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Mike the fantasy hit man. Right. Welcome into the podcast. This is quite possibly the strangest recording of the show that we have ever had.


As you have noticed, I am hosting, which means that Andy Holloway, our fearless captain, is out for the day. His wife was came down with some migraine stuff. And at these times, kids are at home. That means home schooling needs to be done. So, Andy, is Papa Bear at home right now? Jason, on the other hand, he had to take care of another family member's kids. So we are being as cautious as we can with everything that's going on.


So he's at home.


So, I mean, I'm at the table all by myself in the studio. Jason Moore, welcome to the show. Welcome to the weirdness. You know, it's been weird even from my side, but I did not really make the connection that you are literally at the fantasy football studio set table by yourself for the first time ever that one person has sat there for a main show. I'm I'm glad I'm not you, but at least you've got you've got you've got Brooks.


You've got Jeremy. You've got you've got the producers extraordinaire. I've got the support over here that I need.


So everything will be one hundred on this episode. I'm just letting everyone know that I'm freaking out and it's really, really bizarre. You heard our great friend of the show, David Attenborough, great friend of the show, letting everybody know about the ultimate draft kit, this thing is getting updated. Look, you're going to be drafting soon like a beast, the chicken ultimate draft And do not forget, a dollar from every Udoka goes to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.


Jassa, we're going to get right into the quick question. Over the weekend, there was a signing and this signing went to the Las Vegas Raiders pass, catching specialists at the running back position theoretic was signed by the Raiders. It gave me great joy because I was able to launch directly into a full troll campaign against Andy, who had just made Josh Jacobs his my guy, which a lot of the reason for being in all Josh Jacobs is that his past catching should go up.


So but we need to talk about this. It's very easy to say. I'm going to ignore theoretic completely. He has no impact. But here's the thing. This is just another signing, this isn't the first so on this team, so they already had Josh Jacobs, they drafted Lynn Bowdon Junior, who was a converted wide receiver, which to me says that guy's got decent hands for a running back. They resigned. Jalen Rashad, if you don't remember this, they had already added Darvon to Booker, who who has been used as a pass catching specialist.


They add theoretic. Jason, are you shook at all? Do you have any trembling going on for Josh Jacobs?


I am not shook. I am not you're not rattled. And I the reality is this. What you just described says that they definitely want to in my opinion, I believe they want to get their running back more involved in the passing game. They're bringing in passing down backs. Now, the question is, if that's true, who is it? Is it Josh Jacobs or is it this hodgepodge of third down specialists? And that is obviously to be determined.


But, you know, if I had to bet, if you said, hey, here's a Benjamin, it's yours, you can double it or lose it, you've got to bet on. Does Theo Riddick make the roster for week one? I probably bet against. I mean, me, but it's close. My point is this is just a signing that worries people from past catching. Josh Jacobs is a better pass catching back then whoever is on the roster.


I mean, theoretics been great, but he's twenty nine years old. We haven't seen him since twenty eighteen. And when we did see him, he seems like he had lost step then.


So my, my take on it is.


I don't think you can completely ignore the fact that the Raiders have added a bunch of depth now. It for pass catching running backs, not all of these guys are going to make the team, they won't all be on the roster when when the kickoff actually happens. I don't know who will be. I do side more on that. Josh Jacobs should be drafted where you were drafting him. It's not changing that for me. But you've got to pay attention.


Paid attention in Kansas. Yeah, we can't forget, though. You know, you talk about the Adlen Blount Jr., but, you know, he's rookie. They bring in theoretic who hasn't done anything in the last couple of years. But they also lost DeAndre Washington, who was a forty target back last night. So it's not it's not just last year, plus a bunch of running backs minus nobody. So, you know, if we're if we're talking about the theoretics, we've got to talk about the DeAndre Washington.




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YouTube dotcom slash the fantasy footballers. Please subscribe over there. Click the bell. We got a lot of news& notes, so let's get into it.


News& notes from around the league. All right, it's training camp time, which means that most of this news will not be of the positive nature because it's going to be injury related, but we will do our best to maintain a cheery disposition and figure out what to do with this information. Yeah, you should really give every note here as just real great news. I'm not pretending it's good. I just I don't want but a cheery disposition. And guess what?


