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It is alarums in unison into the fantasy football park here. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Welcome in. The fantasy football podcast, if you're happy and you might get Jason back with you, Tuesday, November 17th, it's my father's birthday to day.


Oh, well, happy happy birthday, Papa.


That's right. I hope you're playing pickleball wherever you are, Father. I know you are. I know you're playing pickleball wherever you're asking. I know what you do. It's what you do. Now, he's at the pickleball. Is the full time job. Yes. What do you do? I play pickleball in the mornings. I take a break. I play a little pickleball. That's really. And then I eat a dinner around 4pm and then I play pickleball for my evening.


Yeah, but the dinner is pickle's, of course. Yeah.


Welcome into the show. Mike is joining us remotely. What up, everybody? Contact tracing.


Yo, we were like out, out.


Look, we want you here, but not here. You know what I mean? Yeah. I want you get the phone phone call. So we're taking it safe. Yeah, I will be here.


Which means that next week Jason will find some form of exposure and he will be at home.


It's I, I got my finger to the nose first and so I was yeah. I was out by, by being out. I mean I've been here. All right.


Well yeah. So we've got a show today, we've got a waiver show today. We're going to talk about some of the big pickups for the week.


I think there are some interesting names to discuss. And you're at the point in the season where at least for me in the leagues that I'm in, it is it is laser focus on the week ahead and everything else. I'm not even paying that much attention to if you if you're in a competitive league.


We were fighting for a playoff spot. It's this week when this week worry about next week and figure it out. Obviously, if you have a nice record, if you know you're in the playoffs, you're looking more towards some playoff schedules. You guys did the primer last week and you're paying attention to all of those things, streaming defenses that you want on your roster for down the line, things like that. But right now, in a lot of leagues, you're paying attention to winning this week.


And so hopefully we can help you with the waivers today, we've got the screaming quarterbacks as well. A reminder, we have a giveaway, Brooks that's still up, right? Brooklyn giveaway Dotcom. Yes, sir. About 12 days left. OK, about or. Exactly. Exactly.


That was a specific number to be about, but maybe 12 and some extra hours.


OK, as you say, about 12, 12 days, three hours, four minutes for Klann Giveaway dot com signed Kenny Golladay jersey. If you want to get in on that smooth give and then YouTube dotcom, the fantasy football.


If you want to subscribe, click the bell. You'll get access to all the shows over there. And then anything extra we throw up on YouTube, the fantasy football or dotcoms, the website. We've got some team profiles. You might want to talk about those for a second.


I know that to your baby. Yeah, I'm super excited to get these things up. You know, we're always trying to figure out there is so much data out there.


How how do you look at it? How do you organize it?


So we are grabbing things. You know, if what you're used to on the player profile, like the usage tab, while we're going to break that down for teams and you'll be able to filter so, you know, two weeks, whatever, three through. Now, the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver is receiving which percentage of the targets spot trends as they are happening.


Get in front get out in front of your competition because like, look at running backs, you know, time-Share snoozed who is rising to the top of a timeshare and some other stuff with game lines and things will be in there. They're going to be really, really cool and really functional. Yeah.


So we had the player profiles come out on the website earlier this year and now we've got the team profiles and that all be integrated very soon. And you'll get to it's like a quick glance to it, a team and see how they're they're trending. So reactions to last night's football game is that it's hard to watch the Bears play football. It's hard to watch the game in which they are a part of it.


That is true because their defense is so good in their offense is so bad. And that's just a hard thing to watch because you don't get offense in Bears games. You just don't get to watch anything fun.


Now, if you're I would say over sixty and you remember the good old defense wins championships, you remember the mud bowl. Yeah. Maybe then nothing like the Ice Bowl. You really enjoyed that game, those hard hits. But otherwise I would say that the Bears are easily the most unwatchable team. Like you'd think, oh, it's got to be the Jets. No, people put up a ton of points on the Jets. Right. Fun to watch at least half of it.


Not the Jets side, but I agree. And now you didn't I mean, you thought that it was bad with David Montgomery. Yeah.


Now, what do you think about the star?


He is I love the announcers talking about that, too, like, oh, he's just such a fundamental piece of this moving offense. And what are they going to do without him? The answer is nothing. The answer is absolutely nothing. They will do nothing.


Nick Foles pass for one hundred and six yards. So, wow, disappointing. And then on the other side, you know, Dalvin Cook is Dalvin Cook. You always get production from him. Justin Jefferson quickly ascending to the top of my favorite player list in the NFL. Loved him coming in, love him even more than now that he's dropping one hundred yard games, you know every other week.


Yeah it's incredible. He is such a gamer. He's a great route runner. He's got speed, he's got everything. So an ascendant talent there. And Adam Thielen coming up with two touchdowns to save his fantasy day. Otherwise I don't want to linger here. Yeah.


The news. Nick Foles was carted off the field during the last minute of the game that that matters but they've got their bye week and I think they're hopeful that he'll actually be OK coming back.


Oh and we, we will do now and we can stop. We found out what can stop. David Cook. It's a it's a bee to the bees.


Oh, you're talking about the the unfortunate. It didn't get the wind knocked out of him, but the ball is still lower. The winds probably came out.


Everything came out. Yeah, he was he was in a bit of pain. We're talking about that before the show. Yeah.


That's not that's not good. But he's OK. I'd rather him be. I mean, he might not, but I'd rather be writhing in pain from that then than a knee injury.


So, yeah. And we also had Jimmy Gousse. So just when you thought maybe you could play him, he reminded you he's one of the not Travis Kelsie titans?


Yeah, the Bears scored 13 points and they had a 104 yard kick return for a touchdown.


Yeah, yeah. Which he's incredible at that Corduroy Patterson court. Yes. Yeah. Unbelievable. All right. Let's talk news.


News & notes from around the league. I I'm going to just reveal the secrets here, because I'm looking at Mike, I'm looking at Mike right now, and we have some technology set up to remote in.


You know, we knew that this season was going to be a little bit weird. And so Mike is remoting in. And one of the idiosyncrasies of of being in the remote format is that all of our shows, audio drops are like a volume level that is dangerous. It's a punishment. It is a punishment. Somehow it blasts the eardrums. I forgot that that one was coming, so I took that one at a hundred percent.


All right.


News & notes dig into the Giants. A player tested positive for covid on Monday night. Self isolating, contact tracing. This is becoming rather routine. Two or three teams, four teams a week. They seem to go to the ultra protocols and managed to get most players on the field. For instance, the Browns last week went into those protocols. They are reopening their facility now. And Andy Danovitch, their fullback, is on the on the coveted list, but they're able to get back to practice.


This was big news. Drew Brees, multiple rib fractures on both sides of the chest.


They said five broken or not broken, but five fractured lung or revive.


Long last I've been I've long since he's down to four lungs left, but he also has a collapsed lung. So no laughing matter there.


No, he's known legitimately hurt. They don't have a timetable for his return yet, but he'll miss several weeks with this. And now there's the Jameis Winston show. Oh, well, wait, wait. We don't know who the starting quarterback is, but it's Jameis Winston. You will see plenty of, you know, of of a tight end playing quarterback.


Hey, maybe maybe because I was reminded yesterday, I mean, when when Brees went out last year and Bridgewater came in, you saw almost no Taysom Hill because he's the backup quarterback at that point. And so they basically didn't even use him. So there are a couple different thoughts. Now, Peyton, not declaring Winston the starter is something to pay attention to. We'll know on Friday. And it could be Taysom Hill.


I mean, Jameis Winston came in, took a few sacks there. An interception didn't look great. It's probably Winston. I think we all expect that to be the case. I'm just saying it's a tough call. Like, I would still be picking up taste in hell on the under the chance that he's the guy or has opportunities. But I you know, last year they didn't use them.


Yeah, I was listening to Mike Triplette this morning. He's one of the best beat writers for the New Orleans Saints area. He was saying it is it's just Jamous. This is James's audition for the future of, you know, being maybe the quarterback for the Saints. But, yeah, I mean, if it came out and Taysom Hill was the starter on Sunday, I guess I would be very surprised, but not shocked. Yeah. This if you have Jamous on your dynasty squad, you got to take the silver lining here.


If James gets a chance to earn a starting job, maybe even the Saints job. But but to Andy's point that you made yesterday, kind of in passing Taysom Hill, at least on ESPN, I don't know where else, but on the ESPN platform, Taysom Hill has tightened eligibility.


Now, Matthew Berry, friend of the show, put a tweet out saying that ESPN is going to add quarterback eligibility to take some help because they don't know who the starter is going to be.


It's already been added. Yeah, so it's been added. But the point is, Taysom Hill should probably be picked up for regardless in the off chance that he is the starting quarterback. And you can play him at tight end this week because they won't take his eligibility away at the tight end position. This is this is playing fantasy football. It feels kind of dirty, but this is playing within the rules of the game that you are given. Yeah.


Yeah. That's why he's kind of. Wide range of outcomes, but if he was the starting quarterback and the fact that he runs the football, he can Tim Tebow his way to fantasy performance in a tight end slot.


I mean, we've said for years, for years and years, if you can play a quarterback in a tight end slot, you always do it.


Yeah, it's one of your it's one of the more sayings were we wrote our book and that was one of the big point, one of the major points. You can find that on Amazon. But, yeah, I mean, it's it's literally cheating, but legal.


Right. It's righteous. Right up your right up my alley, man. It sounds perfectly legal by Jason Moore. It's another book. He's coming out. I'm working on that as we speak.


All right, Drew. Lock rib injury on his status against the dolphins. Uncertain dolphins are a tough matchup. Drew Lock has been a. It other than a couple of quarters, it's been pretty disastrous. Apparently, he can only play against prevent the D and he's pretty good at that.


Tyler Lockett, bit of a knee sprain heading into week 11 against the Cardinals.


I like that. That's the quote. He has a bit of a knee sprain. What what does that even mean? That says he's super optimistic, Mike. So he couldn't that's the worse it gets. Yeah, it is a short week, so it's worth monitoring. If they had practice, he would not have practiced Thursday night game, Thursday night games. You've got to you've got to pay attention and at least be ready to pivot.


I mean, look, David, more would be an actual streaming option at the wide receiver position. He's involved from time to time. Anyways, Patrick Peterson will be on DK Metcalf again. And if Tyler Lockett is unable to go for whatever reason, the Cardinals, I believe, are the third worst team in terms of fantasy points given up to the wide receiver position over the last five weeks. So you are looking at opportunities. You know, Wilson's going to get his in, Kylo is going to score.


So I you know, you could do worse. I know Swayne will be an option as well. Swain would be who I would look at just because he projects more. I think they'll keep David Moore in the role he has. But yeah, hopefully you have Tyler Lockett and it's not an issue. OK, Carlos Hyde will return for Thursday's game against the Cardinals, unsure about Chris Carson. So we'll continue to monitor. We'll have updates before the Thursday night game there.


That's a Pete Carroll thinks Carlos Hyde will return. Just want to make sure. Oh, he think. OK, thank you, Brooks. Yes. And Carlos Hyde will not be returning. He has a bit of a chance to return is what Zach Ertz will.


He's designated to return from injured reserve. But he's not been activated, right? He has 21 days, that's the window where he can practice without coming off the air. And so he'll be back in the next three, which I believe. Mike, you have, what? Twenty one days, the forgiveness plan in place for Zacarias.


Can you get there? This is, in fact, where I am intentionally dropping him so someone else could pick him up. OK, so 21 days to vindictiveness.


Andy Dalton has been activated from the Reserve covid list. You guys know anything else about his potential? Is he starting this? Yeah, he'll be starting. He's been practicing. And now that he's activated, he's he's good to go.


I guess the only takeaway I would have there, fantasy wise was he tended to target Marty Cooper a little bit more than than the backups did. Sam Donald will not play in week eleven. He's on a throwing program or some something that I heard from Adam Gase there. So it puts Bershad Perriman in play. It really does, because the Chargers.


Yeah, Flacco is throwing the ball down the field. Jets, maybe there was a report, I don't know if we've mentioned it on the show and it was from a reporter in the New York area, but they also talked about the Michael P. Right. And the fact the team, much like, you know, DeAndre Swift with Detroit, he's supposed to be the featured back. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean a lot in New York, but Ryan is involved in the passing game a little bit.


There have been the occasional start this year where he's been relevant. So if Michael P. Ryan, if you need somebody and you're desperate, he may be the premier back for the Jets this week.


Yeah, yeah.


I wanted to get the reaction. And then Jordan Howard has been released by the Miami Dolphins. And this was probably a case of, look, if you're not going to use them now, you probably never will. So just let them go. Yes.


You know. Good night, sweet Prince Jordan. Howard. Good night, sweet prince. All right. I do want to talk about our waiver pics of the week. Before we do that, let's thank our sponsors. Jason, shall we do that? We shall. This episode of the fantasy football is brought to you by head and shoulders available at Wal-Mart this year. We've been doing the new segment every Thursday, picking our up to one hundred players in this past week.


You know, one of the reasons we didn't let him come into the office today, Mike, ended up on top. John Brown, he hit this week and would have had a much bigger game if not for the injury.


Yeah, imagining what he did in such a short period of time, he he certainly would have taken it up to one hundred. I was I was happy with what I saw from Jalen Reagor. He was on the field eight percent of the time, had a he was involved, but Carson Wentz had strong man. Such a bad game certainly did not take it all the way to 100. He was like eighty eight. Eighty sure will be.


Alan Rabinowitz. Yeah, yeah. Alan Robinson. Not quite to one hundred, one hundred and six passing yards. Not going to get it done, but he had forty three of them so a hundred and six passing yards.


Man. Yeah it's ridiculous.


They added another forty one on the ground. The team, yeah, let's not linger on the bears, but you can take your hair up to one hundred head and shoulders available at Wal-Mart, pictures up today and then check out this Thursday. We've got our up to 100 picks again this week.


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All right Waverton.


But me and coach. All right, it's way over time, Mike, how are your ears after that drop? Are you still with us? I was prepared for that one, so I turned it down.


All right. We'll try to kick you in the face later with some breaking news. I will. I'll make you a promise, Mike. I will hit a random drop at some point in the waiver segment.


Oh, me. Oh, cool. All right. Returning from the bye Falcons. Cowboys chief's jets heading to the bye bills. Bears, Giants 49ers.


How are you feeling?


Like digs. Josh Allen stack by it was. Are you going to miss him? Yes, I am going to miss them desperately. And hopefully there's some good Waverider pickups. I feel like I do not like the waiver wire pickups at wide receiver. For the most part. There's a there's a couple options out there.


But I think that I think it's a weak week, in my opinion. A weak week. Yes. Yeah.


I saw we were spelled different a couple a couple stacks. I mean, last week we lost Mahomes and we and the Chiefs and then this week, the bills productive fantasy offense heading to the buy.


So let's talk a little bit about the kind of probably rostered worth checking on wide receivers to start this segment out. That would be Debo Samuell coming off of the bye.


No, he's heading into the bye. Yeah, he's heading into the bye. I know Mike, Mike and I have talked about this this this last week. Well, you weren't here. We just disagree. I, I don't want DBO. DBO is not that appealing to me in the sense. So he's you know, he was injured and he's going to by then he comes back against the Rams and he's been injured. Is is this someone that should be taking up a roster spot.


Yeah, I mean, I understand why I mean, he's not an imminent help to your team, but it's the same case. I look at him the way we've looked at Eisuke the past couple of weeks. You kind of grab him and you start him and you know that Kyle Shanahan builds the offense around him. So when goes back, I think I'll build the offense around DBO. I'm not extremely excited about it. I mean, you have a problem at the quarterback position.


Like you said, a couple of bad matchups coming out. So yeah. I mean not not juiced and then Marvin Jones probably rostered, but he is actually the wide receiver seven over the last month. Yeah. He's been, it took him a while to get going. Yeah. Yeah. So but no Kenny Golladay lately and that means Marvin Jones. You know, I'm starting a mini dynasty league this week. I have confidence it's a great matchup for Stafford this upcoming week.


So if Marvin was out there, he's a plug and play instant start type of guy, he would be a great pick up. Now, Hollywood Brown is still the number one drop question for everybody. I mean, you've got to let go.


Yeah, you have to drop him. I mean, we said even last week that you can move on, but now I feel like you have to. Yeah, it's too bad. All right. Main waiver wire pickups for the week.


