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Hey, this is Molly Cox, tight end for the Indianapolis Colts, and you're listening to the Fantasy Football podcast. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway and Jason Moore and Mike. Right. Now welcoming. The fantasy footballers, Jason Moore, Mike Wright, Andy Holloway, back with you.


Wednesday, December 30th, the clock is running out on twenty twenty two and the fantasy football season, No. In the middle of week 17 analysis, which is really the best kind. So predictable, so much fun deciding if players will play through the entirety of a game, but we're here for you and really that's always we're a year round fantasy football podcast. So we are with you through week 17. We're with you after the season. Somebody messaged this morning and asked, is all of our offseason content dynasty related?


And the answer is really, no, it's not, there is some dynasty mixed in, all of you know, mailbag and questions are very often times oriented to the keeper and dynasty because those are the leagues active during the off season and a lot of off season talk.


Really what you're talking about for redraft is 100 percent the same stuff you're talking about for Dynasty. You're talking about free agent moves. You're talking about rookie prospects. I mean, in the off season, it's it's almost one in the same. Yeah, it's a good point.


And we do a lot of reflecting on the year. We have the truth series. We have the awards coming out and we have a lot of shows that are just you know, we have strategy shows as well. Talking about how you think about fantasy football, I we got word yesterday the final results on the fantasy prose accuracy stuff came out. And congratulations to Pat Fitzmorris for finishing number one on that. I'm really proud of our team here. In the last four years, we've been able to put together a level of consistency on the accuracy side that I think we're all really, really proud of at.


But that's really, you know, it's a little overrated. I'm going to just say it. It's true, was true, it's overrated because there's so much nuance. I mean, we're top 10, you know, four years in a row, four years in a row, totally overrated.


Overrated because you're league this show pounded into your head all year long about how contextual your decision is. Do you need to score more this week? Are you the favorite? What is your opponent doing? The waiver wire? Everything's different and contextual to your league. So we'd rather train you how to think about fantasy football so that you can make the decisions that are best for your league. Teach a man to fish. Right? So the start set tool it's got of disgusting food.


Yeah. You don't like fish either. It's grown on me. It's really it's palatable.


Now, did that start with your adventure into sushi? You open your mind a little bit.


Yeah, well, I mean, I started with the California roll, as is all people do a phase of training wheels because it's not really it's not actually sushi.


And you're like, oh, I like this. I like the sauce. All right. And then then before, you know, you're slurping down sashimi. Yeah. Baby, the California role is absolutely the way that you can feel like your.


One of the rest of the people that eat sushi, one of the cool kids, so like you can go to the restaurant with the friends and be like, yeah, I'm doing it to.


And then that's pretty much where I stopped at the California roll and the spicy spicy crack, I like crab a lot more. I mean, do you do the spicy tuna role? I have? Yeah, but I stay with the spicy crab legs, wider stuff. I really like. That's a tricycle. OK.


Yeah, I agree completely. I do not claim to be part of that crew. But anyways, we're talking about fantasy football or something and people ask, what are you talk about in the off season?


Sushi. All right.


We do have a quick question today. Now, this is just confusing, Brooks. This question comes from Dallas in Washington. Yeah, really? Really. Panjsher Ball.


We also had this question several places over on Instagram as well, which Instagram dot com slash fantasy football.


When would be a good time to do a dynasty startup draft for twenty twenty one?


Because we are turning the page here soon.


Oh man. Everyone wants to see now. Everyone wants to be like now, now, now. It's so fun. I want to do it. But it would probably be a mistake, it would, because in the next few months, so you need three minutes to shake and will change. You need free agency to shake out at the very least. And probably you want to see what happens in the in the rookie draft. Yes, right. When the rookie draft is done, that's when we usually schedule all of our rookie drafts as well as start up drafts.


Because at that point, I mean, when you have a start up dynasty draft, it's it is so much more important than any other draft in any other type of league. You're you're talking about the next five years of your league will be established by that. And it just stinks when it's like you have this draft and you you think certain things about players and then all of a sudden a month later, this player's cut that players changing teams. This rookies added perfect example would be because everybody's excited.


And I understand that I would want to be able to be making trades. But a perfect example would be what happened with Leonard Fournette this past year where, you know, he was being drafted in redrafts leagues and third round. Right. And so in dynasty drafts, you know, that is a potentially wasted dynasty pick. Obviously had some here in their value this year, but those situations are pretty, pretty crazy. So, by the way, just speaking of that situation, I saw some stats on James Robinson this morning.


You know, that's the greatest rookie season ever by an undrafted rookie running back, really while missing two games.


