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We're all kind of looking for a bright spot right now, are we not? Well, I got one for you. There's a hilarious new series on Apple TV Plus starring Jason Sudeikis called Ted LASO.


It's about an American football coach who heads to England to take a shot at managing one of the world's most competitive professional soccer teams.


It's an age old story, of course, if you like a show with big laughs and a lot of heart, then this is the one you've been looking for. Watch Ted LASO right now on the Apple TV app subscription required for Apple TV plus. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Hi, welcome in, it's mock draft media pack, got a little shimmy out of Jason over here.


I'm or a big shimmy shimmy from Jason is a big shift. The big shimmy. That's what I call the new nickname. The big ship. The big shimmy shimmy.


Oh, man. Yeah, that was shimmy, shimmy, cocoa pop. That was something not the way I like to start my mock drafts, to be honest, but welcome in it wakes you up. Yeah. Yeah it does. It wakes you up. And Mike and Jason, the fantasy football podcasts, we welcome you in to this Friday episode of the show.


It is our final mock draft episode of the off season. So we are very excited. We're each picking in this mock draft. So we're not sharing a team. And I believe Mike, is that pick for. That is correct.


Jason is that pick one. I'm starting off.


I'm not revealing who I'm going to take the options are, which is honestly endless at your position. They are they are infinite. And it's really chappe in our Hydes. Yeah. That he's sitting on the one on one here and we they want to know.


But I'm not I'm not I'm not saying the big the big shimmy is chapping our hides right now. I'm at pick nine. I heard Judge Jamadi, uh, big fan of the big Simmy nickname Gedge.


Oh, I love it. You love it. OK, Jason is he's laughing, but he's also realizing what his future holds on Twitter.


Hey, I've got thick skin, if you know what I mean. Now, you used to be I mean, you go way back.


I just had somebody mentioned on YouTube, they saw the introduction on YouTube, which you can see YouTube dot com slash the fantasy football. Very nice. We are almost at two hundred thousand subscribers. Oh, a very arbitrary benchmark.


That means everything to us in this present moment. Yes, but they said, why are the Oreos in the intro?


And that really is we've distance ourselves from your old double stuff nickname. Yeah. So what do you think of Big Simmy.


OK, it's yeah it's shiny to me. So it's new, it's, it's nice and I can and now I've got a power move. I'm in. Give me that big shimmy yet.


Not only is a name, it's also a signature move. That's right. This is incredible. I'm envious. Yeah. And if you didn't have it I would be taking the name Big Shimmy, but it's too late. Yes.


It's already clear to take that fantasy hit man. You have a nickname that we can get. We can give your nickname.


Oh, so. Well, today is a bad day today.


It was was double stuff ever shiny double stuff was very matte.


It was. No, no. Shine on those cookies.


Oh my goodness. This is a special Friday.


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Brave little stove.


I see what you did here. This a little seems like a play on the brave little toaster. Probably unrelated, probably unrelated. This is a stove and it's not the worst ever. See that as a kid? Oh, yeah, it's terrifying.


Mike does not like appliances that come alive. No, there's just there's a particular scene if you saw it as a kid. You know what I'm talking about. We appreciate your sport over there. Join the fight, Dotcom. Congratulations on the Calvin Ridley jersey. And you can check out some other sports memorabilia at pristine auction dotcom using code ballers on your first item. We do have another significant, good, meaningful announcement.


Well, the two hundred thousand subs could it could be we can we can shoot our shot like by the time people listen to this, it could be, but that's not the announcement. The 20 20 sleeper bowl is upon us. Let's go. If you followed it last year, we took on that hashtag Ficklin title.


Oh, that's right. We did win the championship. And I forgot all about our dominant victory. Yes.


Yes. And we are trying to run it back this year. We're going to be drafting live tomorrow. Taking on Juju Smith, Schuster and some other big name celebrities in the second sleeper bowl. I'm excited, and that'll be on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and that'll be, what, 1:00 p.m. Eastern Brooks. Yes, sir.


Yeah, go go subscribe on YouTube, YouTube, dotcom, slash the fancy footballers.


Click the bell. It's last year was it was incredible fun. The draft has all kinds of of twists and turns and seeing how these you know, these are they're not people hosting a fantasy football show, seeing how they they draft make changes, how we have to react. It's it's like us. If you want to see a draft in a home league, this is what it's like. Yeah. And, you know, we can talk through our picks.


Last year we had ninja stream sniping us watch. Yes. Watching us talk through our picks and then grab it. Our guys.


We could not be stopped despite the fact that he did that, despite the fact that, I mean, this this proved that you don't win your league at the draft because we did make the decision to steal Juju from himself.


When you got a chance in the first round last year and we still won the league, it had to be done.


So it's possible to troll somebody and win a league.


I guess the best is the best way to win. Yes.


If you're ever playing with, you know, one of the players follows on Twitter at the end of ballers. You'll see the notifications for that on there as well. There is a little bit of news we want to get into before the mob.


News& notes from around the league. All right, this was some more bad injury news from Philadelphia, the Eagles place left tackle Andre Dillard on injured reserve torn biceps ending his season.


He was the number twenty two pick in last year's draft. They've already lost the right guard. Mike, you talked about this before the show. This is significant if you're heading into the draft this weekend, is this a difference making injury to you?


It has to at least give you pause.


If you're losing your left tackle, it would use oh, it is still on your side in the eye. And he just doused to figure out how to drink. Yeah, I got a drinking problem.


Brooks This this this mug was a little too slippery. Oh, come on, man. Look, you never want to lose your starting left tackle a week and a half before the season starts. Now, they were I believe that Jason Peters, who they they brought back, he'll go back to left tackle. Let's see if Jason Peters can said he's can he stay healthy. But it it needs to give you pause where Myles Sanders is being drafted. It he is also banged up.


His offensive line is banged up. Where I look, I'm usually a pretty risky guy in the first and second round. I don't I, I go all out, man. While Jason, his strategy has always been I'm avoiding all risk in the first two, in the first two rounds. And I'm I'm closer to that point now with Myles Sanders of a do I take Josh Jacobs over? Myles Sanders. Do I make sure I get Austin Ekeler over.


