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Don't even think about entering a fantasy football draft without it. Don't be a square head to ultimate craft. Get dotcom today. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway and Jason Moore and Mike. Right. Welcome in. The UK is the top seed. I can't believe I know I can't look, it's wild, we we have made the ultimate draft kit for tell me more five, six years. I don't I don't remember the fifth year.


And somehow they made a commercial for it. They knew it was going to happen in the 40s. And they made a commercial back in the 20s.


Yeah, that was with the radio mike. So they didn't have stereos back there? Yeah, that was radio. But AM was was the Hap's was the top.


See, absolutely no government. Is this unique.


Oh no guff at all. Wednesday, August twenty six. The Fantasy Football Podcast. Jason Moore. Mike the Fantasy Hit Man. Right. I'm Andy Holloway. Excited to be with you. A sleeper show today, some camp news& notes to talk about. We've got an interesting bycel, because I I have some strong thoughts on this bycel, and I'm curious if you guys align with me or not, but we appreciate you joining us. If you are just getting ready for your draft ultimate draft.


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That was a really mean covid feelings are hurt now. Oh good.


Yeah, yeah. I don't have any problem with that.


But you can find us on Twitter at the F. We got some. I won't tell you what quite yet, but on Saturday we have something very special planned. And that's it, that's all going to tell you right now, right now, right now, but maybe, maybe more tomorrow and you can find our community and join the foot dotcom and how you get in the middle of all the largest season long tournament in existence.


Jason, what is the proper way to say that the man is just man, that's the proper pronunciation is.


Yeah, I believe it's pronounced. That is correct. All right, let's do some bites, though.


Buy or sell presented by pristine auction. Buy or sell, the Patriots running back James White will outperform his current average draft position, which is the late sixth round running back 31. He finished higher than the RB thirty one in three of the last four years with Tom Brady in New England to. What's that, three of the last four? Oh, yes, I'm sorry, I was just saying he's he's been there and yeah. Twenty eight and twenty sixteen.


Forty first in twenty seventeen, then eight in twenty eighteen, twenty second last year, but what are you doing? You're buying or selling the fact that James White will outperform his current average draft position.


Mm. Well, I will say this, he's a perfect name to bring up on a Sleeper's show because he is certainly being you know, you could say he's being disrespected from what he has done in the past. He's always the forgotten man. I I forget about him in the sense that whenever we bring up the New England backfield, you know, Sony is. Oh, he's back. Oh, he's hurt. Damien Harris, is he going to you know.


Oh, Lamar Miller is coming in. Don't forget about Rex Burkhead. And I never bring up James White's name, which is not fair, since he's the only guy who's been good at fantasy for the last several years. That being said, I do think that there is going to be a large downtick in receptions which if you followed, you know, my kind of narrative about Austin Ekeler when you are a guy that the vast majority of your production comes through the air and you lose the super old statue vet that has to dump it down quickly and cannot scramble and get out of the pocket and make plays with his legs, you're going to lose some amount.


That's not to say he's not utilized in a pass catching way or that Cam Newton can't use a pass catcher. Alaa are Christian. McCaffrey did pretty well. Can I can I drop some stats on you?


Why don't you put them in front of me? I'll look at them, ok.


OK, Cam new look out below I because you brought up Christian McCaffrey and I wanted to take a little look at them. We did not identify Cam Newton as a quarterback that works with the running back, the passing game. That was the narrative before Christian McCaffrey arrived. Newton was the forty first most accurate passer on throws between one and nine yards among quarterbacks with one hundred or more attempts in the last three seasons. So he has not been what Tom Brady has been in that close quarters range over the last three hundred throws.


He has an overthrow percentage of thirteen point two percent. That is better than only Josh Rosen, Mason Rudolph and Jeff Driscoll. So he has a tendency to overthrow shapes.


Look, Superman's too strong, too strong. You try to dig a dunk with that arm.


James White is two inches shorter than Christian McCaffrey. Oh, he's got shorter arms. He's got a lower career catch percentage, thank goodness.


And he only got these stats right on me and he only plays forty six percent of the snaps last year.


So to your ABI, I'm a huge though. But I look at him the same way that you guys look at Adrian Peterson in Washington, which is you don't there's no like perceived upside for you.


Like there's no reason that you want to draft AP in any way, shape or form, even though I think he will get two hundred carries. It doesn't even matter to you tonight. James White with Cam Newton on forty six percent of snaps represents that nebulous just missed output. And so for me, it's a cell. Yeah, I'm going to buy it, I will I will buy the James White will outproduced the running back thirty one. I haven't projected it at running back twenty nine right now.


And that's in half point PPR. He's he's not a player you're going to look at in standard leagues that the outrageous fantasy production you had from a couple of years ago, that's not going to happen again. But I still think that when you're if you're loading up on wide receivers early in the draft, James White is one of those guys later on that I'm fine taking the shot on.


I know the stats are there, the narratives are there. But like, what if the Patriots are not as good as they were last year? What if the defense the second half of the year, once the schedule kind of toughened up on them? The defense wasn't as elite. They had a whole bunch of opt outs they've lost so long. Hightower, they've lost some pieces on defense, some great players. What if they're in a little bit more of a negative game scripts where it can't just be whoever the the ground pound guy is and James White is forced back on the field and he's on the field for sixty percent of the snaps.


So there to me there is upside in the targets.


I will say this. He is a he has his place in fantasy football. And you nailed it.


Mike, if you're going to your RB, if you're one of those people that is stacking your team up in those early rounds at wide receiver, quarterback, a tight end and you just need someone that can plug into your running back spot while you wait for, you know, a pilot or Edmunds or a Madison to to get their shot. Then you grab someone in a PR league like James White who will go in there and absolutely give you a floor that is not zero.


But I am selling this. I'm on Andy's side here in the sense that I've got him at my as my running back thirty nine. I think the passing volume goes down. I think the quality of passes to that position goes down as well. And he wasn't a dominant force already. So for those reasons combined CHAKO amount, how many targets do you guys have him down for August. Ninety five targets. One hundred and twenty three. Seventy two.


I think he could probably get to that eighty nine target range.


I've got seventy three. Seventy three would be rough but but if he hits the 90 target Mark he's going to have fantasy value. You said if you're going zero RB, James White's a good pick up and I think that's true also because he's basically not a running back.


He's basically like a slot receiver and shorts. I mean sixty seven total carries. Last year, that monster year he had he had ninety four carries but five rushing touchdowns. Yeah.


Those outlier. So yeah. I mean he can definitely finish above thirty one even with Cam Newton's deficiencies in that area, but I'm selling it. That was by herself from pristine auction. Pristine auction, not CommScope. Ballers get a ten dollar credit towards some sweet sports memorabilia. Let's talk news.


News& notes from around the league. A little follow up to that James White discussion, Sony, Michel, coming off the Pupi, is it official? I know he was on the field. It's official, official, according to Judge Jamadi, who has placed this before my eyeballs.


So now we will see if the Damien Harris drumbeat and hype can withstand. Yeah, yeah. And that the Damien Harris hype includes some competency in the passing game. From what I've read, people excited about the roots run and the way that he's playing in that area of the game. That's why he's more interesting. Yeah, I didn't Sony, like for some people, Sony, Michelle's back. OK, I'm completely moving on from Damian Harris. I'm not going to completely move on at this point from the news has been so positive about Damian Harris.


He. The odds are against him when so when someone's a third round pick and they do absolutely nothing in their rookie year, but they're healthy, the odds are against that player. But the reports have been just so positive. Let's see how healthy Sony, Michel, actually is. We got to stay water and be ready to move Damon Harris out of that sleep range. But I'm just saying I'm not doing that. I'm not taking that action immediately.


If you don't know where people are with Sony, Michel, I've I've gotten messages on Twitter saying, do you think I should take him in the 18th round? That's the kind of message that somebody like look, two hundred and forty seven carries for Sony, Michel, last year. And from what I can tell, destroyed every single person that had him. That roster him. Yes. In this league. One hundred percent of people furious. I thought he'd be a fantasy MVP for people last year.


That was a swing and a miss. Despite two hundred and forty seven carries. He was a disaster for fantasy owners.


And that's why you you still draft Sony, Michel. You're just not in an early round or a mid to in a single digit round. I'm not drafting Sony, Michel, but Lamar Miller just make it more annoying overall. Again, let's see Lamar Miller make the team first for a guy to show up and just like he's still on the pup, if Damian Harris is actually showing out, why are they why would they roster all Sony?


They're not going Burkhead, four of them. Yeah, that's what I mean. Right now, Lamar Miller is the odd man out. AJ Green expected to return to practice. All right. As is John Ross worth noting that they're getting their complete wide receiving corps available. Hopefully AJ Green could stay at practice. Yeah, Tee Higgins can't talk has been very, very positive. Anthony Linson and Mike Williams, wide receiver for the Los Angeles Chargers, could miss the team's season opener with the shoulder injury.


Now we the hard knocks bump. We talk about it every year because somebody ends up getting it.


It's just human nature. It's on video. You see a player dominating you. You fall in love with this player and his personality. There is a player who we're already in love with, and that is Keenan Allen.


He's my wide receiver one. Now, Mike, if if you watched hard knocks last night and you saw Keenan Allen just leaving Chris Harris in shambles on some of these routes, Mike Williams missing some games. And honestly, we don't know the extent now. We know the collarbone is fine. But Mike Williams from the the the fantasy doctors on Twitter, there is a huge range of outcomes of how long Mike Williams is actually going to be out with this shoulder injury.


Let me redirect the conversation a little bit. Are we we have not said this name aloud. Hunter Henry, like Williams, you talk about what Mike Wallace brings to an offense to you. He's a big boy. Yes, he is.


He is the nine route field stretching wide receiver and in a red zone threat.


You go up and win the 50 50 ball. You know, Keenan Allen is going to get targets, what they represent with Tyrod Taylor, I'm not sure we've had examples of lots of great wide receivers that have had bad situations. Odell Beckham comes to mind last year. It just didn't work out with Baker. We've talked about Larry Fitzgerald in the past with bad quarterback play. I'm not trying to throw shade all over Tyrod Taylor. I think he's OK.


But Hunter Henry sitting there able to potentially represent more of a value in drafting Keenan might even represent I was completely off of Hunter Henry. Before Mike Williams was was going to miss time, so, yes, I agree that Henry is. Far more interesting now, and he's he would be the biggest benefactor of Mike Wallace missing time. Jerry, you feel like you've kind of still been in on Hunter? Henry I'm in on Hunter Henry. As far as being the next tier of tight end and being worth it, I'm out on Hunter Henry as far as actually drafting him, because where he's going in a draft, I just don't draft sixth, seventh round.


Well, Jameis just said he's going in the ninth in the ninth year in the ninth, if that's actually where he falls to come, real drafts. I would I would grab Hunter Henry in the ninth for sure. I like that value. I've just not I've found in the drafts I've been doing, it's around the middle of the seventh round where I go from players that I think are good and have some kind of known commodity to dark throws where I think the probability of your pick mattering by the end of the season and looking back is is very low.


And so at that point, I need to be past that point to take a tight end. Are we foolish to ignore the Austin Hoopers and Hunter?


Henry's in favor of some of these upside tight ends, the fans, the donors, the hearse, the Herndon's?


Well, I mean, I don't think I see more exciting because we've seen the other ones play a little bit.


You know, I have Hunter Henry ranked above those other guys, and it's really just a matter of where you are in your draft. If you can get Hunter Henry and those late near double digit rounds, because that's where I've been getting, you know, Hayden Hurst or no offense, but I would take Hunter Henry there, but I would rather have Hurst in the ninth or tenth than Hunter Henry in the sixth or seventh. OK, all right. We have news that Chris Hogan is working exclusively with the first team offense.


That's not a good sorry. No, they have just rename the first team offense, the second team.


I mean, that's not a good sign for the depth chart. I mean, he was just signed. Yeah.


When Dude off street goes and runs with the ones you are in some trouble and he's Brooks is typing to me. Wide receiver for the Jets. Oh yes. That's a good point because you might not know where Hogan is. Thank you. Thank you. Brother Logan is at all OK. The New York Jets have been hit by injuries. They're big free agent pick up. Rashard Perryman has been dealing with an injury. Their second round rookie wide receiver picked.


Denzel Mims has been dealing with a hamstring injury. Robby Anderson, who had that role last year, has left the team.


Yeah. So there are they're up against it once. Once people are healthy. I don't think Chris Hogan is running with the ones.


But this is and this is why we like Chris Herndon as a yes leaper tight end, because he has the opportunity to go from a late round pick to one of the leaders and target like seventy reception.


Eighty reception potential for Chris Herndon. Dirk Kutter expects a minimum of fifteen touches for Todd Gurley. Well, that's good because you paid him to be your starting running back.


So that used to you. Well, yeah.


I mean I think it is news, it's coach speak. So you have to decide. Do you believe it or not, when I started my guys out this year, I, I was surprised by how much I was in on Gurley and that was based on Eaglesmith and Brian Hill, I don't think are good and not not good enough to really take over. In which case, you know, it's the Todd Gurley show. He's a one year contract for a coach who has to win or get out.


I think they're going to use him. And Mike, you've brought up some stats that make you question, OK, well, they use Devonta Freeman. He wasn't any good. Maybe they're just going to use Todd Gurley. He's not any good.


And the same thing you could say, like last year, Todd Gurley was he averaged seventeen touches a game. So he was in that range and and it took fourteen touchdowns just to turn him into the running with the the running back fourteen. Is Todd Gurley going to get fourteen touchdowns with the Atlanta Falcons.


Well I mean we've talked about this. A reception is so much more than a carry. No he's not. And so if. Thank you, Andy. If you're talking about sidestepping the questions over here, I'm not sidestepping the questions. You answer the question. He's not going to get fourteen touchdowns. But if his total touches are far more in the reception side than in the Kerry side, that's going to make up some ground. And then the nice thing is, I've seen Gurley, people don't want him now.


He's dropping. You know, if you can get Gurley, Mike's work here is done.


Yes, you have. You have. Where have you seen him dropping to? I want to I don't know if I'm in on this fifth round is the latest I've seen.


Now, that was in a much more casual league where quarterbacks are going to go higher. But let's say, you know, late fourth round now fourth. I'm not in fifth. I'm probably not in Gurley, David Montgomery. Jason, to close this, I would say Todd Gurley.


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But one thing is for sure you're wrong. If you think it's no big deal, drive sober or get pulled over. Sleeper's. All right, we did a breakout show yesterday, today we're talking about Sleeper's and we did a early sleeper picture show back on the twenty third of June.


I want to see where you guys sit with the players that you brought up. Then, Mike, you talked about Randall Cobb. Do you still view him as a sleeper?


One hundred percent. I, I have shifted that. I do believe Will Fuller will be the the breakout wide receiver from this team. But like I was saying, you need to leave margin. You need to leave room for a range of outcomes. And we simply don't know what's going to happen with the passing game for the Houston Texans. And people want Fuller. People want to draft cookes. But Randall Cobb could see a whole bunch of targets as the slot wide receiver.


I realized yesterday we're in the middle of a family draft. I tweeted the first eight rounds, Jason, on my team, like our kids are in it, our wives are playing. It's been really fun. I didn't get Wil Fuller in the eighth round and I was devastated.


I found out that I'm in love with what you guys are certainly on that side. You have both developed into believers and you're seeking them out and drafts, drafting him or being sad that he's drafted. I still believe Brandin Cooks is the wide receiver to Owen, and I feel like we need some sort of the roster. Yes, some sort of bet. Some water bet. Brandin Cooks, we will follow. How about that? Yeah, that's it.


OK, see finish. Mike, you want in on the wilfulness. I do.


For one, yes. Waterbed, it's been a while, we haven't had a waterbed in a while. You're welcome. Yeah, the last one might have been the Jaquet Dobens Gus Edwards bet we made. Oh, now that's a hot bet with the first four weeks touches or something like that is correct.


We don't.


Yeah, we only deal with the big names here on the show.


Jason and the Early Sleeper Show you you brought up Boston, Scott. Still believe Boston Scott's a great Scott.


I certainly do, running back for the Philadelphia Eagles, while I think Myles Sanders is a very, very good pick, healthy, he's got I think Great Scott is going to be fantastic because he's a he's a PR guy. You know, we brought up James right in the beginning. You know, Carson Wentz will absolutely use Boston.


Scott, at the end of the last year, Boston Scott was really valuable. Now, that came when there were no other wide receivers. And the health of the pass catchers was a giant question mark. But he broke out and he has a full stranglehold on the number two running back position, which is part of why I like Myles Sanders so much, because it's not like Boston, Scott. I mean, if you don't know who Boston Scott is.


You got to look hard, you can miss him. He is not a big guy out. He's a Darren Sproles guy. Exactly right. So he's not going to just take you know, he's not Jordan Howard. He's not going to be splitting carries with Myles Sanders.


But I do think in a PPR league, Boston's got as good name to know he averaged once he finally took that back up job over those final four weeks, he was averaging just over six targets a game. So it's he's interesting. I want you to know something, Jason. I agree with you. Oh, fantastic.


It's finally happened.


I had Michael Pittman, JR, rookie wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts on the six twenty three show. I will say that I have like three players in Indianapolis that I believe are Sleeper's Michael Pittman, Parris Campbell and Jim Hines like. I think all three of them are very interesting.


And so I would say that I've I guess I've cooled on Michael Pittman in terms of carving him out above Parris Campbell. I think Parris Campbell skill set might fit with Philip Rivers does, you know, pretty well.


So if you made me choose between those two guys right now, it's almost a coin flip for me. And I probably choose Parris Campbell.


So, yeah, I would still choose Michael Pittman out of those two. But the Pierce Campbell hype has certainly brought some doubt to Michael Pittman as a rookie wide receiver breaking up this season. All right.


I'm really excited about each of our individual sleeper picks on the show today. We have gone a little bit deeper with these three acts, trying to bring you some names that maybe you have literally not heard of that could have an interesting role this season. But they're pretty deep, and I wanted to bring forward a couple of our unique sleeper picks as well, we have sleepers, breakouts, bus values in the ultimate draft kit. And so these are kind of more consensus, three names.


And then we'll bring our kind of individual three names. The first one we're talking about because. Look, if there's one camp situation that everyone's paying attention to, it's Antonio Gibson running back wide receiver hybrid weapon for the Washington football team's third round draft pick. Mike is the group living in a sea of emotion with Antonio Gibson.


I have a look. I've got I've got a Twitter search for Antonio Gibbs. I got this thing on refresh, like, every three seconds. Yeah. You need all the Gibson news.


You are hype maximum. Yes.


But Antonio Gibson is one of the names that I think we all agree is a sleeper pick, like regardless of how you see the season, the range of outcomes, which I think are vast for Antonio Gibson, he could be a player that goes from predominantly a special teams weapon to all the way because of the depth chart in Washington, all the way to like the most valuable fantasy asset on the team. And I do mean that like that is a possibility.


Yes. Explosive player, multifaceted skill set, great wide receiver. It's but a rookie. Yeah.


I mean, it's in Mike's contract. We had to bring his name up on the sleeper show.


It's like, OK, the if you want to get into athletic profiles, everyone fell over themselves.


Once they once they saw what Jonathan Taylor did at the combine, he like I said on yesterday's show, the the the comp for Jonathan Taylor is the HOLC Antonio Gibson is one step for step with Jonathan Taylor.


He is a gigantic man for a running back six foot almost two hundred thirty pounds and ran a sub for for forty.


What was Darren McFadden size? Because that's what he kind of reminds me of in terms of starting.


Yeah, you can I don't know, off the top of my head, he was OK. McFadden was in bigger six to 210. But you're talking about a taller running back. Yeah.


Antonio Gibson is stout. Twenty eight. Yeah. So much stouter than you said. Six foot, right? Yeah. OK, so here's the deal. Here's why I love Antonio Gibson. The the situation in Washington in the backfield is completely unknown. The skill set for Antonio Gibson is they own it. It wasn't known what position he was going to play in the NFL when he was drafted. Yeah, they it was OK. We're drafting him as a running back, but we didn't know you had to follow the news to know, OK, what position are they actually going to put them at?


And they decided to go with running back. If you go and look look at his college production, it is absolutely insanity that the guy scored a touchdown like every fifth time he touched the ball. He is running with the ones. So he's just doing different things with the ones. Yeah, but I'm saying he's playing with the first team is catching the ball. He's running. I want to check in with with you, Andy, with with the drumbeat that has happened for Antonio Gibson.


I don't mind at all people taking a late round shot on Bryce Love. Have you changed your stance? Are you still more of you're looking to draft Bryce love? Here's what I believe. I believe Antonio Gibson will receive twenty five percent of the running back snaps in Washington. OK, and then take that for what you will what you believe about his involvement, role, explosive plays. I think he'll get about twenty five percent of the snaps over the course of the year.


I think Adrian Peterson will be in the forty percent range. I think JT McKissack will be in the twenty percent range. And I think Bryce Love and mostly Antonio Gibson fill up the rest. What do you believe about the offense? What do you believe about predictability, predictability on that snap count? There you go. So I think that, you know, when you have Adrian Peterson in front of you who's older and you have an opportunity, I don't know if this team, Ron Rivera, the way he talks about Adrian Peterson, you look at the example that Adrian Peterson has been around camp Adrian Peterson yards per carry, went up year to year in Washington the last two years.


I don't think that we you know, Rivera is not looking through our lens. He's looking through the lens of the example of Adrian Peterson and what he's done. So I don't know if I don't know if the season goes really bad. Let's put it this way, OK? If they're a terrible team through the first eight to 10 weeks, that back half of the year could be gold for Antonio Gibson.


OK, Jason, I see you kind of thinking sitting in your seat a little bit disagreeing.


Well, I was I was unsure where he despises sadness because I, I actually think you had me and a lot of what you were saying. But I think if the season goes really bad, very, very poorly, they might just run, you know, through Adrian Peterson and and keep going. I think if if their offense starts clicking and things start working and and they get explosive plays from Terry McLaurin, they might try to get Gibson more and more involved and and open things up and not be a conservative team if if they're wanting to be conservative.


That's why I think they'll run Adrian Peterson and.


Well, I mean, it's just my logic of they're going to start the season. Adrian Peterson is the starter. He's going to get the majority of the work. So they're they're going to succeed with that recipe. Or if they fail, then they shift and they look more towards the future. We talk a lot about my I kind of thought that there are no teams that are actually looking to the future in the NFL. They're not it's not like the NBA where you come out and you're like, man, we're definitely competing for the trust.


The process. Yeah, trust the process. It's mostly coaches that don't want to get fired that year.


And there are a couple of teams and you brought them up, Jacksonville, Carolina and Washington in particular, that look like it is a process. It's going to be more than one year. But I just believe Ron Rivera really likes Adrian Peterson, and so that concerns me with the upside stuff because he loves all of them. Yes, every every player on the roster is a full three down back. Ron Rivera is. Do you believe he loves J.T. McKissic?


I believe that he likes him. Yeah, right.


This is the fun part of fantasy. I mean, these are he's a sleeper because his upside is Mike dancing in the streets for 14 of the 16 weeks this year.


Look, guys, I don't even know what we're going to do with you if we quit. I won't be here. I will have ascended. You will have I will turn into lights and my physical being will no longer be a part of this planet.


I just cannot imagine I don't know what our CGI capabilities are back there. Al Borland, Jamadi. But if in week one, Antonio Gibson has like two long touchdown plays, I want to see if we can make Mike look like John Travolta from that Angel movie or something. I want him glowing on the other side of the screen.


There were no CGI necessary. Yeah, I guess that's true. We don't need to do anything. Michael, come in.


Just an aura. Yes.


To other names from the UK. Chris Thompson running back in Jacksonville. He reunites with Jay Gruden, who had him in Washington. Ironically, Chris Thompson was kind of this role that we kind of see Antonio Gibson being in Washington, which is third down explosive, big chunk play guy, tons of targets for Chris Thompson throughout his career in Washington.


Also tons of injuries. Yeah, but we had Leonard Fournette be this. First, second, third down back in Jacksonville, and here's Chris Thompson, do you believe he takes the majority of the work on third down?


Yeah, I think he's coming in to be the third down specialist, the pass catching back. And, you know, Leonard Fournette had 100 plus targets last year.


They throw to the running back. Minshew will dump it down and they brought someone who's better at that skill. Well, you know, I talked about believing in Boston, Scott, as that PPR third down option. Chris Thompson is better than Boston.


Scott, Chris Thompson, James White, Boston. Scott is the water. I would put them. OK, would you pass out Chris Thompson, James White, Boston, Scott. And is that considering draft position as well?


Yes, I'm saying that where that's the order that I would draft those people because of where they are in the draft.


You're pretty bullish on Mr. Chris Thompson, which makes sense. He's our Utica sleeper. I just when I was a very good player, if he's healthy, he's going to be relevant for fantasy and maybe you only get five or six weeks and then he pulls something or breaks something, unfortunately, because that's been the history. But I'm I'm fine when he's out there. I think he's going to be catching the ball.


Here's what I like about Chris Thompson is if you look back on his past three years, he is solid four fantasy in those first games and then the injury happens. And even if he comes back, he's still not at full strength.


But those first few weeks, while he's healthy, like you said last year, people may not remember three of our two of the first three weeks. He was a top twenty running back for fantasy in Washington, who they were bad last year breaking. Perhaps you don't remember that part. Chris Thompson is the perfect player to draft late. And then if he hits on week one, maybe we even want to wait till week to you trade him, because somebody, maybe even the person who drafted Leonard Fournette is like, oh, crap, I need to get this backfield completely shored up.


And I got a draft for Christoph's and he is the perfect player that you draft him. Right. And will be able to have trade value just a couple of weeks into the season.


Now, Jason, you're taking a rule 30 for approach to Chris Thompson. When he's out there, when he's available, you're you're willing to play him?


Yes. If he is healthy, he should be good. I don't expect him to necessarily stay healthy. But the nice thing and the reason I put him first is not because he's not going to be better than James right on the season. I don't expect that. But Chris Thompson is absolutely free, undrafted in many leagues. He's costing you nothing. And to start the season, you'll have an asset that can be used or traded.


All right. One more unique sleeper before we bring our individual kind of deep sleeper picks here.


Allen Lazard, wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers. Long live the lizard king. Yes, hail. We have. Lizard pretty much locked in to be the wide receiver two behind Davante Adams, if you look back at his game logs last year, he was kind of establishing himself a little bit. Yes. His fantasy relevant weeks were the weeks he scored. But that is something that, you know. Aaron Rodgers, if he likes you, it can end well for you.


Yes, this is follow the narrative of what happened last year. Allen Lazard was not a full time player until about halfway into the season. All the reports were Aaron Rodgers told the staff, I want Lazard out there now. I don't know Aaron Rodgers personally, so I cannot confirm nor deny that this actually took place. But we did see that Aaron Rodgers was willing to go to Allen Lazard on very tough throws. And Lazard came through with several highlight plays.


They didn't do anything in the draft to address the wide receiver to position, which we thought Green Bay may do, should what's fair and should have done it. But it spoke to the confidence in Allen Lazard, solidifying himself as the wide receiver to the drumbeat for Lazard has been growing louder and louder over the course of training camp. Does Aaron Rodgers in this offense have enough to sustain two fantasy wide receivers? That remains to be seen. That's the question.


That's what makes him a sleeper is is he is the number two wide receiver. I think we're all assure of that. He's. But does it matter? Does Aaron Rodgers. No. Too wide receiver. And that sounds crazy that to think it doesn't matter. And, you know, last year the number two didn't matter, but it was it was split. You know, they tried MVS, they tried Allen Lazard. If he's got sixteen games of being the number two.


Hopefully, Aaron Rodgers has a good enough season where that matters, there is a chance where they're running the ball so much and Davante Adams is inching towards 200 targets and the wide receiver two doesn't matter.


But in general, Allen, Lazard is the wide receiver, too, for a Hall of Fame quarterback who's been good at fantasy for the majority of his career.


We only saw a little peek at higher snap count Allen Lazard at the end of the year. The last three games, over 70 percent, three targets, but the nine targets and eight targets the last two weeks, they won the last five games. But then that disparity of what you're talking about, does it matter? Well, in week sixteen with nine targets, he was the forty ninth wide receiver on the week in week seventeen, he was eighteen wide receiver where he was very relevant with similar snap counts and target.


So. It's not what it was in Green Bay, but Lazard's pretty much has established himself, I have heard some. Some equanimity, think Brown talk around camp, sure, returning from the injury, I mean, he he he didn't play at all last year, unfortunately. All right. Let's move on to our individual sleeper picks here.


Time to get Dean and Mike. Mike, you have a what I think is a great sleeper selection here. Well, thank you. This is the name I want to bring up. And this is this is a very deep sleeper like we have prefaced. And this is a player who his relevance may just be the first quarter of the season. But I want to highlight Kendrick Bourne, wide receiver from San Francisco, last year. Here were the forty Niners target leaders, George Kittle.


OK, he's still there. Yeah, I've heard of him is great. And he's a great player. DBO yeah. When oh when is he going to play. I don't know. Manuell Sanders. He's not going to play in week one but just. Yeah. For the Saints. And then Kendrick Bourne, he was number four in targets for the San Francisco 49ers. He's reliable. Seventy six percent of his receptions turn into a first down.


They look they haven't very they have a very easy season. Are opening schedule for the wide receiver and the quarterback. According to our strength of schedule tool in the ultimate draft kit, they have the number one early season schedule for wide receivers, number three for quarterbacks and twenty fourth for running backs. Not that I I'm not doubting San Francisco's ability to run, just saying that if you look at the schedule, it lines up pretty nicely for San Francisco, San Francisco to get it done through the air.


And the biggest thing is who else is going to do it? Who else is going to catch passes besides George Kittle? I mean, those first few weeks because their first round pick.


Brandon, I you can play my man, my man look great. First round here, you wonder if we had at the show.


There's your answer because I was getting too heated. Yeah. No, you're fine, man. Brandon, you can play Brandon as a as a hamstring problem. He was going to be the guy, but now we don't know when he's going to be back. Is it Donte Bettis that he finally returned to good graces? Probably not. But Kendrick Bourne was tied with George Kittle for the team lead in touchdowns for the San Francisco. Forty Niners last year over the first couple of weeks, man, I do believe Kendrick Bourne can have deep sleeper value.


Yeah, I mean, Trent Taylor is going to be the dink and dunk guy, but the valuable targets have to go to somebody and it's got to be seemingly either Kendrick Bourne or Donte Pettis. Right. Maybe he'll be that post hype sleeper. But if last year was any indication, when you have the opportunity he did not take a stand.


No, he was their second round pick that turned sour.


So that's good. All right, Andy, you want to go? You want me to go?


That's up to you, Mr. Moore. I'll hop right in. Water's warm. I like it. I'm going to go in the river.


I'm going to go with a fourth string wide receiver. You know the name because he was electric in moments last year. Macall Hardeman, second year wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs. And you say, well, he's not a starter. You're correct. Twenty six receptions. He is.


Twenty six receptions his rookie year. And now he is the fourth string, not a starter for the chiefs. And I would take him rather than Sammy Watkins rather than DeMarcus Robinson. And here's my rationale. Why?


First of all, the dude is electric fast, not fat. He's four, three, three. He's not sub four. He's he crushed sub four, four, three, three speed.


He laughs it's sub four. Yeah. Like that's the he goes that's disrespectful to call me sub four for the. The thing is, is not everybody translates speed on the field. But when he was on the field last year, he was actually super fast and uncatchable. You saw that time and time. There's a reason why he half of his game's half of his games, eight of sixteen, he was a top thirty six wide receiver. And if you look at how many opportunities he got there, like you said, any twenty six receptions on the season because you know, when he touches the ball, he was one touch me day was he is a very exciting prospect.


But now he's coming into year two and he's been working on his intermediate routes. I watched a whole camp. He was miked up in camp one week and he is very much like this.


Yes, exactly. They need to put a better wind guard on that. Mike, Sammy Watkins has already missed some time in camp, and that alone allows Michael Hardman to have the opportunity to run with the ones to show Andy Reid and Pat Mahomes, oh, this guy might be better for our offense. We know Andy Reid will go with whoever is better, right? I mean, superstar, possibly Hall of Fame, Leshan McCoy. He wasn't better for their team last year.


Andy Reid was kind enough to give him rest days. If you remember, he's he just want to save him up. Yeah.


I mean, he was even kind enough to rest him during the super right. He wanted to save them up for, you know, whatever next year, next for his next team. But my my point is this. I believe Michael Hardman could and will play his way into a starter in front of either DeMarcus Robertson or Sammy Watkins. That is without injury, but it only takes one injury and it can be to any of those three guys. If Tyreek Hill got injured, if Sammy Watkins gets injured, which he has done many times, or DeMarcus Robinson gets injured, he will have the opportunity to go out there and dominate Tyreek Hill's rookie year five hundred and ninety three receiving yards.


McCoy Hardman rookie year five hundred and thirty eight receiving yards. They're very similar type I think a year to leap as an actual wide receiver. His route is getting off press. He was, he was, he didn't have a lot of college production. He came in. Now we're very pleased with the pick. I mean, he came in as a speed. Ah. End of sentence, I mean that, right, we didn't we expected maybe they would go a different route last year in the draft, but they knew what they wanted.


You had the TYREEK Hill, will he be back situation last offseason, but he was drafted almost to replace Tyreek Hill of Tyreek didn't come back. Yeah and my I if he if he takes that terrible quarterback though is just awful.


Quarterback's Milwaukeeans had 90 Patrick Mahomes targets. Let that sink in. He only had one good week. Ninety Patrick Mahomes targets. Let McCoy Hardman get in there and get ninety targets and you're going to have a really good fantasy option and there's multiple ways that it could come either playing in front or injury ahead of, OK, I'm going to go deeper.


I mean, it's our job here on the show to wade through the camp.


Hi. What do we believe? What don't we believe? The you know, and we know our local camp maybe a little bit better than others. Outside of DeAndre Hopkins arriving in Arizona, there's been no pass catcher that has more buzz than this guy. Don't mess around in training camp.


He delivers on Sundays. And in the red zone is Dan Arnol. Dan Arnold is a legit sleeper candidate this year, and if you didn't if you weren't paying attention, he showed you why at the very, very end of last season, he had four.


Sorry, I need to cut you off here, but this is a this is a tip that we give everybody every year.


But, Jason, you really highlight this. Make sure you are paying attention at the end of the season. Stick with the show. Look, rain, rain or shine, you need to know what happens at the end of the season because guys like Dean Arnold show up and show out for the last four weeks and don't really make a ton of buzz. But you need to know what has happened. Dan Arnold is six six to twenty two explosive to monster vertical monster broad jump red zone weapon cayler.


Murray is in love with what Dan Arnold brings to the offense. He said, I've never had a guy that big that can do what he can do. It's pretty nice. Cliff says that they're hoping to build around in Arnold as that feature tight end Max Williams is banged up. The end of the year that Mike talked about, he had four receptions for seventy six yards and a score in the season finale. He scored in two of the last three outings with Arizona.


Same routes. These routes that we saw Cayler, you know, with the time that he can buy in the pocket with the weapons that you now have in DeAndre Hopkins, a healthy Christian. Kirk, nobody's talking about Dan Arnold, but this is a powerful offense and he is going to be featured in it. And that is what I that's what I believe makes for a great sleeper. I mean, you have somebody is going to be feature that no one knows about that has tremendous upside.


So I think that this is a player that, you know, we've joked about him a few times on the show, but that has gone from comedy to reality. Yes. When you talk about a very I mean, he's completely free and drafts if you want him with your last pick. We've done that for three or four months.


Oh, yeah. If your draft is already done, you can still get them. Just go. He's on the waiver wire. Yeah. So it's like he is a great name that I believe needs to be mentioned. Maybe you don't want to draft the post, man. I get it. You're going to take your shot on somebody else.


But week one, if Dan Arnold shows out. Buy in bright like bulbs, believe what has happened, and go go get them off the waiver wire. Yeah, he's he's a very fast, very large weapon in this offense.


And he he flashed, if you don't know Dan Arnold, he flashed with Drew Brees a couple of years ago. The Cardinals picked him up at the end of last season. But like I said, Max Williams is dealing with an unspecified injury in Camp Arnold's, getting all of the opportunities and he is a pass catching tight in. Yes, that is his role in that offense. So Kendrick Bourne, Michael Hardman, Dan Arnold added to the list on today's episode.


That'll do it. For the fantasy football podcast, what do we have coming up tomorrow, Brooks? We got bus and values.


Oh yeah, a little bit of sour, a little bit of sweet.


So what you're saying. Oh, yeah. And what what about the rest of the week? What do we got going our bear market on Friday.


Final. Final. My travel show. Yep. Getting everybody ready to go see that stadium on hard knocks.


Oh is it is butat is awesome. Yeah.


That was, that was pretty incredible.


Keenan Allen number one overall pick that stadium looked almost as good as out. Thank you for tuning in, everybody. Thank you for supporting the podcast. We will see you tomorrow. Stay safe. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers. And fuck, Glenn, don't forget, simply say it's got everything you need to protect your home with none of the drawbacks of traditional home security, you could set it up yourself in under an hour.


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