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Foot claim, we're all kind of looking for a bright spot right now, are we not? Well, I got one for you. There's a hilarious new series on Apple TV Plus starring Jason Sudeikis called Ted LASO. It's about an American football coach who heads to England to take a shot at managing one of the world's most competitive professional soccer teams.


It's an age old story, of course, if you like a show with big laughs and a lot of heart, then this is the one you've been looking for. Watch Ted LASO right now on the Apple TV app subscription required for Apple TV.


Plus, hey, this is Miccosukee with the Miami Dolphins and you are listening to the Fantasy Football podcast. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Now, welcome in. It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood, neighborhood, city. I thought you were doing a little Mister Rogers action training camp. Oh, Wednesday, August 19th, the fantasy football podcast. Back with you. Mike, the fantasy hit man, right, is present, accounted for varying degrees of facial hair.


You never know these days what's going to happen for the rest of your hair as long as your facial hair is short. That's what they call it.


Face hair, your face here. It's a teen wolf situation. Jason Moore also here. Nice face hair, Jay.


Thank you. I've been working on it for a while.


I am just I don't know if you guys know this. I am so excited for tomorrow's episode. Why is that, Jason?


Tomorrow's my guys episode and I am ready. Oh, man.


Today would have been a good day had Brooks accepted any of my trade offers that I assaulted him with in our dynasty.


Well, if they were as good as what you gave me. But he did not. And so I'm dealing with rejection today. We have a great show for you. We're doing some bycel talking about Mark Ingram, which I think will be. Valuable, important, looking forward. We all watched episode two of Hard Knocks. So you have got the juices flowing and they put the pads on for the last four minutes of the episode. The helmets.


The helmets on. Yeah. Oh, man, that was fun to watch football. I think the last thing on this earth Mike wants is any sort of pads and coverings, because AJ Dillon won't be wearing those short shorts anymore. And Mike. I mean, AJ Dillon was someone on the Rams outing it, so somebody else had Quad's that, you know, one oh, Keenan Allen Keenan was rocking the short shorts.


My man is making a comeback. And also to all the haters out there, those L.A. Rams jerseys and helmets looked hot. They were hot.


Yeah, the helmets and the jerseys are great. They're great.


I'm not when you have the hard knocks, has their big like logo banner and it's like Los Angeles, the Chargers.


And then they got that ram. That one is still that one. Still not quite grown on me. All right. Looks a little bit look like some some clipart or something. But, you know, the helmets are it's a modern. Sure. Sure. All right. You can find us on YouTube, YouTube, dot com, slash the fantasy football or subscribe. Click that bell. We got a big giveaway coming Friday, which will be live streamed Friday afternoon, I believe, 6:00 p.m. Eastern time.


We're going to give away an ultimate draft kit for Life for Life, along with an Alvin Kamara signed Jersey on Friday. Big giveaway.


The way that you can make sure your entered is anybody that has purchased a twenty 20 ultimate draft yet by Friday is entered to win. So and yes, if you got it in the past, you are entered. Yeah. That by Friday. I understand. But we know I'm glad. Clarified it. Yes, absolutely.


And so we're going to announce that 6:00 p.m. Eastern live on YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, everywhere we live, stream the communities over to join the full documents.


I can get in on the largest fantasy football tournament all season long league the Magleby, so you can check that out. It join the foot dotcom. It's time for some bycel. Buy or sell presented by pristine auction. All right, by yourself, Mark Ingram, eleven total touchdowns in the upcoming twenty twenty season buy or sell. Eleven total touchdowns last year. OK, so you're curious. Mark Ingram had fifteen total touchdowns in fifteen games.


He was a touchdown machine, including five receiving touchdowns on only twenty six receptions, which I don't know if you know this. That's, that's, that's not happening again. That's not happening again. I'm sure that has never happened before. Correct. So this is an interesting stat line because pristine auction has given us the option to buy or sell and I don't know what to do because I have marketing them started out and I have them right at eleven.


I am an eleven to do as well. I've got them down for nine rushing and two receiving.


I'm eight rushing, three receiving.


I mean, so Andy, you're going to have to be the one to buy or sell here now to pull back a little bit if we have him at eleven, that is a great year. There's been a lot of talk on the Twitter sphere about the touchdown regression that will come for Mark Ingram. That is true. But if he regresses to eleven, he is still of value where he's going in drafts right now.


If Christian McCaffrey had that same efficiency in the passing game, he would have had twenty two and a half receiving touchdowns last year. No, I'm buying. I'm buying.


Marking with eleven total touchdowns. I'm not certain that regression will happen for Mark Ingram in the touchdown totals. Like I mean, this is one of the best offenses in football. Lamar Jackson's touchdown efficiency was insane last season. A lot of people expecting that to go from thirty four. Thirty five touchdown or what do you have thirty four last year to to go back down to twenty five. Twenty six. Thirty six last passing.


Yes. OK, so I think that there is every opportunity for Mark Ingram to go double digits rushing touchdowns again. Ten, eleven, twelve. They're talking up JK Dobbins in Baltimore. Dobbins is great, but I do think that rookie year when you get down near the goal line, the efficiency they had with Mark Ingram, I don't see why they would take the vet. There's no reason in that portion of the field. He's always had a nose for the goal line.


I think Mark Ingram is I think he's got that job on lockdown. And I love Dobbins.


He's the future there that the question mark for Ingram to me is just outside of touchdowns. What's the volume look like? What is the yardage total look like? Is he more of a touchdown dependent, you started me because you're happy he doesn't score, you're not happy type of player, which depending on how you're building your roster, you might. Be fine with a running back like that. Yeah, at the value point of running back like that in the second round, you're not happy about it.


But Mark Ingram, who is often the fifth, even sometimes a sixth round running back then. Yeah, I'll take I'll take the chance. Forty third and roots run among running backs, second in receiving touchdowns. He's he's very good. I'd be certain that those numbers come down in the receiving game.


Well I mean, imagine being near the goal line and then Lamar Jackson is rolling out. What do you do? I mean, it's not a coincidence that you have this incredible rushing quarterback who can then just as they collapse to sell out to stop him, which they have to do, he throws the ball forward a foot and Ingram takes it the rest of the way. So I you know, that's why I've still got him with three receiving touchdowns. That play is going to work.




And again, they had a pretty decent season. Guys, I don't think that they have a real reason to bring Mark Ingram off the field. They paint him as an off season acquisition. They're going to use him up. You know that running back Shelf-life and Ingram is just. A machine. Speaking of pristine auction, Mark Ingram signed Ravens Jersey forty four dollars yesterday. They're doing a tomorrow's the last day of their fantasy week where all of their memorabilia auctions, they have a special auction for fantasy football stars, including Mark Ingram.


Bidding starts at twenty dollars. So you can actually that's basically stealing product away from pristine auction. Check them out. Pristine auction, dotcom, a code Ballan. Stenness. News& notes from around the league. The biggest news is obviously the Megi episode tomorrow. Oh, yeah, huge news. I'm not to say that this episode sucks, but tomorrow's is so much. No, no, it's this episode is actually great, but it does suck compared compared to the My Guys episode, which is not even been recorded yet.


Right. Like those are the only two episodes. This one is the worst. Yeah, it's.


Oh they made me listen to that crap. What a dump might be the worst just because of this news.


The Eagles have listed Miles Sanders as weak, too weak with a lower body injury. That scared me a little bit.


That was pretty loud on the news or the alarm. Both very loud news. Miles Sanders week to week. This was like mere moments after yet another. You're the guy housetrained. Do sterilely he like he is treading on some dangerous waters here. Get people this pumped up for Miles Sanders I posted in our selection is said, oh man, I'm getting those Chan Gailey, C.J. Spiller. We're going to give them the ball till he pukes vibes of either this coach is now the most like do Staley's will be the most beloved man in all of fantasy football if they in fact follow through and give Myles Sanders all those carries or he gets, you know, most of them and people will be not pleased.


Well, the thing is, if you go back to our fire. Nice. I was championing for the truth of what do Staley was saying. I believe it wholeheartedly. I think Miles Sanders is a an absolute top pick. He's a great first rounder. He's going to be a great back. The one way that gets derailed is his body is a week to week lower. Body injury is his body isn't able to sustain what they do want and plan to give him.


And obviously, he missed a little bit of time last year. And now week to week, it's it's certainly not what you want to give you confidence that he can handle the workload.


No, it's bad. In Boston, Scott wasn't available. So Corey Clement is running with the ones. That's what we have in Philadelphia. Welcome to Philadelphia. Excellent land of the Gregg Awards and Corey Clement. We're back. We're back, baby.


It sucks. And all the hype for Myles Sanders, it's at a level that's Christian McCaffrey. Ask if you know what he can do in this offense. And now, like Jason said, you don't get to use him as a workhorse.


I work compared to knowing what this is because, you know, is this an MCL sprain or is this a hamstring? There's, you know, a lower body injury is all we know as of this recording. I don't like that. I want more deets. My flow is the one that reported it first lower body injury. His take was, quote, I don't sense any great concern, but he'll miss some time as the team is making sure players stay as healthy as possible.


I mean, a good philosophy for most people, it's week to week, the great news is he has, you know, week to week until the season starts.


Yeah. So Nick Chubb is in the concussion protocol.


Oh, all right. Which is what all concussions lead to. Yep. We do have some time there as well. Ryan Fitzpatrick, the clear starter right now in Miami. As expected, you could get some real run with the Vontae Park early in the year, even if things get murky later on, this was the dead last offensive line last season. They are ranked dead last going into this year. But there is there are some significant investment on their offensive line.


So that could transform during the season. Preston Williams practice with no restrictions on Monday.


That was the Dolphins rookie wide receiver last season who showed great he was undrafted free agent dominated preseason, then came out and was looking like, man, this guy is for real. Was in fact the target leader. Yes. At that point, tore his ACL. But it's nice to see him back without restrictions. He's he is definitely on my late round guys to pay attention for list. I know I've been higher than him on him than you two have.


Does this news change things for you that he's back at camp without restrictions? I you know, I think he's a talented player. And I wanted to say I'm coming around on him. I am looking at his game logs from last year with this the hype. You're talking about the targets. He didn't catch a lot of those targets and his fantasy finishes last year. There was one that one out of nine games where he was relevant. I mean, forty five.


Forty seven. Forty five. Forty two, 60. Thirty to fifty seven. That's the first seven weeks. So with got sick with the Devante Parker Preston being the third target in a Miami offense. I guess I'm not n well that's the question though is is he actually the third target, because while his fantasy finishes weren't necessarily great during that time and I'm not as bullish for starting Preston Williams of Fantasy, where I was coming around to, is the fact that we saw the shift when Presta Williams was the target guy, Devante Parker got into his fantasy rocketship after Preston Williams went down.


Now, is that will that hold Will was that Ryan Fitzpatrick has decided this is what I really want to do with the ball. And the same for Miccosukee, like his targets really went up after Preston Williams was no longer there. So to me, it's not I like Williams to play for fantasy. It's what does he do to the rest of the team? What do you think? I it causes more concern for Devante Parker, but. For Parker, strange enough, after a guy did what he did last year, it is his ATP has stayed relatively neutral, where people are still concerned about the downside of him.


Some four years of sucking up to them like that, I get. Yeah, but where he is, where Parker is.


And I'm fine going in on that. All right. Clyde Edwards allare got a day off, which revealed a little something about the backfield behind him. Daryl Williams received the first team reps in training camp. There will be I mean, they're not going to go out there and give Clyde Edwards letter every single carry on, every single, you know, down. As a rookie and so we're kind of looking and trying to figure out, is that DeAndre Washington, is that Daryl Williams, is that Darwin Thompson?


We know the name begins with D.. That's the No.


That's right. That's that's for sure. And that's what's important. Like, if you're on Wheel of Fortune, you are. And the clue was back on in the backup running back for Kansas City, a D. Yes. So we got that. So you can get to the next guess. I think it's between Williams and between Washington.


We'll see what is happening in four W it's it's either it's W so it's Darkling Duck. Oh nice. But and for those who are like oh Clyde Edwards got the day off, don't worry, I'll be reporter reporting on on S.H. out of Kansas City has been absolutely glowing using him on deep roots. He is, he is as advertised.


He is the player that they they draft they thought they drafted. If I had to make a guess right now, I would lean towards the who has experience in the offense side of things with Daryl Williams over DeAndre Washington as possible. But look, Daryl Williams just dying to go out there and give you eight for thirteen again, like he did in week four when he was the number eleven fantasy running back on eight for thirteen, though, the Chiefs two touchdowns.


What else do we have? I think the little note here about Irv Smith, the athletic, is reporting that Irv Smith tied in for the Minnesota Vikings. He it's possible that they're going to use him on the outside a little bit more, which, look, given their personnel, this makes sense. Justin Jefferson. Really had a ton of his success from the slot, I'm not saying that Justin Jefferson can't be an outside wide receiver. I'm just noting his real major success came when he was a full time slot wide receiver.


If you put Irv on the outside, Big Irv out there, he becomes, you know, at least a little bit more interesting. I want I want to buy into Irv Smith. I just couldn't see what the path was.


If it's a path to more snaps, if they do something that is a path to more routes and more targets to a valuable snaps, not just in general, you know, what you can't do on the outside block in line like you, you're out there to run a route. All right, Irv, here's what we need you to do. You see that DB eliminate him from the run.


Six to 240 to Irv Smith. I want to buy it, which instantly made me go look up Kelvin Benjamin to remember how big Kelvin Benjamin was.


Sixty five to forty two. Who is a big boy? Yeah. So I think that's it by way of news. And Les Brooks has something sneaky for us. Got you already. No news on that. Those trade offers.


You don't send them back to me, you send them back. Brooks, do you want to report on what the trade offers actually were actually driven mad or are they.


No, I'm just more aligned with here's a trade off or I'll give you one. I sent him Dalvin Cook and Mark Andrews, OK, for Joe Mixon and George Kittle. OK, that's a fair trade offer. It was it was David Cook and Mark Andrews, Dalvin Cook, Mark Andrews for. You know, that's that's interesting. Pick which guy you guys in some respect for me. Well, yeah. Yeah, maybe. Maybe a little bit.


So now we're we're like on the second basement of respect.


Yeah, but we were moving up, you know what I mean? Like we're going the right direction. Speaking of moving up today, sponsor, we want to thank the fantastic champs. This is where you need to go for your fantasy football hardware as you get ready for the season.


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Mailbag, my bag, stop here. Oh, so let's just go back up, singer are you going with some Axl Rose over there? Sure.


I mean, the one I told you, man, I got super hyped. You really did at the end of hard knocks. But look, forget what you miss.


And it's we're not the reporting is not the same right now because of all the safety protocols we need for training camp. And I've spent months and months cooped up in my house. And then you saw it, the light at the end of the tunnel. We finally got it. And those those final four minutes of that episode.


And I levitated off my I mean, you have to be relating to the Joey BOCES of the world where 18 days a walk through is you're out there. You can't the protocols in the way that they set this up, you can't do anything. They want to hit some. I mean, we have more freedom to go play football than these guys do. I think it was. Was it Ramsey who's a man you never seen a lion warm up for this long, right?


I love that. I thought that was hilarious. So, yeah, it's getting going.


If you have a question for the show, you can go to the website to fantasy football or dot com, click the submit a question button or dial our voice mail hotline three zero two four six forty f f b. We're going to be answering some questions today with a lot of fervor, as you could see from Mike's lyrical prowess. Let's jump into a voicemail. Hey, ball is up.


This is Tony from Los Angeles. I've been doing some stuff where I sometimes end up with drafting three running backs in the first three rounds, and they've been ending up with some pretty interesting wide receiver ones for my team. My question to you is, what player is your cutoff point to make your wide receiver one in the first draft? Thanks so much.


Like, I love that question because there are some names that I. I teeter back and forth on being a one for my team players like T. Why would I be willing to if I went heavy on running backs? Right. Go to hell. AJ Green is my two wide receivers.


No, no, no, no. Sorry for my one wide receiver. Can I use both for one? You need to. That is Dance with the devil. OK, but or Courtland Sutton. Are you willing to roll the dice with Courtland Sutton as a starting Stefon Diggs?


I am not with any of the people you just named there and it's ironic. So here's a name. Juju Smith Schuster. I would not be comfortable with him as my number one wide receiver, even though he, you know, he is higher ranked than, say, Robert Woods in my rankings, who I would be comfortable because that's a matter of if you're taking your first wide receiver, you have to be able to rely on this person. Robert Woods is old, reliable.


You know, the offense is good. You know, he's out there a hundred percent of the snaps. There's no injury risks with anybody in that equation. So to me, it's it's those main guys. Here are the other guys I would be OK with that aren't obvious. Kenny Golladay, D.J. Moore, Adam Thielen. Robert Woods, Tyler Lockett, those guys are where I would cut it off. I mean, the thing is, though, if you're starting with three running backs, you are presumably getting three Bellcore running backs, high floor, high ceiling guys.


So why are you looking on paper of. Oh, I feel I feel like I'm wearing footie pajamas when I look at this wide receiver, one, they don't have to be elite wide receiver.


Once you've made the decision that you're going in on the running back position and you've made a decision that you're comfortable with less at the White House. Exactly. So look it.


I wouldn't freak out when you're looking at the names, the the fantastic news for this year at least, and all the, you know, the drafts we are participating in, if you go with those three running backs, you somehow value has fallen to you. Robert Woods will be there, will be there. And I'm I'm very comfortable with both those guys as a one.


And Jason's whole point on the tips and tricks show yesterday was the value of wide receivers and rounds three through six. And if you maybe you don't have that Julio Jones, but you have two players like the ones Mike mentioned, Robert Woods and Jay Chark are your two starting wide receivers after you've done RB heavy.


You'll be very happy you didn't draft any titans or quarterbacks and you'll be very strong with your multiple positions.


Yeah, I mean, in those rounds you can pair someone safe with Robert Woods, with someone like AJ Brown as well. I'm sure, you know, just a hair as well.


AU pairs. Very well. Yes. Yes. All right.


This question comes from Facebook. What is your view of drafting Ryan Fitzpatrick if he is named the starter this year? He was a top 12 quarterback seven times last year. My my view is that you don't have to draft Ryan Fitzpatrick. Sure, I do. You're saying there are better options, that you don't have to take that ride? Well, I'm just saying you could pick them up and stream them when you want to. You don't have to invest the draft pick on.


OK, so which one would you want to train them hats? No, it's it's. Oh, wait. It might be.


I think it is. I mean, that's how I remember it.


Yes. You are in fact correct at Nueng. Yeah. Here's here's the problem with Ryan Fitzpatrick.


And and I remember talking about this because where he was the number four of the quarterback to in the year, he actually went into Foxboro and towards them advantage. Parker had another great game. But can he can you move that Fitz magic forward? I'm not betting on that weak one is the Pats week two is the Buffalo Bills. There's no reason there's much better options the first weeks.


And if you're going to investigate round, pick on a quarterback, give me somebody that I think will take a huge step forward over the course of the year, because then maybe I went and got that guy that Joe Burrow or the Matthew Stafford or the somebody that has.


Less of a chance of being pulled halfway through the season, which is Ryan Fitzpatricks number one bullet point, maybe pulled halfway through the season.


And check this out. I didn't remember how bad it was. Patriots, bills, Jaguars.


All right. All right, all right. I'm sorry. I'm in week three. Absolutely. Seahawks, Niners, Broncos.


Well, if he's alive in week three after those first two weeks, look, man, Chargers. Rams after that, like there's no great matchup. I appreciate this person wanting to reward Ryan Fitzpatrick for what he did to in the air.


Yeah, and that was your reward for bringing you up.


All right. Let's let's grab another voice mail question. What's up, ballers?


You're from the Indiana Corn Fields. Oh, my. Just give me a call to see what you guys whose opinions are on Philip Rivers, Jason's favorite QB, which is cheering and what's his flaw? I'd be great to know. Thanks. His ceiling was twenty eight or something like that. Come on, Philip Rivers is a no ceiling player. But what is what do you think is sealing finish is this year quarterback? Eleven, I would have said 15, really?


Yeah, I think Rivers can easily crack the top. There's too many quarterbacks out there that I am more interested in seeing what their ceiling is like, even Tyrod Taylor or something like that.


Look, I think Rivers can I think his ceiling is like a QB eight, QB nine. He is he is surrounded by talent and he is surrounded by talent on the offensive line that will keep him upright. I realize that the offensive line is definitely better, as Cole, than it was as a charger. But if you talk about him being surrounded by talent, I think you you probably had more talent with the Chargers having Keenan Allen as as just an every down possession guy and Mike Williams down the field and half the time, Hunter Henry plus.


I mean, Austin Ekeler how how much better does it get out of the backfield for someone with that skill set? And now, yeah, you improve your your offensive line, which is good, you're going to need it because you're getting used to all new players.


You don't have that three or four year rapport with Keenan Allen. So, you know, last year he was the quarterback fifteen with all those weapons. And I think he is a he is a we call him safe, but there really is a running team. Yeah. I mean, he's he's not going to be great for fantasy. When he first showed up for Asako, it was like, man, I did not he might not have gotten a team.


There's no better landing spot for Philip Rivers. So he was kind of exciting. But the more I've dug into it, just thinking about how the team wants to be, they're great on defense. They're great at running the ball. They drafted Jonathan Taylor, Marlon Mack. This is a team that I think is going to have Philip Rivers do what he needs to do to win. He's not going to need to do that much. I was smirking here because, yeah, I get it.


They drafted Jonathan Taylor to be the running team. Who did they draft before? Jonathan Taylor. Jason? Yes, they drafted Michael.


They drafted a wide receiver, the highest finish for Philip Rivers all last year on any given week was number eight. So when you look at that on a week to week basis, yes, at the end of the year, you might be able to smile and say, OK, he was kind of steady Eddie.


I think he'll be very what? I mean, he'll be very steady giving you the all the couple of years ago, Drew Brees, where on a weekly basis he's thirteen to sixteen, but if he plays every single game, then he just ends up as a top ten. I've heard a stat several times and I don't know the specifics of the scoring, but I believe it's just whatever ESPN standard scoring is in Philip Rivers career, he's never had a thirty point game.


Never had a 30 point favorites game, which it seems. I mean, that's the craziest stat outside of Larry Fitzgerald's tackles to drop that because he's had such a long career. And you think of him as a big play guy and never had a 30 point fantasy game. So, yeah, I think Philip Rivers is maybe a streamy, you know, a matchup that looks juicy.


But even still, it's not meant to be disrespectful of Philip Rivers. I think it's better for the team to have Philip Rivers than then. Yes, Jacoby Brissett It's more like when we walked through our quarterback rankings shows we did two two episodes, those first 20 guys. Then you could make a case for these players from 20 to 30, the Teddy Bridgewater's, the Joe Burrow's, the Gardner Manchus, every single one of those guys.


You can see this pathway to elite play but I don't see it for Philip Rivers. I guess so. I mean, steady. Good for the Colts. Probably not on my fantasy roster.


This is this has been cathartic for me. Thank you. I feel good about what's just happened. All right.


Andrew from Twitter wants to know. Well, first says bonjour from Canada. Oh. Oh, bonjour. How does draft strategy change for an eight team league? Should I grab quarterbacks and titans earlier as depth is rarely an issue?


And and waivers are yeah, I I think we we tend to do that. Yeah. One hundred percent in an eight team league. Man, where would I take Travis Kelce, that George Kittle, because I think it might legitimately be like pick seven or even even a little bit earlier, the the reality is your your entire league is going to have great running backs, great wide. Just a great team. Yeah, but there's only a few tight ends and you can argue.


You can say that. OK, well that makes Pat Mahomes Lamar Jackson much more valuable. What does that mean. They are a separator. Yeah, but the difference between why the tight ends are so much more separate is because if you look at the eighth quarterback, they're fantastic. They're going to put up tons of points. If you look at the tight end, they're trash. They're going to go out there and poop the bed half of their games.


So, yeah, I think getting Kelsey Kittel, Erts Andrews, I would not want to leave a draft without one of those guys.


And the top tight ends are we've seen a much higher probability that they're going to repeat quarterbacks are very tough and they bounce all over the place. We still believe in Lamar and Patrick Mahomes. But you saw I mean, Marlboro's Mahomes the QB seven or so. I know he got hurt, but I'm saying he looked on fire and then it was just then it was just good. Yeah. So quarterbacks are tough. All right.


Well, and the thing is, is all players can get hurt to subvert the, you know, like, oh, man, they draft the quarterback, draft the tight and high and they could get hurt and they could ruin you drafting the high. But, you know, that applies to running backs and wide receivers, too. And you need more depth at those positions.


It's a little riskier. All right. Here's a question from the website. Robert Woods versus Jemaa. Jack wants to know if I if the draft shakes out and I go running back for the first two rounds, which is the better choice for a wide receiver. One, is it Robert Woods or is it more?


I mean, it's Robert Woods. Yeah, for me, it's more. I love both of these players. When I look at I think they're both safe.


I think they're both the Clear-cut ones and they're going to be involved in manufactured in their offense.


But the upside to me is still on more side. We you know, he's coming into his third year and he could break out and be a superstar. His athletic profile, his draft capital. What is his production in his second year? A lot of things point to him having a true superstar ability, whereas Robert Woods, we know what he is, which is awesome for fantasy, consistent, reliable. I love getting him. But if I'm picking between those two players, I.


I still want that upside down more for me.


Yeah, I like the pass attempts in Los Angeles and the fact that there aren't any other options it feels like. But yeah. Daejeon more has more upside no doubt. All right, let's grab another voice mail question tomorrow.


Is Kevin from Indiana. A few years ago, I was able to start Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram every single week and make it to my league championship. I was just wondering if there were any same position players that you would feel comfortable starting week in and week out this year. Thanks.


Same team, same position. Well, that's an easy yes, but it's not running back. Yeah. Let's talk about running back. Running back. Let's let's talk about. You didn't say that. Yeah, but it is unhelpful.


There's only one running back corps that I would be OK with. I don't know if you guys can think of more, but to me it's it's Nick Chubb. Kareem Hunt. I think you're going to be able to play both of those guys every single week and be completely I think both players will be, you know, a top twenty four back almost every single week.


There's a chance that you could get that out of Denver. There's a chance you could get away with Lindsey and Gordon. There's a there's the opportunity for that. There's not very many backfield where you could look at it and say, I mean, do you think Justin Jackson and Austin Ekeler disability is the one I was going to bring up of? We've seen L.A. be able to sustain two running backs. Obviously, it's it's pretty rare that you see the starter and the backup running back, both putting up numbers.


Now, Alvin Kamara, Latavius Murray, probably you're not going to start every week for Ekler.


The reason they were able to do that is because his skill set was so different than Melvin Gordon. It'll be very interesting to see how the depth chart shakes out. There was a little news report. Justin Jackson is getting some time with the ones simply meaning he is ahead of Joshua Kelly, which if you look around, other than Edwards, allare like. The rookies are the backups that no one has been able to move up the depth chart just yet.


San Francisco. Oh, there you go. That's it's a crossable. Coleman and Mostert, it's definitely possible. Indianapolis or the back and Taylor, unless McKinnon comes, I don't think another one offensive line.


I don't think you're going to be happy with Mac and Taylor. I feel like you need one of the two backs to have a pass catching role in the offense for both.


You know what?


It it's Taylor and Hines. Hines is not losing third downs in that. And then often. Right.


How about how about DeAndre Swift and carry on Johnson. Yeah it was. It was it beat.


Yeah, yeah, nothing really matters in the Detroit backfield if you just want to be a pure nihilist. Nothing matters. Go ahead, start the lines run by any chance, for Leonard Fournette, Chris Thompson. I'm throwing some wild cards out there, I will say this far more than the Detroit back for every last one, Devin Singletary, Zach Moss that I that did pop up in my head as well. If Singletary is is the between the two.


Matt Forte and then Zach Moss is Michael Bush.


The difference in our answer to what you had with Ingram and Kamara is that we are speculating on maybes and there really aren't a lot of there's there's only one probable, which is Chubin.


Yes. Chubin Hunt. I think you could start them week in, week out. But if you do that, realize you are, you are for sure capping your upside.


Here's a nice follow up from Tim in California, Jonathan Taylor at RB. Twenty seven seems low. Why are you so low on him?


Yeah, the truth is it, you know, the the way the the temperature felt, the way the breeze was going by that I mean the information we're getting out of out of camp from their regime, from the coaches is they work it. It's going to be Marlon Mack now, at least for, you know, to start the season. I am sliding closer and closer to Jonathan Taylor takes that job on the on the quickness, on the quick end, maybe even game two.


So it Jonathan Taylor will be moving up in my ranks. Marlon Mack is is the reason that Jonathan Taylor so low. I love Jonathan Taylor. I think he's outstanding. But I can't see a world where Marlon Mack doesn't have one hundred and fifty carries this year.


That's not much. You know, he had two hundred fifty last year. I think they're going to involve him. This is obviously a a slower process for rookies this year getting involved. So, yeah, I think I think it's going to be at some point during the second half of the year, Jonathan Taylor is going to be a weekly fantasy football option. But on the course of the season, which we're starting, especially for your going into your fantasy football drafts, I just don't love taking that gamble.


And now I'm Hines is going to be heavily involved. He was one of the best run blocking running backs last year on third down. He's going to be involved in the role and Philip Rivers loves it. We have done I feel like we've lost that.


We were talking about that more in the beginning of the off season. I like I had brought up, you know, the the target share that Philip Rivers just gives to his running backs no matter what. And. Oh, Danny Woodhead. Yeah.


I mean, historically, there's so many guys, Darren Sproles, even Melvin Gordon. The reason he was able to be great for fantasy is because of all the receptions that he was getting. So what we do, we need to revisit what Nayim Hines could be in this offense. I had a tip on yesterday, so don't just look at the prototypical as a as an option. And they have the best offensive line in football and the most checkdown happy quarterback in football and a lot of inexperience at wide receiver.


You have to harden deals with injuries. You have Michael Pittman in Paris, Campbell, both essentially rookies this year. And here you have name Hines squirting out of the backfield.


All right. Very important question here from Fantasy Football Clinic. Who is the most guff player in the league? Not named Russell Wilson? Oh, Mr. Unlimited. Um, well, you have Jared Goff. Oh, OK. OK.


But I don't think that's the spirit of the. No, we're talking Goff on the field or or at least Goff off the field, but Goff in the person. Hmm.


It's really hard to look beyond Russell Wilson I think the most. I have the answer. Unfortunately our ball is not going to like it. Aaron Rodgers, no, Aaron Rodgers, what's he's got you've seen those goofy faces he's got on the face. No, that's because he don't take no guff.


Wide receivers are just there are a shovel in the Gulf all over the field. Sometimes you're the one with the Gulf and he doesn't ever you're the one with the Gulf.


Save it up for your man. Aaron Rodgers over here. We're best friends.


I don't know if you've seen my pants. Oh, I forgot about that. Yeah, I agree. He doesn't strike that video.


We had a lot of guff in it, too. That video is pure golf.


I will I will go through it again. I promise you go free. How about man Jarvis Landry through hard knocks last year just made me. Oh I love Jared. Oh man.


Oh yeah. Yeah. Some Jarvis I was in on Jarvis. All right. Odell's got way more golf than Landry does. Maybe. I don't know.


I feel like we are probably working from completely different definitions of what golf could possibly mean.


Weight this weird, ethereal word of yes. Made up for yeah.


No one can define what coach has the Mozgov who are. Most golf at the coach, I feel like this one, most of them get fired, so, yeah, it's not Adam case, it's not the worst. He's the worst. But I don't think he's Matt Nagy. Yeah, that's Maddog.


I think those press conferences last year or we really want to run the football. Yeah.


No, you got it. Matinenga. There you go. I won't because like the way I'm looking at is all those don't replace that, that don't work. And he's like, what. What about this time? Was a lot of guys on the field there. You know what they won't see coming?


My Mike Davis, is this your card?


Yeah, I this is your card. Sandrino in Switzerland.


Has it got your ponche. Wants to know why is Sammy Watkins not being drafted?


No, not because he's being drafted for. Yeah, we've dealt with it's scar tissue. Scar tissue is the reason Sammy Watkins hasn't got drafted. Oh man. How did he not come up with Goff. Look at his Twitter account. Look. So for Sammy Watkins, why he's not being drafted. We we know he had to take less money to stay with the team. He's kind of acknowledging he will have a he will be less involved this year than he's hoping for.


And he's OK with that second almost one hundred targets from Pat Mahomes that is in a great offense.


He was on his allies and here is his fantasy finish week by week.


We all remember it. Week one, he was the number one wide receiver was unbelievable. Here's the fantasy finishes from then on out. Forty nine. Forty four, fifty seven. One hundred and thirty nine.


Fifty one thirty forty sixty eight. One hundred and thirty one fifty forty five. Sixty seven. One hundred and eighty. It really seems impossible. It's impossible. He's on the field, he's getting targeted from Pat Mahomes in the Chiefs offense. It's how many times can you touch the stove.


Right. Yeah, exactly right. Mike, learn your lesson.


I've learned how many fingers have been burnt already.


I mean, it's like, oh, maybe this I've got two fingers left and those are my favorites. I call them keepers. I'm not touching Sammy Watkins with them.


To be clear. To be clear to our listeners, Sammy Watkins Watkins will score forty to fifty fantasy points in week one in one of the weeks for sure.


We're not saying at some point one is the worst for him to do that and he's back. Oh gosh.


Well, we just talked yesterday, these offenses every year there's three, four, five, six offenses that sustained two wide receivers. Why wouldn't it be Andy Reid? It should be Andy Reid's office. Maybe it could be. But if I'm drafting one, it's Michael Hardman. I'm not I would rather take the chance that he makes his way into the role he should have over Watkins than drafting Watkins.


Yeah. If you had to lock in McCall, Hardman or Sammy Watkins into your lineup from week one through week sixteen, you don't get a change. It would be hard be Hardman. Yeah, I'm not touching Sammy. Yeah, it's rough. All right. Last question here, Instagram. How do you prioritize drafting quarterbacks in a two quarterback dynasty startup draft?


So this is a dynasty league, but you play two.


You can play two. Yeah, so should so in a normal super flex or two QB, a lot of times I try to get to middle tier guys. I don't like going after one of the great super expensive first second rounders. I'll wait till that fourth, fifth and then I'll double tap them. But in a dynasty, league quarterbacks do last a long, long time.


If I'm at the first or second spot, I'm probably taking Mahomes. You're I mean, not many people out there with a ten year contract in a super flex league, you know. So I do think you want to look at quarterbacks early. You definitely need to make sure you're looking at your tears late and get a third starting quarterback. That's going to be really hard to do in a league like this. I mean, you play in a dinosaur league, you're already fighting for quarterback depth with one starter in a two starter league.


Longevity has to go into the picture. So that way, if you do need to pivot from one of these other guys, you know, you spin a middle round pick or a late round pick on a short shelf life quarterback to Philip Rivers or the Big Ben to to hold you over for a start here. There you better have that other position locked up for years. And if you've never experienced a super Flex Dynasty, the backups will be draft trade as well.


Oh, yeah. So just pay attention to that time. What about Josh Rosen? Will he be drafted?


No, Tom Brady is going to be great because you'll get him for another seven years and no one wants.


All right, before we close it out, I want to remind you two more days left, get the ultimate draft carried ultimate, get in on the giveaway, which we have on the livestream on Friday, UDCA for life giveaway. You can learn more about, I think this year, more than any other year, the prepared owner, the prepared fantasy player, is going to make a humongous difference. We you know, we talked with Adam Lefko the other day about.


Yes, about the fact that it's me. We are terrible people.


Lefko, that is said with so much love. Oh, we love so much. But you're is so good. I really do. You guys are so much better at the love than I am.


And I take great pride in that because anything to be like that. Yeah but we talked, he talked about the fact that how hard is it going to be on Vegas this year. Like one of the indicators that we've brought up as a tip on the show before is Vegas lines. You know, the over unders. What what are they expecting out of these performers people?


But here we have empty stadiums, no preseason games. A defense is that Jason was making the point might have the advantage to start the season. Rookies that don't have the reps we're expecting. Is Vegas going to be able to get a read on what's going to take place?


Did you see Robbie Gould talking about kicking about how if we win, the stadiums are empty, it will change how the wind is reacting inside the stadium? No, I did not see that. Yeah, I also don't have kickers in your fantasy football league.


I wouldn't say I learned about that in his ultimate kicker kit. He's doing a lot of mathematical analysis. That will be weird. I mean, the pressure packed parts of football, those long third downs, right. When you don't have the I mean, you go to the stadiums in the NFL now and it's like, how many false starts have we caused over the course of the year?


And here you are on third down. You can hear everything. I think that that is going to be false, starts are going to be far more embarrassing this year. Yes, you know what I mean? Look, it's going to be you didn't need to you could hear me. It was him. It was him. All right. That'll do it for today's show tomorrow.


The My Guys episode. Oh, it's going to be so good. I am so excited. Goodbye, everyone in. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the F F Balers.