Guess what Lions rookie Daniel with suffered a leg injury at Thursday's practice. Man, that's a cheery disposition for the lions.


Running back situation is very bizarre. There was, you know, the note that carry on Johnson when he came back, he was wearing the knee brace. We have since been updated on that information. And it's on Johnson is making the decision to play in the brace now, which to me is like this is perfectly fine. We've seen players decide I have to wear a brace. You have players who who say I need to get out of this thing immediately.


It's hampering me. But if. Carry on, Johnson. Actually feels more secure in his knee with the knee brace on it. I think it's a positive thing. When that first report came out, I had already known at that, but I did not know that he needed to come out and re clarify. But I when when I first saw that he was in the brace, it was somewhat common knowledge that he is choosing to wear the he's not injured.


He's choosing to wear the brace and will continue to wear the brace. That's just how he wants to be. And I don't know that that's great news from a mental standpoint, that a player feels more comfortable wearing the brace than without. But it is great news in the sense that he's not injured, he's not wearing a brace because of an injury. He's I mean, he's wearing it. Right, a former injury, but not because of a current injury.


And we have seen that before. Dallas Gotthard Eagles tight end, second backup tided starting, tight end. Who knows what Dallas got these days. He suffered a hairline fracture in one of his thumbs. So you'll have to monitor that situation. The Eagles pass sketching options, keep ping ponging all over where it was reported. Greg Ward is the current target leader. Then the Jalen Reagan High was jumping on the back of a drag. And yet again, you have have you made any movements to the Eagles pass catchers?


I have been rising. And before this news, I've been rising on Zach Ertz, just realizing that every year he's undervalued and every year we say, well, it's got to take this, that or the other for him to have that many targets again. And every year it this, that or the other happens. He's the depth chart assassin. No. Oh Digex goes down. Oh Outruns not ready now. Now Dallas Gobert has a you know we don't know if he's going to have surgery.


I don't, I think he's going to be able to avoid it but yeah I mean I do. I am more confident as we approach draft season in taking Zach Ertz right next to Mark. All right.


Forty Niners rookie wide receiver, rookie, rookie, wide receiver. It's a tough one. Brandon, are you how you can left practice early suffering an apparent hamstring injury. The tone when this came through was not positive. It was showing great concern for the rookie who was. It sounded like he was taking over camp, he was establishing himself as the man for the forty Niners, they're already dealing with a with an injury to last year's breakout rookie Debo Samual.


The depth chart for the wide receiver position is now wide open if our is going to miss time. My take on this is Kendrick Bourne is a player who is not named very frequently for fantasy purposes, but he is the one to watch the wide receiver position. Of course, George Kittle is the man in San Francisco. But if you're looking for now, we're a late round chance from the San Francisco wide receivers. To me, it's Kendrick Bourne, JDAM, or are you in on that at all?


Or is it just I I'm not going to draft anybody from there. I'm not really in on that. I don't know if it's I'm not drafting anybody. You know, if I'm late in the draft and I'm looking for some kind of PPR reliable depth, I do think Trent Taylor is someone that can be involved. But I mean, we joked about this on CELAC.


But if the world of twenty 20 continues, we could see Donte Pettis be the surprise guy. So because there's Pettersen born and Trent Taylor, I'm pretty much not looking for any of them. And don't forget, I know this is another crazy name to throw out there, but they did also sign Jordan Reed and I think very fair point. It would have taken a loss of a few receiving options for him to actually get put into the scheme. But they have lost a few receiving options.


So this is George Kittle and bust to me.


I like the Jordan Reid take Rams head coach, of course.


Of course you do. Oh, did you say something good about Jordan Reid? I'm in. That's on Brand Mike. Look, he's good man when he's on the field.


These goods right out of the Rams running back. Darryl Henderson suffered a mild hamstring injury. The team hopes to have him back for week one. But this this is this is interesting because it. Gives carmakers just that more, much more opportunity to establish himself as the number one running back in this offense, I believe we all were on the side leaning that ACRS would take over the job after they spent a day to pick on him. Are you what are your what are the birds telling you, Jason?


Are you looking at ACRS? Did you move them up a couple spots? Malcolm Brown has he has been getting some play with the ones as well. Do you have any clarity on the Rams backfield?


Well, first, Malcolm Brown is so incredibly disrespected by fantasy. I mean, he's under threat. You can go to like twenty five round leagues. He's undrafted, which makes no sense because he will touch the ball. He will be in the offense. But I get it. We're looking for the upside. We're looking for the the league win or at least the weekly starter. And this is great news for carmakers. You know, sometimes it takes an injury ahead of you to give confidence for fantasy purposes that you are going to, as a rookie, get first team reps and get in, you know, through training camp.


That's what happened for Clyde Edwards, a to vault so high. And if carmaker's is now soaking up first team reps and getting that experience, it just means that if he were to take over as the main guy in this backfield, it could happen much earlier. In fact, if if Henderson isn't ready for weak. Right, you could see something big that doesn't go away. So we're all big fans of carmaker's talent. He was, you know, after Clyde Edwards earlier, he was actually the higher running back for my rookies ahead of Jonathan Taylor when I initially made my rankings.


And this, I think, could put him back in that spot. Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams has been diagnosed with a shoulder sprain. He is considered week to week. This is actually positive news because when the injury initially happened, there was great concern that his collarbone would be broken. The reports are that it is intact. So we'll see what happens with Mike Williams. Does this change anything for you, Jay, for early season? Does Keenan Allen get more targets?


Are you more comfortable going in on Hunter Henry as one of the mid to late or mid to late round tight end picks? I mean, look, if Mike Williams is not there week one, this is going to mean more targets for Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry. I'm not changing my draft strategy, though, outside of saying I'm no longer drafting Mike Williams because there's a a very realistic chance he's not there week one. And I'm not going to draft a Mike Williams that I can't even find out.


Week one, if he breaks out unless it's a basketball league, he's off my board, but I'm not adjusting the other two, even though they could have a small bump for a week or two.


Some good news here. Andy Reid, head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, he has confirmed that TYREEK Hill will return to practice in a few days. Sammy Watkins, the lizard king himself. He also turned to practice from the groin injury. And Nick Chubb running back for the Cleveland Browns. He has cleared the concussion protocol. He will return to practice. Melvin Gordon also returned to practice. So, look, we found it. We're on a stretch here, but then we got to bring this one up.


Colts tight end Jack Doyle, he has been sidelined with a neck injury. Well, we'll see about that. I have been I have been, you know, I have been one thousand percent out on the possibility of Trey Burton like a dummy using any kind of noise for this offense. But through a matter of happenstance, Trey Burton has been taking the reps with the ones because the Colts, they did just reactivate Mo Ali Cox, a.k.a. Gigantor from the Act of Pupi List, but.


Trey Burton might be a thing he very might be thinking. I don't know, he could be a top 10 tight end. I mean. Oh, no, because it takes because it's right. If he ends up with six touchdowns, he could have that. But I do think he's going to be utilized in that past coaching role. He's been with Frank right before. He is healthy. I mean, that's the thing is it was like, well, he wasn't even healthy when he signed.


And so he's injured. He's just a backup guy. That's not going to be used. He's washed. None of that makes sense. He's actually a healthy human being, playing football for this team, running with ones. He has a history with the head coach. The you know, all the Jack Doyle love because of Philip Rivers also applies to Trey Burton. I still have. Jake Doyle had I haven't I haven't changed anything in my rankings based on this current Jack Doyle injury.


But I still have Jack Doyle and Trey Burton only four spots away from each other in my rankings. And I think most people are apart. That is ridiculous. There is a little bit of hype here for running back Washington, running back Bryce Love. Look, you know that nominee. How does that make even Antonio Gibson struther?


But I am also a fair journalistic reporter bringing you the news. Head coach Ron Rivera gushing that Bryce love can be an every down back. I will say I was following Washington's The Beat reporters out of Washington of talking about practice today. I didn't see anything about Bryce love in there, they were talking about Antonio Gibson's running with the ones or getting sharing time with the ones that he's he's not the only guy there talking about JD McKissic and Antonio Gibson on the field at the exact same time for Washington.


So it gets wild. You can take your shot here. Who you think is going to break out from Washington? I think it's I do believe it is a smart decision for fantasy to grab one of these players. It's going to be Antonio Gibson for me. I don't mind at all. If you want to take the chance on Bryce Love, Bryce love is the draft. The draft cost is much, much lower. Bryce love. Jay, do you have an inkling which way you're going if you're if you're taking one of the guys from Washington?


Yeah, I, I do completely agree with you that it is worth taking someone here. If you're looking for a home run pick, I believe the chances are still on the Antonio Gibson side to actually succeed. That's the guy that this regime drafted. And that's the guy who when you when you're not talking about coach speak. But what happened during training camp as far as beat reporters saying this guy did X, Y or Z, you keep hearing about Gibson busting off touchdown runs in camp.


I haven't heard anybody saying Bryce Love's just been electric, but the coach is saying he could. I mean, I will I will say this on the beat reporter side, Bryce Love is, you know, often running ahead of of Gibson. So I have no problem of someone who wants to take a shot very late. It cost you nothing. Bryce Love is pretty much undrafted right now. You know, that's that's fine. Here's who I'm not taking I'm not taking the presumed starter.


I'm not drafting Adrian Peterson, who I think if we had to put odds on who has the most fantasy points at the end of the year from this group, the highest odds is Adrian Peterson. But that doesn't really matter for fantasy. If, you know, if it's a guy that is every week the running back eighteen, nineteen and by the end of the season ends up with a good total, but didn't really help you on a weekly basis.


I so I would avoid personally I would avoid Adrian Peterson. But if you want a plot and guy who's going to get a lot of touches, then he's sure he might.


I mean, that remains to be seen of the way that Rivera and Scott Turner have ran an offense in recent history. The the we'll see how many carries Adrian Peterson can actually get if they're throwing the ball away more. But like we said, nebulous situation. But that's where you want to take your chances, because that's where a breakout running back can come from before we get into the mailbag. This episode of the Fantasy Football was brought to you by head and shoulders and Wal-Mart, when guys are confident they don't settle for anything less than one hundred.


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There's nothing to lose, simply safe dotcom footballers. Mailbag Bagno. Mailbag time. Jason, are you ready for the mailbag? I have never been more ready, so little a little cold response there. I like it. All right, let's get to do a voicemail. What's going on? Fantasy football is a big fan. Several people are debating their appreciation. All right.


Oh one oh seven Ball Park. Do you take the, uh, the look the outlier, Derrick Henry, the man who gets it done for fantasy purposes without a huge pass catching resume? Or do you lean in to point every time Davante Adams catches the ball? Because it's going to be a lot this season. Jay, you're on the clock. One, two, seven, PPR. Who are you drafting? See, I know who I'm drafting, but I feel bad about it.


I think that that's strange. You shouldn't feel bad about your first round pick. Well, I feel bad about my answer to this question. I don't feel bad about my first round selection. My point is in a full PPR, Devante Adams, I mean, he could he could very like the absurd rare, almost never happened before. Type of two hundred targets. Right. In a season that kind of an outlandish number that would be fantasy. Gold isn't good enough.


That would be whatever they were mine them on, on Pandora, in Avatar. That's the substance that the two hundred targets brings.


But the reality is people remember Avatar. Well yeah.


I mean I know there's like a thousand sequels coming up, but people remember Avatar. Well, apparently you could have gone with, like Vibranium and then I would have been all over it.


But like, I don't know what they're mining in Avatar.


OK, so it's a little bit old reference, but just wait a couple years.


And when when all of the Avatar movies come back, I would be like that, even though I don't remember the name of the mineral.


Anyways, my point is Adams is great, but I've talked about this a lot. I really love the wide receivers that are available in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth round. And I hate the running backs there. And I just I believe that Derrick Henry is phenomenal. He's worthy of a top pick. He, you know, sure. Maybe he needs eighteen total touchdowns to be a star, but he very well could have eighteen plus total touchdowns.


So I'm going to take the running back there if it's my team. But I do feel like. The safest pick is Davonte Adams, where do you if you're in a full PPR and you're on the clock and those are the two players you're choosing, between which way do you go? I believe I'm going with if those are the two players I'm choosing between, I do believe that I'm going to go with Davante Adams because in PPR he is elite.


He he's he's top tier for me. And I'm going to get a I'm still going to get a great running back on the on the way back who he may not be in the class of Derrick Henry, but I believe that the point separation of starting with what Adams is where I would actually go. We have an update, Jason. Oh, it was in fact called unobtainium.


I forgot how my name came. I didn't remember. I will say this. What I remembered about it was that it was a really stupid Mr. It's unobtainium, Mr. Cameron. This mineral is it's unobtainable, what should we call it?


Yes, exactly it what unobtainium, it says how difficult it is to collect this man I loved.


I give you back story with with no exposition. Look, you know, the value is set immediately. This is not zinc or zinc worth, I don't know, unobtainium. Holy crap. That's valuable. All right.


Moving on this question from Instagram, from piano.


Paul, would you trade camera for Clyde Edwards, a player and a half point dynasty. Saints running back camera, brand new rookie chiefs running back. Clyde Edwards, a player. Who would you rather have?


Well, my answer changed with the last word, because I'm you know, I've been in drafts. I'm taking Alvin Kamara ahead of Clyde Edwards allare. But not in a dynasty. This is a dynasty league where you can I mean, if in a redraft you can make the argument that you can take or that you should take Clyde Edwards a layer over Alvin Kamara, I don't think you should. I'm taking Kamara, but the argument at least exists. The floor and the ceiling are very similar for both of these players.


I trust what Kamara has already shown in the NFL and I trust his touchdown prowess. But now if you're talking about, OK, Alvin Kamara is going to be a free agent here. Where where is he playing? Is he playing for the Saints? Is Brees there? Is he changing teams? Is he. Do they have to bring someone else in? I mean, I don't know. But here's what I do know. Clyde Edwards, a player, is on the best offense for the next, I'm going to say, 10 years, because that's how long Pat Mahomes is under contract.


And that doesn't mean Clyde Edwards is going to be great to say that he was a first round pick.


So you're talking that five years is the expectation from the team. Yeah, I'm certainly getting Clyde. Clyde Edwards laughing all right, off of Instagram Keeper League, this is from Hunter snaffLe Keeper League, Jason Cayler Murray in the 13th or deejayed Shark Shark Winged Duck in the seventh. So tremendous, tremendous value on Cayler Murray or also on Chark, but Cuyler Murray, we are and everyone should know Ficklin we have a big lineup of shows this week.


We're going to be talking breakouts, busts, value sleeper's, all those really fun to talk about players. And in the breakouts, these are two guys that could be discussed. Cayler, Murray, Jaque, they're awesome. I think Cuyler Murray does breakout but D.J Takk in the seventh. That's not a huge value on him. It's you know, it's around maybe by the time draft season comes off, we've pushed his value up higher. Maybe it's two rounds of value, not near what the value is on calamari, but I'm still going to take the wide receiver over the quarterback.


All right. Because I can replace Cayler. What are you doing the same or are you taking that immense value on Kaylan?


That is rough. My belief in calamari breaking out, I even projected as my number three quarterback, all the signs are there for for him to take the next step. It is that is very difficult to pass on in the last two years.


Fantasy, you know, if you've gotten the late round superstar quarterback, it's been awesome. Yeah, which is and you can't do that with Tyler because he's not a lay around corner was going to say this is the bizarre scenario where you actually can draft calamari, where people were able to draft Lamar Jackson last year. Man, I'm probably still going to stick with I'm switching.


You're going to know I am switching. No, we we talked ourselves to the reality that you could take the chance on Cayler if you want to, Jaque, instead of getting them for the six draft draughtsmen. You're in the seventh draft. I'm in the sixth. Pull the trigger a little early if you really want him. You can't even though you can find plenty of other quarterbacks in the 13th round that are fine for your team. You can't really find a quarterback in that range that has the probability of the massive step forward.


I mean, you could hope that if you're taking Matthew Stafford, he does. Right, did the first half of last year. But I mean, we've seen Matthew Stafford for many, many, many years. And he's never had a season that was just six games of the first half of last year. I don't know why we would think that would happen. And, you know, whatever this is, year seven, year eight. Next question is off of the website.


Jason, the guy that you obsessed with, Miles Sanders, people running back, Rusty wants to know I can keep either Michael Sanders or Aaron Jones. Now, you've talked about being risk adverse with Myles Sanders simply because the other running backs in that range are fantastic. And we're not sure what's going on with the Michael Sanders injury. I don't I don't have any updates. Perhaps you have an update on Myles. But, you know, I've tempered on Aaron Jones, so which guy are you going to keep?


Yeah, I haven't seen an update. I don't think we'll get an update until he's back out there. We just know he's week to week and nobody seems concerned. You've brought up they're not making any transactions. A team really, truly does not seem concerned. I would I would a red flag would go up if they go and sign another running back right now, which they have not done. This is an easy Myles Sanders pick to make. While I.


I do love Aaron Jones's talent, he's a he's a tier below. So I'm not you know, if if I'm looking at Myles Sanders or or Kenyon Drake, two guys that I love that are going near each other in a draft, I'm going to go with Drake. But there are too many worries with Aaron Jones on the touchdown regression on AJ Dillon, a.k.a. AJ Villon that. Thank you. That concerned me, so I'm taking Michael Sanders here, I'm taking Myles Sanders, I think I'm good because I'm I don't know what to do with Aaron Jones.


I was so confident for so long. And then the glutes in the hamstrings in the quads. They're infecting me. Jason, I don't I don't know what to do about it. Yeah. I mean, here's here's the thing. The Green Bay Packers offense could sputter just in general. I mean, we we saw the Warriors when Davante Adams went down.


But Aaron Jones is good. He's so good.


Yes, Aaron Jones is good. But if the offense as a whole is average and they're not scoring just as a team as many touchdowns as they were before and the five yard line goal line opportunities go to villain, then it's you know, it's going to be because Andy brought this up on a on a recent show. I think maybe it was our live event on Friday. The fact that Aaron Jones was a top three running back last year and had the what was it, eighteen, nineteen touchdowns.


It was unbelievable. And with all of that, he had so many bus games that hurt you and Vanessa. He had complete disappearing acts that you don't usually see from a top six fantasy running back. Now, if you dial some of that other stuff back, but you still have the volatility. I want a guy in Myles Sanders who has the chance to get three hundred and twenty touches and just be consistent in his bad weeks for my fantasy roster that they're finally got four balls, point point, point point and had enough yards.


It just was man is you know, the running back sixteen on his down week versus running back fifty on his down week. I checked with the computer because I couldn't do it myself, and you are correct. We're going with Michael Sanders from YouTube. Ryan wants to know, how do you guys feel about running back Chris Thompson?


I think he has a chance to return some solid fantasy value in Jacksonville, especially as the team passing downs back J. What's your temperature check on Chris Thompson right now? Chris Thompson is a is a wonderful super late last round pick, especially not especially only in PPR or half PPR leagues. He has never been able to stay healthy, but when he's been out there, he has been a valuable fantasy asset. You know, a lot's been made about how much Leonard Fournette caught the ball last year.


I guess better to be said how much he was targeted. Sure not. Well, he got the ball.


Yeah, but he was so inefficient with his receiving work. But the point is that the Jaguars and Gardner Minshew threw the ball to the running back. So, I mean, that's going to happen this year. They're not going to abandon that. They're going to keep throwing the ball and checking it down. Now, maybe it's all Leonard Fournette again, but maybe Jay Gruden, who brought over his favorite pass Catching Back, is going to, I don't know, use the guy he brought over.


So it's who is super efficient at that.


Yes. Chris Thompson is an incredible pass catching running back Jason over his time in Washington since his third year. That's when he actually really started to play.


Since then, he has averaged, oh, fifty five targets, even with all those games missed. Fifty five targets. Yes. I agree with Jason that I think that Chris Thompson is an excellent late round PPR running back. And if he is the to me, I know it's wild, but he is the biggest pause for Leonard drafting Leonard Fournette early because Leonard Fournette needs those targets. My needs the opportunity. All right. This next question is from L-A off of YouTube.


Who is more likely to finish as a top ten quarterback, Drew Laucke or Joe Burrow? Oh, this is interesting. Yes, man, what what a what a fascinating question. So I'm glad this question was brought up. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me talk about this this weekend. I'm not sure if you're aware, Mike.


I believe I know what you're talking about of I was I was calling you out on jury duty in the office of you saying I you believe in jury duty. You fully believe in the talent. And I have no problem with that. Take it all. And you feel like he is going to be excellent and the NFL. And I said, OK, well, let's do this algebra here. Jury duty. If you believe that he is going to be great in the NFL.


Add that to Courtland Sutton, who is great in the NFL. He is. He broke out last year. A plus B. Now, now, now, it's not just a quarterback sustaining one excellent fantasy wide receiver, he is sustaining to giving him some intrinsic value. What are you what are the results from your drew lock deep dive. Yeah.


So I went this week and I watched the film because I'll be honest, I didn't really remember, you know, that it was the end of the season. He played only five games and we're watching all these games at once.


And so I don't feel like he was a winner, Jason. That's what he was. Yes. For and one I'm aware of that ties the franchise record for most wins by a rookie quarter. Oh, I didn't know what John Elway I did not know that as well until I was watching the film and the commentators were talking about it. But I was impressed. I was impressed by Drew Lock, not in a way that I said what a star, but definitely in a way where I said, this guy is capable of getting great weapons.


The ball. He is absolutely. He's got it. He's got a rocket arm. He's not afraid to go for, you know, the go for a really big play. And he's mobile. He can get out of the pocket. Now to to circle back to the original question, though, about him versus Joe Burrow and who is more likely to finish is a top ten quarterback. I see Drew Lock as someone who is still going to be a little bit at least he will be utilized to get his great weapons.


The ball. I think he'll succeed there. You know, I've got him over four thousand yards and twenty five touchdowns. That's a solid season. But to get to be top ten, you have to dominate. You have to truly go out there and have a ton of rushing yards or a ton of touchdowns. And if I had to pick one, the film on Joe Burrow, they both have both of these quarterbacks have great weapons. But the rushing ability, while Drew Lock does have some, I think people really severely underestimate how much Joe Burrow ran the ball in college, how much was designed, how much he picked up on each run.


His rushing ability is is even better than Drew locks. So I'm going to take Joe Buhrow as far as who has the higher ceiling for a true breakout, even even in his rookie season, I would take. Goodness gracious, I will take I'll take Drew Lock here, AJ Green, not practicing again, still not practicing.


And when you say again, Mike, are you saying like this year as well as last year, just pour it on board on the old man.




I hope you're your very important question for Jared on the website. Would you be able to accept any of your kids becoming fans of a football team not named the Arizona Cardinals?


Well, yes and no, I look, I mean, we dealt with this this last year, my my youngest, Isaac, for some reason said he is a forty Niners fan and the same reason is probably because they went to the Super Bowl.


And, you know, you get a lot of publicity, nine or no. And so what I've what I have concluded, what I've told my children is, look, they do not have to love the Arizona Cardinals. That's that they're their own man. They're going to grow up and they're going to make their own choices. I'll try to guide them to good decisions. But ultimately, they're going to have to know as being a good decision. Exactly.


I'm going to what I want to teach them how to make good decisions, but they can come up with the answers in their life. So I told them they can they don't have to be a Cardinals fan. They could be a fan of anybody not in the NFC West. Yeah, but I will not stand for them to pick the Niners or the Seahawks or the Rams. That's just illegal.


Yeah, I was out of bounds. I've dealt with it as well. My boy who's into football, he picked up on the he was a big Broncos fan for a while. Oh, what a great what a great conference that is. Yes. I mean, I allowed it to happen. We're getting him there. I think we are getting him there.


But unfortunately, the Lamar tackled like he's all in on Lamar Jackson, which it's not unfortunate to be in on him, but he's now a massive Ravens fan.


So, hey, that's great. You've got to have you've got to have a fan in each conference. The issue with our children being Arizona Cardinals fans and why that why both of us have the experience of them picking other teams is because they're young. And the last few years, the Arizona Cardinals have just very hard to root. Fair, very fair. Just a couple more questions before we wrap up the show from YouTube. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Trade cut. Alexander Madison, Tony Pollard, Boston, Scott. Now, let's go. I think this is a interesting place to jump in with this information because I did I wasn't sure how to take it. Adam Schefter. Said if and this is just him speaking personally, if Dalvin Cook doesn't have a contract before the season starts, a new contract extension, Schefter is is saying he will have hesitation to draft him in fantasy football. Schefter is a big fantasy football player.


He's also a big time bigwig reporter getting all the news. Do you does does this baste go ahead. This this is based on the new CBA. There were all the reports of Dalvin Cook was going to hold out that he was he said it is not true. Well, sure, but there were a lot of people around him near him saying that he was going to hold out. Now he didn't. But then the CBA makes it to where you can't really hold out a camp or you're going to lose so much money that it's not worth.


I mean, the only reason you're holding out is to get more money. So if now it guarantees you less money, you don't do that. But the change here and I do think we will see this, I don't think it's going to come from Dalvin Cook, but I do think we will see a player in the future as as players are adapting to this new CBA, the the power goes back to the player as soon as the season kicks off.


So they could be there for camp and then hold out from the actual games just like they used to be able to hold out. And I think that is what Shifter's basing his fear on, is that the power goes back to the player as soon as the ball is kicked. If they want to hold out, that's when they'll do it. And so he has worry because he'll have the ability to do it then. But Dalvin Cook has been talking about week one.


Le'Veon Bell talked about it too. Sure. But Le'Veon Bell was not talking about it while he was in camp in Kinka. So that's that's a wide difference to me. Le'Veon Bell was, you know, saying all the things he could to get his contract. Dalven They've broken off contract negotiations. Dalven is still they're still saying he's focused on week one. So back to the question, Madisen to Boston, Scot Tony Porridges, keep trade cut. So you've got two guys here that presumably are not going to do much without an injury to the starter in Alexander Madison with David Cook and Tony Pollard behind Ezekiel Elliott.


Boston, Scott, seems like a low upside, but high floor PR guy who will be involved in the offense no matter what. But I'm going to cut them. Oh, sorry, Barson, I think your low upside, I would rather have Madisen or Pollard and I think you've got to go, Madisen, due to not just the contract issue, but also the injury history of Dalvin Cook and the higher probability that Madisen has to start games over Tony Pollard.


So I'm going to trade Pollard. What I see, if I see it the exact same way Alexander Madsen is the long term hold here. You just we don't know. We don't know if David Cook is going to be back or not, but. If David Cook moves onto a different team, Alexander Madison will be the starter for the Minnesota Vikings and Will, it'll be fun to talk about him next offseason. All right, we're going to get you out of here on this one.


This is a. This is brutal. This is absolutely brutal for me here, because this is off of YouTube, we have a half point PR question. Terry McLaurin or D.J. Chaak. Greetings from Brazil. Wow, I see what it's brutal for you. These are these are Tyagi, my guys. All right. D.J. Chaak or Terry MacLaurin. You could argue I abstainer back. OK, well, let me tell you who you should draft between those two guys is, Jaque, we've seen a little bit more on the NFL field from Chaak than Terry MacLaurin.


I believe that the Jaguars will score more points than the Washington football team this year. I think Gardner Minshew is a better quarterback, at least for fantasy purposes, than Dwayne Haskins. And we saw Chaak be a top 10 wide receiver before his injury last season is coming into year three. I mean, look, obviously we all like both of these players, but I'm going to take charge ahead of MacLaurin HUF I.


Don't know, man, get them both. That's my my recommendation is they are both excellent candidates for massive breakouts this year. One of thank pristine auction, you look pristine auction dotcom. That's where we get all our sports memorabilia and got a feature. Look, they have they have things for everybody. For every budget. You want to get a Blak Darwin jersey for like 20 bucks. I did it. It was it was awesome. But they also have a leet item, auctions, talking like a signed Marshawn Lynch throwback on field helmet, an Aaron Rodgers sign, Packers full size helmet.


They have they got everything that you want. They have legit, legit stuff over there. Pristine auction, dotcom, use the registration code ballers, and you are going to get a ten dollar credit off your first purchase. To Jason, we made it, barely made it through the weirdness. We can celebrate that. We did it. We will see you tomorrow for Glenn, like Jason said, Sleeper's breakout bus values, we're getting into the nitty gritty, everybody.


The drafts are coming. Ultimate Do not forget about it. We'll see tomorrow. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the Fabulous. Don't forget, simply safes got everything you need to protect your home with none of the drawbacks of traditional home security. You can set it up yourself in under an hour. No technician needed. There's no contract, no pushy sales guys, none of that crap.


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