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Welcome to the fantasy football podcast with your host. Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike Great. Welcome in. Welcome in, welcome back. Monday, November 30th. And the Megalodon was six weeks ago.


Oh, an NFL time, yeah, and here we are.


It's Monday morning, fresh off of a Thanksgiving holiday.


I hope everybody is doing well out there. And Mike and Jason, the fantasy football is back with you at the of followers on Twitter if you want to follow us over there.


It has been wild, gentlemen, wild idea, to say the least. I don't remember ever. I mean, obviously, this was a week in the NFL like we haven't had in a long time, because not only did you have all sorts of weird injuries, but you had all the covid worries and the changing games. But the fact that we had a Megalodon show on our show was on a Wednesday. The amount of years that were between Thursday and this show is absolutely insane by the time football kicked off on Sunday.


I had I had no idea anything that was happening in the NFL.


That's how it felt this week was absolutely insane, starting with what Kendall Hinton, the newest quarterback for the Denver Broncos, some you put a cheat code in at the wide receiver position, but you miss a couple up down arrows. You missed the. Oh, yeah. You got him backwards. Yeah. And the coach doesn't work. Go back to the checkpoint now. Kendall Hinton did not work out. He looked like we kept saying it was like if we were out there trying to throw a pass, you know, it was he completed one pass.


Noah Fant led the team one reception, and that was it for the entire game.


So it's amazing. In hindsight, it seems like the best strategy for that offense would have been to just snap the ball to a running back and run every play because they didn't complete any passes.


So and it felt I felt real bad for him. On one hand, he's got a story to tell. Probably didn't think he was going to start a game as the quarterback for the Denver Broncos in his in his life. Probably not.


I mean, probably not. Maybe he thought about it. I don't know. He he has such a great story for future Thanksgivings to tell his children or grandchildren with such a bad ending. It's like gather round kids. Let me tell you about the time. Really? Really, Grandpa, you started. I started the quarterback. Really? How'd you do? I sucked.


I threw the bowl like ten times.


And how small was he? I couldn't believe how little he was. Well, anyways, I was thinking about that too. And then I just looked it up and he's six foot one ninety five, so he's not six foot. I'm just that that was the the quick recovery from Google. So if that's what he is, I mean I don't know if I've ever been very small.


Yeah. I mean exact same shredded physique as well. You know what, he walked away from the game in one piece. He did. That was that was the key. But so much happened. We're going to reflect on studs and dad's on the show today, get into the news. But first, we must get sophisticated and elegant.


You know, Mike, why don't you take this? Oh, happy Thanksgiving. Everybody was in zone.


You Gibson always spent so much time in the end zone. How about Ezekiel Elliott?




How about just this week, if you have a cassette player, Alabama, you've got Ty Fleak. Hell yes, as the kids would say. Or Tyreke Mountain.


You see Alvin Kamara. Well full list.


Oh yeah. Oh this for us Sidler Murray. Oh great.


I'll go ahead and take this one.


Derek car crash and steaming pile of garbage streaming pile of car.


Derek Carcas.


Well I don't know you have Rob. Anderson, Rodrigo's sunken ship. Oh, no. Oh, yeah, he was good, but you know who is goosh? Bigger going. Whoa. And Michael Siteman Jr., oh, that one's just sitting right there for you. Yes, yes. I was just when you brought up Rodrigo, I was thinking, who wins in a fight, Kendall Hinton or Rodrigo Blankenship?


I'm not sure. Well, at least Rodrigo can't get poked in the eye.


Oh, my goodness. All right. The fantasy football, is that common for all? The ranking starts it to a player, profiles sincere. Thank you to everybody supporting the show over. Join the foot. Com.


It has been a bewildering, strange, unpredictable, like our whole entire job is prognostication and predicting the future.


And twenty twenties entire job is to make you wrong about that. So it's been a wild year where we've been reacting to so much. And yet you guys have been here, you've played fantasy, you've listened, you've supported the show. And we're just thankful that we get to bring a little bit of normalcy into a weird year.


Let's get into the rewin. Weekly rewin. All right, let's get into it, we still don't know if we're going to have a Tuesday night football dotcom football game.


Lamar Jackson's positive, Mark Andrews, Mark Ingram, JK Dobbins, Willie Snead, all positive for kov it all out this week. It is still scheduled as of this recording for 8:00 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday Night Football dotcom. James Connor also tested positive in that game. And we are just reacting to news. The NFL really wants this game to take place. The Steelers have already lost a game. They don't want to push this into week 18, but they might not have a choice.


So we're, you know, the latest the latest that I've heard is that they did cancel practice today and that they're not entirely sure about travel. So, I mean, you know, the NFL is desperately wanting this to happen because this can continue a normal season schedule on pace with a beginning and end time and playoffs on time and all that. Any any pushback of this game and everything gets blown up. So they've they've said things like it's not going to be canceled unless there is a proven new outbreak, you know, versus just another positive test.


They feel like they're at the end of this. But at the same time, if you can't practice this morning, it's it's not a good sign. Absolutely.


Yeah. That would be the Ravens practice. They got canceled. And there is always you know, we don't have the report yet. But on Monday, you generally are getting positive test results from some players as well so that this will be par for the course the rest of the season.


They're going to deal with this. The is dealing with it. And I think the best recipe look, you take fantasy seriously. You're trying to win. You know, we're down at the studio. And when a team, our team is not performing, that person's not talking a lot. They're not very happy. Sometimes they leave at halftime in the second game.


But I think you're talking about me. I think I was yesterday, but it was me two weeks ago. So but the point is, is, look, you're not going to control this. If your team loses a player, they lose a player. It's just going to be the case.


And so adding depth, we're going to try to help you on the waiver show tomorrow, adding depth. Your team is going to be huge. I mean, injuries are already a problem, Mike.


Yesterday in like maybe a five minute stretch seem to lose three players on his fantasy team with more Daniel Jones.


And I think David Cook went out, looked like David Cook saw and you were thinking about your bench and who's going to play next week. And that's what we're trying to prepare you for. So we're all reacting together and we're going to give you the best advice we have. And it's not going to be Kendall Hinton for the future.


I'll tell you that Jonathan Taylor placed on the covid list, did not play this week. John Brown injured reserve.


We're going to say someday it was going to say it's worth noting that Jonathan Taylor is a close contact. He was not a positive case. So he could be back this week.


And then, too, it didn't play. McCaffrey Thielen Julio Gurley also didn't play. That was a bit of a surprise. Yeah, and they won handily without Jones and Gurley. Ekler came back this week where he came.


Did he come back? Austin Ekeler just gobbling gobbling up the targets for Justin Herbert.


It was kind of ironic that Ekler came back and this was the first game. Where were it kind of. Herbert disappointed fantasy players, and it was just coincidence, like if you watch this game, I don't Jason, I both reacted to Austin Ekeler we didn't think it looked one hundred percent, but he must have felt 100 percent because he stayed out on the field. Right.


Well, they didn't really have another good choice with Kaitlyn Blogg out. You knew he was going to get the full workload by the time Sunday morning rolled around. But there were a couple a couple of plays where he'd get to that side and you just be waiting to see that Austin Ekeler burst. And it wasn't there. But I assume it's coming. He seemed to get through the game without really aggravating the injury. So it's it's, you know, full steam ahead for awesome.




Derek Carr stole the headlines for his destruction of fantasy teams that stole a lot of things this weekend.


So it's mostly sold. Yeah, it was. So listen, I'm going to tell you right now, I'm banning the drop. The drop the drop is banned for the remainder of this season and maybe beyond. We'll see how he reacts to this. I drop the drops outstanding, Mike. But you know what?


It wasn't outstanding for fantasy players this week. Fifty five and a half point over under the Atlanta defense, given up top ten performances and he goes out and just defies all logic.


You had more fantasy points this week, Andy. Thank you. Brooks did, too.


Josh Jacobs. What I was saying is carcel the headline of Josh Jacobs had a bad game, suffered an ankle sprain, left early report this morning is he's having more tests. It sounds like it looked worse than it is. Jacobs has not missed a game this year, so we do need to follow that into the week. It could make it onto Booker.


A pickup for your team could do more noncontact ankle injury. Mike, this was tough for you to watch. Yeah, this. Well, it was this one, was it?


But yeah, personally brutal of Jamal has been one of my dudes this this year he's been coming through and looked like he was about to take his, you know, mediocre day into a oh, all right. That's a good fantasy day as it got an end zone target. That was he was wide open, wide open, horrifically thrown by Teddy Bridgewater. And D.J. Moore had to do some acrobatics to try and turn his body and get back to it.


Ends up landing awkwardly. And an ankle injury is the official status from the team. We don't know if that. We don't know the extent yet. And even to make things worse for fantasy, not enough for you more, but Panthers heading into a bye week. So I don't even know if we'll get an update on D.J. Moore for a while. There is some concern about Achilles. There is not a report about that. So we'll see if it's ankle sprain or something of that nature of injury.


Just I can't imagine at this point you do not do not plan to have more than a week for. Yeah. Whenever you are carried off with a noncontact injury, it's usually not good. And you're going to miss at least a couple of weeks. Yes.


And so that that might bring Curtis Samuel up on tomorrow's show again and terms the week Daniel Jones exited with a hamstring injury, he's getting an MRI. The Giants expect him to miss time. And frankly, this is not good news for any pass catcher you might have been hoping to use.


Sterling Shepard, Dareus, Slaten, Kokoity, not Colt McCoy did not look good.


I mean, Ingram finally had that breakout game over one hundred yards yesterday.


The Giants, if I am not mistaken, at least at this point, the Giants are leading the division now and they will be without their starting quarterback Rough.


And then Phillip Lindsay exited with a knee injury. He was actually the starting quarterback. Technically, he was the first snap at the quarterback position he was. And he looked like he could run it. All right. And Chris Carson, he's supposed to return tonight. And then what are you hearing about Jalen hurts rumors? Well, he got a bunch of first well, I shouldn't say a bunch of the report was basically that he was getting some first team reps in practice ahead and that they are expecting to see an increased playing time for him at the quarterback position.


I mean, who knows? This could be smoke. This could be. It's very bizarre. I you know, I think what it is, is it's basically the the last chance it's flashing a light into, you know, Carson Wentz, his eyes to see if they're going to dilate or not. And are you here? Are are you with us? Because we're said we're we're going to we're look look, he's taking a first team rep. He'll get in if you keep sucking.


So expect to see him soon.


Yeah. I mean, it it makes the streaming Carson Wentz discussions very doubtful.


The NFC, the NFC East, which is so bad, you just brought up that the leader now has a backup quarterback. The Cowboys have their backup. Quarterback Alex Smith was a backup quarterback. If Jalen hurts, Alex Smith was a third string quarterback at the backup to the backup. If Jalen hurts, can complete it. NFC East can have entirely backup quarterbacks. That's that's what that division deserves. Well, yeah.


Yeah, it's ridiculous. And the Lions fired Matt, Patricia and their general manager and the former Lions players all rejoiced with this.


They did. Kenny Golladay. Eric Ebron was like about time or something.


No, I mean, nobody liked them. Yeah. Players coach, seriously. It was like, oh, I thought I was the problem. I mean, I've never seen that type of a social media outpouring from players and former players.


So the former Gimli and My Axe jokes, he finally got the axe. Is that what he did? OK, now, right. Let's get into the stud's. This week's fantasy stud muffins. Oh, is it not fun to watch Patrick Mahomes play football? He threw up for sixty two and three casual side arm casual for sixty two and three obscure like 400 in the first half.


I mean, if, if they needed him he could have done more.


That first a lot of fun.


First player in NFL history with at least 30 completions and three hundred passing yards in four consecutive games. It is delightful, it is delightful, Deshaun Watson, Kirk Cousins, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, big games.


Yeah, I mean, Deshaun Watson, absolutely nuclear now that Bill O'Brien is out of the picture, the question will be for him, those fantasy playoffs, man, Chicago and the Colts, I mean, the Cincinnati Bengals, that's a delightful championship week matchup. But Chicago and Indy, that's it's tough. I know that they got beat this week, but overall, those shows are on the road to those are tough. Those are not who you would prefer your quarterback to be playing.


But at this point, how can you how can you doubt Watson? Yeah, it's really tough to bench him. I mean, you know, you look at Aaron Rodgers last night against Chicago. He is he was just fine with his four touchdown passes, made it look very easy. So, yeah, that'll be really hard to decide whether you're going to bench him or not. You almost hope for horrific weather in that Chicago game to to make the decision easier for you than Kirk Cousins had.


Another nice game. I mean, three hundred and seven and three. He looked great, didn't have Adam Thielen and yet and didn't have a great game from Kirk and yet got it done so it might have been part of it. You know Cooke's injury forcing them to you know they were down twenty one to ten in that game and then Tom Brady put together you know, a better fantasy week than probably what he put together on film. Mm hmm. It's so difficult with Brady because he has all of these weapons.


And, you know, Bruce Arians is.


Regardless of the down field success of Tom Brady, he's going to keep taking the shots and he did have some success in this game coupled to Gronk one to Evans, one to Godwyn. So, you know, Minnesota, Atlanta, Detroit, he's going to be a white knuckle fantasy playoff starter.


That's right. Yes, he is. But he's just he really hasn't looked good. I mean, he had a good fantasy game. But if you watch the film, he doesn't look in sync. He doesn't look that good. And I mean, you want to talk about three hundred and forty five yards from Tom Brady that looked as bad as it gets. And two hundred and eleven from Aaron Rodgers. It looked as good as it gets.


It'll it'll it'll be white knuckle indeed, if you end up having to start him. And that's the decision. Andy, you and I are going to have to make with Josh Allen and Tom Brady heading into these playoff weeks there.


And speaking specifically of that week 14, I know Allen has Pittsburgh. And I can tell you right now I cannot imagine playing Josh Allen.


I'm going to play Tom Brady and just hope and pray that the goat can. Get it done, so it's going to be tough before before we talk about the running back studs this week and there were many. Let's go and thank today's sponsors keeping this show going, and that means a long time wonderful sponsor of the show, a company we used before they were a sponsor of the show, and that is simply safe home security. And get this, this is the time, a huge holiday sale, 40 percent off any simply safe system and a free security camera.


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What do you wait for? Makes Santa proud.


Go running back Stud's Derrick Henry went full Yati three touchdowns one hundred yards.


The the transformation is complete. I eyed everybody because the city is about to rain destruction upon all.


He had thirty fantasy points by halftime. He was Indianapolis didn't have the force Buckner in this game and you could tell this was this is a great game from Derrick Henry. This was why I tried to trade for him everywhere and failed.


It's going to be rough, man. The going into a fantasy playoff. Looking at Derrick Henry on the other side.


Oh, man.


Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Detroit. Green Bay.


If I had to hit Green Bay, if I had to pick three teams for Derrick Henry to play for me, oh, those would be the three teams I'd pick between White and Green Bay in our league of record.


The manager with Derrick Henry is right on the cusp of missing the playoffs. If he doesn't get like twelve point nine fantasy points from Dallas Gobert tonight, then he's out and we're all rooting for Oh we are rooting against him not want their getting in the playoffs over the last five games. Derrick Henry. I mean over the whole season. He's been great, he's been great over the last five games. Do you want to know who has more fantasy points in their last five games, the running back position than Derrick Henry.


Yeah, trick question. Antonio Gibbs.


Oh maybe it's not a trick question.


It is Antonio Gibbs season. And we're all celebrating none more than Mike. Oh, my goodness.


This is the definition of a fantasy MVP. You knew that this was going to be a process for Gibson in Washington, and yet this is the time of year, right? What better time than now to have potentially stolen a top five, top ten running back in the late rounds? If you got him early, if you drafted early or in the middle rounds, if you waited and twenty four. One, fifteen and three. Unbelievable. It has been an unbelievable season for the rookie.


The best part for Antonio Gibson is Gibson.


Gibson moving forward is we have not scratched the ceiling for what Antonio Gibson could become for for fantasy. We don't know that it will happen. But the pass catching I mean, that game, that Thanksgiving game where Gibson was snagging terrible throws off of the ground just proved how good his hands are. And then you have the burst plays. You have he's got the speed that he could take it to the house if if the if the lane clears up. Man, I love Antonio Gibson.


He's the running back five on the season right now and a half point PPR. Oh, baby.


Latavius Murray had a well, we'll do a separate full podcast for you, Mike. We'll do a full Antonio Gibson. Maybe just release a new feed, just one one one episode a day, two hours a day.


Latavius Murray at Denver. Nineteen for one. Twenty four and two I think. I mean. When I when I see this that line from Atavist, I know Jason Playdom dynasty. He had no choice and it ended up winning him a week. But there are players right now, Alvin Kamara is going to come up and then you have what Zeke is doing and you're looking at these kind of stalwarts of the space and you're saying what's happening? I mean, we did mention last week that he's out snapping Kamara.


We don't know if the Kamara injury is playing a part. Obviously, Taysom Hill not throwing Kamara. The ball is playing a part, but Murray Thirty snaps. This is a team that can run the football. How do you look at Latavius moving forward?


I think you look at him as someone that I think you can start him. I mentioned him on this this last week, at least only while Taysom Hill is the quarterback. Obviously, when Drew Brees comes back in the short passing game to the running back, that's when they're going to have Alvin Kamara on the field more and utilized in the right way and is obviously excellent.


I don't think you're going to bench Kamari still looks good on the ground, but I think this is more about, you know, Latavius Murray's involvement while I mean, nineteen carries after having fourteen opportunities the week before, he's just involved enough where he's a flex option. All right. Nick Chubb. He's good. He's ridiculous. Yeah, he's he's incredible. Chain mover nineteen for one forty four and one plays Baltimore, the Giants, the Jets in the playoffs.


So I don't care. Get through Baltimore, which isn't as hard as it has been. And he leads the NFL in twenty plus yard runs despite missing like I don't know five weeks.


So James Robinson is this the true fantasy football MVP right now off of waivers or our last pick in the draft? And unbelievable. He's he's definitely the I imagine when when the footy's roll around that this will be a clean sweep for waiver wire hero for James Robinson. He was drafted in a few leagues as all that news was shaking around with the release of Leonard Fournette, people taking their chance on on who it's going to be. But his his stranglehold on the running back share is unlike anything we have ever seen.


A tweet from good friend of the show is exact reason. James Robinson has one hundred and ninety four attempts this year, while other Jacksonville running backs kind of combined for seven rushing attempts like that.


Is that that's that's beyond that's Christian McCaffrey levels. And it's in he's great. Like James Robinson just gets it done. He has that balance and power where he he very rarely goes down on first contact. Yeah.


I mean when you think about the rookie running back, expectations collided with the player, Jonathan Taylor. And here's James Robinson was definitively I mean, in Gibson is making a run at it for sure. But those two guys are the rookie stars at the position.


Yeah, it's it's crazy because they are so clearly a cut above and he's built for a deuce. Two hundred and twenty pounds at only five nine. He's I think he's going to be the running back of the future to Kenyon Drake.


Twenty two for seventy eight and two should have had three. He's coming on of late as well.


Three should have had three. Drake.


Yeah. Jump learn to jump. You don't need to burrow through the hole. Jump over the top. Come on. We know you listen to criss-Cross when you were growing up. We all did don't you. That'll make you jump. Yeah. My opportunity. Eleven four one zero three six targets, five catches and a touchdown. Best game of the year for David Montgomery. Yeah, yeah, I mean, Green Bay sucks is rusty, so he took advantage of a match up, he hadn't done that all season, but he did take advantage of a match up here.


And going forward, Detroit, Houston, Minnesota, Jacksonville doesn't get much better as far as match ups. I know the matchup was good, but I will mention because we do this, they did mix up their offensive line. This is something that the Montgomery truthers out there have been saying forever, that he is a product of a just atrocious offensive line situation. And they did mix it up last night. And I know he looked good. Fifty seven yard run, but he was moving the pile and the the disparity between the rushing production when he was out for a week in last week shows that he too he's got the stranglehold on that position, which is helpful.


And he's got Houston, Minnesota, Jacksonville in the playoffs.


So this could be he could be very useful, let's put it that way. He might not win your game, but he could be very useful. And then Austin Ekeler sixteen targets.


Eleven catches targets. What is this? I didn't even realize that number was that high. That is shocking. Goodness. You know, that was his career. High in tuchis. Yeah. Because Herberg in game one. Yeah.


Herbits says I will feed Keenan Allen and I will dump the ball off to Austin Ekeler This is the recipe.


Do you worry at all about Keenan Allen's targets? He only had ten in this game. I mean, that's honestly they probably will dip a bit, but Keenan Allen is still locked in. Yeah, yeah. Impressive. Ekler is back. Atlanta, Las Vegas, Denver in the playoffs. Nice to see him back out there. Wide receiver Stud's. I don't know. Tyreek Hill did some stuff.


Oh I, I don't remember the last time I was so excited to watch one player, like I just wanted every ball to keep going to him when I wanted a five hundred yard game. And I love the Twitter timeline. After the first quarter, every single person out there being like he's on pace for an eight hundred yard game. Yeah.


His season pays four hundred and forty eight receptions, twelve thousand nine hundred ninety two yard, one hundred twenty eight touchdowns. If you could have done that quarter every quarter all year long ended with a mere thirteen four to sixty nine and three. Unbelievable.


I mean he started the day with seven hundred fifty two rushing yards. He is now the first wide receiver to break a thousand on this season. So it also leads the NFL in touchdowns and it's like a cheat code. Yeah, well, Fuller was the headliner at the wide receiver position before Tyreek Hill came and stole his award. But he and seventy one yards. Yeah.


Pathetic Barassi.


But he is. He's the wide receiver. Four on the season right now heading into Monday Night Football. Six for one seventy one and two.


This is what it's one of the reasons why before the year I went out and I actively got him and leagues because the chance at it, it wasn't a guarantee. We didn't know if we'll follow it and stay healthy. But injuries are hard to predict. And if it was always if he stayed healthy, he would be blank. And he is now the wide receiver for. So they really can't afford to lose him.


Like if I'm Deshaun Watson, I've thought Fuller is leaving for sure. I'm not sure anymore. Yeah, I think there's a chance they have to pay him, at least with the removal of Bill O'Brien. I would think that the new regime realizes in the in today's NFL, you have your quarterback locked up. You better lock up a number one guy. And I get that he's an injury risk. But you take willful or off of this team and you're in trouble.


Yeah. Jarvis Landry had a game finally eight, four and forty three and one Jarvis. I mean, look, Jarvis is a good wide receiver and Baker has been playing in horrific weather every single week. It was the first chance, you know, post Odell Beckham. It was that crazy. They have an opportunity to actually throw the ball and not crazy weather. So, yeah, maybe Jarvis is someone that you might look to as more reliable than what you've seen over the last month or two.


Started in just thirty three percent of Yahoo! Leagues. So since Allen Robinson had a game, thirteen targets, eight for seventy four and two, nothing, you know was no deep plays really. But they were just kind of keeping him in front with the big lead, kept catching the ball, got near the end zone twice. He's been great in spite of pupu quarterbacks for his entire career, and I would personally rather have Robiskie out there because I feel like drivers are going to be more sustained with the occasional scramble for a first down in a more sustained drive.


Isn't he just more opportunities for touchdowns? Yeah, I actually agree. As I was watching the game, because we had that conversation last week, would you rather have Foltz would rather have Robiskie and even with how bad Drabinsky looked, so, so many of those open passes where he's dumping it into the ground, not even making it to the receiver, giving them a chance to catch it, he's he's not a he's not a franchise NFL quarterback. But for fantasy, I think I would rather have him out there for for Robinson for the rest of the year.


All right. I'm doing the gritty today.


Justin Jefferson, 13 targets, seven for seven and two more touchdowns. I love this guy.


I'm such a big fan.


And he proved that he could be out there as the number one in this game. You know, Thielen is going to come back, but Jefferson is just too much big play ability to put on your bench at any point. You have to play him no matter what. Amari Cooper six for one twelve and one Andy Dalton plus Amari Cooper is it works working out. Yup. You can play Cooper when Dalton's there. DBO eleven point eleven for one thirty three.


The man. Gosh, I love the thirty targets there.


I feel like half of those are the handoff to. Oh they are. But it's weird because he can take the past twenty yards like every time.


DBO Samuel is a perfect fit for this offense, and there's trust, I mean, if there's one thing that this wide receiver corps hasn't had its depth or trust, you don't know who's going to get it. It's not going to be born. Richie James, if Debo is out there, they're going to build the offense around him and want to know what else they haven't had.


Is Eisuke and DBO together like? Well, that's my curiosity because I was good when he was the only show in town and DBAs been good while he's the only show. What is going to happen when both these guys are out, is the offense going to be that much better or is it just going to be you're taking this great, you know, stat line and you're splitting it in two? You could be. But this is what when I was talking about Tebow last week, what I liked about him that you knew the matchup sucked the Los Angeles Rams.


I don't want my wide receivers playing against the Rams because it's hard to get open. Tebow same. It doesn't have to get open because he starts to play open and that's where they give him the ball. Yeah, he is not a traditional wide receiver.


They facilitate touches to him. And, you know, I don't think I'd be willing to play with Tebow there, but I'm willing to play Tebow with Eisuke there as of right now. Mike Evans, three, four, fifty and two touchdowns took him nine targets and nine targets. That's rough. It's really hard to kind of decide on those three guys, but Evans seems like he is secured as the number one. And you kind of have to decide between Brown and God when yesterday was Godwyn for sure.


Tight ends, Robert Teniente, five targets, five for fifty or sixty seven and a touchdown.


Evan Engram, a hundred yard game. Rob Gronkowski, one hundred yard game and oh Travis Kelsey just another eight for eighty two.


Yeah pretty two solid games in a row I tell you it is. I mean of that tier of quarterback at that point it's. What do you want. Well I would like a pass friendly offense and a Hall of Fame quarterback so. Yeah, I mean the same thing for for Gronk where Robert Runyan is in play. Evan Ingram, it's man again. It's so disappointing to see Daniel Jones have to miss time. Now, the latest report is that they're hoping it's only a week, but the Giants still won't know that until they know.


But against Seattle, Evan Ingram, upsetting. And, uh, Jason, do you have confidence in Gronkowski moving forward after seeing him do this week after week?


Oh, yeah, I think you have to. I mean, if you're talking about tight ends, that you can have confidence and he he has to be near the top. He's had two bad games since week six. That's phenomenal for a tight end every other week. He's he's basically been a tight end one.


All right. Let's talk stinkers. Stinkers of the week presented by odor eaters. It doesn't get stinkier than what we experience with their car. I just I mean, Gruden apologized to the entire fanbase for what took place on the field, as you should have. This was three fumbles from Derek Carr against Atlanta to 15. No touchdowns threw a pick. Don't send in the car, pull the car over, throw up. Sell the car, set the car on fire.


I don't care what you want to do. Just don't ever sit in the car. And again, it's so disheartening because this team was sitting at six and four, could have gone to seven and four with a, you know, any type of performance against Atlanta who's been so vulnerable in the passing game.


Sometimes it just doesn't go the way you think it's going to go so far, played about played three quarters. And then that's when he got pulled right around the fourth. Right. Nathan Peterman had more fantasy points, the backup quarterback in one quarter of play more points than Durka. The Raiders have played to their competition on a weekly basis. They they get up for the big games. Kansas City's coming in divisional opponent, Super Bowl champs, and they get up for that game and he throws to seventy five and three touchdowns.


Looks like a, you know, should be on an MVP candidate list. They go and they think it's an easy matchup against Atlanta. They get boat race six to forty three and just just don't show up in the end. They've done this a lot this season where whatever you think you're going to get out of the Raiders, you end up getting the opposite. Yeah I Denver.


He had a single digit fantasy game against Denver in a matchup. People were expecting him to do well. And what happens next week when fantasy players are trying to find quarterback options and they see the Jets on the schedule who are twenty ninth against opposing fantasy quarterbacks? That's you're going to be tempted to to look his way, I'm not because I want I never want to experience that feeling again.


The pain that Andy must be experiencing right now as far as like that, that's one of the five Derek Carr supporters in the fantasy community.


And this was the time. This was the stage where all of us were born. Well, I look, I brought up.


Oh, yes. Yes.


Oh, that was spectacular. Well done. And somehow still doesn't illustrate how much pain that this brought me. I mean, I chased your stream, Mike. I made him a star.


And I take it, man, I take you look, I take I wasn't the only one either. This was a player that was consensus top in this week. And, oh, it's one thing to have sometimes, you know, it doesn't go right. And you're like, well, he didn't sink my teeth. He sunk your team. Yes. You probably you needed Antonio Gibson or Tyreek Hill or Derrick Henry to survive what Derek Carr did. And it sucks.


Kyla Murray, first dud of the year. This is the first time he's been but not very good. And no touchdown passes didn't run the football. You don't know if the shoulder caused them to change the game script a little bit where they didn't want to expose him, but super disappointing.


And this coming week, you've got the Los Angeles Rams really, really tough matchup. I wouldn't expect great things from Cayler this week.


Jared Goff Wolf. Yeah, this is a bad performance and makes two bad fantasy days with a great one mixed in. Cam Newton was. Oh man, I'm sorry I so bad I, I thought Cam Newton would have a good game. And what's crazy about the Newton stat line. I mean under one hundred passing yards that's. Yeah. We've seen that from Cam Newton. Nine for forty six on the ground. Not too bad. Cam Newton was bolstered by a running back for for his touchdown.


James White came through with two carries inside the ten for two touchdowns. Ridiculous.


And they won the football game and they won. And that really hurts. All right. Running backs. What do we do with Alvin Kamara right now, guys? Eleven fifty four on the ground, two targets. One catch for negative two yards. That makes one catch in the last two weeks.


Man, uh, I've seen people let me put it this way. I've seen people reaching out and saying, look, I can trade Kamara right now. For DK Metcalf, straight up, I can trade him for that tier of wide receiver, I they want out, they feel like they don't have what they've had and they won't get it in the Taysom Hill era. But I stare at the fantasy playoffs. I see Philadelphia, Kansas City, Minnesota.


And I think about Drew Brees coming back. And I don't feel like I'd make that trade. But Drew Brees, I think the earliest he'll get back is week 15. That's kind of what they were saying. So you're hoping he's back for the second week of the playoffs? That's true. And you're hoping you made it there, you know, through tough competition in the playoffs. So, you know, this is obviously team dependent. You can't trade.


Alvin Kamara for DK Metcalf if you know that's going to leave you with mediocre running backs. If you've got great depth there, then then I might look to make that trade. I think Kamara is going to be phenomenal, a world beater when Drew Brees is in the lineup and when Taysom Hills in the lineup, which is probably at least half of the rest of the games, if not more, he's going to be mediocre. What? He's just not getting the ball in the air.


What we haven't seen is Taysom Hill have to come back. I mean, the game against Atlanta. Twenty four to nine, the game against the Broncos with the quarterback. Thirty one to three. It's just been a commanding lead where Taysom Hill is set up for success, where he doesn't really have to throw, he can run, they can hand hand the ball off to Latavius Murray and they get Atlanta next week, Philadelphia the following week. It's hard to imagine a world where the Saints are trailing in those games and they have to use Kamara mourn the passing game.


I thought it would be an interesting conversation here. Just a real aside note for Alvin Kamara. Because this is the audition, right, this is the audition for Taysom Hill, we I expect robbery's to be done after this year. Where are you guys on Drew Brees retirement?


Yeah, I think this is trending that way as well. Kind of reminds me of the end of Kurt Warner's career to get beat up in his final season. Brees has missed some time. Broken ribs. It's up to 50, 60 broken ribs at this point. And I think this is the swansong. I think this is it. I agree. And this is Taysom Hill auditioning to be the quarterback for this team. What are you doing in Dynasty?


I mean, this team just just opened the vault for Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas.


Can you imagine Taysom Hill as the starting quarterback for this team next year? And you thought you had the number one wide receiver. You thought you had a top three, top five running back.


What do you do? Well, the question here is, do you panic and I don't know if I'm willing to panic on those players yet this two games, it's hugely disappointing. But we've talked about the camera was questionable going into last week with the injury. We know the talent. And so I'm not I'm not ready to panic in dynasty formats. But I I think the case that Jason made about Brees coming back week 15 at the earliest, you can't you've got to stay water.


You can't treat Alvin Kamara and maybe even Aaron Jones and maybe obviously Zeke the same way you would when the season began.




Oh, Super Mario, the Goolma got him no, man, he certainly not if he's if he's out there, he's not he doesn't have the mushroom, you know what I mean?


No, no. He's hanging on by a thread. Regular sized Mario.


Yes, yes. Now. All right. Zeke Loïc.


The Guba got sick, man. What a terrible game for Zeke. And I mean, I haven't seen anyone talking about it on Twitter, so you have to imagine he's fine. But it's worth noting Zeke did tweak his ankle at the very end of that game, tweak a tweak a little Zeke Mieke tweet is going to miss a week. I don't know. I doubt it. I doubt it.


I'm just saying you need to be aware of what's going on. A one week tweak. Yeah, maybe. Maybe keep T.P.


Uh, it would be interesting to see what what poller did with a full game. And I did call Zeke Invincible.


So he'll probably play. And they did lose Zack Martin for three to four weeks with a calf injury on the offensive line where that was two weeks ago, where it looked like, OK, Zeke is kind of going to going to be back because they figured some things out on the O-line. Well, they got to figure some things out again. Yeah. Josh Jacobs, seven for twenty seven. This whole game, you know, you can kind of just throw it away, right.


It was a disaster. He got hurt. Fantasy playoffs, though, the Colts. That's a tough week, one playoff match up and then the Chargers in Miami, Dalvin Cook went out with an injury. Came back, David Cook is the new La Shawn McCoy, where he's incredible, their game kind of reminds me of David Cook, reminds me a bit of Shady McCoy, and it reminds me that I see David Cook go down to a season ending injury at least once a game.


Now he's trying to get that to once a quarter recently. But Jason, what do you do with Aaron Jones right now, 17 for 90, 19 opportunities. Didn't do a lot in the passing game. Not a complete stinker of a game, but it's more being brought up because Jamaal Williams was 17 for seventy three and a touchdown in the last few weeks.


It's been the other night at time-Share.


I think they're splitting these guys because they can you know, there was kind of some debate last night over well, is this them wanting to rest Aaron Jones or is this just look, Jamaal Williams has been good and it's a one two punch. And I think it's in between those two things. I think if they were in a position of need, they know who they're better running because they know it's Aaron Jones. So it's one of those things where you look at the upcoming schedule, it's cake.


You know, it's it's Detroit and Carolina and Philadelphia. Those should be games you're winning. And so you're probably expecting a one two punch. But because they're easier matchups, you know, Aaron Jones can in the first half go off and have to be the reason that the Green Bay Packers are up. So I think you just you just start Aaron Jones every single week. I don't think you've seen anything on on film to say you should be worried.


And if they need him, they will rely on him. That that I'm confident. And he looks he just looks outstanding. Everyone looks great. He just didn't get it done to the he's just not scoring at home.


He just this is one touchdown in the last several weeks. And I think I think it's they're having so much success passing the football in the red zone right now with Aaron Rodgers. Like that could be a part of it, too. Good. But Jamaal Williams should not be on your waiver wire. I'll say that Jamaal Williams should be a priority pick up tomorrow or Wednesday. Bigger question marks here.


You guys can weigh in. Clyde Edwards allare. Eleven four, thirty seven, just one target. And this was Clyde Edwards nowhere. This was Clyde Edwards. Where are you in the first half? Because Le'Veon Bell was taking a ton of snaps. Mm. And your eyebrows kind of one eyebrow goes up when you see him out there. That much it makes you wonder. What the philosophy was to start this game, because obviously it was not about Clyde.


Yeah, I mean, it's there's two arguments. One is the fact that Lepel was out there more than Clyde early and. Oh, no. Is, you know, is this going Clyde is needed the volume to really be relevant. He hasn't been, you know, supremely efficient. He's he's needed the volume to have great fantasy days because he hasn't been a touchdown machine on the season. But on the other hand, you go, well, I mean Tyreek Hill had two hundred and something yards in the first quarter and every drive was just over instant touchdown to Tyreek.


And then they're you know, dominating and winning the game where you know you don't really need them. So I don't know that you worry too much about Clyde Edwards earlier, but I mean his ceiling just hasn't been there, you know, outside of one or two games the entire season.


So he's just an RB two to me, Le'Veon Bell, still only with all the time he was on the field that only turned into seven opportunities compared to twelve four for Clyde. Clyde is still the person who will get the most volume. But I think the first half was that's just one of those frustrating things that comes with it. Andy Reid running back. You reap the rewards, but you got to live through other guys being on the field even when back in the Jamaal Charles heyday, I remember being a fantasy manager screaming at Andy Reid, why has Jamaal Charles not on the field right now?


All right. I'm getting a little bit shaky about Kareem Hunt. This is season low in opportunities behind in terms of running back opportunities to to target no catches.


You know. He generally has been a player that is not going to overwhelm him with volume, and Chubb is there but finds a way to score a touchdown or he has a nice PPR day. Where are you with Kareem Hunt? Is this an RB two rest of way.


Is this a player that you like? Would you rather have Kareem Hunt or Kenyon Drake or is the season?


Hmmm, I would take Kenyan Drake just because of the the known volume, but I'm not bailing on Kareem Hunt just yet but running back to flex type of player, it's. The two targets that was that was pretty frustrating to see, but maybe that was just you had the the the kind of that breakout game from Jarvis Landry for the season. I think that those it's not a coincidence that that Landry went off, but Kareem wasn't getting targeted. All right, Damien Harris, 14 four forty seven, I'm concerned, though, because you saw James White get a couple of red zone opportunities here, which is kind of what the recipe was with Birckhead.


James White turned into Rex Burkhead. He did. And this is something where Damien Harris is going to have to be. It's just tough in a full PPR league to do a lot with Damien Harris, I guess is my true. Yep, that's fair.


Yeah, he's had, you know, quite a few games already this season now. And in his eight games played, he's got a total of eight targets. No, I'm sorry, four targets. Oh. So he is not utilized in that way. If he doesn't get in the end zone, you're going to be disappointed.


JD McKissic smooches himself, smooched away your flex position if you put them out there this week, one four six on the ground game script. He had two for twenty one even.


Yeah, yeah, game script, that's true, I mean, they weren't playing catch up the whole game, but it was a competitive game and it just seemed like they weren't utilizing him the same way. I think it was out there at some points of this game where you thought he'd get some targets and he just did. Yep.


Feels a little bit like the name Hines kind of predictability, where some games are just mckissic games and hind's games and then sometimes they disappear, which is what makes me shaky about pass catching running backs all the time. And these two guys aren't helping me feel confident there.


Yeah, and I do think that a different game script will will change things and they might have McKissack out there receiving more targets as it goes along. But it's not just game script. It is the fact that they have this rookie who can do that, that they want to get more involved. You know, Gibson had seven targets to McKissack, too.


And as the season goes along, I think they want to have Gibson more involved in the passing game. They want to have that three down back like this coaching staff had in Carolina. So, you know, every every week is more, you know, experience for Gibson, more knowledge in the in the passing game, the protection game. And so whenever the opportunity allows that Gibson could be on the field, I think he will be.


Brian Hill was hugely disappointing, filling in for Todd Gurley. Itoh Smith had a better day to offer. Sixty five and a touchdown also had five targets.


Like you can blame Derek Carr for this because the game was out of hand and didn't like the radio. Smith earned some more playing time with a better performance. He may have, but Aerosmith came in when the game was out of hand and it's like both teams were already pulling starters at that point. Do you you'd play hell over Smith then moving forward if goes out again.


Yes. Wide receiver, uh, stinky weeks.


Michael Thomas for four fifty. DeAndre Hopkins five for fifty five. Whiteside Oh.


Which was a little, I mean this is three out of four weeks he's been the wide receiver. Thirty five or worse. Oh gross. And you can't sit him. No, no you cannot know. So it is what it is. Stefon Diggs, seven four thirty nine, disappointing week for him, too. This is what happens at wide receiver Cooper Kupp after the huge week two four forty one. They were out of sync on offense but Antonio Brown two for eleven.


Why do you do with Antonio Brown after this week, it seemed like his targets were going up. Was this just a bad week or did the team kind of make a concerted effort to focus more on Godwyn and Brown is not what they wanted? What do you think?


I think there's three great targets and there's not always enough to go around four if you include Gronk. And so it's one of those things where every single week one of these guys is going to disappoint their going to the bye. So would you drop them off to worry about? If I had to drop him, if I needed a roster spot, I think you could, but if he was on waivers, I would also pick him up. So he's not someone I'm looking to drop.


All right.


Tight ends. Is this the final goodbye for Johnny Smith? Zero target, zero catches. Zero chance of being on your playoff roster? Yeah, it's as Derrick Henry completes his metamorphosis. I mean, there's there's not really there's no points for John.


John is like, are you using that cocoon over there?


Can you ever tried to like have you ever tried to share a meal with a yeti like, hey, you going to a cookie, Mr. Gary? Now, that doesn't work. You have to be a tank in your own right if you want less of this offense.


I mean, they have the Derrick Henry of wide receivers in AJ Brown and John Smith, who's like super athletic, but not enough. They're like, yeah, just we got this. Don't worry about this, John. I think I'm moving on from Johnny.


I think I'm moving on from Jared Cook right now as well. You've got to find a different option. There are other titans out there you can take your shot with. This past week, Kyle Rudolph would have been one of them. Darren Waller, disappointing game. Whatever you're playing, Darrin Waller moving forward. Then Jordan Reed, six targets, but just two for eighteen.


And oh, is this a perfectly played long con by Jason letting Mike sign him last week?


I got yeah. And I play I played him over Austin Hooper I believe. Yeah I did too. In another league, that exact situation. I played him over Austin Hooper. So, you know, we take the advice, we say and and we don't always get it right. It was very disappointing because, you know, six targets and a lot of them were not good even when he was wide open in the middle of the field, you know, going forward.


I'm I'm still going to believe that Jordan Reid is going to be a piece of that offense and as good an option as other crappy titans that are out there. Yeah, if you're taking any solace from it, take it from the six targets. Not many, not many Titans received six targets. All right.


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