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Hey, Patrick Mahomes quarterback to the Kansas City Chiefs, and you're listening to the Fantasy Football podcast. To the fantasy football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Welcome in.


The fantasy football podcast back again, Jason Moore, Mike the fantasy hit man, right, I'm Andy Holloway, welcoming you into yet another episode of the show Thursday, February 4th, on the very precipice of Super Bowl Fat Tom Brady Patrick.


Mahomes is Sammy, good friend of the show, Patrick Mahomes oh, great friend of the show. Yeah, I'm confident Sammy Watkins will be there. I am not confident, Mr. Hagar, not the halftime show. Who is that is the weekend. Is that. Yeah. Yeah. OK, one song for. I know I don't want to head. Yeah. I don't want to sing it because it will infect everyone in this room right now.


Another truth episode coming your way.


Super Bowl coming up and very excited about that, because Super Bowl Sunday, yeah, there's a game between the two best teams, but also and probably more importantly, the presale for the 20 21 Ultimate Drapkin is available.


It's your best bet for that, Mike, just now.


And Mike broke out was it needs to be tuned up a little or something?


Yeah, there is something in the hall. You got to clean the horn out from time to time.


You want to give it another go getter. Oh, there it is. Oh, wow. That was a good sound effect, Mike.


Yeah, but the ultimate drive, if you're going to get it, you get it every year. It's great. Get it at the cheapest price. And that's Super Bowl Sunday. Plus, you'll get entered to win a package that includes a listener league spot. If you're going to get it, get it anyways. And of course, this year, if you haven't already heard the unique plus is what I am unfathomably excited about, we are going to have so much in that it will have a dynasty pass that launches on Super Bowl Sunday.


So when you preorder, you're not even just preordering. You're just getting stuff I guess is more like ordering. Yeah, but at a pre order.


Yeah, he's great. It's a great point. Yeah. Why do you why do we discount it should not be discounting this thing. Why do you figure it out. This on the air preorder. It's an order. Yeah. Oh well anyways it's awesome. You'll get a draft, you might get a discount now in season DFS. It'll be great. So check that out at Ultimate Draft Kitgum this Super Bowl Sunday and make sure you subscribe to our socials, because we are going live to answer some of your questions, talk the Super Bowl, all of that jazz Super Bowl Sunday.


Yeah, YouTube dot com. Slash the fantasy football or subscribe. Click the bell. You'll get notified when we go live. Do I know exactly what time we're going live? I still do not. I do. I know I'll be part of it. I know, but I'm not sharing.


OK, Mike's going to let me know when I'm going live with Jason and himself and that will be a lot of fun. We also have a highlight video coming out from the twenty twenty season, some of the memories and moments from the show. It was a real gas. Yeah, it was. It was. It's a good video. And Adam Gase, he has his role to play in in most of the things we do. Thank you. Thank you.


All right.


Anything else we need to talk about at the top? Because I think it's time for some bycel.


It's time. Buy or sell presented by pristine auction. All right, I've got a special entry into this by herself. Oh, this is going to be a Super Bowl 55 edition of.


But at the top, this question is just for Jason by yourself, Mike, getting a haircut in the next three months, OK?


Yeah. All right. So if I've got to walk through this here, I think he wants to maybe shave his head.


I don't know if he'll get that off for you, too. I'm sorry to do so. We just got demonetization. I'm going to say he did. All right. Look at what this smoulder. I'm going to say. He does get a haircut in the next three months. I will buy your hair.


Looks like Corey's friend from Boy meets World. Oh, yeah, totally.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. What was his name? Topanga, no, no, no, no, Topanga, I don't remember his name. The name rider is sticking out to me. And I think the actor, the actor, somehow I know his name. Nice boy meets world reference for your hair.


So it's well, my hair really looks like every every adolescent boy from the 90s. It was not just Shawn, but the. Yeah, Eric. Was that the brother. Yeah.


All of the three boys on home improvement as well, because we all had this hair. Yeah. And I will put it away. You look special. All right. By yourself, Tom Brady. Two hundred seventy five passing yards in the Super Bowl. What do you think I will buy this, Tom Brady has been throwing it as well, especially later into the season as he has ever, and while I don't expect him to put up 400 plus yards, this is going to be a game where the offenses will win the game.


I mean, I believe he's going to throw for four hundred yards.


He probably he threw for three hundred and forty five yards against Kansas City earlier this season in a loss.


And so I 245.


That's not the game that we're going to get this week.


And we're going to get more of a barnburner. Bruce Arians is not losing in the Super Bowl with Leonard Fournette. He's going to lose it with the goat throwing the football. So through the playoffs. Now, that first game against Washington, Brady did ignite for three hundred eighty one yards. But after that one ninety nine against the Saints to eighty against the Green Bay Packers. So, I mean, he did hit the over. Are you buying. You both, but, yes, I feel like I've pushed into a corner.


I'm like, baby, no one puts baby in a corner. Well, you have a choice to make. I'm going to sell it. Eat that, Tom Brady. OK, got him. Buy or sell Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl MVP. Bye.


Yeah, that's going to be a buy from this guy. Kansas City will win and it will be Patrick Mahomes.


If Kansas City wins, it's impossible for it not to be Patrick Mahomes. We saw that last year. Yeah, it was. It is impossible because because last year, Mahomes was not the Super Bowl MVP. Damien Williams was the MVP and they still didn't give it. All right. So so let me just scenario. Let's say Patrick Mahomes goes three hundred and three now and Tyron Matthew has two pick sixes in the Super Bowl.


Then Pat Mahomes will be your Super Bowl MVP. Correct. OK, and if all of those yards and touchdowns, all of them, every single yard and touchdown goes to Kelsey Yorkhill, Pat Mahomes will be your MVP. Yes. OK, all right.


The NFL odds are with you. The NFL is building something here.


A dynasty. Yeah. Can Andy Reid, when the MVP know the dynasty is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it's going to be the start of a new ten year career for Tom Brady.


He says he wants to play past forty five.


He could probably do it. Are we going to get to do this show longer than Brady plays in the National Football League? That's in terms of our ages. I know what I'm saying, like, are we going to have the level of of execution that Brady has at 45?


And when we get there, I don't have the level of execution right now. So what's the status of a neural link? No, we could get the Elon Elon to help us out.


We'll have to start eating plants. And that's just not something that I'm willing to do.


I have one. All right, Leonard Fournette, will he score more fantasy points and Clyde Edwards in there by herself? I feel personally attacked by this question.


Is A this is actually, I think, the most difficult question of the three. When I was looking at this before the show, it really grossed me out because, yes, I was. Should I want to say? Absolutely not. Clyde Edwards player will outscore him. But Clyde Edwards has still been dealing with injury. Leonard Fournette has been valuable, happens to get touchdowns on a regular basis. And I don't want to answer Leonard Fournette. So I will go with the heart and I'm going to say Clyde Edwards is there all by Fournette above Clyde Edwards allare Yeah.


Never never will never take Leonard Fournette above my beloved Clyde Edwards alert.


All right. I don't feel great standing alone with Leonard that's for sure. That was by or brought to you by our good friends at Pristine Auction. A very special Super Bowl auction starts today. It is dedicated to the NFL. There are all kinds of items. Bidding starts at twenty dollars, no reserves all week long.


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Brooks has his own code. If you sign up with the code, Brooks adds ten. It adds ten dollars.


Yeah. Oh, I've never heard of a coupon code. It sort of adds a price coupon code. Yeah, he wants the product to feel more valuable. He's like, yes, is way too cheap for me on Prinstein auction. Their prices are too good. This can't be real.


I'm going to add I do wonder, you know, we've talked about this before sometimes when especially like on Amazon or when you're browsing online and you're buying something that is a commodity or something that, like a lot of people make, like I need, I don't know, a whinge for my gate. And there's tons of options. You inherently look at the prices and say if that costs more, it is better. Right? Right. The seven dollar hinge is clearly a better product than the two dollar hinge.




Which because that's all you have to go buy.


So I'm just wondering if like. If we let people increase the price of the Utica, does that make it look like a button to increase? I was going to throw in recently, I have discovered that is not true with light bulbs or more expensive does not mean better. No, it no, it does. Oh, OK. You do do not skimp on the light bulb price.


You got like a cheap light bulb. I look, I've, I buy my Amazon or my my light bulbs just like everybody else off of Amazon and they're delivered to my house. I of course went budget shopping. You know, it's a light bulb. Yeah, well, it's on or off. Yeah, exactly. And then it's off to soon. And these I'm buying like I got led light bulbs that are 20 years old. More like ten months.


Really. Yeah. These things are crumbling. They're falling apart. Pay up for light bulbs, people. Mel Brooks does. We know that. All right.


Back into the truth. You want answers? I think I'm entitled, you want answers? Want the truth. You can't handle the truth.


All right, back into the truth of the wide receiver position from 2020, we just had the Part one episode, if you missed it, we went over the first eight highest finishing wide receivers in Fantasy. We left you with a cliffhanger.


Jason did think about not coming in today. Yeah. As I do every day.


But this one was especially difficult for me because it was one of my my guys, Tyler Lockett, you're my guy. Finished his top ten wide receiver. It's incredible.


Mike, I have never felt worse about a top ten wide receiver pick in my life. Now, he was drafted, if you remember, at like wide receiver 18 or 20. It was maybe even later than that. It certainly wasn't this high. And he very much outproduce that. He finished with a Hondo for a thousand fifty four yards and ten touchdowns. That's that's a really hundred receptions. That's a good line. This is perfection. My call was great.


I nailed it. But this episode is called The Truth of Wide Receivers. And Tyler Lockett hurt you as often as he helped you more often?


Well, I wouldn't say that's statistically wise. He definitely hurt you. Fifty percent of the time were his best games. He absolutely busted. Just flat out crushed your team. Fifty percent of them.


And he was good. Thirty eight percent at the time. And it wasn't just that though, because it was if you look at the string of games, it wasn't every other. It was he he would blow you into a false sense of confidence of he started out nuclear hot, had a couple bad games before the bye week. You're like, oh, you know, everyone has bad games. We talk about that. Wide receivers are inconsistent. Right after the bye week, the number one wide receiver on the week against Arizona, I believe that was the the two hundred yard game.


And then he's terrible for another stretch. But then he plays Arizona again. He's good. And then you just kept punching yourself in the face repeatedly as you played Tyler Lockett over and over and over through the rest of your fantasy season. And he did not help you.


One time between weeks twelve and championship I, I we're burying the lead, which is the consistency rank that we evaluate where yes. He was the number nine overall fantasy wide receiver. No one doubting the scalability talent, no grand upside of Tyler Lockett on a weekly basis.


His consistency rank on the season at the wide receiver position was forty four. That has to be a record. That gap has to be a record. Yeah. Eight bus games, three good games, three great games on the season, two of them against Arizona, as you mentioned. And look, the end of the year, it was so difficult. It was tougher on DK Metcalf, on Russell Wilson, on the passing offense.


And so this was just bewildering because through the first three weeks, you looked like you had a rock star like you. You played Tyler Lockett the rest of the year.


That's the trick. You played him the rest of the year, which is what makes the truth about Tyler Lockett so difficult. He was drafted as the wide receiver. Twenty two. He finished at nine now. That's of value. Mm hmm. But it was tough. Here's where Tyler Lockett helped you if you traded him halfway through the season. You were awesome because you drafted him and he was great the first half of the year, the first half of the year, first eight weeks, he was the wide receiver for.


This really was a tale of two seasons for Russell Wilson. We've talked about that. We talked about it with DK Metcalf. But on a per game basis, he was the wide receiver. Forty four in the second half of the season. So he was someone that did not help you at all the second half of the season outside of, you know, a good game here or there. He crushed you more often than not.