I want to hear what level of excitement you guys have for these players, because we've talked about a lot of them.


And it's it. I kind of get what you're saying, Jason. There's a number of players that seem like they are interesting, yet not exciting. And there are a number of players that you kind of have to make a judgment call on and whether or not it will continue. You know, NBA invest has had some some good weeks, but Allen Lazard could be back, could be a pick up in in his in his own right. And that's the problem that I have with both of these players is the NBA has finally looked good.


Allen, Lazard would have been a pick up, but now you've got MBAs and Lazard. You're not sure who who you would really play. And both guys have a bad matchup for two weeks. You've got Indianapolis and Chicago back to back weeks. So are you really picking those guys up and starting them with confidence? I'm not.


No, neither am I. And I know that you might hit on one of them. But MB's, I mean, he hangs out with Sammy Watkins. There's no question about these two guys. You can't put them in your lineup when you want to put them in your lineup. You are disappointed. And then Lazard, I know he had a nice coming out party of sorts at the beginning of the year, but you you have a variable of coming off the injury right now.


And so I don't have any confidence in Lazard coming out of this injury. I don't I don't think that I turned to either of these players this week on the waiver wire. But I wonder that Mike weigh in, because I think he might have a different opinion. I am not picking up MVS to play. I am picking up Lazard. If I to bolster a roster like Lazard or Debow Lazard, assuming that Lazard is going to play this week.


I'm with Jason. I don't at the matchups. They stink for the next couple of weeks, but there is still plenty of fantasy football weeks left, including a three week playoffs where he gets to play Detroit, Carolina and the Tennessee Titans. That's three plus matchups for Allen Lazard. If you pick them up right now and you see that he gets back to that, he is the number two in in the in the depth chart, then you could have a really good play for the fantasy playoffs.


He isn't the he is it the quick fix fix patch player, though, like a couple of other of these wide receivers we're going to talk about.


I'm more interested in a couple other names, Jacoby Myers is near the top of the list because you saw Nikil Harry come back and then not be involved in the offense whatsoever. Mires seven more targets in this game. It's a run first offense, but the matchups over the next few weeks are nice. Houston, Arizona And I'm kind of interested in Mires. If Cam is kind of locking in on a single target. You don't have Edelmann, you don't have Harry with the connection.


What's your interest level in Jacoby Myers as a sports star?


He is probably my number one pick up and I'm not thrilled about it, but he has been good for three weeks in a row. He's got two plus matchups coming back. And like you said, it was nice to see that Harry did not really affect, you know, he wouldn't have had a great game if he didn't throw a touchdown, but he did. He's involved. And Jacoby Meyers to me, is a player that is widely available with a good match up where you can grab him, plug them, play him the other 40 percent of the targets three straight weeks in a row with.


That's absurd. Yeah. I mean, a 30 percent market of of targets is great. That's like it's elite. It's elite. So.


Forty percent is however, we do know that from the Bears percentage is not everything.


I believe Allan Robinson had about fifty percent of the yards, but it didn't matter. Now I want to throw two names out with that though. Jacoby Meyers and then Josh Reynolds and Michael Pittman. Michael Pittman has impressed me.


Pittman, my favorite grab of the week, I think. I think he's at the top of my list. Two six four 220 heavily involved in the rounds. Screen passes went seven for one on one. I you know, Ty Hilton is washed in terms of fantasy value. He's a single digit player each and every week. The name is the only thing he's on so many waiver wires where when I go and I'm like, let me put in my waiver claims for the week.


Like I legitimately I think last week I think I signed him and released in the next day because I fell for I was like, Oh, Debbie, a nice name on my bench. But then I looked at it and I was like, gross, I'm letting you go the next day as a punishment Pitman's catch and release. It's a catch 22, a small throw back.


And Pittman is somebody that is you know, you need the looks like Jefferson, right? It's like Reagan.


You need the upside of a player like we don't know the ceiling of Pittman and you need the explosiveness of a player like Pittman where you have the ability to turn one play into a, you know, a big play to win your week. So Pittman is somebody that, you know, when you talk about bolstering your line up. I like the mysterious upside, yeah, Pittman is up there at the top of the list, and the reason that I wasn't very gung ho about him is because he does have a difficult matchup against the Green Bay Packers.


And we're looking at, oh, we need to we need guys we could pick up play right now and get a win. But if Jason Alexander is not past the concussion protocol he missed this last week, then they're not as worrisome a matchup as as it appears at first glance. So if he were to be out, I think Pittman would be a a really, really good play this week.


And on top of that, Tennessee, Houston, Las Vegas, Houston, those are the next four matchups for Michael Pittman, who, in my opinion, he's about to break out and emerge as the number one wide receiver for the Colts.


Yeah, I agree. And if you have to trust an offense more between the Colts and the Patriots, you're taking the Colts option. Even though he doesn't have a 40 percent target market share, it's a much bigger pie.


So right now, I would probably go if I needed to play a player this week. I still think Myers is a better play than Pittman. But in more of a holistic view, I'd go Pittman, Myers and then I probably I probably thought rager in there at this point, just with the with the upside and integration of the offense.


Both those players, Michael Pittman for the Colts, Jalen Rager for the Eagles have upside have the ability to become a kind of center piece of their offense over time. Are you picking up Jacoby Myers, let's say you're locked and loaded, you just need that one flex play at the wide receiver position this week because you're in PPR. Do you want Jacoby Meyers or do you want the upside of Rashard Perriman, who we mentioned who for the Jets? He will have Joe Flacco.


He's taking on the Chargers. It's very close, I guess I would take if my team was pretty steady. I think the upside is higher for Perriman. If I need a floor, the floor is higher for Mires. Yeah, I agree with that. The name I think Andy brought up, but we haven't really talked about him. Josh Reynolds needs to be someone that is looked at since week four. Who do you think has more targets, Robert Woods or Josh Reynolds since week four?


Yes, it's Josh Reynolds. He's been really involved in the offense. He's playing north of 80 percent of snaps. His target share is great. Four games ago, he was the wide receiver. Twenty six. That's great. Three weeks ago is the wide receiver. Twenty six again, this last week, he was the wide receiver. Twenty this guy on waivers that you can pick up, he's getting targets. It's not he it's hard because he's not the one on his team, he's not the two on his team.


He's getting targets like a one. But it's I get it. Josh Reynolds isn't someone that I am gung ho about that I really want to start. But he is someone that's on your waivers that you can pick up and you can put out there who's getting targets on an offensive could score points. And his percentage of fifteen plus yard area hard targets is really high. So he also has the chance of breaking a big play for a touchdown.


Yeah, I mean, when you look at this offense, you know that Robert Woods game is not downfield generally. And Cooper Kupp, they take a shot or two across like a seam route, but he's crossed the line of scrimmage very oftentimes as well.


You lost Brandin Cooks and this could be the deep threat that you need on your offense. I think you're going to see what you've seen from the Rams every year, which is kind of a transitioning change in the offense towards the back half of the year.


I would not be surprised if the Titans got more involved due to the lack of production from Woods and in Kupp as well. So interesting names, that wide receiver, you know, we laid it out there, you guys can make your call based on your team dynamic. Let's talk some running.


Don't forget Sammy Watkins. No, please forget Sammy Watkins is just we're bringing up our show. What do you mean don't. We're bringing up we're going deep. Sammy Watkins should be back from injury this week. I don't know that Mychal Hardman will be available and he's had big games.


I'm just saying I know you're under contractual obligation to the lizard people. He didn't mention it. Oh, my goodness. While we get a hit, this drop again.


Go. Yeah, it's better when Sammy's involved. Yeah, OK, running backs, let's talk about drop candidates first before we turn to some pickups for the week. Jaquet Dobbins is a player that you feel like you must roster, and yet the pathway for Jaquet Dobbins, look, we've already seen Ingram out, right? And it still hasn't been smooth sailing for Jake Dobbins. This offense has struggled at times. You lose rushing production due to Lamar Jackson.


I think Dobens is not a must hold anymore. I agree, I think Dobens is someone I would probably move on from because while he is an insurance option, you can't play him while Mark Ingram is healthy. Right, that you can't do it. Correct.


And so he's an insurance option. Mark Ingram goes down and now he becomes a starter usable asset. But compare him to those other guys like Tony Pollard, where if the starter goes down, he's just the guy right now. If the starter goes down, he's now in a better timeshare.


Do you apply that same philosophy to all three running backs for Baltimore?


Would you let them all go? I can do that, Gus. Would you let him go? If you had Ingram, would you let him go? Yeah.


If I need a roster spot this week and I've got any one of these three running backs, I am fine. Moving on.


It's incredible to release all the running backs from the team that I think is number two in rushing in football. Yeah, but I would be holding on to Gus personally. He's just he's he looked the best last week, he has been getting goal line carries when they get there, so he's not maybe you have a better option, you know, like nightime Hines. We're going to talk about him. I probably would prefer him. But Gus is not a you have to drop him to me.


Melvin Gordon, Phillip Lindsey also been asked about. I think you can let Lindsey go. I would not let the guaranteed catches of Melvin Gordon go. Agree. I'd just be kind of holding my nose and putting him on the roster, starting him if I needed him. Love, Bill. I think we all agree. You can move on. You could drop him. But the number two question. So. When we put the threat up and people are submitting their job candidates, no one was was Markese Hollywood Brown number two is Jonathan Taylor running back for the Colts.


Always a threat to score from the one day, let me be very clear, he's a threat to score from the one yard line, not the two, not the three or the one.


So the way that I look at this, I know we've had plenty of heated debate over this backfield, this is a player where since the by extreme disappointment, not really involved, hasn't looked good. But if you're only taking that three game sample and throwing out the six weeks prior where he was the running back 15 and very involved, I think that would be a mistake to just cut him and move on. If he was on the waiver wire, I would certainly be picking him up and rostering him because the schedule is is beautiful.


He's still a rookie. That is, you know, things can change for him. This is his rookie season. So I'm not cutting Jonathan Taylor.


I don't mind keeping him on your roster. I think that makes sense just in case something happens. That being said. We just talked about Jaquet Dobbins and Jacob Dobbins has looked a whole lot better as a runner than Jonathan Taylor. So just keep that context in mind. This is a team that's willing to turn turn it over to Heintz on any given week, turn it over to Wilkins on any given week. We've seen that happen. So Taylor is somebody that I think you you probably can stasch and hope you either.


I mean, just gets back to what we saw the first six weeks where he's the primary. That was still a disappointment for people. Absolutely. But, you know, we're talking about JD McKissic here. We're talking about other waiver wire pickups where there are BTU's. They're just solid RB 2s that you can plug in if he gets back to that and you don't have the expectations of having a top five back. Yeah, but the running back fifteen to twenty four.


Great. Anything to add there, Mike? No, I agree, I would keep JD JD McKissic is near the top of the the list now. He might be rostered in your league. Probably is. But, you know, he's just getting targeted 15 targets last week.


Yeah, 14 and 15 targets. If that was a wide receiver, that's incredible. It's a running back. So, yeah, he needs to be if he's available, grab him.


I mean, you pretty much should look at him like a slot wide receiver. I'm not really running back. Alex Smith has one wide receiver of note, Terry MacLaurin, to Target, and then he has a slot wide receiver named J.T. McKissic.


Name Hines. Nightime Hines is tough because we've been here. We've been we've been here before.


And look, he was the better, best runner on the on the team last week is the birthday boy. He was the best pass catcher. And, you know, he's had some pretty nice games this season. The team trusts him more than they do the other two backs. So, you know, Green Bay, Tennessee, Houston, I think Hines has to be rostered, but I'm not spending the kind of fab that people are spending in week one, thinking this was a in every week thing.


No, I agree completely.


I don't think he's going to dominate every week like we saw or hoped in the beginning of the year. But if you really look at the targets, they're not jadi mckissic level of absurd, but he's getting five or six targets in most of his recent games. That's enough of a baseline to give you the opportunity to get those touchdown games, to get those upside games or where he just looks. This is the thing about the Colts is they say, oh, we're going with the hot hand.


You hear that so often that you just forget about it. But genuinely, this is a team that's going with the hot hand when you're 100 percent true. When Jordan Wilkins came out and just looked like, oh, man, he's got it today, then they're like, we're going with him when he minds. If you watch this last game from the get go, he was like, wow, he has got the juice today. And then they just ran with them.


So that's the danger. But it because of his target upside or his target reliability, if he has the hot hand, you're going to have a baseline and then an upside. Yeah, I think the only you know, when you play Jonathan Taylor, he could score a touchdown. When you play name Hines, he can get some passes. If you play Jordan Wilkins, you're not really getting either one. Jonathan Taylor, some heat admittance. This may not.


And he's not doing it himself. No. All right.


My favorite two pickups at the running back position are these next two names, though, by far, Damien Harris and Cambodge have the best one week matchup situations that you could ask for. Blogg has been very relevant for two consecutive weeks. Six targets last week, another eighteen carries, clearly has surpassed Joshua Kelly and trustworthiness out of that backfield and has the Jets this week. So two straight good weeks. And then Damien Harris has Houston this week. The identity of this offense right now.


Is the running game and Damian Harris is the running game. Twenty two carries against Baltimore ends up with one hundred twenty one yards.


He had a delightful fat fifty five percent of snaps.


Told you Mike told you I'd get you. That one got me. Yeah. High is the highest of the season. So I like Harris a little bit more than Milosh. I think both are great. One week pick and look Bellagio. He holds on to that role like a VOECKLER doesn't come back. We already know Justin Jackson's gone. He gets Buffalo next week, Buffalo can't stop the run either, so it was nice to see Tramaine Pope back in the lineup and only used really on special teams.


It said that Caitlyn byelaws was the player that they want to go with right now. And again, Joshua Kelly, just as his role. These are the Joshua Kelly Downs where we just want to give someone a breather, get two yards, give it to Joshua Kelly. He's your guy. But I agree. I think Caitlyn byelaws is a better pick up over the upcoming. If you need someone for the upcoming three weeks, I would go with Blogg if you just need someone for this week.


Damien Harris against Houston. Look, he didn't get the touchdowns. It was it was sexy. Rexy Rex Burkhead had two touchdowns last week, but Damien Harris was the offense. 22 carries one hundred and twenty plus yards. If he gets in the end zone, he's a monster. It's a monster.


If I'm in a full PPR, I'd rather have blogg this week. If I'm in a standard league, I'd rather have Harris and probably a half point or rather of Harris.


Mike, where do you and I agree that if you're getting that PPR bump, you got to go up? Because, I mean, the problem with Harris is he's not he's not going to score a touchdown the when they get into the red zone, when they're getting close, they go to Rex Burkhead because that's just who that's the guy they like there. I, I agree with you that, well, not only do they have Rex Burkhead inside the five, but they've also got Cam Newton, who very often can can.


That's a good point. I do think Damien Harris can you know, he can score from inside the ten where they're giving him so many carries that if he just breaks off, you know, fifteen, twenty yards for a touchdown, we should see that eventually.


All right, man, the weight off your shoulders when you lose Adam Gase, it must just he was running with a weight on his shoulders when he was with Miamian in New York and ends up in.


Is that the problem? Does Adam Gase make his players wear like a weight vest? It's just the emotional weight, Mike. It's the emotional weight of being near and around. That you sure they don't have a like a five pound vest on? I don't know. Honestly, he's the kind of guy that would do that. Let's work out let's this get you.


He soaks all their pads before the game. Makes them real heavy. Yeah. And put these on. All right.


Michael Petrine I mentioned it. He may be featured. He is a spot start type of player. Yeah, match up is good. I mean, Wayne Gallman is going to the buy, but he has been ignored and he has been productive in two consecutive weeks. And then let's talk about Salvin Armitt. Yes. Of the Miami Dolphins. They let go of Jordan Howard. Now, the tough part with Akhmad is you could have Breeda back at some point soon, but, you know, twenty one carries.


It's basically a plug and play situation like Myles Gaskin, they just put Akhmad in. And it was it was the same. Yeah. Because Myles Gaskin isn't that good. So they're like, OK, you're you're fine. You're running back. It is nice to see you. Similarly sized. Yes, you are OK. It is nice to see that.


