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Foot clan, we've got a great show for you today, tons of match ups to get into. It's the playoff semifinal week for many of you. Before we do that, I want to remind you, fantasy champs Dotcom, if you need some of that sweet hardware to celebrate your victory, look no further fantasy champs, Dotcom. And they do this every year for us. If you use the code free ring at fantasy champs dot com, one word, try to figure out what you end up getting.


Well, it's not going to be one of the championship rings because those things are like sixty bucks. Yeah.


Fifty nine dollars. It's a free ring.


If you buy a trophy, you buy a belt, you get a free ring. Wow. And get this, the code is free ring at fantasy champs dotcom. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Come in. Yes, what time? Yeah, for reals this time. Welcome into the show, Thursday, December 17. We're back in the building. It is football time. Oh, man, who knows what it's playoff time.


What Chargers wide receivers will have tonight, but it is playoff time.


Oh. All right, fellows, I, I have engaged Diltz hyperspeed I expected yeah, you're dealing with the Keenan Allen question marks tonight.


He is a game time decision, as is Mike Williams in a great match up against the Raiders. Who fired their D coordinator in our depleted on defense? They are down, for starters tonight, right. And those starters, let's be honest, questionable to be starters.


They were the starters. No, no. Is is Abraham one of them? Yes. Yes. Now, that's a huge one. That's a big deal. I mean, we covered that show yesterday, but then the news came out. We talked about because of the short week, you're not entirely sure if the injuries are just rest days or if they're actually injured. Now, it's getting scarier. And the whole question, I think the most questionable player in that entire matchup is Justin Herbert.


What do you do in such a great matchup with a bad defense down for starters? I mean, like, what if Keenan doesn't go or Mike Williams or both?


If they both don't go, I would I would try to play somebody else. I would. I mean, hurts. Sure.


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, you have to stay water even in the playoffs, and if you take away OK, let's say I mean, we have Rosalio 11, right?


And that's Matt Ryan and his number one option. You've got a rookie. He's been. You know, you are rookie wall, you've got you've got the Patriot game example, and then you take away your top two receiving options and it becomes a little questionable.


I think it is about. Yeah, don't real. Mike Williams is good, but there are other options there that I think Herbert will be fine without. So it's a matter of if Keenan is not available, looked pivot, would you would you go all the way down to, let's see, Philip Rivers against Houston. Yeah, I think so. I think he's just because at this point, if you had herbut most likely you're just like, oh, I'm playing herbut I'm not going to go to the waiver wire yet.


The last three games for Dustin Hoffman, just to make sure people understand it wasn't just the New England game. He was the 14th quarterback against Buffalo. It's not terrible thirtieth against that. Not terrible, but not what you want this. Sure. And then seventeenth against Atlanta last week with with Keenan Allen for the majority of the game. So you are in it's ironic because we call those finishes Philip Rivers.


Fourteen. Seventeen. That's like where he lives. Yeah. So but the ceiling is going to come down without Canadell. He's too good. Otherwise we're doing a disservice to Keenan Allen saying Herbert will be just fine. Yeah. So that's going on tonight. I thought I would be rooting against you, Mike, wanting you to experience pain the way that you brought it to me. To my doorstep. Yes. Delivered Express, I, I'm just kind of I'm kind of neutral.


If you lose, great. If you win, great. OK, that's fine.


And you should be pleased with this place that I'm in, who knows. But by Sunday I might be rooting for you.


So I've never felt so supported by so loud.


It's really good. Don't cry Mike. Yeah. YouTube dot com. Slash the fantasy football or subscribe. Click the bell if you wanna watch the show. We are a year round podcast, so when the season ends, we're still going to be talking fantasy football through the NFL playoffs and the off season. And before you know you know how this works. Yep. It basically, you know, the NBA season right now feels like. Wait, what?


Huh? It's it's starting next week. And Brooks wants to remind everyone, no one still outrageously wealthy. No. Two shows coming up in the off season. We got the footy awards there. There is a none more higher esteemed award.


Perfectly said. Yeah, OK, OK. None more EIRIS in the world, in the land, in in the land. I'm not just talking about fantasy chasing monsters. Made fun of the way you said some Oscars kid out here with that garbage. Yeah. Oscar, Oscar. The the the footy's are for real. We've got the truth series. The truth about running backs wide receivers tight as we look back at not just where they ranked, but how they did.


Obviously, we're going to be looking at rookies and we're just talking football. We're all best friends. Let's talk football through the offseason, OK? All right, let's do it. And let's take it to one hunter.


Taking it up to one hundred presented by head and shoulders available at Wal-Mart.


And that was Jeff.


All right. So let's let Jason go. Week 14 in the books. And I believe Mike is still ahead by one we see.


Is one game up on you, Andy? Certainly up one. That is right. I thought it was two. This week will really matter to see which one of you will hoist the 100 trophy and take it up to one hundred pound trophy. I will. Yes, it better be 100 pounds. I'll kick it off here since I'm out of the running for the victory. But my name is Jeff.


Jeff Wilson Junior refers to the show Dog. So you got Jeff will say. Exactly. Jeff Wilson is a smash play. Even if Mostert, you know, is is active, he's not 100 percent. When he was 100 percent, it was a 50/50 split with Jeff Wilson against Dallas. It's a smash smash matchup. And Jeff Wilson will most definitely take it to 100 this week. All right. Yeah, last week, Mike and I both hit.


So we're still I'm still just one back. I'm actually going to go with Chris Godwin this week. All right. This has not been the year you hoped for from Chris Godwin or anything close to it.


No. One week in the top 12.


Oh, for Chris Godwin, this is the best matchup this week that you can imagine against Atlanta Slote cornerback Isaiah Oliver. It's a huge advantage for Godwyn in that one. I think you're seeing ten targets in this game. I think he's going to take it to one hundred yards.


And for your fantasy team, also have him a week removed from getting the pen out of his hand. That has to help.


Yep. Yep. You remember me not for writing on this podcast for that week after I got a pen out of my hand how bad I was. You couldn't even talk. I could barely speak.


All right. And I'm going with a player who I believe this particular week will take it up to an extra one hundred. Go on, Juju Smith. Schuster, the Pittsburgh Steelers offense has been. Lackadaisical, the very kind. Yes, I'm trying to be kind of my words here, but last time they stink, the last time the Steelers played, they have they've stunk really, really bad lately. Last but the last time they played the Bengals, Big Ben dropped over three hundred and four touchdowns.


And that was actually JuJu's. Best game of the year. And I expect a bit of a replication here that I am playing Juju with confidence this week. Juju, Cincinnati.


Yeah, we'll just call all players who have a good game against a certain team. All right. Take your hair up to one hundred head and shoulders available at Wal-Mart. Pick us up today and check out next Tuesday's episode to hear how these picks went. I had a big lead for a lot of this season, and then Mike's been fired three, four out of the last five weeks.


In fact, he's only year only with Mike is you chose the Miami defense. And that was they really should have taken it up to a hundred. Yeah, it is ironic because they've had so many great games right around where you took them. Yeah, just that one. Yeah. Yeah. Into the news.


News & notes from around the league. Well, what do you know, the forty Niners designated tight end George Kittle to return from injured reserve and there was video of him running around in practice yesterday.


Well, that's good. You're going to need to run during the game, without question. So it's his 21 day window. Doesn't mean he's going to be active this week or next week, but it means he can be. Yeah, and I've said this before when we've had questions of do I drop Kittel? Obviously, we're at the end of the season here. But if he comes back, he's in my lineup. Yes. First week back, I will plug him in.


Obviously, if you have Kelsi or Wollar, OK, maybe not. But outside of those two guys, you're going to play Kittel and he can help you win a championship even if you only get them for that single championship game, does it?


I hadn't thought about this till just now. We've been talking up Banani. You can have sixteen targets and the absence of DBO makes a great play. Does it change his ceiling at all with Kittel? Another target available? A little bit. A little bit, but not anything. Where I'm abandoning Brandon Duke is a great play, right? Nothing that would define how you'd play him exactly where he most who didn't practice on Wednesday. Speaking to the Jeff Wilson point earlier, Nick Mullins more likely to start in week fifteen than C.J. Beathard, I guess Kyle Shanahan coming out saying that Drew Brees a ways to go in his recovery, that is that because he broke like every single one of his ribs?


I think that's why I think it was all the ribs. I believe he's up to eighty two ribs, broken, punctured lung, lacerated spleen. And C, he he no longer has a liver. That was that was shocking when they found that out.


Does this mean that Tatum Huckabee, a playoff quarterback? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, right now I don't mean fantasy playoffs.


I mean NFL playoffs. Oh yeah. He could possibly I think they can win. Obviously they can win with Taysom Hill. And in the first round I think they could get by with that. All right. Julio Jones is considered week to week right now. I wouldn't expect him out there this week, but we'll keep monitoring that. Robert Wood sidelined on Wednesdays practice.


I read the comments from head coach Sean McVay says he's just trying to be smart with Robert Woods and that he expects him to be out there and not going to affect his activity in the game. And then DJ Moore. Oh, my, he's going to play Mike.


I had not seen that news yet. Matt Rule says he will play on Saturday against the Packers. So knowing you have a Keenan Allen situation on your team, there could be a pivot for your team.


I mean, that's not necessarily the the the panic button. You want to hit a player coming off of an ankle injury coming off of covid. How much will he actually play that? That remains to be seen. So even though you're like, oh, you could be excited that Moore is back, that's that's very risky business.


Hollywood Brown, Ronald Jones both placed on the covid reserve list. There were actually three players on the Ravens that were placed on the list, including Myles Boykin. Do we have any more updates as to their expected availability for Sunday? We do not know yet if they tested positive or if they were simply a close contact, if they were of close contact, Hollywood could still make it back in time. Ronald Jones, though, with this the hand injury, I would expect he will not play.


Yeah, we thought he was going to miss a week already. This, I think, just brings clarity to that situation. Matt Britos off the covid list. Salvano Akhmad, off the air was limited at practice. You know, Miles Gaskins on the covid list. You know that DeAndre Washington's there is a mess. It's probably a mess to avoid it.


Yeah, I mean, it's if Akhmad is the starter. Are you man? I don't know. I'll say if Ahmed is out, I'm still going to play the Washington with a with volume confidence. And it's not like the the Patriots have been the best against running backs. So if Ahmed's out then you have some clarity. If he is back then I'm not going to play anybody. All right.


Lamar Miller was claimed off of the Bears practice squad by the Washington football team confirming Antonio Gibson. Good night. My champion not going to be seeing him. Julian Edelman back at practice for the Patriots. Do we care? No, no, I don't think so. I can't imagine that I'm happy for Julian.


Any chance he could throw for more yards than Cam himself?


Yeah. Is he going to throw for more than fifty? Probably not. OK, then. Probably not. All right. And we'll keep you up to date. You know, our social media will be will be keeping you up to date with Keenan Allen. Mike Williams. I will throw out Tyron Johnson as a name to monitor if both Keenan Allen and Mike Williams are out. Tyron Johnson, wide receiver for the Chargers, had a big game last week and would be frequently targeted, I would expect tonight.


Yeah, last week he had seven targets. He was six for that.


And he did score. All right, let's jump into the fantasy forecast. Fantasy forecast. Now, we have Saturday football this this week. Oh, right. I believe so. Yeah, we do, too. So let's start there. The Buffalo Bills at ten and three, taking on the five and eight Denver Broncos bills are six point road favorites.


It's a fifty point over under. And look, I'll be honest, I was really, really impressed with Josh Allen last week.


He was excellent. He was excellent. You scared me so bad there, Andy. I thought you were going to say I was really thinking about making this guy almost upset of the week. And I just I didn't I didn't see how that I didn't see that playing out personally.


How dare you?


I know you you you believe in Josh Allen. I believe in Josh and I. I'm sorry that I thought you were if you thought if you thought I was going in that direction.


Do you do know what you were telling me to believe that Drew Lock can somehow be ten and three Buffalo Bills?


Look, am I an irresponsible guy? No. OK, and I don't align myself with with irresponsible men.


All right.


Josh Allen, you're playing him this week. Now, Mike, I was talking to Jason on the drive in today about Josh Allen and Tom Brady. You just go with the stallion at this point.


Oh, man.


I know our rankings have Josh Allen consensus wise just ahead, but it's close. And if you're looking for upside. I feel like you find it with Alan and not with Brady at this point, I would be playing Josh Allen ahead of Tom Brady. What do you do with the running backs in this in this whole game?


Melvin Gordon, Phillip Lindsay, Zach Moss, Devin Singletary.


Well, you're not going to play Zach Moss or Devin Singletary, though. They've pretty much been absolutely irrelevant the entire season. Melvin Gordon has. He's he's a player that you can you can throw in your lineup. If you've gotten to the playoffs with him, you probably have a solid team around him. In fact, if you look, three of his last four games have been top twenty four performances. He's he's a solid, if yet uninspiring, running back.


The matchup against Buffalo is not that bad. So I'm willing to play Melvin Gordon. I don't think I roll with any of the other running backs in these games.


In this game, I was I thought that there was supposed to be some sort of court situation.


It got postponed for Melvin Gordon. It got pushed into January. So he will complete the season. But next year, I expect Melvin Gordon to be starting with a two or three game suspension. I can't remember the exact the mandate.


If you're going to start a wide receiver for the Broncos, it's going to be Tim Patrick, correct. He's been a top thirty six wide receiver in eight of his last nine games. If you don't count the game that a wide receiver from the practice squad play quarterback.


Stefon Diggs, you play him, John Brown's going to be out, according to Sean McDermott, this is big news for your call. Beasley confidence levels. Yes, it didn't work out last week as in the actual production, but you have to look a little bit deeper than that. Cole Beasley had ten targets and he only caught five of them, which is bizarre. That's a very bizarre catch percentage for Cole Beasley. Considering two weeks ago against San Francisco.


He caught nine of his eleven target, considering every week of his career catches everything. I mean, look, the vaccine's not stopping the measles, that's for sure.


I think the measles is in my lineup if I'm in a PR efficacies. Zero percent. That's right. That's right. Not against the measles. So, yeah, Colbys Beasley's. I think in here's here's a real good question. Would you rather start for people like are you more confident in starting Cole Beasley or Tim Patrick on the other side. Cole Beasley. I agree, the higher floor, yeah, yeah, because the temperature is still, you know, got an irresponsible quarterback throwing the ball, no offense, I think you need to just avoid that.


Right this week, and, yeah, I would I'd be looking at the streamers, call Kimmett from the Bears, I'd be looking at Irv Smith because I mean, it's trending that that Kyle Rudolph is not going to play again. So I would be playing Irv Smith over.


No offense. I also have one as my start of the week later on the show today that maybe will be a little unexpected for listeners. So an option at tight end vacance.


What's that? Jordan Davis is not a bad play again.


I can't quit. I thought about it, but I just couldn't. I couldn't do it. Couldn't do it. But you can.


I would I would play over and over and see, here's the thing with no offense, I know he just last week, but he went into the locker room with an illness and left. He didn't play last week. He wasn't on the field right off the bat.


So it's not I don't I don't view it as negatively as you guys. I would I would probably play the screaming match up of Big Irv. I don't know that I would go all the way down to Qualcomm at personally. And I have no idea who you're starting the weakest, but we can talk about that later. Yeah, this is like tease.


I'm I'm super PACs, even though, like on a podcast, they could, you know, technically skip ahead and they would never do.


The foot clan is an honorable thing. That's a dishonorable thing. You must listen except for the people listening to us, a two time speed right now, which apparently like you like my my friends listen to that now.


And I'm like, why? Why God do that to me? Why God do me dirty? Your friends listen at two times. Yeah, we sound way smarter on two times because of how fast we can talk. Although if you put us on half we probably sound like a sound like we had some beverages. Yes. Or we sound like an episode of the Gilmore Girls. Oh yeah. Because they're so quick witted, smart in their the right school retorts are unmatched.


I know. All right. Carolina for nine Green Bay, ten and three games in Green Bay Packers are eight point favorites. It's a fifty one and a half point over under. It's going to be cold. I'm just saying I want that to be all you offer. It's to this discussion with you. Oh, good news. The weather in Cincinnati. That's right. OK, yes, it is going to be 30 degrees. Very chilly.


This is an Aaron Rodgers game. Yeah. Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones. I think the I will bring up Aaron Jones for a second because obviously you're playing him. But I did notice that in our rankings, you know, he's sitting right around that RB one spot. But, you know, you look at what Derrick Henry does at this time of year, you look at what Aaron Jones has done in the fact that he does seed some drives to Jamaal Williams.


Are you going to get the kind of explosive week winning performance from Marion Jones this week against Carolina? I believe you do. I think that we know the flaws there. He's been solid the entire year. The matchup says that it's great for him, but I don't know that that really matters for Aaron Jones, because sometimes the the easier matchups they could they could benefit Jamaal Williams. And sometimes the the difficult matchup is where you need to rely on Aaron Jones.


But in in this case, I think that Aaron Jones utilization will break off a long run and he'll get in the end zone. I think he'll be very happy with Aaron Jones this week. This game is wild for the Packers side because I am open to playing. Basically, every person on this team like Rodgers is locked. Jones locked in Adams. Robert, trunnion is 100 percent it is 100 percent in on honestly, if you're in a deeper league, if you like, in the hour, our listener league in the playoffs, I'm in a situation where Julio Jones keeps threatening to be out.


My other options in this double flux are not expiring. I'm willing to throw in Marqués Valdés scantly at this point, he has a he he does have a he can give you zero points. That's in the range of outcomes. But we've also seen, you know, three big games in the last six weeks for Marqués. No, thank you. Pass that. That's fine. It's I know how hard you guys can live in Europe. I don't I only play six players leagues over here.


I'm just saying it's hard to catch in the cold and it's hard for him to catch when it's perfectly so. If it's hard for if it's a situation where he can't catch the reverse psychology of Kutty Marquis Valdés scaley.


Yeah, if I had that decision I would play Qiqi D.J Chaak or Marquis Valdés. Oh that's great. That is a very I would go Digitas. Mm. Yeah.


What's the matchup for Jacksonville. I can't remember that one with Baltimore. I'd play in MVS, Russell Gage hits Tampa Bay. He's got a very he's the he's he is like, you know, he is a clone of Marquis where you would there's these spots all the time where you think Russell Gage is.


He's going to come through. He's the starter now for Matt Ryan. And what is Russell to have like two good games over the course of the whole season? I play in over Russell Gage.


One last one, Tyron Johnson. If Williams if everybody is out, I would play Tyron Johnson. OK, OK. Teddy Bridgewater in company in this game. D.J. Moore coming in. Interesting, Robby Anderson, you know, Hoby frequently targeted I will be talking about these wide receivers later in the show, believe it or not, the match up for Robby Anderson, it's going to be Jason Alexander. And spoiler alert J.R. Alexander's really, really good.


He's the number two ranked cornerback on pro football focus this year. He is a shut down guy and he is is going to be on Robby for a majority of this game. Jim, more the health. Hard to say. The matchups. Really good for Curtis Samuels. So I like Curtis Samuel a lot in this game. And I think he's somebody like I would smash Curtis. Samuel Overinvest. Yeah. Yeah, I agree with that. I have a question, though, specifically for Jason.


Would you play Mike Davis or Reggie Mostert this week?


Oh, wow. Tucson, Mike, that was too soon, I feel like I spread them and you kicked me right where it counts, I don't know. Mike Davis.


Good call for five hundred everyone that keeps asking whether they would start Mike Davis this week. I just tell them I think Jason would probably set him.


You know what super sad is? My rankings and my advice all said, play Mike Davis over. He moster. I just didn't follow my own advice. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Yes.


I hate myself. My Davis, you got to blame this like you do.


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All right. Tampa Bay, Atlanta. Are we cool to move for El Rubia with this matter? Yeah, let's do it. All right. Tampa Bay.


Well, you don't wanna cross El Rubio. No. Oh, my gosh. He has never crossed a drug lord. He has quite a few gunmen that are under his employ.


Well, the problem is, is I know you used the simply safe, so I need to sneak onto your compound, but I know it's going to be an issue.


Yeah, heavily armed. Good luck with that. Yeah. Tampa Bay and five Atlanta for nine Buccaneers are six and a half point favorites. One and a half point over under. I will say this, I am tired of trying to figure out when Tom Brady is going to have a monster game. I. Don't think I know when it will happen, Tom Brady, you know, coming out of the box. I thought you'd figure it out. I thought I'd have a huge game against the Rams, get things figured out.


You know, he wanted to go play golf with Bruce Arians. He could have figured it out. Game against the best defense in football this Rams weeks ago. I did. I did.


I thought I there there is the narrative of, you know, Tom Brady figures it out and you don't know necessarily when it's going to be. And he comes out and he gives you fantasy weeks where he's been the number one overall fantasy quarterback number two against the Chargers, number one against Carolina, top five against Kansas City two weeks ago.


That's what I'm saying. But then he drops down to twenty against Minnesota. I will seems like you should be great this week. I think he will be great this week and we're going to talk about him in a little bit. To your credit, though, I will say this. Tom Brady look good. This this. He had a he had one absolutely historically awful throw. It was it was amazing. It was unbelievable. He over to his running back by a good 10 yards.


But outside of that, he played very well and then he wasn't needed.


I do. I mean, I wish that Julio was there because that is the one downside is that if the Atlanta Falcons can't do anything against this Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense, then, yeah, I think that that top five game is is, you know, going to be out of reach for him because it won't be necessary. But you look at the matchup and you say, OK, you don't have Ronald Jones. You don't you don't.


Do we know that definitively? No, we don't know that yet. At best, you have a broken finger, Ronald Jones, against a very good run defense. They've been top six all year. And you've got all your weapons finally healthy and active and together. So I expect big things from Brady. But I understand. I mean, we've got Brady and Josh Allen. We've been talking about who do you start there? And all three of us have gone to the Josh Allen side because the ceiling is higher.


Now, I mentioned I like Godwin in this game, taking it up to one hundred. He's the highest ranked of the wide receivers on this team. The matchups great in terms of the cornerback he's going up against in the slot.


But the running back, let's circle back there, because if Ronald Jones what you said just now about the defense in Atlanta, about your concerns about are you benching Ronald Jones, even if he's active, he's someone I am absolutely willing to. But I he's not a must bench. He's been solid through the course of the season. If they deem he is ready to go and he's the starter, he should have enough volume to be you know, we're talking about playing a DeAndre Washington and a bad matchup because of volume.


The volume would would be there for Ronald Jones. But he is you know, a lot of times you're in the playoffs, you've got three or four decent running backs. And if you're looking for pivot options like Melvin Gordon, we were talking he's he's a starter blaster. I would without a doubt start Melvin Gordon, real Ronald Jones this week. Clyde Edwards earlier against the Saints. Oh, yeah. With I would start Clyde Edwards.


I feel like I don't want to make calls with Ronald Jones today. Sure. I feel like that. That's the scariest thing to do is the covid list thing was a surprise. And then the finger. I mean, all of my analysis here of who I would play is obviously assuming that Ronald Jones is starting. So he the covered list is irrelevant to that conversation. He still has the finger and the match up issues. Obviously, the decision is made easier.


If he is not active for the game on the coast, I would definitely not play him. That brings up a another difficult situation. Leonard Fournette Healthy Scratch. Last week, Bruce Arians did say If Ronald Jones can't go, Leonard Fournette is going to be the starter for this team. Are you going to or are you willing to dust Leonard Fournette off the bench and put him in the starting lineup?


Leonard Fournette? No way. No way am I playing all right? I mean, that's not to say he can't fall into an end zone. But if you're telling me that at the end of this game, Lusha McCoy clearly was got the the most volume, I believe it if you said that that was that this was the game that they decided to start working in the rookie, I'd be like, OK, I don't think I would win.


I think I would play him. Like you would play Leonard Fournette. Sure. Wow. Adrian Peterson gave us two weeks with two touchdowns a week. In the absence of DeAndre Swift, the Hall of Famer who's been awesome for ever, Leonard Fournette was the he was like the number four overall pick. Jason, there's a chance Leonard Fournette is a three down back. There is a chance because he's the next guy. He's the he's the pass catcher has been back.


Well, I will say this. If you play him over Todd Gurley, I'll say that I would play your grandmother over Todd Gurley.


That's fair. That's fair, R.P.. Yeah, because Todd Gurley could have a negative game and that could actually work out. You could win a bet.


It's possible that you could win a bet saying you'd play my grandmother over Todd Gurley and not even fiction. I think that the range of outcomes for Todd Gurley includes a negative finish.


He's been so bad, he has been bad. But the Falcons defense against running backs, just to illustrate it, has not been bad. This last week was the first week since week six that they gave up any kind of good performance. That was awesome tacklers, umpteen targets and catches. He's a fake running back. Yeah, he was. He was OK. But New Orleans the week before great running to great running backs, they they didn't get it done.


The Raiders the week before, obviously, they predicated on the run and and Josh Jacobs, New Orleans a week before that, again since week six. So maybe it's just because they're so easy to throw on. But I don't like the matchup.


It feels like both teams could indeed abandon the run. In this one, you could see a ton of pass attempts. Calvin Ridley will face Carlton Davis. I don't care. Doesn't matter. He when he gets targeted eight plus times, he gives you a monster fantasy week.


That's just what he does. Julio Jones, if you if he's active, you generally just play Julio Jones if he is active. I will play Julio Jones in my in my playoffs if he is out. I mean, you're if if Williams excuse me. If Julio is out, I'm out on everybody. Yeah, well, other than Redleaf Reedley. And then you're out on first. Out on Russell Gaige. Out on Matt Ryan. We're always out on Todd Gurley.


Kind of sounded like Mike was tearing up at the end of it. Did well in your voice.


I do have Calvin Ridley. I wouldn't play anybody happy tears.


Yes. Rob Gronkowski. Yes, absolutely. Hayden Hurst. No, never. Not going to do it. The Forty Niners, five and eight. Dallas Cowboys for nine. Forty Niners hours, three point road favorites, it's a forty five point overunder, guess I'm a little bit surprised that they are favored. So really, you know what?


Oh, I think I think this is going to be it. OK. And almost upset of the week. You know, this just reminds me of the Aikman and Steve Young games, right? Yeah, legendary. Yeah, Mullan's the Dalton. That's good, yeah, this should be a great matchup, San Francisco, the one to run the football, we don't know if Mostert will be available. Could be some Jeff Wilson, Tevin Coleman, Jerick, McKinnon combination is Jeff Wilson time and then Ezekiel Elliott.


Just so you are aware, since week six, he's been the RB twenty seven. How are you evaluating him into the future? I believe that, you know, when Dec comes back, everything will rise. I don't necessarily think that that means he's guaranteed to go back to being a top three locked and loaded guy. We just talked about who our top pick would be next year. I think we got through five guys and Zeke's name wasn't in there, but he will be a first rounder for me next year.


You have a double whammy here. Obviously, you've lost the quarterback, which is the most important, but you've also lost a lot of the offensive line that made Zeke so special. If next year the offensive line is healthy and Dak is back, the volume in the offense dictates that he'll be a great option.


But for now, this year, James Robinson is looking at Zeke going, I didn't I didn't see Dak.


That's true. And I think the the difference for Zeke, looking at the future when Dak is back, you know, presuming they figure out how to sign him because they bungled that last year, then Zeke is a good play. But you just. I think he's going to fall out. Look at me, that's fine if it's five, six pics, if he falls out the tier of the elite, that's the I don't blame you because the fact that he can't get it done in this circumstance, you have to adjust your evaluation of how good he is.


Yeah, well said. Brandon Eisuke, I know we're going to talk about him a little bit later. He's a great play. A wide receiver for the 49ers, Amari Cooper, and with the.


Yep, yep, yeah, absolutely, Amari Cooper has been fantastic with Dalton, not as good as he would have been with Dak, but he's the clear one for the team he's in.


Talked about George Kittle at the top of the show designated for return. If he's active, you play him. That is the tight end position. And George Kittle is elite. And I don't think that they're willing to take a chance with the long term health of George Kittle. So if he's back out there, he's ready to go. There's nothing on the line in this game other than, you know, the pride of a man named George Kittle. So Dalton Schultz.


Nope, yeah, I mean, floor play. Forty Niners are the two over the last six weeks, number one on the season I have I have Scholtes in our league of record. I'm right now actively trying to figure out who else I'm going to play over him. The nice thing, I believe for Shultz's, it won't be a zero. You'll get you'll get three or four receptions for 30 yards. Yeah, I lost the Dalton Schultz last week.


That's right. It feels real good. The Detroit Lions, five and eight taken on the nine and four Tennessee Titans. We don't have a game line right now because we do not know if Matthew Stafford is going to play.


I'm in a pickle because I have Marvin Jones in a league, we just got an update that Mike Williams is not expected to play tonight and that the Chargers are very concerned that Keenan Allen will not be available.


And if he is, he will be limited. That is bad.


This is for playing the absolute worst case scenario at this point.


Mike is now rooting for Keenan Allen to be out.


I have to be willing. Yeah, I am. I'm rooting Keenan Allen. Please get healthy because Woody fellas, what do I do with you, with my superstar wide receiver? Who is it? Because oh, my gosh, I am now, Mike. I love this. I like this. We got that because it's lost to me. We had to worry about this. We have we have seen this play out absolutely both ways. We've seen the superstar.


I'm going to play my guy. They're active. They don't even get on the field. We have seen a superstar on a short week be limited. You know, they probably won't be on the field very much. They go out. They have a fantastic game.


I so what's going to happen, though, tonight, though, if Keenan Allen, like, is really live still on the show, sucks man.


If Keenan Allen is acting and the expectation is that he will be limited. I am playing Keenan Allen. That would be my personal advice. I believe that he is he is too good of a wide receiver and that when he's on the field, Herbert will be looking for his direction. I think they might pull him off or more run plays, pull him off for, you know, if he's limited in some fashion when he's on the field, he will be utilized.


And he's also a gamer. He plays he's played through a lot of these injuries. So that would be what my personal decision would be. Eddie, what would you do if you had Keenan Allen not knowing the pivot option, just in general, would you at this point with the news that we have at this moment in time? I don't think I'm playing Keenan Allen if he's active, if he's active. I don't I can't take a chance at him coming off after one play, and that seems like it's a real likely scenario.


Yeah, it's possible because he came off last week and he's very doubtful today and he's got 10 days and they're playing for nothing. I just don't know if I just don't think the upside is there, which is. But you asked is that opinion. It's a it's a read situation.


If I have Keenan Allen now knowing that Mike Williams is out, I am picking up Tyron Johnson. If he's up, he's a viable pivot of both of those players are gone. And the whole reason this came up, this is somehow being brought up in the middle of the Detroit Lions and Titans breakdown, and the reason why is because before the show, I was talking about Tyron Johnson. And you don't know if Stafford's playing and Marvin Jones is another option, and if Marvin Jones doesn't have Matthew Stafford, I want no part of him.


I want no part of Marvin Jones.


He has the ability to not perform with Matthew Stafford like he did last week. But you don't know if you have Starford, so then do you put Tyron Johnson out there? That's a decision I have in a Dynasty semi-final league.


So very tough. I don't think Stafford is going to play this week.


That's my read on the situation. I agree. So in that case, I'm going to play if Quiñones out. I'm playing Tyron Johnson tonight over Marvin Jones.


So that's that's where I'm at. And you might be in a similar boat. That being said, look, Ryan Tannehill, it looked like he had a smash matchup last week against Jacksonville. Technically, he did. He did not deliver for fantasy whatsoever. I worry about the exact same thing coming true this week. I thought about him multiple times this week, thought about him in the streaming quarterbacks, thought about him in the start of the week. Everything on paper says, OK, AJ Brown, big game, big game.


Let's go. You could have two hundred yards from Derrick Henry again. You get out of this game, put away against the backup quarterback.


Who makes mistakes? Where are you guys at? I'm still willing to stream Ryan Tannehill, I mean, quarterback 19 on the week, that sounds terrible, but two hundred yards, two touchdowns. So he didn't he didn't sink your team. And you combine that with Derrick. Henry had two touchdowns of his own. I mean, the Titans scored a lot. The variance just went to Derrick Henry. And Probability certainly says right now in this matchup against the Lions, Derrick Henry has completed his transformation into a yeti that the probabilities on his side.


But Tannehill could still be the one who comes away with the touchdowns.


I'm not laughing at you, Mike. I'm laughing at the comment in our show, Duck under Derrick Henry, where, you know, traditionally we put some statistics right to analytics that we've broken down. This just says let the bodies hit the floor. Yeah. He's going to stiff arm these people to oblivion. I'm going to play Derek Derek this week. I think the matchup choice is OK. And so I'm going I'm going to put him in. Here's the here's the reality with what you're talking about, Andy.


In the Derrick Henry versus Ryan Tannehill battle on the same team, one of the concerns is there's now being so much publicity surrounding the fact that Derrick Henry is actually in play for the all time rushing record in the history of the NFL. If he basically gets 200 yards a game for these next three games, which is very doable based on the matchups and based on how many times he's done that already this season, then he would he would get it. And they're still human beings and he wants to get it.


And if they're able to, I do have a little bit of fears of that. But like Mike said Tannehill last week, he didn't have a bad game. He didn't he didn't destroy you by any means. You just and he certainly didn't ceiling he didn't have a great game. He didn't win the week for you like you would hope. And but he has that potential. I do think his floor is still fine.


Yeah, I agree with all of what you're saying. If you need if you need a ceiling, I like I play Brady over over ten squares.


Well, yeah. AJ Brown. Yep. You're going to play him. He was limited his practice. That's normal. So don't freak out. One of the things that's been interesting about my son learning to play fantasy football is that he sees the injury designations for the first time during the week and he comes in panicked all the time, like he sees a questionable tag show up for AJ Brown in this situation. What happened to him?


What happened to him? He's going to be OK. He played football. But yes, it's a rough sport.


Kenny Golladay did not practice again. He's not going to play. This has been bewildering, but I think I haven't figured out what's happening. Maybe OK. I think he's stringing them along. Yeah, because he's a free agent. Yeah.


Oh, and I think that maybe it's always been like, yeah, I'm feeling good. No, I'm really like clearly they could have put him on an air, like long ago. He's going to be six straight weeks if he misses this week. So I think that's what it might be.


It might be a little bit of free agent management. Yeah. If you're Kenny Golladay at this point, you have a lot of reasons. You get on the field, you have nothing to gain by getting on the field. He's he's already proven that he is he's a number one guy, fleet wide receiver. That's already proven. Your team's out of the playoffs. Only bad things can have shut it down. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe you don't get that money.


Yeah. You get your papers, Kenny. Yep, I agree. And if it's Chase Daniel, confidence levels are going to go way down. You know, T.J. Hokanson, you've been playing and you're going to keep playing him. Generally, titans are short yardage friends of backup quarterbacks and T.J. Hawkins and will be that. Corey Davis, you can play him, the variance is going to be it's going to be there. I mean, that's the situation.


I would still playing as a fringe to flex type of a play. I agree. Everything we talked about, Tannahill, will be split up mostly between AJ Brown and Corey Davis. I think Corey Davis is a fine play. And obviously, DeAndre said to someone that I am I am starting this week with or without Stafford, but obviously I'm limiting my expectations. If Stafford is not there, the Texans are four nine.


They're taking on the nine and four Indianapolis Colts palindrome game.


Called to seven point favorites, it's a fifty one and a half point overunder, believe it or not. This would be walking on air. Sorry, that's all I can hear.


This is this is one of those games that jumps out to me, years of of divisional matchups. And looking at these game lines where this is on that almost upset category, to me, the Colts are heavy favorites. It's fifty one point over under. But but Deshaun Watson finds a way should get Brandin Cooks back in this game. And I think it might be a little closer than the seven points. So we'll see, though, that it might be impossible for Watson to do that because the Houston rushing defense probably won't be able to stop Jonathan Taylor, the Deshaun Watson against the Colts.


Just a couple of weeks ago, he had 340 yards, but he had no touchdowns, no passing, one rushing. Yes, yes or no passing. Yeah, I was looking at him looking at this game. The three forty one was great against this Colts defense. Cole Stevens has actually been beatable, beatable lately. It's not the first the part of the year, the last six weeks. Twenty two against quarterbacks. Twenty six against running backs.


Twenty fifth against titans. Still good against wideouts. But I'm interested in Deshaun Watson in this game. We're going to talk about him. Oh, my. I know now. Wow. Yeah, I, I. All right. I love you. I love that personally.


And part of the reason for that is, is Kiki Colts, because if we got to Houston now, we got Kiki Colts keiki Colts has three one hundred yard games in his career and they are all you serious against the Colts and their zone defense. Really? Yes.


So so would you go keiki Colts over Tyron Johnson out of asking for a friend?


I would, because we've seen more of Qiqi his involvement, and I still trust the Sean Watson more than herbut, not necessarily from solely a fantasy perspective, but just getting the job done. What's the chance that Deshaun Watson has a collapsed game and it's figured out it's just not going to happen?


It actually shocks me that Kiki Kutty has three one hundred yard games in his career. And then when you tell me that there are three against the Colts.


Very interesting. Now you've got me thinking, hmm, other storylines from this game to David Johnson coming off the covid list. I'd rather not, but I think he's an OK play. But who did you bring up earlier? Well, we were talking about potential starts across from Melvin Gordon. I'm trying to remember the running back we brought up earlier that would have been in this category like David Johnson, Clyde. Now, Fournette. Oh, goodness, that's not even remotely close as David Johnson.


I would play David Johnson, David Jones just just some context because I know he's missed games. He's been, you know, uninspiring for sure.


He has three games on the season where he's not a top 24 running back. He he's actually been just fine. Yeah. And the this matchup against the Colts, like we like we said the last six weeks, they're just there. They have not been the same as they were to start the season. And I think David Johnson will be utilized and always has a chance of touchdowns. So I'm fine. I think I put him right next to Melvin Gordon.


Like, that's the type of player you're getting, someone that should be a top twenty four back, probably won't be a top twelve back. These two teams played two weeks ago. Colts won by six Watson and fumbled when they had a chance to take the lead at the end of the game. This this game is going to be more competitive than people think. T.Y., Houston, Europe.


Yeah, play him. He might be Mike's permanent start of the week. Right? Right now. I'm sure the Texans figured him out by now.


I have seen a lot of questions about Michael. Ha, I've seen Michael Pittman questions last three weeks, he's been outside the top 58 at the position. I know I'd play Kutty over Michael Pittman.


We joke around the office because Andy saw it from even weeks prior to the two game breakout that we saw from Pittman. Pittman has one route. He went as far as when he catches the ball, maybe he runs Phantom. Hard to call it a rout even. Yeah, it's carouser. He just runs across the field. It gets hit in perfect stride. Yep. That's a good job, Philip Rivers. And then sometimes he's able to take that to the house.


Yeah, he did that in two Back-To-Back games. He could do it there. That's the whole route. He could do it here. But that's the way it comes. Is is will he break a crossing route across field to the endzone. Yeah, yeah. That's it. Odds are lower than fifty percent. Right. He's a more upside play because of his athleticism than other wide receivers like a Hunter Renfroe, for example. But he has a real low floor.


Trey Burton and Murali Cox might not play in this game, oh, baby heads so baby hands, Jack Doyle could be a sneaky last second start for somebody.


I mean, Mike, if you've got Dalton Schultz, the problem is in order to have that confidence, you need Burton and Moily Cox to be out. That is correct. But if I knew they were out.


Now, Jason, you follow the weather probably closer than both of us. Out of curiosity, how sunny do you think it will be? I'm asking on behalf of Jordan Watkins.


Well, fortunately for him, it's a dome game, so it shouldn't be sunshiny underside of that dome or are we good? We are. We are doing good. Do they have spotlit capability or. Yes, if if you are maybe a Colts fan, just bring a flashlight and you can stop ACoNs from doing anything you want.


Gosh, that was painful in his eyes. That was painful. All right.


Let's move on to our starts. Starts of the week. Let me speak on behalf of all of us starts of the week wise, and for those saying why didn't you talk about John the. Yeah, you start Jonathan Taylor in that game.


I start of the week. Jonathan Taylor, all of our. And everyone start of the week. Yeah. All right. Let's kick it off. Starts the week for week fifteen and. Jason, why don't you why don't you start? Sure, I'm going to go back to the aforementioned Tom Brady. I am absolutely fine playing him in my playoffs. He has lit up the playoffs before. There's no run game here, I believe, for Atlanta.


And they're against a great running team. Godwin has the week removed from getting the secret of his finger. Evans is a week removed from the injury that almost made him miss last week. Another week for Antonio Brown and the Falcons, secondary sucks. I just hope that the Falcons can keep up to make him throw enough. But I think he's got a safe floor. And we've seen the potential of a top five week several times from Brady this season.


I think they'll have to throw a lot. So I like Tom Brady this week. I'm going with Jalen Hurts, the rookie quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. He is taking on the Arizona Cardinals. We saw one hundred rushing yards from him last week against the Saints. Russell Wilson's biggest rushing the rushing game this week came against goodness. His biggest rushing game this year came against Arizona because Arizona plays a lot of man coverage. If you've played any sort of flag football, you know you cannot run man, because the quarterback is just going to run all over you.


And that's what Jalen Hurts is going to do. And on top of that, the secondary is just not scary if Hertz wants to pass the ball. Yeah, I mean, I think if Daniel Jones was healthy and could run, it would have been a different story last week. I'm going to go with Deshaun Watson.


And the reason why he's my start of the week is because of Mike's reaction when I said I talk about him later, which is a little bit of surprise, a little bit of worry.


The Colts defense has an intimidation factor that's been established in fantasy. Look, Watson finds a way. It's a fifty one point over under. He is not somebody to pivot off of this week. You're not pivoting off of Deshaun Watson for Jalen Hurts.


I absolutely love this call, Andy. I'm a little sad with myself that I didn't make it mine. I, I really like Deshaun Watson this week and it's scary against the Indianapolis Colts. Yeah.


And here's here's one of the headlines. The Colts have actually been the seventh best matchup for fantasy quarterbacks over the last five weeks. They get back. Brandin Cooks Kutty and David Johnson comes back. And it's a division game. There's a pride, pride element. You know, you say, hey, Houston's not playing for anything. You know what division games are like, you're playing for something.


And if anything, disrupt the Colts, screw them up out and take them out of a playoff spot.


So I'm going to go with Deshaun Watson. All right.


I am going at running back with a rookie, as we all are. I just realized Jake Dobbyn really against Jacksonville last week. He was up to 62 percent snap count. And most importantly, he was up to sixty two percent of the running back attempts. That is not a three headed time-Share situation. Mark Ingram got one touch. It didn't even register because it was a flea flicker. Jacksonville's given up big games in three consecutive weeks against three star backs, top five performances against Cleveland, Minnesota, Tennessee.


They drafted Jake Dobbins to be special. He's looked great on the field. They're giving him the opportunity. The matchup is there. I will be starting Jake Dobbins this week. And. All right, Mike, I'm going with the Rams Cam Akers. I'm taking the rookie running back. Twenty two opportunities right into thirty two opportunities the rookie has taken over. The matchup is incredible against the New York Jets. And you're like, well, of course I'm playing kingmakers, but I'm saying he's my star of the week, as in I'm playing him over.


And he started the week. I'm playing this guy. I'm playing acres over Montgomery, Josh Jacobs, Kenyon Drake, Chris Carson, huge names in fantasy football. I am playing Cam Akers over these guys as the rookie has taken over the job for the Rams. All right. And mine is James Robinson.


I've heard the fears people are afraid of all of his matchups to in the year, not just this week, but Baltimore. They've actually been atrocious against the running back position the last five weeks. They shut somebody down. His name is Benny Snell.


I mean, that is not impressive. Eight straight weeks inside the top. Twenty four for James Robinson. He is a matchup. Proof must start. Gardner may get them closer to the goal line than previous quarterbacks have done.


He may he will get is better than the other guys they've been trotting out there. Yeah, but he could actually throw touchdowns, too, so it's probably pretty neutral there.


Well, maybe he throws them to James Robinson. I think you need to put them in your lineup.


And I've seen so many questions like part of this decision making today is what questions are coming quickly. James Robinson is a player. You just. You don't pivot off them, you don't have the luxury to to bench James Robinson right now unless your team has Derrick Henry Dalvin Cook and Austin Ekeler and it's OK, I'll allow it.


And also, congrats on your championship. Right, wide receiver. Oh, he's going in. Are you kidding? Oh, Brandon IUC against Dallas. The targets are as assured as it gets. He is the passing offense. I don't expect Kittel to be there this week, but even if he is, he's just a major part of the game plan, especially with DBO gone. He's been in the top 20 at wide receiver, five straight games played and a wide receiver, one in three of those five.


The matchup is Dallas. I mean, that's all I need to say. And my favorite part is he's not DBO. Samuel, can I throw a little hot stat for your way?


Hello. How about Brandon?


I use two hundred sixty seven receiving yards away from breaking the franchise record by Jerry Rice for a rookie.


A rookie record. Yeah, well, the rookie record is nine hundred twenty seven receiving yards. Nineteen eighty five. Impressive. So and he's rooting for Jerry Rice.


Wants him to break it. All right, Mike. Right.


Sure. Go, go. That's a real nice thing to say. My wide receiver, star of the week, Houston has a problem and it is Ty Hilton or T.Y. Houston, as he has now been named on this show. We're talking NBA jam rules say that Ty Hilton is on fire 80 yards and a score in three straight games, plus all of the history of him just destroying the souls of the Houston Texans. I saw Field Yates referencing something that he had heard from Frank Reich, saying that they start all their game planning, saying, how are we going to get the ball to T.Y. Hill and how are we going to get the ball to name Hines?


And it's it's a it's a new quarterback with Philip Rivers. Maybe it just took longer than they wanted. They've been winning along the way and now they are hitting on all cylinders. Philip Rivers, the connection with Ty Hilton. So you are playing him and enjoy. All right. It's my turn. Right? Yeah. All right, Curtis. Samuel, I'm going to bring Curtis Samuel to the table this week. The Packers are actually giving up quite a few fantasy points to the wide receiver position.


Now, the ninth best matchup over the last five weeks.


He is squaring up with Chandon Sullivan, who is outside the top one hundred in terms of cornerback grades, who's actually banged up after last week. And I mentioned Jake Alexander will be outside with Robby Anderson. I don't know how healthy Jr Moore is. And Curtis Samuel is giving you some not good but great fantasy weeks. I think one comes this week for a team in need of a playmaker in a game where they're going to be down and throwing the ball a lot.


So I'm going to go with Curtis Samuel here. Yeah, I like it at tight end. I'm going with Jake Duke. Duke, Duke. Jared Cook has two back to back good games with Taysom Hill. And most importantly, the Kansas City matchup is fantastic. Kansas City's not great against tight ends and they can keep up. They can make Taysom Hill throw the ball. The problem with Jared Cook has been what you what you got to do the cooking by the book.


The problem has been Taysom Hill. What they want to do is they want to have him complete seven of ten passes and call it a game. Look, they're not going to be able to do that against Kansas City. Kansas City will be able to score on the Saints. And if they're going to throw the ball, Taysom Hill's best target against this defense outside of Michael Thomas is Jared Cook. He'll get targets. He's always a threat in the end zone.


So I will be starting. Jared Cook, what I like about our tight end starts of the week. These are, I think, good options if you are not locked and loaded at the top of the tight end. So that's that's what we're talking about here. We're not starting these guys over T.J. Hokanson, but or Titanyen or Wright, Waller or Kalsi or these are Andrews'. These are streaming options for the fantasy playoffs. I'm the guy I want to highlight cold comfort from the Chicago Bears.


He has taken the starting job. Yeah, that happened about four weeks ago when the snaps transformed into the low 30s all the way up to the seventy percentile. He's running more routes than Jimmy Grandpa. And now the last two weeks, we've seen those snaps turn into opportunities. He's seen seven targets two weeks in a row. That's a twenty one percent target share. And he's taking on the Minnesota Vikings. It's an average matchup, but guy like tight ends don't get seven targets and call commit is he's finally emerging.


He's a he's blossoming. He was a second round pick. So it's not a shock that it took him this long to get integrated to the offense. But I think that's where I think we are. They're blossoming into a fine young man. Yes.


You think he can make it happen this week? I do. OK, I'm going to go Tyler like.


Jason approved Tyler Higbee. Believe it or not, is my Titan start of the week. I don't believe it and I'm going to give it a seven. The the happen can make it happen. All right. Tyler Higbee of the Rams.


This right. This is a deeper league upside play. Mike, set the table with how we're looking at tight end. If you're not locked and loaded, look Tyler Higbee's way. The Jets are on a hot streak of sorts.


They are namely four straight weeks, giving up top ten performances to fantasy tight ends. Higbee is back above the eighty five percent snap count over the last two weeks. Could be interesting as a touchdown option. How to top to finish two weeks ago and the Robert Woods not practicing showed up thigh. Just a little icing on the cake.


My fantasy points allowed above opponent's average says that the jets are the best and by that I mean the worst.


Yeah, for fantasy titans. Yes. So Higbee could be an interesting, deeper playmaker. I feel like with your Dalton Schultz situation, you're probably paying close attention to your own words here. All right. And as we look at these tight end pivot options, so one more very important segment. Jason Moore's iron clad, locked and loaded, 100 percent guaranteed boom boom kicker of the week.


Listen, I'm a big guy every day's fat day, but in these playoffs, you can win with the Rams mega.


You rhymed both words. That's that's that's poetic Majesty, sensational.


Thank you for that day with Matt Gay. That's right. Like I said, some self-deprecating humor is always, always gets me kick that football. Yeah. All right. Pristine auction.


We want to thank them for sponsoring the show. Brandon, are you are you could find Jersey yesterday. Eighty dollars, 66 cents. Pristine auction dotcom. You could get a ten dollar credit. Mike, I look forward to your live till the remainder of this day with Keenan Allen and we'll do more match ups on tomorrow's show. We'll see you then. Enjoy the game. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers.