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Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Oh, come in. Whoa, what was. I mean, I was I was five and I was I'm feeling good over here, welcome into the show. And now I'm now I'm like ready to run through the wall. I try to supply a little bit of energy from time to time. Feel like Jason's denying the supply.


And right now. Oh, no, no, no, no. I am I am amped with you guys. I'm just experience. I'm rambling. I'm I'm I'm marveling in the energy that has been brought to this table. I'm just happy to be here.


Well, it was a pre lunch introduction to the show, which sometimes I'm not going to say that were always metabolising when we record this show.


But I am always metabolising from four to five hours post meal.


You did give me some of those protein chips before the show, Mike. We did. We get going. I don't know what's in them. We powered up plant based there all we went Brady style.


It doesn't taste good enough for it not to be. I mean, it has to be good for you a little, right? That's what I mean. Yeah. Welcome into the fantasy football. Any Mike and Jason, back with you. Twitter at the footballers. Follow my get fit man. Jason had Jason FFL. I'm at Andy Holloway on Twitter. The Fantasy Football Dotcom is the website. You can check out the player profiles, lots of tweaks and polygon upgrades happening this offseason.


And we're very, very excited just this season. We've done a lot of expanding in terms of dynasty content, dynasty articles, the DFS, I'm sorry, the ultimate draft kit now has the unique plus which has the dynasty pass.


And for those of you that are many of you are like us. You play in some rough draft leagues, you play in some key leagues, you play in some Dynarski leagues. Some of you are just dynasty giants like you just live. Yes, and you vilify the redraft world, you vilify the keeper world fools.


You know all of the two leagues. Exactly, bro. But you should be excited because we have oh, we have some dynasty stuff coming up. We have a dynasty week that we're going to be just breaking out right after the NFL draft.


Need a jingle or something?


We were working on that, too. Yeah. Why me? Like, is that the kind of the jingle guy?


Every time you send Megalodon, it sends Jason do it into a growling frenzy.


There's a little scary, actually, so we got to figure out what the hook is, was for Dynasty. I agree with you, Andy.


We'll talk. We'll Andy and I will talk to our Medfly guy, OK? Yeah.


Which am I invited to the. Yeah, which is you.


So we do have a dynasty week coming up. We're also going to be doing some some other dynasty stuff on the show segments, making sure that you out there that that are into dynasty leagues are staying up to date with what's happening and how drafts are changing.


And there's so much on the table right now with the NFL draft. Rookie breakdowns are coming very soon.


And then, you know, after the draft, you have all of the rookies in their new destinations, but then you have a whole huge amount of players that were affected by these rookies coming into their depth charts to mess things up. So that collateral damage. Yeah. Yeah, it's true.


All right. Ultimate draft You can head over there, check out that Utica, Utica plus.


I think it's time for some bycel. Buy or sell presented by pristine auction. I don't like this one. No, I don't either. I don't like this Melvin Gordon by yourself. Thirteen hundred total yards and twenty twenty one.


So just for context, five years in Los Angeles, or I guess it was San Diego, he went over thirteen hundred total yards in 2016, 17 and 18. Man Twenty eighteen, yes, thirteen hundred and seventy five hours in just 12 games and then in twenty nineteen twelve games, nine hundred yards last year in Denver, sharing the field with Phillip Lindsay missed the game. Eleven hundred and forty four yards, but just one hundred and fifty eight receiving yards, which was the lowest of his career.


So by yourself. Thirteen hundred, there is a direct correlation with an absence of Peace River. Yeah. Mr. Philip Rivers, that'll happen to your receiving yards. That's true. But does it continue? I mean, was this something that. Yes, it will continue because Trulock will be the starting quarterback for the Broncos for at least the majority of the season.


I believe I did see a mock draft yesterday was looking at some of these NFL mahu. Did they take Justin Fields, Justin Fields at nine?


What could I have to say, Justin? They are happening. And Jason made a good point. Listen, I remember when it was supposed to go Baker and Donald and Rose and one, two, three. Every mark had teams trading up and then, you know, you got guys dropping down to 10 and teams trade up for him. These things happen now. Fields shouldn't get to nine in in my analytical opinion. However, if it happened, I could see something like that happen.


And we can all we can all hope for Denver to get a better chance. Went ahead of him in this month. What I know, but that's it. If you have a certain team that likes a certain player, this is due to Malcolm like like, for example, Chicago. If you fall in love with a guy like Mitrovic, you take your guy. A lot of these GMs do that. But by Drabinsky was a one year wonder, too, right now, if I remember that.


Yes, correct it. Let's circle back, though.


Melvin Gordon. Thirteen hundred yards, buy or sell. He has Mike Boone behind him, Royce Freeman.


But Freeman is still there. That's one of his best qualities. He's he's made it, man. I think this is the last year player in the NFL. You did it. I'm going to jump in here first because I don't know where you two are going to land on this, but I'm firmly on the buying of thirteen hundred total yards. I do not see a world where he is utilized as poorly in the passing game as this last season. And that is to me the baseline for his passing down work.


Obviously, it's going to take a step down from good old Philip Rivers, but with Philip Lindsay gone and him, you know, I don't think Mike Boone is coming in and going to take over anything. So I think Melvin Gordon has the opportunity to really be what they're paying for, which is a lead primarily dog in the backfield. And I am you know, look, I'm one to win on any situation. Possible mistake cheating if not caught, you know.


Yeah, right, right, right. There are seventeen games going. There are going to be seventeen games played next year and I'm taking thirteen hundred yards now.


Were you when you're saying that the receiving work is going to get better, are you factoring in the lack of Phillip Lindsay like taking his production and giving that to Melvin Gordon so.


Well he wasn't really utilized in the passing game that much either. But that was, that was the trap. Right. Do you know how many receiving yards Phillip Lindsay had in twenty. Twenty? I don't know. But obviously, I mean, I know he was not involved in the past any more traps he got.


Mike the answer is seven reception for seven receptions. I'm sorry. For twenty eight yards. No I think if it's that low the proper grammar is seven reception. Yeah that's right. Seven reception for twenty eight yard. So go ahead, go ahead.


Give Melvin Gordon the yard. Well but here's the thing.


It's not a matter of just you giving him those stats, it's a matter of what snaps he's on the field for that he might be able to, you know, do something more with it. My my point was that Drew Lock doesn't throw out of the running back. He just doesn't do it. What's incredible is Melvin Gordon has won. Season above a thousand rushing yards in his career in six years. Yeah, kind of shocking. I will sell it.


I think they will use other bats enough for Melvin Gordon to. Fall just short of this number. That being said, I am impressed with what Denver's done this offseason, the new GM, John Elway, is out of there to the sidelines. Got an up. What is a promotion away from you?


No way promoted himself out of the GM position.


But I want to bring this that up if Jason is right. And I don't know Mike's answer yet, but he bought thirteen hundred over the last five seasons, 53 times there's been a running back that goes over thirteen hundred. In two thirds of those, they had double digit touchdowns.


So if he hits that number, it's very likely he is a significant factor in fantasy football.


Mike, by yourself, I will sell to Don. I will say I think Royce Freeman will. We'll see an uptick in work and Mike Boone is not. Mike, no slouch. Yeah, exactly, it's not like there's dirt, like Mike Bowen can get it done. He can get seven reception for twenty eight yard.


Yeah, that number is mind blowing. How do you not throw to Philip Lindsey more? Those are the first two years in the league. He had 35 receptions each time.


Really? Yes. Wow. So he was nothing less here. Oh me. Andrew Luck is the problem. Yes. And I completely agree with that. I don't think he's going to get worse this season. But, you know, I don't know.


Never know. I think I don't think he's going to fix, you know, the real overarching problem, which is him at quarterback, his Lochness, you know. Yeah, well. We'll see what happens there. There's no key coming, no, I get it to them. Very nice. Yeah, they're good. Their defense is going to be better. I imagine they want to lean on Melvin Gordon. It'll be close. I think he's he's well over a thousand, so it would be neat.


All right.


That was by herself a pristine auction. Guys, have you ever heard a pristine auction?


Dotcom? Please tell me that's their Web address and you can use our code. Vollers And you get ten dollars off sports memorabilia. That's right. Autographed, authentic, certified, verified. Like my champion and Tony Gibson on the wall. We do have Antonio Gibson up on the wall. You do love him. Oh, I do. All right, let's get into the news. News & notes from around the league. Can we can we title this The Leftovers?


Yes, that's right. You ever watch that show on HBO? Did watch that show. That show is great.


It was really, really good. Got super weird.


I know. We had a great time. Really good. It was great in the beginning with Jason on this. It got a little weird at the end and the first couple of seasons we were in.


And how many other three seasons? I think three. So did it feel like a show where it was it was going to be a one season show? No, it feels like a show that was going to be a five seasons show. And then the third season, they're like, yeah, we're getting rid of it. And they're like, OK, here we go. So it's like the opposite prison break.


It was like prison break year one. Oh, they had to extend was sensational, but it was written to be a one season show and but then it got ratings. So of course. Yeah. You got to extend it. We need three more. All right. Leftovers. Mike Davis running back formerly the Panthers, two year, five point five million dollar contract with not the Arizona Cardinals, the Atlanta Falcons.


This could be very significant or insignificant. We have to see what the Falcons are going to do in the draft. But as it stands today, Mike Davis is going to be the starting running back for the Atlanta Falcons.


Isn't that a little presumptuous? They they'd like, you know, Smith, I think it is not.


I will presume I will move forward with the current depth chart that Mike Davis is sitting at the top. Todd Gurley's out. Brian Hill is also a free agent. We saw what Todd Gurley was able to do as toast, but still scoring a whole bunch of touchdowns because it's the Atlanta Falcons are Matt Ryan is a good quarterback there. Good offense. So touchdown opportunity is there. We know that Mike Davis has a three down skill set before last year, but really showed it off as he he was he had to be counted on when Christian McCaffrey went out.


So if he is moving forward as the starter, if the Falcons don't do anything else, Davis will be an interesting third or fourth round pick. Yeah, he would be. But if you're playing a dynasty and right now you've got to make decisions based on what the true expectation of the future is. I would not expect Mike Davis to be the starter. He wasn't paid significant starter money. And with the capital of the Falcons have if because of that restructure, I think there's a good chance they trade down from four.


And if they trade down from for the good to get a hall of picks, which allows them to draft one of the three main running backs this season.


OK. Eaglesmith just stays around, stays around Royce Freeman style. Not a lot to be excited about right now in the backfield in Atlanta.


I'm look at Mike Davis will be very interesting if he is actually there with Eaglesmith James White, one year contract to return to the Patriots. All right. Damian Williams, this is a big one. Not because it's Damian Williams, it's a one year deal with the bears, he's going to get work. He is. David Montgomery was very mediocre for fantasy for the first half, maybe two thirds. I can't remember how when the breakout really happened. But then, you know, you had the injury early to Tarik Cohen.


Then Montgomery's passing down work went up naturally, and then the end schedule was so friendly for David Montgomery that. He was great, I mean, David Montgomery turned into a league winning type of fantasy football player, he absolutely smashed well, he was on the James Robinson plan, which is every snap, every down, all game long and against and against very poor rush fences that turned into fantasy gold.


You can't take anything away from him. Correct? He did everything you wanted him to do. And I think because of the work that he did, he's going to be seen in a light, even by the team and the organization to as as a as a found foundational piece of their offense. However, to speak to the Tarricone injury, you know, he got injured, you know, midway through week three. And those first three weeks of the season, David Montgomery was the running back thirty seven, seven and thirty nine.


So it was not great, those first three weeks utilization. And now they bring in someone with a skill set that can catch the ball. So I do think this has a real negative impact on David Montgomery. I guess my reaction to it was that it was kind of like, duh, like they're not the depth chart that they had now was not good. It's not like Cordarrelle Patterson wasn't being rotated through. They had to pick somebody else up his team.


And is Damian Williams, does he represent a different than I expected threat to the backfield? And my answer is no, it's not on a one year deal is identical to the Carlos Hyde situation.


You knew James Robinson was not going to be the only player there. And so you hope that they bring in someone old busted. And it's just a question of do you believe that Carlos Hyde or Damian Williams are old, busted and Eilene, that they are not that they've still got some juice left for this year in their respective backup role?


What is the deal circling back to the Mike Davis move for a split second here? Because Joe Flacco also signed in. That's the last bit of news that we have.


And what is with the Eagles?


What is the depth? Yeah, just sign. It's OK. Sign with the NFL within one year.


NFL deal. What's the depth chart right now in Carolina with Mike Davis departing because I mean, you have Chris McAfee returning.


I believe Reggie Monophone is unproven for super bomb. Bomb is under contract by Ovett that.


OK, so we're doing the same dance this off season with they probably will say they want to add somebody for Christian McCaffrey and. Sure.


I mean, if you're doing I mean, Mike Davis being able to carry the load like Reggie Bonifant, carry the load. It's Christian McAfee's backfield, obviously. Yes. Yeah. One hundred percent will be McCaffrey. Yeah. Bonifant is under contract for twenty twenty one.


OK, we have a game that we're going to play. We're gonna play some liar liar. Before we do that. Why are we not.


No that's not a lot. Oh yeah. That's the truth. We don't, we're not playing trying to win early. We're not, we're not playing quite yet. But we do want to thank today's sponsor. Manly band. Oh, yeah. Which I am, if you're watching on YouTube, I'm holding it up. I've got my manly bands on.


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Upgrade your ring game in. All right, we ready to play a game?


Liar, liar, liar, liar, pants on fire, footballer's ed.. All right.


We play this on the Super Bowl podcast. It is essentially two truths and a lie. And today, now, Brooks. Are we battling the lies of the borgo again? You sure are. Oh, he's dastardly. Yeah. So today we are playing three rounds, two truths and a lie with some fantasy stats and facts and things of that nature and lies. You guys ready? I don't want to lose to Kyle, I don't like him, you know, losing to somebody you don't like feels bad, man.


Yeah, because it's happened a lot to Al Borland or we've lost our Ballan on this. So Kyle needs to go down his pictures on the graphic. Come on. Gross. Get out of here. Look at that ugly, ugly man.


All right.


We love you guys. Round one, sometimes you can't think of a better insult. Then you just repeat. Yeah, ugly, ugly, ugly man, ugly. It works.


Not just the point, but look really ugly. I mean, you can see we put him on the graphic like I'd say twice. Yeah, we totally did that. Hideous. All right.


Here we go. Round one. Fact No. One, Patrick Mahomes has more picks six is in his career than Daniel Jones, Gardner, Minshew, Brock, Osweiler, Drew Lock and Mitchell Robiskie combined, which would be one Patrick Comtesse one. According to this stat, this seems like the kind of stat that Kyle would find.


He'd just start searching for a pick six lists. Mm hmm. So I think I'm buying this one because there's two tiers.


One line I'm buying it. So tough to think that Zabinski has not thrown a pick six. That's true.


That's a problem. Andrew Luck and Brock Osweiler and Gardner Minshew and Daniel Jones.


All right. Here's the second fact. Rookie Justin Herbert has more passing touchdowns in the NFL than Cam Newton's last three seasons combined.


That one seems true because last year he had almost nothing. He was injured and then he was injured two years ago. I think this one's got to be true. I can't remember three years ago, Cam Newton. Yeah, that would be 20, 18 through 20. All right. That seems true.


And then the third one in twenty twenty, Kirk Cousins had as many games with three or more passing touchdowns as the Shawn Watson and Lamar Jackson combined.


I don't think he had that good of a year. He had a good year. I don't think he had. Well, I'm saying that good that he would have surpassed Watson in Lamar.


Well, it's just I know that Kirk Cousins was in the mid 30s for touchdowns. He threw a lot of them, everyone through a lot of touchdowns this year.


But Watson had a nice year, but not a lot of with three or more.


And it's passing touchdowns, right?


Well, it goes well and good catch there. Had passing touched a lot of multi touchdown games. I'm sure they had games with three touchdowns, but how many were rushing?


Yeah, OK, so. I'm going to say that I'm not sure I think I'm going to so and I did for a moment, but we're used to this podcast where Jeremy is absolutely excellent at these we've we've never gone through and know against them, I imagine.


Not good.


Well, if I'm going to imagine he is good and I'm going to I'm going to say no one is. Is the lie that Robiskie Robiskie I can't I can't take that can't be ever throwing a pick six. So you're believing that the Justin Herbers stat and the Kirk Cousins stats are right. Mike, I'm gonna let you go next because. Not sure where to go, had as many games. Oh, my goodness. So you think the Mahomes one is a lie?


I believe. I'm going to take the Kirk Cousins one, I'm going to say that one is the lie. Well, I'm actually going to go with number two is the line. All right, one of us making it through unscathed. What is the what is the right answer, Brooks?


The lie is number two. Oh, man. John Herbert has won fewer than Cam Newton over that time period.


OK. I couldn't remember Cam Newton three years ago. So that means that Mahomes does have more pick sixes one one in history. So no pick six is for John Gardner and difficult not for Robiskie.


I mean, I know he hasn't done it, but I feel like he. Yeah, I never got the skills to pull that off when I was quarterback for flag football.


I never throw any of those. They do or you throw interceptions are going to happen one per game, right, but they put a pick six is like it takes a very particular set of circumstances for the defender to catch it while running. And also, Kirk Cousins, more three touchdown or passing touchdown games than Watzman Lamar. OK, had more burst games, apparently. Round two. Here we go.


Allan Robinson hasn't been the number one fantasy wide receiver in any week since the Obama administration. Wow. That's an excellent if it's a lie, it's excellent.


If it's true, it's excellent.


Well crafted. Yeah. The number one fantasy. See, that's it's true. Alan Robinson doesn't do that in current with his current circumstances. He doesn't give you missed the whole year. He's had two with the bears. But I mean that you're going five years, right, for four and a half years. Yes. I'm like that in twenty twenty. Here's the second number or stat in twenty twenty. There were one hundred and sixty different wide receivers that saw at least ten targets.


Michael Gallop was the only one who did not have a single reception in the slot.


I buy it. I buiding Michael Gallop on the outside.


I don't think I've seen him even come near the slot. Yes, Cedi Lamb was the the real slot king for the Cowboys and then the third one since twenty, seventeen four seasons. Old man Larry Fitzgerald has more top five fantasy weeks than Odell Beckham Junior.


Oh, I'm buying that because. Yeah, so that's Four Seasons. And that's the lie. Do you think that's the line I'm going to lock it in? I think number three is the lie. I think Alan Robinson, that one's great. I think it's true. And then I think the Michael Gallop one is true. I don't I've never seen him even sniff. That part of the field, I yeah, yeah, excellent. Yeah, we were going down a bad, bad road, that part of the field.


Darn right.


So I'm looking at number three is the line. What are you guys want to do?


I totally believe number three, Odell Beckham was drafted in 2014. Is that is that correct? That's my memory. Don't look at me. I believe that is true. If that's true and you got those first couple of years of dominance out of the way, I'm going to I'm going to believe that's true. I'm going to say Michael Galip. Hit the slot. OK, give me just one, he always wanted to be there once. I know, Kyle, I'm going to I'm going to get this one right, Mike.


What's what are you locking in? I guess both going to be wrong again, are you going to go with mine? Fine, fine. I see what's going on here. I will go with no one. I will take. Alan Robinson has not been a number one fantasy wide receiver in a week and the last four years, the number one. OK.


All right. What is the right answer here, Brooks?


The lie is number three, Larry Fitzgerald and Odell Beckham Jr. They had the same name.


I believed in you, Jason. Yeah, I'm feeling the same. So here's the thing with the I'm in I'm in the mind of Kyle right now.


Yeah, you are. But see, when when Jeremy comes up with the lie, Jeremy just makes up a full lie. When Kyle comes up with the lies, like, I'm going to take this and it's one off footballers, Ed..


Yeah, yeah. So dirty.


That's lying. And there was just no way to cheat liar. There was no way that Larry Fitzgerald got into the top five. He might not have a top five. He literally said they're tied with Odell Beckham is not the answer. That's what I'm saying.


This lie is like, OK, I missed that part. I was too busy gloating. All right, round three. Well, you better knock them out of the park. All right. Wow. These are very wordy. These are words No.


One Since entering the league in 2005, Ryan Fitzpatrick has played in one hundred and sixty five career games.


And yet our hairy chested hero has never played in an NFL game against the Green Bay Packers or the Buccaneers.


Really? So he played for the Buccaneers. So, I mean, that could make sense. I know that. And this is he's never played in the. Packer's division has on any of those teams, he's never been a Viking, never been a bear, I believe that I know that Kyle has been doing an entire write up that I'm super excited to read on. Ryan Fitzpatrick, believe these are all three of these are Ryan Fitzpatrick facts.


Yeah, well, one of them is going to be like one page at all. Yeah.


All right. Number two, when you're very bitter, when Fitzpatrick was drafted in 2005, he was the 14th and final quarterback off the board in his seventh round at pick 250 of the two hundred and fifty five players selected.


Fitzpatrick is the only draft pick left currently on an active NFL roster. So I would be the last remaining twenty five draft pick, right? Yeah, I can believe that. Yeah. Maybe there's too he was drafted a pick to fifty two. Yeah, there's two different facts in that bullet so I don't think that's the lie. Yeah. That OK.


I'm not sure I want to listen to you but you could be right. Number three, Fitzpatrick Fitz Magic has thrown for thirty four thousand nine hundred and seventy seven passing yards.


This is impossible thus far in his illustrious career.


That is the same exact distance from the football studio to State Farm stadium.


It is impossible where the Arizona Cardinals play. That's yards. So what is that I'm not doing the five thousand two hundred eighty you've gotten a million times three and then put that could be true.


It sounds plausible, but come on. Also, Karl's got a lot of time on his hands.


Yeah, we got to we got to get him working on I now I have a lot of pressure because I want you do to whip him. I'll get mine out of the way. I'm locking it. It's impossible. Number three, it's just past. I'm right there with you, Mike. I'm not a child's head like Andy is.


So I will I will lock in number three because you both think that one's alive.


Well, it's stupe. It's impossible. So I'll go with the stupid one, Michael.


Go with the same exact distance. That is tough because then you're down to the church, to the feet through four thirty four thousand six.


Kyle, man, I am bitter. You're you're. Yeah, you're right. You're upset. You know. Are you losing. Are you getting angry. Oh, pretty much. No, you're getting angry. You don't want to see me angry.


So just to stay here for a second. Fitzpatrick the two thousand five one. How many years is that, the 16 years? Somebody else from 2005 has to be around, right? Not necessarily, no, no, no, that's not the one. The the, uh. Oh, yes.


That's the one that you said as two facts in it. Right. I don't think he's trying to lie about him being the 14th and final quarterback off the board.


That's correct. I'll jump in and say, yeah, that's right.


So the lie would be if he was the only draft pick left and could run an active NFL roster.


Wait a minute. Just give it away. No, I. I think it was just trying to clarify that it wasn't a gotcha. Now, now, is there a numbers game to be had here? Well, I'm switching my pick to number two. The way the lie was one three in would would kind of give us the lie on two. So you have the lie is each of the numbers. You know, I'm saying, oh, I like I'm a little I don't think he would I think he double this is what I mean.


Fantasy football is a game and you've got to you've got to play the game. And we love to beat games.


Man, do I go with you guys on number three, I'm not on it. Now, if you switch to number two is the lie. That's right. I'm going to go with number one, I think he's probably played against the Packers, I'm going to I'm for Brooks reveals this. Yes, great work, everybody, because we got the lie. At least one of us got every single. That's right. OK, so this is a unanimous Pylos victory.


Tell us to gather. We take that. I'll go.


Let's see what happens. All right. What happened? The lie is number two.


Oh, no. Brooks gave away.


Aaron Rodgers is the other player that's on an active roster. Dumb. Yeah, because he's the only way he would know that one part of that was what he was going for is if it was the lie.


I don't know about that. So you are telling me, but I should have thought about somebody like Aaron Rodgers, we really screwed that one. Oh, get that crap out of the way. We are the exact. All right. Ryan Fitzpatrick passing yardage from the state, from the stadium right this moment.


But what if we're, like at the front of the studio? Well, I think I think the general is impossible.


That is. How do you even find something like that? At what point, Kyle, why does Kyle even look there like he goes, hmm? Thirty four thousand nine 77.


Like the amount of yard he doesn't live in the state like. And to even look that up. This is why he's the editor in chief.


To me, that means he must have started this category of liar liar with this one and had to have begun with, like Woods quarterback. He looked 50 yards from the stadium to our that's where you start. You look at the yards between the stadium and us right now, and then you find a quarterback that matches and he's like, oh, goodness gracious, it's Ryan Fitzpatrick. But the fact that anything is that any quarterback has the exact yardage is just mind blowing.


OK, well, hit it. I'm going to try to.


You want me to get it? Yeah. Breaking news. All right, we have an update. The Colts are resigning to the hilt in a move that their fans have been waiting for one year deal. Yep, I think it's the right thing to do. OK. Yeah, they did not have a lot of pass catching weapons. You had Pittman, who is still a complete question mark. As you know, he showed some flashes of greatness but didn't do a lot, wasn't good with the deep ball.


And then, of course, you've you've got to supply weapons for Carson Wentz.


You trade for him. You want to set him up to succeed. So it makes sense to bring Ty Hilton back.


I'm still reeling from not beating Kyle. I am. So we banded together. You know what that's about? What I was going to go with number two, but I really didn't think he would do the thing where the lie is one, three, two, now, you know. All right, let's jump into the mailbag.




Go visit the website, the fantasy football or soccer game, you can click the submit a question button or dial our voice mail hotline three zero two four six four tff B By the way, the article that Jason was talking about, it's 25 Ryan Fitzpatrick, facts to make you rethink your life.


That last one, which makes me think my life. And that's on the website. So let's jump into it. Do you think just real quick, Kyle actually won the first award for article of the year across the fantasy football industry this past. Is that why he wrote this? Is he going for back to back articles of the year?


Yeah, I think when once the the panel reads this current Fitzpatrick won, he will back to back it. Yeah. I mean, they're going to have to rethink their lives. It's true. Let's go to voice mail question.


What is the best transaction you've ever made? Crap, oh, crap. OK. Also, I thought I was right in the middle of a ransom video. I mean, I was scared my heart.


I was like, where do I put the money?


Yeah, my the first part of that was too distorted when he said his name and where he's from. But I had to get that quickly. That was Batman from Gotham. I need it. I need it again. Yeah. Let's get that.


What is the best transaction's ever made Warraq crack while on the crapper.


All of them.


Oh, I have your children. I don't know what the best what percentage of your. Let's ask that question. What percentage of your transactions are on the crapper? Not very.


Not not many of the transactions, the news, the looking up, you know, what's going on, maybe looking at the the activity of the league.


But when you've got to have focus on what is the best thing you've got to have on the ground is the timing of this delay. Yeah. So it's great.


I forgot the third time. I forgot that he was going to keep talking with on the crapper. Well, what's our best transaction?


What's just the one that that, you know, looking back, we're like, thank goodness for the best trade you ever made.


Yeah. I can't I can't remember, like a trade I've ever made. I've made a hundred. I've made good ones, bad ones, great ones, terrible ones. And I can't remember the only one I can remember is, is, is terrible.


I always bring up an older one with Arian Foster and that was a good trade or not. Aaron Foster. I'm sorry, Angela. Angela wins. I'll bring up one that I'm so very proud of in her diastole. And that was shipping out Todd Gurley, the pick up Dalvin Cook the year before his his kind of top consideration mergence. And so I was really, you know, I got a whole I got Dalven in like two number ones or something to get rid of Todd Gurley and timed it right.


This could go sideways, but I really enjoyed my trades. At the end of last season, a dynasty, I traded away again. Todd Gurley, it's always great to trade. Todd Gurley just in general, got some some picks and David Johnson and trade away. Julio got some picks and Cedi Lamb.


Oh, I also did a trade in that league where I gave up John Ross and I got Mark Andrews. That was one of my favorites.


Now, after you did that, the next two championships, who did they go to, the person that you made that trade with? Who was me?


Uh, you overcame the the best transaction I ever made was in 2013. Did you look this up? Well, I wanted to look up the stats. I already knew the trade. I just wasn't sure what year it was. But it was 2013. Julio Jones was my wide receiver, one. He went down after five games. And then there was like that was the news rapidly. Rapidly was like, well, he might miss this week. He might miss Julio's out for the year.


And I traded D'Angelo Williams, who was back then on the Panthers. I traded him for Antonio Brown. Oh, boy. Turned into the wide receiver for that year and then was my keeper because he was the best the next year, the best the next year. Third the year.


And you held him forever. Yeah, really. It really sucked the fact that, like it was Antonio Brown had a stretch of complete dominance and it was one and, you know, have it on your team alone for that that entire stretch.


It was the worst, no question. I remember it and I still have nightmares. All right. Taylor in Calgary, Alberta, how about your big fan of the show from up North Bodger?


I am not sure I got which wide receiver I should keep for next season between Mike Evans or Michael Thomas.


Oh, that's a pretty easy one for me, really. OK, it is not for me, but I will go.


Michael Thomas. I will go. Michael Thomas as well. He is the clear cut one.


There aren't a lot of, you know, whatever you the best chance that he's in the crapper.


Oh sorry man. I had to. Oh so good. But you know.


So you're Michael Thomas. I am Michael Thomas.


He doesn't have competition for targets there despite. Yeah. Trautmann love from Mike.


And you know, with with Godwin resigning, I think that I would take pretty easily Michael Thomas. I lean that way too. All right.


Nick Farkas says keep Stefon Diggs in the fourth or Justin Jefferson in the 12.


Oh, brother, where's the softball questions?


That's a softball for me. Really? Yeah. Justin Jefferson in the 12th, Stefon Diggs can be the number one wide receiver.


Yeah. I think Jefferson could be top five. Right, but the number at the end of the year, if you have the number five wide receiver that you kept in the 12th, you are not guaranteed to be the.


No, he no, he's definitely not. But I think. The chance of Stefon Diggs finishing at the number one wide receiver, I believe, is greater than Justin Jefferson finishing as a top five.


These were not very far apart players last year. Diggs was one twenty seven for fifteen thirty five.


Oh, wait, 127. Never mind.


Yeah, eighty eight for fourteen hundred for Jefferson. So yardage wise, similar, not reception wise. And then touchdown wise. Diggs had him by one. I will take the fourth round pick plus Jefferson, it's it's really, really close to me, I don't think this is a layup, but I agree I will take the fourth round. Plus, Jefferson, if you look at wide receivers going in the fourth round, they are really, really quality wide receivers.


And so maybe you don't get the top end talent, but I would rather have two stud wide receivers, you know, than just Diggs.


Let's certify that, though. Let's look at the fourth round. This is Terry MacLaurin.


Mike, this is yeah. I mean, Allen Robinson, it's hard when you when you're just looking at names, but when you back the question up and remember, it's OK, you get a fourth and Jefferson. I guess I lean that way to that. I don't blame anybody either direction, though, you're right, I think it's it's pretty close. All right. Let's go to. Instagram question from Sayan Picken says, Would you trade Melvin Gordon in the one 09 rookie pic?


For Michael Thomas, yes, yes, yeah, without hesitation. All right, yeah, I would hesitate a little bit if it was a two quarterback leak because that 109 becomes pretty valuable pick in a super flex brand in Brockmeier, says from Twitter.


Keep our league question. Jonathan Taylor in the second round or Austin Ekeler in the sixth round. Who lost Austin Ekeler in the sixth round? Yeah, same logic of Ekler plus a two. Or Johnny Taylor in a six. Here are some taking Austin Ekeler of running backs currently in the second round.


Obviously, some of these guys may not be there because it's a keeper league. Sure. Antonio Gibson. Mm hmm.


Well, this is not a great you don't just have to go running backs a wide receiver. Sure.


I guess if you do that, you've got Hopkins, you've got basically whoever you bigs and Ridley done in Michigan says, hey, ballers love the show and the Utech, I'll take you. There are almost no cardinals in Arizona. We'll talk about the bird. Sure. I hear it is rare to ever see one in Phoenix. Has the show ever thought that about using its popularity to try to change the Cardinals name to something more associated with Arizona or all of you good with the team being called the Ladell?


It not. I don't want the scorpions and the cactus in the death of Arizona. I want the the plush life of the cardinal from Saint Louis, from Chicago.


And also also I don't know if you two are privy to this, if you've heard or seen what Mr. Al Boehland and I have seen. And he is an owl.


So he's got, you know, eyes for birds inside info.


But where we play pickleball, there has been like every time we go out there, a redheaded cardinal right out there, right where we're playing.


Yeah. Now, to be clear, are there some non red headed cardinals? I don't know, because I thought the Cardinals game really insinuated that the part that. Yes, they're yeah, it's Cardinal Red. It's our cardinal read, aren't they? Just read like the whole part of it. Yeah.


The way that they they've been black, but I've seen them. I've seen like one I've seen them around. And earlier on when I was a young agent. Oh.


Breaking news, Jeremy, we we did not see a cardinal because it's definitely only a red headed cardinal, but as I'm looking at pictures of cardinals, they are entirely red. That is most certainly we've been seeing this bird out there every time. Not a cardinal. No. OK. All right. Well, that tells you how much Arizonans know about cardinals, the actual bird. But I agree with my Jason.


There are things that people love about the Southwest and they come they flock here for it. Mm hmm.


Turquoise jewelry being one of the things that people enjoy. Yeah, our saguaro cactuses grow. Cacti, cacti, cacti. No, I'm not arguing with you. That is factually accurate.


You threw me off with your yard earlier.


Oh, sorry. No, but but we don't like when you live in the Southwest. You don't want Southwest things. Yeah, we should. Yes, we'll change the name. But it's going to be something like polar bears. Just another thing, that's another thing that's not from here that will make us feel better about the weather, we'll be the Arizona snow. The snowflakes, yeah, that's an intimidating team out there on the field. All right, free agency winners and losers show coming up next week.


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