He played fourteen games and ended up with fourteen hundred and fourteen total yards. So he shut down for the season. But he is. On a team with a negative game, scripts constantly and a bad quarterback where you could stack the box, that's impressive. Yeah, I will say I love James Robinson every time I watched him play like this guy is. How did the NFL miss so badly on James Robinson? Like Philip lindsy. Right. But arguably, Walli also look very good this past week.


If he looks great again on Sunday, then you're not that you're going to take away from James Robertson, but you running, you go, whoa. Jacksonville apparently figured out how to run the ball. They certainly committed to it. Yeah, by by all measures establish it. But next year, Trevor Lawrence will be the quarterback and James Robinson will be the running back based on what we know today. All right. But, yeah, I would I would follow these guys advice about delaying so that you get a better lay of the land and then enjoy your start up draft, enjoy your rookie draft.


If you if you do that separately, which, you know, most people do and. It'll be fun, Dynasty's great, it's a great format, it is. All right, what else is going on this week, Brooks? We want to let people know what shows are coming up.


We've got a New Year's Eve show tomorrow where we are once again, Megalodon in just the way the schedule worked out this year.


We won't be releasing a new show on New Year's Day. So we'll have a double dose of week 17 analysis tomorrow.


Oh, man, the only thing better.


And week 17 is a double dose of week seven. You got it. You got it.


And then we have. When is the footy voting day?


Because we got nominations going out for the footy awards. Yeah. Nominations will be announced on the Tuesday episode. And right when that gets published, the voting is open.


And I know you're already working towards getting those ballots right. It's not just Brooks. There are hundreds of Brooks leads a team of hundreds. Yes.


Of footy nomination, even even utilizers.


There's a very kind of man he utilizes. His staff is from the house. Yes. He uses all of his butlers and maids and they they come to work for the footy's during this time of year.


Very gracious. I didn't even know the Downton Abbey. That show was based on one of his forefathers.


That's right. They filmed it at his house. Right. So that's amazing. Yeah. Tuesday and social's on the show. I get ready to vote on Tuesday because the winners are announced on the Thursday episode. It's so it's so nice. He's so humble. He doesn't want to talk about his wealth. He lets us talk about it, but then he focuses on the show. So for the awards coming up soon, let's do some bycel.


Buy or sell presented by pristine auction. All righty. Week 17, buy or sell the best kind. Can I sell week 17? Is that just an option? You can, yeah. Just the week. Yep. How much does that go for on the open market? Not much. Not much.


Jalen hurts against Washington this week.


Buy or sell three hundred and twenty five total yards. So we're not talking passing yards. We're talking total yards rushing, passing Washington's good defense, certainly better than Arizona and Dallas, where he put up over 400 total yards. Washington's allowing only around 300 total yards. So it's going to be very difficult for Jalen hurts to get three hundred and twenty five total yards from selling.


You're selling that he will not get to that, correct? You know, Washington is good, Washington is very good. I'm going to buy and here's why Washington's defense is good.


I am not taking anything away or denigrating what they've done. But when you look at the total amount of yards that they give up and you look at their schedule, obviously they are in the NFC East. So they've been played. They never played the dak Broncos for the Dallas Cowboys version. They've played, you know, some some poor offenses fair recently. You know, they played against Pittsburgh while they were reeling. And whatever is going on with Big Ben and, you know, Cincinnati without Bororo.


So it is one of those where I think the defense is good, but the yardage totals are a little deflated. So I'm going to say the Jalen hurts gets it done. Three twenty five total yards hoof three to twenty five. So over the past couple of weeks he has surpassed that with just passing yardage.


Yeah, I'm going I'm going to buy it as well, I buy Jalen Hurts as a quarterback. I buy his ability. He's I think he's going to be a special player. What did you think of his performance last week? It the turnovers were the problem. That's where the rookie came out in the in the turnovers. Other if if he could have figured out how to not turn the ball over, it would have been a much different situation. The Philadelphia Eagles would still be in the playoff hunt.


Unfortunately, there was a mini meltdown there at the end of the game. So it was it was not what you were hoping for, but you could still see the flashes and you could still see him being the future of the Eagles.


We were real close to a devastating performance from Jalen Hurts last week for fantasy because one eighty one yard touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson was his only touchdown pass of the game. But we'll see what he does against Washington this week. It'll be they're not playing for a spot, but they're playing for some pride or he's a rookie. If you if if they beat Washington, they can they knock them out. Yes. So this is not just a pride against a divisional rival.


This is. Actually, you were playing playoff spoiler against your division rival, Kenyan Drake does, he finishes the top 20 running back against the Los Angeles Rams defensive front this week. He has hit that mark in four of the past six games. One of them was against the Rams previously. His average finish over the last seven weeks is RB twenty. So I imagine that's where Brooks got that line. This week, I will buy that, yeah, I will buy a top 20 finish from Kenyan Drake Chase Edmunds has been banged up.


Drake gets a lot of unnecessary work around the goal line.


Well, not unnecessary because he does succeed, but they certainly love running it right up the middle. What's the name of the the old anecdote? The blind squirrel. Yeah, fine. Even the blind squirrel can get it done. And Kenyan Drake on the goal line. It's when he spiked the ball this past week after trying 50 times at the goal line to get in. Then he spikes the ball like he has triumphantly done something great. Get bothered you that crap out of my face, you barely got in and you had been stuffed so many times before that it is needless stop running Kenyan Drake up the middle on the goal line.


It is infuriating.


Ten for twenty six. Eighteen for forty five of the past two weeks. Yeah, it is absolutely infuriating the play calling the utilization, but for fantasy purposes it gets the job done. In fact, over the last 11 weeks there have only been two games where he finished outside the top twenty five. So I think top twenty, I'm going to lock that in.


I will buy, I, I'm selling it. OK, just figure he doesn't get into the end zone and that'll take him out. Yeah I understand that they will have a backup quarterback and Cooper Kupp is Cooper Kupp got put on the covered list. Is that right. That's right. I believe he will not be there this week. Right. And so that what we don't know, we don't know if he is positive or if he's a contact so that I'm not declaring Cooper Kupp out right now but there are the, our offense is up against it.


Their defense is still good. Yes, and this is a win and get in, I'm betting against Kenny Drake, against the Rams, Kenyan Drake on this season.


If it were to end today is the running back 14. He has a chance to hit a thousand yards for the first time in his career. And this would be his best fantasy finish, even though his stretch run last year was much better than what he's done this year as a whole. It is just speaking to his whole season. He's he's been pretty good. It is interesting to see his snap percentage in that beautiful, beautiful time last year was up at 70 percent and this year it's back at 54 percent.


And the passing game work is what's held him back from being a top five, top six type of player.


Cory Davis at Houston is the top twenty wide receiver against that invisible Houston secondary. How much will he redeem himself after cooking up a Christmas goose in Green Bay?


Oh, two targets, five point three targets over the past eight games been very boom bust. I'm actually going to buy it. Oh, you know, I'm not an apologist for Corey Davis, but I'm not. I watch that whole Green Bay game.


And, you know, the blizzard played a part, but it really almost distracted you from what actually happened on the field, which is Jason Alexander stays on the left side of the field.


Corey Davis, more often than not, lined up on the right side of the field with AJ Brown out on the left, Jair got more Corey Davis. They avoided Jair and the rest is history.


Yeah, I watched the Houston Texans game last week, so I will also buy because, goodness gracious, they are so giving in this holiday season.


I will buy Corey Davis top 20 and I will sell simply based on Derrick Henry, the Eddie doll. He's going to have a good time. Yeah, he's going to he's going to have a very fun.


Will that be a knife twist, though, for what happened last week? I mean, that'll be very painful unless you are actually in a week, 17 title game to have him do what he's going to do. Yes. All right.


That was by yourself from our friends, a pristine auction, pristine auction. Dotcom is the absolute best place to get sports memorabilia autographed, authenticated, the best in the business. And we've we've known that for the last four, five years now, used to code ballers get a ten dollar credit over there for your first sports memorabilia purchase. News & notes from around the league. All right. News for week 17. The Rams have placed Cooper cap on the reserve covid list and Darrell Henderson on the IRR, they already are going to be without Jared Goff.


And this is setting up to just be humiliating for us as cardinal fans. Yeah, we all know what's happening. The Cardinals will lose to the Rams defense speaking further on Cooper Kupp. You're right, Mike. He is not he is not officially tested positive that we know of. So his timeline would allow him to return, just not practice if he was, if he is a close contact and continues to test negative.


So there is the chance that he is out there. But we have to follow the news on that. All right, Mason Rudolph will start at quarterback for Pittsburgh in week 17 against the Browns. So it's a big deal. Say goodbye, Donte Johnson, Juju Smith, Schuster, Chase Claypoole confidence.


Yeah, you're losing one hundred percent of confidence and all of those players. But you're also losing confidence in the Buffalo Bills because now it looks like the expectation is that the Cleveland Browns should be able to win this game. And that gives more reason for the Buffalo Bills who are locked into their position. Should that happen to say, yeah, let's maybe rest our starters. We saw what happened with Cole Beasley going down at the end of the game. And just to roll it back for a split second there, the reason that so Pittsburgh's kind of giving the Browns a chance to win the game if Pittsburgh loses, that means that the bills don't need to win to secure the two seed.


Correct. And therefore, they may be less incentivized beasley's down. Exactly right. And they play at the same time. So they are both mourning games. And so this could be a situation of scoreboard watching where Buffalo looks up at halftime and they see that Pittsburgh is down to scores against the Browns with Mason Rudolph as the quarterback. And you go, OK, well, Josh Allen, you played a great half. You should sit down. Stefon Diggs, you should sit down.


So this this creates a really unfortunate, murky situation. Now, in terms of will I still play? Diggs and Allen, because they could get it done in a half, I mean, I remember years ago back when when Kirk Cousins was on Washington, Tom Brady could do it. Why can't you? Josh Kirk Cousins was in Washington. And it was I think it was week sixteen. Kirk Cousins ended up playing a half, but he still finished as one of the top quarterbacks of the week so Allen can get it done.


But this this stinks for if you if you were locked and loaded to play Allen in your championship, it's risky business. Yes, for sure. Matt Barkley could see a lot of playing time. Yeah. I will remind you of week 17 last year where Josh Allen was the active starter. Right. And he played, let's see. Eleven percent of the snaps. He was like one drive done. And you got absolutely jack squat. Yeah. So McDermott has the history of resting his starting quarterback.


If I had you're not moving into the the wolford tier of quarterbacks, but if I had a guaranteed starter like. Derek Carr, for an entire game, I'd probably pivot away from Josh Allen this week, sure. Just to give my own advice, Ronald Jones activated Kyle Rudolph out.


Bill Belichick, quote, would imagine Cam Newton starts week 17. We're going through that right now. I wouldn't if I were them, I'd play them and see what you have for a game. Doug Cameron said Mike Glennon is going to start. I would start Josh Allen over my Glenanne.


That's fair, yeah, against the Colts who are playing for a playoff spot and the Colts are so funny, I don't know if you guys realize if they went half jokes wise like their outlook, if they win their game, which is a must win for them, they can either win the division, barely sneak in or be completely out of the playoffs at 11 and five so they can be out of the playoffs even with a win against Jacksonville when they beat Jacksonville, I should say yes.


When they win. Yeah. There's no chance that Mike. I know the NFL is funky, but if there's a lock in the universe right now, it's the Colts against Jacksonville. Right, right. Yes, right. You say that you want there's a lock. The Rams will beat the Jets. Right, right. Right. Dwayne Haskins went unclaimed on waivers. He is a free agent X first round quarterback, drawing some small interest from Carolina right now.


But yeah. Yeah, it's unfortunate. Did you guys see the Bill Belichick quote on Sam Donald? No, it was just very funny. I would love to hear Bill Belichick being Bill Belichick saying that Sam Donald is getting the the best coaching that he possibly could get right now. Oh, I got to look that up.


A little gamesmanship here by Belichick trying to convince the Jets to keep Adam Gase, who is there are unconfirmed reports, but some some guys on one hand up in New York said they had it on good authority, that after the game, Adam Gase will be flushed and will no longer be coaching the Jets, which there it is.


Thank you. It is. It's sad and happy all the same.


I'm happy for the Jets fans. I'm sad for the rest of the nation. Yeah, I mean, it's just a big day for this show.


All right. Before we get into the mailbag, I want to thank today's sponsor talking about him's look, 66 percent of men start to lose their hair by age 35. You know, you got to ask yourself, is that the hairline going back or any bald spots yet? Because the best way to do something about it is before you're just completely bald. That's you know, if you want to actually take advantage of science and medicine and research in those things, it's when you start to see it happening that you want to jump on it right away.


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Yeah, a reminder, fantasy champs dotcom seems like a good place to go if you're a fantasy champ.


I am a fantasy champ.


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That's my personal favorite. There's also the Bling Ring that is actually my favorite MC.


Well, good luck. Tomato. Tomato. Yeah, I will be getting a stunning ring with a customized Kaisa to celebrate my league of record victory. Yeah, I will actually be doing the same. I like the Bling Ring usually, but I've got a lot of those. So I went with the stunner.


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Without further ado, we're into the mailbag. Mailbag. Yeah, yeah. All right, I'll make peace with it eventually, Mike, but probably not. Now you. You know the best, they won't be easy for me and it won't be quick for me if you continue to. Blast our back channel with the fact that you were the sixth seed. And yes, the fact that I was the whatever the three I was going to say, the good thing for you is I will constantly remind you that I won and I will constantly pretend that league doesn't exist and that the dynasty league is the only one that exists, because that is what we do is fantasy play.


