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Oh, the season is over for many, but for many, yeah, for many for all its week 17, this week 17.


I forget about those now champ. I mean, Mike, I mean, yes, yes. We need to properly blink out. And there is one way to do that.


And there is only one way to do that. Fantasy champs dotcom, go there, buy a trophy or a belt Bragge year round and fantasy champs will give you a free ring, which you can also wear year round and you can wear it for league of record. I highly recommend wearing it. Dynasty Jason can wear for Dino Jr. and we will.


So you're darn right I'm a bling bling.


My opponent's faces out one which is a very common expression. Fantasy champs. Dotcom promo code free reign. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. The Fantasy Footballers podcast, Tuesday, December 29, I love how well rehearsed and fought out are pre are advertisements. Yeah, our ad was what people don't realize is that was 15 takes 15 takes to get to that level.


But we got to glory. Yeah, we got to the gold standard.


I'm just remembering TGIF for Mr. Big Jason. It's Friday. That's what it was. Yeah. Welcome to the show. So very excited to be with you again.


Unbelievable timing. I just received a text message from my nine year old son. Oh, and it's perfect. It's perfect.


It says the Tom Brady pick was wrong and three laughing faces at me.


So my own son, who is co managing that league I won with Tom Brady, has decided to team up trolling me with the show's beginning. Yeah, I mean, that's the truth, I'm an idiot. Yeah, I mean, dum dum dum over here only God only got 40 points from Brady and a half when he could have had forty five points from Josh Allen and three quarters. You like two quarterbacks that got benched. Yeah.


I was gonna say, what are the odds that the two quarterbacks would end up the one and two on the week and both not finish the game and Brady only play a half. I mean, come on points per minute here. Brady was the winner, to be fair to Josh Allen. He pretty much did that in half as well. His first quarter production was nil. Oh, you're saying second and third quarter. He did his production in two quarters as well.


Yes. Yes. There was one thing I know I'm going to go with.


I wanted that to happen because I know a lot of people had Josh Allen and they played Josh Allen and a lot of people had Stefon Diggs. I mean, this was not. There was a chance at last night's game was just going to be kind of. Not exciting, not an influence on whether people won or lost the championship. Historically, the Patriots had been able to stop Buffalo. And so I you know, I didn't think the odds were supremely high that Buffalo would go mop the floor at them the way that they did.


Cam Newton's career is done, it's done Beasley was a disappointment for people who played him in that game with all the points being scored. I mean, it was it was all Stefon Diggs and Lee Smith.


I mean, genuinely, Stefon Diggs was as selfish a player as I can remember.


He was so me, me. I'm going to catch another touchdown wide open.


Yeah, it was really rude of him to always be wide open. What does he think? He's Devonta Adams.


I don't think Josh Allen is the NFL MVP. I don't think he'll win it. But he's close, like, who would I put Rodgers in my homes ahead of him? Yeah, but that's it I think is Rogers right now. Yeah, it's it's been an incredible year for Buffalo and they are set up.


Did you see for a while, did you catch the the the handshake? I only saw it on Sociales afterwards. But Bill, we all know Bill Belichick and Uncle Bill Curmudgeon as they get. Yeah, I guess not. Especially for postgame handshakes.


It's always just like he like that again. But then he turns into the Danny DeVito as the penguin from from Batman Returns. But he this was like an embrace really at the middle of the field. Yeah. He gave McDermott a big hug. Clearly, he was pouring adoration. Bill Belichick was pointing them on to head coach Sean McDermott. It was like, holy crap, Bill Belichick is actually impressed. Did he pass them an actual torch?


Oh, I don't know.


He did you guys see any of Bill Belichick press conference? No part. I bet he was right back to let's let's just say his happiness meter had run out. He was a delight. I mean, the questions that were asked, he got about five word answers. Back after a two minute long question. Oh, man. And he he stared these reporters down. If I was a reporter in that room ask you a question, my question would be, OK, Jayson, it's your turn to ask.


I'd say I'm I'm sorry. I've got to go.


Kind of trail off is now. Bill, are you going to play the court. Yeah. Of here.


I might be I I'll relate it back to the Patriots, back to like Dynasty Fantasy Football, because if you listen to Belichick at the beginning of the year, he talked about like, look, we had a million dollars to give Cam, like we didn't have any money. And he also said he goes, we we sold out the last five years. We won three championships. We lost another one in the Super Bowl. And we we lost in an AFC title game.


They also had more covid opt outs like important covid opt outs, I think, than anybody else. Yeah.


So it was you know, this is what you do sometimes you sell out for a title and it feels great when you win it and then you have to live with the down years.


Yeah, but they'll be back next year. They probably massive amounts of cap room and great defensive team. That's going to be better with the covert opt outs.


Now I will turning I can agree with you from the sentiment of the Patriots are going to be good, but I will disagree with you on the basis that they have had a division that is beatable for twenty years. Yes, that's fair. And Miami and Buffalo are here to play football for a while. So it will be fun to see a competitive division. Not saying they can't end up on top rather soon. But congrats if you won last night.




Also, I'm sorry if you lost to the miracle. That was the Allen Diggs STAC.


That didn't seem possible. We are we sharing this voicemail that we have, yes, we are. Oh, yeah, we do have we do want to hear any good stories, bad beats, any of that stuff at the footballers on Twitter. But we do have a voicemail about one particular gentleman. Go ahead.


Hey, footballers, you're former intern blew an eight point lead tonight against Allen Diggs, still defensive of both kicker for just this morning. He made a celebrating video of his victory. Was that too soon? Thanks, football fans.


Your oh, we like this is a hype. So, baby Josh, our former intern. Yeah. Stayed up late burning the midnight oil so he can make good talk video, which I mean, I respect that. Yeah. Once you win game respect game. Well I mean, you've got to you're up eighty people ask me like when is when is it too soon to buy my my foot clan title t shirt. Mike was it bad. Bad when Babe Ruth pointed out that he was going to crush a home run.


No, it made it even more awesome that he called his shots. So I respect making the video. But, man, you you look like a dummy dummy.


Gumdrops drops right now, and it's great. Yes. Unbelievable. You lost you made a video that now exists. Oh, I hope you're pretending to win. It's reused all the time. That thing's got to be shared to your shame every every chance it can. Oh, I mean, if I made that, I would hate seeing it every single time it's brought back to my attention.


So I don't know if you guys have noticed. But in our back channel for the League of record, the person who was the number one seed, what shout out Nick? Oh, he was the number one seed and he was posting GIFs non stop. I'm number one, the one number one, which is fantastic because now I don't even have to look for GIFs. I just keep sharing his posts. Yeah, it's great. Sometimes you're Babe Ruth right now works out.


Sometimes you're that Lakers player.


Sometimes you're Casey at the bat, shoots the three and then turns around and throws the double result. I don't even remember it was such a good name.


He turns around, throws the threes up in the ball, does not go in the hoop so you can get your foot clan title, search shop, maulers dotcom swag out. We'll be doing it very soon.


Swaggy P. I think his name was Swaggy P.


You have a better memory than I do. Nick Young Swaggy P so it really was. Yes.


Well that's a perfect name for, for that. We have a big announcement. I think it's worthy. Oh yes. Of what a jerk.


Jared Goff. Yeah. Who do you think. The megalo winner.


This is big time. Yeah. Eight thousand plus players this year.


One winner, one champion and one player. That will be in our official listener league next year. Congratulations to Baskin Robbins in fabulous name, a.k.a. Joseph Mason. Ninety four who won the megalo bowl for twenty twenty and it was close. You shall not pass.


That's a good name. Also a good finish. Second in the Maglev, all the difference was just more than one point. So congratulations to everybody that participated, played the playoffs for really fun and it was a huge success this year.


Yeah, and congratulations to Tyler McFadden, who took home the listener. He will be back. So we have to. Oh, man, we have two players slotted in for the twenty twenty one listener.


Now, why didn't we win the listener? Because Rogers and Adams decided that week fifteen. They were going to do nothing. Oh man. Yeah.


As much as the camera hurt people in week fifteen compared to sixteen, Rodgers and Adams were.


Yes because if they had showed up week fifteen.


Yeah I would have opened up another spot. Unbelievable kind.


Well I did see one of our fine listeners. Get an absolute drubbing, just the kind of honesty, if I'm going to lose in a title game, I'd rather it be this way. Face is like Rodgers Adams, Diggs, Kamara Gaskin. It was like if you built the millionaire maker type of lineup. Unbelievable. So Twitter at the football to share your stories with us. We'll be sharing them over the course of the next few weeks. We'll share some good ones.


If you have enjoyed this year worth of content, we encourage you head to Apple podcast subscribe. It's a year round show level review. It's free to do that and we love them to make us feel good.


Oh, yeah. And we we're not going anywhere. We'll be here next week with some footie awards. We'll have some ask me anything shows coming up. It'll be good times. All right.


Unless I'm forgetting something, Brooke. So I think we're going to talk news. News & notes from around the league. Dwayne Haskins, The Age has no teeth. He's been waved, he'll be picked up. I mean, I don't think he'll go through waivers unclaimed as a backup, as a prospect on a rookie deal.


I would imagine somebody that's a first round. Picardo Yeah, that's a personal contract. Yeah. Do you think he goes through waivers?


I mean, probably I think he makes it through on. This is this sucks, man that a former first round pick waived after there. I mean, this was his shot and the team said, we don't think we can trade you. And Ron Rivera, a very well respected head coach, is the one that waved him, so I think that those two things make it difficult now. There's always the egomaniac, GM or head coach that believes that they can fix all the problems and make a player good.


So that would be your shot.


And hopefully Haskins gets Adam Gase can get it right. Oh, for sure. Pick them up jets. What if what if Adam gives his powers is to make like a bad player.


Good boy. He maybe he makes everyone good as soon as they leave. Oh, that's true. So no, Dwayne Haskins, that dynasty pick not looking great for anybody that they had a quarterback in Dwayne Haskins or Alex Smith was very close to suiting up last week.


He will suit up this week and play. Otherwise, it'll be Taylor, Hinoki, right. Vinicky, Hinoki, Tyler, Taylor, Taylor. Look, he's he's he's a backup.


But this Hinoki, tiny, tiny Washington plays Philadelphia and they hold the inside track for the title. If they win, they win the division.


If they lose, then the winner of the Giants, Cowboys, Giants, Cowboys makes the playoffs.


Did you hear what we said, the Giants? Or the Cowboys? No, no, Jason, not only do they make the playoffs, they will host a playoff game. I mean, congratulations.


Well done. Well, while in the AFC, you've got, you know, the Dolphins and Colts and some of these Philadelphia eliminated, though, right.


OK, so we do have and it is possible to be eliminated in the NFC East. Yeah, OK, you did it, Philly.


Oh, man. All right, the Washington football team. Star wide receiver Terry MacLaurin, high ankle sprain you would not expect him to play at, that's going to hurt the efforts out there. Kyla Murray is Kliff Kingsbury is hopeful he can play in week 17. To me, that means he's playing in week seventeen, Arizona is playing for a playoff berth against John Wolford, the backup quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, because Jared Goff had surgery to repair a broken and dislocated right throwing thumb.


So there you go. Yeah. And they will also be the Rams will be without Terrell Henderson. Yeah. High ankle sprain. Boy, it's been kind of a roulet. Yeah. And unless Brown is there and Brown is just always there, like if you're in week 17, meet Malcolm Brown. Yeah, he's shaping up to be the last man standing whenever you have enough injuries at running back where there's one guy left. Oh, it's just so great.


Is there a strong play?


All right.


What else is going on, Brandon? IACI ankle sprain as well. Christian McCaffrey, Matt Roll says he would lean towards him not playing, you know, at this point. Just don't play him.


Yeah, wrap it up. Your season's done. Kevin Stefanski says all the receivers will be activated from the covid list after if they continue testing negative. So receivers will be helpful for Baker. Yeah, I mean, without them, it was it didn't go well. No.


Ronald Jones on track to come off the covid list in week seventeen against the Falcons so he could be back and in your lineup if you play in week 17. Frank Gore won't play Michael Pittmans in concussion protocol, Sammy Watkins suffered a calf injury. Which fulfills his contractual requirement for three injuries this year for Zami, for Sammy.


Yeah, yeah, just collecting checks and he's got to get ready because this is when he shows up. Any other news, Brooks? Am I forget anything any other high ankle sprain from either producer? Have either of you guys done anything dangerous lately? I'd never do anything dangerous. Oh, that's true.


That kind of reminds me of a story. Oh, there's a Brooks story. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I want to hear that was the one time Brooks tried to do something dangerous. You know where I'm going, Brooks? I don't.


Did he wear, like, fingerless leather gloves? No, no. It was trying to be a bad boy. Brooks moved here to become our producer.


Now I know now what we're going to talk about basketball.


This was dangerous. Yeah, Meggan. I mean, that was probably the most dangerous thing you've done in a while, right? Oh, yeah. Yeah. We had been playing some basketball in the mornings. And we you know, we you know, Brooks just moving out here, you know, need some friends and wanted to kind of get them integrated.


We invite them out. I mean, if you want to come along. Sure. He said yeah. And Mike was there too. Right. So what we're doing some two on to one time and then Brooks retired and he retired.


I wouldn't say on top he retired.


Look, Brooks is a man who, due to his massive amount of wealth, stays inside, does not have what you would say, a tan. But that day at the end of basketball was like he was hit with chalk pillows over and over and over because he he made Dracula look like he had a son. All blood had drained. You know what?


Now, this is reminding me of the fact that Brooks actually did you did have one more dangerous moment in your life. Oh, and that was the famous beach race where you beat our other producer, who was very slow. That was actually the beginning of his wealth. Yeah, that's right. He said that anyway, I need to move on now, but we're going to get into some waivers.


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Put me in, coach. There is actually one other competition that's going through week 17 here in the studio amongst all of the employees, and Al Borland is actually winning it right now. I thought we were tied.


We were. Until you picked last night, wrong? Yeah. Yeah.


Well, you know, fitting that Joshel narrative just perfect. Yeah.


Al Borland is one pick ahead of me right now on the year long against the spread.


So I wonder what that makes our actual like against the spread record. You should look that up. Might be in pretty good. So I hope you lose because I don't want to pay you money. All right.


Put me in coach waiver time, week 17, waiver time. Oh, boy, yeah, you guys ready for this? Oh, yeah, yeah, take your Pepto. All right, let's talk about wide receivers. Where are you looking in week 17? If you need a spot, start at wide receiver. Obviously, the storyline for week 17 is there are teams that are going to press players. There are also teams that are in a position that they may feel comfortable in where they may players play players for half a game, three quarters of a game and then rest them.


So the variables are plenty.


So where are you looking? I am personally looking. If I need a wide receiver, I'm looking at a game that is the potential of a win and get in in a division match for a wide receiver who has been a wide receiver one over the last month. Surprisingly, it's Michael Gallop. I know it's hard because you've got a backup quarterback and he could be the three on any given week. It could be he is the third most talented wide receiver there, but that doesn't take his actual talent away.


And you say, OK, well, the New York Giants, they're pretty good at defense. They're you know, they've they've locked people down. But, you know, he had a he had a wide receiver, one against Baltimore a month ago. He played against San Francisco, got a touchdown this last week, obviously a monster game. I don't think Michael Gallop is someone that you have to pick up half to start.


But if you're out there and you're in week seventeen and you've lost an important piece and you're saying I need someone that I can pick up and have a big game, I think Gallup provides a ceiling type of play. Any one of those really KD lamb I would very much include as well. If he's available, he's probably more roster than Michael Gallop, though. And Gallops actually been better over the last month.


Dallas, what do they need? They need to win. They need to win. They need Washington to lose. Yeah, but Washington is the Sunday night game, if I'm remembering correctly. So Dallas won't know heading into their matchup.


Perfect. They have to win. So the division winners are going to end up at seven at night unless I don't think there's a way for that. What Washington is.


I guess if Philly beats Washington now, Washington six and nine if Philly beats them. Yeah, then you're right. And then Dallas. Loses to the Giants, then it will be a six and 10 division winner, impressive words and six in 10 really does seem much worse than seven and nine.


Yeah, because it is.


And it's really embarrassing because there's going to be a 10 and six team that misses the playoffs. Yeah, I mean, this is there any doubt that that team is just going to go lose in the first round? None whatsoever. OK, so, you know, one of the things to think about there, though, is that in the NFC East, you do have. Teams playing for something Sterling Shepard last week had 12 targets, went nine for seventy seven and a touchdown, Golden Tate wasn't playing.


It seemed like every target going Darius Sheppard's way landed ten feet away from him. So the shorter yardage, higher Daniel Jones completion percentage type throws worked out for Sterling Shepard. Yeah, I agree.


He's another great option with a better matchup in the same game out of those two players.


Would you rather have Shepard than Gallop on? No, no, I will actually say Gallup, I'd rather go with a better quarterback, a better quarterback that has shown me some, let's say, pizzazz over the last few weeks where Jones has frightened me.


Yeah, I want to talk like I mean, this is the waiver show for week 17. So hopefully you aren't going after these guys. But we know that things happen. These are all kind of higher risk players. But Zach Pascall, this this rascal stealing all of our Ty Hilton points for the Indianapolis Colts. The last couple of weeks, he has seen six targets and each he has scored in each of those games and he's taken on the Jacksonville Jaguars.


And the Colts need to win. So they're going to be playing to win. And and if you're watching the game, Hilton is a part time player. He's still important to their offense. But Pascall is the is on the field far more than Ty Hilton at this point. So I think that he is interesting. Kiki Kutty for the Texans is another option.


Wasn't a great week, but 554 had a fumble.


I agree. I think I think people will be too quick to say, Oh, Kiki, cute. Didn't get it done, I'm done with him, but the matchup should be good and five four fifty four is fantasy. Finish was horrific because of the fumble.


Five or fifty four is a good bad game if that like that is a bad game for fantasy. But that's a good version of that where it's not just no targets and disappeared. Yeah. And you bring up all the time, all wide receivers are inconsistent. If, if the best wide receivers have down games, it would be quite foolish to look at these fringe dreaming wide receiver options and then throw them away after one bad game. That's just what's going to happen.


Otherwise, they're not a fringe waver show pickup they are in every week auto start.


So Kutty is somebody that, you know, the role is defined and they're not being benched.


They didn't win the division. They're not the one seed.


And we're know Tennessee has something to play for on the other side of the ball. And if you did you guys see JJ Watt's postgame press?


Oh, I sure did. Oh, boy. Let me just say this. The Texans have something to play for. They call JJ Watt. Yeah. Because he put that team on blast.


I mean, he so that should be played for every high school football team for the rest of the year.


Overall, he gave a little beatdown of whatever. Teammates aren't doing their job. And so I think people are going to come and do their job.


So no, I really listen, actually, it's pretty it the leader stuff. Yeah. I would put Nelson Aguilar above. Kiki, my concern with Kiki is at the top, I think. Yeah. My concern with Kiki. Is Deshaun Watson related. I know. Yeah, I know. He's going to play or he says he's going to give it a go. There's no guarantee that Deshaun Watson finishes that game. And this is you are picking these guys up to put into your lineup for one week.


Yeah, that's that's rough. I completely did forget about you got to go. I hear I heard what Mike said.


He said, Jordan, ACoNs, that's what you got to monitor practice with Watson because that that was concerning. Yeah.


Aguilar would be in that more roster than the other names you brought up. Maybe not. And he's had some like he's a perfect championship shot because Nelson Aguilar has had, you know, a number of games where he's a top ten receiver. I don't think we're going to get top ten from Cutey. So last name I would throw out would be Manny Sanders, again, more more rostered out there, but the Saints are playing for seeding. The matchup is great against Carolina.


He's he's been pretty solid, had 80 plus yards this last week. Michael Thomas obviously out and Kamara can't get all the touchdowns forever. That's what you think? Now, that's actually factually correct, because Taysom Hill will need to take something. Yeah, you've got to let Taysom score. All right, let's look at some main Waverider picks up at the running back position. Daryl Williams, AJ Dillon, both very, very interesting, especially Daryl Williams.


If they slot him behind Leavelle in the depth chart, it means that Williams could see a lot of play in the final week. Not a guarantee. You know, you probably have if love's not active or something of that nature, you'd probably see Darwin active. Yeah, the matchup is what makes it interesting against the Chargers will be there. The Chargers defense is not good. So while you're not likely going to have Patrick Mahomes helming the Kansas City offense, or at least least not the full game, you will not have Patrick Mahomes.


I don't know if he's going to play a quarter or two quarters, one drive. But Daryl Williams is interesting. AJ Dillon, they they're they're talking about him more now. The whispers are starting to pour out for AJ Dillon.


Yes. I feel like this year you've gotten to really enjoy fantasy football when it comes to your kind of darlings in the industry over the course of the year, like Antonio Gibson got flex weeks with Gibson Chase Claypoole, even though he's not been great lately. You got flex weeks with Claypoole. And then here's AJ Dillon. Hey, week 16, I'm here. My quads are here to come in to save the show. It's just interesting. It's been a good year for you, Mike.


Look, it's it's crazy because all these guys are on my dance team, so. Right. You were just looking a little brighter. Yeah. Yeah. So, Dillon, the matchup against Chicago, but with Green Bay, we're not really sure what they're going to do to handle their team. But AJ Dillon, I would expect to see more work than Aaron Jones. Yeah, I think he's going to get a lot of volume. I would I would be picking up Dillon either as keep away or possibly even to play.


AJ Dillon is going to be great this week. I watched Daria Gumba Wall, a run, had some big plays against this, Chicago's defense. Obviously Chicago's playing for something.


But and I'll be honest, the Daryl Williams pick, that scares me. Sure. Because you don't he could dominate that game for sure. But he could also be rested. He could he could be determined that that's the guy they need for the playoffs. If Clyde Edwards is not coming along and love Bill, looks like he's look.


So he's just he is very, very scary to me. So do you go, Daryl Williams, or would you go Gus Edwards? The Ravens are playing for something and they're taking on the Cincinnati Bengals. Would you rather play Gus Edwards? I guess over Daryl. Yeah, that's I view them the same. OK, let me throw a name out there that I play over. Both of them that I want to know if you two think is crazy, just crazy.


But it's Malcolm Brown, the aforementioned Malcolm Brown. If I mean, I think right now it's a little too early in the week to know definitively, but right now it looks like there won't be Daryl Henderson. There won't be Kim ACRS if those two backs are gone and you've got a one man show. I mean, obviously, it's it's a divisional match up. It's a backup quarterback. There's a lot to me and it's a third string running back.


So I totally understand that. But I also think if it's like, you know, like a third string quarterback, a backup running back against the Arizona Cardinals like that, just like last week, they could never have a good game. Geoff Wilson. Never. Yeah, no. I would play Malcolm Brown over those other two guys because of the known volume I would play. Malcolm Brown feels like an Eaglesmith play this week. I'd play guess Edwards for bigger play potential, but I get it.


It's a compelling argument if you know, you have all the work in the backfield. It's tough to argue with that is a potential start over Daryl Williams, which is completely speculative right now, like later in the week, we may have a clearer picture of what Kansas City is even going to do. It is wild, the amount of running backs. We're looking at huge workloads this week because Daria Guba, why he he looked good. He looked pretty good for the Jacksonville Jaguars.


He's taking on the Indianapolis Colts. Should see a lot of work. Again, the New York Jets. Well, Michael Pruyn, the fourth round rookie for New York, Frank Gore is not going to play. And the team had before Ryan went on the injured reserve, Adam Gass had already started to put his confidence in that. We're going to get Piran more involved. I think that, Peter, I can handle the the workload type of a situation taking on the Patriots get to beat up on a divisional rival, Adam Gates has.


He's got to play for pride at least. So he is going to see a lot of tucker. Or you could play Piran Samaj. Right.


Impressive game last week. Yeah, he had a great game against I mean, granted, it was used to Houston and that is a great matchup. But he he looked great. Thirteen carries two touchdowns. Ninety five rushing yards. The pain ball, which ironically indeed to your point that was one of Mike's Mike. Mike was a Pierron he believed in it just took a couple of years. It just took a couple of years. A couple of injuries.


Great matchup, great matchup. And here we are, Smash-Up.


Right. You know what they say. He's the everything that Rodney Anderson was going to be.


Oh, man. Rodney would have been so good last week, by the way, Al Borland did run. Of course he did the math because he's winning in the picks. But you want to know what the percentage was? Oh, I saw. And I love it.


It's. 55 percent against the spread. Not bad. Yeah, um, Sony, Michel was oh, man.


I mean, there was no Damian Harris last night. He was Damian Harris was questionable going into the game so he could be active in week seventeen.


Uh, Shivon is one that I'm not looking at, though, because that game was so out of hand. He got all that work because of the game being out of hand. And they almost all came in the second half. And you're going to get Ronald Jones back this week and it should be more competitive in division against Atlanta. I believe that Keshavan could do something, but with the amount of options who are more secured in their volume, I would go with them before I start looking at Von.


Feel like there's a chance Bond could have work or have no carries at all? Yes, yes. All right. Tight end options where you look in bigger keeps flashing six for 53 and two bigger was a big thorn in my butt cheeks this weekend as it kept stealing all of Dalvin Cook's touchdowns.


Now, you won the title, though, right? I did.


OK, but look, it doesn't it feel great afterwards when you're like, oh man, I should to play. I won anyway. Yeah, but as a fantasy player, I will still remember we were 16 and I will be angry with Zimmer forever. Austin Hooper had fifteen targets last week, plays Pittsburgh this week.


How do you have fifteen targets that almost half the game. Seven four. Seventy one. Come on Hooper. Yeah it was, it was, it was really that athletic. I mean that's the truth of Austin Hooper. He is pedestrian athleticism.


Well, I need more athleticism in his hands. Yeah, I was going to say it wasn't the athleticism that really bit him last week. There were just so many catchable balls that he didn't get nothing. Baby hands. Yeah, he he just did. Bringing in it was so ironic as a start of the week as a smash play. He was he was good like seven four seventy one. A tight end. He was good. You were happy you picked him up, happy you played him.


But also on the field. He was terrible.


He also did almost all that work on the first drive. Yeah. And you were like, oh this is going to be a huge game. Like the number will probably get fifteen targets today. And then he did and then it didn't matter much. And Jimmy Grandpa keeps getting it done in the end zone. Hard to argue with four four sixty nine and two touchdowns. He is a legitimate play as much as Gronkowski is.


Yeah, it was a very nice game. He's the Titan ten on the season and he has I mean, he missed multiple games with injury. Right.


Is that it's so that's such a tough play where I mean, since the bye week, he's on the field for like forty five percent of the snaps, if they're not in that sweet spot where they're within the fifteen yard line and then they looked him in the end zone, it gets trickier.


So. It's tight end. So the grandpa is a fun player to be able to dunk on your opponent with. That's true. I would go with I would play hoop or I'd still go with Hooper over, would you to James. Yeah, I would. I would. Do you play Big Irv over them?


I would play Big Irv over them. There's some other matchups this week that are really good. Jerry Cooke. I don't know that he's on waivers, but these are you know, those are the guys that you have on the roster that you're saying, I've got Jared Cook. He's maybe been disappointing. Do I look too big or do I look to Jimmy Grandpa? I would continue rolling with with.


Where do you find value at defense this week? Man, that's that's that's tough for the Cardinals playing a backup quarterback, but Sean McVay is Sean McVay has just had Cliff Kingsbury's number in the.


It also feels like the Rams defense could give a short field to Arizona. Yeah, I are true to their offense. Right. I don't love that one. I want to play against the Lions. That would be the Vikings defense, a good, obviously defensive minded head coach. Vikings defense hasn't been great to play, but I would be willing to to play. We don't have any update on Stafford do. No, not yet. I don't think he's going to play.


I don't either.


I mean, why bring him back for a last week? That means nothing when you don't even have a head coach. Like just let the guy heal up, in which case I would play. I play the Jets defense against the Lions.


David Blount going to get a blow. He looked better than Chase Daniel when they brought him in for the fourth quarter.


If the Texans don't have Deshaun Watson, if for some reason he isn't able to give it a go, then the Titans defense, which also is bad, would be good. Like I want a I want to play against backup quarterback.


And who are you taking in the Cowboys versus the Giants game like you win or you picking to win the Cowboys. Yeah, so don't think so. The Cowboys defense is in play for me. I mean, the Giants are just as much in play as the Cowboys are, but I'm going to go with the team I believe will win. So I would take the Cowboys against Daniel Jones.


I agree with that. You realize Matthew Stafford has been hurt three consecutive end of year? Yeah, he played through it two years ago, but it was the back injury for three games. And then he missed last year's end of season. And he's going to miss this year's end of season two. Yep. So worries are piling up.


Yeah. Full stream ahead. I'm in I'm going to be honest with you, it was real tough after I saw you guys had your streaming pics in there to find somebody. So I super cheated on this one. But who are your streams of the week?


My Stream of the week is Kirk Cousins. I, I absolutely love him. I would be playing him over most options. You know, let's say you have Pat Mahomes and you've got, you know, the decision to make like if they if he's active, if Pat Mahomes is active, I don't know that you can play him because what what's going to play is going to play half a quarter a drive. It's just one of the or let's say he's inactive and you need someone to pivot to.


Kirk Cousins against Detroit is a smash matchup now. It's a smash matchup for Dalvin Dalven.


Absolutely. But the Lions have done such a good job of letting all positions win the last five weeks.


There has only been one game where they haven't had a top three quarterback performance four of the last five weeks. The top three. We're not talking like, oh, top twelve, we're talking monster. Massive performances. It only took Brady one half. So Kirk Cousins, he's he's my streamer and I would definitely start him in a championship.




Literally the only I think the only risk is, is Dalvin goes crazy early on and it's, you know, last week where he threw for three hundred yards, zero touchdowns because Alvin Kamara got six. I think they'll split it up. And honestly maybe one of those Dalvin Cook touchdowns. This is a screen.


Yeah. You know, like you said, fantasy point inequality is big for Detroit. They let every position reach their goals.


Yeah. I think Adam Thielen, Justin Jefferson, those guys are going to get it done.


All right Mike, I'm going with Philip Rivers all up Rivers. Seventeen one last dip. Oh no. Taking on the Jags.


No you had that set up Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags have been the fourth best matchup over the last month and that includes a game against the Tennessee Titans. So when you look at the at fourth, it should probably be better, except Derrick Henry, the Yeti held down what Tannehill could possibly do in that matchup. So I think I like Kirk Cousins a lot.


I think I like him more than Philip Rivers, but both are in play. And if Ryan Tannehill is available, please play him against the Texans, the Texans defense in the Detroit defense, they huddle up midweek and they say, hey, no, you give up more point. No, you give out more points. They both are terrible.


And you can look what you can look for is if you happen to be in championship week, I don't know if someone has Ryan Tannehill, but Ryan Tannehill could be hate dropped heading heading after the waiver period because of what he did in week sixteen. Yeah, and they need to win to to clinch the number four seed in the division. So and to kind of get some of the stink of last week off on the offensive side of the football. So I think, Tannahill, against the Texans is an obvious smash play.


Let's do a little week. Seventeen mailbag.


Mailbag. Oh, this will be fun. Robert Woods question from Zach in Lakefield, Ontario, My finals are in week 17. With golf being out, what do I do about Robert Woods, do I start him or look for another option in my flex position?


Woods and Woods and Cop are going to be really dicey plays. One of the things I like about Woods with the absence of Darrell Henderson, Cam Acres and a backup quarterback, as I do expect them to manufacture some I mean, Woods is just plain about Woods has been used in the running game. And he's you know, the the plays are usually designed a little bit more for him. Would you play both of them over any of the waiver wire pickups?


The the Aguilar, the gallop, the.


Yeah, well, maybe not Aguilar. That one would be the toughest one because I don't know if you're going to get them. You're not going to get a boom game. But I feel I feel like Arizona will provide enough for Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp in Arizona has the chance to put up points and force him to throw the football. So I'm OK with them.


They're both close to the line of scrimmage, PPR type of options. Bethen had three passing touchdowns against Arizona. Yeah, that's definitely fair.


All right. Here's a question from Stone in Arkansas. I have Devin Singletary and Zach Moss, I'm sorry.


In a league with five keepers, Moss is passing the eye test for me at the end of the season. Singletary hasn't looked that good all year. Who will be more valuable in twenty, twenty one and beyond? It's more likely to be Zach Moss. It is more likely to be Zach Moss because he's more likely to score touchdowns, but. This is this is a full on running back by committee, I can't imagine that the with the success that they've had, they're going to say, OK, Zach Moss, you're now the 65 percent snap guy and we're going to get you on the field as much as we can.


It's going to be both players. He's not a he's not a keeper to me and a five keeper league. I'm looking to a different option, someone that that you can hope develops as a wide receiver for the future. Because what we saw this year is what I expect to get next year, barring injury to either one of them, which is irrelevance. Is there a player that if you were to draft, you can't really play without an injury to the other party?


So I, I would prefer to look elsewhere, but if I had to pick one of these two, it would be Moss because he's, you know, more involved near the goal line and then the passing work. Yeah, the team seems to have trusted him early. You're exactly right. The only way a running back has value in Buffalo with what Josh Allen does, the frequency of passing and him running himself is to have the job to himself.


I mean, that's that's what it would be. And that's not the situation at.


Both guys are under contract and they're cheap on their rookie deals. So this is this is I don't expect him to bring someone in, but they're both going to be there next year.


All right. Here's a question from Carrie on my young Waku over on. Join the Footaction. For last place punishments, do you guys go by regular season standings or the playoffs? Oh, definitely regular season standings. I mean, for those teams that don't make the playoffs and like by a wide margin, the last place teams, what they do in the playoffs is probably nothing. They've probably checked out and aren't participating, aren't doing waivers. So, yeah, it's certainly whoever sucked in the regular season.


All right, that'll do it.


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That'll do it for today's show. Congratulations to so many. Not everybody. One I know they but hopefully at a very, very fun year and especially congrats to the winners and like us, we'll talk tomorrow. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the Fabulous.