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It is alarums of an investment into the fantasy football park in. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Welcome in. Tuesday, September eight, the show, this show is a little bit delayed this morning, is it because there may have been a mustache hair in Mike's coffee mug?


To be fair, I don't know for sure. We're running forensics on it right now. It could have been an eyebrow. It could have been a beard, a mustache.


But we don't know. Yeah, we don't know that.


One of my producers I'm getting to the bottom of this.


If it was yours, would you have drank it down? That is an excellent question.


Like, if you could confirm forensics where we just got it back, it was fall from your face to the mug.


Yeah. Yeah. And then drift to the absolute bottom. Right. Right. We noticed Mike was looking at the bottom of his cup too often and we like we can't start the show. Is it easier to be obsessed? I'm saying no.


I'm sure that you wouldn't drink. Yeah. I mean, I don't think any of us have to drink mustache, but it's just weird.


My mustache is in my mouth all the time. Like, if you if you're out there and you've had a mustache, you look at your mustache. Is your mustache in your belly? Right. That's the difference. All of a sudden it detaches from my face and I and I shun it. This is this is I do not see a part of me no more. Oh my goodness.


So but we pressed on we we had our. And take care of that problem for you. Yes. He saved me from myself. And here we are in week one of the National Football League season on believe. I don't know how we got here, much like the mustache hair at the bottom of the mug. I don't know how it got there. I don't know how we got here.


And we'll never know. We're so close. It's it's happening. It's this week.


We're talking football. Yeah, it's great. And we have so much to talk about today. I hope everybody had a safe, healthy, happy, wonderful Labor Day. We took that time for a final breather before the season. And here we are. We're stoked. We're excited. The Mega Ball. Today's the final draft day for that. So people have been drafting. That's been really exciting.


We did surpass last year's total amount of McLibel McLibel entrance, which means it is officially the largest fantasy football league of all time.


You mean because it surpassed last year's, which was the largest football league of all time?


We have yet to be corrected.


That means it is the largest football league of all time.


If you're just joining us for the season, welcome in to the show, The Fantasy Football. There's Annie, Mike and Jason at the F Ballers. You can find us on Twitter at the Fallers. You can follow Jason and Jason FFL Mike at F F Hit Man. I'm at Andy Hollaway, the website which now has the week one rankings and the start set to the fantasy football or sitcom and the community of nearly 13000 strong at join the foot that come.


So we have a lot of news and notes to get into today, everything from extensions to roster cuts, some signings, but I thought it would be fun. We're right here on the precipice of the twenty twenty season to do some predictions.


So let's predict let's do some predictions, the Super Bowl. What do you got my I am going with a bounce back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, I have them making it in the defense was elite enough to almost take them single handedly to the playoffs last year.


And with Big Ben back and the weapons around him, I got the Steelers making it. I also have the Saints representing the NFC. I think that they're the team remains solid over there. And I'm taking the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Yes. To win Super Bowl and with Super Bowl. Are we on here, fellas?


Geez, let me think. Do some math. Oh, yes. I love I love that pick. I think that the Steelers and really, if you look at Vegas odds, Vegas is expecting big things for the Steelers this year outside of those top, you know, teams that are perennially there over the last couple of years with the greatest quarterbacks, the Lamar Jacksons and Pat Mahomes. The Steelers are in that mix. I really like bringing that up.


I like your pick more than mine because it's more fun. Mine is super Chalke. But the truth is, I wanted to do what I believed. And I think in this covid season, those teams with continuity, the teams returning the same offense, the same defense for the most part, have a leg up.


And I've got the Ravens versus the Saints as well from the NFC. And I've got Lamar Jackson winning his first Super Bowl. At Super Bowl 55. Oh, try to get it in there again, huh? Well, we'll just see how you do. All right. I did not go talk. I am sticking with my early off season Super Bowl pick. Which is the Buffalo Bills? Oh, yeah, I am going to stick with them, I don't know if one of the extensions that we wouldn't have talked about today because it's on the defensive side of the ball they extended to Davis White.


If you saw the video of Davis wide, I retweeted it. Incredible player, incredible video. I love the bills. You talk about continuity with their head coach, Sean McDermott. Josh Allen making the next step in that defense being so foundational. I think Buffalo can get over the hump this year. So I'm going to take the nunchuck bolder prediction. I'm taking the Buffalo Bills and I'm taking them over. And this is the change. I'm going to take them over Tampa Bay.


That feels like maybe the popular NFC pick of the moment. But I believe it. And the reason is not because of a super team narrative with Tom Brady and bringing in Gronk, but because they were in ascending team regardless.


And Bruce had a really good head coach. Bruce Arians led the Arizona Cardinals with Carson Palmer to a thirteen and three season. He's a he's been a great coach everywhere he's gone. I believe that he has the personnel to get them over the hump. So I'm going to take the bills over the Bucs in Super Bowl.


Thank you. So NFL MVP. All right. You want to do those? Yep. I got Drew Brees. I got the Saints making it, and I got Brees being the one carrying him there. I'm going to go Mahomes.


He's the best boy running. And at the end of the year, when Mahomes is actually the MVP would be like, boom, you got it right.




I mean, but but then other people have gotten it right, too. So you'll just be one of them. Yeah, the other. Enjoy splitting your jackpot. I will enjoy that more than having no jackpot. Yeah, fair enough. I'm going to give it to Josh Allen. Obviously I have the bills winning the Super Bowl. Having a great season. Josh Allen, I'm going to I'm going to go with him. I love to have said Cayler in the Cardinals in the Super Bowl.


That would have been cool.


But yeah, that would be it would be that would be awesome. Ain't happening. You know, speak about the Buffalo Bills in continuity. I don't know if you are aware they are the number one team in continuity ranking done by SNAP percentage from last year. They are returning eighty eight percent of their snaps. Ninety four interesting percent on the offensive side of the ball. So they have extreme continuity.


When you talk about offensive line, defensive line, the whole team. I love everything they're doing. I mean, bringing in Zach Moss, huge for that team with what they needed and then picking up Stefon Diggs to accentuate. You know what, Josh? Help Josh Allen with the deep ball and then continuity across the board. So obviously, I knew that statistic, obviously.


All right, last one offensive rookie of the year, we it's hard for a quarterback not to win this, so we all think Joe Brown will win it. So I guess we're saying runner up. Sure, offensive rookie, the runner up, and it's also tough for a rookie wide receiver to come in and take it. So I'm going to go with a running back and come on, you know, I'm going with Antonio Gibson. He's both so perfect.


Oh, man. Yeah, there you go. I think that if it's a running back, which I you know, if it's not Joe Berra, it will probably be a running back. It's going to be Jonathan Taylor who means far more to the Colts.


If he gets the opportunity and the Colts are a really good team, they could win this division. They could get in the playoffs. If that happens, it will not be Philip Rivers. That's that's really the reason. I think it'll be Jonathan Taylor one.


I'll go with one that isn't if he gets the opportunity, one that already has Clyde Edwards lesser Kansas City, that offense from day one.


So it's a joke.


News& notes from around the lake. How can we get a massage chair into Jason's mug? Probably I'll work on it through the show. Yeah, yeah, I don't have an element so we can go mustachio. All right. Deshaun Watson got paid who? Not a 10 year deal, though, but he got a four year. One hundred and sixty million dollar extension.


Good for him. Great player. Outstanding player. We get to see him Thursday.


It's the second highest, you know, contract of all time between behind Pat Mahomes and it's one hundred and sixty million dollars, which just makes when I saw that, I'm like, wow, that's the second highest. One hundred and sixty million dollars. And Mahomes got five hundred million dollar contract. That's just like that is.


And the big thing to me that the take away one year you had to lock Watson up. Excellent, great, great work by the Texans. Dak Prescott is sitting just on the side going, you should not have franchised me. Remember when they didn't want to pay him thirty million years ago?


The bill just keeps going up.


If you're Dak and you've had a strategy session with your agent and your team and you're like, yeah, let's just let's just kind of hold on and see what happens. And the next thing that happens is a five hundred million dollar contract to Patrick Mahomes. Any one hundred and sixty million dollar, four year deal. And what's the really bizarre like? Funny thing about it is so if the Cowboys franchise him, I mean, he's making a lot of money this year.


The Cowboys want him to do well. The Cowboys want to win games. Yeah, but winning games means that Prescott's contract price just continues to go up. So the better the White House, the better the Cowboys are, the worse the Cowboys are going to be.


It's it's quite the quagmire going on in Dallas.


Keenan Allen signed a four year extension, now the second highest paid receiver in the NFL, DeAndre Hopkins close to an extension. Alvin Kamara, close to an extension. I love it. Let's go. That's that's big. I mean, the Alvin Kamara one. I'll bring up this fantasy question for you. We know that Drew Brees is not going to play out whatever this extension is for Kamara, he's not going to be around for however long this extension ends up being.


How do you view him in dynasty format? It's hard enough to value running backs. He's obviously a pass catcher. Brees could retire after this season. Sure.


You know, when I'm in a dynasty league and you're going on to that second contract for almost every running back, I'm hoping to sell high. I'm hoping to get out of them because Kamara still has an enormous amount of value. He's you know, he was my running back four up until a week ago when, you know, the epidural news was coming out. He's he's a phenomenal back. And when you sign an extension, that's when you can capitalize on them.


And Dynasty, if you could swap him for, you know, I mean, someone might trade Clyde Edwards, a player for Alvin Kamara, the unknown for the known. And I would do that in a heartbeat. So obviously, he's good. I wouldn't be trading him for nothing. But if you can if you can capitalize, now's the time. Because like you said, and if the Saints if Drew Brees leaves after this season, which I think is most people's expectation, it's mine, at least.


Then what is that team? Are they good? Jameis Winston. Right. And are they going to be good enough with Winston? Probably. And there was a little note, I don't know if you guys had caught it, but Kamara reiterated the epidural. He said, I did this last year, too. So, yeah, hopefully we won't have to worry about that. All right.


The Lions were the lucky winners in the Adrian Peterson sweepstakes, a one year deal with Detroit. And he said they're giving me the opportunity to play. I know Matt, Patricia is enamored with Adrian Peterson. So both Scarbro and injured reserve DeAndre Swift has been banged up. Carry on. Johnson has a perma brace. So Adrian Peterson could get some run here. He could in Detroit. Do you care in terms of like free agent acquisition, end of draft?


I'm not going after Peterson. It I mean, it could affect how you feel about DeAndre Swift. Did it move Swift down the board for you guys? I didn't make a move. I already had him kind of, you know. In that, like RB, two, RB, three area SWIFT is the best running back on the team right now. But does that does that really matter? Will that turn into enough opportunity? I've been off of the Detroit backfield entirely switch forever.


I've never been on this for 20, 20. I haven't wanted to go in. I mean, we've talked about that, right? Like who's going to be the first man up as a carry on as it swept? It probably doesn't matter because they're both going to be involved. Now with Swifts injury. I started to you know, we've had a couple drafts that have happened in the last couple of days before the Adrian Peterson news. And it was like, you know, carry on a value there.


He's might be the the clear starter to start the season that you're getting in late rounds now with the AP signing, I'm back that it was like a week, a week long blip fulfilling where if we had just a little tryst with my ex.


You smell the perfume from last year. Exactly.


But, you know, it basically means I'm off of all three.


So this was good for you. This was Adrian Peterson signing. Yeah. DeAndre Swift has been in the unique buzz all offseason, just from the perspective of a shared backfield in Detroit. And what they're you know, when I made the case for Matthew Stafford as a top five fantasy quarterback, it was because they've they've entrusted him to be an aggressive, you know, pass first type of offense. Len Bowdon.


Was traded running, running back every position because we weren't sure what Ellenbogen was going to be when he was drafted by the Raiders in the third round. What we know now is he will not be a real Las Vegas raider. So they took their third round pick, tried to convert him to running back, and they said, how about Miami? We'll give you Bowdon and a sixth round pick if you give us a fourth round pick for next year. Oops.


Whoops. Yeah. And I. It failed. The dolphins are looking at him as a wide receiver. I'd rather be the cardinals trading Rosen for a second than the Dolphins releasing Rosann, so if it didn't work, there you go. But Lynn Bowden was somebody that people worried about threatening Josh Jacobs as a pass catcher. And who is that other guy that was brought up for four hundred thousand times in my Twitter mentions Theo Riddick. Theoretically, yes.


Who was cut? He was. So now we have two fewer reasons to troll me, Mike. That's always a good feeling.


So Josh Jacobs has every opportunity. Before you write off on that high horse, I will remind you that the two running backs behind Josh Jacobs are specific.


Course you pass catchers.


Yeah, I know. I know they are. But the ironic isn't one of them is one of them named DeAndre Washington? No, that's right. Because he is not on the team anymore. He was. So I'm I'm on Team Jacobs. I think that yeah. That's catching work will be there this year.


I know Mike doesn't understand what he started when he began trolling me with theoretic and the amount of people that just blitzed me. And I said, what did I say to you within five seconds of you telling me he signed? I said, I will bet you anything you want. He's cut. Yes. And I would not take that bet because.


Because you knew. Because I knew you sold me down the river. All right. Hey, it's a good day for me. Zach Taylor says AJ Green is full go. He'll be a full go on Sunday for the first time. Hey. I can't say anything better than that he's going to be a Fogo on Sunday. Will you start him? You drafted AJ Green. Are you confident to start him? Week one, he's AJ Green. He's a full go.


Or do you bench him, Andy? I think based on what I've done in mock drafts and where I get AJ Green, I'm not always in the position to have to start him with the with the price. Right. So I would I if I needed to. Yeah. I mean, I guess there's anybody on your staff you need to do. But like, if you're asking me Deshawn Jackson or AJ Green in week one, I probably probably played Jackson.


See how AJ is doing out there. But yeah, I'm willing to. He's just not very expensive in drafts. Golden Tate sidelined. He hasn't practiced since the final week of camp has a soft tissue issue. Now, I would start Sterling Shepard in week one.


I certainly would. I looked into Darius Slaten quite a lot this weekend because he was someone I was going to target for our League of Record draft, which is the day before kickoff. Oh, that's tomorrow. I'm writing to say. And I was looking at Derek Slayton for that draft. And the more I looked into it, I saw and he got injured like a week ago and I saw nothing on it. I'm talking about Slate. Yes. Darius Slaten.


And I can't find any follow up news. I saw one person from that area who was a New York Giants Twitter account saying that they fear he could miss some time. But I haven't seen this anywhere, anywhere. And so now here in Golden Tate's hamstring, Sterling Shepard could very well be an awesome Evan Ingram.


Yeah, even Ingram, certainly Evan Ingram. So I need to move him up.


That being said. You might want to just watch it play out if you're not confident in the Giants against the Steelers in week one. So the Steelers defense, pretty, pretty solid, pretty good. We didn't get a Super Bowl injury update. Devante Parker. So if you bought the dip on Devante Parker with some ambiguity around his injury, he did return to practice today.


So that's some good news. And we know Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting the season as the starter in Miami. So after all the doubt and fear and all that stuff, you end up with Devante Parker and Ryan Fitzpatrick in week one. So it is the Patriots. Yeah. Which worked out well. They worked well. Last one. Yes. What else is going on? We have DBO. Samuel, this is big news. This is big news.


DBO Samuel off the NFI list. He is not on the short term. Are they there saying he could play. He is eligible to play. I am not starting DBO Samual week one despite the juicy matchup against the Arizona Cardinals. But this is this is fantastic news at. We were I've been drafting Diebel, Samuel, in that seventh, eighth round for a player that. If he had never been injured, would have been a third, maybe a fourth round pick the hype on DBO Samuel was real and it was warranted.


He's an excellent player. So that's that's very exciting stuff for Deba, if you were drafting him later.


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That was surprising to me. I mean, the expectation was that all of our expectations, every beat reporter, that he would start the season on up, which means I don't know how many games for maybe.


I mean, fewer than six. Right. Is that at least their hope or their, you know, is probably their expectation. Definitely their hope. It's you guys see, there was some whispers that they're trying to trade him.


Interesting. You know, I did not I did not see that. Yeah. Unsuccess, good luck. Yeah.


Damien Harris on Injured Reserve will miss at least the first three weeks of the NFL season for the Patriots. There was a lot of hype around Damian Harris right now.


Just pay attention to this for Clint. Put them on your eye. Are you can you can pick them up after your draft, throw on your ear spot if you have it in your league, and at least wait and see how that backfield looks to Lamar Miller's been cut.


We have given this tip many times before. I've used it this last week in drafts, but it's using your last positional pick to grab an are eligible player. I've been grabbing Alshon Jeffery left and right because he's there with my last pick. And then as soon as your draft is over, you throw him in on the IRR and pick up a free waiver pick up that you probably could have drafted there anyways. All right.


Brandin Cooks Limited in Monday's practice, we don't know a whole lot more, but they do play Thursday. So pay attention to that.


If you were going to start him on Thursday, that's a big deal, a quad injury as well. So soft tissue, you can't just say, well, the game's Thursday, we're good. Might be time to fly in formation. That that flying V. Oh, yeah, yeah. I mean, look, I've been on the brain of the guy. You could be the Goldburg and all this I, I assume that's a fat reference.


I haven't seen the movie. You've you've never seen The Mighty Ducks. We've I think I brought this up before, but it's there's two movies that I'm ashamed. I'm I've never seen the mighty space and I've never seen spaceship. You got a problem. Those seem right up my alley. Yeah. My age group by everything. So you don't know what knuckle puck time is. So I've seen a couple of clips in that, like he puts the puck up on the side and.


Yeah. Yeah. So I do know that one also as anyone knows, if you saw that movie as a kid, you went home and. Immediately, if you had a hockey stick, you're like, well, I'm going to check this out. It doesn't the hockey puck doesn't actually do that. No, it does not. Doesn't fly like a knuckleball. It doesn't perplex your friends, family and everyone in the area into some sort of you know, it just more goes you just how many people went home and broke a window?


I want to know the percentage of opposed the mighty duck window breaks. That's got to be a lot. It's got it's got to be a handful. That's funny. But if you're new, I definitely tried that immediately and a lot. Yeah.


If you're new and you don't understand the flying V reference, here it is. It's Fuller, Fuller, Fuller, the fifth. I thought he was going to speak as an authority on Mighty Ducks. Yes. All right, Ray Burden's on injured reserve.


Tight end for the Colts. So get some starts out of Jack Doyle. Jack, don't leave me maybe.


Oh, is that a start of the week reference?


I don't know. I don't know. We'll have to wait. Are you know, you have all your stories all week? Oh, my starts of the week have been in since last week.


Yeah. Good good luck with that. Travis Kelsey was limited in Monday's practice. Something to pay attention to. I read a few beat reporters talking about this. They were not concerned about his Thursday availability.


Zus will play there, go zus always place. Mm.


And then Mr. Besuki is officially named the week one starter.


Yes. Now I've made allusions in the past that Matt Nagy feels like a budget store magician.


Illusions or illusion. Thank you, Jason. And then it, it all finally clicked and I was able to match up. I finally figured out who Matt Maggie is and he is Joab from Arrested Development. Yeah. Swinging. Got the knife in his mouth and the cards.


Just the three thousand dollar suit on. Come on.


I mean, we're here we are again.


Oh, we forget that. I mean, the one thing about Sobecki, because I feel like we beat up on the Bears constantly on show, whether it's warranted or not, it does happen. The thing about Robiskie is that you you have seen elite fantasy games out of Mr. Bistritz isn't runs.


It's not like Josh Rosen's experience in the NFL.


He has run for and often against the Detroit Lions, who he always talks, who he's starting the season against.


Yeah, well, this was not meant to lead towards someone starting Mr. Bilski.


That was not the DFS play. But Robiskie has to run and they win games when he runs. So didn't he throw five touchdowns when you see you or me?


And I had this was several years ago now.


And I had this now infamous moment where I boldly declared and I would say rightfully declared, that Mr. Besuki is not a great quarterback and he will never, ever be a franchise quarterback. And I was right. But then three days later, he goes out and throws five touchdowns and murders my soul.


Malcolm Brown is going to start week one for the Rams. At least that's the expectation. I don't think we'll see Darrell Henderson out there on the field. So at this point, Mike, Malcolm Brown could be a sneaky, weak one start for fantasy teams.


Yeah, I completely agree. There were some things that have happened. So if you your last positional player, maybe you drafted a player, you could put on the IRR and you're searching around your waiver wire, who should I be picking up? Who should I be stashing? Malcolm Brown is definitely in the discussion. He was he saw quite a few goal line carries even last year when Todd Gurley was there. The situation in Jacksonville seems to have clarified at least a little bit where we didn't know.


I mean, Chris is locked in. I still love him, but we didn't know. Is it going to be Reichel Almstead? Is it going to be diviners? Divino Zebo is going to be James Robinson. And it sounds like it's going to be James Robinson as of now. So if you have that last spot, he is one hundred percent a player. I think you should throw on the back of the bench and just see what opportunities happen.


Week one. It will not shock me in the slightest if a week from today on the waiver show, we're saying the biggest pick of the week pick up of the week is James Robinson. Yeah, Malcolm Brown in week one last year, two touchdowns in our in our dynasty league that we call on. Who has James Robinson? Do we? We do, actually. And we grabbed him right off the waiver wire. Well, here's an important thing for fantasy.


You have to both move quickly to to sign a player and react to news. But you also have to be willing to quickly take, you know, not take the ball, so to speak, but move on like. Yeah, like when this news happened about Fournette, you had to go out and just grab Rockwell arms that everybody had to do it.


Or and Chris Thompson, if you had a divine and divine potentially. But. Things have become more clear, so you have to you can't be like, oh, no, I just spent capital on requests and I can't move like James Robinson is the guy to own, right?


Yeah. And to be clear, what happened to Almstead was he is actually he's back on the covid list. He was on it earlier in the in the off season. Then he had a leg injury. So the team is not counting on him. You had head coach Doug Cameron come out and he said it's going to be a while before Almstead is ready to.


They had him almost not at all through training camp when they when they decided to release Leonard Fournette Requa. Almstead was not active, was currently injured and has missed most training camp. He wasn't the reason that they were able to move on from Fournette.


Yeah, and just Jamadi himself wanted us to remind everybody, if you hadn't join us when the covid list was developed by the NFL, NFLPA, just because a player has been put on the covid list does not mean that they're positive for covid-19 and have a prolonged time on the list. Oftentimes it could be we've seen false positives. It can also be if you were in the circle of somebody else that has covid and you are quarantining for a period of time because somebody in your vicinity, like we we've seen hard knocks or you've seen some of the behind the scenes of NFL camps this year.


Every camp has these watched style proximity alert things that they're wearing.


And if anybody test positive in the organization, everybody that was within six feet of that person gets a notification. I think a lot of these cases are people that were within six feet of somebody that ends up testing positive part of staff and then there being, you know, they're being careful about it. Now, Requa might be a completely different story being back on there, but not sure yet. But just don't think that you're going to be without a player for weeks on end just because they go on to covid-19 list.


Yeah, agreed. And then some other backup situations that have clarified. Let's say you're in deep leagues, dynasty leagues, what have you. The Panthers did release Reggie Bonifant. Super Monophone makes Mike Davis the he looks like the quarterback up right now to Christian McCaffrey. And in Kansas City, DeAndre Washington was was starting to build some buzz. The you know, the previous connection to Patrick Mahomes, the pass catching ability. They have released him. Daryl Williams is as of as of right now, Daryl Williams is the backup to Clyde Edwards.


He's another name that I would throw on that list of, OK, you threw someone onto your IRR and you're picking someone up off of waivers. He's inconsideration to me of someone that just pick up and see what happens. Week one.


Would you rather pick up Malcolm Brown and James Robinson ahead of him, though? Yes. Yes. You both what? James Robinson would be my top choice. Then Malcolm Brown and then Williams. Get ready for the Malcolm Brown week, one for Daryl Williams, Daryl Williams touchdowns and half the snaps in week one. And we're all going, oh, wait, I want to see it.


It could happen, considering they've already said and this is to be expected that week, one, it might not just be one hundred percent of the Clyde Edwards letter show.


He's a Daryl Williams could come in and get a couple rushing touchdowns, but we already know that's going to happen or could happen. Prepare for that to be a likely event and do not freak out.


You've drafted Clyde Edwards. You remember Malcolm Browns week one last year. Yes, the. And Andy certainly does. Yeah. Two touchdowns. Yeah. Top twelve fantasy quarterback. Oh, did you just say that. Yes. Unbelievable. Second time in a row. Well, that's because I was looking I was like, man, I think I think he had a dominant week when I was looking at the stuff and that's it's hard to look and listen at the same time.


Great, great.


Listen to your Malcolm Brown, because I was too busy looking up. Malcolm Brown developing my Malcolm Brown tape. I trained Eric Ebron, a lot of talk out of camp with him being used all over the formation.


That's one piece of the equation, the hype and the talk and LeBron Ebron, the other part is that they chose to go with fewer wide receivers on game day because of Eric Ebron flexibility to be able to use him, line them up outside. It is interesting. It's not like you have a stone-Cold locked wide receiver corps full of production in Pittsburgh. You have Chase Claypoole, a rookie of James Washington. Up and down, you have Dontae Johnson. First time he's playing with Big Ben and then you got Juju after the down year.


Juju should be pretty safe from a volume perspective, but here's Eric Ebron. Like, I'd rather take a shot at Eric Ebron in week one than I would Jack Doyle, because I want a chance at twenty five points. And I think Ebron is that guy. He definitely is.


Especially when you look at the wide receiver corps in JuJu's, the number one guy, you don't have that locked in. This person dominates in the red zone. As good as Juju is, that's not been where he has been really successful for the team. And it could be Eric Ebron, just another flashback to his year with the Colts, where it was. He had like ten receptions, but all ten of them are touchdowns. All right. Are there any huge roster cuts that you want to bring up outside the ones you talked about, Mike?


I mean, DeAndre Washington was signed by the Chiefs this offseason. He was cut and put back on the practice squad. But we just talked about Daryl Williams. He talked about theoretic was cut. Trey Quinn was cut wide receiver for Washington. Maybe that's a little, but tapped for Simms in Washington.


Hakeem Butler was cut for all the dynasty truthers that was didn't work, but he was also not picked up through waivers. So he was also, in addition to that, not resigned to the practice squad.


And so he's not so he's not really a dynasty hold then?


That's yeah. I mean, I would I would move on.


You see, the the Packers picked up Robert Foster. Yeah. From Buffalo. Yeah. I thought that was interesting speed. And then shout out to my man, Josh McCown, quarterback who's been in the league forever. This dude is forty one years old and he is now a backup for the Eagles. Except you know what he has. It's amazing he gets to sit at home. Yeah, I believe it's in Texas. Yes. So he just hangs out, keeps in shape and he's making like twelve K a week to hang out.


Josh McCown, you're my hero. That is the that is the best job of all time. Cherry on the top of his career.


It's so like he deserves to sit at home with his family and make twelve grand a week just to be here. And he could come in and probably play better than half the backups in football. Yes. Yes, he could without any reps like his practice squad. Wait, your practice squad. You don't have to. You know the practice. No you don't. Josh, just be a dad. You're in your mid 50s or whatever. They're just making sure, like if they need a quarterback, which Philadelphia has frequently needed a backup quarterback, they're saying, look, dips, you can't go to another team.


And, well, DBS is 12 K a week, just for the record. So amazing. That's incredible. All right. Let's do some mailbag.


Mailbag. All right, let's go to a voicemail question, by the way, if you have a question, you can go to the website, the fantasy football or dot com. You can also dial the voicemail hotline, three zero two four six four TFF be.


We take a lot of questions, especially on the Wednesday shows during the season, so if you've got questions heading into the week and it's a great time to get them in, let's go to a voicemail.


Good morning, Paula. Greetings from New Hampshire. My name is Pedro, and there are a lot of mouths to feed out in Arizona. I'm sure you guys know. So who do you think finishes the year better, Christian Kirk or Larry Fitzgerald? Four point people. Thanks, guys. Interesting. Yeah, I mean, I think we all have Kirk projected as that number two, he was actually pretty darn good last year. Then he got injured and had a slow you know, coming back from injury was a little bit difficult.


But he is the younger, faster, you know, he's the number two guy to me in Arizona. And I believe we saw that he was the number one last year when him and Fitz were both healthy. Now, a year further, a year older for Fitz, I believe he's the number two.


Yeah, that's how we all have him ranked. But I will say this. I mean, last year, Larry Fitzgerald started the year on fire. I mean, he was the go to target to begin the year he had the huge plays against Detroit to start the season. And as an older wide receiver, I mean, I've watched probably two hours of Cardinals camp over the last few days. Larry is featured frequently. Hopkins is just becoming a part of the offense.


Kirk is great, but I would not be shocked in any way, shape or form if somehow Larry Fitzgerald is the better fantasy wide receiver through three weeks, are you taking either of them in drafts?


And I have drafted Kirk with my second to last pick a couple of times. And I, Larry, doesn't have any upside. So if things go right for Christian Kirk, that could mean a lot for Fennessy. If things go right for Larry, it could mean what we saw at the beginning of last year where it's like you could. He's a spot starter. Yeah. Yeah, agreed. Let's go to another voice here.


This is Joey Farrell from San Diego calling about a flex question. Should I start the safety of Mark Ingram or the shininess of Jonathan Taylor in week one? Thank you.


Yeah, the Colts have Jacksonville in week one and Baltimore has Cleveland. And neither of those things matter at all because the answers.


Mark Ingram. Yeah, I agree. I think that Jonathan Taylor has a situation where you can start him if you need to start him in week one. You don't need to start him. You have marking from who you draft it to be a starter. The offense. They're heavy favorites at home. That's great for a running back. Mark Ingram would be my start. A great. All right. Tom in Poughkeepsie, I have to pick up a defense for week one, would you rather hang on to Alexander Madison in case of a cook injury or hang on to Malcolm Brown and see what he is after week one?


What would you do in that situation? That's a very interesting question if. If I have Dalvin Cook on my roster, I'm just going to eat it and I'm going to have the insurance, I'm going to have the backup I'd rather have Madisen if I don't have Dalvin Cook, then I'm going to take the chance on on Malcolm Brown. So if he comes out and he's, you know, sixty five percent of the workload for the Rams which is possible and then.


Look, if Ram if if Malcolm Brown hits for the Rams in week one, you better see if anyone is tilting and ready to trade for Malcolm. I was going to ask that. It's not it's not a season long for Malcolm Brown. It could be the first chunk of the season, though. I would keep Alexander Madison unless my running backs say I need a guy who can start. You know, if I went heavy on wide receivers early and I'm like, man, I could really use someone in week to week three that might need to be plugged into my lineup.


But if either of these guys are going to be on my bench, feel like I'd rather have Madison for the for the high upside.


Yeah, yeah. You could be in that situation. If you're like if you picked up David Montgomery in your draft or you have some write some needs for a spot start to start the year, then you'd want Malcolm around. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Richard in Nashville has a roster construction question. He says, How do you guys feel about having a quarterback and running back from the same team, specifically Russell Wilson and Chris Carson?


I'm not a huge fan of it. I is funny when you said that when you say specifically there are specifics that I'm super happy with and that's the heavy pass catchers. If it's Alvin Kamara and Drew Brees, if it's the projected workload for Clyde Edwards allare and Pat Mahomes. But if you don't have a running back the projects to be a heavy pass catcher, I don't love having the quarterback running Mixtec. Yeah, it's not my favorite, but it's if you are confident about Seattle saying that Seattle is going to score a whole bunch of points, then it's not a complete detriment to your team.


All right. Another voice mail question, Cabelas.


This is Anthony in Detroit with James Robinson, now officially listed as Jacksonville starting running back. Would you drop MacNeice or Thompson to pick him up or would you hang on to these guys for the potential upside? Thanks. I know my answer. Jason, what do you think? Yeah, I'm definitely hanging on to Chris Thompson and Zach Moss. I, I think James, you know, he's he's listed as a starter, but I don't know necessarily that his upside is what either of those other two guys.


Yeah. You know who's listed as the starter in Washington, JD McKissic. Or she really is the RB one. Well, he he's listed as the starter. But like this is and I'm sure my timeline is going to explode with that. I believe Jack Dobbs is like 4th on Baltimore's depth chart, and, yeah, the Coach Harbaugh was very quick to say we don't make that list. Like that's this list is being put out by PR teams.


And so don't worry about the depth charts completely. Like that's why the James Roberts thing is take it with a grain of salt. It might be Chris Thompson who is actually the starting running back for Jacksonville. Were you disappointed that Carson or Thompson wasn't listed as the first on the depth chart?


No, it makes sense because of his role in the offense.


The official depth charts right now not are the most meaningless things that have ever been made. I was listening to Mike Fisher. He's a longtime 40 year beat reporter for the Cowboys. Talk about how irrelevant these things are. And he brought up do you know who the Dallas Cowboys have listed as the Titan one on their depth chart? Oh, yeah.


The Lake Bell. No, no. Schultz, no. Who, Jason Witten, that is who they have currently listed as they're tied into one, they now to be clear, he does not play for them. That's true. He is a he is a raider. So and I just double checked to see if it was still true. It is still true that if you go to Dallas Cowboys, you know, they have as their quarterback on the depth chart.


Golberg so the goalie here's the funny thing.


So I didn't realize how crazy Mike McCarthy has been. We talk about Naggie and all his magic tricks. Mike McCarthy, this camp has been insanely secretive. He won't say anything. He won't he doesn't actually know what's going on.


It's why I wouldn't doubt it. But like, he won't name their punt returner. They won't say who's going to return punts because they want that advantage. And this is purposeful. He said that there's there's no tape on them yet. There's no film. They don't know what they're going to do. So we want to keep these secrets.


Was it McCarthy, the one that eventually in Green Bay was just getting massages in his office, alleged while other coaches took care of things?


I've not heard that I didn't know that I was Bisi. So, no, that came out in the Aaron Rodgers like, oh, daylighting that he kind of got to the point where he had other people doing so many different things that he would just get midday massages and stuff signed me up.


Well, I mean, look, he's watched every snap of film for the last couple of years, except not at all. I was getting a massage and my final step back to the the depth chart conversation. You know who the starter was for the Forty Niners last year at the running back, it was Tevin Coleman for the whole year that did not matter. Probably will be this year for fantasy for him most was the dude.


All right, Richard in Nashville, how do you guys iatse that one I met I met Brady and Morton. He said, who do you guys think I should start? Week one is my RB two. So this is another Jonathan Taylor question, but it's Jonathan Taylor or Marlon Mack. We we won the PPR league from week one for now.


You know, just to revisit this, in case you weren't with us this offseason, Frank Reich, he's come out, he said both of these guys, we've got a one, a one, a whatever language to say. They're both the starter week one. That's a tough decision because you don't want to be the person that started Marlon Mack and Mr. Jonathan Taylor breakout. But I believe the right answer is probably probability wise. Marlon Mack.


Yeah, it's going to be Marlon Mack for me. And here's the nice thing. If you are the guy that missed the Johnathan Taylor week one breakout and you started Mack over him, you want to know the comfort you're going to have is that you have Jonathan Taylor. Yeah. So you're going to be OK. And I would start Marlon Mack week one. I would start Taylor. I'd go for it.


I have been in our league of record draft, which we have on Wednesday, and we have been doing some marks and we've been doing some thinking. And yesterday I shared with Jason how. Unhappy I'm going to be after my first two picks, no matter what I select, and this is a big keeper league and we have multiple firsts and stuff like that where we're we're thinking about these decisions.


But I found myself I have actually cooled off on Jonathan Taylor a little bit. I had been rising up.


You guys have been bringing me with you. But I've cooled a little bit in the belief that they really will use all three of those bags because they're all really good players.


It's not like, you know, I don't know how good Justin Jackson really is in Los Angeles. And, you know, reporters are talking about us that that's a great point.


Just really, Joshua Kelly, Joshua Kelly is in that conversation of you should throw him on the back. And I agree. And the roster will beat. Reporters around Los Angeles are saying that they don't expect Austin éclairs Karis to rise very much at all. So there could be about two hundred carries on the table for Justin Jackson and Joshua Kelly. Jackson's healthy. He's going to play, but Joshua Kelly is another one of those guys. But like I'm saying, we don't know.


Like I know Marlon Mack. I've watched him play football behind this offensive line. He's really good. He's really, really good. Now, they didn't extend him. So the future is not on the mat. But coaches care about the president as much as they do anything else, especially this year. No preseason time for Jonathan Taylor. I've just cooled a little bit, not saying I wouldn't draft him, but the way my team is looking at the draft, I'd have to take him in a place where I'm starting him within three weeks.


And I was like, I don't know if I want to do that. So there's a little hint into Wednesday, Mike.


Maybe I don't, you know, draft Jonathan Taylor. All right there for you. All right.


David in Washington, Where is a good spot to jump into a draft league last minute, all my friends have bailed.


So you are you're in a pickle, David. The season is coming quickly. Yeah.


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