Myles Sanders. It's it's really it's a it's a it's a little bit of a sketchy situation.


Now I view it as a tiebreaker for those in the same tier. I already was looking at, say, Josh Jacobs and Myles Sanders as near equals where I didn't know who to draft. I'm not moving Myles Sanders down and making him a worse player. He's in the same tier he was in. But now it's a tiebreaker of saying, you know, the offensive line. Marion Jones. No, I would still take Myles Sanders over Aaron Jones.


But Andre Marion Jones in that camp in that question. OK, Nick Chubb, Nick Nick Chubb, a little bit lower in the tiers, but Chris Carson, definitely Michael Sanders.


And he's with me. It's close. I mean, the Carlos Hyde work and things like that. And I guess I'd probably lean miles. OK, I like that PPR upside. I feel like it's higher with Miles. Sure. But Sean McVay came out. Darrell Henderson is expected to be available for week one. Available is not necessarily active. It's certainly not starting in. This could be a quick opportunity for carmakers to establish himself.


Yes, carmakers is an exceptionally dynamic player. Love him. Believe that he should be in conversations about rookie breakout. You know, the Johnathan Taylor conversation exists for carmakers. We can't just live in a one year bubble in Los Angeles with the Rams and not recognize just the the power of that offense when it's functioning the right way.


They have a great offense that has had a very fantasy relevant running back for the existence of the Sean McVay era. And Jonathan Taylor is being drafted well ahead of carmakers. And Jonathan Taylor is not the starter he's behind. Marlon Mack presumably has to deal with name Hines carmakers is a value right now in in.


Yeah, I agree. Last bit of news, just because and that was actually the justification for the move, it was just right. The Jets have acquired running back Kaylin Billion. They signed them from the waiver wire. No, no, they can because we had the news that, you know, cannibalizes is going to get cut. Right. Everyone knew about it.


Yeah, that was it. But then hold up.


Wait a minute.


Number two, the Dolphins actually managed to trade him for a conditional draft pick to the Jets. Good. Well, they were worried that when. Oh, I actually finally get it. Oh, no. You figure something out. I genuinely figured it out. Big Simmy breakthrough now was Kaitlynn byelaws, big Simmy breakthrough here.


We need that as a drop now. Was Cambalache with Adam Gase? I believe that is correct. So if that's the case, then he knew if he was a free agent, he would never go to the Jets. Caleb was never signed with the Jets. He's been with that guys before. And they're like, well, I want them. So we got to trade for him. I can't remember who it was.


I'm going to take a shot. I think it was our our friend on Twitter Phantasy ADHD.


I think maybe you're getting credited for a good joke, but someone threw out there that Caleb owes Adam gas money and this is the only way he's going to be able to recoup. There have been many a joke.


Adam Frank also had the biggest joke of all was when the Jets traded a seventh round pick for Tailem Bailout.


Yeah. What are you doing? Adam Frank said that Adam Gase pays for free samples at Costco.




I mean, I don't I don't have it in front of me, but I'm going to get it in front of me just for the for the fun of it. Cannibalised. Last year, he had a one point eight yards per carry.


Was that on like 20 Chariandy? No, it was on seventy four. Carries me and he's good. That seems impossible.


OK, all right. So we're moving on.


Anything else we should be talking about in news. Brooks. Anything breaking. Any big Simmie. Breaking news. Let's Mark.


Let's Mark. The fantasy football mock draft. All right, 12 team, half PPR, Jason is in the first spot, Mike at the four spot nine spot one quarterback two running back to wide receiver one tight end, one flex, one defense five bench. Pretty standard situation. Jason, you're on the clock, and I know that you're just name after name after name, you can say I usually am risk adverse, but I'm going to go nuts this time.


Can head coach new quarterback? That is risky. I'm risky business. I'm going to take Chris McCaffrey. McAffrey. Say, Quine, Barkley goes next to Aliette at 103. All right, no surprise the hit man is on the clock.


All right. This is a tough, tough little. It definitely is, because I have the pick for me. It's Clyde Edwards player or Dalvin Cook. I guess it's one of those two guys.


And what are the emotions going through your head between those picks? Because I can feel them.


The excitement of Clyde Anderson of the vag, like, you know what Alvin did the last two games in the NBA in the contract. I am a dandelion in the wind. I am just just back and forth between these two players of look, I don't even know what I'm going to do when if I'm even right now. Yeah. I don't know right now. I don't know in a real draft which direction I'm going to go. I will say I have drafted Dalvin Cook a lot in in my real drafts.


So I'm just going to take this, this particular chance to actually draft Clyde Edwards player bubblegum. It is done. Is there any. Change in the way you approach your draft philosophy from this point forward because of that decision, when you look at those two players, I don't have to prioritize Alexander Madison. OK, that's true. And so after Mike took Clyde Edwards last one for Alvin Kamara, one of five, Michael Thomas at one 106, Derrick Henry one seven, and Dalvin Cook at one awaked, which to give some context to that.


So we did our we're doing our family draft with our kids. We took team, right. Took Dalvin Cook in the first round and we were in I think it was the 9th and it was This is Alexander Madisen Time and you the the people at home know my undying love for Antonio Gibson and it was Oh crap. I have to pick one. I know one of these players is not going to make it back. I ended up taking Gibson and then, of course, lo and behold, Jason took Alexander Madison.


So it was me. Yeah, I got I got Big Schmidt in the draft and oh man, it's so bad. But it was so it was this decision where all of a sudden my back was against the wall and I knew I had to sacrifice getting one of these players because I didn't prioritize them earlier. So it saying when I go Edwards player, I'm avoiding that situation.


Am I a psychopath that I don't prioritize medicine the way you guys do at the cook situation? No, I'm like I don't consider that a necessity. The way that you guys have talked about it all off season. Not one time have I thought I have to have Alexander Madison if I get Dalvin Cook because I feel like my season is submarined of Dalvin Cook's hurt, regardless of that investment, that investment is costing me more and more these days.


If and last year we didn't get to see Madison all alone, it was Mike Boone and at Madison was banged up.


And if you were in a basketball league, I would agree with you in the sense that you you don't get to make all the weekly transactions and you're not just doing a one on one match up on a weekly basis. Alexander Madison could get you went after win after win in a one on one match up. So I, I do personally prioritize it.


I worry about that cook goes out split time backfield. You know, it's not going to be as good as Kirk. That's my concern, I I guess I really believe in the player, Madison, I don't think he's Dalva Cook, but I think you're getting 85 to 90 percent of Dalvin Cook's production, which would have got to see it last year.


Yes. What about that, Drew? True.


I took Josh Jacobs at one o nine. Shocker. You're my guy. Yeah, I mean, there were other choices Joel makes a mile Sanders, Aaron Jones in that category, but I'm taking Josh Jacobs. Patrick Mahomes actually went in the first round next, which, you know, you might roll your eyes out there listening. Don't roll your eyes. This will happen everywhere. Yes, this will happen all over the place.


Our family league. Two quarterbacks in the first round, it just happened, somebody has watched the Super Bowl. And so Mahomes mixin Miles Sanders to round out the first round, Aaron Jones, Julio Jones, Davante Adams. Jason shaking his head. I just I know how, you know, early in the off season, the previous marks we've done running backs fall even more than they do here. But now now that real drafts are happening, I mean, these running backs are going to be gone.


The ones that I actually want for my running back, too, by the time I'm I'm back on the clock at the 212. Well, I'm back on the clock at two or four right here after two wide receivers went off the board. Julio Jones, Davante Adams. And I can take a running back, I can go Nishabd, I can go Kenyan Drake, Jason's my guy, big fan of Nick Chubb. I traditionally go to running backs.


I'd like to do something a little bit different today, OK? And I have a very good wide receiver on the board waiting for me at two or four. His name is Tyreek Hill, so I'm going to take Tyreek Hill in the second round and see what it's like splitting running back wide receiver today.


Yeah it's interesting. Tyreke is there because the running backs are starting to go hot and heavy earlier and earlier. I think that that will be a very tough decision view. Do you go Nick Chubb who I am, you know right around that RB one fringe. But meanwhile Tyree kills a top five wide receiver a little bit. That's a tougher decision. The multiverse situation we brought up earlier in the week, like more of the multiverse multiverses. Have me take a Nick Sheldon then.


Terek, right. Ordinarily, but I'll go Tyreek Hill. Austin Ekeler went next. Nick Chubb, so Ekler ahead of Chubb and then DeAndre Hopkins and Travis Kelsey, I don't mind it, I have Ekler ranked higher than Nick Chubb. So right now I am the available wide receivers. Chris Godwin, Kenny Golladay really like those guys. But look, when you have a when you have a chance and you're in your draft and you're looking at your good friend who has been throwing big shimmies into my face.


Yeah, you're much closer to those shimmies. Yes, I feels like I mean, and look at my top. Singled them out. You my top two running backs on my board are Kenyan Drake and Chris Khazaal.


Chris Carso Chris Carson is excellent. He absolutely is excellent. But trying to make a grown man cry is also part of fantasy football. I love both of these players equivalent, so I'm taking can you drink?


It wasn't enough. It wasn't enough to be the big Jimmy you had to take. This guy is just squashing you like a bug.


So my whole goal, my starts with Clyde Edwards, 11 Kenyan Drake drafting in the fourth spot. That's pretty nice. Chris Dodd, George Kittle.


After that, we'll let Jason sit in his tilt as we pause, as we pause and think.


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All right, Jason, you've got a you had a couple of moments there to calm down.


You have Christian McCaffrey. That's a comfort.


That is a comfort which is necessary. I'm standing at the volcano right now. This is a nice blanket.


This is where absolute worst case scenario for for me. I did several mock drafts recently and I would not take the one on one anymore. Well, the way the drafts are happening now, I can't stay this. Here's the players I dreamed to drop to me. Any one of the running backs of the tier, Aaron Jones Austin academic job. I never thought Drake would make it, but I've had those players drop there. They're not dropping. They're so Chris Carson is not Chris Carson.


That tier in that tier to me. That's fine. I'll take a Travis Kelce if he drops or George Kittle both, he'll drop make to me. Well, all right then. I will take Chris Godwin and wait a minute. He did hold up either this is worst case, but I do know who I'm going to take. Kenny Golladay, he's got smooth routes. He's a, you know, the wide receiver seven on my leg. And now I'm stuck with a real hard question.


And I know my answer before you answer that fucking. And this is why we talk about mock drafting, because the tilt is real. Like this is an actual emotion that is happening with the big shimmy right now. Yeah, you don't want to do that in your real draft. You need to know, like, you know, the players that you wanted to drop to you. You need to have your backup plan for these early rounds ready because a tilt pick in the first round is setting your draft up for devastating, but you're chasing it from then on, you realize you make a bad pick and everything else beyond that point is making up for the bad.


Which means you're making the wrong pick and I have prepared for this situation, it is worst case scenario, but I have prepared and when I look at the board and I say, OK, if I take Chris Carson, who to me is another tier down, or Todd Gurley or Leonard Fournette, these these other tier running backs, I'm not going to be able to compete with Mike, who's got Clyde Edwards allare Kenyan Drake combo that is better and then gets better picks before I go again.


So I'm going to make a difference maker. It is not on Brand for us. Wow. I was going to say, are you going to take in the third round? I am taking Lamar Jackson and I realize all the world late round quarterback Lamar Jackson is a difference maker, OK, that I think will give me an advantage.


And if I have the chance to draft him in the third round and I don't like anyone else there as a true difference maker for the position, I would much rather have taken Travis Kelce, George Kittle or any of those running backs on name.


But I'm excited on multiple levels for you. Having done this, I want to see what happens the rest of the way because you've been so pronounced in your middle round wide receiver world, but now you've invested on Kenny Golladay and Lamar Jackson. I'm excited because, look, the psychology of fantasy football, you have the best running back in football. You've now potentially secured the best wide receiver, the temptation to combine Christian McCaffrey and Lamar Jackson and then figure the rest out.


I get it, I mean, I'm excited to watch you figure this out, not me, but it's Christian McCaffrey, Kenny Golladay, Lamar Jackson, after Lamar Jackson, Mike Evans, Odell Beckham went. Mike is on the clock. And this is interesting because I know Mike is staring at Chris Carson's name, but he has hired New Zealand Kenyan Drake. He's in the third round. Is he willing to go through running back here? So this is a two wide receiver, one flex format.


That's the format that we generally play in. If this was a three wide receiver league, I would one hundred percent I'd be taking D.J. Moore here. He's a he's my number seven wide receiver currently. And I know there's a discrepancy of saying, well, I'm going to pass my number seven wide receiver to take my number. Twelve running back, but leaving the first three rounds with three running backs that I project as RB ones. It's to me is an advantage over everyone else inside of this League of Things have really opened up here for me.


Quarterback tight end. It doesn't matter. I'm I am set here at running back until I choose to start grab some backups. Yeah. That is quite the start. And then you get to put into practice that middle ground wide receiver, find the value that you like. I would assume somehow some way you end up with. D.J. Chaak on your team, no problem. You always two should get at least one of my my guys here. All right.


Yesterday, we had a very big discussion.


Was it a discussion? I don't know what you would define it as. We talked about Le'Veon Bell and I received messages on Twitter, basically finding it our conversation, which was a bust. So Jason brought up the name. There's a lot of negative press. Feeling like our discussion was incongruent with our ranking of Le'Veon Bell that is still in the UK. I told you I don't have them in my top 10 anymore, but I'm looking at options at running back here after Carson went, Allan Robinson, Juju Moore.


I was hoping Mike would pass on Carson and he could sneak through Leonard Fournette. Just before me at three away. My running back options, which I would love to secure a running back here, it's Le'Veon Bell. That's the decision for me. I mean, there's James Connor, there's Todd Gurley. I was going to say the if if I were you and I'm looking at live Bell, Todd Gurley, James Connor. Right now, in my projections, I might have to update your I have one or two spots behind Le'Veon Bell, I think I would be taking the chance personally on on corner now.


So my decision making here is I believe that there are players that I'm content with alongside Le'Veon Bell at this Picasso.


And I don't have a long wait like I'm at three or nine. I got to wait six picks and then I like, love Bell. But I would be content with David Johnson or Mark Ingram as my running back to. I think that there's a tier difference at wide receiver here. OK, and that pick is Amari Cooper for me. So I'm going to take Amari Cooper at three or nine and gamble on the return of a running back. I'm happy with James Connor went next, Robert Woods, Adam Thielen, Mark Andrews, AJ Brown and then David Johnson.


So how do I take it.


Well, well not Hambledon one. Had I taken Le'Veon Bell there it would have been a mistake, but I'm gonna take him right here. So I end up with Amari Cooper and Le'Veon Bell. I do not think I have any shot at Amari Cooper if I went love Bell in the third round, so. Hey, sometimes you win, yeah, some sometimes you gamble, sometimes you win. So I will be looking at my first wide receiver off the board here.


Both my my guys are here talking about Chaak and Terry McLaurin. Now, Calvin Ridley, Cooper, Kupp, Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon off the board. Now there's another wide receiver on the board who is one of Jason's my guys. Could some of the options read him? So. So Tyler Lockett, that's what I'm talking about, is Jason's my guy.


You're going to have a great team, Nick, Laurie Metcalf, Sutton, Keenan Allen. That's kind of the the wide receiver crew that I am looking at now. Jason, this is where he is lucky that I grabbed Chris Carson because had I not drafted Chris Carson and I was going to ask you, yeah, it would have been really fun to just take another one of Jason's players right in front of him. But like, I've been doing it all offseason.


You know where I'm going. Shark Week, duck, shark, baby shark, whatever you want to call him, he is now my wide receiver one and I'm very happy about it. I did Shark you're taking him over Terry McLaurin in all situations. I am. He is he is ranked higher for me by a little bit. It's. It's tough, it's to me, the difference maker is simply a little bit more trust in a lot a bit more trust in Gardener Minshew than Dwayne Haskins.


All right.


So you wouldn't you would have gone and you just didn't want to stack Seahawks'. I mean, the only reason to do that would be to troll.


Jason Chaak is much higher in my rankings.


OK, Jonathan Taylor next at 14. Jason, were you thinking about Jonathan Taylor if he came back to you?


No, I don't think so. So when I look at the board, this isn't how you know, if you've listened for a long time, you know, I'm a heavy running back, early wide receiver in the middle. And then, you know, that's usual. But we stay water and the draft didn't fall to me. This is the situation. If I'm on the one on one where I go to a modified Surabi, I have Christian McCaffrey.


One of my running backs is locked down one and a half. Really? Sure.


But I just have to fill one running back spot by the end of this draft.


This is called CMC and Shell. Yes, exactly. Shout out to SMIs. Exactly. So I thought I saw on Twitter.


So I don't want to take an injured David Montgomery or Raheem Mostert type over dominant wide receivers, in my opinion, like Tyler Lockett, Terry MacLaurin, Courtland Sutton. I'm not I'm not going to do that now. I would normally take Zach Ertz here. But if you go quarterback early, which I've done, do not take a quarterback and a tight end early. You cannot do that unless you're going full zero RB.


But no, that's just going to make my depth at the important positions. Not good enough. I'm going to take my guy, Tyler Lockett. Thank you, Mike. You're welcome. I love that. I'm going to take your guy, Terry McLaurin. That's a great pick and that is a great pick. Thank you. I'm pretty happy with the triad of wide receivers, Golladay, Tyler Loquitur MacLaurin. As for awesome, that's pretty high.


I've got Christian McCaffrey and Lamar Jackson. All right. Have you perked up? Have you risen out of your.


Oh yeah. Big Simmie, big shimmy time. And there's a couple of running backs that I am hopeful could make it back to me that I do like. I'll say their names out loud, you know, even though it could obviously let you draft them. But if either Cam Akers or Kareem Hunt could make it back to me and I would throw Ronald Jones into that mix as well, I'd be super happy with the lineup. I have to plug that player into my RB two.


So Jason Whitlock and MacLaurin, Russell Wilson went next to five, to Zach Ertz at five to three. Mike, back on the clock with a team of Clyde Edwards alert Kenyan Drake, Chris Carson and Chark. What's your thought process here, Mike? So I'm I'm looking at wide receiver, I would be deciding between Sutton, DK Metcalf, Keenan Allen, or if I want to assess the risk that I feel about my team right now. AJ Green is in the mix for me.


I know he's he's back. It's Andy Smirk's because it brings him joy. Like it's funny how. Perceptively on the show like it, players get associated with the three of us and AJ Green is clearly associated with Andy and I, only when healthy, only one healthy. And I've I've been there the whole time you have been there. I'm just not as vocal about it, like AJ Green. And you've said it before. I completely agree with everything that Andy has said of AJ Green is an elite player.


Please clip that out. Just that sentence. I completely agree with everything Andy has said, period. AJ Green is an elite player. We haven't seen him not be elite when he's on the field. It's risky business here, though, to compare him with with Chark. That's true when I feel much safer in Metcalf, Courtland, Sutton, Keenan Allen, I think does get to get a bump with with Mike Williams going to be missing some time maybe.


I thought you meant with his incredible skills, Keenan Allen and quadriceps Keenan Allen is very good.


I'm going to stick with my board here, though, right behind Terry McLaurin on.


Oh, no, I'm taking Dick half by accident. Oh, man. It was it really clicked. That was I was I clicked on the player and I thought they would instantly move up to the top of the the mock draft, but it didn't change the order of them. I meant to take Courtland said, OK, do we have the.


We don't have the I don't know if we have the ability to do it. All right. Brooks is shaking his head no. Whatever mentally associate Courtland's good thing the word Mock's in front of this.


Well, and also here. Don't be so quick, so fast. You just click buttons in your draft or maybe you end up with two seahawks' when you don't want to do that.


Well, that's a shame. DUI Hilton.


That is unfortunate.


Uh, Ty Hilton with Max. That's a shame. Uh, well, Andy Courtland Sutton would be a sensational pick right here. I agree with that. I am excited about calling Sutton to Hilton, Dak Prescott Katamari, Devante Parker.


What's what I was smirking at when you brought up AJ Green's name, Mike was not so much that you're agreeing with me. It was actually that I was thinking about AJ Green before your pick and I was thinking about how to approach it because ADP's the way people look at him. Do I need to take him in the fifth round or can I do the same gamble I did before?


Because there are your for your short wait to come back, correct? Yes, for my Shoreway. Am I my thought process was I'm going to wait. I'm going to see what I can get in the fifth round here. I'm going to try to add a little bit of depth to my running back corps with some players that I like because I could go. Carmakers is an interesting name that I could take here, has an opportunity to start and take that gamble in the fifth round.


Ronald Jones, but also Raheem Moster, somebody that I've believed in that has been a breakout candidate for me. So I'm going to take Reggie Mostert and see if I can grab AJ Green in the sixth. I take Mostert, then Sutton, Walter Watson, Keenan Singletary and Stefon Diggs. You did it again off the board.


So the gamble pays off. Now, I have to make the decision here. Hollywood, Brown or right. Or AJ Green. And the pick is AJ Green. I'm taking him here in the sixth round and I will prepare myself for the heat.


I had. I had dreams of Hollywood falling.


I, I was very hopeful, but it did not happen. So after AJ, Tom Brady, Michael Gallop, David Montgomery drops to the sixth here, he'll probably go lower than that in your draft Hollywood Brown at six 08. And then Mike is surveying the board for additional Seahawks that may be available for me to inadvertently, impertinently click on.


Yeah, let's see if that's possible. I was I was hoping that one of AJ Green, Michael Gallop or Hollywood Brown would make it through. Unfortunately, that is not the case. So now we are. Oh, I guess I'm still pretty balanced. I think normally I would like to take a wide receiver here, but now we're looking at the tier of Jarvis, Tyler Boyd, Julian Edelman, you know, slot receivers that have to get the volume.


I will say that Will Fuller is interesting to me right here.


We had a very funny moment. This we had a very funny moment in the draft, in our family draft, where I've I've really as much as I can. I've turned over all the pics to my son, who's never played fantasy. So he was pining for one of his favorite players, Emmanuel Sanders. In the second round. I had to at least be like, we don't need to do that right right now. Tap the brake.


But one of his favorite players is Fuller V o, as he calls it, because so well, Fuller V, so he knows players because of Madden and he's not familiar with that. Fuller the Fifth. No. So he is the flying V.


Oh, he is fuller feet and now he is apparently the flying V flying because that's what he does. The V will fly down the field and now I feel like I have to take him. You know, I'm talking him up so much. And in what I said, flying the flying V. The reason I hate this is because I'm not getting real fuller anywhere.


I love him. But everybody's starting to buy in to the potential of Wil Fuller, which I believe is top twelve potential in willful.


I think it is definitely in the range of outcomes. Look, Watson's going to ball out.


Yes, he is. One hundred percent someone on that wide. Maybe it turns into just an equal distribution between three guys.


I don't believe that's going to happen. I think that one of them will rise. Jason has been more on the cook side.


Andy and I believe in the Flying V, which is why I'm going to draft Cam Akers running back for the Los Angeles Rams, because the tier of why I love it, my fear of wide receivers there is no one is like jumping off the page of I have to get you in and I'm with you guys that carmakers is shaping up into an incredible value. My RB four. Yeah, a rookie loaded with talent on a high powered offense. And I don't and I could I can sit on carmakers and wait a couple of weeks and see if it's actually there.


I'm very pleased with that. Well, you've you've got, you know, just initials at wide receiver. That's pretty much all you need, Dick. So going with carmakers I love him is a value right now. Tyler Boyd, Jarvis Landry, we are going to do some baseball tips at the end of this draft as well. Jason's on the clock, back to back picks. His team is Christian McCaffrey and the rest, Kenny Golladay, Lamar Jackson, Tyler Lockett, Terry MacLaurin, two picks.


Jason, what are you going with?


Well, so I was really, really hope carmakers fell to me here. That's where I've got him when I'm at the one spot from time to time. But it doesn't always work out. Kareem Hunt, Ronald Jones. The second are there. I'm also look. Ronald Jones, I thank you, Ronald, according to your son, Ronald Jones II, III, the captain, the question for me, I was looking at the same wide receivers you're talking about, except instead of willful or V.


. I do have Brandin Cooks ahead. I think Brandin Cooks, who has pretty much always been a wide receiver, one in fantasy his entire career until last year, and now becomes the one for the Houston Texans or has the chance to be sure I. I love the value of Brandin Cooks. I do like the running backs here. I can't believe you have an auto picks. Kareem Hunt here. You know, Kareem Hunt is in, so I will I will pick him.


It's just a matter of what I rather have. Ronald Jones II or Brandin Cooks here. And when I look at my team, that's what you need to do. And I say, OK, I've got Christian McCaffrey. You need to look at your team. I've got Christian McCaffrey, Kareem Hunt, so that running back to is OK, but not fantastic. I've got Kenny Golladay, Tyler Lockett, Terry MacLaurin. This is a tough shot, running back to wide receiver and a flex.


If this was two, three and a flex or two, two and two flex, I would go Brandin Cooks. But because it's an even split and my RB two is OK, not great. I'm going to take Ronald Jones II and that will give me a balanced team that I really like with Lamar Jackson. Still, DeAndre Swift goes next. Carson Wentz Mike, you're on the clock and that makes the pick pretty easy.


But I was willing to take the flying V there but carmaker's was too, too shiny. I needed to get him. Look, you don't worry, you've been gambling and winning this all day. I finally did. I got him actually and he just gambled and won again because now you can take Brandon could Texans wide receiver one, the Texans wide receiver one in our family league.


This is the exact round in the exact situation where I did not get will follow the flying V and you took him directly ahead of me. Josh Allen goes next. Julian Edelman, Marvin Jones, Christian Kirk running back options on the board right now. I have left Bell, Josh Jacobs, Raheem Mostert. I wouldn't mind picking up another running back here, but I'm looking at my options and I'm not. I'm not really thrilled, I mean, JK Dobbins is there that feels like a bet on an Ingram injury more than it does.


And every week star player, you start to get down the list. You have players that I'd like to see. Like I'd I'd like to have them, but I like to have them later. You know that name Hynde's or Antonio Gibson or Adrian Peterson or some of those names. I'd rather wait on them. Quarterback options. It's Matt Ryan as Drew Brees. Wide receiver feels like the pick here, especially when I have AJ Green and as much as I love him, there is some risk.


I'm not going in on Brandin Cooks. He has injury risk as well. Concussion issues, switching teams. I'm going to take Deontay. John is going to say Deontay Johnson hasn't gotten the the love that he had been getting through the off season. It's finally back at practice after missing quite a bit of time. So you you're you're still in on the Deontay Johnson, I believe.


Yeah. Yeah, I am. I think he's a great player.


And you have to make I think everybody's trying to make a bet or at least having some exposure to a Big Ben being old Big Ben. And. That's right. I want my exposure there with with Deonte Johnson. I've got another pick here having a hard time and looking at Evan Ingram with the upside at Tight in Ingram here is very interesting. I in most mock drafts, I mean, I'm not in real drafts. I'm not even. Thinking I'm going to get angry because he's you know, he's one of those 5th round picks, the sixth round tight ends, and I would much rather take my guy Blake Darwin at at the very end.


But Evan Ingram here in the eighth feels like whoever gets him has gotten an incredible value at the tight end position. You talked him into it.


Did Evan Ingram? I took him.


I mean, I looked at him with it. I looked at running backs in another tough decision.


It's like, oh, Tevin Coleman sitting there. Well, I could take Tevin Coleman in the eighth round and have he moster.


And then being that old Mike Davis, Chris Carson, Seattle backfield boat from a couple of years ago, I don't want to do that. John Brown, Tevin Coleman, Acadians Tarricone went next. Mike, back on the clock. Aytaroun. All right, so the wide receivers, I will be looking at these the safety net, Jamison Crowder, I think he is he's interesting. If it was if this were a PR leak, you'll be far more interesting.


You probably would have already been drafted.


But Mike Williams is going to miss time. I do love Golden Tate, but I think I can probably wait maybe even a few more rounds, maybe it's all the way for the Golden State. Yes. Oh, the golden week.




And we're getting into the position where if I want to get Antonio Gibson, I do need to draft him. I've got my eye on Jason. Oh, yeah.


No, you do. If you want him, you are a turd. Why are you doing this? Mind games begin. Well, here's the thing. I would be really upset with myself if I didn't get him at this.


Look, we're in we're in fly reveal where we were, you know, soaring at 30000 feet already. So let's fly. Antonio Gibson. He's on my bench. All righty. The player that I was hoping, I confess, would you have drafted him? He would have been inconsideration. One hundred percent. The the player I was eyeballing hoping gets back to me because I just am in love. Love, love with the talent is Jerry. Judy, I, I get him pretty much in every you know, in the later rounds.


I'm drafting him ahead of where his ATP is. I don't think he's a good route runner. I think he's a great front runner. So he's in and now I'm contemplating. OK, do I look at Hayden Hurst, he's kind of the last tight end left that I'm confident in volume. People might notice. Tyler Higbee is on the board. That would be more of a make believe. I'm more on Andy's side where I think Higbee and Everett are both going to be very involved and eat into each other's workload at running back.


I'm looking at possible options. Carry on. Johnson is currently still taking the the the first team reps as DeAndre Swift has been injured. He's always been someone that I've liked, but. I don't know if I'm allowed to draft him anymore after all these years, any consideration for Zach Moss here, Buffalo rookie running back?


No, the value is certainly there. We talked about, you know, he's being utilized in camp. He's getting good press. And the combination of possibly being a pass catcher and possibly being the goal line, I mean, he gets the high value touches. He could absolutely be the surprising good option for fantasy. The truth is, I don't really want Singletary. I don't really want Zach Moss. I know they want to run the ball.


But I think that, you know, I'm not sure that the fantasy value is going to come from either guy without an injury to the other. So I'm sitting here and based on everything we just described, I'm going to take a guy who I think is extremely talented, is currently getting all of the first team reps and could very well be the starter through the season. Who I love. I'm going to carry on. Oh, wow, I did.


I have I archive this drawer. OK. All right, Mike, back on the clock, ninth round pick. All right. I was making the jokes on how I can wait on him, but my team is just is full of running backs. And with Chaak Metcalf, Will Fuller, I do have a need for a smashed glass wide receiver that I could put in my lineup. But I know he's going to get at least some points. Maybe he would make it back, maybe he won't.


And just my belief in Golden being the top wide receiver option for the Giants, I'm going to draft him right here. Also for the record, based on talking through carry on and the other options are 100 percent would have gone to Antonio Gibson then the gamble has won.


All right. Mike went Golden Tate, then Mike Williams Higbee Rug's. I'm going to play the game again. I'm going to play the gamble. I like the value of Drew Brees late, late, late in draft. He's still on the board at the quarterback position. I don't want him in the night. I want to add some running back depth. And I want him in the ten. I want them in the tenth. I would have taken him in the ninth.


I looked at his name. He I would have drafted him at my last pick if I didn't have Lamar Jackson.


I'm going to I'm going to take the shot and I'm going to go for three. I'm going to go with Zach Moss over Marlon Mack over Adrian Peterson, Moss Arrow pointing up Marlon Mack Arrow pointing down my take, Zach Moss from my running back depth and gamble on Drew Brees making it back to me in the tenth state. Guys, let's find out. Oh, you did it again.


And it got ridiculous. Eddie Lamb, James White, Phillip Lindsay, Darius Slaten, Michael Pittman, Jared Cook. And oh, look at this. Drew Brees in the tenth round. Feeling pretty good. Feeling pretty good.


I got the depth. I wanted it running back with Zach Moss and got the quarterback. I want it so hurry. Yeah, that that is that is not bad. I'm looking at the nine. I'm tracking positions to see who has filled the quarterback slot and it is eleven of the twelve teams. Certainly someone could take a backup, but that to me that says I don't have to take my quarterback here. I've got my eye. There's still several Stafford.


Well er I mean er Rodgers is there, Ben Roethlisberger, Goff who I highlighted yesterday, Cam Newton who is shaping up to be my favorite late round quarterback these days. That was the one thing that made me consider passing on. Drew Brees was just trying to get Newton in the next round. But knowing you two. Wasn't going to happen. Well, I've got Lamar and this is where I actually cried some tears because the player that I was gambling silently, I didn't even want to mention his name.


I didn't want to jinx it. He went right in front of me. Damien Harris, Damien Harris running back for the New England Patriots. I get it. Playing the game with the New England Patriots, it has burned many, many people out there, but to be my final bench player, Damien Harris, who has his drumbeat, has been just getting deafening over the training camp, even with Sony, Michel, back there saying Jamie Harris is still getting all the work with the ones he is.


He looks outstanding. His pass blocking is improved. His pass catching is great. Everything is the arrow is way, way up on Damien Harris. I really wish I could have taken him here. So now I have to change my plan. And you still need a tight end, a quarterback in a defense. So this is my Domhnall depth piece outside of those positions. Sounds a few don't go.


Sounds like the Boy Scouts coming unless you think you get them later. Yeah. Oh, I definitely could play little later whenever I please. That's the best part about Blake Darwin. Honestly, the the difficult decision that and I think I'm going to have to make it in our family league as well. Look, I love Blake Darwin. He's a I believe he's going to break out. But I also have full confidence in Mike Koseki, who is going very late in drafts as well in our family league.


I think I'm going to have to make that decision. Oh, goodness gracious. But I'm at this point, we're looking at real upside guys that can make some noise in week one. I'm going to take another rookie. Apparently, I'm just filling my my bench with or my team will rookies. But I'm going to take Jalen Reagor, wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, who could quickly emerge as the number one option.


All right, Duke Johnson, Keyshawn Vaughn, two picks for Jason, the 10th and 11th round here. Jason, what are you going with?


I had I mean, the tight end. I had him as a breakout option. I'm going to draft Noah fantastic and see if he can break out. If not, I'll pivot on the waiver wire to Chris Herndon or a special post man named Dan Arnold. And then I'm looking at my team here.


You know, I've got Kenny Golladay, Tyler Loquitur MacLaurin and Jerry Judy, a four pack of wide receivers that I think's good, Christian McCaffrey, Kareem Hunt, Ronald Jones, Carrie Johnson, four pack of running backs, who I think is good. So I'm just looking for the most solid piece out there that could be used on a weekly basis. To me, that's the Shaun Jackson who could very well be the number one wide receiver for the Eagles.


This sucks.


I was hoping he'd make it back. There you go. I am taking the approach of the later Eagle wide receiver Reger Jackson. Interesting that one. Go take the second one if you want to shoot your shot.


You finally came up snake eyes there and then you took Mike. You took Cam Newton in the eleventh. I did.


It's the situation of who would I who will I be more upset about missing out on? And I don't I don't think I'm going to miss out on any of the tight ends. I want to come back. But Cam Newton is he's already in my top twelve. I know he's not officially the starter, but I've I've been to the future. Cam Newton is the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. All right. I'm going to take a shot here in the eleventh round on the player I talked about on yesterday's show.


He's a running back for the Indianapolis Colts, has a great opportunity with Philadelphia's, had a bit of a discussion with tags on Twitter about the viability of Nijem Hines in the offense. But I'm going to take my mind in the eleventh, basically a dart throw at an ekler style value. But getting him in the eleventh round, Tony Pollard went next. Lusha McCoy. OK, there's a name that we hadn't talked about. And then we're coming back with the twelfth round pick.


Hmm hmm, I do I like Lusha as as a very, very late round pick. OK, just just in case. Yeah. Ronald Jones, if he messes up and then Bruce Arians just has faith in McCoy, especially as a pass catcher in a pass blocker. He could be on the field way more than we believe. All right. I could go. Chris Thompson, another sleeper name we brought up here in the 12th round. But I'm going to actually go with Justin Jackson.


Justin Jackson is a player that I can see in week one. Does he have a much larger role than fantasy football players are expecting? If not, I can cut him. I can move on. I can use that spot. But if he has that bigger role and we're missing out on him, 12th round values. Incredible. So that's my final position before defense. Mike, Jason, you got your final pick here. Mike went with Blake.


It's time to baby. Let's get it. And Jason, your final pick here before we wrap this thing up is done.


I took Chris Thompson. OK, you know, just to add another pass catching depth piece of running backs, get injured. I can throw him in and get some points at defense. I believe in the Saints bringing back a ton of the same. You know, they've just they had a great defense last year.


Their defense has been borne out in camp so far. OK, that was the end of your that was the end of it, all right. All right. I didn't realize it sounded like the middle of no one cares who our defenses are.


No, we'll just take some differences here in the last round and we'll share our teams on Twitter. And you guys can contribute your thoughts. Jason, why don't you run back your whole team? Mike, after him and then I'll run mine back before we get into baseball. Sure.


Running back. I've got Christian McCaffrey, Kareem Hunt, Ronald Jones, Kariong Johnson and Chris Thompson at wide receiver. I have Kenny Golladay, Tyler Lockett, Terry MacLaurin and Jerry Judy and Deshawn Jackson. And then, of course, I have Lamar Jackson at the top of my board with Noah. Fantastic. All right.


I have Drew Brees, the quarterback, Josh Jacobs, Lev Bell. That was my starting running backs. Tyreek Hill, Amari Cooper, Evan Ingram, tight end flexing with either like Mostert or AJ Green, Deontay Johnson, Zach Moss, Nijem Hines, Justin Jackson and I went with the Chargers defense, which I am so excited to watch. Yeah, that's not bad with Chris Harris and company on that Chargers defense. That is a mock draft in the books at quarterback.


I have Cam Newton. My running backs are Edwards allare. Kenyon Drake, Chris Carson, Cam Acres, Antonio Gibson at wide receiver D.J. Chaque DKA Metcalf will follow the Flying V, Golden Tate and Jalen Reagor and then The Blaker. Blake is my tight end. You always know you had a nice mock draft if you accidentally draft came back and if Emilio Estevez likes your team, which is certainly the case with Wil Fuller.


Basketball breakdown presented by Underdog Finnessey. All right, this is your weekly basketball segment brought to you by underdog fantasy, if you are not a part of the baseball mania, then you have you're not a part of a million dollars worth of potential prizes, underdog fantasy dotcom. Or you can search for the underdog fantasy app. This is the new best ball place to play. You can go find the app on the App Store. My tip for today, this is something that I have seen both Jonathan Bales' talk about when it relates to DFS play scene, Chris Rabon, talk about this when it comes to basketball play.


And this is a principle that we apply here just to the way that we run our business, which is the Perito principle. Also, some people call that the 80-20 rule. That rule is essentially that 80 percent of the results come from 20 percent of the causes, and this is huge when you are playing basketball. You see this principle carried out in daily life and society. Things like 20 percent of the criminals commit 80 percent of the crimes, 20 percent of all drivers cause 80 percent of all accidents, 20 percent of company of company products represent 80 percent of sales.


And in basketball, here's what happens. You're drafting your basketball team. Every player of relevance is going to be drafted across the entire basketball draft, and because you aren't setting a weekly lineup, the way baseball works is your lineup is auto optimized. So the majority of players that production evens out when you apply this principle to basketball, you are taking your shot at blow up potential in your draft. You are looking to find that 20 percent of players that make 80 percent of the difference in basketball leagues.


And who wins those leagues you're looking for every week? QB one's RB, one's wide receiver, one's tight end one's. Those are the players you want to draft. Good example. We just did a redraft mock. Mike went with Golden Tate later in the round area. If I'm in a basketball league, Darius Slaten represents that upside potential, that Golden State does it in a basketball. Yeah, certainly format. You want the chance of a player separating.


So when you're talking about basketball, you're talking about risk in general, you're looking at those difference makers. But the later your draft goes, the less risk averse you need to become. Take the huge shots, take the Jalen Reagor or the Digex over the action. Jeffery, maybe he comes back and gives you the Ho-hum performances. Take the shot, in my opinion, on a player like Anthony Miller. Who has unseen ceiling potential versus the ho hum Tyler Boyd type of pic laden drafts?


So that's that's kind of the tip I wanted to bring to the table today, realize that the people who win at baseball, they do it on the backs of guys that are difference makers have potential to be that breakout guy.


It's really a good life tip, too. Oh, certainly. So, yeah.


When I brought up using it in our company, we do know that's not a joke, that we run everything through the filter of the 80 20.


Yeah, yeah. Because, you know, you have so many opportunities to do stuff. But we try to invest most of our time on the 20 percent of things that makes that matter. Yeah, that matter. That makes the biggest difference in our business or in your life, because I don't know, there's there's nothing quite like carving away all the needless crap in your life. Oh, yes. The Golden Tait's of your every day.


Oh, I know that is that was rude. That was rude. Golden Tate deserves your respect. He's just on the back end of his career. So that's that's fine.


Yeah. No, it is fine. Larry Fitzgerald, I mean, he's he's a great player. Tons of respect. Not drafted him in basketball. And that's fair. You can, like I said, sign up for underdog today, underdog fantasy dot com or search for the underdog fantasy app in the App Store. We did it, guys, our final mock draft in the books, DK Metcalf, Mike's better luck player of this draft next week, the fantasy MVP show all our bold prediction show.


It's going to be hot. Stay tuned. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the Fantasy Football podcast. Join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers. And foot clan, make sure you join us tomorrow for these sleeper bull live, 1:00 p.m. Eastern, 10:00 a.m. Pacific, we're drafting live against Judas mistrust or some other big names. And we're going to bring home that full clan title once again.