So if you if you ended up having have happening to get a trade offer for Tyler Lockett halfway through the year and decided to move on, capitalize on that value, then phenomenal outside of that high is the most disappointing top ten wide receiver performance of all time.


Yeah, and he had the highest bus rate ever for a top ten wide receiver since the Truth series on this show was birthed, which is the past five years. And the wide receiver, 42, like Jason said, in points per game from the second half of the season. Yeah, list of players who would have helped your fantasy team more than Lockette in that span, Darnell Mooney, Tim Patrick Jacoby Meyer, Zach Pascal, Chad Hansen, MUP, and now good news.


The Seahawks want to get back to running the ball more, they that's their big offseason plan. And so, yikes. All right, we'll end with the Ikes. The truth about that's our assessment for twenty twenty one years. Yikes. Yikes.


For the wide receivers of the Seattle Seahawks, they're probably going to be overdrafting. Yeah, when you finish at nine, that's what happens. Number 10, Mike Evans finished at 10th Consistency rank of 15th. 31 percent bus, 63 percent, good games, 13 percent great. He was solid, he's the guy, he was solid, he is the guy, and I think the you know, we had Justin Jefferson, we talked about it in the last episode and we kind of said, OK, you look over the course of the year and you get to throw out a little bit of the beginning of the year because he's a rookie establishing himself.


Now, Mike Evans is not a rookie. But Tom Brady was a rookie in this offense with Bruce Arians, and you saw a lot more consistency from Mike Evans over the second half. The first half, he was twenty fifth in consistency. The second half, he was 13. He really was a very rock solid receiver for your team over that span. And I think Jason's point should not be lost. He is the guy. He's who Brady preferred to throw the ball to.


Godwyn Antonio Brown. Gronk came up second.


Yeah, it took time to figure out who is going to be not just for fantasy analysts, but for the team themselves. You saw that through the beginning of the year. But from week eight on, he was the wide receiver eight. He's the clear one for the team going forward. You've got Chris Godwin as a free agent. Antonio Brown is a free agent. Mike Evans is in tow. So Mike Evans, you know, look, all he's done is be a phenomenal fantasy wide receiver every single year of his career.


And he hit the thousand. We just made it when he got hurt. One thousand and six yards, thirteen touchdowns, career high. I mean, I'm I'm I'm all about Mike Evans going into next season, I think it's clear that he established this is my team, Chris Godwin, and you can I think it could be a part of it.


I think I'll probably be a little little over drafted. Like, this is not the kind this is not the style of wide receiver that I necessarily lean into for fantasy, where last year, 67 receptions, this year, 70 receptions, thirteen touchdowns, career high. You know, if you end up 70 and a thousand and eight, which he had the previous two years, you're not finishing inside the top ten, that's for sure. Yeah, but you had you had sixteen end zone targets for Mike Evans, which I that that number is probably going to continue moving forward.


So you're saying if Godwin does leave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next year, you feel like you would be out on Evans, not out on Evans in totality, but compared to his draft price, most likely. All right.


But it just depends on what other options they have. I doubt Bruce Arians is going to let you know multiple guys walk in. Evans will be all alone. When we saw volume from Evans, he was all alone in the offense when Jameis Winston was throwing the ball a ton. But I don't know. It reminds me of Vincent Jackson. It was sixty seven seventy reception toters. He's one of the players where double digit touchdowns is very you know, you can expect him to be in that range for Sherman Adams, but 13 is a little bit high.


That's all I'm saying. Sure. But the yardage will be there. And that's the nice thing with with Evans. He's got the longest active streak of thousand yard seasons, has never not had a thousand yard season. So I don't think triathlons will be over drafted. He once you've been in the league a long, long time, you get a little bit of fatigue over some of these players. And I feel like there has been some Mike Evans fatigue.


He was technically over drafted this year. He was technically over drafted this year. It was his ADP eight, finished at 15th and consistency 10th at the position.


We said it before the year. We thought Evans and Godwyn would both be over drafted because they had to perfectly hit with Brady to to return on their draft price.


Yeah, I would not say you're over drafted, though. If you're drafted at eight, you finish at ten. I mean, obviously you can, you could say that. Well, he finished lower than where he was drafted. But that's not your case.


Are you happy? Were you happy with the season from Evans in totality with the consistency factored in, what's the truth about your satisfaction ranking on Evans it at eight.


The truth about Mike Evans is that if if you held Pat and you used them the whole season, I think you were thrilled with him by the end. OK, yeah.


I mean, that's very he delivered when it mattered weeks, 10, 11, 12, 15 and 16 huge weeks. All right, we'll move on to AJ Brown before we do that, I want to thank today's sponsors and we've got a new one for you. Manly bands, gentlemen, for the better part of their lives are better halves have been fantasizing about the perfect wedding ring, cut, clarity, carat color, you name it for us and not so much.


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All right. This next player, AJ Brown, this is one of the gold mines of the truth episodes right here. Yes, finishes at 11.


That's where he's going to show up and probably about where he's going to be going into next year.


AJ Brown is not the 11th best wide receiver in fantasy football, correct? AJ Brown belongs where his consistency rank is, which was sixth overall. He was dominant, and yet the part of the year where you make your first impression coming off of a great rookie season, it was a huge letdown, bad game, injured, injured by weak. And you forgot about it.


I had him as one of our keepers coming into the season. It was awful. I felt like that whole first month I did not get the player. And it really does sour your opinion on him and it will reflect in next year's draft price. But from week five on, once he was back, he was the wide receiver three in fantasy football. He is elite. You saw that in his rookie season. He backed it up this coming year.


Cordie Davis is a free agent. They could sign him. I'm sure they'll bring in other wide receivers. But the Alpha is there. I think that's what the AJ Green stands for.


Brown, AJ Brown, it's Alpha J. Brown. And he he's he's just amazing.


He tweeted when they used to party. I went to work out. He's a hard worker, and if you are unaware, so he had surgery, cleanup procedure on both knees, he was told that he probably would miss the season after the injury early in the season. He chose to play through it and he did it pretty well.


Yeah. So he did that last year. Very hurt is an absolutely sensational year for AJ Brown, so I'm with you guys that he will be a player you need to look for the value of if he's going around 11:00 or so, that's going to be an absolute smash draft selection. Currently this he has the second highest yards per target for the first two years of her career behind only Mike Wallace. AJ Brown is absolutely incredible. And he AJ Brown, like this is you have the proof of concept two years ago and now you have essentially a full season.


He can coexist with Derrick Henry and they can all get theirs in that Tennessee Titans offense. Now, do you let me let me throw this out. Do you guys have any concerns for AJ Brown and Ryan Tannehill with them losing their offensive coordinator? I really I really don't I I think one of the things that happens here with AJ Brown and maybe the reason why he'll be under drafted beyond the beginning of the year is his quarterback.


You say, well, Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill, that combination, it's dynamic. It's incredible. And Ryan Tannehill still has a number to stink on him. I'm telling you, my mind was blown, John, John Paulson tweeted out a comparison of the last twenty six regular season starts between Patrick Mahomes and Ryan Tannehill now. Tinnell has a better completion percentage, Mahomes kills him in yards, it's almost over. It's a little Imbert, it's over a thousand more yards in that span.


But outside of that. Tannehill has one more touchdown, that's unbelievable. He has one more touchdown pass, fifty five to fifty four. So on a per game basis, he's throwing more touchdowns. Patrick Mahomes better completion percentage, same amount of interceptions.


He's rushing the ball. It's incredible.


His points per game at the position is twenty five point nine to Mahomes is twenty six point two.


Don't look at Derek Henry's titans and and forget about what AJ Brown can do. I think that's jumping off the page to me on this episode. Agreed. All right. Eighth best target share, by the way.


I mean me. He's he's an alpha, like he's probably only going up next year. Yeah, I mean, when you look at what you'll pay for Tyreek Hill and what you'll pay for AJ Brown. It's just brown is the value. I can't wait for the third year breakout. Yeah, all right.


Well, and that could happen if he just stays healthy because those those final year numbers, I mean, he finished with 11 touchdowns over a thousand yards. He basically finished with the Mike Evans line, but he missed essentially three games. All right. Allen Robinson at number 12, consistency rank of 16. He is a free agent. And Ho-hum, he's got mitts. I mean, just a great wide receiver. One hundred receptions, twelve hundred yards, six touchdowns.


That's what hurts him. The touchdown totals. Otherwise, you're you're a top eight, top seven guy. But what was your impression, what's the truth about Robinson, 25 percent bias, 44 percent good, 19 percent great.


The truth is, is he was an OK fantasy option for you. He was nothing outlandishly special or bad. And on the field, we all know what the truth is. He was he's phenomenal. He's one of the best wide receivers in the game. And he had really bad quarterback play. Whether it was Foles or Robiskie, it was difficult to watch you go put on the one hundred and fifty one targets on and you put yourself through that and then think about how Allen Robinson feels having to dive for every single ball and he'll get them.


And so the question is going to become who's his quarterback and what's the situation? Because you can't ask for more than one hundred and fifty one targets. He'll probably not go up from there. He will probably go down. He might be one hundred and thirty five target player next year. We don't know what team, what quarterback. But let me ask you this. Would you rather have one hundred and thirty five targets from a good quarterback or one hundred and fifty five targets from Nick Foles, all slash Trabis level quarterback?


Like what would you prefer for fantasy? I will take the good quarterback. Yeah, because I want the touchdown opportunities. I want to sustain drives. I want to know that you're going to get down the field now even if he goes back to Chicago, have a different quarterback, Mitch Trabis, he's not going to be the quarterback for the Bears next year. Right.


And if I'm Allen Robinson and I've lived the life of Blake Bortles and Mr. Robiskie and their backups.


That's my number one priority in the off season, give me a chance to look, he might make a lot of diving catches, but he don't want to he'd like to make some routine catches.


Every once in all, he wants to catch in stride, right. In stride passes for the Miami Dolphins from Deshaun Watson. That's what he wants.


He once he goes and he gets a good quarterback with, you know, fingers crossed. He we may see a highlight of Allan Robinson first game of the year, catching a ball in stride in housing it and they'll zoom and he'll just be weeping here. Tears of joy will stream down his face. If he could play with a good quarterback will really move me.


I will be moved. Absolutely. And the good news for Robinson is no matter where he goes. We don't have to be concerned about the quarterback just because he has played with true with the worst of the worst and he has produced May not even 28 years old until right before the season. Third contract you have. And he was a top 12 wide receiver. If he can just get some good quarterback play, maybe he moves into the top five. If he if he has bad quarterback play, he's a top 15 guy.


Thirteen is Robert Woods. Consistency, rank of 22. He will also have a new quarterback, one hundred and twenty nine targets, ninety four, nine, thirty six and six. That is what Robert Woods does. Very few elite games, 13 percent, great games, 38 percent, but a little higher than you'd hope to see from him.


It's his highest bust rate in four years. Oh, OK. Yeah, that makes sense.


56 percent good games and ended up, for whatever reason, much better on the road this year, 15 fantasy points compared to nine at home. Don't know why that necessarily is. Had a couple of touchdowns on the ground that helped his fantasy finish.


Look, I think Robert Woods felt more like his consistency rank for your team than he did his fantasy finish.


Yeah. Which was 22. So. Better quarterback now write better quarterback, and you've got to the problem is, OK, you've got a better quarterback, but is he going to be the first read for that quarterback? Because I'm confident in Robert Woods as the first read for the Sean McVay Jared Goff led team. Is Robert Woods the best wide receiver on the team, I would say. Maybe, maybe, yeah, it's it is really tough with the pickup there, but we'll have the money to add somebody.


Do they know wide receiver? No, they've been struggling with the carnage.


They're paid out there. They just re off Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp.


Yeah. I mean, I think Woods it's Woods Cup and Jefferson and Higbee.


So so the the general consensus on fantasy Twitter when the trade happened for Stafford was that the draft value of both Woods and Kupp was going to go up. And I think that's a mistake. I think that there are we kind of covered this when we talk about the trade. I think it's going to be similar production, which has been good, which has already been good. But that's I'm going to draft them as they have been drafted in years past.


Woods has outperformed his ADP each of the last four years. So even this year, he was the 17th wide receiver off the board, finished at thirteen, probably felt right around that seventeen range. You got what you what you wanted. He's not somebody that I think has some you know, there's no invisible ceiling that he hasn't reached yet. Right. I mean, we know what Robert Woods is. He's not going to be a huge yardage guy.


He will be a PR guy. You hope he scores enough to make you excited. He'd be a great wide receiver, you know, two on a running back team. He'd be a great wide receiver. Three, if you could find a way to do that. But there you go. Woods average up to target this year was seven point one cup with six point six, that's where Stafford is so different than Jared Goff. Goff I think was like 30th in deep passing and in staffers near the ceiling.


That's right. Through the ceiling. At the top. Yeah.


Yeah, it works. OK. Shall we move on please. Keenan Allen. Oh yeah. Finished at 14. It was the tale of three seasons that that's a famous book, The Tale of Three Seasons, a famous book, you had consistency of seven. Let me get that in there. Sure. Consistency of seven.


It was very good. You had the beginning of the year where it looked like, oh, no, you know, you're going to have.


Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. You know, you had the wrong quarterback there who wasn't going to get the ball passed around all the preseason talk about what Tyrod Taylor was going to do to this offense was right. But then we got out of that quick. And then you had a great period of time where Keenan Allen was unfathomably great for fantasy, locked and loaded. The targets were outlandish, but that was also when you were missing Austin Ekeler for that great stretch.


So then at the end of the year, you had the Justin Herbert plus Austin Ekeler That Keenan Allen, which was very good, but not great. One week that Ekler come back, let me look that up for you, because I'm looking at the season and I agree, you know, he he you can break things up into chunks for Keenan Allen, but to me, the truth 12. So to me, the truth about Keenan Allen is weeks two through 14, week one with Tyrod Taylor.


Get that out of my face, week 15, where you had the wink don't sit me game that we all got to experience where the team should have sat him. I'm throwing that one out as well. It's fair. So Buick's to through 14. He was the wide receiver, five in points per game.


This was a huge season for Keenan Allen. His ATP was wide receiver. Twenty three because of fears. Because quarterback. Because of Tyrod Taylor. Yeah, exactly. But his talent and Justin Herbert got things done. But he is a high floor wide receiver when he's active and he's out there at least seven receptions and a touchdown and eleven of fourteen games. The question I have for you is. Is he a top ten wide receiver next year to you based on, look, he had to carry a big load this year.


He had a twenty six percent target share, fifth highest in football like Williams is on and off the field. Ekler wasn't there. There was a lot going on on this team that he had to absorb a lot. Now he can do that. If they want him to do that, he can always do that. But does he belong in the top ten because he finished seventh in consistency, but fourteenth that the position with the injuries.


What do you think he does? To me? He is an elite talent. Top eight. I don't know if I'll go there. I don't I don't have eight to ten.


Yeah. I'm just like I, I do believe I can say I believe with full confidence that he is a top ten wide receiver.


So Jay, those games. So when when Austin Equa came back wide receiver eighteen then he had he did have a down game against New England the following week and then wide receiver sixteen against Atlanta in week fourteen. Yes. And that's great. He was a solid wide receiver when Austin Ekler was was back. He was he was someone you wanted on your fantasy team. But I think that the point that I was making is more that you look at those weeks two through twelfth before Ekler got back, and at that point he was on pace for one hundred and eighty targets.


I mean, that was outlandishly high, far more than he was receiving once Ekler came back.


So, you know, I expect him to be one hundred and fifty target guy, which is great. Now we do have the variables of Anthony Lynn.


Anthony Lynn will no longer be the coach of the Los Angeles Los Angeles Chargers.


And you did have the news come out there at the end of the game that that Lynn was telling Herbert, you can't just keep throwing the ball at Keenan Allen, which bad advice? Honestly, that's a fireable offense. If it was going to you're going to your quarterback saying, hey, stop throwing it. So you're number one number one wide receiver who's always open and always does great thing for your team. Do you think Herbert said back to him?


He said, but but he always you know, it's what but, you know, it's been working. Right. And I'm breaking every record that's ever been made for quarterbacks. I'm with you have the variable unter untrendy may not be back with the Chargers use of free agent. That's that's a whole target share that will be available.


And then you have the variable that this will is a great defense on paper that lost most of its great players and they won't be in as many shootouts. And now that's not to say that they can't put up a ton of points. Right. To the defense for the Kansas City Chiefs. Got better. And Pat Mahomes still can, you know, put up thirty five without breaking a sweat. So herbut will be better.


Keenan is absolutely locked in as a top fifteen wide receiver to me and we'll try and just do a quick name game here.


But because you're saying top ten, Eddie Keenan Allen or or Dick Metcalf Keenan. Yeah. I'll take in Keenan Allen or Alan Alan Robinson probably Keenan. Let's see. Those are those are all going to be identical to me. Yeah, it's those two players.


And so to me that the kind of puts him in that eight to 10 range. This is the cliff. That was that player right there. Keenan Allen, number fourteen finish.


That's where I believe the cliff of, you know, top tier wide receivers is because that fifteen by complete shock, what by complete are by five by five games.


Five games. Inside the top twenty four, five. This is an out of 60, Jason brings it up all the time. This is a perfect example of it all wide receivers are inconsistent. So anybody can finish a 15, anybody at all. But our man here came through with a weak 17 No. One overall performance that vaulted him to the spot.


You're talking about Brandin Cooks. Yeah. Now, Brandin Cooks finished at fifteen. Now, the first thing that jumps off the page to me is, is that Brandin Cooks finished at fifteen.


Well, that. But where where's Fuller? Did he not meet the game's qualification? Because that that seems insane to me. I will I will look, because he is definitely not in our list, and that seems like a player that belonged in our list. Oh, Brooks. But but he missed the last six games, so that that's going to affect that fancy finish tremendously. Anyways, we get to talk about Brandin Cooks. So 15th at the position.


Twenty first inconsistency. Forty percent of the time, a good game, 27 percent by twenty percent. Great.


Like I said, I see five games will follow your top twenty four.


Twenty eight finished at twenty. Yeah.


What was this consistency since you throw that. I don't know if you have that Jason. I can get it. I would love to know that because Fuller was the guy asked if he was goodbye. Yes.


So all right, OK, you get to talk about Brandin Cooks. He's not going to likely have he may have a new team for all we know. Doesn't he get traded every off season? Yeah, I mean, that is the that is the the annual event is what's brand new team will bring cooks play for will. I don't think they treat him well.


Willfulness consistency rank was wide receiver five and that those numbers seem juiced up. Jason. Oh, I see what you did there. Again, the consistency is just when they're on the field. So obviously the suspension hurt you in fantasy. You lost him at the end of the year. But the point is that while he was out there, he was he was really, really great, very consistent, especially compared to the other wide receiver, Fuller, right?


Yes. I thought we were back on Brandin Cooks.


Do we watch the same guy? Well, the truth is, is Will Fuller had a great season, but Brandin Cooks ended up yet again with the eleven hundred yards, six touchdowns.


Good for you. Interceptions.


Kind of just guaranteed to happen no matter where he is, so he deserves a lot of credit, always been very streaky weeks, one through four. He was the wide receiver. Eighty two weeks, five through nine. He was the wide receiver. Eight weeks, 10 through 15. He was the wide receiver. Forty four. We retired him. Yeah, that was weeks five through nine.


When we retired him, he said, no, I'm not. And then when we forgot about it, he went back to forty four. But this is not going to be. Here's the here's the deal I would like to say this because I think that it is I think the right analysis here. We obviously don't know if Deshaun Watson will be back, if Wil Fuller could or would be back.


But if this team were to stay as it is now and bring in another rookie wide receiver, a mid-level free agent acquisition at wide receiver, I actually think Brandin Cooks would be phenomenal if we can make all the jokes we want. Obviously, he wasn't that great when Wil Fuller was there. He only had three games without Wil Fuller at the end of the season because he missed the first game that Will Fuller was gone with a suspension and he scored nine points, twenty three points and thirty four points in fantasy.


If he is the clear one, he's always been good.


Yeah, just getting the job done.


Watson Deshaun Watson is the magic formula. Luly, I'm saying if the one hundred percent that's out the window if Deshaun Watson is back. But I'm saying if Watson is there, which right now that's what the the head coach is saying is that Watson, you know, they're committed to him.


He's going to be the quarterback. I'm I am with you. If Watson is still there and Brandin Cooks is the guy and we'll follow does not come back then. Yeah, absolutely. No question. I'll probably take that draft. No, no disagreements there. And he will. He was the wide receiver. Thirty five this year in ADP and finished at fifteen with the consistency of twenty one. I don't know if I could have known when to play him ever.


No, other than the last three games of the year which I would have happily played him. And he he was the number one fantasy.


This perfect for Brandin Cooks, the best fantasy wide receiver in all of fantasy during week seventeen when no one knows. Yeah, yeah.


Just as a reminder. Remember, he was injured last year with the Rams and had a poor fantasy finish. But here's his fantasy finishes his wide receiver. Fifteen, thirteen, twelve, nine and fourteen. He's just always the top fifteen wide receiver. But would you rather let me give you a scenario, uh, would you rather have had nobody or Brandin Cooks this this year?


Hmm. That is that is tough. That is tough.


And I see your point, and that's a good one. It's kind of like Tyler Lockett. He finished as the wide receiver nine, but didn't always help your fantasy team. But these are guys that can. But that's the way to win you a wink then. And not every wide receiver out there can just flat out look, I had Tyler Lockett on my team. I was putting up a ton of points. I loved it because he could go out there and beat any opponent for me.


Amari Cooper comes in at sixteen, but had a consistency rank of nine in a very distorted season. Yeah, still had sixty three percent good games. Thirteen percent great. Didn't see a lot of ceiling there. Twenty five percent bosh. That's a pretty good number for somebody.


Finished at 16 weeks, one through six. He was the wide receiver. Seven seemed like he was going to survive Dak going down week seven on. He was the wide receiver. Thirty in points per game. But what's the truth? I mean, this was a this is kind of a throw away year for that offense.


Yeah. It's gauging the truth of the Dallas Cowboys. It's tough because we the same exact thing happened to Zeke. You look at Zeke's first five weeks and he was on track to be a easy running back one, a player. You were very happy that was on your team, Amari Cooper. He started the year wide receiver, twenty four, twenty four thirty and wide receiver two in in that time span he was the wide receiver five in points per game.


The guy's quarterback is a really important position. I don't think we are coming to that. That's what the truth about learning is that the quarterback play is really important. Right? The truth about wide receivers is who's their quarterback?


Yeah. I mean, look, Amari Cooper was the clear No. One for this team, even with Michael Gallop, even with KD Lamb being great, he was the clear number one. Now the number one for this team post Dak wasn't that valuable because the offense wasn't that good. Now, next year, there will be tons of debate between, I think, KD Lamb and Amari Cooper. Whether you want to take who should be still the one in in Cooper or if you're afraid of KD lamb eating into that workload, which I would be, whether you want to take the value, I would imagine KD Lamb is drafted well behind American lamb was at twenty this year.


Yeah. Just to throw it out there. I mean like that gap they were both affected by the same quarterback problem. Lamb finished at twenty. Does he belong ahead of Amari Cooper and drafts.


Oh so I would rather have not yet KD Lamb that Amari Cooper but I don't. In a draft. In a redraft.


I really don't want to have to draft him ahead. So if we can do our part to stop that from happening. Well we just did. Mike just endorsed Amari Cooper on the show.


Oh, Mike, Mike.


Mike just said he loves Lamar. You're my guy. Probably twenty, twenty one my guy.


So I guess that's about. All right.


Well, that was fun. Amari Cooper though. Volume was there. Ninety two receptions in a tough year. Eleven hundred yards and upside for next season. Marvin Jones, a free agent, came in at seventeen with the consistency rank of forty four, but really turned it on at the end of the year. In fact, from week eight on, he was the wide receiver for so you know, Stafford. No Golladay.


Marvin Jones could still ball. Yeah, he is Jared Goff now, Marvin Jones. Yeah, yeah, I mean, what he could still resign with the Lions. Obviously they're going to desperately need wide receivers there.


Marvin Jones is a legitimately good wide receiver, too, for an NFL team. Yeah. And so it's just a matter of we can't really extrapolate anything from the season other than to say he's not washed. He looks good on the field. He could still catch downfield passes. We have we have to see where he lands.


Juju at eighteen. Consistency of seventeen. Now, ironically, the fantasy finishes of his counterparts. Claypoole was nineteen. Donte Johnson was twenty three. All three guys just right around that range of not as good as you probably, but not as bad as they could have been.


Yeah, there's upside and downside when you get 350000 passes to you, but it's two yards from the line of scrimmage because that was the offense for the the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now it looks like Big Ben is probably going to be back saying that, you know, he'll play for whatever money the Steelers need him to. Judah's not back like that's you know, Marvin Jones could be back, but I will be blown away. We've known for years that the Steelers have, as an organization, operated in a way that showed that they were going to be moving on from Juju.


That's why they have Claypoole. That's why they have Déanta, A.A. Johnson, they have James Washington.


And they have options. Yeah. They don't need to pay big money to do so. He's going to be gone.


I genuinely think that that makes well, Claypoole that he was thirty eight. The consistency. I'm going to throw all the Pittsburgh Steelers together real quick. Yeah. And Deontae was twenty fourth inconsistency but with Juju leaving.


Deontae just jumps off the page as a breakout season next year if he can hold on to the football, but he already had 88 receptions this year.


You know, Big Ben loves to throw in the ball.


I think he's the most interesting.


He was drafted as wide receiver. Thirty eight supposed to break out this year. Kind of did kind of in twenty three. They're both super interesting to me. I think both players, you know, it's like addition by subtraction for your fantasy roster.


Give rid of JuJu's short area targets, refactor the backfield, find a running back. That's not James Connor. Maybe in the draft we talked about it with the great wide receivers.


When your pie is split between two options, it's great. So JuJu's gone and all the targets for the most part are going to Claypoole and Deontay Johnson. They'll they'll both be valuable. Yeah. The end of the season there for Claypole. It reminded me a lot of. I can't. It was two or two or three years ago of Marva Jones, who we just talked about, where the the 50 50 ball it just kept missing, like it would get to the hands, something would happen.


He would crash to the ground and he wouldn't be able to hold on. The defender would barely get there. Claypoole They were still taking the shots to him. And Claypoole is just an absolute freak of a human being. Mapleton So he is very, very interesting to me. I think he was just a fraction away from and a much larger breakout this year.


The one question I'll throw out there, though, is we saw with Drew Brees and Peyton Manning and now Big Ben and the ratio they built the offense, maybe they were just missing because maybe Big Ben's just missing now downfield. So that would be the one thing that gives me a little bit of fear. Now, they were creative. They made the rounds and other things, and he's going to mature and he's going to get more involved in short area targets because of his route trade developing.


But Big Ben was also there was the question, is Big Ben going to be ready week one because of the that the surgery that he had to have on his arm. So perhaps a another off season. What does he come back bigger, Ben or just Big Ben? Because that's you know, I think that hurts him, too.


He doesn't seem like he's in the best shape. You know, he's certainly not the plant man. Right. Knew so. But he's a meat man. Yeah. Yeah.


Meet me only. What was that sound drop. Hey. Oh my goodness. The be that was really fast.


Well done is that Al has to be man. Got the meat drops on speed dial. Very nice. Big Bovin over here.


Oh look that's why I like Deontae. Oh yeah.


More than Chase Claypool's because I believe that the short and intermediate routes I don't argue with that are going to be the where he's able to throw on the.


Let's go to another potential addition by subtraction group of three wide receivers that all finished in the top twenty five but finished at twenty two, twenty four and twenty five more Robby Anderson and Curtis Samuel Curtis. Samuel is a free agent. Thank goodness he will not be back with Carolina. I'll go if he is. Go make a lot of money. Curtis Curtis will be gone now. D.J. Moore, Robby Anderson together. Here, the Lions are desperately needing wide receivers, are we for Curtis?


Yes, just go somewhere. I think Washington. Great. All right. D.J. Moore finished at 22. Consistency, rank of twenty eight. Let me check, Robbie. Robbie was 24th consistency, rank of 19th and the courtesy Amul ended up 25th with a consistency of twenty eight. Now, who would you rather have had between those three players? Well, the if you're just talking about the whole season is arabe in the whole season, the whole not the whole season, I would take T.J. more, but Curtis Samuel it if you're looking at the way he produced those first six weeks, including he missed a week, but those first five games where he was active, nothing, honey.


They were not utilizing him. There was all this offseason chatter of third mixing things up. They're going to be creative about how they get Curtis Samuel the ball.


Oh, and then early in the season, after two weeks, it seems he goes down and, oh, they're going to get ten Kerry's game. Yeah.


And they they didn't but but then they then they did at Curtis. Samuel was sensational. I don't have the wide receiver ten in total points from week seven on. So there you go. Yeah. So if you had if you knew who it was going to be for the second half, you would you would take her to see me.


But that was an impossible. Absolutely. When you combine Moore and Robby Anderson and then the Teddy Bridgewater effect, it was impossible to start Curtis and Gilbert down the stretch.


But you should have it was very similar to Marquese Hollywood Brown when you start so poorly.


Yeah, it takes, it's always pretend when they're getting better it takes too long. You need, you need them to prove it for too long before you're willing to go back in on a player. And you know, because sometimes it's not real, sometimes they just show up twice and then you get burned on that third game. But I do think that this is an offense I'm interested in. I like the coaching staff. The office is going to be better with CMC and I'm most excited to see what they do with quarterback because Teddy Bridgewater, they hate Teddy.


I'm sorry. I mean, they love the guy as a man, but they are trying everything they can. They've been involved with you know, they were with Alex Smith.


They love Alex Smith. But let's find somebody other than Alex Smith. Absolutely.


And so if there are only two guys here and the potential of a quarterback improvement and Carolina has been high on all the Vegas odds of landing some of these bigger names, you know, I wouldn't rule them out for Deshaun Watson because of that number eight pick.


What if it turns out to be Derek Carr? I don't think they would go from Teddy to Derek Carr. The Raiders are. That makes perfect sense. The Raiders are promising there is a or, you know, the whispers. It's a hot market. I think Derek Watson. Watson in the Panthers.


No. Oh, with the Raiders. Yeah. Yeah. I want to take you know, you talk about split pies in the situation I'm in. I want some humble pie, take some humble pie. OK, now look. I didn't produce with one of my my guys, somebody that finished at night with the consistency of forty four and discombobulate the entire economy of fantasy football, what I did was I gave you mediocrity from the beginning through the middle and then all the way into the inconsistency with the pooper cup.


And that's twenty seven and twenty seventh and finish. I think consistency despite being drafted is the wide receiver, 50. All the way to the point of his quarterback now being jettisoned from the team and it was an extremely disappointing year for Cooper Kupp, now 92 receptions. That's great.


That's great. Yes, he had 94 the year prior. He was the wide receiver for the year. You tell me he's got 92 receptions from Jared Goff.


And I tell you, he's got he's got at least 12 touchdowns because that means he's getting the ball around the goal line right now. How many does he got? 12.


He's got 12 minus most all of those three touchdowns. Three touchdowns. That was the story of a season, wasn't it?


No touchdowns. Yeah. I mean, that's really all it was, was the inability to get the ball into the paydirt, and that's fantasy gold. So, you know, the truth for Cooper Kupp is that he was golds in the dirt, holes in the dirt.


I mean, that's where you mine it, right? It makes sense to you. Mind the dirt mine, the earth.


How do you find gold?


I think you've mined. You dig. You dig for gold, right? What am I. What am I digging?


How are you visualizing that? You're just like when you dig, eventually you hit a solid rock of gold.


That's how I want it to happen. All right. I mean, that would be nice.


I hope it's like two feet down. And it's just like you and I were at the brink of gold.


I was like, yes, I would like it to be a perfect ingot, just complete its good use of the word and got not a lot of chances to do that.


Very difficult to lift. And I want to if I throw my back out, so be it. But I would like to find that two feet down into my backyard. OK, I want to bring up another player as we close things down here. I don't want him forgotten. Because he actually had the consistency rank of 10 overall, but again, a really rough beginning of the year. 32 was Chris Godwin. Now he was drafted as wide receiver.


Six, but he finished as the consistency rank of 10. We said from the whole beginning that these two guys were probably not delivering on ADP.


So we were staying away. But but a consistency of 10 on a wide receiver, six drafts price, draft price.


Fifty eight percent good games. It was just a very good second half of the year for him, it was it, but not expected not to. Actually, I'm not the expectations. I mean, its injuries really derailed the season for Chris Godwin. But the positive spin, like you said, very consistent. He's a good wide receiver. He's he is an excellent player. He's going to get some money. He might be from the bucks. It might be from somewhere else, but it will be a much better season next year for Chris Godwin.


Any other wide receivers you want to bring up? You've got you've got people that Julio finished at fifty three but fourteenth inconsistent going to say, guys, you don't want to forget and we won't.


But Julio still has it. Michael Thomas had a rough go due to injuries and he'll be back. He'll be strong. So you don't want to forget about those guys. The other team is stuck. This isn't the last show before Drowner right. Yeah. Sean Payton, we want we want we want James back. OK, we'll see.


Still keep your options open. Still no update from Brees. Now he's got to come on, don't hold your team hostage. Yeah, just let them know it's fine either way, you know, no, it's not fine either way.


Either way, it's if you don't want him to hold the team hostage, Gerberry coming back is holding the team hostage.


Now, let me let me ask you. This is. You don't want him back, right? No, that's Mike's point. Well, unless you're like maybe you're a Falcons fan, then you you do. You're like, oh yeah, Drew Brees, come back. It's funny because you it's like the bad breeze bird in the hand or the Winston Hill freeagent in the bush, I mean, what's better for Michael Thomas?


The the team is better next year with Drew Brees. I do believe that then whatever their alternative is, but I don't think they're good enough to win a Super Bowl. I don't think Drew Brees can when the team happens to get down, could just bring him back. He can run a very successful high win percentage team over the course of 16 games. But when you've got to beat the best Hannington. Chad Pennington, yeah, from the Jets, yeah, drawbridges, that's to go Chad Pennington style wise, is called Big Bovines style.


I mean, Big Big Ben, that's what he did. He just the offense turned into just dink and dunk.


Yeah. When your arm goes. Yeah. Nunally I mean, it's too bad. But four feet away, Drew, for fantasy we can all dream of Jameis Winston and those interceptions. Yes. Oh, they're so good for fantasy. All right, anybody else you guys want to bring up or is that going to wrap up today's I'm sleepy. Let's close it up.


Michael Thomas, just for the record, I just say it out loud as we close the show finishes the wide receiver. Ninety eight in total fantasy points, whoopsies and not close to you.


Now, he was drafted as wide receiver one. In case you're curious, he did not return draft day.


All right. That'll do it for today's episode of the show the Super Bowl. Coming up, join us. YouTube dot com slash. The Fantasy Football will be live on Super Bowl Sunday and ultimate draft kit dotcom for the preorder. See you then. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers.