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Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway and Jason Moore and Mike. Right. Oh, welcome in. Thursday, February 18th. Another spectacular day to talk fantasy football with my favorite people, Mr. Jason Moore and Mike, right. I mean, every hour, every day is a great day to talk fantasy football. You are 100 percent right when you say it's a spectacular day to talk about fantasy football. I was like, man, and he's right.


It is a spectacular day to talk about fantasy football because we are alive and it is a day and that is always the case. So if you're alive and it's a day. Welcome to Talk Fantasy Football. Yes, I guess that's the I think what he was insinuating there. We have a good show today. We are going to be talking about some shocking stats from twenty twenty.


Not scary stats, Mike. I don't know, you could have been like, oh, that's the sound effect for shocking is Koplow.


Jason, help me out here. We have Scott. Thank you.


That's that's better. We're going to talk through some shocking stats from 2020.


We'll see if there's anything scary in there. Shocked. We have some bycel on the show today as well. A reminder, head over to ultimate drafted dotcom, get access immediately to the dynasty past brand new for this year with the unique plus.


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All right, Brandon, are you buy or sell a top 24 wide receiver in twenty twenty one? I'm excited about this one because.


I just think that there's some debates to be had with Brandon EIU, DBO, Samuel, George Kittel, who's going to play quarterback, how good are the Forty Niners, all of those things. So I will I will hand the microphone off to you guys first and then I'll weigh in. Go ahead. So obviously he had and I don't I don't know that a lot of I don't know that everybody realizes what an electric rookie season he had. He was absolutely fantastic.


If it wasn't for Justin Jefferson, I think, you know, Brandon Eisuke would be really looked at as a as a special rookie season, you know, from week seven through week 15. He didn't have a single game where he wasn't in the top twenty four at wide receiver, which is not common for any wide receiver, let alone rookie. So I think top twenty four is a really good line because his talent obviously can get him there. The coach, the offensive system with Shanahan can get him there.


He was darn near close to there this season. Points per game is wide receiver seventeen as a rookie. But I tend to I tend to really dislike the forty Niners fan. Two options. I do. I really do. You're a hater.


Well the thing is, is I love Kyle Shanahan. I love the opportunity that players will have there. But the problem is it's very pluralized. It's players. It's we don't know what's running back. We don't know which wide receiver. The only one that is consistent is is George Kittle. And when we look at this rookie season, you know, he had his big breakout game in week three. That was the second game that George Kittle actually missed.


George Kittle got back in week sixteen when all of a sudden that streak of top twenty four performances from Brandon IUC was over. And then you had the DBO missing, you know, some games in there, too.


I think that if you've got a healthy triad there of those three options, George Kittle, Brandon Eisuke and DBO Samuel, I think it will be difficult for Brandnew to be top twenty four. So I'm going to sell, I'm going to put him on the outside of the top twenty four. But I do think it's a very good line, a good barometer of overunder might.


Do you want to weigh in first. I, I agree with a lot of things Jason saying I would probably still have him inside the top twenty four. When you're talking end of season he'll have enough big games. I believe that he will get to the top twenty four. The question will be that consistency. Can you see anything like that stretch that he had this last year where he was fantastic once DBO and Kittel really are running out there with him and I don't even know who's going to be the quarterback for this team.


Is it going to be Garoppolo or they're going to look elsewhere? I think IUC is a very talented player, so I will bet on the talent that by the end of the year he'll be a top twenty four guy, but you should not draft him like he's locked and loaded that he's going to be this every single week.


I agree with the cell that Jason brought up and the reasons why, you know, we kind of talk about debone being unable to stay healthy. This could be a San Francisco problem. It wasn't like Brandon I Yucatán unscathed year missed, week one and week seventeen with injuries and George Kittle was out. I, I just don't have enough confidence that it'll be consistent enough to get him in there. Very talented player. Still believe that the team wants to run the offense through DBO on the outside, but DBO can't stay on the field.


IUC will be happy to oblige.


I can't believe Jason is selling this with his well-known hatred of DBO thinking that Devaux never plays football.


Then it's just that you can. George Kittle.


Well, you know, I was surprised that that wasn't the immediate retort when I said if these three guys are together, because even in my own head, when I said, well, if these three guys are together is going to be difficult, I'm like, how are those three guys going to be together? I don't know. But who gets drafted? First, they ask this question, does Debow, Samuel or Brandon EIU get drafted higher next season?


I bet they're super close. I bet they are super, super close. That's that's the way it feels right now in the in the space where I think IUC might go. A couple of picks ahead of DBO because people are burnt. I mean, they get burnt by the injuries.


That really tends to happen with some of these guys where, you know, the the Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, you know, for years, the Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs, like when there's two guys on the same team they tend to where you're not sure who's better for it, they just go next to each other and it's like I wish that there was a round or two separation here and then I would use the tried and true method of grab the cheaper up value.


Would you. Yeah, I would.


You would take dbo like let's say it's was two rounds later than I look. I would, I would definitely take deep.


But what about one. Are you. Well put all you can the fifth and dbo in the sixth. Yeah I would, I would probably do that because I would prefer, I mean that's saying that I get to have a fifth round player on my team that you know, I, I always hated when I was looking at OK, he dropping and I, I like the value of Marvin Jones late, but if I draft Kenny then I then I can't I'm not grabbing both.


So it allows me to take a different player in that, you know, hypothetical fifth round that will open up for me grabbing. Around later. All right, it'll be interesting. I mean, I think both of these players, if they stay on the field, can be productive. They work well with the system there. There's obviously a bit of a surprise when I went in the first round to San Francisco and they could have taken some other players.


But I think it was because Kyle Shanahan saw that exact mode or that exact kind of wide receiver that he was looking for. The Packers had already drafted Jordan love. He wasn't available. Yeah, that would have been the first choice of most most teams. Yes, good point.


But also my biggest takeaway here is Jason C's Debow Samuell as a great value in the upcoming drafts.


That is the headline. Yeah, that's the article that he will. Well, we always review articles ourselves and that'll be one of Jason's.


He will be a great value on my draft board because if you can get him where he'll be ranked on my draft board, he'll be like, Oh man, I can get so DBO in the eighth now.


Not too well, just just to comfort me, Jason, that is entirely based on availability, not ability.


That is 100 percent DBAs is a great wide receiver when he's on the field. But he has had you know, we try our best to not label guys as injury prone because their injury prone until they're not, you know, so many examples of people that came into the league. Frank Gore in the beginning of his career was labeled such an injury prone player and then is like, he's the Iron Man, he's the he's the Infinity Stone. And this happens with a lot of guys.


But depos went all the way back to high school, to college, to the NFL. It's it's been so consistent.


And I just wonder if his body because look at his play style. Right. We gave him the man drop because the way he plays football is fearless and awesome. But maybe there's maybe there's some wisdom and fear of getting smashed by oncoming 300 pound. You know, superheroes get this man some plants. It well, Jones fracture was what started it.


If you remember, he missed three games with the Jones fracture from preseason. And then in week seven, it was the hamstring and then the attempted return and then it was, oh, no, we're done. Say goodbye to DBO.


All right.


That was by herself from pristine auction. Pristine auction. Lakshmi's code ballers get a ten dollar credit. I'd be curious, you know, the Debo Samuell jerseys are the brand and New Jersey, he's going for more in those weekly auctions.


That's a good question.


The tantalizing unknown of Brandon Duke's future, I think, is what will drive him up? Fantasy draft boards. All right. Pristine auction, Unicode dollars. Ten dollars credit. No news that we're going to get into right now. Just these shocking stats. So let's kick it off. How do you do that? I'm not even mad. That's amazing. All right, shocking guys off guard over there, it did it. I totally forgot what it was going to be because that was a that used to be a little everybody.


I know. I know it. That's what I was expecting. Mike, every time we get back to these episodes, the drops are are the surprise.


Yeah. All right.


Shocking stats from the twenty twenty season. Let's start here with number one related to running through the air. As we often say on the show, 20/20 marked the fewest running back, receiving fantasy points.


Since 2012, since 2012, running backs averaged just one point forty eight fantasy point points per reception. Running back, receiving yards hit rock bottom, averaging seven point four yards per reception, that's the lowest in the last decade. So they even when they caught the ball, they weren't doing a whole lot with it.


And yet. On the other hand, running backs average point six, six fantasy points per rush, which is the highest in the last ten years. So when they were rushing the football this year, more efficient, more effective, when they were catching the football, less efficient, less effective than in years past.


Derrick Henry. Stop. Stop messing with our stats, man. You're throwing things off. You're making you're making these past look bad.


One of our main heroes of the running back receptions, I mean, they were hurt. Barkley was a Christian.


McCaffrey was our backup heroes catching the ball.


Washington was being stupid and not throwing Antonio Gibson the ball more. Antonio the Gibson.


Yeah, I don't know what happened there. Yeah.


Yes. CNMC Barkley hurt. Like you said, we only had two running backs, Kamara and McKissic that had sixty five plus receptions. We had seven last year in twenty nineteen.


Were you making that face embracing. I was bracing. Uh that wasn't a McKissack face. Well it was ok. All right. Four of the top seven in running back receptions were McKissic Hines, Mike Davis and Chase Edmunds.


Yeah, that's part of the problem here is that you really had journeyman and backups that were thrust into the pass catching roles more than what you usually see. But the real take away from me when I look at the stat of basically this was not a good year for receiving at the running back position and this was a great year. Best in the last ten years of fantasy points per rush attempt on the ground. And you say, OK, this is a bad year for the receiving end, the best year for running.


And then you look at those two numbers and you go, OK, per reception was one point forty eight fantasy points per reception, per rush. It was zero point six points.


But that's the best versus the worst. And it's so clear as day this this highlights how valuable running back receptions are, because even in a down year, it just beat the tar out of fantasy points per rush. So that's that's why we that's why we want those three down backs. We we value even receiving backs by themselves. You know, JT McKissic is a perfect example. He's not that good. But he was he was a helpful tool for fantasy this past season.


Well, and we were even talking about yesterday about the profiles of some of these rookie running backs coming into the league. Specifically, can it gain well, and his electricity in the passing game. And it's always interesting to try to map out where those players can go and have an Austin Ekeler like impact on a team because of the value per touch that happens in the receiving game, although it did go down a lot last year because The Avengers were all injured.


I guess so. All right. Here's another shocking stat titled Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen. I really don't like this one. I feel it.


I feel like it was just a setup from the beginning here by our editor in chief, Kyle Fact one, Michael Thomas had fifty five.


Targets on the season, which is great for the show, not for Michael Thomas, fact number two, formal former Cardinals great Hakeem Butler had one root run on the entire season.


That's sarcastic. Great. Yeah. And in fact, three is that Hakeem Butler had more end zone targets than Michael Thomas had on the entire season, which is a way to say that Michael Thomas not only had just fifty five targets, what?


He had zero in zone targets. Not what you signed up for in the first round, not what you hoped for, and was it enough of a. Gut punch, the Michael Thomas gut punch of 20 20, was it enough to damage draft stock damage his future in the fantasy landscape? Well, it was the temperature check on him.


It wasn't just a gut punch. It was we got punched in the gut. So then we, of course, doubled over exposing our face to a SREI. You can uppercut because Drew Brees is going to be gone. I mean, we have got the official word yet, but it was now you have the sting of last year, a guy really disappointing you. And now who is his quarterback? Is it Taysom Hill who Taysom Hill did flash and looked like?


OK, maybe he can be competent, but he's not going to be Drew Brees. Is it going to be Jameis Winston? Is it is it an unknown player? So when you combine the combo punches there, yeah, it definitely it definitely hurt his draft stock and where he is in Dynasty, like right now, you know, if you're looking at the dynasty pass at the rankings, I have Michael Thomas at seven and he was a which is really not that bad.


I mean, he was the consensus, but he was like number one or number or two on most most dynasty boards at the wide receiver position last year.




I mean, I don't take much away from Michael Thomas this year. It's much more about the quarterback situation. I think he was he's he's awesome. He was playing through serious, serious injuries this season because he thought it was going to be Drew Brees is last. And, you know, he's he's getting some of those worked on this offseason. It's just a matter of who is quarterback is. And let's say it's you know, let's say it's not Drew Brees.


I still expect Michael Thomas to finish wide receiver six through eight somewhere in that, you know, mid wide receiver, one for the next like five, six seasons in a row. And so my dynasty outlook on him is not as faded as, oh, no, we don't know who's quarterback is going to be. So it's going to it's going to be the worst and he's going to be a nobody. He had a bad season this year. Now he doesn't have a quarterback.


This season was just injuries, in my opinion. Why?


It reminds me of a couple of things. One, it makes me think about discussions that we had last year about his future quarterback situation in the way that we thought about players even like Juju, who will obviously not be in Pittsburgh, most likely. But we still had the thought of like, OK, Big Ben's not long for the NFL era. Also reminds me of DeAndre Hopkins when he was in Houston and when they were rotating through different quarterbacks. Oh, man.


Yeah, it's like you need it's you need two keys to fire the torpedo, you know? And if if you don't have the quarterback, you can't get to that number one.


Right. You can get, like Jason said, six through eight every single year. That's the same way we would grade out DeAndre Hopkins. But the math to put Hopkins at number one involved Deshaun Watson. Right. And until we know what that second dependency is at quarterback for Michael Thomas, I don't think that he's going to be you know, he was so far and away the number one for everybody this past year. It wasn't close. There wasn't anybody making a different decision at wide receiver.


You guys want a shocking stat off the cuff here who had a higher completion percentage, Drew Brees or Taysom Hill? Oh, man.


I'm going to guess based on the setup that it's Taysom Hill.


It was it was Taysom Hill at 73 percent. That's OK. I'm not going to translate into Drew Brees. That's a funny step.


You heard it here first. Taysom Hill is one of my favorite quarterbacks heading oh, twenty two. Oh, my man. If Taysom Hills, the starting quarterback for the Saints, then yes, he will be one of my favorite fantastic quarterbacks heading into draft season.


Before we jump into some more shocking stats, who might want to think that is so terrible?


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All right. Our third shocking stat is titled Mr Limiting Missile Limited Seattle despite being twelve and four.


Finished twenty seventh in third down conversion percentage. That is the lowest for a 12 win team since Peyton Manning's final noodle armed year of 2015.


Russell Wilson completed just 60 percent of his passes on third down. Players who had more fantasy points on third down the roster. Well, these are fun stats here. Mike Williams had more fantasy points on third down than Russell Wilson.


That's the part that seems impossible when you start playing quarterback.


The superior third down, Russell Russell Gage had more fantasy points on third down than Russell Wilson.


Russell Wilson, Gardner Minshew had more third down fantasy points than Russell Wilson.


So way this has been done. This is oh, this is the spiral universe of Seattle. This is simultaneous good and bad at all times.


It's a sign of rust crushing on first and second down. That is what it is mostly.


Well, they certainly still had third downs and they didn't convert on them at a percentage. That was fair. It was good.


But is this a fluke for Russell splits? What what do you think about this stat?


Yeah, I mean, that's the you know, the some was made people figured out what was going on with DK Metcalf halfway through the season, there was a shift in and play calling the run the ball more. But D.K. wasn't able to just surprise everybody and get over the top of everybody in single coverage as the season went on.


And, you know, as far as the future goes on, I'm going to take the longevity of history we have with Russell Wilson. I'm going to assume they will fix this. They got obviously they replaced their offensive coordinator. So they're going to have new designs. And while I think that they are going to be focused more on the run than the pass, it will be completely different then than what the other teams figured out last year. And I think it will open things up for him on third down.


He's not been a bust third down player for his career, but this year it really did seem like they were put in bad third down positions. And every time you watched these games where you just assume he's going to get it done, it never he never seemed to get it done in those important moments. It was a real surprising version of Russ this year.


Two questions for you briefly before we go to another shocking stat. No. One, will Russell Wilson make another Super Bowl appearance in his career? And number two is, is he a Seahawk for the next five years?


Hmm. Yeah, he's been going on different talk shows and saying, I don't know if Seattle wants to be big. You have to ask them. He wants to throw the ball. He does. And they don't want him to, which is weird. I think they I think they do make another Super Bowl appearance. I think when you have a great head coach, which I believe Pete Carroll is a great head coach, a solidly run organization and a great quarterback, you have a chance.


And I was shocked when when Russ came out and said, oh, I'm going to I want to play another 10, 15 years. It's like, what are you talking about? I thought Russ was like 36 is where I like mentally because he's just been, you know, in the league for so long. Yeah. But he's I think he's 32.


He's got enough years left of prime football ahead of them where I think they think they make another Super Bowl. Yes, I possible. But I'll take the field. Is he avoided, in all fairness, dress for you or is there a value point where you're willing to do the the dance every year? Because here, here's the funny thing. I feel like when people walk into Pete Carroll's office and they suggest things to him. I'd like to throw the ball more.


I want a different offensive coordinator. I want to do this. I want to do that. I feel like he just pulls out a piece of paper. And it has the team's record on it from the last 10 years, and he just points there and he doesn't say anything and he says, don't let the door hit you on the way out.


So every time Russel's like I want to throw the ball more, he just holds up a picture of the the Super Bowl interception in the end zone.


But he's real positive about it because a positive guy is.


Yeah, well, let's let's check that out.


I mean, look at you stab me 12 and for 12 and four and yet they let go of their offensive coordinator and then there's these off season. Rumblings. I don't know, it's weird, you know, of rumblings, I know we're talking stance here, but it's we're in dynasty season rumor rumors are flying around.


You guys see the reports that Chris Carson is not expected back. I did not. Seattle Seahawks. Yes. Yeah. This is why, you know, I've it's been really me whispering it into the dark.


But you're talking.


Oh, no, not just Naggie, but but like looking at the situation right now. Oh, my gosh. It Najee Harris lands on the Seattle Seahawks.


Oh, Marshawn Lynch 2.0.


I will be streaking through my neighborhood to alert the police. Oh, yeah, man.


With the first pick in his rookie draft, we'll be doing that.


But no, I've been saying, you know, like people are saying, well, who can you trade for right now that you have to give up nothing to? But there's huge potential upside. Do you guys have any faith that the Seahawks could move into next year?


And it's their first round pick, former first round pick Rashaad Penny as their main running back faith?


No hope. Yes, I was a huge believer. I mean, I. I absolutely loved responding.


I truly believe he was on already almost breaking out. I was on the way to break out.


And then he got injured in, you know, a very unfortunate injury for a running back end. But if he's the main guy going into next year, I, I agree I will get trapped.


He can't be.


No, there's there's a zero percent chance the team is going to make him the number one guy going to next year if they let Chris Carson go.


The sign a free agent, veteran, or they will draft somebody in the fifth, sixth round to complement at a minimum. I mean, they've piecemealed together the running back corps due to injury for years. So going into the season, going into the season with like Carson and Penny is already like somehow a gamble due to injury. I just can't see a world where Rashaad Penny is coming off the catastrophic injury that he had. Well, but he's not I mean, he's now had a whole year.


Sure. Yeah. I mean, look, we'll see what happens. There's a world where he's being drafted as their starter. Yeah. And that's going to be a, you know, close your eyes, make the draft pick, you know, just because it's worth a lot if they're if their philosophy is running the ball. So maybe it just took a little time. And Jason's Rashaad Penny dreams can come true.


Oh, I couldn't handle it. All right. Red Zone Warriors is our fourth shocking stat here in twenty. Twenty three players had double digit touchdowns inside the red zone. So remember the specifics there. Inside the red zone. Davante Adams had fourteen inside the red zone. Adam Thielen thirteen Travis Kelsey ten. That is the most total players doing that since twenty fifteen in fact. Yeah that was. We had none of them last year. Yeah. Twenty fifteen.


You had Allen Robinson, Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker Tyler ifour Jordan Reed. Oh baby. The target monster himself. Rule eighty six in effect. Um but last year there were none. And so the year before Erica brought in, Davonte Adams did it, Jarvis Landry and Jimmy Graham the year before that. It's been you know, it's been a while since we've seen a lot of players do it, pick two players other than Adam Thielen and Kelsey, so you can't know repeat, but two players that could do it in twenty twenty one.


We'll do a mini draft of two players that we think could do it. And then I'll start because I want the first pick.


All right. The Theilman one, it still shocks because every time I forget how many touchdowns Thielen had last year.


Yeah I will go with my first one is going to be Mark Andrews.


I will go with Mark Andrews tied in for the Baltimore Ravens. Um he's the clear one on one. Was he OK.


So that's who is your number on my list. He was my one on one.


Yes. All right, so who's going next. The list has me on there, so I'll go and I'm going to select Calvin Ridley of the Atlanta Falcons.


I think I could absolutely do that. That's good. I like that. I get that.


I'm going to go with I do think this you know, when you're talking to no, one of your pick is already in the dark.


Brooks has selected Tyler Lockett for you.


Jason, you were Tebow. Sam, your side. We're talking inside the twenty yard line in the red zone. So I do think that titans are probably the most likely outcome here. I mean, we saw Eric Ebron do it, so I'll take George Kittle, let's take a healthy season and have him come down with double digit touchdowns next year.


And at wide receiver, look, there was magic happening towards the end of the year and nobody has more. One yard touchdown.


Oh, yeah, I give you my next pick, so I will go.


Mike Evans for the inside the red zone, double digit touchdowns when either Godwyn or Antonio Brown or both possibly move on from the team.


All right, Mike, back to you. I have some something like Evans was on my list and Cooper Kupp is on my list because that I still think Cooper Kupp is good. But I'm going I want to throw out a name here that, you know, it's projecting in. I think that this could happen. I think that this player could come down with ten touchdowns inside the red zone. I'm going to take T.J. Hokanson from the Detroit Lions as the primary go to weapon.


Jared Goff likes himself a tight end from from time to time. And I think that Hokanson could get it done. All right.


I will I will try not to go back to the tight end well here. So I will take a wide receiver and I will go with a free agent, wide receiver. I will go with a wide receiver. I don't know where they're going to play, but I know how big they are. And his name is Kenny Golladay. Kenny Golladay. All right. I believe it was twenty eighteen. He was one of the few double digit touchdown fellas where everybody Galletti goes.


I need Kenny Gane well to be drafted. So we just have. Oh, you got double Kenny G. We got Kenny and Kenny smooth round, smooth, smooth runs. Oh man. Yeah. OK, I was really hoping that maybe we had some smooth routes on the show today, but apparently we don't.


Oh, Kenny G in the. We didn't get to play that last year, and that was so disappointing, Soundboard is asleep at the wheel over there. All right. So Mark Andrews, Calvin Ridley, George Kittle, Mike Evans, solid pick there, T.J. Hokanson, Kenny G.


All right, all right. We'll be sure to check back in on this story. All right. All right. Let's go with our fifth shocking stat titled UnderPressure.


Oh, yeah.


When I hear when I see UnderPressure someone, I still think I still think of the Billy Joel song. What? I know it's not right. I'm not saying it's right. I just do. Sorry, I'm sorry. That's that's a. I listen to way too much Billy Joel as a kid. All right. Justin Herbert was the only quarterback whose passer rating under pressure was higher than his total passer rating. He had a ninety nine passer rating under pressure.


Ninety eight. Impressive. Not under pressure. Now, is that because he was under pressure on like 85 percent of his drop X?


Yeah, due to the pro football focus is 30 second ranked offensive line in front of. Yes. Second best. Yeah. 30 second best.


The nice thing is, is from what I understand, the the Chargers are going to save a lot of money by disintegrating all offensive line because they realize that he's better. He's better under pressure. Why haven't O-line let it go? Most completions under pressure in the NFL. He led the NFL with 15 passing touchdowns on third down. He still was credited, his receivers were credited with 10 drops on UnderPressure Throw, still had a ninety nine point four passer rating.


So he's good now.


Do you guys think this is just this is kind of a fluke thing, one time thing? Or is this like you get Justin Herberts some protection up front and you're you might see a 40 touchdown season from him?


I think he's certainly capable of that type of a season. I also know that fantasy points come in lots of different ways, and one of them is running away from people and running down the field and improvisation. And Russell Wilson has made a lot of fantasy players happy and evading defenders.


And so I don't know what that equates to exactly for the fantasy future of Justin, herbut I think it's very easy to take the quick reaction of no Austin Ekeler running the ball around or he had to run a lot touchdown percentage wise up there. He's got to regress. But is that a bad is that a bad way to go? I mean, we wanted Baker to get in line and it changed the whole team.


I what we saw I mean, what we saw from Justin Herbert says to me that he will, without a shred of doubt in my mind, have a 40 touchdown season, not not necessarily this year. But as far as his career goes, his arm was unbelievable. It's it's up there with Josh Allen and Pat Mahomes. The ball he throws is just it is a thing.


Bicep tricep, Yuta, forearm, bugler's, Lance.


So but but I will say, you know, we're talking about what what's his prognosis for next season? I think that they are going to have a better team. I think they're going to have a better offensive line, but they're going to have a much, much better defense. They had so many great Derwin James as all world, and they'll have him back next season, presumably. And, you know, I don't think he's going to need to do as much.


So I'm I'm really having a hard time looking at Justin Herbert's twenty twenty one, because I think what we saw was fully real past every Analytica test, passed every film test. I think he's completely the real deal. He will only get better. But statistically, fantasy football wise, he ran the ball much less in the second half of the season, which is, you know, that you'd expect that as he progresses as a quarterback. But that's not good for fantasy.


So I do have a hard time figuring out where I think he's on land next year. Let me make this difficult.


I will go out on a limb here and I will say I will definitively, definitively rather have Justin Herbert is my fantasy quarterback than Jalen Hurts.


Oh. Very interesting reaction. I well, if Jalen hurts is the non starter, if Carson Wentz is traded, I would definitively rather have Jalen hurts. And that's what I and it's it's stupid.


And I don't like it because clearly Justin Herbert is the better quarterback. But for fantasy rushing his king at quarterback and the baseline, the consistency will end up being higher. The bigger blow up games will be higher. I'll take I'll take the one that hurts.


Oh, that we get that one. All right, shocking stat number six bout to get that bag. You ready for this from weeks? One through five courtesy. I mean, I had thirty four fantasy points. That is that's not good. That's wide receiver sixty one.


From week seven on for 34 points, from week seven on, including his bye, he was the wide receiver, 10 with as many wide receiver, one weeks as Stefon Diggs and twice as many as Justin Jefferson.


He was good. Oh, he's getting this much hurt. You hurt. You could tell. That hurt me to say that out loud.


Um, man, this is a of Borg special courtesy is one of the big guys. Yeah.


I really don't like how much control he has over our shoulder right now. Manufactured touches second most third down touches among all wide receivers. There was no Christian McCaffrey, but courtesy came on in a big way. He saw the money bags, the new contract. Where is he going to go in free agency? Will he matter for fantasy? My projection my prediction for Curtis, Samuel, is to land in Washington.


But what do you guys think about Curtis Samuel's future? Because is he going to get paid enough to where he's he's he's part of.


In offense enough of an offense to be relevant, I was I would say that no, I don't think he's going to get paid well enough to guarantee that he's a major part of an offense. My outlook for him is I'm really, really excited to see where he signs for Robby Anderson and more. You know, if this year taught us anything, it is that we want the two targets. We don't want three tight. We want two targets. Target number one, target number two at all across all positions are there two guys were throwing the ball to are there three?


And when he leaves and he leaves just Robby Anderson and D.J. Moore to split that pie up, it'll be delicious. Now, obviously, the location that you brought up, Washington would be one of the only spots where you could argue there's only two guys there if it's him and scary Terry.


Although Logan Thomas really was a man, I don't I don't like what's going on over here.


Jason, you are discounting the number two target on that team. Jason. Jason, I will not have I will not I will not stand for this. Look, Gibson's great, but he's not going to be in the top two targets. It would be it would be bad for me. It it'd be bad for Gibson. Curtis Samuel landed in Washington because I think would they'd use him the way I mean, Curtis Samuel has utility beyond, you know, lining up in the slot.


You can you hand him the ball in the rounds, short area targets.


It would be bad if it's not a hand would want just to muddy up the waters even more.


Oh, my gosh. Curtis Samuel to the forty Niners.


Absolutely believe we can use one behind the line of scrimmage. He can carry the ball. I mean, you're right. You're right.


And would be every fantasy owner would be like, I hate the Niners.


I hate Percy Harvin coming out of retirement at that point. Guard Percy Harvin in there. Tavon Austin is probably a free agent. Didn't they sign him at one point? I mean, let's just keep them coming.


I think the I do think that courtesy is going to matter because I'm going to bet on his talent. He's not going to get Allen Robinson money, but I think he'll get a good contract. You know, he could be a.


Oh, crap, his name is escaping me. He went to the Raiders, he it didn't pan out because he got hurt. The Tyrell Williams. Yeah. Like he could get a contract like that and and go and be a piece like I'll throw out the New England Patriots as as a potential destination. He seems like a player that Bill Belichick would be able to maximize and use him to to create mismatches. And and I'd be interested if he went to the Patriots.


Is he playing quarterback there? Maybe because I think that's that's the only way he'll have fantasy production as a patriot.


All right, let's go with one more shocking step and we'll do a couple mailbag questions to Joujou, maybe we'll try and answer drops a lot.


That's that's what he chose to title this. I find that insulting for Davonte or Deontae. The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver scored the second most combined fantasy points in the NFL. They had three wide receivers in the top 20 for Juju is 18, 19, DEONTAE 20 to get one out of there. He went out. It's Marine, two targets they managed to total only.


Here's the shocking stat they totaled only for one hundred yards receiving games. Which is a combined fewer than coal free can be easily. So with Joujou out of the way, do you expect Deontae and maybe trying to both easily be top 20 four wide receivers next year? I do. I do. I would, absolutely. Deontae Johnson is just going to get so many targets. Chase Claypoole was on my list for the when we were doing that incredible red zone warrior draft of someone who could just he could pull down ten touchdowns inside the red zone like he was a rookie and he scored more than 10 touchdowns.


That doesn't happen.


I thought you were going chase Claypoole when you were pre talking about T.J. Hawkinson. I was sure that Chase Claypoole was the name coming out. Yeah. I mean, if these two targets are the main receivers, assuming Big Ben is still there, certainly they will be top 24. I don't see how they won't like like the stat talked about, those Steelers wide receivers as a whole scored the second most combined fantasy points. The pie is large, split it two ways.


And, you know, one way to if you split it one way or even better. Yeah. And we can go full obesity. You're going to get sick. You want an obese wide receiver with fantasy points.


Oh, yes. All right. Let's jump into the mailbag for a few questions. Oh.


Mailbag. All right, if you have a question for the show, we're here to help the fantasy football star come visit the site, click the submit a question button, or you can also dial the voice mail hotline three zero two four six four to be.


All right. First question, dynasty, rookie draft question from Aaron in San Diego. Hey, ballers, I mean, an eight man dynasty to quarterback league. Is it crazy to take Trevor Lawrence with the one on one?


Yeah. Yes. Yes. Wait, rookie only. No, I imagine this is the rookie draft.


Yeah, the rookie draft. Because they had a dynasty to quarterback. I have Watson wins and Jimmy G already.


OK, all right. OK, I apologize. I thought I was saying like the one on one start up can I call my shot and that would be insanity is crazy. It all at the one on one in a in a two quarterback league.


What about the fact that it's an eight man league and there's probably some depth out there, a little bit more depth. That quarterback. Well, but they don't have depth or depth is Carson Wentz and Jimmy Garoppolo, two guys who may not even be starting quarterbacks and in twenty twenty one is necessary that I would be taking Trevor Lawrence or and I get that Trevor Lawrence is the next big thing. But there is a world where Justin Fields is a better fantasy quarterback than Trevor Lawrence.


I know Lawrence has mobility, but Fields is a very dynamic. Yeah, but have you been at the court? Have you seen Trevor Lawrence's hair, though? You know, I have.


I mean, we got Michael Bolton in the backfield right here. This is looking like Sir Lawrence. I get it.


All right. And Aaron, if you're sitting there at the one on one, you think it's crazy. Look at who has the one or two and look at their quarterbacks and say he they want Najee Harris. They need to run, but they're not going to take Trevor Lawrence and, you know, do a little slip swap, get another piece for Jinksy or you can take Trevor Lawrence here. But what if the Seattle Seahawks draft Najee Harris in the first round?


I would take oh, man, that that becomes really then I would trade to the one or to get extra pieces and let the chips fall where they may.


All right.


Jeff wants to know who in the NFL has the best jerseys, in your opinion, and who has the worst?


And the best Jersey's. I love I love those baby or the the powder blue, the Chargers. OK, those ones are fabulous. See, I'm a pretty big fan of the newest Browns jerseys, to be honest with you. I like those quite a bit. I like the Vikings jerseys quite a bit. Sure. Worst I honestly, what's funny is I loved the Washington football team's look this year. It was good. It worked out for them.


I also like any talking at all about what potential mascot they're going to go with.


Are they going to stick with?


The last I heard and I don't know if this is a this certainly is not official, but the last thing that I remember hearing is that they were contemplating one more year, one more years, the Washington football team to give them more time, which just builds so much anticipation for whatever.


And it will be we're disappointed with that as the it doesn't take two years to come up with a mascot, does it?


No, I don't think so.


My least favorite is there a least favorite that jumps out in your head? I was trying to. Do you like new Falcons jerseys or do you hate them? I both love and hate them.


It depends on which which jersey, because I think it was their their black jerseys I really liked.


I don't love the Broncos jerseys. I wish they went back to the old school colors or look for the Broncos.


I'm not a huge fan of the bone jerseys for the Rams. For the Rams.


They should just gone white man. Those have been so nice. It just looks like they put it in with some black clothes in the laundry was like, oh, darn it.


Yeah. You can watch the whites with the whites. Yes. Became a little dirty.


And I just I love color rush unis when they're head to toe. Just one blocked out caller. I really like that. Those broncho the Colorado Broncos jerseys look good when you're all orange. Yeah, that's pretty cool. All right. Instagram question. From IMB Payne alive and can I get to your guys Dynasty League, I really want to get one going, but I don't have enough people Brooklyn leagues, dotcom.


I mean, you just go to Ficklin leagues, dotcom. That's where the supporters of the show join the foot. They can make leagues, meet people, play online, even local. And, you know, if you need a player to fill that, you know, is going to be good. So many thousands of leagues have spawned up from Brooklyn leagues dotcom. So that's where that's where you go. We have we have waiting lists upon waiting lists with, you know, the co-owners on almost every team.


So we're locked up.


Now, you were just you were giving them a formal decline on his asking to come into our league.


Yeah. In the kindest way I could.


Um, Instagram question from Giono Etel, uh, with the NFC East so terrible this past year, which team rises out of the Ashes next year to outshine expectations? Mean, Dallas makes sense, Dallas does make sense, but if Washington Washington is a quarterback away to me and just competent court, I love the story of Alex like a case Keenum away.


Yeah. If you put, if you put Case Keenum like Minnesota Vikings Case Keenum on Washington there there no doubt a playoff team that can make a run because they have, they have offensive weapons that can get it done and their defense is ferocious man. Just ferocious.


Can they win with Mr. Miski. As long as they tell Mitch that he has to stop throwing the ball so much and run around more risk, you can win if he uses his legs, more troops.


He's won a lot with the Bears. He made the playoffs. I mean, when you've got a great defense, you don't have to do much but Hinoki or Atabaki.


Irrelevant, but I'm going to take the Eagles on on this question, I, I believe that the Eagles defense is actually very, very good and they were put in terrible positions this past season. If Jalen hurts, takes a step forward and they can build an offense around him that controls the clock and all that, I think they could be a good team next year.


Yeah, it's it's enough for me on the project in the Eagles to do well train. I'm going to go fully against them as basement dwellers this year. I think I will combine my my disbelief of hearts with my history of thinking they'd be something.


Um, so it's anybody but the Giants was our answer. Oh yeah. I think the Giants finished ahead of Philly.


That's that's my prediction. Oh, all right. Last one. Which player should be my Kaepernick and New Jersey? Should I keep CMC with my sixth pick or I'm sorry, with the sixth pick. Mm hmm. Or Jonathan Taylor in the fifth round hole. Maybe the answer is Jonathan Taylor.


Jonathan Taylor. I mean, you get to take that sixth pick in the draft, the player and combine it with Jonathan Taylor.


You're not getting you're not getting one of the top running backs at six six. Yeah.


You're probably getting because you've got one in the fifth round, man. I mean, it's probably one of my first six picks.


What if I gave you Clyde Chubb? Nick Chubb. So you're saying Josh Jacobs, Nick Chubb, Joe Mixon and Jonathan Taylor. Yeah, I mean, I get it, it's tough, but who's the quarterback and Carolina there are well, it's either Teddy Bridgewater or it's irrelevant because Christian McCaffrey is not on the team because he was traded for Deshaun Watson.


Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. If that happens, that's another rumor going around. What what round, Andy? What round do we have to put Jonathan Taylor in before it actually changes back to Christian McCaffrey? Third round, because I think I would still, if it was a third round keeper, I think I would still go with Jonathan Taylor. Third round, I would definitely go CMC fifth round.


I'm I'm still a little torn because I had more points last year. Jason Oh, come on. OK, let's go with that. Let's go with that. Mike, who's the game who scored more points per game?


I didn't say that. I said who scored more points? Not close.


And we can't forget if Christian McCaffrey comes back there. You can't replace this with with, you know, oh, I have a bunch of good players. There's only basically him that can go out there and score so many more points in one slot on your fantasy roster.


Yeah, it's really it's it's not fair.


I mean, he played three games last year in our league format. He scored twenty nine, twenty five and 34.


Yeah. Jason's talking me out of this. It's a great place to be.


I mean, you're in a spot where. You know, you've got two great options, I I think you probably end up going, Jonathan, I'm switching back. I'm switching back. I feel like crazy.


Philip Rivers is gone. We don't know the quarterback in Indianapolis and it will matter and especially in that pass catching round. I mean, Jonathan Taylor could end up in a universe catching 20 passes total next year or less.


Jonathan Taylor. And that will not be in yards.




Now, Jonathan, Jon, I firmly believe that Jonathan Taylor could do that if the team switches over to a Titan style. They're all they're doing is is running and grind it out there. I think I think he could it took Christian McCaffrey averaged over to be seven Hajduk.


You draft him ahead of Chris half PPR points per game this past season, which would be five points better than the next best. Dalvin Cook and Dalvin Cook was a positional difference maker.


So it's tough. It's, it is a tough one. Best of luck to you, but yeah. All right, that'll do it.


For today's episode of the show. We have a Ten Things to Remember from twenty twenty episode coming up next week. So make sure you subscribe. Tune in.


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