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It's available on Amazon Search for Zicam Nasal. All clear. That's a l l l e a r. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Welcome in. Well, come in one and all to the Fantasy Football podcast, Thursday, January 14th, and Mike and Jason, back with you. We have an exciting episode of this show today, our annual footballer's amay episode, they ask me.


Ask, where are we missing, Jason? Lots of questions about his life. You know, we always find out new things about Jason each and every year, like when we found out that you were part of a mime troupe at some point in time, a very important award, like a year's worth of miming that you did to that.


We were unaware of the touring that that is incorrect.


That is 100 percent inaccurate, but is a fantastic story.


Mike was right.


There was an award. Yeah, I did win best mine. You won best mime. How many other mimes did you compete against for that honor? Because I was probably about 15.


So they're OK? Yes.


This is back when you were in jujitsu. And like and all the all the weight classes break down to where there's two people competing.


You're like, yeah, I won silver. I won silver. I won one. I lost one. I got silver.


Yeah, that's right. I did. All right. Thank you for joining us. This will be a fun one. We also are going to be sharing some of your stories on today's show, Toyia, as we're going to be taking it to one hundred. We asked you to submit some of your last second victories, championship stories, things of that nature. And I'm excited to get into those.


You can watch the show. Can you believe it? They have the technology now, YouTube dot com, slash the fantasy football.


And if you subscribe and you click the bell, then you're alerted to new episodes. And when we put some other cool content up there, we do giveaways and things like that. You can check it out. And Instagram dotcom slash fantasy football if you want to follow us there.


Jason, are you ready? Can you handle the truth? Because it is coming. Oh, brother, I not only can handle the truth, I'm going to give the truth.


Yeah, we've got truth episodes coming up next week. I've been I don't know if you two are aware, but Brooks and I have been working on all of those spreadsheets, doing the work of Good to Hear of the Truth series. But there's some interesting information already you're dealing.


Here's a Tom Cruise and I'll be the Nicholson. That is correct. Now, we actually hook you up to a lie detector during the whole four episode series, right?


That is right. We do not know how to read it, but it is going and it's actually just just wires hooked up to a car battery and then claim, oh, nips.




That's like a lie detector.


Oh, and when you say you worked with Brooks, you do mean Brooks is staff, right? Like he employed a number of people to work on it. On. Yes, I I'm Brooks.


L.L.C. was what I was when I was working with the corporation and they've been fantastic. Top down, just well organized. All right.


Well I'm glad we handled all of these important topics at the top of the show. Let's take it to Hunter.


Taking it up to one hundred presented by head and shoulders available at Wal-Mart. All right, last week I was crowned, I believe, best fantasy player on Earth is that the I was at the title.


I think it was something like that. Yeah, always like that. You took it up to one hundred. You were the champion. Yes. Sterling Shepard. Yeah. I've got a tough one to call. Got I got a trophy now and you don't.


So I'm, I do have a trophy but it's unfortunately in the other room. Yeah. You can't pull it out. All right.


All right. We did say we wanted you to send in some of your fans, some fan stories from twenty twenty the last season, lots of championships out there. And we wanted to read some of them on the show today. This is your opportunity to tell us how you took it to one hundred this year. I will kick it off, we're going to read a few of these because there and then we can react, we can react to these stories.


We got one in from my friend in the show.


Sharks are cool on Twitter was down 31 points after sun in week fourteen, which was week one of the fantasy playoffs, had only Lamar Jackson left and one on the forty four yard touchdown pass.


That forty four yard touchdown was a fourth in five when Mama came back into the game and then went on to win the championship hashtag. Take it to one hundred.


Yeah that's, that's good because you you assumed you lost already in that game. Then he comes back who.


And it was the, it was the quintessential like bomb to win the game. That's the one play. All right, James. Awesome. James from Twitter wants to know if this counts. His seven year old's team, a.k.a. Pande for 72. OK, coming from behind in a two week playoff on the backs of King Henry and Johnathan Taylor, 68 points in week. Seventeen for her first Super Bowl in her first ever league. I would say that took it to one hundred.


You had the RB wanted to go. Yeah. Wow. Coming from behind to so after you after you are facing a deficit, you needed it and you got it from the best running backs. That's awesome. Grant says, well, it's hard for me to pick a week where my team took it to one hundred because it happens so frequently.


This league has been around for years and I now have the number one, two, four and fifth highest weekly scores over those years.


Congratulations, Grant.


Noice, it's OK to sniff your own farts at this time of year. I mean, that's not supposed to do. All right. We got another one here from Stan Z Sports faced one of my best friends in week thirteen. Winner got the final playoff spot.


Loser was eliminated and the walrus said coo coo coo tube and scored forty six points and he won by one hundred and ninety oh down.


That is a go four years. You do that.


Should have said former best friend because there's no way you can repair that at this point. Yeah that's that's broken. That's done. But at least you took it to one hundred. How about this one from Matt Wells on Twitter. It was week twelve.


I need to win, I need another guy to lose and I need fifty four more points than him to make the playoffs. I have Tyreek Hill, James Robinson and Drake. He needs David Johnson to score at least ten points against Baltimore, but he only got eight points with the drops. Oh, was that Deontay? Deontay Johnson.


Oh, that was the game with all the drops he only got eight point four fantasy points and Matt Wells playoff bound after that spectacular.


This one's from Logan Jones. Fellas, this is this is amazing. With Mark Andrews on the covid list and fearing the Baltimore Pittsburgh game wasn't going to happen. And we twelve I took a shot in the dark at tight end, was about to miss the playoffs by two points until a needless Eagles Hail Mary found its way into the arms of Richard Rotch.


Oh, lay a wreath at Rogers title on a Hail Mary. That is by far my personal favorite because it's insane. I mean, you throw Richard Rodgers in your lineup and that's just that's just basically saying, OK, I'm done.


And a Hail Mary, you win it.


Playing Richard Rodgers was a Hail Mary by itself and the one with the Hail Mary to to Richard Rodgers. That is unbelievable. And we want to thank everybody for sharing some of those hashtag. Take it to one hundred stories with us. You can browse them on Twitter, too, if you if you put that hashtag in there and take it to one hundred, if you want to see some more of these stories, some great ones, man. Those are always, always a lot of fun.


Fun. A reminder to take your hair up to one hundred head and shoulders available at Wal-Mart. You can pick it up today. I did want to thank you guys for holding it down on Tuesday.


I listen to that episode and you guys were drafting the top twenty four players. We were four for twenty twenty one. And I know, you know, a lot of effort was put into that episode going through and kind of establishing those early lists. And I thought that the kind of culmination of that entire process when I was listening was the Davante Adams.


When do you take the first wide receiver and then when?


You take Travis, Kelsey, and I think they went eight, nine or nine, 10, and you guys just back and forth something like seven or eight, and there was your critique was, in fact, against the pick that I made because I took the Vontae Adams. I took them over my tier of like Nick Chubb. And right after I took Adams, Jason took Travis Kelce.


And then you you said as you were listening that I did it wrong.


I should have taken Travis Kelsey right there before any wide receivers have been drafted.


That was that was my I wonder if they'll remember Kelsey and I wonder what they'll do with Kelsey. Moment where I was like, this is about where. Because once the Adams bell goes off, we were like, OK, it's time to to maybe move beyond running back. The question in my head was like, I think Kelsey should go right here.


And I kind of you know, we talked about it a little bit on slack. And look, you're not going to go wrong with the Vontae Adams that it's really not a critique on him.


It was more a debate about how valuable is Travis, Kelsey, five straight years that no one at the tight end position. And there's a lot of good points on both sides. Right. There's points to replace ability. Like if you have an injury to Davante Adams, obviously that sucks. And you've actually had to deal with it quite a bit with Davante Adams.


Yeah, but it's a more replaceable position, right? You could find somebody at wide receiver a little bit easier than a Kelsey replacement like that gap. If you lose Kelsey, you're not picking up Waller off of the free agency or you just go get Richard Rodgers, man.


Well, yeah, I guess I didn't think about that, but but it was kind of I brought up the point to Jason. I was like, man, you know, if you could choose to play Devonta Adams at wide receiver or at tight end, where does he represent the biggest advantage? And they actually have really similar fantasy outputs over the last five years. They're almost identical total fantasy points, which obviously speaks, I think, more to Adams.


He's missed more games, but still has that total. So he's been the higher point score on average. But, man, what a decision for fantasy owners to decide where Kelsey belongs, because after five straight years at number one, you know, it won't last forever.


That's the that's the hard part.


But it's lasted as close to fantasy forever as it gets is where in the game of being out in front, which loss are you willing to take or are you willing to take the L of? I'm guessing that this is the year that Travis Kelce is not that dominant. No one guy or take the place of him. You like betting that he will still be that dominance because the last couple of years it has been absurd, though.


I mean, Kelsey would be finishing as a top ten wide receiver and he always dominates whoever's in second. So take the take the gamble that he will be that buddy.


What's what's he thirty two sounds about right. I mean, the hard part is, is it's not like it's a guarantee at wide receiver.


I mean Michael Thomas was the first wide receiver off the board this year and it was all under the basis of Michael Thomas is a guarantee at the position. And and so some of that durability with Kelsey and I will be thirty two in October.


Yeah, I just I don't know.


I found myself leaning the Kelsey side, which it's an interesting debate. So that was a lot of fun. You guys, you guys did well. You always get the bonus extra. Twenty minutes of the show. That's when, when Mike's hosting it.


So I know with the boys I know you're trying to endear yourself to everybody and supplant me.


So that's the way to do it right now.


What do you think of the before we move on to the next part, what do you think of the where I took carmakers? Are you that bullish on carmakers with me? I'm getting convinced.


Yeah, I'm becoming convinced for sure. You know, everything about all the rookie class at running back was about where they landed and what kind of opportunity that they were going to get. And I think we saw over the back three, four or five games what Sean McVay would like to do with Cam Acres and what his ability is. And the ceiling is so much higher than the other options he has there. So hopefully he can stay healthy and that's a worthwhile pick.


I was so unhappy for solely just carmaker's reasons of his playoff performance, the fact that he won, he's going to go to another playoff game and get more national exposure. Like if if they didn't make the playoffs, if somehow they could, all carmakers would have been one of my favorite draft picks next year. But more people are going to see him in the national spotlight and see what he's doing and dominating. And I did. I'd be higher because of it.


I did have one one other comment on the draft, because I know Jackie Dobbins went in that top twenty five as well. You guys left Joshua off the board. Mr. Josh Jacobs had you. You know, where was he on your list compared to where he went, because top twenty five, I mean, that is he that would be a stark drop for a player who actually outperformed on a point per game basis to his rookie season.


I'm still waiting for we have some off the field, things that need to clear up.


I wondered if that had something to do and and if if if that trouble goes through of of his incident, he's going to miss games. And I'm not like Josh Jacobs to me. He as a player, he's fantastic.


But he isn't so special that I'm going to absorb two to three games on my bench while I could be taking someone, like, check it up.


Yeah, he wasn't. He wasn't, you know, Zeke, when he was suspended or Bell when he was, you know, going to miss a couple of games. I have him at twenty eight right now on my big board that put him as your running back.


That puts him behind Antonio Gibson, who I have slightly ahead of them, and Clyde Edwards, a player who I still believe can take a step forward. Interesting here. Jacobs, despite the injuries that he both played through in the game, he missed, you know, where he finished.


I do not he is the RB eight. Not bad with the bad with a B consistency level last year, so that was the only other comment I had, but I enjoyed it very much. Let's do some bycel.


Buy or sell presented by pristine auction. Now, the reason why I wasn't on the show is you guys were so kind to let me go, spend some time with the family up north and get a little decompression after the long season. And I was just wandering the dark woods at night. So I really appreciate you letting me be glad to see you made it out.


Bear just just barely. Don't say barely.


Don't say Barry. Talk about that.


That's a good point. All right, Bycel. Here we go, more will have a better fantasy football finish in twenty twenty one than he did in twenty twenty. Where did he finish? You ask. He was the wide receiver.


Twenty two in half PPR scoring now in three years. He's dealt with low touchdown totals. Mm hmm. He has not gone over for in a season and he's hit that not that mark for the last two years. I know when we came into the year, that was something we brought up, we said, hey, this has got to change. Um, and I I still think it does have to change, it's not to say that some players score fewer touchdowns than others, but you look at Robert Woods as a player who historically doesn't score a lot of touchdowns.


And then if you're involved in an offense in a major way, eventually touchdowns will come, even if that's not your fault. But the big thing for me is Curtis. Samuel Curtis is completely unrestricted free agent. I don't expect him. I don't think it's a lock that he comes back. He's going to test the waters, see if he can be higher up on the depth chart, not be, you know, fiddling around for is he second or third on the pecking order and probably get paid more to do that.


I don't think the Panthers are in a position to pay him a lot of money if someone else is able to. Now, if he's gone and it's just Robbie Anderson and D.J. Moore in year two of that system, I'm I'm pretty all about them and their their outlook next year with Christian McCaffrey helping move the offense forward, I was going to bring up Christian McCaffrey because this was a year where we did know what the quarterback situation was going to be.


Bridgewater really fell off a cliff over the back half of the year in terms of our confidence on his future. You know, McCaffrey will get his no doubt. So, I mean, wide receiver. Twenty two, that's not a difficult place to get to. That's the you know, are above twenty two. I guess I would sell it. I guess I'll I'll go sell I don't think Dee Dee Moore is like. You know, that's not really a huge indictment, I think I just would like other wide receivers more than the unknowns there.


Sure. I'm going to buy.


I mean, he is he is such a difficult player to gauge. He did miss a game, but in ninth and receiving yards among wide receivers. I mean, he was on a if you give him that, you fill in the blanks in that game that he missed.


He's well over twelve hundred yards on the season. And you look and he is over 90 yards and eight or nine of his games, it just the the fantasy finish because of touchdowns.


A lot of it, it betrays like how good he is and how how special he is as an NFL player.


But I will buy that. He will finish over what we set the line at twenty two. Yeah. That's why he set the line at. Yeah yeah. Yeah right. That's what he said.


He was wide receiver eighteen last year. I think D.J. Moore is really a special player.


Yeah I do too. The real question will be Teddy Bridgewater, is he even the quarterback for 16 games next year. He's paid to be the quarterback, but he was so bad towards the second half. That would be the downfall of D.J. Moore. To me, it's not it's not in Moore's talent.


Well, I think we learned to what the team thought about Robby Anderson, and they brought him in there and he was obviously the receptions leader. I'm looking at James Pace for receptions last year. Even if you give him his injured games and Pace set out, it's a seventy reception total that is much more a big play. Ironically, a lot like Robby Anderson in New York type of player that was delivering big yardage plays, but not PPR type numbers.


And it is true with Curtis Samuel, you know, that could be the major change to the offense that could propel some of those reception totals up. If they don't replace him, someone will be there.


They'll be a third wide receiver. But will they be as good as Curtis? Curtis Seymour picked a great, great time to have a career season right before going to get that money. It is funny, Teddy Bridgewater, you talking about him holding D.J. Moore back, mean last year it was mostly Kyle Allen. Can we get my man, D.J. Moore, someone capable of throwing him the ball, please? Yeah. Yeah, he is very talented, no doubt.


I wonder. Whether he is the one I think that is the tough part, figuring him out that maybe it doesn't matter.


But yeah, I don't it it seems like this is just a, you know, one a one B scenario in Carolina.


All right. That was Bycel from pristine auction you officially bought, right?


I did. I bought he'll he'll have a great season next year.


Pristine auction, dotcom, use the code ballers. And we did have an e-mail question about pristine auction that I'll throw in here. They just wanted to know what our favorite pieces of memorabilia are because we have a lot of signed jerseys, helmets, my personal favorite, just getting it out of the way here. It's the Josh Allen cleat that you'll see on our studio set back over my shoulder. Love Josh Allen. Love the uniqueness of getting a Cloete.


You know, we've talked about they have like signed pylons and stuff up there. So that's my favorite.


My personal favorite is not sports. It's an ace from signed picture. That pristine auction has everything, not just sports memorabilia.


And my favorite, if you just look over my shoulder right here, you can you can just kind of make out the numbers.


But that is, in fact, a number eleven. That is an Arizona Cardinals signed Larry Fitzgerald jersey. That is the prized piece of my collection.


And we do want to get into the AMA momentarily. I want to throw one piece of news out there. We don't need the whole segment because there's not a lot. But the Seahawks did fire offensive coordinator.


That escalated quickly, Brian Schottenheimer. And this was shocking because it did not seem like that was going to take place. Now, Pete Carroll came out and said we need to run the ball more. And normally you would say, hey, that's Brian.


Who would love to say yes to that more than Brian Schottenheimer, in which case this is concerning because we're not run heavy enough.


Mr Shorten. That's what he said. And I'm like his Bill Callahan on speed dial at this point.


Oh, man. Yeah. I mean, what was your reaction to that?


It was pretty shocking because this is a guy who's always been associated with Run First. And then Pete Carroll in the press coverage was talking about how that's the number one thing they need to get back to running the ball more. They want to, you know, put away the kitchen utensils for Russell Wilson and just have him be the I mean, which has worked. Right? I mean, they've had a decade of great football with Russell Wilson being more of the game manager, less of the superstar offensive mastermind.


He's always bailing them out. I get it. But it's this year. It's hard to argue. Yeah, I know, but it's it's just.


It is absurd to have had two Super Bowls, yeah, it's just absurd to me. Is there a reason we have to run, run and then Ross has to bail you out on third and long like this?


This keeps going forever. This is working. Do we have to either cook or not cook? Can we not cook a little? Can we not have a balanced offense? Do we not have to be?


Diet isn't a part of a healthy lifestyle. And absolutely.


I love that there's this polarity of like we got to be the most run heavy team or the most passably team.


How about we we do both. Let's do both.


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Mailbag. All right, this is going to be fun, I can tell you I have no idea what any of these questions are.


We left that up to Brooks and his staff to decide what to do. Here he is, the judge.


Yeah. He makes great determinations on our behalf.


So we have random questions. We've got, again, a disproportionate amount of food questions. We have fantasy question. People love food. Why? It's because it's delicious, Mike. It is. That's one of the big reasons. All right.


I got my own question for Jason first before we jump in. If you had to give up meat or sugar.


Oh, my goodness. If I had to give up meat or sugar, yeah. It would have to be meat sugars in literally everything. I mean, if you're talking about, like, I can't sprinkle sugar on something, I would give up sugar. But if you're just saying I can't I can no longer eat sugar, then I can't eat. And I know I would be healthier for it. But everything, every sugar in it.


All right. Twitter question. This comes in from at Falke. Oh, be careful, Andy.


Where did the producers nicknames come from? Oh, right.


The circulation to the producers you have Judge Jamadi. I'll explain this one. All right. One day a question was asked from a listener about what Brooks looked like.


And Andy just said, look, no, no, it wasn't looks it was if someone had to play us in a movie. Oh, OK. Sure. If someone played you in a movie and I believe he said, well, it looks like Paul Giamatti and then Paul Giamatti became the beginning of Judge Jamadi as he was put the gavel into his hand. And so he has become Judge Giamatti. And something that everybody knows behind the producer's desk in our studio is a giant way too big or too big.


Awful picture of Paul Giamatti to remind Brooks of of how he looks. He's always just stop his origin story.


Yeah, we surprised him with that. The Judge Giamatti segment, like he didn't even know that it was going to happen there.


She did it that that that picture of Paul Giamatti that's behind him, which he's welcome to share. I mean, it'd be warned it's the worst picture of anybody's ever taken of him, but it's the equivalent of the picture where the flash is on. And you didn't mean it to be on. And you see the inner pause like, who needs Paul Giamatti?


Pause. I don't know what a professional picture this is. A this is an unprofessional picture. That's correct.


So that's that one. And then Al Boreland. He's kind of known in our office as being the handyman, and before he was a producer, he just helped us with lots of different things in that realm.


He helped hang up the, you know, the the the light of our lighting. And he hung up signs. And he always produced things that men do like, you know, how they build, you know, men stuff.


Um, and I've heard about it. Yeah. And then and so he was Al Borland. And then somehow they just sounded like we were saying owl like the the bird.




I thought so. I thought there was the stuff he fixed all the things and then we had we were recording Spitfires and he was wearing a buffalo plaid red shirt.


Yes. That. That's true. That's true. Is the Boyland look. And then we were calling him Al Al Boehland and then that just someone mispronounced someone's everyone's name is not always the case.


It is because we mispronounce something and then you're like, no, I meant to say that. I meant to say our boehland. That's right. We wrong.


All right. Next question from YouTube. It's a fantasy question.


Just wants to know where Obi Jr will rank next year. I assume you didn't bring his name up on the last show.


So not I think he has to rank outside the top fifteen wide receivers. I can't fathom putting him inside. There are too many good options that I am all about for next year.


But with the volume he will receive, assuming that he is back in that same role next year, it's it would be difficult if he played sixteen to finish far outside of, you know, a wide receiver to territory if you're getting, you know, one hundred and thirty plus targets. So I think he's going to be a back end wide receiver.


Two for me somewhere around that more Odell Beckham. I would rather have T.J. more I would take you more to Beckham will probably be like a fifth or sixth round pick would be my guess. Yeah, I agree with you guys. Instagram question. Yeah, I got to really make sure I read who these are from in a very careful fashion. Here's the question that came in from into the night records. OK. Do people ever recognize you out and about while grocery shopping or anything like that?


Yeah, it does. It does happen. It doesn't happen as often while we don't go out and about anymore. That's a good point.


You know, I'm recognized daily in my house from me.


That's true. That's true. But yeah, that guy, it definitely it definitely happens, especially as we're traveling in the past at Disneyland.


I mean, that was the place, man, you'd run into a lot of footplate at Disneyland. That's my my favorite story about getting recognized. It's happened to a handful of times. But I my favorite thing is to give my wife crap and, like, pretend I'm actually a big deal. And one of the times we went to Disneyland, we're in line to go in. And I said, look. I'm really sorry I have to apologize because I know that there's going to be countless Brooklands supporters, they're going to come up, they're all going to want pictures, I apologize that for the time that that will take.


And it's just really embarrassing. It is making this huge ordeal joke about it. And the second we got through the gates, Mike, yeah, it was somewhat of the show.


So if my wife was just like, no, no. So that was fabulous. Those are the best moments.


Mine is very similar. We were at a zoo and my wife told me I have one hour. She said she basically said, I have one hour to be recognized or or I'm a loser. And I got recognized within an hour, which was fantastic.


Oh, my goodness. All right. We had a related question on Facebook, too, saying, what's the funniest fan realization moment you've ever encountered a time when someone recognized you have a great reaction? So there you go to the Chipotle stories.


Insane saying you guys remember that one. Yes. So someone someone on at their job for them and their friends listen to the fantasy football as he was traveling to Arizona for work for like a weekend. And the guys were like, oh, let me know if you run into any kid, Jason. And then he did and he won't leave.


And he just from our voices, we were we were already sitting down eating and he recognized our voices. That's wild. Yeah.


All right. Let's move on Facebook question from Ryan. This is the food category that we got so many questions about. What is your favorite French fry and dipping sauce combination? I know mine right away will then please share. I am a sucker for red robin fries with ranch and that is a good one.


That's an excellent choice.


That is my pinnacle fry dipping sauce combination. There are many that I have up there. Oh man.


Yeah, because you went that route with the big steak fries which are inferior but still great. Red robin fries in ranched are great. I'm going with Freddie's fries, the shoestring fries dipped in their spicy sauce.


All right, let's bring it in. I will throw out the Chick fil A waffle fry into the Chick fil A sauce. Nothing wrong with that as good stuff, you know, nothing wrong with that at all. All right. Twitter question from Jordan Lee. Who would you rather have next year, Deshaun Watson or Justin Herbert? I would rather have Deshaun Watson. I think I'm thinking Watson, but is there? Let's think through it. Is there a reason or is there a scenario where it actually is?


Herberg Obviously, we're going to have to see what what coaching changes are are made. That would be one of the biggest factors. And then you have to determine whether or not see how free agency goes for Will Fuller.


Does or does it go back? Is there any if all doesn't go back, is there any chance you go to herbut over Watson? Not me. Not me, no.


There was a stretch, by the way, that week, four through 11, where herbut the seven games played his pace during that stretch was forty seven hundred yards and forty five touchdowns.


Yeah. So that, that herbut. Yeah I would take that over Deshaun Watson. But from week twelve on a.k.a. when the shoe dropped he was a forty three hundred and twenty four passer. So the truth is somewhere in the middle there herbut is a great has a great future but I am with Jason, I lean a little bit on the Watson spot in the history is you know, people ask all the time what is the most predictable stat, what stat is.


And a lot of times people go volume, but the actual answer is it. The most predictive stat is historical production. What have they done that is most likely to repeat itself? Do you know where Deshaun Watson finished at quarterback this year? I do. I'm looking at it probably five. Do you know where it is at quarter at quarterback the year before five. Quarterback five. Do you know where he finished? Oh, no. Year before you see where I'm going here.


Quarterback five.


So he's got subway foot long in the bag and I'm going to write down right now.


He'll be my quarterback five next season. Oh, there you go. That would be a safe bet. Twitter question from Andrew F.. He says, How do you navigate running a company with such close friends, things like salaries, time off when someone shows up late or misses. How much time do you put into research? Your show has such a good vibe and I'm interested in what is behind the curtain.


I can say this, there's there's so many ways that you can get into trouble working with friends or family, but the integrity of the actual people that we have assembled as a team, I would say the three of us, as well as every single person who works with us. So Integris, I mean, when you have that level of trust and integrity down to every single person, it becomes really easy. It's not a it's not a built in crazy strategy.


We have a lot of grace with everything that we do because we have a lot of trust and everyone works hard.


So it makes it very easy. Yeah, I would just add that, you know, we've also had a history of working at different companies and we've seen the pluses and minuses, I think, of of working with close friends. And when we started this company, we came into it with a level of trust with one another and with a genuine desire to do the best for one another. You know, we don't have power struggles because, you know, it probably helps that there's three of us.


So you can always have a two to two to one vote on something where we disagree, but we don't want anybody doing something that they're not excited and enthusiastic about. So that's made it a lot easier. And I've seen you know, I've seen a lot of people that have had those situations where, you know, if you have a problem working with friends in the first, like, month of working together, just imagine when your business grows and when you have to make bigger decisions, those things don't go away.


So I guess when your business fails either way, either way, I would say at the beginning of the business, it's important to set forth a standard for how you will handle all of those types of decisions. And it makes everything so much easier. And people always ask, like, you know, the biggest fight we've been in and stuff like that. And we've had plenty of disagreements or moments where we're like, oh, yeah, I really believe this.


I really believe that. But those things are you know, they're usually fantasy football, really? Yeah, they're usually when Mike beats me in the League of record playoffs.


So, no, I think we are super blessed in what Jason speaks to about having, you know, just this staff that we do, people like Brooks and Al and Kyle and Brian and tons of people that want to leave somebody out. But that's the thing we look for when we hire as much as we do any of any of the other peripheral skills. You know, I. I know that they're going to get their crap done, so I need to get my crap done.


And then, yeah, that has always existed for for us. We've never had that thing where we're like this person just trying to get by for a month or two while the other people work. And, you know, that's that's helpful for sure. And. All right, let's move on Twitter question from Jeremy. Have you ever tried a vampire league? What are your thoughts on this idea and what which one of you is the most likely to secretly be a vampire?


OK, so two questions here. Slightly different. I have never personally played in a Vampire League of Vampire League is a league where when a team loses. Correct me if I'm wrong. Is this the one where they're gone? Right. Yeah, they're they're gone. And everybody gets to draft from their team. Now, that's the big league.


Oh, that's the vampires when you beat somebody. Oh yeah, I, I collect someone from your team. I say yeah I drink your blood. Yeah. Oh.


See, I thought it was a league where everyone brings a pint of their own blood and whoever wins the league gets all the blood at the end. That's different though.


That's a really happy it's not that real excited about just a vampire, in which case that's a kind of like a vampire would play in because at the end I left at two a.m. That league seems awesome.


I've never played him on the David, but such is such a fun league. But I do imagine that, you know, one of the problems you have in normal fantasy leagues is that, you know, certain managers just quit a little bit earlier if things don't go right. But in this league, I feel like that would be even more exacerbated by the midway point. You've got the teams with all the stars and the teams who've been fleeced of their stars.


That would be so painful to lose a player that way. Man. So painful. All right.


A YouTube question for Morris. Keep trade cut. Question this one's important, guys.


Snicker's Milky Way kick can keep trade cut. Mm hmm. It's easy. I'm going to keep the cap. I'm going to trade the Snickers highest trade value. And who wants a Milky Way?


Are you what's the Milky Way? How are you associating the trade value? Is that based on marketing dollars spent to sell you sneakers? One hundred percent. The Snickers marketing budget is the largest. They're the most popular and they're not as good as a kickett.


So, I mean, I'm just taking advantage of trade capital here in lock step with Jason.


I agree. That being said, I believe that I have been entirely persuaded by Snicker's marketing that it is more of a meal. And therefore, if you if you told me that, like I needed to have one of these for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I would be choosing the peanut filled Snickers if he told me that. Snickers Actually, the the same company owns and makes Milky Ways and they put up next to Snickers just so they can smell or sell more.


Snickers Oh, I would firmly believe that because Jason's right. Who eats milk. And don't don't get me wrong.


If there's a Milky Way here, it's delicious.


But like, you don't ever have just a bowl of Milky Ways or a butt, you know, but you have a choice when you're making a selection. Like Mike said, these things are next to each other.


Pick one the the dark chocolate, Milky Way underrated.


You should check them out. Interesting. All right.


Unless you hate dark chocolate, don't check them out then.


Anthony from Facebook, If you had to make a solo podcast, a solo podcast, what would it be about? Um, wow, I think I would do one on entrepreneurship, I guess what I would just rant and rave on that maybe. Guy is going to make a Tesla podcast. Oh, yeah, every fun that I mean, would be a pop culture show. Talk about movies and video games. Sure.


Yeah, I go to the entertainment side, something maybe interview style in the entertainment world. Yeah. Cool. All right. Dynasty question about Juju, this from Joshua in Colorado. Yeah, you already know how bad that question is going to be.


Would you keep Juju in a dynasty or try to trade him for a first round pick? You I'm not trading Joujou for a first round pick, he. Goodness gracious. The dynasty value of Juju is it feels like an impossible code to crack because he is not going to be he's not going to be a Steeler.




So then, I mean, that makes it really tough to begin with if you don't know what team is going to be on. Yeah, that does make it tough.


And it's just how good is Juju, actually, because. He could be awesome or he could just be a super average wide receiver that was put in the perfect situation with his role in that offense and with Big Ben. I don't know which side. I believe people people don't put up the production that Juju Smith Schuster has put up.


Normally, and he's still extremely young, like he was doing, he's he's doing things at a historic level of of how young he actually is and he'll get paid.


He will. He's because he's young, because he's a big name. He's been a star in the league. He's been fantasy relevant. He'll he'll end up making money. That being said, do you guys know how good like early before this season started, everything was made about the running back free agency class of this year. But then they all resigned the wide receiver free agency class this year. Do you know how good it is? Have you heard these names?


Let me let me read you a list. I'm sure I've heard them. So Allan Robinson, where the bowler, Corey Davis, Juju, Chris Godwin, Kenny Golladay, Antonio Brown, everybody there is going to get paid more than Juju Smith.


Schuster Well, now the one name that you mention, Corey Davis might not, but everyone, almost everybody else you named is going to get paid more money. Will Fuller is going to get paid more money than Juju Allen Robinson. Chris Godwin, for sure. Juju is not. Like, I hesitate because I know, Mike, you are so like I roll about people criticizing him about the tick tock stuff. It just depends on what you believe the make up of a player is to be a one and what kind of maturity they show.


It wasn't just that stuff like that stuff doesn't mean Juju is not a good wide receiver. That stuff might mean that you're just not a great leader. When he comes out and says the Browns. The Browns, it doesn't make a decision and puts them on the bulletin board. And he says those things. I don't know. I don't know if he's a bona fide one. You ask that same question. I don't know if he can get separation on the outside by himself.


Then Antonio Brown, I don't know it yet because Big Ben this year was throw the ball four feet.


And Juju was great at that. He was actually a pretty reliable possession receiver.


But is that his ceiling now? I don't know. Yeah, that being said, I would not trade him for a first rounder because in Dynasty, I'm always going to take a more sure thing over a more enticing bet, I think.


Is anything top five. I might take like top three, I haven't really dug in yet, but, I mean, you know, there's there's always going to kill Harry's the number one overall pick that just they don't become anything. And, you know, Juju is something, you know, for a fact.


The next five, six years, he will be relevant for fantasy football, not saying he's going to be a star, but he will be asked to be in your lineup and score fantasy points.


Let me ask you another question. Maybe I have a quick answer. Robby Anderson or Juju in a dynasty. I do not have a quick answer. I thought that might be a tough one. That might be a tough I didn't know if I'd get the quick Joujou or something, but Robby Anderson or Joujou. So if you want to know, Robby Anderson was almost irrelevant in Dynasty. And now that question is more difficult.


I am so Robby Anderson, three years older than Juju Robby Robby has one year left with the Carolina Panthers.


I think I'd go Juju, but it's close. I don't I don't feel great about it. My quick answer for you and Eileen Joujou, Instagram question from Evan Hill.


What is each guys go to for doing something fun, not fantasy or football related in Arizona? How do you guys have fun with the family?


Might go to outside would be video games. It's just few and far between. But when a great one comes out, a hop in, spend a couple of weeks, you know, playing through it and then. And then I'm done. I always feel go ahead, but I'm a movie connoisseur, I'm a movie man, the not being able to go to movie theaters for the last year has sucked a lot. That's that's that's like my favorite thing to do is to go just eat horrifically bad and go watch a movie while eating horrifically bad.


Yeah, I think we've all talked about it before. Sometimes I feel panicky about questions like this as though I should have more hobbies other than the business and like we're all dads. So like honestly just doing stuff with the kids, whether that's playing sports with them, taking them to sporting things, going out to dinner with them, like that's kind of.


That's kind of our life, I mean, I don't have anything beyond that, not like video games, too, but a Twitter question, some follow up dad related questions. Aaron wanted to know, what is the best advice for a new father of a four month old daughter?




The advice we usually give is be involved, be active, change diapers. Do you know feedings if possible. Don't be afraid. And that would be my biggest. Like, if I could only give three words, it would be, don't be afraid, just dive in. Yeah, and I think that don't be afraid, goes to a lot of things with the first kid, you're just kind of I mean, no one can prepare you for really like tons of people probably told me, don't be afraid, don't worry about it as a first kid and you kind of just deal with it.


But, like, just you're not going to break the kid. You're going to make mistakes. They're going to forgive you. Like there is room for a lot of grace in that relationship. You're going to be all right. Yeah, I agree. All right, YouTube question about to have a second kid, any advice? So any advice on the second man?


This there's no go to sleep. Don't even listen to this podcast. Just go sleep right now. Hurry. You're running out of time.


My advice is you don't need any. You already went through the first. And I mean, to me, it's easier now.


Well, let's be fair here. Let's illuminate for the listenership. Jason did not have the choice of going from one to Jason's first two children were twins. So you were Institue? Oh, yeah, I was. Well, you know, two to three, but you don't know one to two.


Yeah, I guess what I do know is first time around infants and babies versus I've been there, done that. And here's a point to illustrate how I mean it. When we had our first babies, I literally installed Purell pumps all over my house. Every room you could walk in and you could Purell your hands because I was so worried. You made an open house, right.


And this was your time. And can I get some of that house?


The second kid comes along and I'll I'll throw some cereal on the carpet and he can eat it right off of that. I do not care. He's going to live through it. He's going to make it. So that's kind of the difference.


Yeah, I like it. Well said. All right, let's go Instagram. Who is the first to cry during a sad movie? That's Jason so easily. Jason, although Mike is under this category, it's probably Jason, but I.


I lately would give him a run for his money.


I bet you there's a category that you cry out quicker, you know, are there certain types of moments for sure? Like Jason is pretty quick on the draw, but you you've shown some some weakness to some of these pictures and.


Oh, man, oh, brother. And Pixar is is the death of me.


Has anybody ever done like a time lapsed cry race, like play a movie for two people, put the video camera on both of them time lapse and see who is the first one to drop of tear it has ever done that. I'll find a really, really sad movie.


I know you both can't survive the joke off. It's a cry off. That's right. I can't think of whatever the specific example was, but there was something on in my house the other day in the living room. I wasn't watching it. I was just walking through, passing by, caught a couple of minutes of whatever this show or movie was, and I started to well up and cry over it.


And I walked in and I literally walked away going, Why am I trying to drive by cry?


That was a drive by cry. That's right.


Jason, are you familiar with the bedazzled the with Elizabeth Hurley? I don't think so. Where he makes the deal with the devil? No, we know one of his wishes is he wants to be the most. You know, Brendan Fraser, thank you all. He wants to be the most sensitive man in the world. And so there on the beach and he's just crying at every every time he looks at the sunset, just that's crying.


Yes, that's me. All right. Best type of pizza question from Ben Pope. Sixteen. Is it buffalo chicken or Hawaiian or meat lover's in follow up pizza question. Does pineapple belong on pizza? I will I will answer the second question first, which there will never be agreement over, I am 100 percent fine with pineapple on pizza. The best pizza to me is a thin crust meat, heavy pizza. Meat heavy, can you go too much meat you can on a thin crust, OK, if it's not a thin crust, you cannot, that's impossible.


But on a thin crust, you've got to be able to get it get a little crisp.


Have you ever cried when you saw a piece of pizza that was just so beautiful?


So we just moved with some more pineapple on a piece is fine, but I would never choose it. I think we've said that before. Like, I don't if I had the option, if they're sitting next to each other, I'm never going to pick up the pineapple on it because it's not good.


I don't care that I'm tired. I'm tired of the arguments and the the fun pretend outrage. If you want to put pineapple on your pizza, fine. It's it's bad. And I just recently had a situation where the wrong pizza was delivered to my house and it was a Hawaiian and it was well, this is the pizza we have here. I'm going to get better than no pizza. Yeah, it's better than no pizza. But it it's it's not better than just like regular cheese.


My my favorite pizza. I'm not Jason.


I like a good meat lover's pizza and but I'm in the. The best I don't know where do you where are you and you are you a deep dish or you thin crust? I would just say regular, like a night. And like, if I had to choose between thin and deep dish, I probably go thin. But I'm a hand regular pizza guy, I, I like like a five cheese, but I like beef on a pizza too like.


Right. Well that's on our own. The meat lover's pizza. Yeah. Along with everything else. I think you can have too much meat on a pizza though.


But that's just me taco being. Yeah, yeah, so, I mean, do you have a final selection, Mike, I guess if I have to get the go from anyone, I would go with the deeper one deep dish.


All right. Twitter question from Mr. Gorbachev. Tear down this wall, Wisk.


He's got a conundrum for us. How many syllables are there in the word squirrel? Two, one. Squirrel, squirrel. Did you just say one, yeah, squirrel score, at least it's at least two times I get the girl square, I get oh, it could be one. Did you ever do that trick as a kid? Yeah.


Where you used to say the word. How many times did your dog. I'm not aware now up. Yeah.


However, when your jaw opens every time it's a new syllable.


Yeah. So they're not under that. It's squirrel and that's like one that squirrel. So if you were to say this and really pronounce its to its role, squirrel is too. But nobody says look at those squirrels in the tree. You say a squirrel.


I say a little like you said, a normal no way squirrel.


It did sound normal when you said you're like nobody says look at that girl in the tree squirrel. He says look at that squirrel in the tree.


They say, look at that squirrel. You're saying I'm saying that the same way because you're nuts.


If you take the your your over inflection on the owl out, you're just seeing the words exactly the same. No, I don't say squirrel.


It's pronouncing that, you know, the difference is pronouncing that second. Are, are you pronouncing the second are like squirrel. Are you just saying squirrel.


OK, you sound like you're you're like drunk when you're saying squirrel roll squirrel. They are. I know the actual answer. Brooks, how many do you think the actual answer has to be to. It's to. Yeah. Thanks for this question, Bruce. We appreciate it. Squirrel get it out. And one. Yeah, I normally just say chipmunk. Two more syllables. Hmm. Uh, all right, uh, YouTube question. We're wrapping it up here momentarily.


Ike wants to know what kind of advice can you give to someone who wants to start a podcast? Not necessarily about sports, but just anything. What is good podcasting advice? This is one of our most frequently asked questions. So I've got a couple of pieces of advice. Number one, your audio quality really does matter, and it's.


It's not rocket science to be able to get good audio, you just jump on YouTube, you could do it research on on how to use an audio interface, a digital audio workstation.


Just put in a few hours of research and you're going to be able to to figure it out. No problem. And then and then the other piece of advice is just start. Just get it going. When you start, you're going to suck. We sucked really bad when we first started this podcast.


You guys did? Yeah. You guys were awful. We think we sucked when it was the three of us. Like, if we go back now and listen to the our first shows, we will we will all Jason's furiously shake. You said no sing. No, I will not, I will not go back. It was it's just par is the name of the game in its reps. No one jumps on a microphone and is incredible right away.


You're not just Dan Patrick without putting in the work.


And don't don't try to. Dan. Yeah. Don't try to be something. Don't try to be whatever you think a podcast or should be whoever you are, otherwise you is just hard to keep up that, you know, some fake persona. Yeah. You're not going to enjoy it.


And I would say to other bits of information is podcasting in establishing a podcast takes time and consistency. So that's a big key that I tell people that ask me is, you know, coming out with a schedule of when you release shows and having a topic that you're excited enough about to push through, you know, putting out, you know, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 shows where you're excited to talk about it. And the growth might not happen right away, because if you don't if you're talking about something because you're like, oh, man, there's a there's a space in the market for a podcast about your shoes, but you hate shoes.


You're not going to make it. That's what I would say. You know, make sure you love what you're talking about.


All right. Brooks, do you have any other questions that you've been wanting to hear us answer? Like, will we ever actually send a paycheck along to you? Any of those questions unnecessary? Now, he doesn't need it. And you got we're missing.


We're getting one more food, one in. OK, sneak it in. Brooks, you can ask it from Instagram. You have to eat one type and flavor of chips for the rest of your life.


What is it?


Woo is playing loud. Yeah, I was. Oh yeah. Rest of my life. I'm going, I'm going playing playing potato chips. Just like what brains like us, just salt plays Pringles, Ruffels, what I call roughie plain ruffle. Yeah. Yeah. Man, the rest of the life really irks me because the I didn't know it was my favorite until the beginning of covid and I had the additional midsection to show that this was my new favorite.


But talkies and the specifically the purple bag, I don't know what flavor it is. I just know it's the purple bag talkies at home. My goodness, these things are so good. But they are really hot, really spicy. And you can't just you can't just gobble these things down forever.


Wait, wait. Those are Fuego mini snack bites. Yeah.


Those that have stuff inside of them. The mozzarella filling.


No, it's OK. It's like a rolled up corn chip. OK, and then Dalston Spice of Doom. That is OK.


Looks like that's the Fuego flavor. Mike, you like the spicy Jason. What do you think my favorite standard chip would be a barbecue. I like barbecue chips. However, if I could only one chip the rest of my life, I wouldn't choose that. I probably have to go tortilla because really now I can get salsa healthy.


Now I can get guacamole.


Now I can get Kaso. I mean, that's that's a problem. Like, are you going to take your ruffle and dip. And so I assume that you were just eating the chip as it stands. Didn't need to supplement your chip with accessories.


No, no, no. But my point is more the fact that you can't use it, like in the situation where you want some guarch, you have to use your ruffle.


You have to use your your top brake and stop breaking the question, Jason. Yeah, there is there are no additional things you can put on the chip.


You'll get plain tortilla chips. Now, that's all we're saying.


Was that what you would still pick? No, I would probably pick a salt like a kettle cooked salt. Oh, those are good.


Yeah, I will say this like we didn't know what questions are on today's show, but if any of these companies that we've just happened to shout out wants to just sponsor a segment, we're down to clown Mike and do a spicy Hot Pockets pick up.


You want my my hot pick of the week. You're hot talk is the week.


Oh, OK. All right. We can work on it. Yeah, well, we don't normally brainstorm these live. All right. That is it for today's episode of the show. Thank you, everybody who sent in questions. Always a lot of fun.


We really appreciate it. And thank you to everybody who has left us reviews on Apple podcast and supported the show. I'm going to be a really, really fun twenty, twenty one. Good bye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers.