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Hey, this is Kenyan Drake, you're listening to the fantasy football podcast. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway and Jason Moore and Mike. Right. Welcome in. Annie, Mike and Jason, back with you. So much happening in the wide world of fantasy football. We welcome you in the free agents of Sherman taking their time this year.


I think they took their time, but I feel like we're now this show. We have so much to talk about.


And, you know, this is our third show on free agency.


But who's left after this? I mean, there's still a few T.Y. Hiltz, in fact, I think that counts.


Let me and that's interesting where he lands, but the big ones have happened, right?


James Connersville still out there. Mike but come on, Leonard Fournette out there. Come on.


Someone might notice the team needs you to sign.


I think the kind of young, exciting potential landing spots have found. You know, those players have have found new homes.


Yeah. I suppose after the Curtis Samuel won, it was kind of.


But I wrapped up.


I think I'm a little overall I hate to say this, but I think I'm a little let down by this free agency.


So here's I echo you. I was just about to say that this free agent landing spot week sucked. All right. Different different adjective.


I think that for almost not everybody, there were a couple of people that got a got a healthy upgrade. Their situation got better.


But I would say most players out here, I think it was a negative move for 85 percent of all the free agents. That's how I view it this year.


And it got started with, you know, you know, Jianhu and Hunter Henry going to the same team that we were kind of like, yeah, they faced each other out there.


How can we turn to into Iran?


And there were there were some other situations like that, like some of the landing spots made them. They were interesting at best for the player that signed. And then they also eliminated fantasy value from the other players there. Right. But we'll talk about that and maybe will. Maybe we'll disagree a lot of a lot of players this offseason went back to their teams, too. So lots to discuss. For those of you who want to get connected to the show, you can follow unsubscribe on Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcasts.


You can check out our community at Join the Fight Dotcom and you can preorder the ultimate draft kit at Ultimate Draft Kit dot com and check out the Utica. Plus, yes, the dinosaur Depass, part of the ultimate draft kit. It will be receiving its first update in about a week or so. Unfortunately, because of the no combine, you couldn't have the we get everyone's athletic testing. You have real have it have movers and shakers. That process is extended across March.


We are recording this Monday afternoon, but believe Alabama is tomorrow. So that's interesting. Then you have a couple days. The Florida is in a few days with with Kyle Pitts, which there is the Twitter sphere is getting very hot, bothered by a an alleged sweaty pits, an alleged was it four four six. Yeah, I think that's what they're talking about for.


Is it all alleged on pro days this year, like when you're not at one single combine to compare against everybody else there? Do you believe that these these numbers, the forty times the bench press, the verticals, are they going to be devalued in the at least the public's mind?


The forty time is the only one like the bench presses. How many times can you push those weights? There's no way to like, oh, sorry, there's there's no way to fabricate. Oh, you got two more.


You know, there's maybe maybe don't drop all the way to the chest or you don't fully extend.


But with the forty time and we've seen this before, bench press advantage. I've heard about that. Usually people have slower forty times at the combine than they do with their pro day because the pro day stopwatches are a little bit friendlier.


Yeah, well, it's true. They were the NFL did say that things are supposed to be more stringent on pro days this year.


Well, that's good. And we have had articles hit the website all the time and very quickly with fantasy reaction to all of these moves. So we are going to talk about them on the show today. But then if you want to dig deeper on some of the analysis behind any of these moves, there are a lot of fantasy reaction articles on the fantasy football Ashcombe. Here's a quick question for the day. Rank the Steelers wide receivers, this is another thing that happened, Juju resigned one year DL back to Pittsburgh wasn't expected.


But the one year, the fact that so many wide receivers were looking at one year deals. Open that door and he took less money and I'll give him credit for that a little bit. Could have been a lot, could have been up to four million dollars with that Baltimore deal.


But the incentives and stuff you're not hidden in with the Ravens. No, you're not. Yeah, that has to do with your actual production.


But, yeah, allegedly he and the Chiefs came in hot at the end.


He received an offer that was slightly higher from the Kansas City Chiefs, which I don't know if you guys have a read of what's going on with Kansas City, but this is we've now seen multiple reports of these free agent wide receivers are not like huge names. I guess Juju, a pretty big name, but people turning down the Kansas City Chiefs saying, I do not want to go play there.


Why? Why are they. Yeah, that's what is why are they turning it down? Is it because they've seen it where? Yeah. It's incredible to play with Patrick Mahomes if your name is Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. Otherwise no one else really gets targets.


Well, Sammy Watkins is still a free agent right now. Right.


So it didn't work out for him to come in and play third fiddle or fourth fiddle, whatever the case may be. But let's rank the Steelers wide receivers for twenty twenty one one year deal for Juju. He comes back. Deontay Johnson is their chase. Claypoole is there. James Washington is still there. I will go first. I will simply put, Deontay at one. I will go juju to Claypoole three. I think it will be close between Deontae and Juju, but the big difference maker there is simply big play ability.


Last year I believe the longest play from scrimmage for Juju was in the thirty yard range and Deontay offers you more separation, better average rate of target and reception. So and they're both, you know, Deontay missed I think two full games this year, one benching and one missed game and was just behind Juju in total receptions. So I look at that as a neck and neck situation. So I have Deontae one more upside and then juju to Claypoole. Unfortunately it may be another.


You've got to wait another year. Yeah.


And you know Mike and I were talking about this in the studio off air. Claypoole got off to such a hot start, but he was actually not that good as the season went along. And you know, we're diving into some some deeper metrics and developing more accurate catch percentages for wide receivers and such.


And I was really unhappy to see that Claypoole was was not that great. So I've got him in third place as well. And and I know you wanted to go first since I had my answer in the dock first. But I agree with you. It's it's Deonte Johnson and then Juju. I don't see why it would change. Right. Last year, on a points per game basis, it was Deontay Johnson, then Juju, then Claypoole. You could make an argument that Claypoole takes a step forward.


And year two, you're obviously hoping for that. But Big Ben likes throwing the ball really close.


Probably not going to get better arm strength going into the next season. Well, his age, he could he could be now that he's another year removed from the surgery. And the reason why you can believe that they will start going down the field a little bit more is the new offensive coordinator, Matt, the American Canada.


So like they saw what the offense was last year and they they little Randi's contract just expired.


They said, yeah, don't come back. We don't need you here.


They pulled in somebody new because their offense was atrocious last year. Now with their offensive line, hold up and give Big Ben enough time to throw it down the field to chase Claypoole. I'm not sure, but I would have that is the easy number one for me. But then I would go. Claypoole, second year in the NFL, new offensive system over the slot wide receiver. OK, yeah, it was interesting seeing Juju come back one more go around with Big Ben.


That was that was a man who did think he had a we have a tail tucked situation here. This is how I would look if I'm not saying Juju did this. But if I had to come back to the team and take the deal, I would sure spin it into the most loyalty center.


Oh, I did. Possible. Now, who reached out? Did he reach out to Kansas City? Because that led me like, you know, a give me an offer so that I can just go back to go back to the Steelers, be like, dude, I could have played I wanted to I wanted to be here.


His metrics year to year have just gone down and down in terms of the kinds of metrics that get you signed to Long Kenny Golladay type of deals.


So that being said, it was this his best chance at a long term deal? Probably. We saw in free agency this year wide receivers other than one really to I'll include Nelson.


Excellent. Years later, she really did not get paid the way that they wanted to get paid this season because of the lowering cap situation. So all these wide receivers are betting on themselves. These. One year deals for ancient winners and losers, number one winner Nelson Aguilar's agents, yeah.


Oh, my goodness, what a great job he did. I think the Patriots came out and they were asked about their big spinning and they just said they're just not in the business of losing, but their discretion.


Use your money with some.


Sometimes you try and be first to market and get out in front of everybody and set the bar. Yeah. And sometimes you're first you set the bar higher than anybody else is willing to go. And we've got our ball and Judge Jamadi in the house.


Judge Win is our winners and losers episode like the official will go through everybody and declare winners and losers, I think one week from today.


OK, all right.


Well, let's get into the FreeAgent news. And free agent frenzy. So I'm watching that graphic go across the screen for those of you watching on YouTube, there were three players on the FreeAgent frenzy graphic.


It was Kenny Golladay, Kenward, you, uh, uh, Kenyon, Drake and Joujou and all three signed between the last show and today. So I don't know, just an observation, that's all was.


Why did you want us to update it again? No, no, no.


It was interesting that all three, like Jason said, most of the big moves happened. I thought you were hoping for, like James Connor, Todd Gurley and someone else.


No. And here's the funny thing. All right. Let's start with this news, because on the last episode I threw out there, I said, well, Al Robbins is not going to sign his franchise tender any time soon. Right? We're like, yeah, no, he's not. Well, he signed it like that day. You want to know why? Because he thought prior to the free agency opening that he could get 20 million a year on the on the open market.


And then he saw wide receivers were getting and said, I do not want to rescind this. He said, no, takes you back 18 million. Sounds good for a one year deal. Then I'll go be a free agent when the when the cap goes up.


Yeah, it's actually he's in the best position of anybody get paid. Eighty million this year. Cap goes up, TV deals done and go make money next year.


He's a great player. We talked about Joujou resigning. Let's go to the biggest story of the free agent time period. So smooth.


Yeah, the Giants have signed. All right, Kitty Golladay there. Four years, seventy two million dollars, 40 million guarantee. Taking his smooth routes to New York City. You look very nice. He led the NFL in 20 plus yard targets in 2019, the last big time season he was out there on the field. This is our I think most exciting debate topic is whether we actually believe Kenny added to the Giants can bear fruit for fantasy football players.


Daniel Jones, there are metrics that bend him towards, hey, this could be a promising situation for Kenny G. Third best pf great and highest passer rating on twenty plus yard throws.


Kenny G led the NFL in twenty plus yard targets in twenty nineteen, a match made in heaven.


Kenny Golladay is a big body contested catch guru. He's not a separator metric wise. He doesn't get a lot of separation. It's gotten better but yeah. Yeah that's not his game. Not his game. Daniel Jones. We don't know what his game is going to be, this is this feels a whole lot like the last major Besuki season in Chicago in the sense that a declaration on his future will be made this year.


In my opinion, Daniel Jones success or failure this season will determine his longevity dynasty value potential to be a starter, or does he go the way of Robiskie and go back somebody else up? Yeah, I agree completely. I think that that's what the Giants are seeing as well. But what they have done here is they have given Daniel Jones the ability to succeed by having a true number one wide receiver. It's not like what happened with Sam Donald where it's like we need you to step it up, but you don't get you get Burchard, Perriman.


That's so congratulations. This is a situation where I think Daniel Jones I mean, look at the weapons that the New York Giants offense has around Daniel Jones. Now with we'll start at the bottom. Evan Ingram, stop it. You've still got, I think, a very good wide receiver. And Sterling Shepard, things will open up for him. Kenny Golladay, superstar John Ross and of course, Jake Wambach was coming back.


So you have a a really, really nice wide receiver crew for Danny, even lifts the person who's playing over over John Roberts.


Oh, nobody's playing over John Ross. You're talking about Dariusz. Yes, yeah, this news, the Kennedy signing was devastating for Dariusz, Leytonstone, Savelli. It's a very, very bad look. He's not betting on Daniel Jones to supply multiple valuable past. Catching options is a bad bet. He hasn't given us a reason to believe otherwise. Kenny Golladay, however, not a volume receiver. This wasn't picking up Alan Robinson in free agency. Kenny Golladay is a put him down for seventy, put him down for seventy five.


Maybe under this contract I would be nice. I don't think he's getting more than that. So I think we see potential because we've seen potential from Daniel Jones, Derek Slaten at times in the past. Even Evan Ingram. Big games, big moments. But. You have Matthew Stafford, who is a much better quarterback than Daniel Jones is, and you're downgrading quarterback unequivocally. Yes. You are also in a position where, you know, this team, I still think is going to be predicated on the return of Cequent Barkley and his involvement in the running game, being able to succeed.


Do I think that they're a better team this year than last year when you acquired Golladay and Barkley in the off season, which is basically what they did?


You have to get better on offense. Yeah, I mean, I see this as a downgrade for Kenny Golladay. I you know, when I'm looking at how many targets there are, there are how many weapons to catch targets. You're looking at a guy who's probably going to be sub 70 receptions, which can be fine. Right. Two years ago, you only had 65 receptions when he was the wide receiver, six. But then you just talk about is it going to get better going from Matthew Stafford to Daniel Jones?


I don't think so. So I you know, I think Kenny Golladay will probably be around outside of my top 15 wide receivers this next year. Still an elite talent. But on the flip side, I think this is really Daniel Jones should be a good fantasy option because he still runs the ball.


I was going to ask you where Daniel Jones ended up eighth at quarterback rushes and and where did he go? Number seven quarterback rushing yards last year. We saw that.


We've seen over the last couple of years he's willing to run and he's what he needs to trip, but he needs to because he's only averaging like last year's two hundred ten yards a game, passing fourteen games started under three thousand yards passing.


But again, the chicken or egg, I mean, the Carson Wentz debate IQ, who was he supposed to throw to? You know, like, well, now he's got Kyle Rudolph. Mike. Well, do we want to mention that Kyle Rudolph joining the squad, Kyle Rudolph, is a legit sighting for this team because he's going to be blocking Evan Angra will be the one out there as the move tight end and their offensive line needs help. All right.


Rubber meets the road is. Kenny Golladay, a top 15 wide receiver in fantasy that's been the bar for Godwyn Robinson in recent debates. I am going to say no, I do not think he's a top 15.


Yeah, I already answered that. I agree. Fifteen in it, that's a great bar, I would I would say no. Right now, Reinking rankings are not done, obviously, but just because so it's like that gut check, but I can't imagine he'll be in the top 15. All right.


Well, let's talk about another wide receiver that finally found a home out, a one year contract. The Dolphins signed Wil Fuller. Cool, the fifth wheel formerly of the Texans one year deal with two, how is he slants?


Fuller? Yeah, he's very fast. So, I mean, assuming he gets hit in stride, he could do very well.


So you guys are you guys have played fantasy football? I've dabbled. Dabbled.


Are you aware of a phenomenon that takes place when you have a player on your team, on your dynasty team and something like, I don't know, they sign with the dolphins.


And what you do is you try to maybe find the silver lining of the situation because on the surface, maybe the situation looks like it's a bunch of slants and not the best situation. Maybe on the surface it looks like 10 percent of tours passes for 20 yards downfield. I went and watched a lot of film. Upward of two or throwing the ball deep like a deep breath. He had some nice deep balls that were dropping out of the hands of Joakim Grant or others that shall remain nameless.


Is there a world where, look, Will Fuller, much like.


He's not going to live on one hundred reception seasons.


Do you think that there's some potential here in Miami? Mean he could I will Fuller is the dude make a case and then trade for Will Fuller go?


I would rather trade than make the case. The case is simply volume. He's he will be the number one guy down there without a shadow of a doubt. It Chouteau shadow of a doubt in whose I mean, I guess. Parker Yeah.


So you look at that. That's interesting. I think so. I think that's the number one. Jason, do you have that exact same interpretation of the movie? I do think that would be the number one. Correct, because the way that Parker was used to it didn't it didn't fit to a Parker fit Fitzpatrick, but they needed someone that could have a little bit more separation. And like you said, Mike hit to a wants to hit a guy in stride that he's good at leading a receiver.


So I think Will Fuller will be the number one here. It's just a matter of obviously he hasn't played a full season ever, and he won't this year. He will miss week one. That's right. He has suspended incredibly Ryan Fitzpatricks percentage of throws, twenty plus yards downfield was lower than to us.


That will shock the world. It is both of them are horribly low. So the offense was maybe more to blame. I for one, this is not willful or bias because I don't I'm not that excited about him in Miami in terms of being able. I don't think he'll go very high in drafts. I think the question marks are all over the place. But I am not one of those people that thinks to a can't improve, like there are those out there that really, really hate to say he is on a great team that is putting him in a great position.


He didn't have a lot of weapons. They might draft a really significant running back there, one of the few teams, it's like it's sitting right there for them, I think to has much more potential than we saw.


Look, I hope I am wrong because I am one of those that you have described, I don't believe to a will be a great quarterback. And maybe that's not fair, but I will. It's a proven situation to me, obviously, getting Will Fuller with the Vontae Parker, and if they get a good running back, he'll have the opportunity to prove it this year. I just don't think it'll happen. All right. Many more free agent topics to discuss.


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All right. Washington signed a new wide receiver slash running back slash weapons. Percy Harvin, Curtis Samuell, formerly of the Panthers, three years, thirty four million dollars, 34 and a half. Yeah, don't want to take that away from him. Respect the money. Yeah.


If you know Brooks does. We talked about him on the foot cast because that deal had happened when we recorded our bonus episode of the show this past week. This reunited with Ron Rivera. Apparently they tried to trade for him before the season last year.


And Ron Rivera arrived in Washington. And he loves Curtis Samuel. They were unsuccessful and now they get him for free. So it's not for free.


Three or thirty four and a half million dollars didn't have to give anything up other than the money. What do we think about this signing? This is the place that I thought Curtis Hammond would sign. I think maybe, Mike, you agreed in our free agent prediction.


I like it. It's a good spot. It's. It's inter it's very, very interesting because which use of courtesy or do we actually see in Washington? Because last year with with Matt Jarrel, you know, he was kind of all over the place. He was used way different than he was when Ron Rivera was there.


When when Ron Rivera was there, Curtis Samuel was the Deep Throat. Curtis Samuel was running nine routes all the time. And I don't know if you guys remember the couple years ago when the Cam Newton's last year, when he was hurt the whole time. So it was like Kyle Allen. And you just see Curtis Samuel doing his thing wide open and he just was getting and every week it was their yards, their yards. They're going to pay off for Curtis Samuel.


And they they just never did. Well, now you've got Ryan Fitzpatrick.


If they go back to that formula of use of the Ron Rivera uses of Curtis Samuel, that's very interesting that you have him you've got Terry McLaurin on the other side. So you can't just completely try and remove Curtis Samuel from the game. I think this is a great signing. Washington is going to be incredibly fun for we get a team name at some point. Yeah.


What is that? How many years do we need for a team? Twenty. Twenty two. I believe that's when they're targeting right now for a team that is I think that can be done faster than two whole years. Yeah, I know it can for sure can, but not for Washington. Here's what animal would you go with? Oh, if you're going animal for hog the hogs. Yeah. OK. All right.


Yeah, that's the name. The fans and the fans do that thing. OK, would you put tusks on this horse because it's like a situation you could put some tusk on him.


I don't care. Mix it up. Do you have a do I have an animal. An animal. Yeah. For man I go alliteration. You can find a W animal warthog. The wash.


Oh that's kind of like a hog that a wildebeest nailed it warthog. Indeed.


OK, will do because I was thinking boar but that's basically a boar. Yeah.


What's with you and boars. You have a lot of boar related conversations.


Look the spears and boar, the king of the jungle. You know we have some dreams here.


King of the jungle. No, I'm not going to I don't personally draw too much from his first usage with Ron Rivera and Carolina. What what happens when a wide receiver comes on a team and you put them in a position to use his speed, be a downfield threat? I think he's a weapon. I think they're going to use him innovatively. I think they're going to use him in the ways that they use what that Cam Sims and some of these other weapons in this Washington offense where I was like, look, we're going to manufacture Tosches for a weapon.


Hopefully they do. So in that regard, I think it does. It lowers the kind of Belko ability of Antonio Gibson in the sense that your entire offense isn't Antonio Gibson. It's MacLaurin, it's Gibson. It's Samuel. Maybe, but it's not to take away from Gibson opportunities, but as what my champion Antonio Gibson needs, he needs more scoring opportunities. I know you like she came through with didn't he overwhelm or perform in that department?


Yes, he came through with an absolute boatload of touchdowns that it felt like he shouldn't be scoring that much. So if we can improve this offense, make it more high powered, that's I think that's great news for Gibson. When I look at this signing for Curtis Samuel, I think it's a pretty sideways move for him. You know, we talk about agree with that. We talk up Brian Fitzpatrick, is this just fun, awesome quarterback, but he's not a great quarterback.


This isn't going to some situation. That's awesome. It's just much better than Alex Smith. And I know the way that I look at it is this this is sideways for him. I also don't think it impacts negatively. Terry McLaurin, this is a really nice oh, it's good signing for Terry to stay. The one on the team have the majority of targets, but have coverage. Open up a little bit where I love this signing and I love it for this reason is D.J. Moore and Robby Anderson.


Getting Curtis Samuel out and officially having him move on is phenomenal because we've talked about it before. Many times you want those two target options and that's where fantasy gold comes from.


They're not you're not worried about Dion Arnold coming in there and threatening those to go all the post? Man No, I'm not worried about them. There's no mail delivered on Sunday. There will be fun.


Here's an interesting stat to bring to mind with the same.


And I agree sideways on Samuels value. Good for the team. Oh, yeah, smooches himself, JD McKissic Hubbert's, he was one hundred ninety five opportunities last year.


Yeah. And he'll still get up. That's how long will not get hardly any opportunities. The biggest difference for Ryan. Patrick, listen, Ryan Fitzpatrick is not going to beat Alex Smith had games where he was what didn't have like 15 target games. Sure. That that's not going to happen because Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn't have to do that. He'll utilize the running back. But I think JT McKissic was was a creation based on the fact that you had no other options.


Well, that's why they went out and intentionally signed him in the off season by this coaching staff.


He's still he's still a fine player. But I'm saying for fantasy usage and being able to play him, I don't think it's going to be anything like what we saw last season.


All right. The player that I predicted mostly to scare Mike going to this backfield. Yeah. Which did not happen. No, it did not. And it got your guy. So eat that, though.


My former my guy, the Raiders signed running back Kenyon Drake, two year eleven million dollar contract left the fantasy football world kind of shaking their head. And you what are you gross dude?


I mean, Josh Jacobs is in trouble.


Can you. Drake is useless. This is what I meant by the off season. Another one of these moves, you don't even go to a place where we can just, like, even prognosticate good things for you.


Can you drink? You go to a place to destroy another person.


Josh Jacobs is not a he's an RB two at best. I, I will. I know, obviously, that the draft price of both of these players is going to plummet after this move, and rightfully so. I can't imagine really wanting either one on my roster going in to twenty, twenty one unless it was, you know, a late round pick because you don't know how this is going to break down. I think it's full committee here. I think you're going to end up seeing fifty fifty.


I mean, it's as gross as before because Jalen Rashad needs to get his. That's right.


They will not take him off field and they've lost three fifths of their starting offensive line.


Josh Jacobs or Raheem Mostert ringmasters Josh Jacobs or Ronald Jones.


Got to see what pans out there.


But if Lenny is gone, Ronald Jones go Ronald Jones as David Johnson in Houston with the we've got Mark Ingram in and Philip and Philip Linsey, David Johnson or Josh Jacobs. I think that's where that's where we go. Josh Jacobs. I mean, I know they like to run the football and you're going to have your first game from Jaquiss, but what a disappointing outcome here.


Yes. Yeah, it's so I mean, Jason's the point of the offensive line. What are you doing? Like, they did just lock up a center of the future. Oh, Hudson, go. And they just signed their center. The future, a three year deal today.


No, for the record, is is he in as good as is all pro like like Hudson was or not. Yeah. OK, so the future is not bright, but he is the center of the future. Got it right. You need one when you've got your center of the past is the part it. That's fair. Any other thoughts on the Jacobs Drake head shaker. Yes. You OK? Thank you, Mike. Chris Carson resigned. Another resigning.


Oh, here we go. But this but this is resigning. But this is fantastic. I mean, three years. Twenty four million voidable. Third year, which No. One congratulations, Chris Carson. I mean, he was he was a seventh round pick. So this dude has been doing everything, having all this success in the NFL, which, you know, the probability was against him and he has not made money doing it, just, you know, destroying his body.


So good for you, Chris Carson. Get in that bag and he's going to be the dude, you know, like that brief window of maybe Chris Carson moves on. Maybe it's Rashaad Penny for your thoughts. Yeah, perhaps there is a redemption story for Rashaad Penny. There will not be. It will be all Chris Carson. Seattle will not be letting Russ cook. They will be giving the ball to Chris Carson over and over and over. Is he going to be one of the more undervalued running backs again?


Usually he is.


Yeah, I think it will happen again this season with Carlos Hyde leaving. And I do expect Rashaad Penny to be more and more involved. He's past his injury. But even still, with with Carlos, I'd gone. You expect an increase in workload for Chris Carson, who is an excellent running back. He can catch the ball. Well, he could do everything. So I think Chris Carson will be a draft day value for sure next year.


Sure. Seems like Pete Carroll has dug in on wanting to get back to what they do best, which is run the football. Makes me wonder if there's another running back on the way to Seattle at some point this season, that would suck. Don't do it. Yeah, well. We'll see right now they've got Alex Collins and, oh, that's right, they did add Alex Collins earlier this offseason. Right.


So Alex Collins and Rashaad Penny, it makes it because I agree with you and it's like, oh, yeah, maybe they add someone, but at least all of the good guys, man, it's tempting to just go let's go right into the season with these three.


I think so. No, I forgot about Collins. They like I would love Chris Carson in this situation. All right.


The the Texans signed Phillip Lindsey to a one year deal which get another guy.


Good for you, Phillip Lindsey, more than his RFA tender, which I didn't bring up on the last show because I was thinking maybe they just cut him. He ends up getting three million for a one year deal. Must be tough to be a running back. Yeah. Goes to Houston. Colleen, I don't know what's going on and no one knows what's going on here. Is it Philip Lindsay, the number two running back Houston feels like a team that is just.


They're adding everyone they can at a very like lower level of talent, and it seems like they're going to put them in the sifter and whoever, whoever, they don't want it.


Fellas, this is the Taco Bell menu. They're trying to get it done. And but you can go to Taco Bell and you can you can pay up, you can get a cheesy gordita crunch. And, you know, it's going to get the job done. But then you're paying like four bucks for something to Taco Bell, like, well, hold on, I could get forty seven other forty seven tacos for three dollars. And that's going to be way better, except it's not going to work because you're going to feel bad and have diarrhea.


Was will follow that cheesy gordita crunches analogy was he's gone now. So yeah, they've, they've signed so many of these like middling wideouts and running backs and pieces to their offense and defense that I feel like they're going to cut half of them before the season. Yes, they were Donte Moncrief, one of Moncrieffe.




Like there must be this underground, like almost out of the league wide receiver like group. And they're all on Facebook and they're like, dude, guys, go to Houston, Texas, to Houston.


Right now, Texas are giving out contracts to all of us.


Yeah, Koelie, the collector. The collector, as we've been calling him around here. I do think Phillip Lindsays, the two I thought when Mark Ingram signed this is a locker room signing, was with him in the Ravens. He knows he's a leader in the he is the ultimate hype man. If you remember those interviews with him, with Lamar, well, he's fabulous.


So I think it will go David Johnson, Phillip Lindsey Graham. But Mark Ingram is not going to get zero carries. So this is really a a backfield probably to be avoided. Randall Cobb, Donte Moncrief, Andre Roberts. Oh, my goodness. Brandin Cooks leading up this crew. Top fifteen. Why you still there? Right.


Kiki Kutty. Goodness gracious. Chad Hansen. No, my goodness.


Yeah. Mike Boone signed to the Broncos to, I guess, be a depth piece. This is actually Lindsay leaving.


Don't forget Melvin Gordon. I mean, his his sure. His legal situation was dropped. Yeah. I don't expect there to be penalties from the league in any regard. Should it be it Melvin Gordon is going to come in there and have an opportunity to be a high volume, probably more valuable than we think back.


Yeah, I was I was kicking the tires on some dynasty Melvin Gordon trade value because he's he's a guy that I don't think people want to get rid of him. Yeah. People want to get rid of them. But I do worry that that they're not going to be done here. They will bring someone else in, draft a running back of the future. So I'm holding out until after the NFL draft.


All right. The Chargers signed Jared Cook your kick. We had a yeah, that's that's good.


That's actually great signing for both Jared Cook and for the Chargers. You lose Hunter Henry, and he is as good a replacement as was out there on the market for a pass catching tight end. And we're not going to we're not going to play a game, you know, but we had one kind of prepared mini game, a little mini game between Jared Cook and Mark Andrews. OK, in the last three years, both guys have played forty five games and both guys have had the exact same amount of games play, the exact same amount of yardage 2105 really more targets to Mark Andrews, more touchdowns to Jared Cook, and they both have twelve top five weeks at tight end over that stretch.


So Jared Cook is a good player.


Interesting and the conclusion of the game, that was the conclusion that it didn't say anything about Mark Andrews in a negative sense or no, I decided to not make it a big official game because it does include Mark Andrews rookie year.


Yeah, I think the reason people are more interested in Andrew's is what Guzzi like. Cook's not on the way up, right? No, clearly he's not there crossing on there. But it's possible that Justin Herbert is on the way up. No, it's a good signing. It makes perfect. It gives Jared Cook potential. All right, Gerald Everett, one year deal with the Seahawks, yeah, it's it is interesting of the places that Gerald Everett could have gone.


I mean, you don't have is it Will this league is big Montana.


Still the starting tight end? I don't know. That remains to be seen. We can only help Mike.


Well, you can't because, you know, there is no dynasty squad for feels like 2000 years now.


And the new Ossy from the Rams has experience with Gerald. Everett likes him. So let's see if he can turn into the number three option for the team. Oh, he'll be more than the number three option. I think Gerald Everett could easily turn into the number one option when it comes to the passing game because dizzily didn't look. No, no. I'm talking overall. Oh, gosh, yes.


I think he will be your throat. Oh, you look at a decade, MedChem Gerald Everett set to take over the world. No, I thought you were putting him behind great and big montaño. No.


Well, dizzily, I think will, because of familiarity, will stay number one on the depth chart in a year removed from the injury. But I think Everett's in perfect position to disappoint people again, just like he always did. This is great for Tyler Higbee, though.


That's a name entering the off season that I was excited about. We've seen, you know, we had all the debate last year. Is it is it Higbee, is it ever? And the conclusion that Andy and I came to was that this was about Everett being gone. And if you look at those splits, when Higbee was good, when they were both on the field, Higbee was not great. But I promise the Higbee and Everett are not on the field at the same time this year.


So that's great news for timewell twice a year they will be Jason. Well, not the same time, well, they'll like when they're running on and off the field technically for a moment, like a brief moment.


Yeah, I think one of them you were super wrong on that one day, then, Arnold, two years, six million dollar contract to go to Carolina. He will he will have an opportunity.


I mean, Will, even Thomas was out there running around all the time, just running around, doing nothing, just running. Just Ian Thomas did less than nothing.


You want to know what's going to make Dan Arnold look good? Ian Thomas.


That's true. Mitzel Sobecki signed a backup deal with the bills, bearly you? Do you know how big that contract was? Was the two and half million to two and a half million dollars? It just feels like the market could have been larger. Now, what did Jacoby Brissett get. Take ten. What did Tirah. That's like third string deal. Yeah I mean it's, it's like that had to be all that was out there from number two draft pick overall trade it up for the Bears fans.


Don't need to hear this. OK, I'm sorry but I mean it's all factual. It's all true.


That is a whoopsie daisy.


I mean Mitchell to Brisky signed a a bottom of the basement deal on a team where you will guaranteed have no opportunity. Correct. Like there is not a word like what's the worst situation you can have, like behind Mahomes or behind Josh Allen or I mean. I just it's bad he's really into winter sports, maybe, I mean, Mitch loves snowboarding. Jacob Hollister signed by the bills to play tight end whatever Burchard Perriman back or on the lines now formerly of the Jets.


I mean, he's going to start.


Yeah, I mean, I added Tyrell Williams in a dinosaur league this week. He was on the way.


You bet he was. Oh, that's a really good ad because I'm like I don't like John Brown in in Las Vegas, where it's like you might as well add if they're sitting out there. One hundred percent.


You like Perriman Tirrell that are going to start. Tyrell Williams and Burchard Perriman are like the poorest man versions you could possibly get of getting all day. And Marvin Jones like I mean that they're like the same kind of comps you think they gave in the two lockers?


Yeah, I hope so. They're like, come on, guys, you you could step right in. I know it.


Hey, Deshawn Jackson, one year deal with the Rams and Matthew Stafford, OK, that somehow you're all he said was OK.


And that was still a little too optimistic for me. I'm not optimistic for fantasy. It's good for the team if he can play. Yes. That's that's the big if. And it's the NFL is better with the Shaun Jackson is playing Josh Reynolds, former RAM, now a titan.


This one is actually interesting to me. This is a guess what, one year deal. Sure. I mean, so many of them are this year. But this is this is a situation where he's going in in replacement of Corey Davis. And when I look at Josh Reynolds, I said he's a he's a solid NFL wide receiver. He's nothing spectacular, but he is not a bad wide receiver. And when you look at Corey Davis, you go, OK, maybe he's maybe he's a little bit better than solid NFL receiver.


Maybe he's a good NFL receiver. But the gap between Corey Davis and Josh Reynolds is is not that large. And so you're inheriting a spot here where there are targets and touchdowns and yards to be had. So, Josh Reynolds, I don't know that he's on dynasty waivers or not. Probably not. But he's he's a name that, you know, at the very end of drafts or in basketball leagues or in Dynasty, at least at least check the waivers because he will be relevant for fantasy next year.


Could be. Could be who are some big names still left out there before I get into mailbag? That we haven't talked about or that we set for that Connor Bell, Mike Davis, those are the running backs, James White still out there. Girlie, oh, man, how quick was that for Antonio Brown? Yeah, Antonio Brown, T.Y. Hilton, we said earlier still out there. Um, I'm trying to remember any other big names we're waiting on.


I think that's really Sammy Watkins is still out there. Larry Fitzgerald still unsigned, Golden Tate. So Dede Westbrook. Mike, how do you feel about that?


Dede Westbrook back to Chicago or to Chicago to be with Nick Foles? You're sweetie.


And no big tight ends available are Jordan Jake. But OK, so no. Correct.


All right, let's do a little bit of mailbag before we. Before we close this thing out. Mailbag, if you have a question, go to the website, the fantasy football dotcom, don't just go there, click the submit a question button and you can send us your question.


You can also dial our voice mail hotline three zero two four six forty tff b Instagram question from Jay Payton, 33, says, Where do you see Julio Jones falling to in drafts this year?


That's a really, really good question.


I think he will end up probably in the third round because he will go he'll really back of the second.


Top of the third is where I think he'll land. He's going to be firmly supplanted by Calvin. That's just going to ask you, is he going to go ahead of or behind Ridley in every draft?


I believe so. You know, he's one of those majority. Could that be a. Like a really sad thing for Ridley. Yes, manager. Yes, that could be a trap. Absolutely. I was going to say middle of the second round for Julio. I think when push comes to shove, do you think he goes ahead of Keenan Allen? I know I would take Wholy overkeen. He'll be right around there. Michael Thomas. I know Michael.


Michael is going to go further down than we think because of the situation.


That is an excellent question. And right now, I think I would take Julio. OK, so you're you're. I'm hopeful, yeah, it's definitely a riskier pick. I'm looking at some super early ADP, obviously this is this is very, very early, but early in the morning, only early in the morning, that's Julio going on average at three six behind Michael Thomas, Mike Evans and Keenan Allen ahead.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. Right now, I don't know if. There's going to be a lot of who, though, excitement, I wonder if it'll change, though. I'm excited. I'm on the third floor. I mean, that's running back and running back. Julio, I will start my draft that way over time.


I still got Matt Ryan still throwing the ball a ton. All right. Here's a website question from Colton in Alexandria. Adam Thielen or Terry MacLaurin in a PPR. Mike, I know the other day we talked about MacLaurin, you said he's firmly a top twenty five wide receiver. How do you see this right now is a tough one.


It is a tough one. Oh, I'm going to take Terry. I think I'll take Terry, Jason. I'm going to stay on the Adam Thielen side. I definitely think it's close. And if you're talking about who's going to have the the best year possible with both hit, I think it would probably be Terry McLaurin, because you're coming into, you know, year three, where maybe he takes a step forward. He's finally got a quarterback that can, you know, the upside is there, whereas I think with Felin is best seasons are now behind him.


But he's just been so rock solid for fantasy for so long, I didn't see anything on film that made me doubt him. His situation, his quarterback is better. So I'll stick with Thielen this year. Probably going to find ourselves getting beat by a lot of teams that have Adam Thielen and Julio Jones at wide receiver one and two other team. All right.


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