I think this team wants to have a feature back. They don't have a feature back, but they would like to have someone out there who can catch the ball, run the ball, just projecting for next year when they've got so much draft capital. This is a team that I could see drafting a really good running back because of all the capital. And then I will have more trust for them next year saying they they're willing to roll with one player, you know, in all facets.


Mike, do you want to add anything to our running back room here? I mean, are you actually excited for Ryan moving forward?


Do you take a shot at one of the two non Darrell Henderson backs in Los Angeles? I mean, Brown ended up in the end zone this past week, but we've been there before lawmakers was met. I'm not spinning that wheel of Los Angeles. They they will go with all three. I have a decent amount of excitement for the Michael P. Ryan. I guess as has been documented on this show, I was backed into starting him. And so I've a couple of weeks ago, I've watched him, but he has some juice and he can catch the ball.


So if they actually do feature him where he's seeing 60 percent of the snaps or so, he should volume his way into being a starter, running back two. So I, I think P Ryan is is a must add this week. I don't know that he's a must play. If you're going for the one week you're going for Damian Harris or cannibalised. But if you're, if you're looking at a low, a low budget, add a low waiver priority, add Piran would look good on your bench right now.


And then if you're kind of set up and you're looking to add some of the insurance options, somebody that could end up being the sneaky league winning in the event of an injury type of player, you know, somebody like Jamaal Williams, if he's out there on your waiver wire, you know, Jamal, he was involved with Aaron Jones.


So he was Jamaal Williams should be added. I think Devante Booker is a player that, you know, has emerged eighteen carries last week on a week where Josh or Josh Jacobs was very productive and Jalen Richard got hurt.


Booker is so Booker was the worst third string back for Denver. And over the course of this year, there have been so many times where we're watching this, you know, nine TV set up. And I'm like, oh, my gosh, who was that? And I always laugh because it's Booker and I feel like he stinks, but he's looked really good this and Josh Jacobs just has a tendency to get banged up if Jacobs even, you know, not a catastrophic injury.


But he went out with a concussion. He went out with a one game injury. Booker is like a must start at that point with like Mike said, Jalen Richard went out, Boston scored.


I mean, is he somebody that you got to put on your roster? I mean, he's he's as fine as anyone else as a as an insurance option in the Brian Hill category. Yes, exactly.


Despite his fifty six yard rushing touchdown, which was very nice. He's not I mean, this is Myles Sanders, The Miles Sanders Show. If you have the Corey Clement around the goal line show. Oh, they did bring him in for like one play. Mike, how did that sit with you? Not very well.


That was that. I felt like I got a David cooked at that moment. The all the all the B to the BS. And it's like if you got Le'Veon Bell and you're in a super deep league and you're looking at the waiver wire saying there's no one I can drop left Belfour, at this point, I'd rather have Daryl Williams for the Kansas City Chiefs than Le'Veon Bell. Let's talk about some tight ends. Oh, please, it's tough. I mean, it's tough.


I've got to tighten that I that I would definitely be picking up Taysom Hill.


No? Well, sure, yes. I mean, in general, yes. If you can place it in.


Should be the number one ad here. Right.


I would agree with that. If if assuming that he is eligible on your platform for tight end, then you have to pick up the upside so much higher than some of these other guys.


Yeah, I agree. The the guy that I'm looking for and he might even be rostered, but he'll probably be dropped this week is to hold on for it. It's Jordan Reid. Jordan is going into the buy. You're not playing him this week. OK, but he's got a bye week.


The only issue with Jordan Reid is health. He got more on the field this last week and was was actually good. I mean, five, four sixty two in limited work. Now he's got the buying. He's coming back. Kittle has a serious injury. He's dealing with.


Are you targeting Jordan reading our legal record here, Mr. Moore?


I might be. I mean, right. It's tough because I've got no offense and Jared Cook and I can't imagine moving, you know, those guys for Jordan Reid, but everybody out there, literally everyone but one in your league is dealing with end troubles. And Jordan Reid could be a solution for a block of time while he's able to stay on the field.


It's not a bad point. I mean, I'm not extremely thrilled with the options out there. I mean, Miccosukee. No, I'm not really interested. Yes, he had five targets trusting to a you can't do it with Parker. You can't really do it with Koseki. Gobert been disappointing you. The opportunities there. He'll have targets and he's probably rostered still.


Yeah. And he's probably. Yeah exactly.


He's probably on a roster. If he's not I would add him. Ebron OK, you have three wide receivers that were in the top ten this past week. You're still down the totem pole there.


And then Logan Thomas, you know, six targets from Alex Smith. He is a player you can add this week. You can play Logan Thomas against Cincinnati.


If you don't have a better option, I'm going to do it. I agree with Jason that if you have a player right now that you're OK. OK, starting go grab Jordan Reed, get ready for the remainder of the schedule. Seigfried turns into that player, but Logan Thomas is he is interesting over the last four four games, I should say, tight end seven this past week against Detroit, he he did have a bomb in week nine against the Giants, but tied in for tight end nine before that.


And this is a different team. Alex Smith is a good quarterback once he has his full mojo confidence back. And it looked like Alex Smith was starting to get that towards the second half of that game against the line.


So I think that Logan Thomas is a he is in play here. Yeah. If you need to start this week, Logan Thomas is the pick up triangles. Let's talk about some great defensive options. And there's quite a few that could be out there, at least in the lower roster category. Look, the Dolphins play Denver. That's a smash play. Yes. Yeah, but the Vikings play Dallas, and that's the way the Vikings have been playing on defense lately.


Andy Dalton is going to be on his back and the Chargers play the Jets.


So all three of those are really good options.


Yeah, I agree. If I can take my pick from all three of them, it's definitely the dolphins. I've been bringing them up for weeks. The schedule going forward is great and they're special teams and defense is just playing out of this world right now.


Full stream ahead. I gave you a moment there, Mike, to adjust the volume.


I appreciate streaming quarterback options. Who do you have for the upcoming week? I'm going to I'm going to jump in first just so that I can actually show my support for Mike's. I support your pick, Mike. I think it's the right waiver pick up because of potential upside passed this week. But my current streamer this week is Kirk Cousins. Kirk Cousins is has actually been finally, you might think, oh, Dalvin Cook has been running the show for the Vikings.


They don't want to throw the ball.


Very much true and it is true. And at the same time, Kirk Cousins might think something correct, but at the same time Kirk Cousins has been fine. He's been you know, he was a quarterback one this past week in a tough matchup. He's always got Adam Thielen and you love Justin Jefferson. You were shopping for Shirts for Justice Jefferson today and he gets that Dallas defense.


That stinks, so I'm fine.


Rolling with Kirk Cousins are Justin Jeffersons. Oh, all right. Oh no, no. Look, I've got Big Benjamin, all right?


I'm taking Big Ben against Jacksonville. Go watch the tape from last week. No huddle offense. Big Ben calling the plays. That has a lot to do with why James Connor isn't getting the rock that much. Because guess what? When Big Ben calls the plays and throws the football three top ten wide receivers last week, big play capabilities with Deontay and with Claypoole, touchdowns with Juju Ebron is available to him and Jacksonville, OMYA.


If Big Ben is available in your league, he would be the pick up for sure over over all of these guys. He's he's going to be lightning this week.


Yeah. And Mike, you've got your streamy candidate.


I do want to talk about him after you reveal, OK, this is actually it's a great week for streamers. These this is not the one that I'm going to highlight. But Matt Stafford against Carolina, that's a great matchup. Alex Smith against Cincinnati. Cam Newton might have been dropped. The so many league may have given up on the captain of booty scooting and he gets to play Houston. But I want to highlight Jameis Winston. Drew Brees is going to miss a lot of time, five fractured ribs, a collapsed lung.


The Atlanta Falcons have been playing better since the they made the coaching change. But Jameis is now the captain of the New Orleans offense. And that offense involves Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, who is a top three wide receiver in in the NFL. And Jared Cook is a great option for someone who likes throwing touchdowns or historically likes throwing touchdowns to the tight end position. So I like Jamison. He's got a couple of good matchups. Come on here, move it forward.


And Jameis is certainly available on your waiver wire unless you're in a two quarterback league.


Maybe he's been picked up and OK, I know that there's going to be a wide range of opinions on Jameis Winston, so I totally respect the pick. I understand why you're making it. I am just wanting to weigh in that I am on the opposite view of Jameis Winston. Look, death taxes and Jameis Winston interceptions, those are. Oh, yes. Guaranteed things in life unless. You're Sean Payton and Sean Payton with Jameis Winston, if he's the selection at quarterback, they're going to protect Jameis from himself.


I don't believe in the upside of Jameis Winston in the Saints offense. I believe in Alvin Kamara. But I don't think that you're going to get what you hope what you used to get in Tampa Bay with them. Defense first running first, protect the football. Just weighing in with my opinion there. It's it's an opinion thing. So I understand the history for Jameis, but I'm not as enthusiastic as I don't know where you weigh in, Jay, but I'm not as enthusiastic as Mike.


I view Jameis as an extreme, high risk, high reward player.


This is a guy that's fair. Go out there. And if you're you know, you're taking a shot that Jameis, you know, look, he led the league in passing yards last year. He threw a lot of touchdowns. He threw a lot of picks. It was good for fantasy. He he had great games. He had terrible games. The thing is, is if he comes out and is good with this offense, with a great offensive head coach, he's just got to schedule that, you know, Atlanta, Denver, Atlanta, Philly, you you've got a really good option on the waivers for a month.


But you need to be aware that you're taking a big risk because Jameis could come out here and. I mean, Jamous never ceases to surprise me with how poor he can play, so, you know, but you at least saw Teddy Bridgewater last year come in. He had four starts. He was pretty good. Three top 20 had a top five and was standing in front of a mirror.


And he said, show me the complete opposite of myself. A picture of Teddy Bridgewater would come up in the mirror. I mean, those are just two totally different players. I'm worried about the mistakes. I'm worried about the benching. I'm worried about the strategy that that Payton will take. But again, I understand we have a history of him willing to sling it, but I'm not worried about benching at all. I like Taysom Hill unless the Saints want to go with the the offense is completely the Tim Tebow offense, where Tim Tebow or Taysom Hill is just going to run.


They're going to play. They're going to run. The read option like Taysom Hill is not a good quarterback and Taysom Hill has already had ball security problems on his own. Jameis is a better quarterback. So I it's I'm a I'm a Jason. It is a high risk, high reward play, but I'm willing to take that chance. All right.


We want to thank pristine auction for supporting the podcast. If you go to pristine auction dotcom, you can browse hundreds of daily sports memorabilia auctions. They've got pop culture auctions up right now. A good example, a signed Keenan Allen photo yesterday. Thirty five dollars. You can use the code ballers. You get a ten dollar credit. You guys have anything else to add before we close out? No, I don't. I think we had an awesome show.


All right, that was boisterous, impressive goodbye. All right.


That is it for the show. Mike, here comes the. Here comes the music. I hope you're all right. And we'll catch you tomorrow. Bycel mailbag Goodbye. Something special. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers.