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It's available on Amazon Search for Zicam Nasal. All clear. That's a l l l e a r. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway and Jason Moore and Mike. Right. Welcome in. Tuesday, January 19th. And Mike, that's a story. End of story. Welcome in.


Oh, you don't have your best friend anymore, Mike. What are you going to do about that? That's got to be disappointing. That is incorrect, Andy, because it's just the rules of the two man show, because you know who my best friend is right now.


Yes, it's you. It's Andy Holloway, my new best friend.


Now I'm feeling good.


The computer says that is accurate. Mark it down. New best friend day, January 18th. Put it. Oh, baby, I've been waiting for this.


All you had to do was get it to me.


So it's not that difficult and it's got to get rid of. My standards are very low.


It's OK. Is there someone else there? Not bad.


Not bad. Well, we get to start the truth series today, Mike. The truth is, I'm your best friend. The truth is we're talking quarterbacks on today's show amongst a bunch of news. You know, you had the big divisional round games this weekend, but the truth episodes, that's where it's at, because this is information that you have to have to get ready for. Twenty, twenty one.


Yes. There are so many, I guess I'd say misleading metrics, stats. You know, you always hear about players that are better NFL players than they are fantasy players. That's certainly true. And then there are players whose end of year stat lines the the ranking. Right. The end of year ranking is a little bit deceitful compared to what they actually did for your fantasy team.


That is correct. I mean, we all like to you to cite the final ranking. We all like to cite those final points. Guilty as charged. When it serves my argument, I will use them. Yes, I will weaponize the end of season rankings if I must. But that's why these are these truth episodes are so good to go through.


Because you look I mean, I don't know what his finish is in terms of our breaking him down for the truth yet. But Tyler Lockett will be a victim of circumstance, so to speak, where he finished very high. But the truth is, he really hurt you more than he helped you, which seems to be kind of a theme for the Seahawks in general.


But we'll be going through all of that through the Seahawks organization could be ready, getting ready to just destroy their fan base souls as well.


I don't think it'll happen. Let me just leave it on. It's got to happen.


Moments before the show started, my eyes found a wondrous, stupendous, incredible tweet that alluded to the possibility. That Adam Gase could resurface? Oh, yes. As the offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks and this is from ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, they said they spoke with Adam Gase.


Now I realize they're speaking with a number of names. The likelihood of this happening, it's low. But I do want to be very clear about something, Mike. Yes, I will do anything to make this happen. You just need to reach out to me. Those of you in charge, make a request of me anything at all. If you would like one of my children, I might be willing to part. We just got a new puppy that's up for discussion, whatever you want.


If Adam Gase becomes the offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks, not only will this show go to new heights, right. But I as a Cardinal fan, will be overjoyed.


How would you feel about that?


I don't have the words to describe the joy and the pleasure that that would bring me that a team that I want to see fail on just a personal level, because they're my rivals that they would.


How is anybody, anyone in the NFL who's anyone talking to Adam Gase about anything other than, like, the weather? I mean, if you're in the NFL and you're talking to Adam Gase about football and about hiring him, what are you doing? How many times does this man need to fail without Peyton Manning before you go?


I mean, maybe that Peyton Manning fell or was good enough to make Adam Gase look like he knew what he was doing.


It honestly, it is a it's amazing that he has gets to have the conversation. It's all he's now going to get hired. Probably know the fact that he gets a phone call.


The fact that that's what I mean.


I don't know. We don't know. Is he the greatest on the phone of anybody?


Like, what is it that gets him the we don't interview his charisma.


Just goes out the out the roof when he's talking on the phone and you know, you know, who would really like that? Hire their new safety.


Jamal. So who forced his way out of New York to get away from Adam Gates?


I hadn't even thought about that. Yeah.


If you're asking if Adam Gates gets signed by the Seahawks over under two and a half days before he gets punched in the face.


Oh, my gosh. The one that should be part of the signing bonus, he's like, okay, listen, we will bring you on, but Jamal gets to punch you, OK? Anyways, that that was kind of the news carrying us into the show. So we I'm sure we'll return to it because Adam Gase will resurface this someplace. It's not right.


It's not right. That is true. You can follow the show over on Instagram, Instagram, dot com slash fantasy football or Twitter at the Fallers. We've got some great articles on the website that are coming out in conjunction with these truth episodes, with lots of stats, positional stats that you can check out from our editor, Kyle.


Oh, man, that thing. He's Genpact. I just went through that one this morning. The top twenty five quarterback stats. It's hot. Very, very nice. Let's get into the rewind.


Weekly rewin. All right, the divisional games in the books, I think I have I think we wanted a classic match up here in the divisional round.


There have been some good games. There haven't been any classics. But the the Cleveland Browns Kansas City game, due to the drama surrounding Patrick Mahomes, that game was pretty darn exciting. That was pretty crazy having him go down and then the. Andy Reid. The willingness. How do you you know, you can't make the call and if you didn't watch the game, they're essentially in a fourth and one with Chad Haney at quarterback after game at hand, he had had just scrambled for, what, 11 or 12 or so?


I think it was like 14 and a half yards. Yes, it was a very long run where it was. What are the Cleveland Browns defense? What is happening over there? It is a complete meltdown by them. Heny almost picks up the first down. They review it. He was, in fact, short. It's fourth and one. And the Cleveland Browns have no timeouts. It's going to be under two minutes. Does Kansas City punt and then say our defense will hold them?


Or does Andy Reid, offensive genius, say I can get one yard with a backup quarterback and win the game?


Well, and it was just it wasn't just going for it. It was the what if they did that play that you think of that nobody ever does. It was the what if somebody takes the play clock all the way down? Right. Tri-Star they play possum. Yeah.


Try to get them to jump offsides. Be obvious about the fact that you're just trying to get him to jump off. So then they actually snap the football.


How did they do? They practiced that they had to. Or was the team just so long just hive mind when Andy Reid like sell it. So you're going to make him jump and then run this play the the play. I mean, it was it was a bit different, but it reminded very much reminded me of the Devonta Adams touchdown from earlier where Adams motioned one way and then and then just went full sprint the other way and he's wide open.


And that's to me, it's just this just expresses again. In the NFL, I get the defense there's they're paid to do their job, whatever. How can your team how do you not have plays that say, I guarantee or whatever high probability that I'm going to get one yard, one simple little little meager yard? I have a special play for it that is not line up the middle jumbo package, which turned the beef and we get one more and then you get stuffed because it happens all the time because it's the stupidest play you could do.


And then these offensive geniuses like Reid and the floor, like, no, we got this, we could do this.


This is not a problem.


It's one of the reasons why I think our frustration with Kliff Kingsbury is so, you know. Yeah.


Omnipresent because there was a full sub tweet he could never get. Oh, was it. Yeah, I didn't even know that because he can never get one yard on an innovative play. You know, Andy Reid stays up late. He makes these plays. Now, let me just say this.


If that play, there's a lot that could have gone wrong. Now Tyreek Hill could have dropped the ball. That's what I mean. It's not a could have been easy but it's high probability.


But you have to have the intestinal fortitude and the Andy Reid immunity level of like look if this play goes wrong, he's an idiot. If they lose that game we need to be clear about that. But that's how you win games. If you want to live in the middle where nobody criticizes you in the media, then you just punt the football and you move on. If you want to win the football game with the best play possible, you do what he did.


And it was it was just another feather in the cap of Andy Reid and Eric Benami in the offense in what they did. So that game was was pretty incredible. I'll be honest. I you know, we did our brackets, my bracket, the final four. It's right on exactly where you're in. You're one hundred percent, right? Actually, no. No, I'm not. I have three or four. I had Seattle making it through over Green Bay.


I just remember that.


But I know I'm a Chiefs fan, but I wanted to see the Browns do it at that point. I kind of wanted I just wanted to see the twenty twenty season. Might as well have the Browns in a championship game. That's how I saw it.


The bills took care of the Ravens were another MVP, went down to concussion proof.


That was that was a rough game with with Justin Tucker. Then the wind. The wind was bad, man.


Yeah. And I. I don't know where it's back to the argument. And I'm I'm with Jason. Obviously, you can't just everyone to just build a brand new stadium. But the fact that we have the the most important game of a lot of the players in that game, they will never be back into a divisional playoff game.


This was the most important game of their career, the thing that they have spent their whole life trying to get to. And the weather, the weather is the thing that completely changes this game because of what if you had just regular wins? There's no way on the Earth that Justin Tucker misses those two field goals and almost misses the third one on the passing game was destroyed.


But for both teams, for the majority of the game, three three game at halftime, it's just unfortunate that that such an external force can have such a great impact on the game and other people like it.


I hate it. Yeah. I mean, this is this is almost the essence.


The weather in games is like the essence of fantasy football, where on paper and whatever you want to reduce the amount of variables you have. So there are certain people that can't handle it, not being able to play out on on paper. There's others that embrace the fact that there's the variable that, you know, the snow game, the win game, the rain game, the slash game, whatever. You know, I imagine that the the mud game is the same offensive coordinator that wants to get the beef in there and run it up the red.


Oh, I think that they like the same thing. What's super funny about it is the irony of the Ravens.


Were the team built for this game and the overall buffalo, their running back saw nine total carries and the stallion threw the ball thirty seven times.


It was another example, though, of great coaching because Buffalo didn't have the personnel. They lost Zach Moss, they don't run the football anyways, and they didn't pretend to.


They came into the game and they said, well, let's see, Derrick Henry couldn't run against the Ravens. We have Devin Singletary and we haven't run all year. So why mess around with this concept of I want to be perceived as having balance, right. Instead, you know, or just do the thing we do the best? Yeah, we do that the whole time in the team establish it was I can't imagine being those guys watching that game.




You got to run the ball.


Well, and there are different ways to run through the air. We talk about that a lot. Yeah. You can throw the ball short. You see Drew Brees do it all the time. Speaking of which, Tampa Bay by New Orleans, that was a tough game to watch. Drew Brees, if it's his final game. I will say this, the four fantasy players, Michael Thomas, had no catches, yeah, it was I saw a very funny tweet.


I can't remember. It might have been a Danny Carter tweet, but of using like it was Michael Thomas choosing to retire the same game that freezes.


Oh, I mean, player or something like that. It was an excellent tweet. I want to know where Thomas goes in draft next year. It's going to be a very interesting situation with Michael Thomas and what to expect, whether it's Taysom Hill behind Cinar or not, is a James.


Is it someone we don't even know? The. Yeah. Is wild. I think that is it. Deshaun Watson.


No, no, I don't think they don't have the money for that. Yeah, I don't think they can pull that off. But it I believe that was the last game for Drew Brees. And I love I love watching Drew play, but I hope that was I hope that's his last game that that was like that looked like the Manning season where his arm just it was gone, which is another testament to the leader in their yards in all the football, Tom Brady, who just continued to play.


Man Yeah. If it wasn't such a terrible sounding diet, I would do it because it really works. Yeah.


If you want to play longer, don't eat meat, just go Plante's Greenbay thirty two Los Angeles eighteen. This game was pretty well in hand for Green Bay throughout they maintain the momentum. It got close at times. Goff had one opportunity to kind of come down and tie the game, but Green Bay just so disciplined and thirteen and three season yet again. And now we get Brady versus Aaron Rodgers.


Yeah, it's a fantastic matchup. Very much looking forward to it. Did you hear Sean McVay when asked, is Jared Goff your quarterback, essentially just said, we're evaluating everything right now. So, yeah, the honeymoon period of Jared Goff and Sean McVay has come to an end. Yep.


That will be very interesting getting into some coaching news now. We do have a coaching changes episode in the next few weeks where we will get into the details of each of these head coaching changes and how it will affect fantasy and their proclivities is, as you know, offensive coordinators. If that's the case. However, right now it's just the news. Urban Meyer is an NFL head coach. Jacksonville has hired Urban Meyer, who's assembling a staff. They'll take Trevor Lawrence at one oh one.


You're not buying in on Urban Meyer in just the fields. Well, I doubt it, I doubt it, but either way, he's got the first pick and it's interesting know it's a good storyline for football, in my opinion, having him arrive in Jacksonville as opposite of Doug Cameron as you can get in terms of the identity of your team. Right. Arthur Smith, Texans often Nader. We've got an Arthur. He's got a plan for the Falcons head coach, brand new head coach, obviously still we're still there with Red.


That I'm sure. Why not? Arthur Smith has a plan. New head coach for Atlanta.


We're off to Tahiti now. Who did who did the Jets hire? The Jets have a new head coach. That's not Adam Gase. That is correct.


Robert Solow is the head coach. This is interesting because now so you go the defensive side, which is what they had with bowls right before they went.


Adam Gase. Right.


And this is what teams do. I mean, they flip flop. I think he's I think he's a really good coach. I mean, he his players clearly want to play for him. Yeah. I'm seeing an interview with Richard Sherman, Kazuto. Sherman does those things with Collins Worth all the time. Sherman is firmly entrenched in Robert's corner, like he's saying that this dude is going to be a head coach next year and he's going to be great.


So maybe he'll follow him to New York. Maybe. I don't think I don't think they have the money to pay Sherman and bring him back. Right. But I think that he I think we're going to see some success in New York. The question is, they have a very high pick. Do they spend that somewhere else or do they take a quarterback and move on from Sam Donaldson?


Well, under the gaze principle of success, when he departs, I don't know if you get rid of Sam Donald right out of the gate. It's a tough decision for this team.


It is.


You know, what would you do? I believe Daehlie just Enfield's enough. Well, I don't I don't know. Yeah, yeah, I would take Chesterfields, I would I would make the move. And I know that this is perfect. This is a perfect smokescreen. When when Kingsbury was hired and the Cardinals had the number one overall pick. Oh, yeah. Josh Rose. Josh Rosen is our guy. Yeah. He was their guy all the way up until they got that pick and then he was no longer their guy.


So right now, Sam Donald is the guy for the Jets. I don't I don't know if that makes it into this.


It's pretty difficult to pass on the opportunity for a franchise quarterback when you're there because you're not there very often. All right.


Generally guns Mahoney, Dan Campbell, Dan Campbell likes the sloppy weather.


Mike, Dan Campbell likes to run it up the middle. Dan Campbell is going to be the new head coach for the Detroit Football Lions. We call them Guns Mahoney, and now he's back in the limelight.


This one is bizarre that he has made. He has made it all his way back. That was the Dolphins, right, that he was the interim head coach, apparently editor in chief of the board, Gogin and Brooks. They love the guns, Mahoney nickname, the guns, Mahoney nickname. This this came out because when we were doing the show, it felt like the dolphins were just kept flip flopping through coaches. And I didn't know I didn't know Campbell's name was like, I got this new guy because these guns.


Mahoney because this dude is so shredded, man.


And he really enjoyed huge.


Yes. No doubt about it. Yeah. He's good for you. Mahoney.


He did have a I know Pouncy in a number of the players on that team, love him back in the Miami days. So we'll see what happens in Detroit, whether this team can ever establish the run, as we call them.


They're going to try again and try to do swift.


Apparently, the Chargers are hiring former Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley as their next head coach. So we have another head coach there.


And the Steelers have promoted quarterbacks coach Matt Canada.


Oh, too. Offensive coordinator. Bonjour. Bonjour.


Uh, all right. And we talked about Adam gains in our hopes and dreams. And again, I want to stress Seattle. You know, if you if there's anything that I can do to make this happen, if you need a subsidy on the salary to pay him to bring him in, we're in.


Might be willing we're willing to help. And then the last thing just in the rumor mill, because the Deshaun Watson situation continues to heat up in his head, heated up to the point where even Adam Schefter says he tweeted out that there's growing sentiment. Deshaun Watson has played his last snap for the team. Oh, man, and you had the whispers that Eric, the enemy from the Chiefs, is going to be interviewing for that Texan's job.


I really hope he gets it, I think. I wonder if if the enemy gets the job, I wonder if if that that would be enough to to get Watson back on board with the Texans.


Yeah, I know that there's a lot of negative would be they would be great together. Yeah, there's a lot of negative thoughts here, a lot of belief that Watson won't be back. I think that the pathway. That makes the most sense for them to fire their general manager and to, you know, hire the enemy and move forward at that point in time with Watson. I think that's the one way they could keep him. It'd be a shame for them to lose.


I mean, I can't imagine being a Houston fan. Yeah, I can either be Lulus Hopkins and then Watson.


Oh. Oh, brother, no. Yeah. Do that to our friends in Houston.


Now, look, it was funny when we got Hopkins, but this is too far. Yeah.


This is to feel bad before we move into the top ten quarterbacks going to talk the truth about yeah baby. The top ten quarterbacks. Here's the truth about your hair.


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You want answers? I think I'm entitled, you want answers, but the truth, you can't handle the truth.


All right, we're into the truth. At the quarterback position for 20, 20. Always fun to talk quarterbacks because it is on this show for the last five years, we have been proponents of the late round quarterback solution for your fantasy team. You only start one of them. And every year we like to bring up one specific stat. Now, Mike, I'm sorry to tell you, I know I wasn't 40 plus this year, it was only 38 different quarterbacks who registered a top 12 performance on the year.


There's still a lot that is more than the teams in the NFL. And the truth is, this year, other than Dak and Jimmy G quarterbacks stayed relatively healthy this year. So it was down a couple. But generally you have around 40 different quarterbacks who register top 12 performances making streaming the position viable, right?


That is correct. And it's hard to repeat at quarterback. It's hard. I mean, look, Lamar Jackson, you know, I mean, Patrick Mahomes was still very good, but you had to draft him in the second round and he you had to draft him as the first the second quarterback. He did not finish there. That's what we talk about, the margin for error of draft price. And guys who go in the those later rounds, those have been the ones who have been have been breaking out or coming through for four top finishes.


Yeah. And the teams that keep winning with the top quarterbacks are the ones that get them late. I mean, this year, no one is Josh Allen. We'll talk about him momentarily. He was a later round pick. He was he was the quarterback. Eleven off the board in the late eighth round. This is the same refrain each and every year to the point where you're almost you know, we can recognize which quarterbacks in those seven, eight, nine tenth rounds had the possibility of being that breakout candidate.


That's what we put into the ultimate draft. Yet those are the names that we want to bring your attention to, because if you get the guy that finishes one, two or three and you get them in the eight, nine tenth around, you have a value. If you draft the quarterback in the second or third round, you have to get a top performance from him just to break even.


Yes. And I'll let you in on a little secret. It's much better if they are running quarterbacks. Some pretty crazy stats about the running quarterback touchdown totals this year. Twenty different quarterbacks had three or more rushing touchdowns this year. There are only 12 of them. Last year, it's almost double that. And nine different quarterbacks had five or more rushing touchdowns and there were only three with four or more last year.


So this is something that is coming up and is very important for some kind of baseline at the quarterback position. Yep. All right, Josh Allen, when we evaluate truth that what we're doing is we are is there an excellent draft? There was. I heard it sneak through. All right. Josh Stanley and Josh Allen was the number one quarterback. We are looking at the numbers according to four point four passing touchdowns. That's the truth data we're looking at.


We also categorize each of their games into three categories, either great games, which is more than twenty six fantasy points. Good games are more than 20. And we're classifying a bus game at the position as one in which they score fewer than fifteen fantasy points and we do not count missed games against their consistency score. So Josh Allen finished first at the position. His consistency rank was fourth. He finished with 4500 yards, thirty seven passing touchdowns, another eight rushing touchdowns.


Like I said, he was drafted as the QB 11 in the eighth round. Josh Allen ended up with 50 percent great games, 56 percent good and won best game, which I'm going to actually let him off the hook of because that was week 17, in which case that was a bust. That was his busway. Only one that I'm seeing.


That was the New England game. Oh, you are right. I apologize. That New England game was the best game during the year, probably didn't hold the week 17 against him.


But that's what the that the season of Josh Allen was very interesting because he opened up absolutely nuclear him and Carla Murray where. So Josh Allen, QB three three three six.


And then you had this stretch where he wasn't bad, but it looked like, OK, that we return to Earth. We had a little bit of a mirage there. They're going to not use Josh Allen the same way. But then he bounced back in a in a huge way and was a league winning type of quarterback. So hopefully Josh Allen was a chance. Josh Allen and Kyle Murray were the two guys that we really pushed on this show over the off season.


It's thankfully worked out. So if you held on to Josh Allen and weathered that storm of of mediocrity there in the middle, you were rewarded handsomely.


Yeah, this was just a mind blowing year for him. He'll probably finish runner up in the MVP race behind Aaron Rodgers, which is incredible for a guy that, you know, I think he has forty five total touchdowns. That was sixteen more than his previous career high.


The insane thing is the completion percentage that we've talked about before.


But Josh, not teachable. It's not teachable.


I still I still stand by that and I will bet on that every single time. Not everyone has the Josh turn around. In fact, very few do because he was thirty second in completion percentage.


Thirty second best. Yeah. Yeah. Second best.


Thirty second and twenty third and passing touchdowns. And he, he didn't just take a jump, he took a, he took the elevator, they took the Willy Wonka great glass elevator that busted out of the building and finished fourth in completion and fifth pass.


It shows he went from the worst in the league to elite look and he looked and he looked the part blazing.


And you know, Stefon Diggs, it plays a huge part in that transformation. But it was a career from Cole Beasley, John Brown, and this was an offense.


We said it before. They didn't run the football. This is all Josh Allen. This was just right. Stand back there and make accurate pass after accurate pass. He did it. And they're on the cusp of a Super Bowl berth because of it.


Now, from a fantasy perspective, he is kind of the creme de la creme of what you would have hoped for in a quarterback. He finished first the position, fourth inconsistency. So like you said, if you survived weeks five through eight, which were mediocre, if you endured, he probably won you a title or got you to a championship game. And he did it all from the eighth round. He's going to be very interesting because the rule of thumb, usually when you're playing fantasy, if you've played for any period of time, when a guy finishes as the number one quarterback, they're just automatically drafted in the second round, maybe in the third round.


Do you feel like right now Josh Allen will be the number one draft at quarterback? No chance. All right. So you still think, like, Mahomes will go in front? I don't think I think that Mahomes will go ahead of Allen.


I think that Carter will go ahead. Well, OK, I think that will probably you could have two more ahead of Josh. I would say you could have Lamar would be the interesting one, you could have Lamar, go ahead. I think people are I think people are mad, weren't there, Bernie? Yeah. Yeah, I, I don't know. I guess I don't feel like he has vaulted himself up into that position where he's going to do exactly what you said, Mike.


Well, if George Allen's around in that five, six round area, baby, I'll probably be interested. And I'm not normally interested in cubes in that range.


All right. The number two quarterback this year. For point scoring was Kyla Murray, he was the number one over the first half in terms of the consistency, it dropped off over the second half significantly. We'll talk about why his consistency rank on the year was three. However, he was a little bit more consistent than Josh Allen. The first 11 weeks of the season were as good as it gets. He had 69 percent of his games considered good games, 50 percent great, and 13 percent were bus games.


Both of those happening over the best the worst possible time at the worst possible time in your fantasy playoffs.


And and that was, you know, you're kind of you're in a tough situation there as a fantasy player because somebody that was that dominant for the course of the year, he ended up with just under four thousand yards, twenty six passing touchdowns, eight hundred plus rushing yards and eleven rushing touchdowns. You're kind of pot committed, you know. Are you going to lose? I had to do the the playoff Tom Brady, Josh Allen dance. You would have had to make a pretty bold call to put in a Ryan Tannehill to put in a Tom Brady and play them over who got you there in Kylah Murray.


He was hurt over the back part of the year. That would have been the reason to do it is limitations on the ground which really provide his baseline. It's tough. He was the quarterback one for the first 16 weeks of the year and Josh Allen wrestled it away at the very, very end. What's your kind of take away with the truth of the Murray this year?


I. I believe that Kyla Murray is in a elite level athlete, he is a a special player. But I am concerned that if they don't get a like a different offensive mind in there to. Muscle structure helps structure and mold Cuyler and kind of raised that the base level football IQ, which is I mean, I'm not trying to insult the man, but like there's too many times where Kyla Murray in his second year made plays that cost his team.


And we're just like really bad decisions. Like there was a game where they I think they were going to drive to tie it. I can't remember which division team the Cardinals were playing, but a play went wrong. It was going to be a screen out to the tight end. Dan Arnold, Dan Arnold did something wrong. Cuyler got mad and then just threw one of the worst intentional grounding throws you have seen, which then sent him into the end zone.


And then the cardinals gave up a safety. And you just you see too many plays of Cuyler. Making like not just a mistake, but an egregious football mistake, it's a difficult situation because obviously for fantasy wise, he produced the team was one of the better scoring offenses overall. And I think one thing that comes to mind when you bring that up, Mike, is he's being asked to run an offense by Kliff Kingsbury, who is a new head coach.


Right. Who wants to run more plays than anybody in football. And when you talk about the game slowing down for you and yet your initial rookie in sophomore year, offense is fast, fast, fast, fast, fast. I wonder if it's harder to process some of the nuance to the position and the time management and the clock management. And, you know, I don't know how much control Cuyler gets at the line of scrimmage compared to other quarterbacks where Cliff is.


You know, he's looking to Cliff all the time. So that might be holding him back a little bit for fantasy purposes. He provides such a great baseline with the rushing totals. Eight hundred nineteen yards before Lamar Jackson came along, that would have been just an otherworldly number. We'd be talking about, you know, eleven rushing touchdowns. It's pretty incredible, honestly, that he has the second most total offensive yards ever through two seasons behind only Cam Newton.


Yeah, and that was kind of the recipe numbers wise when Cuyler came into the league that rookie year, Cam Newton. But Tyler's obviously a little guy and still finds his way into the end zone. Right. Because he shimmies in Shaikh's mike. He does. He's like playing my son in Madden. He can he can make grown men look foolish.


Yes, he can. Now, I am proud to say. Josh Allen and Kyla Murray, the number one and number two on this list, worthy to breakout picks from the ultimate draft get back in June. So I'm going to brag about that because I like delivering for the foot clan.


And when the number one and number two who are drafted in the late 5th and late eighth round end up the number one and two at the position. I'm happy about it, that's all worked out, and Jason's not here, but he would be way over doing the bragging about that.


All right, here's the guy that had a ton of question marks coming into the air, the number one most consistent quarterback in football. Number three in overall scoring, Aaron Rodgers, the MVP, just looking like swag, daddy on that field. The mojo was completely back. I mean, it it's it's still going. You have so. Thirty eight percent of his games were great. Eighty one percent of his games were good. Just six percent bust.


I mean, he had he had that one game which was against Tampa Bay. Let's let's see if they can right. That ship. But that other than that one game against Tampa Bay area, Rodgers was was locked and loaded, gave you just anything you could possibly want from a fantasy quarterback. So the guy that was drafted as the QB ten.


Right. And it was unbelievable year. Now, let's let's get to the truth. The truth was this year. Unbelievably consistent, all the swag was back. I just want to highlight the jump we saw from Aaron Rodgers on the exact same team that had the exact same record as last year, he went from twenty six touchdowns to forty eight touchdowns. He went from a four point six touchdown percentage to a nine point one percent touchdown rate, which is the greatest season of his career he has never supported.


Oh, no. Yeah, I'm looking at his second season. He had forty five touchdowns in a nine percent rate. He hasn't been he hasn't sniffed nine percent since that year is highest since then was seven percent in twenty fourteen.


Ninety nine percent is like historic levels if you can sustain nine percent through a season.


So he's thirty seven in a couple of months and a couple of months, not thirty seven in a couple of months. What is the truth about Aaron Rodgers heading into next year? This year all the credit in the world probably wins the MVP. They might go to the Super Bowl. He was unbelievable for your fantasy team. That that that touchdown percentage, you don't see that number repeat itself almost ever know, you'll see that nine percent will will absolutely come down.


Aaron Rodgers is a. Above league average touchdown thrower, he has been that his entire career, the last couple were down, but this was the the question marks about about Aaron Jones running back for the Green Bay Packers coming into the season. Look at how many touchdowns he had. And so I think the and Aaron Jones was still great and everything, but the touchdowns weren't what they were last year because they started swinging more. They swung back to Aaron Rodgers.


And the truth for me about Aaron Rodgers heading into next year is I have seen absolutely nothing in Aaron Rodgers gameplay that suggests there's not at least one more elite season of of his play where it's like Drew Brees.


When you watch Drew Brees last year, you you knew that like, OK, I baby, he's coming back next year, but he is not the same. So I will still be in on Aaron Rodgers. I have no idea where he's going to go in drafts if you still held the faith. Congratulations, and you drafted Aaron Rodgers and it was like that paid off big time. I imagine he will be a value based on his age and the regression narrative.


Just for context, when Mahomes threw 50 touchdowns, twenty eight point six percent rate, not a nine point one, Mahomes dropped the five point more than six point five this past year. So the nine point one is not going to continue. But he could still be a value because let me ask you, it is Mahomes going to go ahead of him. Yes. Yes. Lahmar going to go ahead of him. Probably heard that once. Maybe, I don't know the recency bias.


Will Palin's or Cayler Watts and Wilson Rodgers. I don't know who goes where in that bunch, but it will be interesting. He never had it looks first first week of the year, the number two quarterback on the week, fourth week of the year in number three. Really, he never had a number one finish on the course of the year, but many, many in the top five. Yeah, very, very consistent. From week seven on, he was the quarterback, one at the position.


So that's pretty good. That's up there. Also had a 73 percent completion percentage inside the 20. It's crazy, and you know what? What's funny is, you know, this is not rocket science and maybe it's dumb to even bring it up. But Josh Allen and Kyla Murray made humongous jumps while they added Stefon Diggs and DeAndre Hopkins, you got a healthy DeVonté Adams for the majority this year. And Aaron Rodgers used him over and over and over again.


No, for Patrick Mahomes, he was number two in terms of consistency. Number four at the position and total points only played 15 games. 73 percent of his games were considered good games just under Rodgers, 40 percent great. A little bit ahead of Rodgers and only seven percent Buzz saw one game where you were disappointed. This was a probably the best example of a normal Patrick Mahomes year that you could get, I think this year that you could print out as an average Italian for the next ten years of Patrick Mahomes.


Yeah, it's interesting to to think about it that way, that it's. This this is probably the average if you if you get a healthy Patrick Mahomes for the season, you're going to see something like this where forty seven hundred and thirty eight. Yeah. Just incredible. Thirty eight. I mean, that number can definitely go up. So average sounds about right for this. But you do have some games just you have a couple of games where. The the touchdowns go to running back and then all of a sudden Mahomes is is not as great, but overall, heading into next year, you should have no no concerns about Patrick Mahomes except for draft price.




And I'll tell you right now, I'll take Virginia homes ahead of Josh Allen, without question. You know, in a vacuum going into next year. Yeah.


If a draft roundworm were not considered not not important in this. But I mean, let's say Patrick Mahomes. Third round, Josh Allen, fifth round, I'll take Josh Allen.


Yeah, yeah, I mean that situation for sure.


The problem is where where Patrick Mahomes goes, you're in that top three round range where. Yeah, you're going to have a lot of a lot of positional players bust in that range. But your highest probability on hitting on a top player like a wide receiver, one in a running back, one is in those first few rounds. I have a question for you. First, the stat, though, since twenty eighteen, Mahomes has been a QB one thirty four out of forty five start so that seventy five percent of the time.


Gosh. And then here's another question though. Did he return value this year. He was the fourth pick of the second round on average. Oh man. That's I don't know that there's an actual scientific.


Factual here that this is kind of just a feeling and I my feeling will be, no, you did not return value and some of that is based off of what the rest of the league did, I suppose, which is that's not in Mahomes control, but it's part of the game where you drafted a player through 30 touchdowns in the second round when you could have drafted air. Aaron Rodgers, who almost threw 50 touchdowns in the back of the eighth.


Yeah, he certainly didn't burn you with the pick as no barrier team. But you're probably right. I mean, that's a very, very high pick for a quarterback. He was the number two most consistent at the position. So unlike what Lamar did, if you drafted him early, Mahomes still helped. Now, number five tried and true. Here he is, the Sean Watson. You can take away his his best receiver. You can fire his coach.


You can delete his offensive line. You can win. Was O'Brien fire?


I got a I got a vet that compared to these, isn't that a holiday now? It's not a national not a national holiday.


He ended up Deshaun Watson. Forty eight hundred yards, three passing touchdowns, only seven interceptions and another three rushing touchdowns with four hundred yards on the ground.


Sixth round pick the QB six. Like, would you say, Deshaun Watson, return value. Middle of sex railgun. Yeah, I think I think he did if you are able to hold on for those those first few weeks because he was the number one quarterback, three different weeks, just bring that number up compared to Rodgers numbers, 13 percent base rate. Sixty nine percent. Good games. Twenty five percent. Great.


But when you draft a quarterback and week one, you know, he's fine. He's the QB twelve. OK, well, there's better days ahead. But then the quarterback. Twenty one seventeen fifteen. Did you did you make it through that and did you make out given up that this was the new Watson without Hopkins.


Right. Yeah, probably, probably not. I mean maybe you had to with the six round investment on a quarterback but this was a quarterback who was. Better against bottom 16 defenses. Twenty nine fantasy points. Top 16 defense is he had trouble. Twenty two. So that was a pretty big disparity, six point one, eight point difference between top 16 and bottom 16. Defense is about the same home road split. But another impressive year finishing at number five.


That's what he does.


So O'Brien was, in fact, fired after week four.


He was so those three games just cited.


Oh, man, sucks.


AA does suck. And he after he left, I've got the number twenty five fantasy points per game from week five on which I have down is the QB one in that span. So you remove the cancer and the offense became healthy. Yeah.


Deshaun Watson, as far as the truth for next year for Watson there are just so many variables that have to play out for him. Is he back? Is Eric Benami his coach? If is, Will Fuller back mean? No matter what you like to show and watch, because he's he's an elite level quarterback, but where he mixes in with these guys, that that depends on a lot of the things that still have to happen.


While at least this year he decided to try to situation proof himself, he said, hey, if you fire your coach and you get rid of my best wide receiver, I can still produce, those variables are in play. They're big. But, you know, he even showed you when he lost Fuller for for the back part of the year and ended up with multiple top six finishes so you could take them all the way and he'll throw it to Darren Fells.


He'll throw it to ACoNs. ACoNs will drop it, but then I'll throw it to somebody else. All right, Mike, I know you're going to enjoy this one. Oh, kabab rostral Russell Wilson.


Oh, did I mention the consistency rate of number five? Deshaun Watson would do it again if it's his number five. Yeah, he's like the most guaranteed number five across the board now.


Russell Wilson, Mike, he finished sixth at the position. His consistency rank was number 10. Now let me show the disparity, the first half is consistency was number one. The second half consistency was 18. Yeah, the cooking was happening at the beginning. Yeah, and then and then Russell Wilson left the turkey in the oven a bit too long and the chef privileges were removed. Yeah, twenty five percent buys games, sixty three percent good. Thirty one percent great, I mean, we all saw it.


We all we all saw the beginning of this year. We saw the ascension of Dick Metcalf and we saw what Russell could do now. He doesn't like turnovers, and this was Russell Wilson last year. This is this is the exact same thing that happened. So I don't know if that's enough to have a trend moving forward of saying I'm going to be all in on Seattle through the first few weeks and then I'm going to move on. But it's Russell Wilson's in a very tough place for fantasy.


Yeah. And you're going to have a new offensive coordinator. You have a head coach that apparently Brian Schottenheimer wasn't running the ball enough for. And I'm not messing around with Russ. It's too scary to do. I mean, I guess there's a there's always a point and a value because a fifth round pick this year. Sure. So it's difficult. He was a little bit better against worst defenses, not unexpected, a little bit better at home.


And the home road stuff this year was so different.


Yeah, that'll be very bizarre heading into next year.


But Russell Wilson. I know that so he has the final finish of QB six, so, you know, when when casual fantasy players are coming back and they see that and they know the name of Russell Wilson, so he probably still will be drafted around there. But I think there's going to be a lot of leagues where. Russell Wilson drops to the bottom like 10 or so of the quarterbacks being drafted. Are you going to be are you willing to take the chance on Russell Wilson if he if that somehow happens, that he falls down to QB 10?


Yeah, I mean, there's always the chance that you do what you said. You know, the last two years, weeks, one through nine, he's the one in the QB, two weeks, 10 on the QB 20 in the QB 16. If you are going to make that deal with Russell Wilson, come join my team. You have to be willing to pivot away from him when the offense changes. And so the likelihood of him being on my team is low, but not impossible for sure.


No, go ahead. If we've I'm not going to say that they are the devil, but the devil has his price now. If you've paid it two years in a row, yeah, and you know, they need Adam Gase, frankly, they need him to collect that can take them to Seattle. If you're going to get back to the Super Bowl, there's only one man who can do.


Look, if you want to take that second half of the year production from Russell Wilson and spread it out more evenly and just get that second half production for the if you want to know what to expect from Russell Wilson, you get Adam Gase in there. That's all I'm saying. Adam, gains for president. All right. Number seven, Ryan Tannehill. Well, that's impressive right there. Number seven, overall, the position Ryan stinking Tannehill released from the be all.


And and here we are. We're consistent where the number eleven overall consistency quarterback. There are a number of look, the first ten weeks, you really were only happy you played Ryan Tannehill three times. He was much better from week eleven on. He was he was a just a streaming option.


He wasn't drafted to be anything special, even with his insane half of a season a couple of years ago where he took the job from Marcus Mariota. Then he got the huge contract at the beginning of this year was bad. He was just a streaming guy and then it is. What makes no sense is of that last third of the season when it was Derek Yati time, Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry were living in perfect harmony, putting a monster fantasy games.


Because when you play action with Derrick Henry, when he's on his Yati mode, all twelve defenders jump on top of his body whether it has the ball or not. And you can go deep to AJ Brown. Let me just say this. Ryan Tannehill, let's call him the king of the stream. He is not somebody that. All right. He's not somebody I want to draft. He's not somebody I want to start every week. He is the king of the stream.


He had 44 percent good games. That's not a good number. Thirty eight percent great. That's a good number. That's a good number. 19 percent plus. Look, he went from a ninety percent good game rate in twenty nineteen during that breakout year to forty four percent. Forty four percent is not. Lock him into your lineup. Forty four percent is. Look, you can be the king of Stream Mountain. I don't you don't need to be drafted and locked into my roster.


Tannehill We never thought he'd be that. So let's just be happy with what he's got.


He has an offensive change heading his way because he's lost. Arthur Oh, sure, sure.


Yeah, he does. And maybe he loses Corey Davis, too. I mean, how heartbreaking would that be for that offense?


Maybe. Maybe more than we think. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Otherwise better at home. Much better against bottom sixteen. Defense is a seven point disparity. So when it looked like I mean, that's another way of saying when it looked like you could play Tannahill, you could play Tannahill.


Right. Wasn't his I mean, how many games did he play in that breakout season?


Like these are like eleven or something, maybe the second half. Ryan Tannehill doesn't like the heat.


Maybe maybe he is he like a mini yeti? You might be. Hmm. Yeah, I didn't think about that.


Is there's something there. We'll figure it out. It was the second half of the, uh, the year this year to where he was on fire. Week eleven on. Yeah.


He's he needs the snow to get on fire. Interesting. That's not a hot. That's nice to me.


Parents too hard. It's to be cool down. He's like and then what they do is steal you throw it into the water and then you beat it and then you put it back in the fire. I think that's where you're a blacksmith, right? Yeah. Yeah. Tempering sure. Blacksmith fire to to the uh. To the to the furnace. To the forge. That's the word you're looking for. Yes, it was. All right.


Number eight on our list is the plant man himself, Tom Brady, and.


Look, quarterbacks all around him decline, Tom Brady just. He he keeps doing it and it was the perfect combination, Tom Brady and Bruce Arians now a little rough at times to start the year, three weeks where he is number 19 or worse at the position, 56 percent.


Good games, 31 percent great. Thirty one percent Busse games, much better. Road quarterback, eight points better on the road. But again, weird year and a much better against the bottom 16 defense is eight points better against them. But here you are with the Bruce Arians recipe again for Tom Brady, which is you're going to lead the league in our yards, are going to have turnovers that are kind of uncharacteristic because you're taking so many chances.


But I love how this happens to every single quarterback that plays for Bruce Arians. Yeah. And he was always like, well, it's clearly your fault, you dummy. That's true. He's blaming all his quarterbacks for quarterbacks.


Do you need before you go?


Oh, maybe there's a flaw in my system brought that mask that Bruce Arians is wearing is about eighteen sizes too small. That mask is screaming at the top of his lungs.


I'll get that man a bigger mask. You're going to pop his head. All right, Brian, what was your impression then? What is the truth about Tom Brady moving forward? Because how does anybody bank on a player with that level of, you know, decline concern?


Right. He's forty three and a half years old right now.


He is the outlier at the quarterback position. We already knew that. You said it. Most areas in the league, he finished with the most twenty plus yard completions and attempts of his career, which is great news. But what is this offense next year, Chris Godwin not under contract, Antonio Brown not on a contract. You have Mike Evans. If if you play Dynasty and Tyler Johnson is around you, you might want to see if you can grab him.


Fifth round pick made a big play last night.


Yeah, man, that catch was insane. You might want to see if you can sneak him onto your team. So that's that's the first question I need to know. What are the weapons around Tom Brady?


Brady, he I didn't think he had anything or I didn't think he had this left. So I was proven very, very wrong. The egg was on my face, but. If you take away his weapons, can he still get it done, I mean, or will he look like Tom Brady, New England, who didn't have weapons?


Well, and if Bruce Arians is there, you know that Bruce is going to try to throw the ball downfield. I mean, it was it was prototypical Tom Brady in the sense that if it was Scottie Miller's weeks or if it was Cameron Brady's turn, Rob Gronkowski, Stern, Tyler Johnson, there was a lot of good in this season.


Now, I don't know if fantasy players knew exactly when they could start Tom Brady. I think that was hard. But part of that was acclimation. If you you know, you talk about history with Bruce Arians, whether it was Carson Palmer. Yeah. You know, the second year is is always much, much better.


Right, right. And 4600 yards and 40 passing touchdowns at 43 years old. If it gets better than that, then. All right, I mean, some of those plants, my plants are so gross, I know he he's is that that's probably the the most amazing thing about Tom Brady is not his football career.


It's that he can just vegetables. He can he can eat so many plants.


Oh, my goodness. It's true. Led the league in areas. Like I said, Winston was first in our yards. Winston and Fitz Magic were first scenario areas. This is the third straight year that Bruce Arians has manufactured that. This is the most remember, remember, everyone said he couldn't throw the ball deep, yeah, because he couldn't.


He finished with the most 20 plus yard completions in his career. Yeah, it's it's it's absurd. I don't know, man, how much longer does he legitimately play?


Is next year the final year? I'll say one more, I'll say one more. You know, he's given Frank Gore infinite, all run for his money. Yeah. Frank Gore on the books. Oh, my goodness. Just be just be the oldest team you could possibly be. All right.


We are going to continue the Quarterback Truth series on Thursday with a ton more names. Got through the top eight today. But like I said Thursday, come right back here. Jason will be back. We want to thank pristine auction for supporting the podcast. Here are some current sports memorabilia auctions. Mike DKA Metcalf signed NFL football. Current auction bid price is fifty two dollars. It ends on Thursday. Alvin Kamara signed Saints full size on on field speed helmet.


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By the way, Mike, I will very proud to say I did have the full Dan Marino outfit when I was a kid. And I take that bad dog in the backyard and I play up. You had the kids? I had the helmet was a plastic helmet. Did it have did it just have the one punch? Oh, you bet. I had the punter bar. Yeah. And we went out at me and my brother, we probably got ourselves a few plastic helmet concussions in those things because we thought we were real players.


So that'll do it for today's show. My best friend Mike the fantasy hit man.


Oh, thank you. Best friend, Mr. Holloway.


Otherwise, we'll catch you later on Thursday with Mr. Jason Moore, YouTube dot com slash fantasy football. Check it out. Take care. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers.