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Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Welcome in. You don't want that hassle and you definitely don't want the of the bustle is dangerous. What is the bustle at the hustle is the hustle is quick movement. The bustle, I think. Is Thawne related? Oh, really? Hmm. I'm not sure I know is that real or is that he's trying to know that was this little joke?


Yeah, I was going for some kind of fiscal and we have to restart the show.


Oh, man one That's not I assume Bussell is like people there. Thank you. Like in New York City. Right.


And you're on the air, Bussel and everywhere. Well, you're walking around on the street and you're rubbing shoulders with people. Is that the bustle that you're trying to avoid at the supermarket? Brooks, help me here. I don't know, man. You don't know. Al, you're a man of the people. Like when you're on the dance floor, you don't just stand there. I'm really sorry.


I'm really sorry to say thank you.


Here's a here's a nice definition online to be Bossley Astir. Well, that's the definition. And I get a definition on the definition. Here we go.


Here's a better one to move briskly and often ostentatiously bustled around the kitchen. That's this Google. This is not me. You cannot blame me for this or we're ostentatious now with our bustling.


I apologize. We are hiring sophisticated Tuesday, March 30 at the fantasy football. Jassam or Mike, the fantasy hit man. Right. I'm Andy Holloway.


Free agency winners and losers show today. Oh, baby. In some trades. Yeah, there's some trades we have to talk about in our news segment. And breaking out the dynasty download today, this off season as we get ready for twenty twenty one. While it's not off season for Dynasty leagues, right, it's just always yeah, I mean, well, this isn't your. What do you call it? Season.


I mean, honestly, it's in season season. Yeah. It's the twenty, twenty one season. It begins as soon as the other one ends. I do feel like this is dynasty season.


Yeah, that makes sense. So we have Dynasty download on the show today. And Mike broke out a new drop for us, so Almir did his Twitter at the FCF ball, the fantasy football Dotcom's the website Join the foot. Dotcom is our community of patrons supporting the show. If you are looking to get into a league, I have seen many folks come out over the last couple of weeks and they have been very thankful that they found four Klann League's dotcom, which is one of the perks of supporting the show.


You get like minded fantasy, crazy people that want to be in leagues together and be active and make trades and actually participate and, you know. It's fun to win a league where the other 11 people don't play there, but it's really not. There is a lot of bustling in those forums. Yes. Which you might not have in your home leagues. So you can check that out and join the foot dotcom. And let's talk news.


News & notes from around the league. Just goes to show all of human history, still no thisll jokes then landed. That's right. They've never actually. I'll get one. Well, we know Al Borland really enjoyed it because he knows. He knows I will not give up. Yeah, unfortunately.


All right. Well, NFL owners anticipating what we've been anticipating a 17 game season for the NFL.


This means if you adjust your league to kind of match the what I would say will recommend and everybody will be doing, you're going to have a 14 week regular season for the first time in history and by weeks to deal with maybe in a different fashion. And then you're also going to be looking at benchmarks for players in a whole new light. I mean, we're going to be redefining what a good season is. We being media, those that you're listening to, talking about seasons a thousand yards is not a thousand yards.


And, you know, in addition to that, we finally become week, 17 hours ourself. Our championship week will be in week 17. We've always we've always looked down upon week 17 years and now we have joined them.


If you were a week 17 to stay the same. Stay right there.


Yeah. Don't adjust anything. Big trades, big, big trades. And I'm glad that these happen now, to be honest with you, is going to make it easier for us to. We're going to break it down. Rookies, we're talking about the draft.


And if we make a bunch of predictions and then draft trades happen, it doesn't help anybody, but they happen ahead of time. The 49ers receive the number three overall pick. All they had to do was give up the number twelve overall, pick a third rounder this year and first round picks in twenty twenty two and twenty twenty three. All in, all in all in our line insert name here because we don't know but which one definitively whether this will be.


Yeah, handicapper right now, where are you at with the number three pick, what quarterback do you believe in? You've got to bet your house on something today, Mike.


That name is who?


So the 49ers, if you have a paying attention, are throwing smoke bombs and smoke screens everywhere because it was what what is out there in the media right now, Ali, and maybe the Jets or smoke screening as well. Everyone everyone is throwing excessive smoke bombs. But what we believe today is Zach Wilson will be the number two pick. So that leaves of the of the first round quarterbacks left. You have Justin Fields, Trey Lance and Matt Jones.


Now, here's where the sleight of hand is happening, because I would think it would be Justin Fields. I still think that Justin Fields is the second best quarterback in this draft. And we've we've heard him linked to the, you know, the number three pick. But now the 49ers were going to attend a pro day except just in field, pro day fell on the exact same pro day as Mac Jones. And you can't be two places you cannot be.


Well, you can send some representatives for you from your team, except they are sending the big dogs. They're sending Kyle Shanahan and and General Manager Lynch to the Mac Jonesboro Day. But is this simply a tactic to throw people off the scent that they do not want it? The number two pick to end up being just a few.


All right. So make your pick. Who do you believe that the San Francisco 49ers will pick at number three?


Justin feels. Andy Mac Jones. I am just Enfield's I still think I'm not falling for it, not falling for Shannahan, I was trying to find the angle because I was like, well what advantage are they gaining? But what you're saying is right about. Not wanting to they're not not wanting another team to trade with the Jets, right, and go take Justin Field at number two. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. I'm going to stick with I think Mac Jones is it's too obvious what what is the what's interesting is look at last week you had mock drafts that you made fun of here on this show.


Yes, Doodoo. But had just Enfield's dropping to nine.


Those look better.


And look, here's what is so I'm not going to say the words not hypocritical.


I don't even know what it is. Inconsistent, annoying. Every year it's consensus, consensus, consensus. The consensus. Right. That has Paxton Lynch in the first round of in the fourth like you can be different if you have somebody that you always speak highly of. Kyle Shanahan, if Kyle Shanahan goes Mac Jones at three in the face of a thousand, Justin Fields truthers.


Well, what are you supposed to do, take the guy, everybody says you should take Chicago? No, no, no, that's a good jab right there. Absolutely not.


If Carl S. heads taking Mac Jones that then he is their guy. When you move up to number three and you are burning two extra first round picks and a third, you are you are OK with at two outcomes.


You are you are OK with at least two guys because Trevor Lawrence is number one. At least we have the Jaguars not doing the well.


I don't know who we're going to get out of here.


What teams do that Gardner choose our guy like like the Cavs when they landed at number one pick for LeBron James? Oh, no, no. I just think more teams.


You subject yourself to criticism when you don't go by consensus, when consensus happens and it doesn't work out, you get to look at everybody, all your friends and say, well, everybody had them there. Well, I don't think it's just consensus because you're they are also going off of not not just that I'm talking about the like the big media market or after people. They're not just going off of their scouting of these players. They're also they're plugged in to teams.


So they are trying to gleam and siphon as much information as they can and then put players in draft positions based off of that. And that's what makes it really difficult to believe it could be Mac Jones because Mac Jones fell to twelve and most mock drafts. And that's not to say he would get there. And if that's your guy, you go get him. But to to trade three firsts and a third to get a guy who might have fallen to you really early seems well.


And this is a draft with a lot of quarterbacks that might go in the first round and a lot of teams competing for franchise quarterback. Right. So there could be a lot of movement or would have been a lot of movement on draft day.


Here's what part two. OK, part two of this news is and I've read what Kyle Shanahan saying, and, you know, Jimmy Garoppolo is is on this team. Ian Rapoport coming out saying he's the starter for twenty twenty one. I fully believe that I believe Jimmy Garoppolo will start and be their quarterback next year, so they're drafting Trey Lance. Oh, well, I don't.


I know you're saying that because Matt Jones, you believe is your start already, but. Right. But this team with development, the I don't think it's I don't think it has to be a development, a quarterback to sit a guy down for a year.


You can do that with really good quarterbacks and have it end up the way you want it to. This team believes that last year with the injuries. It was an anomaly, they have all bunch of pieces back in the ready to win and integrating a brand new rookie quarterback does not equate to getting back to the Super Bowl. It just doesn't. So for fantasy purposes, we're going to have to navigate this. We're going to have to look at Jimmy Garoppolo and say, OK, he's the devil we know in this offense and what it means for Tebow and what it means for our youth and what it means for this offense.


And that's a lot of times better than trying to project what a rookie might do. If he comes in a week now, he might come in halfway through the year.


It's going wrong.


It could remind you of the Alex Smith Pat Mahomes situation where Alex Smith was a good quarterback. Yes, the Kansas City was good that year. Yeah, absolutely. And they played the whole year. They yeah. He played the whole year.


And that wasn't because Patrick Mahomes was a developmental guy who sucks, obviously, but it was it worked out for everybody. All right.


And then there was a follow up trade, the Miami Dolphins playing full on fantasy football and they received they traded the twelve they just had picked up and they got the six.


And essentially, how do we break down what the Dolphins managed to do here? Do you have a good summary for us?


I believe that what happened was the overall is the dolphins moved down three picks from three to six and got a first round pick to do so. And they weren't going to draft, they weren't going to draft a quarterback, so this is an incredible move by the Miami organization.


Yeah, they have the they still have the first and third in twenty twenty two from the forty Niners.


Correct. And I mean, they're set up Miami over the next couple of years, have multiple first or second or third like almost every single year for the next three on the on the flip side, which none of it will matter if they have their own quarterback. That is true.


On the flip side, the Eagles moving from six to 12 that says that they are not really looking at the quarterback market. They're not counting on. Right. They're not counting on that. So Jalen Hurts is a much higher odds to be the starting quarterback for twenty 21. Without question. Yeah, there was some talk that they had interest at six but wasn't confident, they weren't confident that a certain quarterback would drop their warrants.


I would take them if even if he drops will grab them.


Did win. We haven't mentioned the Ty Hilton signing yet on the show.


No it was, it was breaking news kind of later on the Thursday episode.


OK, I just want to make sure we one year, ten million dollar contract always breaking on the Thursday show.


The the Ravens have signed Sammy Watkins, formerly of the Chiefs, to a one year, five million dollar contract, which is good because the Ravens have been striking out on wide receivers.


Some might say they still did. Oh, some might say that.


And this is we talked about this a little bit in the office.


But this is unfortunately a a symptom of you going all in on that offense. You want to be a complete run first team. You want to be a Lamar Jackson led offense, which can absolutely work. But these wide receivers get paid for production. You have. And it was like Ty Hilton offered more money to go to the Ravens. Who is the other wide receiver? Juju Juju was offered more money to go to the Ravens, but they were courting Kenny Golladay and everybody.


They they knew they needed a wide receiver. And everybody said, but these guys know that if you go to Baltimore, your numbers are going to go down.


And then what? It's time to negotiate your next contract. Teams will say, OK, well, show me your numbers. And this is this is an issue that Baltimore is going to have to live with, that they it's going to be difficult to court a an elite wide free agent, wide receiver. You can draft them, but. Well, what? Bring in a man who's going to be tough so they they manage to court one whose numbers couldn't go down.


That is correct.


With Sammy Watkins. I mean, five million dollars for one year, deal for Sammy Watkins. Screams of final contract. I'm sorry to say. Maybe he will be better for them, but irrelevant for fantasy.


Yeah. If you're relevant with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, you're probably irrelevant in the smallest. Pie offense is what made so much money in Kansas City. Yeah. I liked that he retweeted the remember the Jacksonville game first game of the year last year.


Oh, yeah, three touchdowns. Yes. And he looked he looked awesome. He retweeted that when somebody said somebody tweeted, Sammy Watkins is electric. And it was that game that that's the most recent archive he had. He was electric and that was awesome. What was that? Was that channeling a year's worth of electricity into one moment?


I mean, I don't know. We all saw it made me feel real dumb.


Oh, dude, he rides game because he actually looked great. He made these cuts and had the speed that was outstanding and then poof. But but he was unnecessary, right? Like, completely. No, he was very necessary because then Tyreek Hill got injured and it was Sammy Watkins.


Oh thank God there was Sammy Watkins is going to be the the best pick in all of fantasy football because he's now the number one wide receiver for Kansas City.


And it was just I forgot about that. Danny was the worst pick. Oh I know. I wanted to drop him. I had him. And it was like, do you trade Sammy Watkins? Well, first you play him for a few weeks, then you decide, can you trade him three, four? I played in week one and it was awesome. Yeah.


All right. DeMarcus Robinson chiefs reassign him to a one year deal. Leonard Fournette is resigning with the Buccaneers. It's a one year deal worth up to four million dollars. I was telling these guys before the show. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I don't know if you know this proxy, it's hot, they are returning every offensive and defensive starter from their Super Bowl championship win. That is the first time a team has done that since nineteen seventy seven. So they they said this worked.


Let's try again. Yeah, I mean, you've got an elder statesman in Brady, an old coach in Bruce Arians, and they're like, I don't care about future cap problems. We don't like just get everybody here. Let us try to run this back again. Eventually, when it stops working, we're going to bail and leave you with the bill. So the bucks are going to be bad here in a couple of years.


But in the meantime, they've got some for they might get a Bruce Arians, Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady will be on a boat somewhere and they don't care at all.


Jett signed Tevin Coleman, formerly of the 49ers, to a one year contract. Coleman doing his best Sammy Watkins impression, transitioning to a franchise to finish his career.


Michael Piran lives to see the draft.


Now, I don't know if anybody lives. Everybody dies in New York.


I'm just saying you would have the Jets were in play. They still are.


If Aaron Jones had gone. Oh, they were in play in free agency to land one of the big guys or at least make a push. And they landed Tevin Coleman and they got teven. Got it. I'm with you. I fully expect the Jets to to draft a day to running back. But in the game of Dynasty man, you're this it's all about taking those huge swings and see if they pay off. Matt Breeda, one year deal, formerly of the Dolphins.


Now with the bills staying in division bills with another team that we're getting links to some of these high profile run.


But these don't matter when it comes to the draft. A lot of times people see news like this, Breeda sides, Coleman signs. They think, oh, well, maybe that means the bills will not look at running back or the Jets won't look at running back in the draft. And the reality is what the says is they know they need running back and they don't know how the draft is going to happen yet.


So these guys are really I think the bills are are less likely today to draft a day to running back. Now with the addition, it's going to be a tough decision for them with all because Josh is about to get paid and you have passable a passable backfield.


They've spent a third on a pick on a running back two years in a row. That's that's a lot of draft capital on the running back position. They got to go day one. Good point.


All right. Don't don't do it, Buffalo. Oh, that will be so sad. Free agency winners and losers coming right out. But first, I want to thank Harris for supporting this podcast. Mike, too often we're choosing between quality in a fair price too often. And I won't stand for it. And neither will Harris. Neither will I do. You won't stand for it and we will sit for it, but we will not stand award winning blades, factory direct prices.


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We're got to win, we're going to win.


Is that a shuffleboard that showed up on that graphic? Oh, did you see it? I did not see it. Sorry, it was it was that there last year when we did the show, it was OK. Well, it is new to me.


Well, we didn't we didn't used to be able to see the graphics during the recording. That's true. So they're all new to us this year. Free agency winners and losers. It's been a busy few weeks.


In NFL News, and we are breaking down who we think are the biggest winners and losers for fantasy football purposes, right? Yes, and that's that's the focus for today's segment, is who who's going to help your fantasy football team or hurt it and who was devastated by some of these moves.


So, Jason, why don't you kick off our free agency winners section right now?


So I've got one and a half guys here because I want one and a half. That's Moily Cox. You. That's right. It's more live. I was going to go with a CBS sitcom joke, but I like the monologue joke better now. I'm going to I'm going to give a shout out here to Burchard Perriman because Bushrod Perriman, look, you remember the end of the season before last when Jameis Winston, you know, was leading the Bucs and all of a sudden last man standing was Bushrod Perriman as Godwyn and Mike Evans got injured and all of a sudden Prashar Perriman was like, I think over that last month he was the number one wide receivers.


Great. Obviously, he went to a situation that was terrible, awful, horrific. And now he signs with the Detroit Lions in a situation where he is I think he's the one I think he is the number one wide receiver for that team. And Jared Goff is you're not in on Tyrell the Gazelle. And I mean, Terrell is he's always been a one trick pony to me. And I think Bershad Perriman is better than Terrell, but it's those two guys right now.


And Goff is an upgrade. You might might not like Goff in general. He's an upgrade for Perriman. So he's one. But I think the biggest winner is actually someone I'm riding on for fantasy purposes that I have been out on just out. I don't like the player.


You didn't put him in the dunk because you wanted to surprise us with this. Yes, it is. Daniel Jones.


Oh, maybe the more that I think about it, I think Daniel Jones could be a good fantasy quarterback this season. Yes. They went out and they got Kenny Golladay. Obviously, they got Kyle Rudolph, which is is help maybe. Yeah. Did that go through? I believe it did.


But there was a bunch of weird stuff going on with the contract. But Kenny Golladay helps. You know, we saw this last year. Obviously, Stefon Diggs goes to the bills and and really makes a difference for Josh Allen. Kenny Goldi was the best wide receiver on the market and Daniel Jones gets him. And I think something that is being lost is we talked about this a little bit, but Daniel Jones is a great mobile quarterback. He has a high rushing total usually.


But what happened last year was he got he got really injured and then missed a game and then came back for one game in the midst of game and then played a couple games up to week twelve. He was on pace for five hundred and eighty six rushing yards. That's a good amount. That's great. And then after that injury, he was averaging six rushing yards a game. He didn't he was he was immobilized completely. So I think with his rushing baseline and Kenny Golladay, maybe Kyle Rudolph, I think he's a big winner.


I think that he is in a position where that exhortation makes sense. But you have to believe either in you've got to be in or out on Daniel Jones as a player, can Égalité won't make you a better player if you don't, you know, if you're not able to take the next step.


So depending on what you believe about Daniel Jones, he can make you a better fantasy player, though. Sure. If he's the quarterback for the whole year, that's the that there have been New York fans and people expecting change at quarterback to come sooner. Now they'll give him this year. Yes, but you've got to talk to Gettleman. Well, last year, there were tons of making change.


Oh, man. We had dinner with the gentleman.


What about the Perriman? What about the Perriman piece there? Because I think they'll just. I think they're going to draft a superstar rookie wide receiver. That's that. Almost sure. So sad for that rookie wide receiver.


But yeah. Yeah, I'll bet you're right. I mean, they have very few weapons there, but I think this could be a team when you look at the transactions they've made that could be playing the longer rebuild game, in which case maybe they decide to try to deal with the trenches and upgrade the defense. So I don't think it's a lock that they take a superstar.


I don't either. I think it's just me. But for them to to spend a high pick on a wide receiver right. Right now doesn't make sense. I think they'll do it in teams, do stuff all the time that I think doesn't make sense.


They want to win this year, OK? They do. They 100 percent do. They should change divisions. No, man, they're in white kneecaps.


Mike, who do you have is your biggest winner of the off season? Well, so I kind of think about it in a couple of different ways where we've we've talked about it. Was it the most active free agency period? To me, the biggest winner is Aaron Jones, who gets paid a good amount of money and his situation doesn't change. He comes back. He's going to be incredible for fantasy what his situation did change because he's still the starting running back for the Green Bay Packers with Aaron Rodgers.


And now Jamaal Williams is not there to take as much passing work away from him because AJ Dillon, I don't think right now I'm not going to project that AJ Dillon will take away as much passing work or two minute drills as Jamaal Williams did to Aaron Jones. But to talk about someone who actually moved teams. Right. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not just the biggest fantasy winner. He's the biggest NFL winner. You had rumors of him. Maybe he's going to retire.


He John Clayton Brady in that hot news.


Yeah, thanks, Clayton. Well, but do you not remember the. Oh, yeah. Oh, I thought that that was great. Yeah.


But now he's he he should be the starting quarterback. He has to win the job. Wink wink from Taylor Hinoki.


But he's going to be the starting quarterback for from a playoff team last year, who has an elite defense surrounded by great offensive weapons like Ryan Fitzpatrick could go to the playoffs this year.


And if they don't, it's his fault completely.


Probably they already in the playoffs, probably because they made the playoffs. Right, with a really bad quarterback play last year.


So he would be my guy. I mean, you have. And that's trickle down, right? Terry McLaurin MacLaurin. This absolutely concealing changes, right?


I mean, yes, you go from a player that OK, locked and loaded wide receiver two to hey, this guy, if things went the right way, it could be a top 10. He could be a top 10 wide receiver. One hundred percent he can you have. So last year he was the wide receiver. Twenty one. He essentially had three terrible games. I'm talking about Terry McLaurin, but three terrible games and four receiving touchdowns with terrible quarterback play still ended up as the wide receiver.


Twenty one. And he was still very consistent for fantasy.


But now you have Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is he's legendary for fantasy football purposes because he feeds his number one wide receiver, Stevie Johnson, Andre Johnson and Hopkins Kendall. Right. Do you guys remember that Kendall Wright had a season with one hundred and thirty nine targets? Wow. That was not all of it was Fitz magic, but it was mostly fueled by Ryan Fitzpatrick. Brandon Marshall. Oh, yeah. I was going to say this list is going to be long because he's had a lot of different.


And with Devante Parker, he single handedly resurrected the past career of first round pick Devante Parker. So getting an alpha true alpha wide receiver who can separate has incredible speed. Like Terry McLaurin is also a massive, massive winner, even with Curtis Samuell coming on board and Adam Humphries pronounced with Humphris. Yeah, no, I think Fitz Magic is kind of a standout in the winners category. Good for you. Right. I'm going I'm going to echo kind of what we talked about earlier, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.




For me, when you bring back every single piece of your starting roster, crazy and especially, you know, bringing back Godwyn, it wasn't flashy for fantasy football news sake, right? I didn't get it goaland in Philadelphia or some other destination that might have been more exciting for New York, but for Tom Brady, for Chris Gardner, Mike Evans, for this offense, you have the same head coach. You know what he's doing. You know what Brady can provide.


Like, I think I think this is going to be a situation where you can just it's like pausing time and just redeem another year of expectation.


Brady's been doing that for a long time. Yeah, just feels that way. You know, a lot of times teams, they don't know how to come back the next year after winning a Super Bowl and being the best, having the target on their back. But you're led by Tom Brady, who's like this is just this is just what I do. So I think that's great. And I think about what real quick? I think about what quarterbacks do.


With Bruce Arians in year two, I mean, you're one, you're not non Tom Brady, you're one even Brady to an extent. Oh, yeah. He had it like the first 25 percent of the season.


They struggle. They struggle immensely. High interception totals. They fall like Carson Palmer. Best season with Arizona was year two. Coming into that. It was just a transformation. And the short off season last year. Right, we had this weird off season. Brady managed to overcome all that and become a champion again. And he could end up being the most overlooked fantasy option, a quarterback in the entire league.


And do you still have his decline hanging over him, but he could be overlooked for redrafting, he spent like the first four games of the season and Bruce Arians was just driving the bus all over him.


Yeah, that was all I remember over and over and over where Bruce Arians was just looking at it. I mean, he was he was not kind to Tom Brady. But, you know, I will say this on the other side in the bussel, make a bussel. It's a thorny. But let it go right through. You know, he didn't let it go. He chuckled. It was it was it was good. I'll give you you win.


You win today, Mike. But they they might lose their best wide receiver because as of right now, Antonio Brown, not I was I was going to ask. So you're say their best wide receiver. I mean, the best wide receiver. So I don't expect AB to be back in your corner. The Tampa Bay calling for them the winners. How are you valuing for Dynasty Tyler Johnson, who if Abby's gone, Tyler is going to come in and be the number three wide receiver projection wise.


Scottie Miller still there, right? Yes. So I think Scottie Miller still there. Number three. You think so? Yeah, I do like Tyler Johnson. Well, I think the team likes him. I just think that sometimes you can like a player in there can be no opportunity for him. And that might be the situation he's in. It might be the same thing is like in Gabriel Davis this year, but not seeing enough consistency from them to to be valuable in a dynasty.


You're talking about a quarterback change for Tyler at some point. You know, it's like. Brady's what do you mean, like second contract when he changes teams because Brady, right. I've I've I've given up on the on the ever believing Brady.


We've have the complete. There's no end. There is no end.


He will retire at 65, the beginning of the beginning, as you might say. All right. So I like timpano. The backfield is going to be interesting to navigate with Fournette and Ronald Jones Gerngross.


But you are a one of those really famous people, Jason, the Fournette Dynasty managers. Oh, yeah.


Yeah, congratulations.


Did you feel about the happy you went back at the point that he went back?


I was happy he went back. I had higher hopes, you know, that the Seattle would make a run or even the Dolphins or some team would pay him a lot of money. He kind of came back on the cheap, which says to me, it's going to be a lot of what we saw last year, which is there's going to be Ronald Jones games, there's going to be Leonard Fournette games.


It's going to be frustrating. So my combination of David Johnson and Leonard Fournette, not the best off season. I'm going to we've got to get to the losers, but I'm going to throw out some other names.


Justin Herbert got the O-line improvement this offseason. Jared Cook added to the offense after losing Hunter Henry Daniel Jones. You brought up Cam Newton.


Oh, huge. Yeah, it is. They added pieces. I don't think the pieces they added are good at all, but I think they are much, much better than what they had last year. So it is an arrow pointing up.


Carson Wentz getting a starting job, going to Indianapolis, having an opportunity there. Aaron Jones, you talked about Chris Carson, big winner. Huge. Yeah. I mean, if you were a dynasty manager of Chris Carson, you were shaking in your boots and you were some established the opportunity.


Melvin Gordon with Phillip Lindsay gone, Melvin Gordon in a really, really good defense in Denver there off season there has been outstanding. I feel like Denver is. Top three, I think people think we hate on them, but that's true. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We say is Drew Lock still there? Denver's off season has been outstanding. And if their defense is as good as it seems on paper with Vic Fangio, Melvin Gordon will be running the ball thirty five times a game.


And the Mike Boone signing is actually really good, I think, for Melvin Gordon in the sense that they're not that might keep them away from looking at a at a day two running back or adding someone significant in the draft.


And then you had Chase Edmunds with Kenyon Drake being moved and no additional running backs there yet. We'll see. Corey Davis, Curtis, Samuel Nelson, Aguilar's agent.


I don't know if I feel like Dave is a similar neutral at best.


I think they're both natural moves, I don't know if I consider them winners other than money. Look, I was laying out those numbers of courtesy, Samuel. Could be a massive winner playing with Ryan Fitzpatrick, and I've just being in and don't hear what I'm not saying, as Jason would say, of like Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the greatest quarterback of all time. It's just his tendencies of over targeting his top option. I don't know if this Ryan Fitzpatrick and this defense is going to sustain.


Three big time options in that offense between Gibson, Samuel and MacLaurin, I would I would highly doubt that they put him in the position to do that with how good their defenses could be.


I mean, you had the the year in Houston where Andre Johnson, Hopkins and Aaron Foster were all doing work. Well, that's a fair comment, but not not quite the same defense, Curtis Samuel leaving is a big winner situation for Robbie Anderson and D.J. Moore. Yep. All right, losers. Let me kick it off. Yeah, we are Josh Jacobs, one of the biggest losers of the off season. And, you know, the truth is, is I think that situation is going to be an interesting one for fantasy players to navigate.


Where does Josh Jacobs belong? In a draft. But here's he's the biggest loser because the team said with this Kenyan Drake contract. That you that were closing the book on you being what fantasy players believe that you were going to evolve into, which is, you know, more Derrick Henry, less shared backfield like this is the.


The next chapter for Josh Jacobs now, I still think he has a chance to be undervalued and drafts because I don't know what Kenny Drake's role will look like in this offense, but he's the biggest loser for fantasy football players, for dynasty managers, and just for the hopes and dreams of Josh Jacobs represented coming into this league.


So for me, that's where it starts and ends.


Yeah, I mean, that combination, my biggest losers is the other side of that equation, which is Kenyon Drake, because Kenyon Drake say what you want about, like you just said, Josh Curlews. There's one team Josh Jacobs could end up being a value. Kenyon Drake is the backup here and it'll be split. They're talking about playing him at wide receiver. You know, he's he's not the veteran on the team in the system. He's the new guy coming in.


So I think Kenyon Drake goes from a situation where last year he was pretty consistent for fantasy, just got so much work that even if he was not very effective, he was fine and he could have gone to a team where he was the, you know, go away starter. If he went to the Jets, sure, he would have had a great opportunity. But he goes and signs with a team where he is now really a change of pace back and grows.


Yeah. I mean, it's really going to be we'll do all of our projections this offseason will be in the UK and ultimate and you'll see exactly what we set out for these guys. And I am fairly certain Kenyon Drake stat line is not going to impress.


I mean, how many calories would you expect right now as the team stands for Kenyan Drake, Kenyan Drake like a hundred and I would literally say about one hundred and five.


Yeah, I see. In the one 20s. And that's just not going to get it done for fantasy.


And he may not even hit that. He may be just utilized in more gadgetry. Third, down passing situations draw place, you know, real fun.


And also their offensive line got decimated in free agency, as it did by themselves, like they chose to do this.


Yeah. Mike, your biggest loser of the free agents. I'm gone with the the incumbents of the New York wide receiver corps. Yes. Golden Tate is out, but he was only about 14 percent of the target here, Sterling Shepard. Meanwhile, last year, he was twenty three. He had a twenty three percent target share when he was playing Sladen, a nineteen percent target share. You now have Kenny Golladay coming in. What's his target? You're going to be twenty three percent at the lowest twenty five.


You got paid to be that guy. So yes, she, he's coming in. He is going to see targets in.


Then you have Cequent Barkley who is back which back in twenty thousand or twenty twenty thousand and ninety.


Uh keep that conversation going.


That's when you go, when you switch from twenty nineteen to 2000. Nineteen in the middle. That's what happened.


You get twenty thousand nineteen which is just still a ways off. Yeah.


But he, he had a fifteen percent target in 2019. So like Shepard maybe Shepard stays in the low 20s but something has to give here like Dario Slaten, similar to people's love for Gabe Davis of. It's if you want to know what can go wrong with Daniel Jones, look at a 23 percent target in a 19 percent target share for his top two targets in both of those players were irrelevant nine times out of ten. Sure. That's the scary part about betting on Daniel Égalité.


Jason pointed out you had an injured Daniel Jones and you had some other players.


Yeah, I mean, he has to make the leap without course. He has to go from a 3000 yard passer to a 4000 yard passer and sequence going to help. I mean, if you want to make excuses for Daniel Jones, they're there. I mean, the new offensive coordinator last year got hurt and then lost the one that does not a recipe for success. Stop fumbling.


Yeah. Throw the ball to Kenny Golladay and let him fumble if he wants to. Just don't do it yourself. Other not my fault.


Other losers, maybe Lamar Jackson. I mean, all the big wide receivers said no thanks. As you said, they sat for Sammy. If I wouldn't call him a fancy loser, he's still going to be he doesn't need to throw the ball. Right. You know, it's not his not his thing.


And then why is Jonathan Taylor a winner or loser neutral with Marlon Mack and then losing their left tackle? It sucks to lose your left tackle, but Marlon Mack coming back with an Achilles injury. I'm going to bet against him. I've got a huge loser that I would like to now be Brian Cashman maybe on level with. Well, obviously. It's Devante Parker, Devante Parker is a huge free agency loser, yes, one part losing Ryan Fitzpatrick from the offense and one part Will Fuller's arrival and then the eventual one of these million draft picks going to another wide receiver.


I mean, there's a chance that it's a Jama'a Chase. It's a Davonte Smith and then Will Fuller. And then Devante Parker is sitting there going, you know, in his study at home with pictures of Ryan Fitzpatrick on the wall, remembering the good times. He's the Wolverine. I mean, it's one of those things I think Devante Parker could be done for fancy if I'm a quarterback and I drop back to to throw the ball and I've got a guy who can catch a contested catch in Devante Parker or a guy that's open, I'm going to throw to the one that is open and that's going to be, well, fuller.




And I think they'll add a big name to. So Chase Claypoole. I would say that that is a haven't you to come back with the amount of targets that Joujou gets does not help. Claypoole certainly hurts that, you know.


But did he lose? I mean, he he just didn't move up. He was a presumed winner. Right. Because the all the expectation was that Joujou was going to leave.


But nothing, actually. I guess I see what you're saying. We all anticipated him being a winner column. It was a push. Yeah.


OK, well, you guys ready for our brand new dynasty now? So am I. We've got new graphics for it to.


Dynasty download what's good job on that one, Mike, wait, hold on a minute, though, tamer than your usual job.


Yeah. What is what is this? Why or why have I been conspired against? Why did I work on a Sunday so that we could put that I again.


Look, I have your real job. I have you. Here's the here's the truth now. The graphic. Did you like the graphic of Jay Gris playing dueling banjos on a guitar for some reason and break? Well, look, I got breaking news for you.


That was actually me on the guitar. Oh, I we knew that this segment was coming quick and I didn't. I'll be honest, I didn't expect you to work on a Sunday. And I knew we had it on Tuesday. So I wasn't committed. I wasn't sure that you were going to have it in time. And I wanted to fill in the gap for you.


So I grabbed my guitar. And I threw it up there and I got it, I got it going dynasty down.


It's almost as good as my and that forest in the background and it really pumps you up.


And I thought this would be the official segment. But Mike, you did come through and I'll hit the button now.


Dynasty download. The graphics are way better on here. What am I doing? You're you're having a good time. Yes.


That is borderline not safe for work. All right, dynasty download. Goodness gracious.


Describe on your show we're going to be spending some time.


We thought we thought it'd be fun to surprise you, Mike. Oh, I'm surprised by both. OK, yeah.


We want to spend some time talking about some dynasty fantasy football topics. Some of these segments are going to be built around average apposition, movers, shakers, who's going up who's going down in dynasty startup drafts? Some of them are going to be built around kind of, I guess, changing opinions on certain players. And so today we're going to talk about some of the second year wide receivers, three players, Henry Rug's, the third Michael Pittman junior and the vice astronaut, Jr.


last year. Just to refresh your memory. The year there, ADP, Henry Rug's was going off the board as the wide receiver, thirty four, seventy eight overall, Michael Pittman was the wide receiver, forty and Lévesque National, the wide receiver fifty, which makes complete sense this year. As of right now, after their rookie campaigns, Henry Rug's has dropped all the way from wide receiver.


Thirty four down to wide receiver fifty two, which is one hundred and twenty off the board overall. And then Pitman's gone up two spots from wide receiver forty to wide receiver thirty eight. Schnall has gone up the most wide receiver fifty to wide receiver thirty two. So he is going off the board six picks or six wide receivers ahead of Michael Pittman. I know he is my favorite between those two.


But the rookie campaigns for these three wide receivers, I think in some ways. Like notes, it was solid, especially for a team that went and pursued the first pick in the draft. Yes, Tional showed on the field that he is an NFL player, that he can he can hang.


And those targets are the three most receptions of the three. Fifty eight. Yeah.


When I look at these three players, rug's is last for me that that part is easy. I still don't believe that rug's will turn into something special. He'll be utilized. And I mean part of this is when when he was coming in as a rookie last year, I saw him fitting the mold of, you know, a down field.


Fast's Derek Carr special shoot. Well, no, I just watched Kyle the ball go green posted every deep shot for Henry Rug's on the season. I watch those.


And and Derek Carr missed him on on quite a few where he was open. But I just for fantasy purposes, for fantasy purposes, I don't think he's going to be the type of player that I enjoy on my team. We're OK if I get a bum touchdown, I'm happy. Otherwise he pretty much let me down.


What about this spot that he's going in, though, for this year? And dynasty startups? I mean, wide receiver. Fifty two off the board, a significant eighteen wide receiver drop from last year. It's probably too low. That's what I'm I'm curious if it. Mike, you would I'm redemption can be had for for Henry Rug's. It can be had. I'm not Jason that of the three Henry Rug's is the third on the list for guys I want for my fantasy team.


But Wide Receiver 52 feels like a. In overcorrection on on that possible outcomes, he was still a first round pick. It's like you have to. Is Dynasty right where? Things that feel like they are a forever situation can change rapidly what AJ Brown was drafted to the Tennessee Titans, it was a death sentence for his fantasy value that changed halfway through the season. And he immediately showed, oh, this is like a this is a top five dynasty wide receiver when you had no idea how to value him and you were scared to draft him.


So things can change rapidly, even though it looks like they're locked in for years. So wide receiver, 52 for a player of rug's caliber and draft cap, I think is a little bit there. We're giving up too quick on rug's now, Pittman.


It's funny because you say things can change quickly. Things will probably change quickly for Pittman again, because you come into this year. Last year, it was a very temporary you know, Philip Rivers was not long for the NFL.


Now you have Carson Wentz.


There's no guarantees that he's their future. Sure. You also have to help coming back on a one year deal. So the imminent kind of ceiling for Pittman might not be you know, he was forty four, five or three and one last year. Is this a player that you think has the potential to put up seventy five receptions this season? I do. I do.


Personally, Pittman would be my my number one of these three Pittman, Schnall then rug's he.


With the what happened with Ty Hilton in the contract, it's to me just trying to read the tea leaves, it feels like the Colts were OK if they had to move on from Ty Hilton. Yes. You would want them on your football team. But they played enough hardball to say, no, you can come back if you want. We'll take you. But we're we don't have to have you on this team. And the way that this coaching staff and Rike there was just like a recent comment about how he feels like he got a like Estill in the draft getting Michael Pittman where they got him.


And he has the the the physical skill set. The size like Pittman to me could be a number one wide receiver. And if Carson Wentz has anything left to Frank Wright can get Carson Wentz back to anything remotely close to good Carson Wentz, that Michael Pittman is going to be a very solid wide receiver to me.


I go tional Pittman rug's Mike, you go Pittman, Schnaubelt rug's Jason Eilene Tional first, I think from a dynasty outlook, you know, you talk about, well, if Carson Wentz can get better, who would I rather be the the quarterback of my future wide receiver? I would much rather have Trevor Lawrence. He hasn't done it yet, but I think his future is brighter than Carson Wentz. And, you know, when you combine that with Jarek's contract situation, I think the future Marvin Jones is there right now could very well be right.


I mean, you know, you've got to have wide receivers, but he's older. I'm from a dynasty outlook. I think that, you know, coming into twenty, twenty two and on, Lévesque could end up being a very, very highly sought after fantasy piece.


One last question regarding these three. Would you trade any of them for an early second round rookie draft pick?


No. No way. Not even Rux? No. Oh.


Third pick in the second round, maybe, maybe rug's. I feel like it because I like a lot of the wide receivers coming out and they they could quickly elevate over rogues.


I think I would I think I would keep all three of these wide receivers who look spoke at the first round.


Last pick of the dynasty rookie director I would trade drugs for hang on to the other two with that pick, I would. OK, all right. We do have some rookie preview shows coming up next week, which is going to help in your upcoming rookie drafts. And we have a dynasty week in May after the NFL draft, an entire week dedicated to Dynasty.


And if you're wanting to get into Dynasty and you don't know where to do it. We talked about the foot clan leagues earlier, but you can go to Foot Clan League XCOM and find people that want to start a dynasty if you haven't played the format yet. Blast.


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I didn't record one. All right. Foot clan. Thanks for tuning in and listening. We'll be back with another episode this week. Take care. Good bye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers.