. Ultimate draft, Kim Dotcom. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway and Jason Moore and Mike.


Right. Welcome in. The fantasy football podcast, back with you, Andy, Mike and Jason, Thursday, February 11th, for real, the real February 11th. The stars say no February 9th, masquerading as a February 11th. Now, this is the real one that Snooki snuck and almost got away with it to welcome into the show.


Excited to be with you. You can find us on Twitter at the fallers YouTube dotcom slash the fantasy footballers. Make sure you subscribe. Clicked the bell. And that I'll let you know when we're going live for special events or have special things going on, well worth it. It's just it's just a click. Yeah, I mean, just if you add up all of the clicks that you have to do to navigate through the Internet, to get to YouTube, dotcom slash fantasy football or the fantasy football games, I don't even know the URL.


It's very.


You're saying it's not it's not much time at all. No, it's not bad. Clickety click How many wasted clicks have you had elsewhere on the Internet? And this is one that's worthwhile. I can't I don't even know. Yeah. Yeah. Carpal tunnel. We have buy or sell on the show today. That's a mailbag going to be answering some questions. Want to kick things off here at the top? Oh, yeah, I want to say congratulations.


Oh yeah, we got to we got to get this. Yes. Congrats to our very own, our content manager, editor in chief extraordinaire, excellent writer, Kyle.


We call him Kyle the Borgerson Kyle Bargnani. He is the winner of S.F. of the FX was Fantasy Football Article of the year.


Which was just the name. You're darn right he is. That's right, we did it. That's right. We had the best article of the year. You take it credit for you. You're darn right.


I you know, I mean, well, it was a team effort, which is a complete fantasy football article. So, yeah, we've got to take full credit for Kyle's work. I think he would want that.


Congrats to Jason. Thank you.


And Kyle and Jason and Kyle for their their article, the fantasy football article. You can find it on the website, The Evolution of Language in Twenty Twenty. And it's a great read. Congrats. Congrats to Kyle for the recognition. A lot of a lot of time thought effort went into that article. And I know that a lot of people have really benefited from it. And heart and heart. And Earth and Wind and Fire, anything else going on at the top here you guys want to talk about?


We got some rookie profiles up on the website as well. So if you are hungry, thirsty, it's time. It's dinner time. It's rookie time. And I can say the the dynasty pass in the Utica place has been really well received. We are going to continue to add to it. If you don't really know what it is. There is a lot of rookie content in their team opportunities where we go through an individually grade, every single team at every single position for possible good, basically good destinations for rookies to land at in no way and free agents to.


And we have our Dynarski start ups, we have the rookie rankings and there will be three major releases of the dynasty pass this off season.


So the first one is up and available. There will be one kind of post workout and then there'll be one post draft. And so you're going to have a complete picture of the dynasty landscape. And I know more and more people are into dynasty leagues. And so we're going to help you out.


Let's do some bycel. Buy or sell presented by pristine auction. All right, buy or sell, Joe Mixon will top fourteen hundred total yards and twenty twenty one Joe Mixon. In 14 games, in twenty seventeen, got nine, thirteen, twenty, eighteen, got to fourteen, twenty four, twenty nineteen to fourteen, twenty six. And then he only played six games this past year.


In fact, I think Joe Mixon was almost one of the more four forgotten players, six games played, but a sixteen game pace was fifteen hundred and nine yards and would have been the RB five.


Yeah he had a great stretch right before the injury. If you remember how you're right, Mixon is a very forgettable character from this previous season. And the reason why is because it was an awfully delicious sandwich with terrible bread. You had the start of the season where you had three games in a row, you drafted him, you wanted him to be the guy, and he didn't finish in the top twenty five running backs in week one, two or three.


It was like, oh no, what have I done? And then you got the Joe mix, the great experiences. The running back won the next week. Twenty three eight the next week and then he got injured so he had him struggling with your sandwich metaphor here.


Sure. Is there a this he said this is an open faced sandwich. Well no, because the injury is the back of the sandwich. You had a crab and then he got injured. The bread's bad, the inside good. That's exactly what I'm saying.


And so still bottom delicious fillings. Pastrami. Oh, yes. From mustard and a little bit of thousand. But then the top bread is just pure mold. It's not even bread anymore. That's right. It's gone back. So maybe you turn it open-faced because you want to get rid of this piece of bread for safety reasons. That is what we do instead. But now imagine that the following year you are like, I'm going to have that sandwich again.


I don't think you're going to want it. You took a bite of a moldy sandwich. That's right. You're going to say not today. And so I think people will undervalue Joe Mixon, who is currently still not twenty five years old. He will be twenty five this season. He's a young man. I believe in this offense. I believe in Joe Burrow. And I, I, I think the depth chart dictates that he will be a fourteen hundred combined yardage back in twenty twenty one with an ATP lower than this past year.


One hundred percent has to be lower than it was this this season. Now there is some optimism about Joe Burrow potentially getting back in time for the start of the season.


If it's not my bet there, I'm not going to put my bet there. But that would matter to me a little bit about how I look at Joe Mixon starting the year. I think I will by fourteen hundred total yards. I think he will be forgotten a little bit. Um, didn't really help your team. I mean an injury knocking him out of the whole year. And he had the Christian McCaffrey situation where it was like when he first got hurt, you said, well, he's probably going to come back.


Yeah, probably this week.


But yeah, every day the Bengals did string that one along by never placing him on either. Unfortunately, the the nice thing, though, is look at his percentage of work. Joe Mixon was a workhorse. Now, those first three games, I mean, you're he's still pulling in almost all of the running back attempts. Ninety five percent. Ninety four, all of them. Those first three weeks. However, his target share was very low in those first three weeks, which has been a been a problem with with Joe Mixon.


So those first three games, it was a crap. Here we go again. Joe Mixon is a great pass catching running back, but they're not throwing him the ball at all. But then those next three games, he had a target share the next two healthy games, a seventeen percent target share and a twenty eight percent target shooter. Like for the team, that's not just the running back target share. So that is a very good sign of life that as Joe Byrd was getting more acclimated, we saw him starting to look at Joe Mixon.


So there is reason for optimism, but the dude's body just doesn't like football. He he gets nicked up. And like that's been the biggest problem so far with Joe Mixon has been injuries only had one season completing sixteen games. That was in twenty nineteen. Yeah.


I feel like with both Joe Mixon and Josh Jake as both players that I was really bullish on, I got to deal with injuries and then I got to deal with unexpected or unfulfilled pass catching promise for both players. And it feels a little bit like, you know, JD McKissic and Antonio Gibson in in, you know, for the Washington football team where, yes, you can throw to McKissic, but when you throw to Gibson, he can do more with it, but they just don't do it because they special.


That was what happened with Joe for many years.


Once they started getting the ball to Joe Mixon, he was putting up big numbers there, like, well, Mixon, we can't throw the ball because this is all the Giovani Bernard does put up, but I'm really good at it.


Yeah, but it's all he does.


If we don't throw it to him, what else are we going to do with him? I'm telling you that he's just there now. We now he's just on the bench.


Enough coaches give him to where. That's really true.


And it's true on the goal line for certain teams. They're like, well, that's just what he does, bring in the heavy back and look, people are losing their jobs with this philosophy. DeMarco Murray should have been sat down for a Derrick Henry explosion years before.


But it's the we we're kind of we got our departure filled out in ink over there.


Like we're not going to change that. What else am I supposed to do with DeMarco? Yeah, I don't know what to do.


Did you buy or sell? I have done neither. OK, all right. I got the impression you might sell it with the injury. The injury is a concern, but I'm I don't want to be a man who's betting on injury, so I will buy it because I feel like if he plays the majority of the season of 14 plus games, then he will hit that mark. This is important for you to know out there. When you think about running backs, we all three of us bought fourteen hundred total yards out of the last five years.


Forty of the forty one running backs with that total ended up a top twelve running back.


But but the one who didn't. Yeah, the one who didn't is Joe Mixon. It was Joe Mixon in twenty nineteen, which is one of the reasons why it was kind of his year.


Right. He was on RB five pace at the time of the injury.


It was like OK, he just didn't score enough and that'll get fixed. But no it didn't.


All right. That was by herself brought to you by our wonderful friends at pristine auction. They have hundreds of daily sports memorabilia auctions.


You can check them out right now. They got pop culture auctions. They got different sports.


Yeah, but do they have Taylor hinoki stuff? I do not know, Mike. I know we got paid. He did. So he may be like buying up some of his gear and then distributing it to auctions to get some hype up.


But I have some mustache on I got some hot gear for you, got your autograph or Hinoki, I saw him sign it. Check it out. Pristine auction, not Chimezie code ballers. That was one of the bits of news that took place. Patrick Mahomes also going to undergo surgery to repair a torn plantar plate.


Yeah. So the whole issue is, you know, what was fine wasn't an issue, OK? But he did have surgery on it. So it was it was not nothing.


It was precautionary, but another precautionary. So he was dealing with it and ran for his life. At at the Super Bowl. That's what he would say, he said, my hurt, my foot hurts a lot more when I have to run at all times when I have the ball. All right.


You guys ready to do some mailbag? Let's go. Mailbag. Yeah. All right, Al Borland, how are you doing today? You're on the microphone. I am doing well. We should have a chat. What's new?




We don't have Jamadi in studio today. So you're back there and you sit in his seat when that happens. Now, I'm still in my seat. Really? So there's just an absence here, right? Yes. I'll be rubbing my butt all over that seat. Take this rich man.


There's no pants on this seat now. He's in Barbados, right? Is that the. Yeah, he's he's just going around the world.


What do you pay all these different names for, like famous vacation destinations? They're all the same in your head, right?


Like, yes. Key Largo. Yeah, Barbados. Why don't we go to the Kokomo's.


Yeah. All right. They're all the same. Yeah. Pretty soon it'll be Brooks, Brooks, Beddows. Brooks is actually at a location that us common folk don't even know about. Really? Yes.


All the unknown rich people islands. Yeah. Like he let the name slip. I don't remember what he had said, but then he was like, oh, I didn't say that. Is that where Jeff Bezos is? Yes. Yeah. It's actually he's in outer space right now.


All right. Our first question is a voicemail question.


You can send yours in three zero two four six four TFP. You can also go to the website, the fantasy football or dot com click the submit a question button and send us your question.


What's up, ballers, this is Paul from Chicago. Big fan of the show. I want to know from a fantasy perspective, what are some of your guys favorite landing spot for the free agent wide receivers this offseason. Thanks, guys. Keep up the great work. OK, I mean, it's a good question. There are teams that kind of jump out as great potential opportunities and that goes beyond free agents. That goes to some of the top tier wide receivers that could be drafted and what opportunities that they will have.


Mike. I'll let you start here. Is there a year or two that you think, yes, let's go there? Well, I mean, No. One, it's nice because, look, if that dynasty pass that we were talking about, Andy Brokedown, team opportunity, all of those things are carefully laid out there. And we are taking into account on those lists, looking at restricted free agents. You know, if someone leaves, then what is the opportunity look like at that place?


But my favorite landing spot right now. It's probably the Packers, because I just believe Aaron Rodgers is so excellent and you have Davonte Adams and they need the number two guy. I still honestly, I still believe like Lazard can be that number two, who's good enough for the Packers to keep going. But I believe that they could upgrade and then you could have another another great fantasy option in the wide receiver position.


We have plenty of history where Aaron Rodgers was able to sustain two quality wide receivers, three reality wide receivers. If he's got a good player that's getting open, he'll get on the ball. The two teams that stick out to me don't quite have the same level of quarterback, but I think the opportunity is greater. That would be the Detroit Lions who say what we want about Jared Goff. He's not a world leader, but he's also not he's not the worst.


He's not the worst is not just a way to say what you will about Jared Goff, but listen, he's not the worst.


Listen, there's somebody worse than him out there.


Yeah. He's not the thirty second best. He's at least in the top thirty. But why is it so much easier to downgrade players when they're on Detroit?


Oh, history. History of losing is probably the number one reason history. But with Golladay and Marvin Jones, both free agents that aren't necessarily expected to return, there's a bunch of targets available. So that's one spot. And the radars are the other one to me, they desperately need a legitimate wide receiver option.


Do you think they will really bail on rug's and Brian Edwards that quickly? I think they will and should bail on Brian Edwards. And the way that I've seen Henry Rug's from the moment he was drafted from before the draft is he's not a he's not a possession volume. He's not a guy. You're going to give one hundred and thirty plus targets to whoever he is, a tool, a weapon to be used. And I think his utilization is opened up.


If they go and sign an Allan Robinson, bring them in. And all of a sudden now the defense has taken on these guys and you've got lightning speed on the outside that can go deep and stretch the field. So I don't think that would be bailing on Henry Rug's. I think that would be accentuating what he does. Well, my favorite destination is Tampa Bay. Sure. Because I'm presuming that Chris Godwyn correct. With Godwyn leaves. I think that there's just such a huge opportunity there.


And the offense, you know, the ball's going down the field. Brady, can you know, he's got another year, I think, or more. So I think Tampa Bay is a great opportunity. It's hard because a lot of these destinations are the situation that, you know, it's like I get excited about the Raiders, but then I think about rug's and I think about Darren Waler and I think about quarterback to moult and I think about their running, you know, wanting to run the football.


And I don't know how much I trust it. The thing about the Bucs, if Chris Godwin does leave, I. And what are you guys put the your percentages right now that Chris got to does leave Tampa Bay. Eighty five percent. OK, so you're going way up. I would put it more like fifty percent. Yeah, I'm around the fifty percent mark. But the nice thing to me when I'm thinking about the bucks, you have Bruce Arians coming back, not a lot left in the gas tank as far as coaching Tom Brady.


Yes. He's he seems to be infinite now, but. The clock will run out on Tom Brady, they're not going to just sit around if Chris Godwin leaves, they they're going to add somebody else and say, we're going to maximize this window that we have. Well, what's ironic is there are two wide receiver free agents here, Antonio Brown and Chris Godwin. If either of them resign and one of them doesn't is. Yeah, really good news for future.


And I'm looking at Tyler Johnson there, too, because I think he really flashed Tom Brady likes himself. If they were to leave and not do a lot in free agency like that, they're a team that could end up, you know.


Being a Marvin Jones destination should me like and that could be very interesting touchdown wise, by the way, we have free agency shows coming out in March, so we talking through a lot of these things.


Instagram question from Cupcake Craig. Oh, Craig loves those cupcakes, man. After cupcakes, though, you know nobody.


They've grown on me. They've grown on me. A piece of cake or a cupcake. Oh, man. Piece of cake. That is a piece of cake.


Question why?


Because you get you get more moisture. You know, when you get the you don't get the top.


Well, at the top. Yeah. I still get the top. No, but you don't know that. You're like, look, I'm not cutting the sideways piece of cake from the bottom.


I guess I'm thinking more of a muffin. Well, I think cupcakes tend to take more liberty with volume of frosting on the top.


That's the one. OK, I mean, there's a lot I mean, I might even have frosting in the middle.


I understand frosting in the middle of my cupcake. That's true.


You know, you have sweet we need to here's a question in a single keeper redraft the league with Jason in five more minutes of material. I did, but I have one important at least. OK, all right. You know, look the fuck clan we care about. That's the off season. Go for it. Protip if you are eating a cupcake is you take the top off of the cupcake, you rip the little muffin top off in the frosting.


Yeah, I know where you're going.


Flipper upside down and you got yourself a delicious sandwich where the frosting is so much easier to eat and you can thank me later.


Uh, it's in the middle then. That's that's a lot of mustache problems. Exactly.


You so you really give a lot of thought to the mustache with the cupcake. Well, have you ever taken a bite of a cupcake with a mustache? Yeah, I have, yeah. Then you've had a lot of frosting in your mustache in a single paper redraft league.


Which running back would you keep on your squad? Joe Mixon. Antonio Gibson. David Montgomery. Oh, Zingo Keeper. Redrafts League Mixin Gibson. Montgomery.


Oh, I will. This is a tough question. I will go. Joe Mixon. Yeah, this feels like a pro Joe episode, because I think when I look at these three guys, a single keeper league is a redraft that you don't you don't look at this with age of Gibson over mix. If this was a dynasty, maybe I would lean that direction. And there's too many question marks with David Montgomery and no quarterback situation. So right now, I'd say, Joe Mixon, I'm with you.


OK, I'm. I'm going Gibson. I'm going to go with Antonio Gates, I'm going to go. Gibson is not scratch the surface of what he can become. So it is a little bit of I think we scratched it.


Hasn't he scratched the surface?


I maybe like like when he finishes the finger two, seven, eight. But he's doing all that without past catching. That's what I mean. Where like this is a finger tip scratch. This is not a nail scratch. So maybe a rub, a gentle rub and caress at what the surface and kiss of the surface of what Gibson could become if if they do work him into the passing game. And I'm I'm very concerned about Joe Burrow. I, I think Joe Burrow might be a populist candidate type of person.


You're more confident in that quarterback in Washington, you see, to try to keep playing that playoff game?


I was just waiting to find out who it was.


New two year deal, better performance against the the Super Bowl champion, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Oh, no, Taylor Heinicke can't do it.


Or Patrick Mahomes Patrick Mahomes not in the Super Bowl, but in like week twelve when he dominated in the playoffs. Oh, that's not us.


We would never we would never bring something like that up. All right.


Before we get to the next question, I want to thank today's sponsors. First Leaf. As we all know, trying a different wine is one of the best ways to find new favorites. But it's also one of the worst things to do because I have no idea which wine to pick through and heard of this.


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Like, there's a certain way that you can pretend you stand there and you look all fancy. You pick it up and you've got to put that one back. Whatever you pick up, you put it back where you wear a tux to pick it out at the local, you know, just a tie.


All right.


Twitter question from Thomas. He says, Do you think Courtland Sutton belongs in the list of top five wide receivers to trade for in Dynasty? I've seen one video that included him and one not.


I heard a good friend of the show, judges, actress and talk about Courtland Sutton, and he highlighted that in startup the startup ADP from Dynarski League Football, that Courtland Sutton was wide receiver 15 last year. He has dropped all the way to a wide receiver. Twenty five or twenty six. So just like the public perception of Courtland Sutton and his his role, his security as a he's not even a top twenty four wide receiver and Courtland Sutton is a dominant player.


A dominant player. Yeah, I remember when we were talking about stinky sandwiches.


Yeah I know where you're going. Yeah. There's there's a first, you know, piece of the bad bread and that was the drafting of jury duty. And then there was the like. Other side of it, which was like injuries future at the quarterback position, yeah, Drew Lock is the issue to me here, because while when when he was drafted at the beginning of last year, you had a hope, we all didn't know for sure what we had and drew lock and there was potential that drew lock becomes something relevant, something that can really lift up Jerry, Judy Courtland, Sutton, no offense and taken offense to another level.


I think what twenty twenty showed us is that that's not Drew Lock. He is not going to develop into that. I would be shocked, blown away if that ever happened.


You have turned on him tremendously. I have because you have. So you are done with him. You are in you're like I know all I need to know.




I mean he's not in the five game sample size at the end of his first year was not enough. There was some good, there were some bad, but including the entirety of last year.


I think there's enough to know more responsible than July. I am far more responsible and I'm not a responsible person, but I am far more responsible for under four snooze button presses per morning under for me, over for Drew Lock.


OK, ok. But my point is I don't see him. He's an unrestricted free agent after this season.


So there's, there's question marks on you, maybe one before the season.


There's question marks on whether or not he will be there, what his future is. I don't love wide receivers changing teams necessarily. I don't see that as, oh, good, next year he can go sign with someone, have a better quarterback. So I do not view Courtland Sutton as a top five oh, Courtland Sutton as a free agent.


Yeah. And then I made a joke about Drew Locks. I was pretty stupid of me. I thought you were saying Lock was all right.


Follow up question from last episode. This one's from William. He finished the Tie in Truth episode. Didn't hear us talk about big earth mom wanted our input as to what we think of his future next year from a redrafts and dynasty perspective, bigger Smith of the Minnesota Vikings, bigger. Smith is very interesting.


We still need some things to happen, though. Kyle Rudolph is technically under contract for the Vikings next year. He feels like a potential cap casualty type of a player and which would open up a huge amount of opportunity for Irv Smith. And he. The problem with IRV, though, is, I mean, maybe you get an outlier season of it. Just all the touchdowns go to bigger and you're in he's sitting at nine or 10 by the end of the year, like sweet, I have the Titan four or the Titan three, but with Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen on a run first team and Delva Cook is of course involved in the passing game.


It's the ceiling for Irv. He Irv's not going to jump into being a top two dynasty or a dynasty player in his current situation. So he's, he is capped like that but he, he's interesting to me as someone who is a lower tier guy you can maybe trade for it won't take that many of assets from your team to get him if you're struggling at the tight end position.


Yeah. If you're hoping for the third year, tight end breakout, that's the year the Titans usually take that big jump. It's bigger of junior Noah Fant and Hockley's are your options. But I agree with what you're laying out here. At best, he's third in the pecking order and that's a fruit of his gone, which puts him at the bottom of my of those three players. Yes. Agreed. All right.


Instagram question from Shannon Fisher. Hey, ballers, what's your prediction for Mike Williams for twenty twenty one? I am worried I will never get to see what Mike Williams could be because Mike Williams plays football in a way that is dangerous. He jumps to high. Which means he falls too far. And he does it every play and he gets hurt. He's a great player, he's excellent, but he feels like a part time player.


Yeah, it really, I hope, because I have the exact same thought and I hope that that is just recency bias of this, you know, rookie Justin herbut year and the injury riddled season that Mike Williams had this season, because the reality is he's he's a very good wide receiver. And if he can stop doing the thing where he falls from 20 feet in the air, straight to the ground and hurts himself, I do think he has, you know, the skill set, the ability and the quarterback to take a step forward and be a really good option.


He will be someone that I will be targeting at the very end of the draft, because I don't I don't think he's going high.


I think he's a double digit type player. He's going to be a borderline undrafted. Exactly.


And so when you're at that point in the draft and you're looking at these these fly your options, Mike Williams could be nothing next year.


But he has the talent, the quarterback, where if everything clicks, the fantasy could be, you know, huge.


And I feel like we spent forever talking him up at the end of last year. Like this could be a week where he has a great week. And it was like he was getting eighty one percent of snaps. Eighty two percent of snaps. Eighty four percent of snaps, finishing with three catches, four catches for catches, no touchdowns.


You know, like there just really wasn't much there last year and this was two years ago. He was double digit touchdown guy. Is he the. I think he might be on the way out. Yeah, he you can look at his career. This is his fifth year. Yeah.


My close has been in the league for a long five years of high. I mean I know the first year it was that year was gone to to injury but his twenty twenty one. Jason, I'll throw this to you. Is he on your list for the the Devante Parker, the Corey Davis, these guys that have just basically been not doing much for fantasy football and then they're like, oh hey, this player is good in year five?


Well, I mean, we have we've seen him, you know, he had a top twenty four season in his sophomore year. So I don't think it would be quite the same. And I don't think he has the ability to leapfrog and become the number one unless Keenan Allen has a catastrophic, you know, season ender. So no, I use a vacation season vacation, so I don't put Mike Williams quite to that list of of break up this coming season.


Nelson Aguilar, Mike Williams, Mike Williams. Why? Because I think he has a team first off. Right. And if I think that the Raiders bring in a prominent wide receiver, I think that's. Their number one goal right now. All right, Trevor McCarthy from Twitter, what item in the studio would be the most dangerous weapon in a battle royale among you three?


I, I call I call this a microphone trophy. That's pretty cool. This thing's really heavy. Academy of Podcasters, People's Choice for 2016.


It is very heavy that I like it. So unwieldy. I mean, it's real. It's wielded like a direct blow to the back of the head is going to work.


Is it sturdy enough that. Oh yeah. OK. Oh yeah. You you don't even you don't even need to hit them with this.


You just punch holding it and your punches to your fingers will break into a thousand pieces if you do that.


Look, I'm taking the custom helmet, OK, because I got defence offence. I'm going to go back and wear this sucker and I know concussions are you know, you're not going to knock me out real easily. And then and then I could take this thing off. OK, Miles and Miles Garrett.


Oh, do we still have that?


Wykes looking around desperately for a weapon because he's about to lose a fight now? I don't see the the Japanese gait that we had made that's out front. That's not in the studio. All right. All right. That would have been a good one. Oh, man.


Oh, what do we owe the footy award? The footy award that is that thing is dangerous. It is sharp on nearly every single side of the trophy. And you'll have the honor of being taken out by a football. Yeah, that's true. If you're going to go out, you'll probably just give up.


There's a chance if you're wielding that, I would volunteer to be here. It's a tribute. All right.


Let's go to another Twitter question from Jordan. Keep Alvin Kamara for a late first or Kyler Murray for a late seventh. I would take Alvin Kamara, some of this is going to be determined based on the quarterback situation. This is also a single quarterback, right? Because otherwise it's clear. Yeah, it's single.


But let me let me change the question, because is there any way I would be able to make if it's just kind of money for free? Or, yeah, Ivan Cabrera for late for that change it, I think it was the seventh is pretty late. The reality is like there's going to be like, for instance, Jalen hurts, Jalen Hurts will be a later round guy that I'll be all in on for fantasy football.


There it is. Jalen hurts so good.


Oh, I thought we were getting kissed again. That's what it felt like because it was I'm on edge over here.


Those sound drops, it feels like there's a really, really large gap in what you're expecting to get between getting Kyla Murray, who is the number one quarterback for a large part of the season, and what might be with Jalen hurts.


So like I just hypothetically in his three starts, had the third most points at the quarterback position. I yes, that doesn't matter to me very much.


OK, yeah. I mean, I, I think that the cost you know, we looked at Lamar Jackson's breakout year and Pat Mahomes breakout year and the differences between those and even Kyla's this past season is that Kyla's was expected and he was going in the fifth round, whereas you got Lamar Jackson so that you got Patrick Mahomes so late. I'm looking for someone that you can hopefully get so late and maybe the fantasy community about Kyle Murray in the seventh.


Well, but wouldn't that be great? Yes, that's really late. If I could take Murray in the 7th, you get Kyla Murray and you get a fake one. You get calamari and you're not getting sick, you, Kalamurina, Nick Chubb. Versus versus Ivan Cabrera and of hoping for Jaylen Jaylon, quarterback of your choice. I mean, because you get to draft them Joshel and you get kind of Murree, let's just take those two, because obviously there is the caveat here and I'm just exploring.


You don't know that you're going to get Jalen hurts, but let's change this question and say, would you rather have Nick Trebinje?


Jalen hurts. Or I'm sorry, Nick Chubb and Kyla Murray, yes, or Alvin Kamara and Jalen hurts. Yes, I would take Alvin Kamara and Jalen hurts.


I would take the commercial. Which side are you on? I'm on the other side.


So hopefully we have explained some thought process here for you, and you can I think this is what we got out of that, was that you guys are both confident in Jalen hurts maybe more than even Philadelphia is.


Yeah. Or there's no guarantees for Susy's because there are all the rumors of their trade. And Carson Wentz. Yeah, but obviously draft quarterbacks.


Obviously, if Wentz is there, then I won't have the same respect.


No, I'm not expecting that. I'm expecting it to be Hertz based on the news. Where does Terry McClaren stand, among other wide receivers? This question comes in from Instagram. In skill set or fantasy, I would say fantasy, I think that's that is kind of what we do. Yeah. Well, it was it was not clarified well, I would just use that as the default. All right. Barometer the like when in doubt, it's for the fancy show that you're on right now.


Yeah, that's that's a good rule of thumb.


All right. Terry McLaren or Allan Robinson. I guess that one's sort of important, give us one more Mike Evans. Oh, Mike Evans. I'll take Mike Evans. Adam Thielen. Redrafts single season, I would take Felin million. Towns very close, I think it might take Terry there, Julia. A single season, Julia. OK. Yeah, I mean, I see Terry McLaurin as a top 20, so the words that were about to come out of my mouth were a low end wide receiver, too.


So I feel like it's more like 20 to 24. I don't think I see him as a top 20 until the quarterback situation changes.


Which could happen this year, where do you guys stand with Corey Davis from Big Fresh on Instagram? Look, he showed that he can play in the NFL, and that's great, he's going to be a free agent and so we have to wait and see where he's going to land. If Corey Davis were to go to the Green Bay Packers and he's the wide receiver, that makes more sense. I know there's a lot of buzz about Juju because he posted the picture of himself on fortnight in the Green Bay Packers.


Is that what happened? Yes, he was playing I thought our Boyland was the only sole proprietor of this height.


No, I think Juju wants to go there. But notoriously historically, the Packers have not paid up for wide receivers in free agency. And I think Corey Davis is the type where maybe they can get him for me on a budget. But would you be in on Corey Davis if he was the wide receiver, too, for the Green Bay Packers? Yes, if he was the two year. Is Lazard's a free agent? He is, I believe he is an exclusive rights free agent.


I can vet that, though, which means he I mean, being in on Corey Davis probably doesn't mean much more than being in on him now in that situation. Who's going to score more touchdowns, Davante Adams, Corey Davis. That's the best that's the leader question. Just answer it.


OK, Davante Adams, Robert Tonin or Corey Davis? Robert Tonet. Yeah. So. It's kind of tough, tough in that I mean, I know everybody wants people to go to Green Bay, but we've been doing this for so many years now, trying to find the next Jordy James Jones. Lazard Lazard is in exclusive rights free agent. So he's a packer. He's a person who's a better actual wide receiver, George or Corey Davis.


Oh. Since Mike wants to talk football, I apologize for, you know, football, football, this guy, the gumption, he's a pistol.


I think I would take Joujou. Man, yeah, Otake joujou, too, but and for your Greenbay discussion, Robert, trunnion is a restricted free agent, so Greenbay has got to figure out some stuff that means you can sign with another team, but he can't he can't leave his room.


Right. There's a couple of restrictions on what he can do.


He's got an ankle monitor. It's it's it's not nice. All right.


This question cracks me up, just reading it because I feel like I can step into your shoes. Mr. Ryan Stern with this question and know how you're feeling now, because I'm experiencing it, but because I've experienced it with other players.


Is there a landing spot for Lev Bell that would give his dynasty value a boost? Oh, you're waiting for us to save your bacon right now. You want us to give you the magic? No.


A magic word of how Lev Bell that Bell's done, guys. Yeah, there is. So the answer to your question is absolutely not when it comes to fantasy production, but maybe when it comes to being able to unload him for something.


And that means if he signs anywhere, if he gets any country, gets a contract with any team at any point in time, he is on the block and you move him for and we want to be third round pick. Maybe you ask for that second you all you you ask and you're not going to get it, but then you accept the third. And I want to be clear, when he signs with the Argonauts, you need to just say Lebel signed and then go try to trade him.


Yeah, I'll accept a fourth.


Oh my goodness. Yeah. That's coming from somebody who knows that they have an asset that is expiring, expiring.


The Instagram question from soyabean twerp. What do you think, Austin? Éclairs ceiling is very, very short, I imagine. Oh, short guy joke.


Oh. Oh, great friend of the show.


Ask Doctor, are you going to do him dirty like that. We love you Austin. We do. But you're not super tall. That is also true.


However, he can he he could fight the three of us.


You. Oh yeah. I could use him as a weapon for that battle royale. I would choose Austin, the three of us.


Yes. If we brought in both producers, both programmers. You got our customer service guy and we flew in Kyle Borgo Borjigin do the Burger King now.


Now, I mean, we could have the whole team here and I would not choose the field. I would choose I'd put the helmet on, that's for sure. I would still lose. I'll take the table.


How are we feeling about Austin? Actually, right now, we didn't get to see a lot of them last year. And, you know, this is just an Herberts team now.


I still feel great about Eckler. He he's he's a great player. He is in an excellent opportunity where he's he's got the money and they know what his skill set is. He has already been unlocked. So, I mean, the ceiling for Ekler is a top five running back. I don't think he's top five.


You don't think he can hit top five? I don't think that's in his ceiling.


I don't think that that is in his ceiling. But what was he, two years ago?


Well, I'm saying for this version of the team for twenty twenty one with Justin Herberts world with a better improved defense that's not super injured, I, I think he is a solid, safe, high floor running back, especially with the passing volume that he gets. I'm looking at his game logs in his fancy finishes when he had Justin Herbert and he was very consistent. He never had terrible games, never busted. But listen to the fantasy finishes running back eight, running back twenty seven.


Running back nine. Running back twenty nine, running back seventeen. Running back eighteen every week. He's good. Yeah that's great. Exactly. But that's not a top five type of back. That's not a that's not a fact.


If you do that right about Jason. Right about when you're talking about a top five and you're talking about the guys, he's not an RB one for your team.


I don't know. I think a low end RB one is is OK there. But when you look at the top five guys who finish up running backs there, they're constantly almost every week top ten finishers.


Phil is gone. Mike, Phil is on P rivers dried up, drained.


Yeah, I understand. But Justin likes to throw downfield. Yeah, but I mean, you and I, that's no disrespect to Austin Ekeler is going to be a good player, but I thought I think we really did see the fantasy maximisation of Austin Ekeler with Philip Rivers.


I mean, here as a comparison, the running back five from this last season was Aaron Jones and his fantasy finishes are 12 one 13, eight 15.


You know, they're all, you know, heavier green in our on our website than the back and forth teams finish. But you do have consistency. You do have a flaw. You're never going to have a bad game from someone who can catch the ball if you're down and be a part of the reason why you're up. I am going to give you anything else to add or you know. All right, what's your least this is we're going to end it with this one Twitter question from nobody.


That's their name. Oh. What's your least favorite of the nicknames that you three have ever developed for players on the show? Oh, that's easy. Is it, Turok the. No, no.


We're going to go with the best name ever to reach the door now are so darn L.A.. Oh, you've always hated that because it is an embarrassment to the man. He's better than that to the man. Darnell or the.


Yeah, if you don't know, Darnell Anderson is the nickname for Darryl Henderson. It is just another man's name, which I see. You're embarrassing. It's it is confusing. And then we start using it and I don't know what his name is anymore.


I just want him drafted. That's Mike, Mike, Jason. I just want Darnell Anderson drafted. Anderson is better than this. I can tell you that that mine has become like I actually loved the nickname when we made it. I'm talking about smooches.


Jamie, we say you've just brought it all. I know. But what I don't like about JD McKissic new nickname is Wait for it here. We're just we're I think that's why we're not getting.


I know because. Oh, there it is.


There it was. That drop has made me not want to bring up his name. It's a little scary. His new name is he used to really hate Terek the dinosaur. Oh, sure.


It was it was bad to rock the dinosaur hunter, but I think the listeners were OK with it, some of which is really the peak of any name. Be OK with it. Just keep listening. All right. That is it for the Fantasy Football podcast today, the real February 11. We'll catch you next week. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the F.