That is cope.


We cope. All right. We're into the mailbag today, if you have a question for us. We'll be doing some like we got an AMA show coming up, right? Yeah, those are really, really fun. And a couple of weeks. Yeah. Where you can ask questions like, would Jason be funnier if he had hair like that is a that's an AMA.


I believe you were asked that question. I was asked that question. Yeah, it's impossible. Because we already maxed out. That's right. I mean, it doesn't have to wait. It doesn't matter. You can't I mean, how could I possibly get funnier?


You are I challenge you with that statement, which means that one of these shows we're just going to need to slap a wig on you, OK?


And see, you're but like a really good one. Yeah. Yeah. I can't even tell. Like, you get a new haircut.


Where's all those luscious locks coming from? That would be very good.


You know, like video game style. Go, go, go. Yes, you go to the barber and all of a sudden you get a totally different head of hair.


That would be very funny. All right. If you have a question, though, send in your e-mail questions. Send in your your fantasy questions. The fantasy football Zackham. You can also dial the voice mail hotline three zero two four six four two FFP. Do we have to clarify the the, uh, baby Josh voicemail from yesterday? Oh, we can. Yeah, it's a look. We'll clear the air. It turns out it was not baby Josh.


It was it was different in turn. Yes, Austin, it was Austin. And and look, here's the thing. We don't train any of our interns to do that, by the way, to celebrate. Well, before you win.


I mean, I do I tell you, it's the best way to do it. So if you have a voicemail to taunt one of our interns, use their name. Hmm. That's good. That's a good point. Use them. Yeah. All right. Let's start with the voicemail question.


Hey, should I keep Stefon Diggs or Johnathan Taylor to have PPR league? I don't lose any.


Thanks for keeping them safe. That's. Tessa, that's a really good question. It's rough. My initial reaction is it's going to be Jonathan Taylor because Jonathan Taylor will be drafted. I believe he will be drafted higher than Stefon Diggs. And usually when you're making these decisions, that's the easiest first frame of reference as you look at, you know, our draft position. It's not my answer, but I understand that that might not be the right answer, because Jonathan Taylor has a lot of question marks and quarterback Stefon Diggs.


I mean, what he answered this year, he you know, he is a top five option. He's a weekly studies, a PR machine. He's got upside, he's got floor, he has everything. And with Josh Allen going forward, he has provided security and upside that few can do. So you're keeping your eye will take digs. I'll make the Diggs decision.


You like the exemption? No, no.


I need to shave my head.


All right, Mike, which which side you lean that is so brutal. Marla Mack is not in the contract next year. That that is correct. Sam Hynes is. I believe so. It will be it'll be Taylor and Hines again. And we assume Philip Rivers again.


No, I don't.


I believe that that's a question mark, that a one year or two year I believe it is a one year, but you can bet that I'm going to look that up.


But we as of right now. So it's not through the week. Seventeen yet. But Stefon Diggs is the wide receiver, three on the year and half point. Stefon Diggs has eight touchdowns. So the fact that Ubon Diggs has probably fifteen hundred yards, though, right.


And one hundred and fifteen receptions.


USC has one hundred and twenty receptions in over fourteen hundred yards. But I mean that's my point is he's going to be utilized heavily and he's a top three wide receiver right now with only eight touchdowns. OK, so you're saying the eight is a low number. Yes, four for a top three wide receiver. That is a low amount of touchdowns. So there's still room to go up a low amount of touchdowns, especially considering he got almost half of them this last week.


He he was you know, he was a very slow touchdown. The last three weeks. He has scored half of his touchdowns. Breaking news. All right, Dalvin Cook is out this week, breaking news, David Cook out of this game. Unexpected family emergency had to return to Miami will be unavailable to play in the season finale against Detroit.


Oh, I would I would be running Mike Boone to get.


Yeah well who missed last week. Yeah, and that's tough.


But against Detroit, the running game will be great, wouldn't it. Are we doing Mike Boone. I think championship gets Mike Boone is the pickup right now.


Yeah I remember yeah. He actually Mike Boone scored last week and almost killed me and I think by doing so on the goal line. So I think Monitor Madison is still questionable. He's missed a couple of weeks in the last three. So but Mike Boone is the next man up? Yeah, right now he is, yeah. Yeah. So Detroit is full. Yeah, yeah. A good time. You can do a lot and a half against it.


They might agree to just not play this game.


Just white, just white flag. White town. Yeah. It just did they play last game. That's what I mean. Yeah. These teams have nothing. They're just like let's hang out. Maybe they'll have a buffet or something.


Oh yeah. You could do that. Let's meet at the fifty for the Turkey voicemail.


Question Tablers if you have Justin Herbert on your team and a Dynarski league and Russell Wilson, what do you think about trying to move on from Russell Wilson for a younger asset right now? Thanks for the SO. Yes, I so I probably personally wouldn't I'm not unwilling, obviously, if you can get a lot, get a hall, especially if it comes with maybe another young quarterback. But in my dynasty leagues, I like to have two good options at quarterback.


You know, I know you only play one. And if you've got a great job, you got Mahomes. You're not going to bench him. But in a dynasty league, you can't just go to the waiver wire. He can't pick you guys up as easily. And so I like to have more options.


And also, I know how great Herbert was and I believe in him fully. I project expect that he is going to be awesome. I did the same thing with Baker after his rookie year. He was unbelievable. In a short period of time, he held the rookie touchdown record just like Herbert did. This year is not a guarantee. I believe it. But to me, I would trade routes if I could get a lot back, if I could get a job.


Plus, you know, running back wide receiver of fantastic, but otherwise, I want to have two good quarterbacks.


I can't disagree with anything you said. I mean, you make a good point. I believe in herbut, but it doesn't matter who you are. I mean, Carson Wentz was NFL MVP candidate and and it's hard to like Ross is so established he turns thirty three, I believe this next year. So he's got a lot of good football left. Good points, Mr. Moore. You talk about the Colts starter Carson Wentz. Oh, man, I don't, man.


Did you figure the contract out?


No, I know. I got to direct it. We had the Dalvin Cook situation. I pulled it up, but oh, boy, it was a one year, OK. We have more news about Michael Petraeus tested positive for covid-19 in his out. Oh, goodness gracious. And we know Frank Gore is out. So now Ty Johnson is an actual, like, legit start this week.


Hopefully contract tracing is going on right now. So because he's running back, we've seen that sometimes that's the room that gets affected by your mask wearing.


It's a good point. All right, here we go. The Instagram question. I haven't been able to listen to the podcast lately due to a brand new baby. Oh, congratulations.


But curious who took home the trophy from your show?


Oh, what a good question. All of us? Yes, all of us. I got the Dyno Jr. along with my Coner. Maybe you've heard of them, Mike fancy hit man, right? Hello, Andy. You got our main dynasty league. Congratulations. And Mike, our league of record, which I will say this, all three of us would admit the most important league to us is the league of record. Yes, I agree. Hmm.


I Twitter question. Yo, yo, yo ballers. Oh, yo. Love the show. Thank you for everything. You do need help. A quarterback.


Would you play Mitch Robiskie or Matt Ryan with no Julio this week. Four point touchdown. One point for completion. It's tough, I can say, one point per completion. Yep, that's a big deal. Here it is. Yeah, and I would probably go Matt Ryan. I think Calvin Ridley is listed as my number one wide receiver this week.


Calvary is very good.


He clearly is going to be very interesting this offseason of saying where do you draft him with a not just the factor of Julio Jones age and his ability to stay healthy. But I like right now just off the top of your head, where where is Calvin Ridley? Do you think he's slotting in, as in your wide receiver ranks? Top three round pick? Yeah. Yeah.


Second round pick is tough. I feel like he'll be around my top ten wide receiver. I was going to say he'll be around wide receiver ten. He'll be higher than that.


For me, the question that popped into my head immediately was Michael Thomas or Calvin Reid the next year.


Wow. I mean, that's hot it because I mean, it's a tough question.


Who are the quarterback, though? Well, right, I mean, the quarterback's probably not Drew Brees, so that is where I look at those names and I wonder if Calvin is going to go higher. Calvin is really, really good at football. Yes, he is what he's done, like the Rulo 11 that applies to Matt Ryan does not apply in play. In fact, it applies the opposite to Calvin Ridley. He's one hundred and twenty plus yard guy every single time he misses a game.


So I'd go meet Ryan. I would go Matt Ryan as well, I believe Drabinsky has the Green Bay Packers not a great matchup. So I would especially if you're getting points for completion.


All right, we do have another voice mail question from in the second week of unfancied championship. I have the best Tariku because he's going to be playing this week. Who's the better plug and play? Emmanuel Sanders or Michael Gallo? Who? Who I'm going to play Michael Galip over Manny Sanders, who? Is the number one option? Yup, I am. I mean, Emmanuel Sanders does not represent a potential big weak. I mean, he's over the last two weeks with no Michael Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders is averaging about 80 yards for four eighty.


Yep. That's not enough for me.


I would agree that Emmanuel Sanders has the higher floor. I think because of the three headed trifecta and the good defense of the Giants, Gallop is scary to play. I do agree with Andy, though, that the ceiling if you wanted a big 100 yard two touchdown game, I feel like that's more likely to come from Gallup than an aged Emmanuel Sanders. So this might be one of those situations where you look at your lineup and you say, am I in my favor?


Am I projected to win? And also the second year of he said it was the second week of the championship. So you're talking cumulative points, right? So even more information if you're up and you want to secure your existing lead, I would go Emmanuel Sanders.


But if you need the home run shot, what are the Saints playing for this week? They are playing for position, I believe. Is it I mean, is it possible for them to get the number one seed? Has Green Bay locked it? I think it's I don't think it's locked, but I do.


I've got it for you. Just a second here. I think they can get the by just might take a lot of. The New Orleans Saints have clinched the South in week seventeen against the Carolina Panthers as the number two seed, they are still alive for the number one seed Packers hold the head to head tiebreaker.


So the Bears have to beat the Packers, I don't know, amount of playoff generator. And if the Saints win and the Bears win, it still has New Orleans as the second seed. Really? Yeah, that is not what I'm saying. Oh, that's good.


They have a three way tie breaker and would win the number one seed in the event of a Saints win. Packers lost Seahawks win. OK, there you go.


So the Seahawks win is the intangible there. So I didn't realize the Seahawks were still alive for the number one seed. So they actually get the first round bye, because there's only one buy that's really important to note, and there's only if the Packers and Saints lose and the Seahawks win, they've got the bye week. Crazy it is. All right, let's go to a Twitter question here from Brian. Which of these tumultuous rookie running backs has the best outlook for next season, Jake Dobbins carmakers or DeAndre Swith?


Oh, that's a that's a great question. Fun names to discuss.


For me, it's Jake Dobbins. Diondre Swift carmakers. Wow. For me, I put carmaker's number one out of these three because I believe in the offense, I believe in what we saw before he got injured in the running game. We know the quarterback and I think carmakers can be a dominant fantasy option next year if interesting. If he stays healthy, then I would go Diondre Swift, then JK Dobbins in the sense that. Dobbins, unfortunately, I don't think is ever going to get the workload, he'll be the man, he'll be the first guy up, and we've seen great performances from Mark Ingram in that time-Share, but he's going to be splitting with Gus or with Lamar Jackson.


And Swift, I think is probably the most talented of the three. But who's the quarterback for the Lions?


Very interesting difference of opinion here. Mike, where do you weigh in on this? Because to me, the path for Dobbins is very, very clear. And we saw more of Dobbins this year than Akers.


But, yeah, we've we've seen more a larger sample size. But we have seen that when Akers is the featured back, it's 20 plus opportunities, 22 opportunities, 32 opportunities, 18 opportunities in the game where he got hurt against the New York Jets. What you are seeing from Dobbins right now, that's what I expect you'll see next year in terms of his opportunities. Dobbins is fantastic. I had Dobbins ranked higher than D'Andre Swift in my just rookie prospect rankings.


And I'm looking at the contract situation. August Edwards is currently on a one year, so he's a restricted free agent. Next year, they'll probably bring him back because you'll be able to get Gus Edwards for a lower contract. Mark Ingram is going to be gone. But I think what you're seeing right now, that's what I'm projecting next year for the Ravens backfield situation. Yeah, Mark Ingram hasn't even been saying, like, I expect Gus will be back.


I expect you will still be a two running back situation. And you have Lamar Jackson poaching touchdowns at the goal line all the time. Jared Goff is not going to steal touchdowns away from kingmakers when they get to the goal line. So I'm I'm going to make them. Akers Dobbins Swift, we were looking at the situation for the Detroit Lions of Marvin Jones is not under contract next year. Kenny Golladay is a free agent next year then that they can franchise can Égalité.


But the Lions have a lot of stuff that they need to figure out.


I don't even know the lions bring Matthew Stafford back.


Yeah, that's which would be the dumbest thing on the face of the planet for a franchise trying to rebuild, having a franchise quarterback just sitting there. That's thirty three years old with tons of football left. But you just don't know. Yeah, those things do happen. Instagram question is Keenan Allen a top five wide receiver next season? Yes. Yep, he is for me. Yeah, I agree. I can't imagine he's not.


I mean, you have Adams and Diggs are in the top five. Mm. You have hiring's. And Tyreke so this is where Hopkins and Tyreke are both top five. Yep.


They're locked in. So now the last spot is the question and I would throw Diggs into this last spot area.


When he's ahead of Diggs I take over Hopkins'. Yeah, but not so Terek and Davante Adams are one or two right in in whatever you want.


I think Dig's could easily blowing it at two degrees is the best non Davante Adams option, I think.


I think that's right. Slaughterman then you're talking Michael Thomas.


Keenan Allen. Yeah, right there.


Metcalf Inconsideration. You know. Cephas Absolutely. Inconsideration there. Yeah.


And then the Julio's will circle back and.


Yeah. The thing is if Keenan is not in your initial top five, I don't have a problem with that, but it seems like he belongs right there. But he is, he's easily a top ten. But he would be in my top five. He's I believe in Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen's just going to get he's going to continue to get peppered with targets because he's always open. Yeah, yeah, what do you how do you evaluate his season with Herbert in the absence of Ekler for that portion of the year or and that is a fair point.


That would be the only thing that pops into my mind is a question mark around Keenan.


You did see the target share go down just in Jefferson City, entering a top 10 area, too, isn't he? Yes, yeah, probably, um, this is why you got to stick around for the off season. Yeah, it's a fun thought experiment we haven't done yet. Right. You're you're seeing it live jarheads Head Start to think about it.


There's a three game stretch here after Austin Ekeler came back before Keenan Allen got hurt, taking out that the game that he got injured in in those three games, obviously very, very small sample here. But while he had Herbert, who was on fire at this point, and Ekler in the lineup, it was a sixteen game pace of 96 receptions for only seven hundred and forty six yards, but ten touchdowns. So he was used very short, you know, screenname and short routes, targets too little to extrapolate from.


But it certainly wasn't the top five Keenan that we saw without Eckler. So maybe that'll end up being the tiebreaker when you're looking at, you know, Michael Thomas or those type of guys. All right, Instagram question from Mighty Mercalli. What are some things that are Dynasty League can do to stay active during the off season? First of all, trades are now open. Yes, in all dynasty leagues, if yours aren't, then open the gates and seize the day.


I thought you were going to say, like you could play some pickleball or something, but yeah, sure.


I mean, get together, get real with with your dynasty mates. Yeah. This is the time where for me, when I'm thinking about Dynasty, I am active, but I am active underground. I'm not making trades right now unless someone comes to me and they blow me away of they're going to give me what I perceive as a great deal for myself. But this is where I'm looking at the research. I'm starting to dive into the rookies. We are this is our full time gig, so we don't have time to evaluate college prospects during the NFL season.


So this is where we are all catching up, figuring out how I rank the rookies, letting the free agency start of changing the value of how I see players. So I'm in education in evaluation mode right now, which is to me, that's still active. I mean, I may not be I mean, you may not perceive me as active inside the league, but this is where you got to do your own evaluations and figuring that stuff out.


So and then the league will start picking back up probably around March, March, April. Yeah.


Really from the Super Bowl time. Until March 1st is a little bit of the quiet zone, but then it gets going pretty quick. The eye of the hurricane. All right, last one from Instagram. Big data. Brett says, how do you how is your rank determined against other anchors, for instance, when you say that Andy was ranked fourth amongst all rankings?


How is that determined? There is a long and arduous process. You can read an article about it. But essentially what it does, the simplest way to put it is where we rank players versus where they finish our allocated fantasy points and then the addition and subtraction. At the end of the year, you have thousands of what's called what's referred to as gap points.


And I think that the simple way to say it is rank is, is how you perform against a general benchmark consensus. So there's a general ranking every week of where, you know, hundreds of experts, if you combine the rankings, that's the consensus and then you're ranked compared to how you perform against the benchmark. Right.


All right. Anything else we need to talk about? Anything else going on? Brooks, how are you doing? Doing all right now.


How are you doing? Doing well. We got prep, we got to prep for the marathon for the Mariga 17. Well, we've got we have the foot cast. Oh, we have the forecast this afternoon, which you can get a bonus episode every week.


Which bonus is very valuable from, you know, January through June when we're two shows a week, you get an extra. Mm hmm. And that is one of the perks. Many perks over. Join the foot dotcom.


The off season forecasts are some of my favorite thing every week. We have so much fun on that show. It's almost like a spitball podcast, which you can check that out as well. Yeah, yeah. It is a lot of fun, so. All right.


That'll do it for today's episode. We'll be back with that that breathy Megalodon show tomorrow. Take care of Brooklyn. Stay safe. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers.